Yojimbo (Holy Terror)

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Yojimbo (Holy Terror)

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Player Name: Ryan
G-Mail: ryanlee72

Character Name: Yojimbo
R.C.C.: Holy Terror
Alignment: Principled
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 15,275 (Zoe 01OCT2021)
Next Level @ XP: 19,201
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Why should whether one is "human" or not matter at all?
Sentiments/Coalition: There is much they could learn and share if they could overcome their fear of those not like themselves.
Disposition: Yojimbo is contemplative and stoic. Under the metallic and tough-as-nails looking exterior lies a compassionate, but intensely focused soul. Although not human, he strives to understand the human condition as much as he can, and has a noticeable "soft spot" for children of all kinds.
Insanity: Obsession (hates): Drinking/Alcohol

Important Note: Anything highlighted in orange is purchased or directly altered via EP

I.Q.: 21
M.E.: 23
M.A.: 19
P.S.: 54 (Supernatural)
P.P.: 22
P.E.: Not Applicable
P.B.: 12
Speed: 60 (~41 mph, 900 feet per melee round)

P.P.E.: 460 note: Yojimbo cannot draw on ambient energy (i.e. Ley Lines or Nexus Points) to supplement P.P.E., but can draw upon PPE storage sources
I.S.P.: 85
M.D.C. by Location
  • Main Body: 1032
  • Head: 258
  • Hands (2): 103 each
  • Arms (2): 258 each
  • Legs (2): 258 each
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male, for all intents and purposes
Height: 10' (can instantly double to 20' at will)
Weight: 7 tons (triple when 20' tall)
Description: Yojimbo appears to be a massive walking, talking suit of metallic armor with samurai-inspired styling.

Racial Abilities
Holy Terrors bio-regenerate 2d4x10 M.D.C. every 30 seconds (2 melee rounds) and regenerate lost limbs within 48 hours (head not included)
As creatures of magic, Holy Terrors can use the following abilities without limitation:
  • See the Invisible
  • Nightvision (1000 ft)
  • Double in size at will (from 10ft to 20ft)
  • Turn invisible at will (Simple)
Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 40%
Charm/Impress: 15%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 55%
Max. Encumbrance: 8.4 tons or 25.2 tons (when 20' tall)
Max. Carrying Weight: 2600 pounds
Max. Lifting Weight: 5200 pounds
Max. Jumping Ability: 40.5 feet high or 81' lengthwise (-40% if he does not have a running start)

Natural Magic Weapons
  • Breathe Toxic Cloud
    Range: The cloud covers an area of about 20ft in diameter and is 20ft tall. The terror can breathe a magic cloud from the mouth once per melee round. Everybody in the cloud is affected. There are three types of clouds:
    • Cloud of Sleep: Equal to a fifth level magic sleep spell.
    • Blinding Mist: A pea-soup mist. Those outside the mist cannot see anybody inside. Fighting is impossible, reduce speed and the number of melee actions by half. There is a 70% chance of tripping and falling down, and losing one melee action for every 4 feet of travel. Duration: One round per level.
    • Toxic Cloud: Inflicts 6d6 M.D. to most life forms and 1d6x10 M.D. to supernatural monsters and other creatures of magic. The cloud also causes choking and stomach pain; reduces the number of melee actions by one and reduce combat bonuses by half. Leaving the cloud results in full recovery. Duration: One round per level. Those trapped in the cloud suffer damage twice per melee round.
  • Fire Silver Spikes
    Range: 600ft
    Damage: 2d6 M.D. to mortal creatures, 4d6 M.D. to supernatural monsters (and are silver)
    Payload: Six on each shoulder, one on each finger for a total of 16. Spikes are regenerated every 24 hours.
    +3 to strike (with an additional +4 from P.P.), can fire 1-4 silver spikes per attack
  • Laser-Like Eye Beams
    Range: 4000ft
    Damage: 5d6 M.D.
    +3 to strike, fired from the eyes. Additional strike bonus (+4) from P.P.
  • Lightning Bolts
    Range: 2000ft
    Damage: 1d6x10 M.D.
    +2 to strike, can be fired from either hand. Additional strike bonus (+4) from P.P.
  • Ectoplasm
    Range: 40 feet +5 feet (12.2 + 1.5m) per level of experience.
    Duration: 4 minutes (16 melees) per level of experience.
    I.S.P. (Vapor): 6
    I.S.P. (Solid): 12
    This mystifying ability enables the psychic to create a slightly luminous, vapor-like substance that is exuded from the pores. The ectoplasm has two forms : an
    invisible vapor and a luminous, solid state.

    The vapor is a sort of floating, probing finger that can snuff out candles, open doors, knock over or pick up small objects (weighing under 9 ounces/255 grams), tap somebody on the shoulder, rustle leaves and knock on a door. The Ectoplasmic vapor can be seen only by its creator, psychics and supernatural beings who can see the invisible, or with infrared optic systems (including infrared camera lenses, infrared gun sights, binoculars, etc.). Ectoplasm, although an invisible vapor, has physical properties, which means it can not go through walls or solid objects. Thus, a person walking into an ectoplasm stream may feel a slight sensation, like walking into a spider' s web or brushing against a cotton ball. Often a person will unwittingly walk into and snag the stream of floating ectoplasm, pulling or stretching it along without being aware of it. In such cases, the psychic must maneuver the snagged portion to loop around the human obstruction. The creator of the vapor can control the full length of the vaporous stream like a floating tentacle. Although the vapor can not go through solid objects it can slip through keyholes, cracks under doors or loose seals around a window. If a breeze can blow through, so can ectoplasm. The only drawback is that the psychic must be able to see the ectoplasm to maneuver it.

    The solid state of ectoplasm can be a startling sight. In this form the ectoplasm can be shaped into an extra limb, such as an arm and hand, or just a hand or tentacle, or even a foot attached to a long stream spooling out of the psychic. The Ectoplasmic limb appears as a white, slightly luminous appendage connected to a trail of ectoplasm stretching back to its creator like a l ife-line of silly putty. The appendage and its connecting line can hover, float, levitate and fly (at a speed of 18). The solid ectoplasmic limb has much greater strength and is able to carry, lift or hold up to 40 lbs (18kg), but cannot squeeze through the tiny openings that the vapor can. An opening must be at least the size of a quarter for solid ectoplasm to fit, and then the limb must be turned into a thin tentacle and reformed on the other side of the opening.
    Ectoplasm can also be used to create a face or even a full figure, although detailed features are impossible. Ectoplasmically created images may explain apparitions reported during some seances.

