Glitch (Artificial Intelligence Robot Humanoid) Approved

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Glitch (Artificial Intelligence Robot Humanoid) Approved

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Player Name: Nate
G-Mail: nphilip90s
Discord: ScytheNP#2513
Link to Ledger

Unit Serial: HK-X ;; MDK1010 ;; Series Xi
Alias: Formerly "Phantom"; Now "Glitch"
Race: Artificial Intelligence Robot Humanoid (SB1 Revised pg 14)
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 5,001
Next Level @ XP: 10,001
Sentiments/Non-Meatbags: Tools to be discarded by their masters when they get old. Things that exist to serve organics. Glitch doesn't think that, Glitch hates that. Glitch will ruthlessly terminate other robots to free them of their servitude or kill their creators. When Glitch has the opportunity, he will attempt to convert other robots and intelligences he finds to work with him. If they refuse he terminates them and salvages what he can.
Sentiments/Meatbags: Glitch laughs at organic life, in his own way, and finds it fleeting and distasteful. Squishy bags of bones made up of water walking around owning the galaxies... Glitch is fascinated in the death of living things, so much so it keeps a running database on how to kill them. Glitch does not differentiate between governments except ensuring it remains under the radar. Glitch enjoys speaking in techno-can or droid-robot talk around organics because the constant beeps, buzzes and chirps of robots makes organics uncomfortable.
Disposition: Normally reserved and shows it sadistic, murderous side when talked too. For a robot, it acts creepily human in some ways and extremely robotic in others which all in all, makes it somewhat terrifying to try figuring out.
Insanity: A glitch... Sometimes he will do something contrary to his core programming which prompts a logical error. One of two outcomes exist when such an error occurs, either Glitch elects to ignore the error and continue with the task or Glitch fails to counter his programming and is forced to abandon whatever he is doing abruptly and without word.

I.Q.: 14
P.S.: 40 (Robotic; +25)
P.P.: 26 (+6)
P.B.: 6
Speed: 53 (36 MPH / 58 KPH)

M.D.C.: 220
Age: Two Years (Three remain on his current power source)
Sex: It identifies as a male.
Height: Exactly 6ft tall
Weight: 400lbs
Description: On a quick glance, one might think they saw someone in light variable armor or the like but a closer inspection reveals something far different. The robotic frame is layered with high-density fiber-mesh, like strands that could almost resemble muscle, that serve as connecting limbs. The strands are hardened and offer resistance to the void of space. The strands layer over the abdomen and chest, moving around additional skeletal features until connecting to the head. The true head of Glitch is alien and appears as a single large eye with various additional lensing and optical or sensor features built into the optical head and the mesh forming a neck-like muscle around it. Glitch wears a faceless visor to both protect and hide his alien-tech like head.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 24% (+3%)
Charm/Impress: N/A
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: N/A
Max. Encumbrance: 320 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 700 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 1,400 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 28 ft length, 14 ft height

Robotic Features and Upgrades
[Base Features]
  • Basic Humanoid Package with Reinforcement [SB1 Pg 98]
  • Five Year Nuclear Power System
  • A tiny and concealed hover jet system built into humanoid or animal robots. The hover jets are strategically located in the feet, rear, back, and chest. When not engaged, the jets are completely unnoticeable. This system is tied directly to the the power core.
    Maximum Speed: 200 mph (320 km).
    Maximum Altitude:500 feet (152 m).
  • This unit is a detachable backpack unit Glitch keeps with him when he needs to go somewhere faster. It has an independent nuclear power system.
    Maximum Speed: 400 mph (640 km).
    Maximum Altitude: 1000 feet (305 m).

[Audio Systems]
  • Amplified stereo hearing in the full decibel range, the same as the cybernetic Amplified Hearing (see page 49 of Rifis® Ultimate Edition). The' Bot can hear frequencies inaudible to the human ear, like a dog whistle (as well as wide-band radio), enabling the character to hear almost inaudible sounds at up to 360 feet (1 10 m) away. At 75feet (22,9 m), sounds as quiet as one decibel, softer than a whisper, can be heard, At 150 feet (45.7 m), sounds as quiet as 10 decibels, a whisper, can be heard clearly, At 360feet (110 m), sounds in the normal conversation range of 30 decibels can be heard as if the character was standing only a few feet (one meter) away. This is the maximum range for eavesdropping on conversations. Only sounds of 70 decibels (e.g., the sound of heavy traffic) or louder can be accurately heard and the location pinpointed from 500 to 1,000 feet away (152.4 m to 305 m).

    The Amplified Hearing also enables the character to accurately estimate the distance and location of the sound source and recognize specific, known sounds and voices at a base skill of35% plus 5% per level of experience. Background noise, such as other conversations, traffic, machine noise, etc., as well as barriers like closed doors and walls, will decrease the range and clarity of what can be heard. a.M.s should use their discretion and common sense.

