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Bonk (Ogre, Wizard)

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Bonk (Ogre, Wizard)

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Player Name: Eric/Servo
YIM Handle: uncle_servo
Hangouts Handle: uncle.servo
Eric's EP Ledger Entry

Character Name: Jymüzrüg-Gümbürtü Boree Broazüg
Alias: Bonk, Bonk Boree, “Jym” (but only by his mother)
Race: Ogre
O.C.C.: Wizard
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 10,822 (Updated end of Quad 2 2020 by MoD)
Next Level @ XP: 17,921

Racial Hostilities: Due to his upbringing (as well as his surprisingly outgoing nature), Bonk doesn’t suffer from most of the racial hostilities typically present in his fellow ogres… or as he puts it, “if you are good person, Bonk is your friend… but if you are bad person, Bonk is your widow’s friend.” Having said that, however, he’s not too fond of the monster/giant races on the whole but has no serious reservations about befriending individuals who prove themselves to be good people. The only hatred in his big heart is reserved for Glumugrok and/or any ogres from Ghozza Ogh.

Sentiments/Western Empire: Bonk considers the Western Empire to be the epitome of the phrase warning about “too much of a good thing” given its inclinations toward excess and decadence. The prevalence of slavery also concerns him (especially given the fact there are some who would like having a spell-casting ogre as their slave) so he is especially wary when dealing with anyone from there or who is acting on behalf of anyone from there.

Sentiments/Dominion of Man: Bonk loves the beautiful countryside and the more diverse population of the Eastern Territory. Its recent growth is exciting but deep down Bonk worries that the lack of a centralized power structure will hurt its chances if the Wolfen ever make a concerted push into the area.

Disposition: Boisterous, light-hearted, and outgoing. Seems to always look on the bright side of any situation in which he finds himself. Never far away from a joke or a song (loves yodeling).

Insanity: Reborn: Alignment reversal -- Bonk's sunny disposition is a coping mechanism. Growing up as the only child in a relatively isolated environment, Bonk was the quintessential 'spoiled brat' (Miscreant alignment). It was the trauma of seeing his mother's dead boy on the ground at their home that wracked his very soul with survivor's guilt and continues to do so even today. His drive to be a 'good person,' to do good things and to make a difference in the world is all part of an inner quest to prove himself worthy of his mother's ultimate sacrifice. He has never breathed a word of his guilt to another living soul, but inside his head the old whispers of "if I had been there" continue to torment him.

I.Q.: 16
M.E.: 11
M.A.: 12
P.S.: 22
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 18
P.B.: 9
Speed: 14 (280 yards/minute, 70 yards/melee)

P.P.E.: 150
H.P.: 29
S.D.C.: 49
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 8'6"
Weight: 350 lbs.
Description: A burly, barrel-chested brute with dark hair, pronounced tusks, and hazel eyes. Fairly good-looking for an ogre all things considered (perhaps due to his mother having been a human). At 8-1/2 feet tall, Bonk is on the short side of average for his race -- though he is still head and shoulders above most of the ‘civilized races.’

Racial Abilities
Nightvision: 40'
Excellent day vision, equal to a human
Horror Factor: 10

Natural Abilities
Perception: 51% (+3%)
Max. Encumbrance: 105 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 440 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 880 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 11' across and 6.5' up

Special Abilities
Recognize enchantment: 55% (+5%)
Just as a doctor can recognize flu symptoms and disease, the wizard can recognize the influence of magic that charms, hypnotizes, or otherwise causes mind control (including trances, domination, compulsion, quest, etc.). This ability also includes identifying magic sickness, curses, the effects of faerie food and faerie magic, and supernatural or magic possession. Illusions, metamorphosis, and psionic powers do not count as enchantment. Base Skill: 35% +5% per level of experience.
Recognize magic: 40% (+5%)
The wizard has a certain percentage chance to recognize a magic item by shape, inscription, magic symbols or intuition (gut feeling). It's important to understand that while the character may know something has magical properties, he does not know what powers the item may have or how to use it. Base Skill: 20% +5% per level of experience.
Enchanted Cauldron/Spirit Cauldron
The Enchanted Cauldron is one of the few component magicks in wizardry and is exclusive to the wizard O.C.C. It is among the most disgusting and dangerous methods of gaining spell knowledge. Many wizards (over 70%) never use the cauldron, and those who try it rarely do so more than once or twice.

Success Ratio: 14% +6% per each additional level of experience.

