(Project) Bounty: Armory Submissions

Opportunities to earn extra EP are posted in this forum.
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(Project) Bounty: Armory Submissions

Post by Augur »

One EP will be rewarded for...

  • 4 properly formatted submissions in the following forums: Armor, Melee Weapons, Miscellaneous Items, Ranged Weapons
  • 2 properly formatted submissions: Vehicles & True Robots
  • 1 properly formatted submissions: Powered Armor & Robot Combat Vehicles
Do not begin new threads in the Armory.


When Augur has begun a new thread, it is open for submissions.

Each post should contain:
  • 1 item, properly formatted (use these templates)
  • the cost of that item in this color
  • a code block for that item
What is optimal is a minimalist approach to item formatting: no metric conversions, the fewest amount of words necessary, etc.

Simple example listing:

NE-195 Assault Rifle
  • Range:
    • Plasma Ejector: 2,000'
    • Grenade Launcher: 1,000'
  • Damage:
    • Plasma Ejector: 6D6 M.D.
    • Grenade Launcher: Varies with grenade
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 16 round magazine, 12 round grenade drum magazine
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: W.P. Energy Rifle & W.P. Heavy Military Weapons
  • Book Reference: p.55, DB3

Code: Select all

[b]NE-195 Assault Rifle[/b]
[list][*]Plasma Ejector: 2,000'
[*]Grenade Launcher: 1,000'[/list]
[list][*]Plasma Ejector: 6D6 M.D.
[*]Grenade Launcher: Varies with grenade[/list]
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: 16 round magazine, 12 round grenade drum magazine
[*]Weight: 25 lbs.
[*]Features: None
[*]Modifiers: W.P. Energy Rifle & W.P. Heavy Military Weapons
[*]Book Reference: p.55, DB3[/list][/size]
Cost: 50,000 credits; uncommon availability in MercTown or in the Three Galaxies; very rare availability anywhere else

  • Duplicates will not be rewarded, so check to see if something has already been done before wasting your time!
  • Be wise and track your own submissions!
  • Remember the process:
    • Use the correct template
      • Deviating from/adding your own format to a template will result in no credit
    • Fill out the template completely! (If you have questions, contact Augur or Major James Smith)
    • Post your submission to the correct submission thread
    • One post per item submission
    [insert image here: 100 pixels in height, 50 or less for small/thin weapons, .png format, transparent background, only use the EU Image Repository to host images!]
  • These are FIRM NUMBERS, not ballpark sums. The above is from melee weapons template, see other templates for variance.
  • Don't include code blocks--those are done for each entry after the entry itself is verified to be complete, accurate, and properly formatted. (That's all admin stuff)
  • Don't vary from the templates. For example, if the armor template doesn't have an entry for "class," DON'T INCLUDE IT. You're just creating more work for yourself because you'll be asked to go fix it.
  • There's a jillion possible ways to write the same thing, so when at all possible (and this is usually possible), follow style precedent:
    • Example:
      • Established precedent wrote:Book Reference: p.258, BoM
        Book Reference: Book of Magic p.258
        Book Reference: BoM, p.258
        Book Reference: p.258, Book of Magic
      There's about a hundred ways Palladium's various writers have described RATE OF FIRE, for example, so follow precedent already established in the armory for this and everything else.
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Re: (Project) Bounty: Armory & Bestiary Submissions

Post by Augur »

Completed Categories
Don't bother making submissions of items in these categories.
Bandito Arms Armor
Northern Gun Armor
Coalition States Armor
Free Quebec Armor
Naruni Enterprises Armor
Triax Industries Armor
Northern Gun Power Armor
Ichto Power Armor
Coalition States Powered Armor
Free Quebec Powered Armor
Triax Industries Powered Armor
Northern Gun Robot Combat Vehicles
Coalition States Robot Combat Vehicles
Coalition States Vehicles
Triax Industries Robot Combat Vehicles
Wilk's Laser Technologies Ranged Weapons
NEMA Ranged Weapons
Northern Gun Ranged Weapons
Naruni Enterprises Ranged Weapons
Coalition States Ranged Weapons

List of to-do items
This list is not comprehensive.
NG-X9 Samson Mk II
WI-GL3 Revolving Grenade Launcher
NG-488 Cobra Turbo
NG-357 Magnum-Turbo
NG-320 Rampage
NG-400 Stinger
NG-150 Streetrunner
NG-500 Windfire
NG-640 Windshark Amphibious Hovercycle
NG-SU2 Bluestorm Submarine

Exotic (low-priority)
AK-147 Kalashnikov
AK-247LL Light Laser Kalashnikov
AK-247HL Heavy Laser Kalashnikov
AK-347CR Cyborg Kalashnikov
AR-36 Clenched First
AR-41 Howler
AR-44 Sledgehammer Rail Gun
AR-60 Nikita
AR-110 Razor Disk Cannon
AR-210 Grapeshot Cannon
AR-M36 Rifle Mini-Missile Launcher
AR-M40 Dual Launcher
AR-M45 Cyborg Missile Launcher
AR-M50 Heavy Missile Launcher
Belofsky Double-Dealer Laser Cannon
Belofsky Plasma Cannon
Belofsky Heavy Laser Cannon
Big Bear Plasma Rifle
Dragunov SVD-L2A Laser Sniper Rifle
Dragunov SVD Rifle
Dragunov SVD-3B Super Anti-Materiel Rifle
G-27P Ion Pistol
G-293M "Fat Boy" Laser
G-294R "Toughman" Laser Rifle
G-295R "Steamer" Pulse Laser Rifle
G-410C Goldbeam Laser Cannon
Homesteader Ion Beam Rifle
Lynx Laser Rifle
OTs-38 Groza II “Terror II”
S-20-20 Popper Assault Pistol
S-30-89 “Bear Tooth” Ion Pistol
SH-31 Ballistic Knife
NeraTech 1-20 "Mankiller" Ion Pistol
NeraTech 9mm P-18 Conventional Sidearm
NeraTech 9mm SMG-30 Conventional Sub-Machinegun
NeraTech "Bushcutter" Rail Gun
NeraTech "Fletcher 12" Light Rail Gun
NeraTech Light Energy Pistol
NeraTech LO-20 Conventional Hunting Rifle
NeraTech M-01 Military and Police Sidearm
NeraTech WA-30 Conventional Assault Rifle
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