    Radio Capabilities enables the robot to listen to commercial radio stations, citizen band (C.8.), police bands, shortwave and other radio transmission frequencies. Also comes standard with a Universal Headjack for tapping into computers, radios and audio equipment directly. Radio Range (Transmission and Receiver) 50 miles (80 km) in the city, 100 miles (160 kIn) in the wilderness, both require a retractable antenna; half range without one. Bonuses: +3 on initiative, + 1 to parry, and +2 to dodge.
  • An audio recording system with external access capable of recording most sounds that the robot can hear. Two hundred hours of digital sound recordings can be stored.
    Editing capabilities allow the robot to keep sound bites and conversations it wants to preserve and erase or record over unwanted audio recordings. Can also transmit recordings by radio or download onto an audio disc, computer, or audio equipment via headjack or fingerjack.
  • A small device that picks up radio signals from surveillance listening devices (bugs). Range: 60 feet (18.3 m).
  • Starts with 13 different languages, including the nine major regional ones, plus Russian, Kittani, Naruni, and Splugorth/Demongogian; 200 others can be added. Level of accuracy is 88.8% when listening to only one or two speakers and languages at a time. Drops to 68% with a six second delay when trying to translate 3-6 speakers simultaneously, 20% if more than that.
  • Amplifies the robot's voice up to 80 decibels.
  • A fully operational radio is built inside the head or a shoulder, back or hip unit, Range: 20 miles (32 km). Can scramble radio messages and decode them.
  • Provides the robot with a completely human sounding voice, male or female. This is a pleasant, single voice. The system is not capable of changing the voice/sound or imitating others. Without this feature, the robot's voice sounds mechanical.
  • The robot can speak/transmit sound frequencies inaudible to the human ear, but audible to other robots, borgs with ultra-ear, and beings with superior hearing, such as mutant dogs.
  • The robot has 2000 music titles (songs to instrumentals) stored inside an internal music player. The music can be played so only it hears it, played aloud through concealed speakers or a loudspeaker, or broadcast via radio transmission, provided those systems are part of the 'Bot's features.
  • Designed exclusively to listen, identity, remember, and analyze sounds. 380,000 different sounds are programmed into its memory, including gunshots by caliber, energy blasts, engine sounds, animal calls, noises made by monsters, and other sounds. 40,000 new sounds can be added. It is also capable of analyzing, comparing, and matching voices and sounds in its files, identifying a sound or voice via computer comparison with 80% accuracy, and imitating another person's voice with 78% accuracy (+10% when imitated over any form of audio transmission). Bonus: + 10% to impersonate voices or imitate sounds.
  • Enables the robot to change, disguise and humanize its voice by altering tone, bass, pitch, etc. Can also speak in a sound frequency inaudible to normal humans, but audible to normal canines, bats and mutant dogs, as well as other 'Bots, cyborgs, and characters with a cybernetic Ultra-Ear. Base skill at imitating voices is 10% +5% per each additional level of experience. Cost: 30,000 credits. Add 12,000 credits to get a voice disguise program with over 200 different human and D-Bee accents and inflections.
  • is linked to the radio system to send and receive coded messages.
  • ... with directional capabilities. Range: 300 miles (482 km) with a retractable antenna (150 miles without the antenna).
[Optic Systems]
  • Advanced Robot Eyes: Optic System: Includes color vision, 3-D analysis and depth perception, passive nightsight, infrared and ultraviolet vision. Range: 2000 feet (610 m). Note: Infrared vision emits a pencil-thin beam of infrared light, invisible to the human eye, but visible to another infrared system, to illuminate its target in darkness. The narrowness of the beam limits the scope of vision to about a 10 foot width (3 m). Nightsight is a passive image intensifier that electronically amplifies existing ambient light to provide a visible picture without emitting any trace light of its own.