The ingredients: One small iron cauldron, six pints of fresh human, elven or dwarven blood, one dead butterfly (symbol of the spirit/soul), and one owl's feather (symbol of wisdom), brought to a slow simmer while stirred with an iron or steel sword for approximately two hours before the moon's zenith.

The brew is slowly brought to a boil over the two hour period, during which time the wizard, in a meditative state, recites the Rites of Invitation, while stirring the concoction. The two hours of chanting and the aroma of blood attracts and invites a spirit of magic to enter the cauldron and share with the summoning wizard the joys of life and death. At the end of the two hour period, the wizard must drink one full cup of the brew; it is then, and only then, that he will learn whether he is successful at gaining more spell magic. Note: The blood soup may also attract ghouls, goblins and orcs in the area, so the wizard must be careful.

If unsuccessful the brew and all the preparations will have been for naught, and must be spilled out in a graveyard. To do otherwise will set loose 1D6 ghosts or haunting entities into the area. The process may be repeated again on another night with all new ingredients.

If successful the spirit in the cauldron will enter the wizard through the cup of warm blood he has drunken. At this time, the wizard will seemingly lapse into a coma in which the spirit and living wizard will share each other's memories. The coma trance state is temporary, typically lasting 1D4 hours. When the wizard awakens he will possess some of the spell knowledge of that spirit, most of the other shared memories will be forgotten. However, as one might expect, the experience is quite harrowing, and often results in insanity. Roll on the following table (roll percentile dice):
01-13 No insanity; lucked out!
14-20 Affective disorder. See insanity section; roll on that table.
21-40 One phobia; roll on that table.
41-60 Two phobias; roll on that table.
61-80 One obsession; roll on that table.
81-90 Neurosis; roll on that table.
91-100 Psychosis; roll on that table

Spell Knowledge gained: The best way to determine spell knowledge impartially is to have the player roll two six-sided dice (2D6) to see what number of spells he/she has gained. If the player rolls a five, he or she has five new spells, a two means only two spells, a 10 means ten spells, and so on. To determine the level of the spell, the player rolls one six-sided die (1D6) for each of his spells. If a five was rolled, the player rolls five times. Each roll indicates the level of each of the five spells (the range of possibility is spell levels 1 -6); rolling the same level more than once is okay. The player then selects the spell he or she wants from that particular level.

Spirit Cauldron: There is a chance that the spirit will remain in the cauldron until the contents are spilled out. If this occurs, the cauldron will function like a crystal ball, although the wizard must sip a tablespoon of the cold brew to activate it every time he desires to use it. If the brew is continually replenished with blood (never dropping below half; three pints), the wizard can maintain the spirit cauldron for months or even years. The chance of the spirit remaining in the cauldron is a flat, unchanging 01-31% (roll percentile dice). Note: The wizard can never again get new spells from this cauldron, that's a one-time experience. Likewise, drinking the brew will never again cause the coma/trance state. However, the wizard cannot make another enchanted cauldron until the active one is destroyed by spilling out its contents in a graveyard.

There are additional problems with the enchanted cauldron. One is possible alignment conflicts. After all, how many good characters are going to use a spell requiring fresh blood from a human, elf, or dwarf; and how do they get the blood without killing somebody? Volunteers? Another problem is transportation. Transporting a spirit cauldron is difficult, and remember, spilling its contents out anywhere other than a cemetery will release 1D6 ghosts/entities. Accidental spillage of three pints or more will destroy the spirit cauldron and unleash the ghosts. Note: The cauldron evaporates at a rate of one pint every three days.
See and Use Ley Lines
The wizard can see powerful magic energy emanating from the earth in a straight line. These lines of energy are known as ley lines. Where two or more ley lines intersect is a more powerful ley line nexus. The wizard recognizes these lines and junctions as places of power where he or she can draw on additional P.P.E. and where spells and powers are increased. Ley lines are natural lines of mystic (P.P.E.) energy that crisscross parts of the planet and bind together all things in the Megaverse. The ley lines on the Palladium World are not as powerful as those found on a handful of other worlds (such as Rifts Earth) and are not visible to the average person. Only practitioners of magic and most creatures of magic can see the gentle flow of magic energy. See the Magic section for more details.