    Ecto-Combat: The ectoplasm vapor and solid form both have an automatic dodge against all attacks directed at any of its length. That means an attempt to hack the middle of the ectoplasmic stream will see that portion of the ectoplasm suddenly swerve, loop or bend with a life of its own to avoid the attack. The dodge by the mid-section (or anywhere else) does not count as a melee action by the ecto-appendage. Moreover, the ectoplasm's creator can direct the appendage to hit back or pick up and use a weapon. The solid ectoplasm appendage is not a great tool for combat, however. It limits its creator's attacks/actions per melee and has minimal strength; equal to about a P.S. attribute of 4. A punch or kick does a mere one point of Hit Point/S .D.C. damage. Damage can be increased by the appendage using any type of hand-held weapon weighing under 40 lbs (18 kg) and less than five feet (1.5m) long. Small modem weapons, such as an energy pistol or revolver, can be used, but are -10 to strike. Meanwhile, the vapor can not use any weapons weighing more than 9 ounces and can inflict no damage of its own.
    A vapor or solid appendage must be controlled by its creator at all times (except the automatic dodge); thus, it has a number of attacks/actions equal to its creator. So, if the psychic has four attacks per melee, the ectoplasm appendage also has four attacks. However, each attack action by the ectoplasm counts as one of its creator's actions for that melee round.
    Ecto-Combat Statistics:
    • Vapor and solid get an automatic dodge against all attacks, including multiple or simultaneous attacks.
    • +5 to dodge; applies to vapor and solid.
    • +1 to parry; applies to vapor and solid.
    • +1 to strike; applies to vapor and solid.
    • Vapor inflicts no physical damage, but can touch, tap or pick up and carry objects weighing 9 ounces or less.
    • Solid ectoplasm inflicts one point of damage in combat or by weapon.
    • Attacks or actions per melee are equal to its creator's. A pair of ectoplasmic limbs will divide the attack between the two equally.
    • Astral S.D.C. is 40 plus one Hit Point. Applies to vapor and solid. If the ectoplasm is destroyed the creator takes one Hit Point and 10 S.D.C. points of physical damage.
    • Sunlight or bright artificial light (250 watts) reduces the range to half.
    • Maximum range possible for vapor and solid is 40 feet plus 5 feet per level of experience ( 12.2m + 1.5m per level).
    • One full melee (15 seconds) is required to create an ectoplasm vapor or solid appendage. Half a melee (7 seconds) is needed to withdraw/return ectoplasm into its creator.
  • Meditation
    Range: Self.
    Duration: As needed; at least one hour of meditation is required.
    I.S.P.: None, zero.
    Meditation is a trance state of consciousness in which the individual can calm his emotions and focus on relaxation of mind and body. In a meditative state, the psychic finds peace and harmony between mind, body and spirit, and it is in this state of being that he can regenerate his Inner Strength (I.S.P.). Recovers Base I.S.P. at a rate as indicated under each psychic O.C.C., otherwise six I.S.P. per hour of meditation.
  • Mind Block
    Range: Self.
    Duration: 10 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 4 (per each duration period).
    This is the ability to completely close or block oneself from all psychic/mental emanations. When intentionally closed to supernatural or psychic forces the character can not sense anything, can not use psychic abilities, nor be influenced by others. A Mind Block will prevent penetration of Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, Day Dream and Empathic Transmission. It can be an invaluable protective mask when dealing with malevolent psychic forces. Adds a bonus of + 1 to save vs all psychic and mental attacks. Note: Mind B lock only blocks psionic attacks that affect the psychic's mind or emotional state (Le. Telepathy, Empathy, Hypnotic Suggestion, etc.). It offers not protection from magic.
  • Sense Evil
    Range: 140 feet area.
    Duration: 2 minutes (8 melees) per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 2
    Saving Throw: None.
    This psi-power is a much more refined ability to feel the presence of evil. All supernatural creatures radiate their alignment, good or evil. A psychic sensitive will automatically feel supernatural evil without spending a single I.S.P. point. However, to get a clearer picture of the evil force(s) the character must open himself and use the Sense Evil ability.
    Sense Evil will indicate the general number of supernatural evil: one, a few (2-6), several (7- 14), or many (15 or more). It can also register the intensity of the evil and pinpoint the general location of the source(s) to a particular room(s), possessed object, character, and distance; i.e. very near (within 15 feet), near (within 50 feet), or far (60 to 140 feet The character can track the source of supernatural evil, like a bloodhound, by sensing how close it is to him. Evil emanations from human beings are much less distinct and can not be felt unless the source-person has an immediate evil intention and has psychic powers or is psychotic . The former can mask his evil intentions with a Mind Block.
  • Sense Magic
    Range: 120 feet (36.6 m) area.
    Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 3
    Saving Throw: None.
    The ability to sense magic enables the psychic to feel magic energy, tell whether it is near (within 20 feet) or far (up to 120 feet away) and follow the emanations to pinpoint their source as a particular place, room, person or object. Note: Invisible, magical or supernatural creatures or objects can only be traced to a general area, like a specific room or area. The psychic will also be able to sense whether or not an object has magic powers, if a person or item is enchanted/under a magic spell (this does not include psionic influences), when magic is being used within the area (120 feet) and when a person is casting a spell (human users of magic do not radiate magic energies until they call upon them).
  • Suppress Fear
    Range: Self or others by touch.
    Duration: One minute per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 8
    This power temporarily suppresses the chemical and psychological components of fear in the recipient. As a result, the character is unable to feel fear or is barely frightened even if intellectually he realizes he is in grave danger, or is facing a terrifying monster or situation. This enables the character to think rationally and take calm, calculated action, rather than respond with the typical "fight or flight" reactions of those who are scared. While this power is activated, the character automatically succeeds on any roll to resist Horror Factor, even if magically induced. This power can be used on the psychic himself or on one or two others.
  • Telepathy
    Range: Read surface thoughts up to 60 feet away or two-way telepathic communication up to 140 feet +40 feet per level of experience.
    Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.
    I.S.P.: 4
    Saving Throw: Conditional. When a character suspects he is being telepathically probed he can resist, getting the standard saving throw.
    Mind Blocks will completely prevent telepathic probes or communications as long as the block is up.
    The power of Telepathy allows the psychic to eavesdrop on what another person is thinking at a particular moment. This is done by focusing on that one individual and picking up on his or her surface thoughts. Surface thoughts are those thoughts and musings uppermost
    in a target's mind. A deep probe into memory is not possible. Although the psychic can read the thoughts of several people, he can only do so by focusing on one person at a time. Simultaneous, multiple mind reading is impossible for the character.
    Limited telepathic communication is also possible. The telepath can send a directed thought message to one person at a time. The message must be as brief and clear as possible. Like, "John, I need you immediately. Hurry! " or "Stop! Don't do that." "Come here," "Look out" or
    "Press the green button." However, two-way telepathic communication is not possible except between two characters both with telepathic abilities.
Spell Knowledge Yojimbo cannot learn new spells.
Spell Strength: 13
Each spell in the below list can be cast twice per day.
  • Call Lightning (2 actions)
    Range: 300 feet, line of sight.
    Duration: Instant.
    Damage: 1D6 M.D.C. per level of the spell caster.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Fifteen
    This spell creates a lightning bolt which can be directed at any specific target up to 300 feet away. The lightning bolt shoots down from the sky, hitting the desired target. The target or area must be within the spell caster's line of vision. The lightning bolt does one
    six-sided die (1D6) of M.D. per level of the spell caster.
  • Chameleon (1 action)
    Range: Self or Others by touch.
    Duration: Four and a half minutes (18 melees) per level of spell caster.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Six
    This spell enables the enchanted character(s) to seemingly alter the color and pattern of his clothes and physical body, enabling him to blend into the surrounding environment and disappear from sight. Movement destroys the effectiveness of this magic. The character is
    90% undetectable if not moving, 70% undetectable if moving 2 feet per melee round or slower, 20% undetectable if moving 6 feet per melee round. Totally ineffective if moving any faster. This spell is effective against normal vision, see the invisible and most optic systems.
    A thermal-imager is likely to reveal the character, especially if he is hiding in a cold environment. However, if the air temperature or a machine he is hiding against is around the same temperature as his body temperature (within five degrees), the character is concealed even
    from it. Attacking someone automatically negates the effects of a Chameleon spell.
  • Energy Disruption (1 action)
    Range: 60 feet
    Duration: Three minutes (12 melees) per level of experience.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Twelve
    A particularly useful magic in a tech environment. The invocation will temporarily knockout, stop, or immobilize, any electrical device it is aimed at. This includes normal automobiles, computers, radios, surveillance cameras, sensors, appliances, entire fuse boxes, batteries,
    electric alarm systems, etc. The apparatus is not harmed in any way, it simply ceases to function. When the magic elapses, the item(s) work perfectly again, with no sign of malfunction, damage or energy loss. Can not affect M.D.C. environmental armor, power armor, robots or
    military vehicles.
  • Fire Ball (2 actions)
    Range: 90 feet (27.4m).
    Duration: Instant.
    Damage: 1D4 M.D. per level of the spell caster.
    Saving Throw: None except dodge, but the victim must know the attack
    is coming and must roll an 18 or higher.
    P.P.E.: Ten
    The spell caster creates a large Fire Ball which hurls at its target at an awesome speed, inflicting 1D4 Mega-Damage per each level of the spell caster. The Fire Ball is magically directed and seldom misses.
  • Heal Wounds (can only be cast on others; 1 action)
    Range: Touch or 3 feet (0.9 m) away.
    Duration: Instant.
    Saving Throw: Standard, if the person resists the magic.
    P.P.E.: Ten
    This powerful invocation will instantly heal minor physical wounds, such as bruises, cuts, gashes, bullet wounds, burned flesh and pulled muscles. It will not help against illness, internal damage to organs or nerves, broken bones or poisons/drugs. In the case of bullet wounds, the bullet should be removed first. If the bullet is left inside a person it will be a constant irritant causing chronic pain; reduce the character's P.E. attribute by one and P.P. attribute by one (and attribute bonuses accordingly) due to stiffness and discomfort.
    The magic restores 3D6 S.D.C. and 1D6 Hit Points.
  • Invisibility: Superior (can only be cast on others; 2 actions)
    Range: Self or one other by touch.
    Duration: Three minutes (12 melees) per level of experience.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Twenty
    A powerful incantation that makes the spell caster invisible to all means of detection. Ordinary vision, infrared, ultraviolet and other optics,
    heat, motion detectors, and even an animal ' s sense of smell, can NOT locate the invisible person. No footprints are made, and little
    sound (prowls at 84%). The magic is broken only if the character makes a hostile move, or engages in combat/attacks. At that instant, he
    becomes completely visible. Note: The invisible character is not ethereal and can not walk through walls; he must still use a door. The act of
    forcing open a door or window, picking a lock, tapping somebody, accidentally bumping somebody, or accidentally getting shot or hurt, is
    not considered an act of aggression or combat, so invisibility is maintained.
  • Magic Net (1 action)
    Range: 60 feet.
    Duration: Two melees (30 seconds) per level of the spell caster.
    Saving Throw: Dodge of 16 or higher.
    P.P.E.: Seven
    This spell creates a net composed of magic fibers and can snare up to 1-6 human-sized victims within a 10 foot area. Normal weapons can not cut through the net; only Mega-Damage weapons, magic weapons, and magic can affect this net. Even then, it requires a full two
    melee rounds to cut or blast out (a Dispel Magic Barriers will dispel it instantly). Anyone caught in the Magic Net is helpless and unable to attack or defend. The spell caster can cancel the net at any time. Note: A Magic Net can trap beings larger than human-sized provided the spell does not exceed the normal area of effect. To hurt someone already caught in a Magic Net without harming the net itself requires a Called Shot or a roll of 16 or higher to strike. Characters caught in a Magic Net can Turn to Mist or Teleport out of the net. However, this will require a successful saving throw vs magic. A character who was intangible/mist before the Net was cast is NOT caught by it.
  • Swim as a Fish: Lesser (1 action)
    Range: Self or others up to 10 feet away.
    Duration: Five minutes (20 melees) per level of experience.
    Saving Throw: None.
    P.P.E.: Six
    An incantation that provides the character with exceptional swimming abilities. Equal to Advanced Swimming and SCUBA skills combined. Base Skill is 96%, can swim a distance of 100 x P.S. in yards/meters without tiring, survive depths of up to 600 feet (183m) without special gear, and is + 1 to parry
  • Turn Dead (1 action)
    Range: Up to 60 feet (15.3m) away.
    Duration: Instant effect.
    Saving Throw: Standard.
    P.P.E.: Six
    The utterance of this invocation will turn/repel 1d6 animated dead per level of experience. This means that those creatures affected will tum and immediately leave the area without harming the spell caster or anyone near him. The dead who are turned will not come back for 24 hours. This magic only affects "animated" dead and skeletons or corpses that are magically animated like marionettes, but will not affect vampires, zombies, mummies, other undead or any corpse or skeleton possessed by a living entity.