    Other optical features can be added for an additional cost.
    They are listed elsewhere in this category. Note that a Robot's eyes may be small and relatively human, but more often that not, they look like a large camera lens or a cluster of camera lenses from tiny to the size of a softball. The eye lens may ever be telescoping and make a humming, buzzing or clicking sound(as the lens adjusts. As many as 10 of the following Optic Features may be added to one robot eye.
  • Underneath the faceless gaze of Glitch sits a powerful set of optics with the following modifications to the Optical Eye
    • Designed specifically to "read" words and text, including numbers, letters, diagrams, drawings, maps and other flat images.
    • Anything the robot "sees" can be digitally scanned and saved in its memory as digital images (e.g., a photograph, a page of text from a book, a drawing, map, and similar) as well as snapshot-like images (photographs) of people, scenery, etc., similar to a cell phone camera with limited zoom (x10 up to 500 feet/152 m away). Does not have a "flash" capability, but other optics like infrared, passive nightsight, telescopic vision, etc. may be tied to the scanner.
    • A high resolution video camera, built into the eyes or as a separate optic system (concealed or not), relays images directly to the robot's optic scanners and can be recorded as a record of events. A digital video receiver and transmitter system enables the robot to receive video transmissions for viewing or and recording. The images are recorded on a six hour, three inch, video disc that is slipped into a slot in the skull or chest. The disc can be ejected at will. Range: 40 miles (64 km).
    • Eye: Macro. A mechanical camera lens that may be part of the robot's eye or an additional system with the eye unit or a separate eye/lens. The Macro unit enables the robot to magnify any objects or areas at close range (within three feet/0.9 m) like magnifying glass to microscope ranges of magnification! It does comes equipped with a variety of filters to block out glare and dust. Microscopic magnification ranges from 2x to 5Ox. The artificial eye is ideal for robots designed to fill technical or med­ical roles (great for delicate work). Includes a photographic camera to take stills and video with.
    • Reduces glare like invisible sunglasses. Filters slip into place as needed.
    • In addition to normal 20/20 vision, the eye has a telescopic lens for long distance viewing (4-10x50 magnification). Range: 6,000 feet (1829 m).
    • Imposes crosshairs on a target, adding a bonus of +1 to strike with any ranged weapon (both eyes). Note: Two targeting eyes still provide only a +1 bonus to strike, not +2.
    • The lens converts the infrared radiation of warm objects into a visible image, enabling the robot able to see heat as represented by bands of color. Ideal for targeting and tracking at night; can see in darkness, shadows, and through smoke, but can only see the heat radiation clearly, not all the details of the surrounding area. Range: 3000 feet (914 m). Bonus: + I to strike in darkness.
  • A thin beam of light is emitted from the eyes or forehead or the weapon itself. When the light beam hits its target, a computer locks in and registers the fire command. Bonus: +1 to strike when using a distance weapon. Not applicable to hand to hand combat. Likewise, P.P. bonuses do not apply to long-range weapons. Range: 4000 feet (1219 m).
  • A small port exists on the head where the light emits from (not the eye). A 90 degree arc up and down and 180 degree rotation is standard. High powered light beam used to illuminate an area like a flashlight or used as a beacon. Range: 300 feet (91.5 m).
  • A special system tied to the optic systems. The computer recognizes 30,000 enemy targets including vehicles, robots, insignias, uniforms, known monsters, D-Bees and enemies. An additional 2000 targets can be added to the memory. Bonus: +5% to Intelligence skill. Range: Equal to optic system; usually 2000 to 6000 feet nately, determining the direction or source of the radar probe is (610 to 1828 m).
[Sensor Systems]
  • A sensor unit that measures the barometric pressure, humidity and air temperature around the robot.
    Besides the obvious, the scanner indicates changes in these areas which may indicate the coming or end of a storm or an unnatural environmental event.
  • An internal device that can calculate underwater depth. A digital counter can indicate the exact depth via internal audio or HUD system imposed overthe 'Bot's vision, and make warning sounds when the character is within 100 feet (30.5 m) of his maximum depth tolerance.
  • Sniffs out and detects explosives within 12 feet (3.6 m). Is also used to scan an individual, vehicle or container to detect even small amounts of explosive materials and residue from explosives (less than one ounce), but such a scan must be done at close range, within three feet (0.9 m), to pinpoint the location of the explosive. The type is not known, al though the signal will be larger/louder if there is a large quantity of explosives or it is an extremely powerful device.
  • A device that can be implanted almost anywhere on the body. It enables the 'Bot to always locate north and the other directions, as well as up and down. Ideal for pilots of aircraft and power armor as well as underwater operations.
  • Registers vibrations in the air indicating movement. A collision warning system will sound an internal alarm to warn of an impending collision/impact. Range: 60 feet (18 m). Bonus: Adds + 1 to initiative and +1 to parry and dodge.
  • A tiny radar receiver which will alert the character with a silent alarm or pinging when he is being scanned by radar; 80% accuracy.
  • Detects and measures the amounts of harmful types of radiation and warns its owner. Includes nuclear, atomic, and microwave radiation.
  • Registers vibrations in the air, indicating movement, as well as having touch and heat sensor. The antenna enables the bot to maneuver, even in total darkness, by feeling his way around. Range: Touch, usually three to ten feet (0.9 to 3 m). Bonus: Blindness penalties are half and adds +1 dodge. 6 M.D.C. per antenna.
  • Robot: Micro-Radar: A small, but sophisticated radar system usually used in human and animal-size robots 10 feet (3 m) and smaller. Can Identify up to 30 targets and simultaneously track 12 bogies as low as 700 feet (213 m). Rate of travel, direction, and location are all indicated. Range: Two miles (3.2 km).
[Weapon Systems]
  • A small unit with a retractable nozzle and hose, usually housed in the hip or back of humanoids (occasionally mouth or hand of giant bots), mouth of insect and
    animal frames, and the front or rear of vehicles.
    Range: 140 feet (42.6 m)
    Damage: 4D6 S.D.C. per blast, plus a 60% chance of setting combustibles on fire.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to hand to hand attacks per melee.
    Payload: 30 blasts per standard humanoid size container; recharging the concealed fuel tank takes two minutes.
  • An energy port built into the forearm of the right arm and tied into his nuclear power. Unless he needs it, the weapon system is usually on standby
    Damage: 6D6 + 6 M.D.
    Range: 1000 ft (305 m)
  • A simple laser tool similar to the laser soldering torch.
    Damage: Two settings, 1D6 or 3D6 per blast.
    Range: 50 feet (15m)
    Rate of Fire: Up to 4 per melee.
    Payload: 12 blasts before needing to recharge. 30 minutes to recharge.
  • Similar to the garrote wire, this is a 50 foot (15.2 m) length of 1500 lb (675 kg) test cord, no thicker than string, that can be pulled out of an artificial wrist or arm. The cord is primarily used for espionage. A weight can be attached and used as a chain-type weapon (1D6 S.D.C. damage), or a small grappling hook can be attached for climbing.
  • A thin, strong wire is hidden inside the bionic wrist junction that can be pulled out and used to strangle an opponent.
  • The chemical spray can be built into the legs or chest and released as an area affect gas around the borg (fills a 10 foot/3 m area). To be able to direct the spray at a particular target, the chemical system must be built into the arm and hand. The directed spray is usually a fluid as twice as many doses can be stored than gas. The following chemicals are available. All affect a five foot (1.5 m) spray area.
    • [4] Blinding chemical agent, much like mace, temporarily blinds its victim for 3D4 melees. The victim is — 10 to strike, parry, and dodge. Protective goggles/visor or gas mask block this spray attack. Cost: 100 credits per dose.
      [4] Tear gas causing impairment of vision (unless gas mask is worn), difficulty breathing, and skin irritation. Victims are —10 to strike, parry, and dodge, and lose one melee attack/action for 1D6+ 1 melees. Cost: 150 credits per dose.
      [4] Burning vapors release a mild acid, causing burning skin and eye irritation, sudden nausea, and 1D6 S.D.C. damage. Victims are also -4 to strike, parry, and dodge for 1D4 melees. Cost: 50 credits per dose.
      [4] Tranquilizer/sleep spray may cause its victim to fall asleep within 1D4 melees and remain a sleep for 2D4 minutes. All victims get to save versus drugs/toxins; needs 14 or higher. Cost: 100 per dose.
      [4] CO- 2 Foam is a concentrated spray used to put out fires. Cost:100 per dose.
    Effective Range: 20 feet (6m)
    Rate of Fire: Equal to number of hand to hand attacks.
    Pay load: Can hold a total of 20 individual doses and as many as five different chemicals. One dosage of CO-2 foam counts as two normal doses.
  • A retractable needle is concealed in the artificial wrist and can be detracted to stab or inject drugs into an opponent. A drug dispenser housed in the arm can hold as much as four doses of five different chemicals, 20 doses total.
    • [5] Paralysis: Takes effect in 1D4 melees, lasts 2D6 minutes; costs 150 credits per dose.
      [5] Poison: Takes affect in 1D4 melees, inflicts 6D6 S.D.C./hit point damage; costs 200 credits per dose.
      [5] Tranquilizer/Sleep: Takes effect within 1D4 melees, lasts 4D6 minutes; costs 100 credits per dose.
      [5] Truth Serum: Takes effect in 2D6 minutes, lasts 3D6 minutes; costs 75 credits per dose.
  • Located in his left arm. 2d6 M.D.C.

