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Theo Darrow (Ordinary Person)

Post by Theo »

Player Name: Chris C.
Discord: Hull (Grievus)#9679
Link to Ledger

Character Name:. Theodatus Aristotle Darrow
Alias: Theo, Detective Darrow
Occupation: Detective Richmond Police Department, Army Veteran
O.C.C.: Ordinary Person
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 2
XP Points: 3,500 (10/7/22~Consumer)
Next Level @ XP: 3,751
Sentiments/Supernatural: Once purely skeptical, he has had things happen that he refused to believe were real, now he has experienced something that he cannot deny and he has to figure out what it means.
Sentiments/Mages & Psychics:. These are new concepts, but he would see them as people whose powers make them more dangerous but doesn’t make them inherently bad.
Disposition: Shy - Quiet and timid, tends to be a loner, but fairly sure of oneself.

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 13
M.A.: 10
P.S.: 20
P.P.: 14
P.E.: 14
P.B.: 10
Speed: 21

P.P.E.: 3
H.P.: 26
S.D.C.: 48
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 205 lbs
Description: He is a mountain of a man. Brown hair with beard to match. He is shy In turn less sociable. He has burn marks on his arms and face as well as multiple scars from fighting in the Great War.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 25%
Charm/Impress: 5%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 15%
Max. Encumbrance: 62 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 400 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 800 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 10’ Length, 5’ Height

Closed to the Supernatural
Closed to the Supernatural means the character is not receptive to the subtle sensations or emanations of the supernatural or paranormal and cannot sense or see the invisible, auras, ghosts, or magical radiation. However, his enemies may be able to sense him.

Being closed to the supernatural is not all bad. It shields the character from supernatural forces, providing a natural defense to possession, magic and psychic attacks. Ironically, this defense also makes the character vulnerable, because he may lack the ability to see or sense the presence of his inhuman foes until they take a visible form or he is guided by a Psychic Sensitive, making teamwork essential.

Common Skills
Mathematics: Basic- 98%
Language: Native Tongue- 98%
Literacy: Native language- 98%

O.C.C. Skills
Automobile 71% (+3%)
Combat Driving
Crime Scene Investigation 55% (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Expert
Intelligence 52% (+4%)
Interrogation 50% (+5%)
Law 65% (+5)
Military Etiquette 50% (+5%)
Radio: Basic 70% (+5%)
Streetwise 34% (+4%)
Surveillance 50% (+5%)
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Handguns
W.P. Shotgun

O.C.C. Related Skills
First Aid 50% (+5%)
Language: German 65% (3%)
Language: Sign Language 40% (+5%)
Literacy: Ancient Greek 55% (+5%)
Literacy: Latin 55% (+5%)
Locksmith 50% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Aerobic Athletics
--Sense of balance 35% (+5%)
Forced March
W.P. Knife
W.P. Rifle

Combat Data

Level 1: Starts with four attacks/actions per melee; kick attack 1D8
damage, +2 to pull punch, and +2 to roll with punch, fall or impact.

Level 2: + 3 to parry and dodge, and+ 1 to pull punch.
Leve13: +2 to strike, +2 to disarm, and can perform a Karate Punch.
Level 4: +1 additional attack/action per melee round.
Level 5: Can perform a Karate Kick, does 2D6 damage.
Level 6: Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 18, 19 or 20.
Level 7: W.P. Paired Weapons and backhand strike (average, does
1D4 damage).
Level 8: Body flip/throw; does 1D6 damage, and victim loses initia-
tive and one attack.
Level 9: + 1 additional attack/action per melee and+ 1 to disarm.
Level10: +3 to damage.
Level 11: Knockout/stun on an unmodified roll of 18, 19 or 20.
Level12: +2 to parry and dodge.
Level13: Critical strike or knockout from behind (triple damage).
Level14: + 1 additional attack/action per melee round.
Level15: Death blow on a roll of Natural 20.

Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +0
Strike Bonus: +0
Parry Bonus: +6
Dodge Bonus: +6
HTH Damage Bonus: +5, +7 to Kicks
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +6
Bonus to Disarm: +1
Other: Kick (1d8+7), Roundhouse Kick (3D6+7 damage), Axe Kick (2D8+7 damage), Knee Strike (1D8+7) and Leap kick (3D8+7 damage, but counts as two melee attacks)

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Handguns, +1 Strike
W.P. Shotgun,
W.P. Rifle, +1 Strike
W.P. Blunt, +1 Strike
W.P. Knife, +1 Strike, +1 Parry, +1 Strike (Thrown)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +0%
Curses (15): +0
Magic (12-16): +1
Lethal Poison (14+): +0
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +0
Harmful Drugs: (15):+0
Insanity (12+):+0
Psionics (15): +3
Horror Factor (varies): +1
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Re: Theo Darrow (Ordinary Person -BTS) Ready for Review

Post by Theo »


1919 Dodge Bros 4 door Sedan

$210.00 Updated 7/8/22 ~Consumer

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Silver cross on a necklace.
Small Knife

• Space: Colt Army Special
• Space: Large Flashlight
• Space: Box of .38 Ammo (50 rounds)
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Stored in Vehicle

• Space: Few changes of clothes
• Space: Dress clothes
• Space: Hygiene Kit
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Colt Army Special
  • Range: 135'
  • Damage: 4d6
  • Rate of Fire: Single Shot
  • Payload: 6 round Cylinder (.38 Special)
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Features: None.
  • Modifiers: None.

  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 1d4
  • Weight: .5 lbs
  • Features: None.
  • Modifiers: None.

1919 Dodge Bros 4 door Sedan
S.D.C. by Location:
  • Main Body: 600
  • Windshield: 10
  • windows (5): 10 each.
  • Doors (4): 100 each
  • Wheels (4): 50 each.

Statistical Data:
Maximum Speed: 65 mph
Range: 200 miles
Crew: 1
Class: Automobile
Dimensions: [Height: 5'6", Width: 4', Length: 9.5', Weight: 2810 lbs]
Cargo: up to 500 lbs.
Power System: 35 horsepower Combustion Engine.
Features of Note: None.
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Re: Theo Darrow (Ordinary Person -BTS) Ready for Review

Post by Theo »

Background Story
Theo was born in Richmond, VA to Warren and Phyllis Darrow in 1900. Both were classics professors at the University of Richmond. He learned to read and write Greek and Latin at a young age. When Theo was 12 his father committed suicide. Until speaking to his mother on her deathbed where she told him the truth, Theo believed that his father was killed by an accidental discharge of his rifle, while he cleaned it. After his death Phyllis made sure all of Theo’s needs were met. One income made it much harder but she was able to raise him without wanting for anything. He went to college preparatory school, and did very well. Even played every collegiate sport available. And he grew to be massive, and his raw athletic ability was hard to match. At the age 17 much to his mother's chagrin in his support of America joining the allies and ending the Great War once and for all, he lied about his age and enlisted in the army. He was sent overseas to fight in the trenches of WWI. Theo doesn’t talk about the 2 years he spent in the trenches of Europe. He made and lost lots of friends. The Great War changed the face of Western culture. So many men died and new weapons, made most infantry nothing more than cannon fodder. Theo has made comments that he saw a lot of things over there, things he can’t talk about. Most people leave it be and never press him for more information. He wouldn't talk about it if they did.

Theo returned home in 1919 to find his mom dying of cancer. For the first 6 months after his return he cared for his mother until she passed away. In 1920 his size and military training like many veterans drew him to law enforcement. He didn't have it in him to follow in his parents footsteps. Every step of that life would bring the agony of their memory and his loss. He began as a patrolman but worked his way to Detective in 2 years. From there he made some highly publicized arrests. He was on track to have a stellar career as an detective but one case in 1925 would change everything.

February, 20th 1925 Court End, Richmond, VA. 3:00 A.M.