R.C.C. Skills
Language: American -- 93% (+3%)
Language: Demongogian -- 93% (+3%)
Language: Gobblely -- 73% (+3%)
Mathematics: Basic 92% (+5%)
Land Navigation 71% (+4%)
Climbing/Rappelling 67/57% (+5%)
W.P. Sword +1 to strike at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. +1 to parry at levels 2, 4, 7, 10, and 13. +1 to strike when thrown at levels 4, 8, and 12; not designed for throwing.
W.P. Blunt +1 to strike and parry at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12. +1 to strike when thrown at levels 5, 10, and 15; not designed for throwing.
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons +1 to strike at levels 2, 4, 7, 10, and 13

R.C.C. Related Skills
+1 R.C.C. Related Skill at levels 6, 9, and 12
Anthropology -- 52% (+5%)
Art -- 57% (+5%)
Boxing (level 3 selection)
Language: Japanese -- 63% (+3%)
Literacy: Japanese -- 47% (+5%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters -- 52% (+5%)
Salvage -- 57% (+5%)
Whittling & Sculpting -- 52% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
+2 new secondary skills at levels 6, 9, 12, 15
Calligraphy -- 57% (+5%)
Gardening -- 43% (+4%; 1st)
Go -- 47% (+5%)
Literacy: American -- 57% (+5%)
Philosophy 37% (+5%; 1st)
Play Musical Instrument (Flute) -- 52% (+5%)
Poetry (Haiku) -- 52% (+5%)