The wizard can also see mystic energy radiating from incredibly powerful creatures, such as ancient dragons, demon and deevil lords, and godlings and gods, as well as the most powerful magic items, like the weapons of the gods and greater rune weapons.
Ley Line Drifting
The wizard can open himself to the ley line energies and walk or float through the air along the length of a ley line. The maximum speed is a mere Spd 10, but it is relaxing and does not cause exertion or fatigue. Best of all, the mage does not need to expend any personal P.P.E. to do this, but draws on the ambient P.P.E. of the ley line. Applicable only to the wizard; he cannot magically enable others to float along with him.
Ley Line Rejuvenation
When standing on a ley line or nexus, the wizard can absorb ley line energy to double the rate of natural healing. To do this, the character must concentrate on healing while relaxing on a ley line. The wizard can also use a ley line or nexus to perform an instant rejuvenation as often as once every 24 hours. After about 10 minutes of concentration, 2D6 hit points and 2D6 S.D.C. are magically restored; no personal P.P.E. is expended to do this. Ley line rejuvenation restores P.P.E. at the normal rate.
Resistance to Magic
+1 vs magic at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15
Spell strength (the number others must save against when the character casts a spell): +1 at levels two, four, eight, twelve and fifteen. Starts at 12.

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 14
Level 1
• Blinding Flash (1)
• Cloud of Slumber (4) *Note: Air Warlock Spell
• Create Rope (2)
• Decipher Magic (4)
• Globe of Daylight (2)
• See the Invisible (4)
• Sense Magic (4)
• Thunderclap (4)
• Trough of Water (4)
Level 2
• Chameleon (6)
• Cleanse (6)
• Climb (3)
• Extinguish Fire (4)
Level 3
• Armor of Ithan (10)
• Breathe Without Air (5)
• Invisibility: Simple (6)
• Negate Poison/Toxin (5)
Level 4
• Charismatic Aura (10)
• Cure Minor Disorders (10)
• Fire Bolt (10)
• Magic Net (7)
Level 5
• Heal Wounds (10)
Level 6
• Tongues (12)
Level 7
• Heal Self (20)

O.C.C. Skills
Animal Husbandry 67% (+5%)
Falconry 62% (+5%)
Language: Gobblely 98%
Language: Elven/Dragonese 72% (+5%)
Language: Human - Eastern 72% (+5%)
Literacy: Elven/Dragonese 67% (+5%)
Literacy: Human - Eastern 67% (+5%)
Lore: Magic – General Knowledge 67% (+5%)
Lore: Magic – Recognize Magic Circles, Runes, etc. 57% (+5%)
Lore: Magic – Recognize Enchantment 52% (+5%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters 62% (5%)
Mathematics: Basic 82% (+5%)
Recognize Weapon Quality 62% (+5%)
W.P. Blunt

O.C.C. Related Skills
Astronomy & Navigation 62% (+5%)
History 67% (5%)
Lore: Faerie Folk 57% (5%)
Lore: Geomancy & Ley Lines 57% (5%)
Prowl 47% (+5%)
Sew 57% (+5%)
Singing 57% (+5%, professional)
Wilderness Survival 52% (+5%)
Writing 52% (+5%)
W.P. Paired Weapons

Secondary Skills
Athletics (general)
Bartering 44% (4%)
Body Building & Weight Lifting
Hand-to-Hand: Expert
Physical Labor

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: --
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3
HTH Damage Bonus: +7
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm: --
Clawed: 2d4+7
Kick: 3d6+7
Bite: 2d4

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Blunt: +2 to strike, +2 to parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +6%
Magic (varies): +3
Lethal Poison (14+): +2
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +2
Insanity (12+): --
Psionics (15+): --
Horror Factor: +6
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Re: Bonk -- PFRPG Ogre Wizard (WIP)

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  • Items which have stats have their name in bold type.
  • Items which have stats or images are fully listed under Gear Stats.
  • As such, there should be no stats or images above the Gear Stats header.
Favorable Contacts
  • Angus, College of Magic groundskeeper
Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Set of clothing
Hooded cloak
Soft leather gloves
Backpack & bedroll
Medium-sized satchel
Wooden cross
Studded Leather Armor (full)
Talisman of Marduk (Patron Item)

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: knife, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Knife (1D4)
• Attachment: Water skin
• Attachment: War Hammer
• Attachment: Coin-purse: 3,652 gold

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: Small sack
• Space: Small sack
• Space: 8 sheets of parchment paper
• Space: 3 crow quill pens
• Space: 2 bottles of ink
• Space: 2 sticks of graphite
• Space: 3 sticks of chalk
• Space: 4 candles
• Space: Small mirror
• Space: Tinder box