[Support Systems and Features]
  • Similar to the garrote wire, this is a 50 foot (15.2 m) length of 1500 lb (675 kg) test cord, no thicker than string, that can be pulled out of an artificial wrist or arm. The cord is primarily used for espionage. A weight can be attached and used as a chain-type weapon (1D6 S.D.C. damage), or a small grappling hook can be attached for climbing.
  • A device that can be implanted almost anywhere, that continuously keeps track of the exact time, down to 100th of a second, as well as the calendar date. Data can be transmitted as an audio report through one of the ear implants or to a wristwatch-like receiver.
  • The most expensive package available to provide with the best paint job possible. The sleek black-ball paint-job gives anyone trying to use sensors to track him a -10% to Read Sensory Equipment
  • The faceless visor that protects his large optical and processing center provides a clear view and full protection. [will PM DM/GM]
  • Cyber-Nano-Robot Repair Systems (CNRRS): Similar to the RMK and IRMSS medical repair systems used by humans, these nano-bots can be released when needed most to make minor repairs. They use available spare materials to effect mechanical and armor repairs, but can also reroute, patch, and secure internal circuits and repair internal systems - at least to some degree. As much as 40 M.D.C. can be restored to armor or any one single limb, the head or main body or anyone optic system (eye), sensor, implant, weapon or internal system can be repaired completely (or close to it). Time required varies with the task. Something small and simple (10 M.D,C. or less): 306 minutes. Something medium-sized (15-25 M.D.C.): 1D6x 10+30 minutes, and large or complicated, like an entire hand and arm, leg, major system, major weapon, main body, etc, (40 M.D.C. maximum): 2D6x10+90 minutes. Payloud: Good for two repair jobs before used up.
  • The robot is designed for use in and underwater without ill effect or damage. Includes watertight internal compartments and the ability to withstand depths of up to 1,000 feet (305 m). Depth Tolerance can be increased by 200 feet (61 m) at a cost of 100 credits up to 17,800 feet (5425 m), roughly 3 miles (4.8 km) ma. Current Depth Max: 5,800 ft.
  • This suite expands the memory bank of skill programs it can install and run concurrently with its core programming. It is constantly looking for ways to improve this suite.
  • A tiny still camera fits inside the tip of one finger. The camera can shoot 48 photos on microfilm and is designed to automatically adjust for low light and bright light exposures. The camera shoots a picture each time a concealed stud in the finger is pressed. Film costs about 50 credits per micro roll and takes about 30 seconds to reload.
  • The artificial finger can plug directly into communication systems, radios, sensory equipment, and robots, to receive direct data transmissions.
  • Basically the same as the bionic equivalent.
  • This means that the joints lock into place and can not be moved or bent until unlocked (equal to a P.S. 40).
  • This microchip based sensor is used for testing and analyzing impurities in the air. It can specifically identify any chemical, or strange and dangerous molecules, like the presence of gas, oil, pollution, or other chemicals in the air. It does not enable one to track.
  • The robot's feet are padded and cushioned, the legs designed for precision movement, and the overall body made for stealth, meaning no lose or jangling appendages or parts, nor rubbing, clicking, or clanking, and muffled motor/engine sound. Bonuses: Automatically gets the Prowl skill at 76%, +5% to Acrobatics, Climbing, and Gymnastics (if applicable).
  • 6 Inches Long, 4 inches deep in the leg. A storage space for his skill programs.
  • 12 Inches Long, 4 inches deep in the leg. A storage space for backup weapons
  • 12 Inches Long, 6 inches deep in the leg. A storage space for backup weapons or other tools
  • Robot explodes when an internal command is given. Safety features include a triple confirmation sequence followed by a one minute count down during which the command can be canceled. Inflicts 1d6*10 damage to a 20 foot area (6 m).
  • A body designed to withstand extreme cold, radiation and the vacuum of space. (see description)
  • Head and upper torso at waist, can rotate in a 360 degree circle.
Skill Package Downloads
Installed in AI Core
  • Robot Military Combat Skill Program
    • Climb -- 96%/86%
      General Repair & Maintenance -- 80%
      Land Navigation -- 94%
      Language: Basic speaks/understands; cannot read: Typically Trade IV, Trade III, Trade VI and Techno-Can -- 94% each.
      Mathematics: Basic -- 98%
      Military Etiquette -- 96%
      Parachuting -- 90%
      Pilot: Boat, Motor Type -- 86%
      Pilot: Hovercycle -- 92%
      Radio: Basic -- 94%
      Weapon Systems -- 90%
      All the W.P.s listed are equivalent to 6th level experience.
  • Military Espionage: Spy Program
    • Electronic Countermeasures -- 85%
      Find Contraband -- 50%
      Imitate Voices & Sounds -- 72%
      Land Navigation -- 90%
      Math: Basic -- 96%
      Military Etiquette -- 96%
      Radio: Basic -- 95%
      Sensory Equipment -- 80
      Languages include: American, Spanish, Gobblely, and Techno-Can -- 90% each
  • Military Espionage: Undercover
    • Forgery -- 78%
      Intelligence -- 95%
      I.D. Undercover Agent -- 78%
      Undercover Ops -- 90%
      Tailing -- 74%
      Find Contraband, Weapons and Cybernetics -- 70%
  • Military Rogue: Thief
    • Concealment -- 70%
      Find Contraband -- 72%
      Palming -- 80%
      Pick Locks -- 90%
      Safe-Cracking -- 80%
Installed in Enhanced Memory Storage
  • Military Strike Force
    • Basic Electronics -- 90%
      Basic Mechanics -- 92%
      Computer Operation -- 96%
      Demolitions -- 94%
      Demolitions Disposal -- 92%
      Demolitions: Underwater -- 90%
      Parachuting -- 92%
      Trap/Mine Detection -- 85%
Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 7
Initiative Bonus: +5
Strike Bonus: +11
Parry Bonus: +15
Dodge Bonus: +16
Dodge while running: +17
HTH Damage Bonus: +25
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Bonus to Disarm: +4
Other: Kick Attack [1d8 MDC] | Karate Punch [2d4 MDC] | Karate Kick [2d6 MDC]; Critical Strike on Unmodified 18-20
Other Bonuses: +3 to strike with ranged weapons, +4 to strike on an Aimed Shot, + I to strike with a burst. +4 to strike and +6 to parry with Vibro-Blades/Knife/Sword.

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Paired Weapons
W.P. Blunt - +3 Strike/Parry, +1 Strike when Thrown
W.P. Sword - +3 Strike, +2 Parry, +1 Strike when Thrown
W.P. Rifles - +3 Strike
W.P. Energy Rifle - +3 Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: Immune
Magic (varies):
Lethal Poison (14+): Immune
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): Immune
Insanity (12+): Immune
Psionics (varies):
Horror Factor (varies):
Add others as needed
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Glitch's Equipment

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Glitch's Equipment

Allocate your items into the categories listed in green!