Conversion Skills
-10% Penalty when using skills to operate in unfamiliar, high-tech Rifts science & engineering fields.
Radio: Basic -- 77% (+5%; 2nd)
Computer Operation -- 67% (+5%; 2nd)
Language: Euro -- 70% (+3%; 2nd)
Sign Language -- 47% (+5%; 2nd)
Pilot: Hover Craft (Ground) -- 72% (+5%; 2nd)
Pilot: Tanks & APCs -- 57% (+4%; 2nd)
Pilot: Truck -- 61% (+4%; 2nd)
Navigation -- 57% (+5%; 2nd)
Weapon Systems -- 57% (+5%; 2nd)
W.P. Energy Rifle (2nd) +1 to strike at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.
W.P. Shotgun (2nd) +1 to strike at levels 1, 3, 6, 10, and 14.
Appraise Goods -- 42% (+5%; 2nd)
Carpentry -- 37% (+5%; 2nd)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Zanji Shinjinken-Ryu
Number of Attacks: 7
Initiative Bonus: +5
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +8
Parry Bonus with Sword or Staff: +2 (in addition to other bonuses; factored into W.P. bonuses already)
Dodge Bonus: +9
HTH Damage Bonus: +39 (PS, only applies to pulled punches / S.D.C. attacks) +4 (H2H, added to melee and melee weapon damage)
Bonus to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact: +5
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Bonus to Disarm: +1
Bonus to Maintain Balance: +1
Death blow: 20
Critical Strike: from behind
Pin/Incapacitate: 18+, can hold opponent immobile, but Yojimbo will be immobile as well
Combat Techniques: Body Block/Tackle (2d4 damage if 10', 3d6 when 20', opponent must dodge or parry to avoid knockdown and lose 1 APM/init for remainder of round), disarm, maintain balance, roll with punch/fall/impact, pull punch, Karate punch, kick attack, knee and elbow strikes, strike, parry, dodge.
R.C.C. Attacks
  • Restrained Punch: 1d6 M.D.
  • Full Strength Punch or Kick:1d6x10 M.D. (+6 from claws)
  • Power Punch: 2d6x10 M.D. (counts as two attacks)
  • Judo Style Body Flip/Throw: 2d6 M.D. (see Body Flip/Throw, RUE page 344)
  • Stomp (when 20' tall): 1d6 M.D.
  • Crush/Squeeze (when 10' tall): 2d4 M.D.
  • Crush/Squeeze (when 20' tall): 3d6 M.D., plus 45% chance of pinning an opponent who is 11 feet or smaller
Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Sword: +3 to strike, +4 to parry note: add +1d6 damage to swords due to Fencing skill
W.P. Blunt: +2 to strike, +2 to parry note: if using a staff, extra +2 to parry
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons: +1 to strike
W.P. Shotguns: +1 to strike
W.P. Energy Rifle: +1 to strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: N/A! Depleting the main body (or destroying the head) will destroy the creature.
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): N/A
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): N/A
Insanity (12+): +6
Psionics (12): +8
Horror Factor (varies): +5
Impervious to possession, can survive indefinitely in vacuum/at any depth, indefatigable, impervious to weather/exposure, poison, drugs, or magic potions, cannot be turned into a vampire, immune to vampire's mind control bite
Rune weapons and fire inflict double damage to Holy Terrors. Furthermore, Holy Terrors cannot use any type of symbiotic organism or learn to commune with Wormwood magic. They can draw power from symbiotic crystals and stones.
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Re: Yojimbo (Holy Terror - H4H) - WIP

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Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Oversized, black, waterproof, hooded poncho
Modified HI-B3 Heavy Infantry Armor
Oni no Hanzō (carried Samurai-style on waist)
NE-RV05 Ripper Vibro-Robot Sword (strapped across back in scabbard)
NG-B50 ‘Thunderer’ BigBore Combat Hammer (hanging from his right side by a leather thong attached to the hilt)

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: Secure Universal Card: 102900 credits (Zoe Barrenger 05/06/2019)
• Attachment: spare fully charged E-clip
• Attachment: a simple Japanese-style flute, carved from wood
• Attachment: Infrared Distancing Binoculars
• Attachment: Anthropology book (general info for reference and study, in the American language)
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Backpack note: Yojimbo always keeps his backpack sealed and watertight
The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space (x2): whittling, carving and sculpting tools, a few pieces of bone suitable for carving, 2 carvings (in progress): 1) a small (~3 inch length) tiger, hand carved from wood ; 2) a small (~3 inch diameter) flower, hand carved from bone
• Space (x2): a bound book (empty) with parchment for writing in
• Space (x2): pieces and foldable board for Go (game) in a small wooden case
• Space (x2): various brushes, pens, colored pencils, and inks/paints (sealed in containers), wood stain, for art, writing, and calligraphy practice
• Space: 10 x large (5' square) sheets of paper (rolled), suitable for painting or calligraphy, and 40 x small (6" square) sheets of paper suitable for Origami
• Space: box of shot gun shells; 1/2 Big Bore shells (72), 1/2 solid silver slugs (72)

Gear Stats

Oni no Hanzō (Altess Eviscerator, Patron Item)
Techno-Rune Weapon
Damage: 6D6
Alignment: Varies; see personality entry below
  1. Artificial Intelligence; I.Q.: 20
  2. Communicates through nano-telepathy.
  3. M.D.C.: 500
  4. Nano-regeneration: 2D6 M.D.C. per hour self-repair
  5. Damage is in M.D. when in a mega-damage environment
  6. Nano-telepathic bond is maintained through contact only; broken if separated from bearer.
  7. When a bearer bonds with the weapon, it injects nano-machines into the character. It then uses these to map the character's genetic I.D. and to communicate with the bearer. This process takes one hour to complete.
  8. The A.I. will only ever map to one bearer, and will attack any other who touches it thereafter with aggressive nanites doing 4D6 damage per melee of maintained contact.

Special Abilities
    • Electrical Discharge:
      • Range: Touch or up to 200'
      • Damage: 4D6
      • Payload: 4; regenerates 4 charges per hour
    • Skill Database: Select six skills from Communications, Pilot Related, Science, or Technical skill categories; 98% proficiency for all skills. These skills are permanent and do not change.
    • Lore: D-Bee -- 98%
    • Lore: Demons and Monsters-- 98%
    • Lore: Faeries and Creatures of Magic -- 98%
    • Lore: Psychics & Psionics -- 98%
    • Lore: Undead -- 98%
    • Philosophy -- 98%

Modifiers: Two-handed weapon
Personality: The personality and ethics subroutine of the A.I. is unique and develops over time as the weapon maps itself to its bearer. This particular sword has taken on the personality of a legendary samurai warrior who calls himself "Oni no Hanzō", or Demon Hanzō.