40 lbs Smoked Sausage (PFRPG pg 274)
10 lbs Cheese (PFRPG pg 274)
4 Pint of Honey (PFRPG pg 274)
30 lbs Oatmeal (PFRPG pg 274)

Gear Stats

War Hammer (Giant-Sized )
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 4D4
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Features: Superior balance, weight, stud work
  • Modifiers: +1 to parry and strike

Warhammer (Kobold-made, Giant-Sized)
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 4d4+2
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Features: Superior balance, weight, stud work
  • Modifiers: additional damage

Studded Leather Armor (full)
  • A.R.: 13
  • S.D.C.: 38
  • Modifiers: -5% mobility penalty
  • Weight: 20 lbs.

Talisman of Marduk (Patron Item)
Godly Health: Even with the merest fraction of power from the Tablets of Destiny the talisman enhances the health of its wearer
  • +30 S.D.C. or +15 M.D.C., as appropriate

Magical Resistance: The Talisman protects it's wearer from harmful magical effects
  • +1 to save vs. magic

Voice of Kings: The wearer is able to speak any language even if only for a brief while and limited times per day
  • Tongues 3/day (per invocation at 5th level proficiency)

Sight of Destiny: The wearer is able to peer into the depths of time and space to view events as they happen
  • Clairvoyance 3/day (per Sensitive Psychic Ability at 5th level proficiency)
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Re: Bonk -- PFRPG Ogre Wizard (WIP)

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College of Magic
Basst, Timiro Kingdom

“Come again, Baldric? For a moment it sounded like you said there was an ogre waiting to see me.”

“Beggin’ your pardon, Archmage, but that’s exactly what I said. He wants to talk to you about attending the college. Said something about ‘honoring his mother’s legacy’ and says he’ll willing to work any job to pay his way through.”

Archmage Ariannona sighed wearily as she rubbed her temples. “Baldric, I enjoy a good jape as much as the next gal but honestly today’s just not a good day. If you’re building up towards a punchline with this I’d appreciate your skipping ahead to it please so I can get back to work.”

“That’s just the point of it, ma’am, with Thoth as my witness I swear I’m not joking…” the young assistant shook his head. “He’s waiting out in there in the courtyard.” He gestured towards a nearby window. “See for yourself.”

The Archmage pushed her chair away from her desk with another sigh and walked towards the window, where her eyes widened with disbelief. There indeed was an ogre sitting and trying to make himself comfortable on a bench that was clearly made with smaller beings in mind. The ogre didn’t just not look like he possessed magical talent, but there was something about him that just seemed… well, very un-ogrely (assuming that term even existed, which Ariannona doubted). Was it that he had rather light-colored hair instead of dark as was typical for his race? Or was it that he didn’t act as savage as all the stories said ogres are supposed to act, and was merely sitting there as if he was expecting someone to bring him a cup of tea? On top of that he seemed to be… no, certainly he wasn’t… was he?

“Baldric, is that ogre yodeling?”

Baldric nodded. “Yes ma’am. Right musical-minded oaf, that one. Scary thing is that sometimes he sounds pretty good.”

The Archmage shook her head and waved her hand dismissively. “Alright, fine. Go out there and tell him…” her voice trailed off as her eyes lit upon a newly-constructed outhouse at the far edge of the courtyard. With a snort she continued, “tell him that if he can hit that privy with a fireball I’ll not only admit him but I’ll also sponsor him. Otherwise send him down to the General Schools to see if he can yodel his way into a class there.” Satisfied that she had set a suitably un-achievable test for the newcomer, she returned to her writing.

Then she heard the outhouse explode.


“I take it you weren’t able to talk him out of leaving?” Baldric asked as he stared out the window, watching the ogre with a pack on his back walking out through the same courtyard where the Archmage’s assistant had first laid eyes on him.

Ariannona slumped in her chair. “Not even in the slightest. In fact I think I may have only strengthened his resolve by trying to sway him. He said he will always be grateful for his opportunity to learn here and for all our support over the years, but he needs to ‘walk the world’ as he put it. Even knowing how hated and feared his race is out there he wouldn’t be swayed.” She looked up at Baldric, a smile playing at her lips. “And would you believe he apologized once again for blowing up the privy?”