It was a cold winter night. Detective Darrow's breath visibly billowed from his mouth as he approached the house. Officers had maintained a perimeter. He looked at the door as he approached. It looked kicked in. He looked at the patrolman.

“Murderer do that?” He asked pointing at the door.

The patrolman responded: “Nope that was us. It is really weird all the windows had bars AND were locked. The deadbolts were engaged on all doors. They aren’t keyed bolts, so there is no way the murderer could of conceivably escaped and locked the doors or windows back. But they have searched every square inch of the house and there is no sign of anyone being here. Not even a struggle. All that is weird, but wait until you see the markings on the floor.”

As he began walking toward the door, he asked the patrolman “They thinking suicide, then?”

The patrolman smirked “Yeah, I don’t think so."

Theo continued moving through the door. The outside of the house was old. Pre Civil War, on one of the more affluent streets in Court End. The inside matched. Lots of antique furniture. Expensive trim and wall paper. He followed the line of policeman from the door to what appeared to be a study.

"How many victims?", inquired Theo.

“One, sir. Through here.”, replied the officer.

As he entered the study, he smelled the distinct odor of blood. On the floor was a gruesome sight, the body of a woman under as blanket with just her face showing. It was in the middle of a circle drawn in what appeared to be dried blood with candles lining the outside. The body obscured what appeared to be a five pointed star. A Pentagram I think. He had only used the word once in a report he filed when he was in the Army.

He without thinking said “Blood Magic.” softly.

One of the officers heard him and inquired. “What is Blood Magic?”

Theo was in his head for a moment so his response was delayed. He looked up and said, “Don’t know. Saw a circle similar to this one in a trench in France…the day my best friend died. 'Blood Magic' were his last words.” What the hell am I doing. You don't talk about this stuff, especially to random Patrolmen.

He hadn’t even thought about that day in years. He stood up and asked the officers to remove the sheet from the body. What he saw was horrific. A beautiful young lady in her early 20’s her throat was slit and most disturbing of all she was disemboweled. The blood hadn’t began to fully coagulate.

Theo looked at the officer and said, “What time did the call come in. What did the caller say?”

The officer replied, “2:00 am, sir. Multiple neighbors called about a loud booming voice speaking gibberish and a bright light emanating from the house. After it stopped they heard a gun shot. We showed up and no answer. Station said to go ahead and break the door down. We found the girl, and did a search of the premises? There is no way the murderer could of escaped. And she obviously wasn't shot. Station said to call you.”

Theo posited, “Then he didn’t leave. This is an old house did you look for hidden doors. These places usually have them, if not just a root cellar the new owner decided to bar off.”

The officer replied, “Sarge thought the same thing but no luck.”

Theo began casing the room looking for anything. After a few minutes of scanning the wall he saw what he might be looking for. Above one of the book shelves was an odd sight. An old broom. Without realizing, he went “Huh.”

The officer inquired “What is it, Detective?”

Theo relied,“That friend I just told you about, he was from West Virginia, he used to tell me stories about their beliefs and mythology. They used to put a broom above a door as protection from a spirit called a Haint. He even put one above our barracks. Legend says one of the things that stops a haint is a broom above the entrance to an area. They are compulsive counters and they can't stay in daylight, so you put the broom above the door and they have to count every straw. By the time they are finished it is daylight and they have to leave." What the hell am I doing. I need to shut the hell up. It is just weird I have tried not to think about him for 7 years but in one night two things in this crime scene have reminded me of him. I wonder. . . he thought, as he made his way to the book case. He scanned the books it was quite the collection of old texts and first editions, but about half way down the series of shelves reading the titles, he stopped. In ancient Greek he found "The Aeneid" on one of the spines. He stopped, saying “This doesn’t make sense. The Aeneid wasn’t written in ancient Greek.”

He pulled the book, and with a click the shelf swung out on hidden hinges. The police officers looked on in surprise. “Well I think I know where our killer went.”, Theo said seemingly to himself.