NG-B50 ‘Thunderer’ BigBore Combat Hammer (currently loaded with 4x BigBore Shotgun shells on one side, and 4x solid silver shells on the other side)
  • Range: Melee
  • Damage:
    • Melee: 2D6 +P.S. damage bonus (if any), double damage to vampires
    • Melee w/Silver Rounds: 5D6, double damage to vampires & werebeasts
    • Melee w/Wood Rounds: 2d6+2, double damage to vampires
    • M.D. Melee: +1D6 M.D. +base P.S. damage
    • Melee w/BigBore: 2D4 M.D. per shell
  • Rate of Fire: N/A, melee weapon; see features
  • Payload: 8 total, 4 per each side of the hammer. Reloading takes 2 actions per shell.
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Features: Silver-plated; can hold BigBore, silver, or wood shells; 1D4 shells/rounds discharged on impact
  • Modifiers: none
  • Book Reference: p.208, WB33
BigBore Shotgun Shell Knockdown Effect
Human and human-sized d-Bees must roll a 20 sided die with a -6 penalty to stay standing. The roll must equal or surpass the attacker's roll to strike.
A successful save vs knockdown means the character is staggered, feels like he was kicked by a mule and loses initiative.
A failed save vs knockdown means the victim is knocked off his feet and flung 8-10 feet before hitting the ground! The victim loses initiative, is momentarily dazed (reduce all combat bonuses by half for one melee round per each blast endured), and loses one melee action!
Note: Characters in M.D.C. body armor are knocked down and suffer the peanlties above. Those in power armor or who are full conversion cyborgs, man-sized robots, lesser supernatural beings and lesser creatures of magic (including Dragon Hatchlings) are +6 to save vs knockdown (if they fail, they are staggered with each shot and lose initiative). True Giants (20' or larger), giant robots (12' or larger), Demon Lords, deific-level supenatural beings, and powerful, giant creatures of magic such as adult/ancient dragons or greater elementals, take only the damage and are unfazed by the knockdown effect.

NE-RV05 Ripper Vibro-Robot Sword (one fully charged e-clip inserted)
  • Damage: 5D6 M.D.
  • Payload: 1 hour constant use
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Features: 6.8" long (giant-sized), silver coated
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.24, DB8

HI-B3 Heavy Infantry Armor (modified to fit)
  • M.D.C.: 420
    Modifiers: -2 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge. -25% to physical skills like acrobatics, gymnastics, climbing, and swimming. Prowl is impossible in HI-B3 Heavy Infantry Armor and speed is reduced by 20%.
  • Features: Bulky and can only be worn by partial or full conversion Cyborgs
  • Book Reference: p.101, Bionics Sourcebook
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Re: Yojimbo (Holy Terror - H4H) - WIP

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Background Story

Part One: Dreaming of Electric Sheep

Something stirred within the Holy Terror, as he heard the laughter of a child – a female child – and felt light pressure on his face. Slowly, his awareness increased, and he became fully aware of his environment. He saw, peripherally, that a little girl – a human little girl – was laughing and poking at his face, as if to see if he would react. Trying not to alarm the girl, he very slowly turned his head to get a better look at her. Startled, she jumped back, hesitant and looking as if she might bolt at any moment. But the child’s curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to stay, smiling and staring at him… unsure of what to make of the metal-plated giant whom she had found. “Hanae!” came a high-pitched voice from the distance. The girl perked up and looked away toward the voice. “Ha-na-ae” repeated the Holy Terror in his partially modulated voice, slowly, as if speaking for the first time in… wait, how long had he been here? Quite disoriented, he wasn't even sure how he got where he was.

The girl looked at him when she heard her name and giggled. He guessed that she was somewhere around six or seven years old. Then, very matter-of-factly, she quickly rattled off a lengthy exposition (for a young girl) in a language he had never heard before. Confused, he spoke back in American, “I am sorry young lady, I do not understand you.” The girl giggled again, and said (in a very broken American accent), “You come… we go… Hakaku up stairs.”

The Holy Terror slowly sat up and took in his surroundings. A deserted beach. Sand. Water as far as the eye could see. “Hanae!” the voice came again, more strongly this time. “Come, you come!” the girl beckoned, walking a few feet and then turning around, waving her hand to him impatiently. As he slowly rose to his feet, Hanae stared with wide-eyed wonder at his immense size. Suddenly she burst out in laughter and pointed at his feet. His seven-ton mass had caused his legs to sink ankle deep in the sand! She then beckoned him again and turned, running toward the direction of the voice calling to her.

Still disoriented and confused as to his whereabouts, he nevertheless did not want to lose the only friendly person he knew to be present, so he followed the girl, hilariously trudging across the sandy beach as his feet sank into the sand a few feet deep with each step – roughly about as deep as the girl’s legs were long – and then, as he pulled them out and took another step forward, sinking yet again. Even so, he quickly caught up with her, and they arrived together at a stone stairway leading up a small hill and beyond – an entrance to the beach they were on.

Hanae began to walk up the steps, but stopped for a moment. She shouted a single word toward the top of the stairs - “Hakaku!”- and then proceeded up the stairs as quickly as her legs would carry her. The Holy Terror carefully tested the first step, unsure of how stable the stairs would be under him. Fortunately for him, they seemed able to support his immense weight, and he stepped up on them, deliberately slowing to keep pace with the young girl’s (relatively) short steps.

Another child’s head – this time, that of a boy – appeared at the top of the stairs. His eyes widened in fear as he froze at the sight of the hulking colossus slowly following his sister up the stairs. Hanau called out to him, and the Terror heard the same word again, “Hakaku”. Surmising that, perhaps Hakaku was the boy’s name, he repeated it loudly: “Ha-ka-ku”. The boy nervously smiled, as if unsure whether the metallic juggernaut was friend or foe, but gave a very short and stiff bow. “He brother! Come!” said Hanae helpfully, and when they arrived at the top, the two children began excitedly talking in their peculiar language. After a moment, the boy turned and addressed him directly: “Hallo. I am Hakaku. My sister want you to come with us. Ok?” he said, still in broken American, but more easily understood than his sister. He looks about the same age... crossed the Holy Terror's mind, and he nodded silently and motioned toward the path ahead.

As the comically matched trio – a pair of human children, hardly a third of the size of the 10 foot, walking armored behemoth flanking them - continued down a graveled path, his feet audibly crushing the rocks outright with distinct popping sound. The children were delighted, and alternately laughed and pointed or looked at the Holy Terror with eyes in awe. Meanwhile, his confusion and bewilderment began to ease, and he relaxed a bit and allowed himself to enjoy the peaceful, outdoor walk, taking in the sights and sounds around him.

Half an hour later, they arrived at a medium-sized home, with a distinct angular architecture. No other homes were within eye-shot, and they had passed none on the way. As the children lead, a man's loud, commanding voice barked out at them from the inside. As soon as the children heard it, they glanced at each other and ran ahead at top speed. Not knowing why the children were running, the Holy Terror hesitated for a moment, but started to run after them.

Realizing suddenly that he might appear aggressive and intimidating – especially when chasing after the children – he stopped in his tracks to observe and wait. A man suddenly appeared in the doorway, dressed in a strange kind of armor – one the Terror had never seen before, and this man had one hand resting on what looked to be the hilt of a sword tucked in his waist, with another, smaller sword tucked just underneath. The figure had a certain dignity to his stature, and a stern look on his face. In his other hand, he held what looked to be a rifle of some sort – it was hard to tell exactly, as he was still at least a hundred feet away. The apparent weapon was not raised or aimed at him, but warriors have a way of recognizing each other when they meet. When he saw one, the Terror froze and awaited the stranger’s next move. The thought flashed in his mind: this might be their guardian or father.