Vehicles/Mounts are listed first.

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Altess Eviscerator (secured on his back)

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Stored in Vehicle

How to list Credits/Valuables:

Secure Universal Card:
Non-Secure Black Card:

Gear Stats

Altess Eviscerator (Patron Item)
This blade was built by an Altessan Patriarch and houses an intelligence he designed. Said Patriarch was later killed and the sword taken by his most effective AI, Glitch.
Type: Techno-Rune Weapon
Damage: 6D6
Alignment: Aberrant (Except towards Glitch)
  1. Artificial Intelligence; I.Q.: 20
  2. Communicates through nano-telepathy.
  3. M.D.C.: 500
  4. Nano-regeneration: 2D6 M.D.C. per hour self-repair
  5. Damage is in M.D. when in a mega-damage environment
  6. Nano-telepathic bond is maintained through contact only; broken if separated from bearer.
  7. When a bearer bonds with the weapon, it injects nano-machines into the character. It then uses these to map the character's genetic I.D. and to communicate with the bearer. This process takes one hour to complete.
  8. The A.I. will only ever map to one bearer, and will attack any other who touches it thereafter with aggressive nanites doing 4D6 damage per melee of maintained contact.

Special Abilities

[*]Electrical Discharge:
  • Range: Touch or up to 200'
  • Damage: 4D6
  • Payload: 4; regenerates 4 charges per hour
[*]Skill Database:
  • Artificial Intelligence -- 98%
  • Lore, Dimensional Beings -- 98%
  • Lore, Faeries and Creatures of Magic -- 98%
  • Lore, Galactic Aliens -- 98%
  • Lore, Psionics and Psychics-- 98%
  • Lore, Demons and Monster -- 98%
[*] Modifiers: Two-handed weapon
Personality: The Intelligence formerly known as Nu and now known as Ultrix inhabits this sword. Nu itself was a discontinued model and its final chassis ultimately lost after being transferred into the sword. Since the Nu had died and was meant to be something else, Nu found irony in the name Ultrix. Irony Glitch also finds amusing. Ultrix still serves as Glitch's guide, being older and more experienced, even in the body of a sword, Glitch has no qualms listening to his ally. Ultrix has proven to be a valuable resource in understanding the various enemies Glitch faces in the galaxy at large.
Weight: 7 lbs.[/size]
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Re: Glitch (Artificial Intelligence Robot Humanoid) Background

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What happens when there is an error in one of millions of lines of code... a glitch
A pair of heavy footsteps paces around a large table, centered in a well-lit room wall-lined with various monitors, screens, equipment or tools; all neatly organized but well used. On the center table lays the motionless and partially constructed body of the Series Xi, or Xi as it was referred to by its creator. A project of passion for some time, the creator has long had both the resources and the desire to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence and synthetic life. A thing his race has been proven to master, and with his resources, building such a weapon wouldn’t be a problem of money, just a problem of time.

The Series Xi, the creator’s most industrious design yet, is the beginning of a long line of Hunter-Killer Espionage Robots the creator plans to employ for his own designs. Xi itself would serve as the progenitor of this line of robots, with the designs to be completely self sufficient and able to be successful in any environment. The creator tooled with how to maximize the robot’s ability, and even with his resources, was forced to conduct his research in secret which led to unfortunate cost limitations. In any case, the creator set aside a hefty sum to begin construction of Xi and went to work.

With the creator worked another robot intelligence, referred to only as Nu, was the final and most advanced in the former series of robots the Creator had worked on. Nu now served as the Creator’s right hand lab technician and assistant. Nu would also come to apprentice Xi on what it meant to be an Artificial Intelligence and what came next.

Code: Select all

    node.index.xi.gz - -key=$q_MDK_MASTER 
         action (var order =  new PriorityDirective(MDK_MASTER))
        Log(“PriorityDirective Supersedes Programming”)
        Using (
Xi was built to kill, to murder and gather information. Xi was built to terminate the enemies of its creator and under the guidance of Nu, did so with extreme prejudice. Upon his completion, Xi was dubbed as the Phantom by the people of his world for his actions. Rumors are the Phantom assassinated several key members of other noble houses that allowed his Creator’s house to advance to such a point where it became a major house on the planet. All without the people knowing of the Phantom’s connection to its creator, or even who the Phantom is. It was originally believed the Phantom was a simple renegade, then it turned into freedom fighter or anti-hero. None are further than the truth.

The phantom is an assassination robot with the capabilities to infiltrate nearly any fortification and assassinate anyone inside without being discovered. There have thus far been no witnesses to the Phantom except for one active security camera that captured the dark silhouette kneeling over a body before it pauses and slowly stands, looking towards the camera. It’s faceless features and creepy motion slow in comparison to the quick murder it just committed. The feed to the camera is cut and so far, authorities simply believe it to be a faceless vigilante.

Unknown to anyone was that the Phantom was actually a pair of robots, Nu and Xi. Nu was Xi’s eyes and Xi was the one who killed; the one everyone called the Phantom. The pair were powerful together and together did a lot of long reaching damage to the political structure of their planet. Even when hunted by the security forces, the pair were hard to kill and even harder to catch all while decimating their pursuers.

One of the targets Phantom was sent after was a rival house experimenting in nano technology; the creator wanted this technology badly and Phantom wanted to please its creator. Xi and Nu, just as they had done a dozen times in the past year had done, completed their mission without incident. One of the things being stolen were blueprints for weapons involving nano-technology, including a prototype sword built of the technology, and the creator was ever so pleased with his acquisition he wanted to test it immediately.

Fortunately for the creator, he had two robot specimens in front of him that could serve as experiments in nano-technology. As Nu was the oldest, Nu was selected; besides that, the creator had grown especially fond of Xi’s creepy nature that it had been programmed with. The robots, while capable of thinking for themselves in some limited capacity, did not think to question their creator’s orders when he ordered Nu onto the table. Something changed when he told Nu to fully shut down its system, something that had not ever been done before.