He drew his service revolver, and headed down the stairs behind the door. The passage was lit all the ways down. As he made his way down the stairs he noticed it was well constructed with stone. He came to the end of the stairs and he entered a room. It was large and well lit. It was full of strange objects and had symbols on the Wall he didn’t recognize. In the center of the back wall was desk with a body hunched over it. He approached the desk. He saw it was covered in blood that was streaming out of a gaping head wound. He was an older man. Maybe in his 60’s he had a revolver in his right hand. In his left was a piece of paper.

Theo grabbed the piece of paper. It read, “The master has deemed me unworthy. When he comes I will not be spared. I would rather die by my own hand than succumb to a death by the master’s unforgiving madness. I hope my family can forgive me for failing to protect them.” Signed, William Thurgood.

At the bottom in Latin were inscribed the words “As Above So Below.” William Thurgood . . . he thought. Theo was a firm atheist. He didn’t believe in God, fate, any of it. But this a man who shared a last name with his best friend that died on the day in the War where he found the same symbol and words he found tonight. Considering Sam also shared his absurd beliefs, it seemed to imply a meaning or order. He was supposed to be here and the words ‘As above so below’ resonated with him. He had heard that phrase, the day Sam died. The day he saw the pentagram like the one on the floor above. His mind drifted into a memory.


Argonne Region France, Meuse Argonne Offensive, September 26th, 1918

They had just taken the German position. Several German soldiers guarded a door to a bunker in the trench. It took a while to open it.
Theo, the squad Sergeant, entered the room with four of his men. The room was empty except for a lone prisoner hanging from the ceiling with chained shackles around his wrists. He was hanging over the symbol like the one in the study. Below him the dead body of another soldier.

Theo told his men "Cut the prisoner down. Find out if he is one of ours. Tend to him see if he is alive and/or saveable." One of his other men called for him to come outside.

They had found a German survivor. Theo left to interrogate him. After about a minute he heard gun fire coming from the bunker. He reversed coarse and ran back into the room. There he witnessed his men wounded many dying on the floor with slashed throats and gut wounds, he looked up to see the suspected prisoner holding a bayonet, riddled with bullet holes but seemingly uninjured. Theo quickly drew his Bowie knife and the man lunged at him. Theo was large, Athletic and trained. He had his blade hilt deep in the man's chest and the prisoner's knife held at bay quicker than many could imagine. The giant knife in his chest did nothing to this man. He is still insanely strong., he thought. Theo kicked him back with frontal kick, bullets and a giant blade did nothing. As he lunged again at Theo, Theo noticed his jet black eyes staring at him full of hatred. No head no attack, he thought. This time he dodged the strange man and thinking quickly slashed with his Bowie knife down across the prisoner's neck with an almost preternatural strength, severing the head from the body in one fell slash. The body crumpled to the ground as the head fell to the floor and rolled landing facing Theo. The head spoke a tongue he didn’t understand but still seemed to be alive.

He approached the head, and just before the put his revolver to the head, the eyes followed Theo, the head speaking german said in an otherworldly voice, "As above so below."

Enthralled, he hesitated for a moment and then pulled the trigger. The head exploded and shot backwards thudding against the wall.. Theo quickly shook out of his distraction, he surveyed the area and that is when he saw Sam Thurgood.

The man had become his best friend on the front. He was from Prosperity, West Virginia. He was full of old stories of Appalachian Folklore, and he seemed to really believe them. He wasn't educated but he was wise and whenever Theo needed advice on a decision of conscience, Sam was the best moral compass. Now he laid crumpled on the ground with a bubbling chest wound. He screamed "Medic!!!" he heard as his men carried the scream through the platoon."

Theo rushed to his side falling to his knees he lifted up Sam, "Sam, no." He said as tears welted up. "Hang in there buddy. Medics are on the way."

Sam looked up, warmly smiled and said, "This is it Theo." Suddenly his eyes went from warmth to fear. Theo thought he was afraid of dying but then he said the oddest thing. "You gotta be careful Theo. That was Blood Magic. Nothing more dangerous than Blood Magic." and at that moment his friend went silent eyes looking past him and he sighed one last breath.