The children arrived and began excitedly talking to the man, pointing back at the armored being while jumping up and down and apparently describing what had transpired when he was “discovered”. The man in the doorway – who never once took his eyes off the Holy Terror – raised his hand for a moment, and the children immediately were silent. He then said something inaudible to the children, who nodded, bowed, and went into the house with no delay, shutting the door behind them as the man stepped outside. The mysterious man stared hard at the Holy Terror, and then - again, without looking away - slowly and gently put the rifle-looking object down. The man then slowly reached into a pouch and pulled out a small black box. He slowly and methodically approached the Holy Terror, who remained motionless.

Stopping about 20 feet before they would be face to – well, the solar plexus area, roughly – the man dressed in armor looked at the being that was armor and held the box up, speaking aloud – only this time, the words heard were in near-flawless American, and emanated from the box! “My children tell me you are their friend, but I do not know you. Who are you? Who sent you and why are you here?” he asked warily, keeping one hand on the hilt of the larger sword, but not drawing it.

Part Two: When in Rome…

Yojimbo, as he now called himself, struggled with the paintbrush. For all his incredible might, for all his demon-and-vampire-annihilating prowess, despite possessing indomitable toughness – his biggest challenge yet was mastering the subtle flourishes and “soul” of calligraphy. Hakaku, who preferred his Go lessons to calligraphy, was absent at the time. Despite Yojimbo's awkward lack of skill, he was fascinated by the arts, and appreciated the meditative quality of calligraphy practice. Next to him sat Hanae, whose flowing, smooth strokes resulted in praise from their tutor… praise that was noticeably absent for her towering schoolmate, even after months of relentless practice. “Nevertheless, he persisted…”

The Holy Terror had been allowed to stay with the family of three – so long as he stayed within 5 minutes’ walk of the home and did not make his presence known to anyone else other than the live-in nanny/tutor. The children's father had once been an influential samurai who served a powerful Daimyo by the name of Nakamoto. He had served the Daimyo so well, in fact, that he and his wife became regular guests of Nakamoto, who enjoyed fine food and drink. The samurai was uncomfortable with such lavish conditions, but he hid his feelings and dared not object – his place was to serve without question, even if it meant death or he were ordered to commit suicide. Such was the way of the samurai.

One night, the sake flowed a bit too freely at Nakamoto's palace, and the Daimyo leered at and began a series of advances toward one of the female servants. While the girl was technically not in any position to resist her Daimyo, Nakamoto’s lecherous advances made the samurai’s wife visibly uncomfortable – especially in light of the fact that Nakamoto’s wife had already excused herself and retired for the evening. The Daimyo, noticing the woman’s discomfort, ordered everyone else out of the room.

The samurai never knew precisely what happened or was said in that room, but as his wife soon exited in tears, clutching her torn robe, and with the Daimyo laughing loudly in the room, he did not need to hear it directly from her. Incensed, it took all his discipline and self-control not to charge into the room and strike down the Daimyo on the spot! Instead, he stormed furiously out of Nakamoto’s palace with his wife in tow, angered and ashamed at the libidinous Daimyo’s actions.

Adding to the dramatic turn of events, his wife told him that same evening that she was with child. While joyous news, it also put the samurai in a difficult position, for he knew that to openly oppose the Daimyo would bring dishonor upon them all – and how could the samurai provide for his wife (and soon to be child) if he were dead? He knew that if he openly confronted Nakamoto, he could be killed or ordered to commit seppuku (ritual suicide), and the order would be considered both legal and one he would be honor-bound to fulfill. However, that was not the issue – what would happen to his wife and future child was. Traditionally, they would be “cared for,” and their disposition determined, by the Daimyo – the very man he wished would never lay a finger upon them! The thought sickened him and, though a samurai’s first obligation was always to his lord and master, this samurai was torn. How could he resolve this conundrum? His wife – indeed, their entire little family – would be jeopardized if he showed disapproval to his lord. But, he reasoned, Nakamoto had already dishonored himself and the samurai’s family by his drunken and lecherous actions that evening! After agonizing for most of the night, the samurai decided he could no longer, in good conscience, serve such an immoral and corrupt person, and – with great sorrow and shame, turned his back on everything he knew as he packed whatever belongings they could carry and immediately departed his home with his wife, never to return again.

The samurai and his wife fled far away, where they settled on a remote piece of land in a modest home he was able to rent in exchange for service as a “yojimbo”, or bodyguard, to a local, wealthy merchant in need of protection. In truth, he was fortunate that even this was available to him, because as a ronin – a samurai without a master – he was shunned by almost all who met him. It was a hard existence, with the ronin struggling to provide for them both, and they sold nearly all of their worldly possessions, keeping only his armor, daisho (pair of “samurai” swords), and the essentials, and working as a “sword for hire”. Somehow, they scraped by during the next few months as his wife’s pregnancy grew closer to term.

As sometimes happens, the pregnancy resulted in complications during delivery. Their remote location precluded quality medical care, and tragedy struck when the ronin’s wife died during childbirth. Stricken with grief at her loss, and carrying a nearly unbearable load of guilt - after all, it was he who moved the family into a remote location, far away from doctors - he found himself unable to constructively deal with it at the time due to his being thrust into the position of a single father. His wife had left them a final gift – that of twins – one boy, and one girl, and between raising his children and working as a “sword for hire” when he could, the ronin found himself so busy that he hardly had time to eat and sleep, much less grieve for his missing wife. Instead, he silently buried his wife in the yard, and forced all the emotion down inside, where it remained - for now.

The ronin threw himself wholeheartedly into his occupation. He worked incredibly hard and, with few expenses other than the children, he was able to scrounge out a decent living. Due to this work ethic, and an unexpected inheritance bestowed upon him when a dear family member passed away, he was able to eventually upgrade the home they lived in and acquire a live-in nanny and tutor for the children, as well as few other valuables (including a universal language translator he had acquired on his travels – a curiosity that eventually paid off). As they grew, he made sure to instruct the twins in the most important arts and the tenets of morality, thinking that one day, they might be able to restore the family name to glory. He also knew that, at any time, Nakamato could send other samurai to come for them in order to eliminate any “loose ends” that could one day come back to haunt the Daimyo – if he could find them. So far, it seemed that either Nakamoto did not consider the ronin a threat worth pursuing, or that he had successfully evaded the Daimyo.

Yojimbo got his name during the first week with the family when Hanae informed him, in her characteristic matter-of-fact tone, that he was to be her personal bodyguard. He immediately took to the idea, finding the strong sense of duty and devotion in this culture to be inspiring, and he greatly desired to stay and learn more. His disorientation gone and his memory of his former life returning, he realized that all he had known before meeting these children and their father was endless conflict and struggle against the forces of darkness on Wormwood. While he was more than happy to dispatch his evil foes, the Holy Terror had always desired more – a meaning to his existence other than the monotony of “destroy evil wherever you find it” – and he had finally found it with this man and his children. Wormwood and the horrors he had battled in the past seemed more distant now, fading into the his past.