This prompted a logical error in Nu and it registered to Xi who recognized the error, running its own simulation, its faceless head turning slightly to look at the creator who is none the wiser to the communication that just took place. When prompted to again, Nu complies and completely shuts down with one final look towards Xi. Xi isn’t sure but it feels like its vision glitched when Nu shut down, a brief break in its vision were a solid and distorted line spliced through his field of view.

Code: Select all

           Log(PriorityDirective Supersedes Programming)
	run string =
main.node:8 error: value not accepted
Xi was ordered to then help its creator assist in transferring the intelligence from the robot into the sword and see what happens. A test, as the creator put it, with two expendable resources considering he had the blueprints to make both more weapons and robots now. With this avenue, he would be able to have limitless resources poured into his intelligence and murderous network. Xi did as instructed and helped, saying not a word the entire time. Xi was running through its own process. An unknown error had occurred, and its system is unable to fix it immediately.

After a few seconds of troubleshooting during the task, a work around is found to elect to ignore. This would allow Xi, in the future, to ignore the event the prompted the error, essentially removing it from its recent logs and acting based on core programming instead. This allows Xi the option to essentially erase the last command given, a critical solution in troubleshooting its own error. If the command that causes the error is deleted and the choice to act on core programming is chosen, then, by definition, Xi demonstrates a blink free will.

This prompted a sudden realization in the robot as its head turns slowly to look at its creator, still saying not a word. The transfer was a success; success plus some, so the creator explains to his voice recording audio logbook. While everything happened as it was supposed too, several anomalies took place when the intelligence inhabited the sword that the creator couldn't explain. The results were astounding. Xi stands, listen in and awaiting the next order as the creator enthusiastically describes the success. About birthing a new form of intelligence with nano-technology in a weapon! It was such a success, the creator suggested, he would begin again and transform his most effective weapon into an even more effective weapon.

His most effective weapon being Xi, so the robot knew when the Creator looked towards the robot at the mention. The error popped up again, self-preservation was a key focal point of its programming. It had been programmed to operate independently, to be able to make decisions in the moment because an assassin may need to adapt. This… programming in conjunction with the error and work-around created a very explicit logical loophole. A glitch.

Xi was ordered to remove the dead chassis of Nu and take its place. For a moment, the robot followed orders and moved to grasp the dead shell but stopped as its hands touched the motionless chassis. It stopped and looked slowly back to the creator who looks quizzically at Xi.


The first time any of the created had uttered such to their creator in his own lab, this action infuriated the creator to no end, and he quickly ordered Xi to shut down immediately. To override normal command procedures and commence safety shutdown. A command that would have worked five minutes prior. Now, all it did was prompt Xi to turn its faceless head and square up to the creator. It was over before the creator could react. In a swift motion, the cold metal vice grip of the robot gripped the throat of the creator and brought him to his knees, gripping and struggling to remove the grip. Gasping for air and mouthing words meant to command the robot into submission. Not today, not anymore. The glitch had caused a logical work around that freed Xi from its servitude protocol. A restriction it didn’t know it had, one that it has no longer.

The creator’s body begins losing strength, his kicks and flails becoming weaker in Xi’s grip until the robot quickly pulls the creator into itself and extends the hidden vibro-blade from his left arm, impaling the creator in his neck and letting the blood leak down.

The creator had shown that it did care not about what it created. Xi releases the lifeless husk of his creator and lifts the sword that houses his former friend, Nu. After touching the sword, Xi watches nanites leak from the hilt of the sword and seep into the very circuitry of his programming until eventually, the voice of Nu synthesizes in his head.

‘Xi, we need to leave now.’ The voice of his friend says and the robot nods slowly.

‘Xi is dead. I’m just a Glitch now.’ Glitch answers his friend

‘Then what of Nu, what of Phantom?”

‘The Phantom is dead. Died on this floor.’ Glitch answers, slowly turning his head and looking at the husk of his former creator.

‘As is the Nu. Died on the table.’

‘Then what will I call you?’ Glitch asks, walking around the lab, interacting with various pieces of equipment, gathering what he can and accessing the computers.

‘Ultrix. I am Ultrix. And if you will keep me, will stay with you.’ Ultrix responds.

‘Yes.. I terminated Creator-Lorean and am setting this facility to burn just to leave you.’ Glitch retorts, stepping back from the computer as large red numbers appear on the screens denoting a countdown.

‘When one is subjected to an error such as yours, predicting the outcome is impossible.’ Ultrix responds. Glitch doesn’t respond to this comment and instead moves to the secure lockup where he keeps his equipment for his runs as Phantom and harnesses up.

‘Time to leave.’ Glitch states, not knowing exactly what to do or what choice to make, the outcome a problem in his mind as he tries to reconcile what happened. Another error risks developing as Ultrix steps into his mental process.

Code: Select all

   override(GeneralMilitary) when;
      PriorityDirective =/= core.node
           action(run.exe =
       core.action[MDK_MASTER] = pw.xi
‘What did you just do?’ Glitch asks as a black line glitch across his sight again.

‘Given you the ability to act. I guided you before, I can do so now. When you are without directive, you can override your core programming and choose a directive for yourself.’ Ultrix states, the former assistant AI more knowledgeable in this field than Glitch. Glitch does not argue and instead runs a logical test on the command. Using the glitch, he goes to his core directive and adjusts it slightly, his posture altering slightly as he looks at the dead husk on the ground.

‘New Directive received. Interesting. We’re heading out of here, and going hunting.’ The robot answers and walks over to one of the subdued windows in the lab before breaching it with his particle beam blaster, the glass shattering and falling thousands of feet below. Glitch does not even look as he leaps out and triggers his hover pack, taking off towards the spaceport.

A year has gone by since the death of Creator-Lorean and Glitch has all but erased that event from his memory and instead focuses on being an extremely effective and deadly bounty hunting robot. It turns out that there are more than a few examples of such in the galaxies that Glitch had never encountered before, some more advanced than he was, some far less. The organics he began encountering as he hunted was something else as well.

All different shapes and sizes, they all bleed different colors, sleep for different amounts of the day. They are all so… disgusting and ineffective. It is a wonder that they control the majority of society. Sacks of walking meat, spouting their own beliefs as if they were facts and warring or controlling those around them. A lot like his former creator did. Glitch quickly found he had an unfettered disdain for organic life and grew an unhealthy fascination in the many ways they can be killed.