Back in the moment of the root cellar converted into a museum of the odd, Theo began pondering all of it. Sam's death nearly destroyed him. He lived with the guilt of leaving the men to release what he thought was a prisoner. Maybe had he remained with him he could of kept Sam from dying, or maybe it could of of been him instead. He had shoved it back into his mind for 7 years and in one night he was overwhelmed with an insane amount of triggers forcing him back to that time and place. The fact a man with the same last name, with the same backwoods beliefs, using the same iconography and phrase from that bunker hitting him all at once made him believe it could not be a coincidence. He laid the letter back into the hands of the dead man for the photographer. He turned and walked up the stairs.

One of the officers inquired as he passed, "What did you find Detective?"

Theo stopped for a moment and said, "I found the murderer, dead. . . . suicide. That was the source of the gunshot. I believe the woman was a sacrifice of some kind, for some insane belief in magic. He didn't get the wanted result so he went downstairs wrote a note and then splattered his brains against the wall. Open and shut. My work is done here. Make sure the Photographer gets every angle then get the bodies to the morgue. I will file my report later this morning and fill in the chief."

He then walked through the study towards the door, one of the officers, interjected, "Fucking rich people, always doing crazy shit."

Theo's voice boomed as he exited the house, "Language officer!"

The officer replied, "Sorry sir, 'ECCENTRIC' shit."

Theo would of normally thought that was hilarious, but he was consumed with the events of this evening. He continued out the door and into the early morning.


February, 20th 1925, Richmond Police Department Police Station 7:00 AM

Theo didn't know why he tried sleeping, he knew it wasn't an option, but he felt it was his obligation to try. He went into the station an hour before the chief was due in. As was procedure when he pulled a new case the clerk had placed a file on his desk containing everything they had on the people involved. The woman was a Jane Doe. They had no way currently to identify her. The old man was from Prosperity West Virginia like Sam, but he unlike Sam was very wealthy. He made his money in Coal. He didn't have a criminal record, of course what rich person did. They could buy themselves out of anything.

Part of the morning Theo went over everything in his head. About all the things that lined up. He couldn't deny what he had to do. He had avoided visiting Sam's family for 7 years. He kept telling himself he would do it when thoughts resurfaced. But he would shove them back down and forget. This morning was undeniable he needed to do it. They needed to know how good of a man, friend and soldier he was. He would be lying to himself if he thought that was the only reason he wanted to go. He was able to bury the events of that bunker in the walled chamber he had built around the trauma of the war in his psyche, but now the same thing had happened here and he was drawn to understand it all.

The Chief showed up an hour late this morning, "Darrow, my office!"

Theo, stood up and grabbed his report. As soon as he came in as was procedure, he immediately handed the chief his report. The Chief looked exhausted. His job was as political as it was administrative. An affluent citizen killing a young Jane Doe then offing himself had to be a political nightmare. The chief read the report intently.

"As always good work Darrow." the Chief said upon reading it. "Some days it just isn't worth getting out of bed.", joked the Chief with a Snort. "You look out of sorts Darrow, is everything ok?"

"Well Chief I need to take some time off, a leave of absence." Theo said.

"Darrow! It is a real bad time, we may have America's Jack the Ripper here." exclaimed the Chief.

"With all due respect sir, Jack the Ripper didnt off himself.", replied Theo. "I really need to go visit the family of my best friend who died in the War. I have put it off for seven years. I owe this to him and them."

The Chief thought for a moment. "Okay Darrow, I can give you two weeks. You don't talk about it but I have always suspected you went through alot over there. My son has Shell Shock so I am empathetic to your situation, but two weeks is the best I can do."

Theo responded, "Thank you sir. I will call when I get to Prosperity and leave a number you can reach me at should you need any info on my cases. I will be back in two weeks. Also I am sorry to hear about your son. Shell Shock is rough."

The Chief responded, "Thank you Darrow. I hope you can meet him sometime. He seems to get relief spending time with people who have shared experiences."