Baldric let loose a laugh. “Well, it WAS your idea…”

The Archmage laughed along with her assistant in spite of herself. “I’ve tried telling him that all this time! I think he still feels bad about it though – even though he helped re-build it himself.” She continued to laugh to herself for a few more moments before recomposing herself. “I’ll need to update our matriculation records though. Baldric, please do make sure I’m not disturbed the rest of the day.”

Baldric nodded and crossed the Archmage’s office. “Very good, ma’am. I’ll have your dinner brought up to you this evening. Let me know if you need anything.”

“I will. And Baldric,” Ariannona paused, her voice tinged with a hint of sadness. “Thank you – for everything.”

After her assistant left and closed the door behind him, the Archmage opened up a massive leather-bound book, dipped her quill into the ink, and began humming as she wrote.

  • Today the Basst College of Magic lost one of its most remarkable students -- Jymüzrüg-Gümbürtü Boree Broazüg, known to most as simply “Bonk Boree.” He was not known for being the smartest student, or for being the most gifted in the ways of the arcane arts, but rather for being such a boisterous, outgoing, and good-natured soul the likes of which are seldom seen in the more civilized races, let alone one of the so-called ‘monster races’ in general or ogres like Bonk in particular. In retrospect, perhaps the phrase ‘ogres like Bonk’ does him a grave injustice as I personally have never encountered an ogre like him before… and given his uniqueness I doubt that very many in the known world ever have either. When he is around one rarely if ever has to go very long without some form of joke or song, invariably followed by his trademark booming laugh that one feels and hears in equal measure.

    To fully understand Bonk and his singular nature, one must first learn about his mother. Janna Boree was an instructor here at the College nearly a quarter century ago when she was supervising a field trip to some Dwarven ruins in the Silver Range Mountains south of the Aberla Pass. The small group was set upon by an ogre raiding party from the ogre settlement of Ghozza Ogh collecting human females for breeding purposes. As she was the only human female in the group, she offered herself and her services to their chief in exchange for the lives of the rest of the group. The chief, a hulking brute named Gümbürtü Broazüg, agreed and so she was taken back to Ghozza Ogh as a concubine and a slave.

    Janna’s magical talents and shrewd intellect not only helped her to survive childbirth (which I’m told is often fatal for a human birthing an ogre) but also helped her make herself indispensable as the chief’s magician, healer, and soothsayer – a role in which she served for quite a number of years. The male child she bore Broazüg was named “Jymüzrüg,” which if I am correct roughly translates as “the sound of a boulder striking.” As I have noted it is not commonplace for human mothers to survive childbirth long enough to so much as meet their ogre offspring, but our Janna managed to achieve something heretofore unheard of in the Timiro Kingdom and formed a bond with her son.

    At this point the reader may very well ask themselves why she didn’t attempt to escape back to proper civilization at some point, and with most captives of ogres and other giant races this would indeed be a valid question. As it was well-known that she was blessed with the gift of clairvoyance it has long been assumed that she resigned herself to her fate and was determined to make the best of her destiny. And in large part they would quite likely be correct. But what most do not know is that Janna was also a closet macrophile -- one who is fascinated with giant beings. She shared this information with me in confidence some time before the Silver Range expedition, and the only reason I share it now is to provide insight into her decision to remain among the tribe. I ask that any who read this passage not think less of her courageous decision as it prevented many deaths… and also ask that they keep this particular information private so as not to sully her cherished legacy here at the College.

    This unusual situation lasted for a few years but came to a sudden end when the chief was killed during a raid on a village near Fort Aberla; unsubstantiated reports from survivors imply that the chief was not felled by villagers or soldiers from the nearby fort, but rather at the hands of another ogre in the raiding party. If these reports are true then it would be logical to assume that traitor was Gigark Glumugrok, a rival of Broazüg’s who saw an opportunity to claim the tribal leadership for himself. Apparently Janna had foreseen this turn of events in her clairvoyant visions because when the new chief came to secure his claim to the throne by killing the former chief’s witch along with his child (and therefore eliminating the threats they represented) she had already fled with her child into the surrounding mountains.

