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Beyond the Supernatural Character Creation

BTS2 house rules, character creation, etc.

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Beyond the Supernatural Character Creation

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BTS2 Character Creation

  • Clear and effective communication is key to a healthy community.
  • If you don't already have Google Hangouts or Discord, contact the site admin via email: lloyd.ritchey at gmail.
    • You will be directed to Hangouts and Discord.
  • Players who are not active chat participants tend not to know their fellow players well, and tend to "flake out" as they are not invested in the community.
  • EU Community Chat
  • EU Discord Server
Character Concept Approval
  • Everything is more expensive EP-wise in BTS, and access to each character class must be purchased.
    • This is to ensure that everyone is invested in the game, and to minimize EP influence in gameplay.
  • Once there are at least three active players in a game, those players will have approval authority over potential new players.
  • A majority vote by current players is required to approve a new player.
  • You can play whatever class you're willing and able to pay for.
    • Conferring with your fellow players about your choice of class is courteous, wise, and advised.
Important Character Creation Rules
  • Experience: All characters start at experience level one.
  • Alignment: Player characters are not allowed Miscreant or Diabolic alignments.
    • Miscreant or Diabolic are strictly NPC alignments.
    • A character who degenerates into one of these alignments through in-character roleplay, must be redeemed by the end of the character's next adventure, or he will be converted to an NPC at the GM's disposal, and the character account deleted.
  • These templates will be used, and in the order posted.
  • Equipment: Starting equipment will be negotiated between each player and the Game Master.
Patron Items
  • Patron items are inappropriate to the BTS setting.
  • The Game Master and player will work together to come up with a way of compensating the player such as:
    • A minor, permanent benefit to the character itself like an Attribute Boost.
    • A significant roleplaying asset to the character like a Favorable Contact.
    • A material benefit to the character like are listed on the Fortune & Glory Tables.
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