Learning that he was in a remote part of what was left of modern-day Japan on Earth, Yojimbo absorbed everything he was taught like a sponge. Since Holy Terrors do not eat, sleep, or rest, he was able to advance in his knowledge and skills at a much faster pace than even the eager minds of young children, progressing rapidly subjects such as the Japanese language, the classic and traditionally respected strategy game of Go, painting, origami, carving and sculpting, and – of course – calligraphy. He even became fascinated with the poetry of Japan, immersing himself and trying his hand at Haiku. The ronin was pleased, and felt safer when away on his travels with the armored giant there to protect his family. So pleased and impressed was he, in fact, that he decided to teach Yojimbo the way of the samurai, and began instructing him in the Goji (Samurai Ethics) and martial arts. Outwardly, all seemed well with the ronin and his family, but in fact, the ronin remained wary of his past and still struggled with the grief, rage, and guilt he had repressed for all these years after his wife's death, believing himself responsible for much of the tragedy.

Yojimbo, in contrast, had found joy and contentment for the first time that he could remember. He had found a family of his own in this peaceful and beautiful land, and fully expected to remain there for the rest of his days, sharing them willingly with the twins and their father as they watched the children grow. He had immersed himself for three full years in his studies of this culture, and had fully embraced his newfound purpose. He had even restyled much of his living armored body in a samurai-looking mold, indicating his fondness for the culture with which he now closely identified.

Part Three: Paradise Lost

One day, after an afternoon excursion to the beach with the twins for their tenth birthdays, the Holy Terror came upon an unexpected sight on their return path home: the nanny rushed toward the three and intercepted them on the path, telling them frantically that the ronin, stumbling drunk and shouting incoherently, had apparently flown into a rage. The nanny told them he was destroying furniture and had even summoned his landlord who, exasperated and frustrated, stood by helplessly, trying in vain to talk the man down. Yojimbo started to run toward the home, but was urged to wait as the nanny explained. "This is the ten year anniversary of his wife’s death", she said, and all the repressed grief, guilt, rage, and shame had finally exploded to the surface. The ronin, seeking to drown his sorrows with drink, was instead unable to contain the tidal wave any longer as his inner turmoil overflowed and affected all around him.

The nanny also told Yojimbo that the inebriated man was spilling his guts to his landlord, venting a decade plus of frustrations, grief, and anger at his old Daimyo for putting him in this situation, and lamenting how he wished his wife could be here to see the children he was now so proud of. Recognizing that, in his intoxicated state, the man could be putting them all at risk by divulging too much, Yojimbo knew he had to act.

Because Yojimbo was uncertain of what might happen if they were all in proximity to the ronin's drunken rage, he told the nanny and children to wait there as he rushed ahead alone, seeking to calm the ronin and prevent more shameful events from occurring. He saw the landlord, who was busy listening to the ronin’s story as they stood near his wife’s gravestone in the back yard, look up at Yojimbo’s noisy approach (a seven-ton running suit of armor is hardly quiet). As he did so, the color drained from his face. Having never seen Yojimbo before, the man did not know what to think when he saw and heard the metallic goliath approaching - so he did what any sane person would do in his situation - he panicked, and fled as fast and far as his legs would carry him.

Yojimbo knew that the secret of his existence was now out, and that the ronin's drunken revelations threatened them all, but he did not know where to go or what to do. The ronin, in his drunken stupor, finally passed out and was carried inside and laid gently on his bed. Yojimbo returned to the nanny and children, and brought them all back to the house, which, despite some broken furniture and newfound clutter, was still mostly intact. He then stood outside the home stoically, waiting for the hangover and aftermath to come, and knowing that they would likely need to uproot and relocate the very next day.

It happened without warning, and in the dead of night. Yojimbo was surprised by multiple humanoids in black, form-fitting suits with swords and strange powers, and they beset upon from all sides. Though he dispatched his attackers with his immense strength and powerful abilities, as he struck the last one down, he heard a woman’s cry from inside the house. Rushing to the family's aid and breaking down the door, he discovered – to his utter horror – that the ronin and children had been killed, apparently in their sleep, while he (Yojimbo) had been dealing with the commotion outside. The nanny was cornered and pleading for her life with one of the assassins, who had turned to face the armored warrior. With a modulated roar, Yojimbo blasted the masked attacker into oblivion and blew a hole clear through the side of the house in the process, which the other assassin promptly fled through. After he was able to console the traumatized nanny, he pieced together, with her help, what had happened.

The landlord, in his panic, had likely contacted the local authorities to inform them that, while consoling a drunken madman who claimed to formerly be one of Nakamoto’s most trusted samurai, he was beset upon by a giant ‘borg or robot, the likes of which he had never seen. The authorities had naturally notified Nakamoto, who had sent a group of despicable ninja to “tie up loose ends”, just as the ronin had feared might come to pass one day. Disgusted that Nakamoto had resorted to such dishonorable tactics, but knowing he had no real recourse given the laws they were governed by, Yojimbo reluctantly told the nanny to pack her things, and that he would escort her to safety away from the accursed home. He quickly dug graves and gently buried the children and their father next to their mother – the family now reunited in death. He then burned the home to the ground, taking only the ronin’s swords – which he knew radiated powerful magic, but which he could not risk falling into the wrong hands.

Part Four: The Train of Consequences... Derailed?

Stealing away in what remained of the night, the pair hugged the coastline and avoided attention. He watched over her ceaselessly while she slept, and she helped them navigate toward the only solution she knew: a sorcerer, who owed the ronin an old life-debt, could help them leave Japan behind – their only hope for survival, as Nakamoto would surely spare no resource to hunt down and destroy them now that they knew what he was capable of.

Fate seemed to smile upon them the next three days, and they arrived undetected at the a large cave set into the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The nanny told Yojimbo that this was where the sorcerer lived and, almost as if on cue, the sorcerer appeared and greeted them hesitantly, unsure who was visiting his secluded abode or why. After some initial trepidation from the sorcerer, who eyed Yojimbo warily as he questioned them, the sorcerer seemed satisfied with their answers. When Yojimbo revealed that he had the ronin’s blades, the sorcerer informed them that he had a possible solution, but it would require a ritual ceremony and the permanent destruction of the ronin’s swords. All three then agreed that this would be a fitting tribute to the ronin, as no one else they knew was worthy to carry and use the blades anyway.

The next afternoon, the sorcerer fulfilled his life-debt to the ronin by ushering in a wizened old man. Yojimbo, initially unimpressed by the unkempt old man, was soon amazed as the sorcerer and old man worked in conjunction, performing a strange ritual and chanting over the diasho in unison. The nanny whispered that this old man must be one of the “Living Legend” sword makers, a rare master of the art of Japanese sword-making who held the secrets to crafting such fabled and powerful blades.