    Once again, Janna Boree defied the odds stacked against her as she and her child managed to eke out a surprisingly comfortable living for several years in the Silver Range Mountains. As the child grew she taught him everything she could – reading, writing, lore, and most importantly the ways of magic. The young ogre possessed talent for the arcane arts and was eager to learn so he soaked up her instruction as a dry sponge absorbs water. One thing she didn’t teach him however he learned on his own; he took up yodeling and singing as a way to pass the time because (as he put it) he loved hearing his voice echo off the mountains as it made him feel like they weren’t alone. I can only imagine how his trademark laughter must have heard in such a setting. Another benefit of being raised in relative isolation was that he was insulated from prevalent cultural prejudices and hatreds all too commonly felt towards ogres by other races as well as by ogres towards those other races in return. This has resulted in a refreshingly open mind on Bonk’s part towards most civilized races.

    For those of you reading this, you may be once again questioning Janna’s decision-making. Why did she and her child remain in the mountains? Why didn’t they try to return to the Timiro Kingom instead? To Basst, where her home had been and she would surely have been welcomed back with open arms? I myself asked that same question on the very day Bonk arrived here at the College attempting to gain entry; unsurprisingly it appears that Janna once again foresaw the threads of fate weaving themselves into the tapestry of her future. She wrote in her diary her visions of their life in the mountains, visions of her death at the hands of the very ogres she once lived among, and visions of her son eventually arriving here at the College. It was because of these visions she was able to put plans in motion to once again spare her son from certain death even as her part in Bonk’s story came to a violent close.

    Bonk presented me with his mother’s diary as he spoke about her last day in the World. She had sent him out early that morning to recover a supply cache some miles away. I can only imagine the shock he must have felt when he opened the cache to find some of her personal effects and a farewell note -- not to mention the horror that must have gripped him as he rushed home only to find her beaten, bloody corpse on the floor. It would seem that Glumugrok never forgot about the old chief’s pet wizard and finally accomplished the gruesome task he attempted years earlier, but Bonk wisely decided not to stick around to find out for sure as he gathered up what supplies he could and immediately set out for Basst. Thinking back on that day I believe that it was the only time I’ve ever seen Bonk seem sad. Or angry. Whether his normally impenetrable sunny disposition is genuine or merely a mask he uses as a coping tool to deal with being an ogre raised by a human and not fully welcome in either world, I doubt I’ll ever know. But I do know that day was the only time I’ve seen a chink in his armor.

    Which finally brings me to his time here at the College. I am pleased to say that despite my initial reluctance to admit an ogre into our ranks his performance as a student has been quite satisfactory. Bonk is quite bright by any race’s standards and is eager to learn. His eagerness to learn is matched only by his eagerness to help others and enjoy life while doing so. It is perhaps that eagerness to enjoy life that has helped fuel his desire to ‘walk the world’ as he puts it. He has decided to leave the College behind and pursue adventures out in the wider world beyond the Timiro Kingdom. I want to state here for the record that I did my best to dissuade him from this idea. I argued that he had a home here, a family, a future where he was accepted as an equal. I pointed out that other parts of the Known World would not be as welcoming and many would view him merely as a monster prowling the countryside at best ‘pretending’ to be civilized so as to weasel his way into towns so he can more easily eat the local children at night. But no matter the arguments I presented, Bonk would not be swayed and stayed resolute in his decision.

    Bonk left us this morning. His stated plan is to visit Lopan in time for the next Olympiad, working his way up through Peningshir and Wisdom and then following the Old Kingdom River to Llorn at the coast. I pray to the Gods of Light he makes it there safely.

PFRPG Wizard XP Table
1 -- 0,000-2240
2 -- 2,241 -4,480
3 -- 4,481 -8,960
4 -- 8,961 - 17,920
5 -- 17,921-25,920
6 -- 25,921 - 35,920
7 -- 35,921 -50,920
8 -- 50,921 -70,920
9 -- 70,921 -95,920
10 -- 95,921 - 135,920
11 -- 135,921 - 185,920
12 -- 185,921 -225,920
13 -- 225,921 -275,920
14 -- 275,921 -335,920
15 -- 335,921 -375,920
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Re: Bonk -- PFRPG Ogre Wizard (WIP)