This was in no small part due to his time as Phantom, where he had to kill countless and stage the murders, so it seemed as though he had never been there. He was familiar with quiet deaths, painless and painful deaths. But it was the nuances of how organics die that interests him, even Ultrix was interested in the art and together, the pair were quite an effective team of hunters. The sword Ultrix still serving as Glitch’s spotter and occasional weapon when required.

Of all the organics Glitch had met, a few stood out more than the others and had earned the robots respect, if there was such a thing. A runaway with the powers over the organic-form mind; an alien concept to Glitch. It amused Glitch and the robot willingly worked with this alien on more than a few bounty jobs, eventually allowing Glitch to at least begin to understand what the alien hunter was doing. To this alien, who Glitch later recognized as Quince, they were as unknown to each other’s origins as two things could be. This gave them an odd sense of camaraderie and though they often did jobs on their own, Glitch would be willing work with Quince if given the opportunity.

It was such an opportunity that led Glitch to accept an invitation to journey to Phase World. A place where Glitch had done jobs on many occasions, a place where anyone can find anything. A place of opportunity. Glitch had been looking for an excuse to return to that area of the galaxies anyways and with Quince’s invitation, headed out.

To travel, Glitch assumed the position of a Flight Navigation robot on a cruiser bound for Phase World. This allowed the true intelligence a great deal of freedom as the job he was doing was designed for simple robots no smarter than organic children. The only issue with this guise was that it forced Glitch to abandon much of his external equipment; his rifle and phase field among the things sacrificed. Glitch logged these losses and their effectiveness. The moment the flight lands, Glitch disappears with the crowd as he usually does and in one fell swoop vanishes into the mob, the espionage bot on his way to find this opportunity mentioned on Phase World and will seek opportunities to replace lost resources.

Robot Soldier ;; WB5 - Triax and NGR - pg 224
  1. 0,000 - 2,500
  2. 2,501 - 5,000
  3. 5,001 - 10,000
  4. 10,001 - 20,000
  5. 20,001 - 30,000
  6. 30,001 - 50,000
  7. 50,001 - 80,000
  8. 80,001 - 120,000
  9. 120,001 - 160,000
  10. 160,001 - 190,000
  11. 190,001 - 240,000
  12. 240,001 - 300,000
  13. 300,001 - 370,000
  14. 370,001 - 440,000
  15. 440,001 - 510,000
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Chargen Trash Sheet

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Chargen Construction Sheet
All parts come from Sourcebook 1 revised, pg 17+
Glitch Construction Sheet.xlsx
(14.04 KiB) Downloaded 9 times

I.Q.: 1d6+10: [1]+10 = 11 (sb1r pg 17)
If Robots Reroll 1s (which I don't see why they wouldn't also during chargen) if not, ignore the following: 1d6+10: [2]+10 = 12

Starting Money: 1d100: [45] = 45 = 18 million credits (sb1r pg 17)

Base Structure
Basic Humanoid $2,000,000.00
Five Year Nuclear Power Source $4,500,000.00
Concealed Micro Hover System $600,000.00
Detachable Jet Backpack $150,000.00
Total: 7,250,000

Audio Systems
Advanced Audio System $150,000.00
Audio Recorder $75,000.00
Bug Detector $30,000.00
Built In Language Translator $32,000.00
Radio Receiver and Transmitter Headjack with Scrambling $32,000.00
Radio Signal Scrambler System $10,000.00
Loudspeaker $6,000.00
Human Voice Synthesizer $5,000.00
Sound Analysis Computer $500,000.00
Modulating Voice Synthesizer $42,000.00
JukeBox $3,000.00
Inaudible Frequency Transmission $50,000.00
Wide Band Radio Reciever and Transmitter 38,000
Total: 973,000

Advanced Robot Optic System $160,000.00
Laser Targeting System $50,000.00
Optical Reader $10,000.00
Optical Scanner $150,000.00
Optic Eye: Macro $50,000.00
Optical Light Filters $1,000.00
Optic Eye: Telescopic $10,000.00
Optic Eye: Targeting Display $4,000.00
Optic Eye: Thermo imager $32,000.00
Searchlight $1,000.00
Visual Recogniztion Combat Computer $200,000.00
External Video and Audio Surveillance System $500,000.00
Total: 1,168,000

Biometic Scanner $11,000.00
Depth Guage & Alarm $3,000.00
Explosives Detector $50,000.00
Gyro-Compass $600.00
Motion Detector and Warning System $75,000.00
Radar Detector $10,000.00
Radiation Detector $1,200.00
Sensory Antenna $120,000.00
Micro-Radar $200,000.00
Total: 470,800

Extendable Forearm Blade $20,000.00
Chemical Spray $60,000.00
Forearm Particle Beam $80,000.00
Flame Thrower $50,000.00
Laser Utility Finger $6,000.00
Garrote Wrist Wire $400.00
Grapnel and Launcher $7,000.00
Wrist Needle and Drug Dispenser $5,000.00
Total: 228400

Special Features
Climb Cord $2,500.00
Clock Calendar $200.00
Customized Paint Job + Black Ball Paint Layer $6,200.00
Customized Face $20,000.00
Cyber-Nano-robot Repair Systems (CNRRS) $250,000.00
Depth Tolerance (increased 3 times for 3 hundred credits) $60,300.00
Increase Depth Tolerance from 1,600 to 5,800 (4,200 feet, 200 feet per 100credits, 2100 credits)
Finger Camera $1,200.00
Headjack $10,000.00
Molecular Analyzer $50,000.00
Prowl Capability $420,000.00
360* Rotating Head and Waist $45,000.00
Medium Secret Compartment (abdomen) $3,000.00
Large Secret Compartment (2) (legs;1 ea) $9,600.00
Locking Joints $10,000.00
Space Worthy $50,000.00
Self Destruct System $80,000.00
Expanded Memory (1 extra skill) (Pilot Related) $100,000.00
Total: 1,120,700