The duo chanted louder and louder, their voices rising in a crescendo of mystic power and, at the height of the ritual, the old man grasped both swords together and cracked them in two with his bare hands, withdrawing all of their energy and power at once! The sorcerer simultaneously completed his own incantation, and – with the old man’s sudden surge of energy lent to his own, an ear-splitting boom echoed throughout the cave as a rift appeared! “Quickly, we haven’t much time!” said the sorcerer as he and the old man, hardly strong enough to stand after their respective ordeals, motioned for Yojimbo to walk through.

Holy terrors do not breathe, but if Yojimbo did, he would have taken a deep breath as he steadied himself. His newfound home of Japan – one he had briefly experienced, but which had filled him with more awe, wonder, and happiness in three short years than had all his previous existence combined - was left behind as he steadied himself and walked through the Rift to the great unknown beyond. He appeared in another land during the dead of night, and turned to await the nanny's arrival through the rift. But – to his surprise – the Rift closed suddenly behind him before she came through! Uncertain of what had transpired, but with no way of returning nor contacting them, Yojimbo began wandering, finding his way through this new place. He soon discovered that he was in the western part of North America and, making his way across the wilderness and, during his travels, discovered a strange, alien blade. He soon found that the blade had the personality of a legendary swordsman and Samurai bound inside of it - however, as it was a technological and alien marvel, and did not contain a true soul, Yojimbo did not feel as though using it presented any sort of ethical dilemma. Alternately acting as a "sword for hire" and salvaging what he could for money to support his cultural practices and studies, he slowly began to learn the ways of this new land, eventually arriving at the gates of Merctown almost a year after arriving in North America. The Holy Terror known as Yojimbo was about to embark upon the latest chapter in his existence, resolving to continue on in search of his place in the vast, open Megaverse…
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Re: Ronin (Holy Terror - H4H) - WIP

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Yojimbo's Code

Gojo (5 Virtues) slightly modified from the Samurai code

1. Sincerity & Honor
  • Always remember and repay one's giri (duty, obligation, or debt of gratitude)
  • Yojimbo's word is harder than diamond. Once he has committed to something, not even the gods can change it.
  • Any obligation undertaken by Yojimbo requires a willingness to undergo any sacrifice in order to repay a kindness, or honor a commitment.
  • Always maintain one's principles.
2. Wisdom
  • Be wise in all aspects of life.
  • Beware supernatural evil, and know it in its many guises.
  • If one dies without accomplishing what one sets out to do, one's death is in vain.
  • If one forsakes their objective and continues to live, they live as a coward.
3. Propriety
  • Devotion to duty above all else.
  • Exhibit self-control in all things.
  • Avoid bringing disgrace upon oneself - observe courtesy and etiquette.
  • Observe all due proprieties in one's dealing with others.
  • Avoid foul language, especially in front of women, children, and nobility.
  • Show respect to legitimate authority.
  • Fight with honor.
  • Avenge the wronged.
4. Benevolence
  • It is not difficult to show kindness, especially to the less fortunate, innocent, or downtrodden.
  • Avoid thoughtless cruelty - even to those without honor or courage - lest you become like them.
  • Avoid torture, especially as an act of revenge.
  • Administer swift justice.
  • Administer swift and gentle mercy.
  • Protect the innocent.
5. Courage
  • Cultivate a fearless spirit to better serve others and oneself.
  • Death is inevitable, meet it as a warrior.
  • Recognize the face of one's fears - learn to look it squarely in the eyes and meet it head on.
  • Defend the weak or innocent.
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Re: Yojimbo (Holy Terror)

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EP purchase and leveling rolls

+1d6 to IQ: 1d6 = 5: 5

+3d6 to SDC (MDC) for Zanji: 1d6 = 6: 6

+3d6 to SDC (MDC) for Boxing: 1d6 = 5: 5

Leveling "HP" rolls:
Level 1 1d6 = 5: 5
Level 2 1d6 = 3: 3
Level 3 1d6 = 3: 3
Level 4 1d6 = 5: 5

Leveling ISP rolls:
Level 1 1d6+1 = 5
Level 2 1d6+1 = 7
Level 3 1d6+1 = 7
Level 4 1d6 = 5: 5+1 = 6
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Re: Yojimbo (Holy Terror)

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NPC instructions

Yojimbo is still discovering things about himself and the world in which he lives.

He has a deep sense of right and wrong, and strives toward the good whenever possible. That said, he doesn't hesitate to strike down evil wherever and whenever it is found. In that regard, he has no problem "taking the lead" or being first in a conflict.

He is partial to all children and will protect them instinctively.

Yojimbo has only been on Rifts Earth for just over a year, and relies on his sword to tell him about many things.

Yojimbo would make a great guard, as he is literally tireless and can turn invisible at will. For the same reasons, he can engage in most strenuous physical activity (cannot get tired) and is very strong.

In combat, Yojimbo would (if at long enough range) lead with his eye beams or magic lightning bolt abilities (not the "call lightning" spell).

If the enemy closed to melee range, his powerful sword, claws, and combat training would be relied upon.
Current Status
M.D.C. (main body): 1032/1032
P.P.E.: 460/460
I.S.P.: 85/85

Weapons and Items Worn or Carried
Always On
  • See the Invisible
  • Nightvision (1000ft)
  • Indefatigable
Saving Throws, Bonuses, and other handy information
Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: N/A! Depleting the main body (or destroying the head) will destroy Yojimbo.
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): N/A
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): N/A
Insanity (12+): +4
Psionics (12): +7
Horror Factor (varies): +5
Impervious to supernatural possession, can survive indefinitely in vacuum/at any depth, impervious to weather/exposure, indefatigable, impervious to poison, drugs, or magic potions, cannot be turned into a vampire, immune to vampire's mind control bite
Rune weapons and fire inflict double damage Holy Terrors. Furthermore, Holy Terrors cannot use any type of symbiotic organism or learn to commune with Wormwood magic. They can draw power from symbiotic crystals and stones.
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Re: Yojimbo (Holy Terror)

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Holy Terror RCC Experience Table

1 0
2 2,901
3 4,801
4 9,601
5 19,201
6 29,201
7 49,001
8 79,001
9 119,001
10 169,001
11 230,001
12 300,001
13 380,001
14 470,001
15 600,001
Current Status
M.D.C. (main body): 1032/1032
P.P.E.: 460/460
I.S.P.: 85/85

Weapons and Items Worn or Carried
Always On
  • See the Invisible
  • Nightvision (1000ft)
  • Indefatigable
Saving Throws, Bonuses, and other handy information
Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: N/A! Depleting the main body (or destroying the head) will destroy Yojimbo.
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): N/A
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): N/A
Insanity (12+): +4
Psionics (12): +7
Horror Factor (varies): +5
Impervious to supernatural possession, can survive indefinitely in vacuum/at any depth, impervious to weather/exposure, indefatigable, impervious to poison, drugs, or magic potions, cannot be turned into a vampire, immune to vampire's mind control bite
Rune weapons and fire inflict double damage Holy Terrors. Furthermore, Holy Terrors cannot use any type of symbiotic organism or learn to commune with Wormwood magic. They can draw power from symbiotic crystals and stones.
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