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Expanded Spell List
Level 1
Blinding Flash
Blinding Flash
Range: 10 feet (3 m) radius; up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away.
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Standard
P.P.E.: One
This invocation creates a sudden burst of intense, white light, temporarily blinding everyone in its ten foot (3 m) radius. Victims are blinded for 1D4 melee rounds, with a penalty of -5 to strike, and -10 to parry and dodge. The chance of falling is 1-50% per every 10 feet (3 m) travelled. The saving throw is standard, so those who successfully save vs magic are not blinded. Note: Does not affect bionic or cybernetic eyes.
Cloud of Slumber
Cloud of Slumber
Range: 90 feet (27.4 m).
Duration: Four melee rounds per level of the warlock.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Four
This spell creates a 20x20x20 foot (6x6x6 m) cloud which instantly induce magical sleep on all who pass through it. Those who fail to make a successful save vs magic will sleep until the cloud dissipates. They cannot be roused until the cloud vanishes or they are dragged from it, in which case they will wake in 1D4 melee rounds.
Create Rope
Create Rope
Range: Spell caster's hands
Duration: Permanent
Amount: Up to 15 feet (4.6m) per level of the spell caster, appears from his or her hands.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Two
This odd spell creates any adventurer's best friend, a length of rope. Uses for this obscure spell abound, such as tying up captured enemies, tying horses, hangings and others. Rope up to three inches (7.5cm) in diameter can be created. It is normal rope.
Decipher Magic
Decipher Magic
Range: Self
Duration: Two minutes (8 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Four
This spell enables the spell caster to read (decipher) any magic scroll and inscription, text, or book that uses magic symbols or runes at 94% proficiency. The ability lasts only for the duration of the spell and the spell caster will not be able to read those same inscriptions once the spell has elapsed. This spell does not interpret other languages and their alphabets, nor does it identify/decipher magic circles, only the magic symbols used in it. Likewise, this spell does not identify or decipher wards.
Globe of Daylight
Globe of Daylight
Range: Near self or up to 30 feet (9.1 m) away.
Duration: 12 melee rounds (3 minutes) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Two
A small globe or sphere of true daylight is magically created. The light is bright enough to illuminate a 12 foot (3.6 m) area per each level of its creator's experience. Since it is daylight, it can keep vampires at bay just beyond the edge of the light and may frighten subterranean or nocturnal animals. The creator of the globe can mentally move it along with himself or send it up to 30 feet (9.1 m) ahead. The maximum speed at which the globe can travel is equal to a speed attribute of 12.
See the Invisible
See the Invisible
Range: 200 feet (61 m)
Duration: One minute (4 melees) per each level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Four
The character can see forces, objects and creatures which can turn invisible or are naturally invisible. Even if the creature has no form per se, the mystic will be able to discern the vaporous image or energy sphere which is the being. This includes: ghosts, entities, elementals and the astral body.
Sense Magic
Sense Magic
Range: 120 foot (36.6 m) diameter.
Duration: Two minutes (8 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Four
This magic ability enables the character to sense or feel the presence of magic. Like a geiger counter, the individual can tell if he is near (within 20 feet/6 m) or far (toward the limit of the range). The ability can also indicate whether a person or object is enchanted/under a magic spell, is in the process of invoking magic, or if magic is being used in the range area. Note: To practitioners of magic, most supernatural beings do not register as magic except when actually casting a spell/using magic. Psychic powers and manipulation cannot be detected with this spell.
Range: Directly affects the immediate area (30 feet/9 m) around the magic weaver, but can be heard up to one mile (1.6 km) away.
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Save vs Horror Factor.
P.P.E.: Four
The invocation produces a booming clap of thunder that is so loud that it seems to make the air vibrate. A thunderclap is an excellent means of alerting or signaling allies, as well as a way of intimidating one's enemies. As an intimidation device, it will momentarily startle and distract everyone other than the spell caster. This provides the creator of the thunder with a bonus of +5 on his initiative, +1 to strike, parry
and dodge, and creates a horror factor of 8 (all characters within 30 feet/9 m must roll to save vs horror factor, except the mage who made the thunder).
Trough of Water
Trough of Water (also available as a water elemental spell)
Range: 10 feet (3m)
Duration: Permanent, see below
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Four
This companion spell to Summon Grains creates a tough of water which appears up to ten feet (3m) away from the spell caster. It cannot be dropped on a person. It holds enough water for four horses to drink their fill. Human can also drink from the trough, it holds enough for up to twenty persons to drink. The trough itself is not permanent, or even real, and is just a construct of magic force to simply hold the water. When the water is gone, or after thirty hours have passed (whichever comes first), the trough will disappear, dropping any remaining water to the ground beneath it.