Theo stated, "By all means set it up and I will visit with him when I return." Theo then left the office to go home and pack for the trip.

Ordinary Person XP Scale
Level I: 0,000- I,875
Level 2: I,876- 3,750
Level 3: 3,751 -7,250
Level 4: 7,250-14,100
Level 5: 14,101-21,200
Level 6: 21,201 - 31,200
Level 7: 31,201-41,200
Level 8: 41,201- 51,200
Level 9: 50,201 -71,200
Level 1O: 71,201- 101,500
Level 11: 101,501- 136,500
Level 12: 136,501 - 186,500
Level 13: 186,501- 236,500
Level 14: 236,501 - 286,500
Level IS: 286,501- 326,500
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Re: Theo Darrow (Ordinary Person)

Post by Theo »

Combat Rolls

Code: Select all

Perception: 25% / [roll]1d100[/roll]
JIC: [roll]1d20[/roll] [roll]1d100[/roll]

Conditions: Closed to the Supernatural.+ 1v Magic/Horror Factor, +3 Psionics. 
 Initiative: [roll]1d20[/roll]
Action 1: 
Action 2: 
Action 3: 
Action 4: 
Action 5: 

Parries: [roll]1d20+3[/roll], [roll]1d20+3[/roll], [roll]1d20+3[/roll], [roll]1d20+3[/roll], [roll]1d20+3[/roll]
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Re: Theo Darrow (Ordinary Person)

Post by Theo »

Non-Combat Rolls

Code: Select all

Perception: 25% / [roll]1d100[/roll]
JIC: [roll]1d20[/roll] [roll]1d100[/roll]

Conditions: Closed to the Supernatural.+ 1v Magic/Horror Factor, +3 Psionics.
Combat Rolls:

Code: Select all

Perception:[roll] d100<25[/roll]
JIC: [roll]d100[/roll], [roll]d20[[/roll]
Initiative: [roll]d20[/roll] 
Conditions:S.D.C.: 48/48, H.P.:20/20, Psionics (15+) +3, Lethal Poison (14+)/Non-Lethal Poison (16+) +0, Magic (Varies) +1, Horror Factor +1, SPD 21 
Intended Actions:
Action 1:
Action 2:
Action 3:
Action 4:
Action 5:
Action 6:

Unarmed: (Bonuses Included) [roll]d20+3[/roll], [roll]d20+3[/roll], [roll]d20+3[/roll], [roll]d20+3[/roll], [roll]d20+3[/roll], [roll]d20+3[/roll]
Knife: (Bonuses Included) [roll]d20+4[/roll], [roll]d20+4[/roll], [roll]d20+4[/roll], [roll]d20+4[/roll], [roll]d20+4[/roll], [roll]d20+4[/roll]

For Populating Actions (Delete before Posting)
Knife: [roll]d20+1[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d4+6[/roll]
Knife(Thrown): [roll]d20+1[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d4+6[/roll] 
Pistol: [roll]d20+1[/roll] | Damage: [roll]4d6[/roll] (5x per Melee)
Backhand: [roll]d20/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d6+5[/roll]
Punch: [roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d4+5[/roll] 
Karate Strike: [roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d4+5[/roll] 
Elbow/Forearm: [roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d6+5[/roll]
Body Flip: [roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d6+5[/roll] 
Knee Strike: [roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d8+7[/roll] 
Round House Kick: [roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: [roll]3d6+7[/roll]
Axe Kick:[roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d8+7[/roll]
Backward Sweep: [roll]d20[/roll] | Damage: 0 (Used only against opponents coming up behind the character. Does no damage, it's purely a knockdown attack. Cannot be parried.
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Re: Theo Darrow (Ordinary Person) [color=red]Level Up[/color]

Post by Theo »

2nd Level HP Roll: 1d6: [6] = 6

d100: [65] = 65 Hit one too many zeros
d10: [1] = 1 A Mighty Weapon
d4: [3] = 3 Bulls-eye: Double the range of any one Pistol or Rifle your character currently possesses due to extensive customization
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