Level 2
Range: Self or others by touch.
Duration: Four minutes (16 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Savings Throw: None
P.P.E.: Six
This spell enables the affected person to seemingly alter the color and pattern of his clothes and physical body, enabling him to blend into the surrounding environment. Movement destroys the effectiveness of this magic.
90% undetectable if unmoving.
70% undetectable if moving 2 feet per melee round or slower.
20% undetectable if moving 6 feet (1.8 m) per melee round.
Totally ineffective if moving any faster
Range: Self, one person and the clothes he's wearing up to 10 feet (3 m) away, or two people by touch.
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: Six
This is a simple but useful spell designed to remove dirt and grime from the body of a living being and the clothes he wears. Magic energy flows over the person and magically removes dirt, grime, stains, and just about anything that the spell caster considers "unclean." The recipient of this magic instantly becomes spotless, from head to toe. The hair and body look as if right out of the shower (only dry) and the clothes as if freshly washed and dried. The spell cannot be used on body armor, buildings, wagons/vehicles, streets, or anything else, only living creatures and clothes/fabric. One pile of clothes weighing no more than 25 pounds (11.25 kg; no living person) can also be washed in place of a specific character's clothes. Note: This spell only cleans off the surface of the targets and will not rid them of diseases or poison, although it will kill most surface parasites, such as ticks and fleas.
Range: Self or others up to 40 feet (12.2 m) away.
Duration: Five minutes (20 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Three
A spell that enables the enchanted person to climb with exceptional, almost inhuman, skill, speed and agility. Skill level is 98% for normal, rough, climbable surfaces; speed is equal to speed attribute. Smooth, presumably unclimbable or extremely difficult surfaces to climb can be scaled with a skill level of 60% and at 80% of one's normal speed. Rappelling is included.
Extinguish Fire
Extinguish Fire
Range: 20 feet (6 m) radius, up to 80 feet (24.4 m) away.
Duration: One minute (4 melees) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Four
The mage can instantly put out up to a 20 foot (6 m) radius of fire, 80 feet away (24.4 m). A total of 40 feet (12.2 m) can be extinguished every 15 seconds (one melee round).
Level 3
Armor of Ithan
Armor of Ithan
Range: Self or Other
Duration: One minute (4 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Ten
This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic armor on the spell caster. Named after the magic armor of the dwarf king Ithan, this mystic armor has an A.R. of 18 and 100 S.D.C. plus 10 S.D.C. per level of experience. Furthermore, magic fire, lightning, and cold do half damage. The armor can be instantly created upon anyone, as long as the spell caster invokes the spell while touching the intended recipient.
Breathe Without Air
Breathe Without Air
Range: Self or others by touch.
Duration: 12 melees (3 minutes) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Five
This invocation enables the person to function normally without air, whether it be underwater or in a vacuum, or in an area with little or no oxygen. Unfortunately, the magic does not protect the person from magic toxins or other types of magic, but does protect against natural and man-made gases and odors.
Level 4
Fire Bolt
Fire Bolt
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) +5 feet (1.5 m) per level of experience.
Duration: Instant
Damage: 5D6 S.D.C.
Saving Throw: Dodge
P.P.E.: Ten
Like the energy bolt, the mage can create and direct a bolt of fire. Bonus to strike is +4. Damage is 5D6 S.D.C., but is increased to 7D6 under the influence of a ley line and 1D6x10 at a ley line nexus. The mage can adjust the damage amount, down, by increments of 1D6.
Magic Net
Magic Net
Range: 20 feet (6 m) per level of the spell caster.
Duration: 2 melee rounds per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Special. There is no save vs magic, but intended victims
can try to dodge being snared by rolling a 16 or higher.
P.P.E. Seven
This spell creates a net composed of magic fibers which will snare 1-6 human-sized victims within a 10 foot (3 m) diameter. Normal weapons cannot cut through the net; only magic weapons and spells can affect this net. Even then it requires a full two melee rounds (30 seconds) to cut or blast out (a dispel magic barriers will dispel it instantly). Anyone caught in the magic net is helpless and unable to attack or defend themselves. The spell caster can cancel the net at any time.
Level 6
Range: Self or others by touch.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Twelve
The magic enables the character to perfectly understand and speak all spoken languages at 98% proficiency, including elemental and alien tongues. An understanding of written languages is not provided by this spell. See the "Eyes of Thoth."
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Re: Bonk (Ogre, Wizard) LEVEL UP!

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Level Up Stuff

Hit Points: 1d6 = 2: 2

Spell selection (lvls 1-4): Cure Minor Disorders (lvl 4, 10 PPE)

+1 spell strength

PPE: 3d6 = 8: 5, 2, 1
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