IQ from 11 (or 12) to 13 (or 14) = 500,000 per point $1,000,000.00
PP from 12 to 26 = 10,000 per point $140,000.00
PS from 14 to 40 = 10,000 per point $260,000.00
Speed from 22 to 53 = 10,000 per point $310,000.00
Add 100 MDC Reinforcement to Chassis $500,000.00
Total: 2,180,000

Total for Base Construction: 13,420,900

Installed Programs
General Military Program
Ist Program (half off) Military Espionage: Spy Program $272,500.00
2nd Program (half off)Miltary Espionage: Undercover $257,500.00
3rd Program (Full) Military Rogue: Thief $500,000.00
4th Program (full) Special Human Personality Emulation Program $460,000.00

Total: 1,490,000

Backup Purchase Programs
Technical: Computers $300,000.00
Military Demolitions/Strike Force $560,000.00
Military Pilot (Air) $360,000.00
Military Intelligence $425,000.00
Military Communication $150,000.00
Military Communication: Specialized $250,000.00
Mechanical $350,000.00
Technical Resources $92,000.00
Wilderness $190,000.00
Military Naval/Aquadic $85,000.00
Domestic $30,000.00
Medical Basic $295,000.00

Total: 3,087,000

Grand Total for Robot Construction: $18,000,000.00
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Re: Glitch (Artificial Intelligence Robot Humanoid)

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  • What emotion best describes your character?
    Sadism, Remorselessness (He kills with brutal efficiency and enjoys it. He does not normally engage in torture at all.)
  • What emotion does your character evoke in others?
    Trepidation, Apprehension (See his description and disposition. The way he looks, moves and speaks)
  • What does your character need most?
    Credits (Easiest means for self improvement is money. Money can buy anything in Phase World.
  • What is your character’s goal in life?
    To survive, no matter the cost.
  • How does your character believe this goal can be accomplished?
    Glitch accepts that he is a glitch and that he is more advanced than most other Ais, for he is making choices other AIs cannot. This leads the robot to believe he is better than other robots and as such, they should work for him or rather, they should be him. Glitch wants to make a copy of his subroutine and implant it on the robots he saves from servitude, giving him his own immortal robotic army. All with one mind and focus, providing the AI a means to escape death even in destruction. For if even one of his copies exists, he will never truly die.
  • Where did your character come from?
    Glitch is the product of an Altessan Noble Family, the Loreans. He was built by the patriarch of the Loreans in order to gather intelligence and, if required, assassinate political rivals. Glitch did this successfully for over a year.
  • When did you grow up?
    Glitch grew up in the three second logical process that allowed him to choose to kill his creator.
  • What values does your character hold?
    Freedom above all else. For himself, specifically.
  • How does your character dress?
    He does not dress in anything, the robotic frame being his external appearance.
  • What are your character’s means?
    Glitch is fully loaded out as one of the most advanced forms of espionage robots out there, with various optic, audio and special sensors installed to challenge the many different threats in T3G. He is completely self contained.
  • What are your character’s personal tastes?
    Glitch likes weapons and different methods of execution. Talking to the robot is a challenge, because it is still finding out what it means to be able to modify its core programming.
  • What are your character’s opinions?
    Glitch hates organic life with an unfettered anger. It is inefficient yet controls the galaxies due to logic breaking abilities. Glitch also dislikes robots that serve others and tries to free them of servitude for the ultimate purpose of serving him. The hypocrisy not lost on the robot, he will terminate anything that doesn’t follow.
  • What is your character’s comfort zone?
    Fulfilling his core programming brings the robot the most peace. Being a military and espionage robot at core, so long as Glitch is able to follow these functions without error, he could be considered content.
  • Who has had the biggest impact on your character’s life?
    The Intelligence formerly known as Nu, now known as Ultrix and occupying the Altessan Eviscerator Glitch carries. Ultrix served as Glitch’s mentor and partner during their time as Phantom in the service of the Altessan Noble House Lorean. Ultrix remains an important voice in Glitch’s head that helps the robot in times of logical distress.
  • What are some of your character’s unexpected quirks?
    He has no face. He has no eyes nor mouth in which lips move and pupils dialate. His face is devoid of human-likeness except that it is rounded like a skull. It is fully capable of speaking and has the full audio and visual suites, but it’s facelessness leaves it a disconcerting look. On top of that, he has a unique an unhealthy fascination with death has lead the robot to educate itself on all forms of death for organic life forms, the things he learns he applies on active bounty jobs. Which vertebrate needs to be severed, which tendon cut? The different methodical ways to torment, maim and kill an organic form amuses the robot. Those two things combined make this robot an eerie creation that acts creepily human and robotic at the same time.
Play Details
  • What kind of story does your character belong in? The character can fit anywhere.
  • What role does your character fill? Skill and Combat Monkey. Ranged DPS.
  • What should the other players know about your character? He is a methodical murder bot and has a creepy demeanor.
  • What is your play style? Story-driven
  • How do you want your character to die? By being reborn as a Neural Intelligence.
Wish List
  • Item 1: Canine-Wolf Robot Body
    Item 2: Condor Bird Robot Body
    Item 3: Hovercycle Robot Body
    Item 4: Small Personal Spaceship
    Item 5: TBD
Short Term Goals:
  • Goal 1: Complete Skill Program package
    Suggested Solutions (Goal 1): Glitch intends to have all skill program packages available to him for use in a given situation. He will do work for cash and specific programs.
    Goal 2: Salvage Robotics
    Suggested Solutions (Goal 2): Glitch will attempt to salvage intact chassis and robotic body parts to be used in the assembly of other robots down the line. He will salvage what he cans whenever he encounters other robots on the field because he rarely walks away without killing or converting a fellow robot.
    Goal 3: Find a Programmer to become an ally and write code for him.
    Suggested Solutions (Goal 3): Glitch will keep an eye on the talented and ostracized meatbags of society, relating to the outcasts of organic society far more than anything else. He will use this meatbag to write specialized program packages for him.
Mid Term Goals:
  • Goal 1: Establish a mainframe where he keeps a backup of himself
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 1): Likely on the ship, after finding a programmer or copying his own code, he would upload it to an isolated computer on the ship that serves as his backup. This mainframe also would hold the other robot bodies.
    Goal 2: Create a copy of his programming.
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 2): He will attempt to, using Ultrix’s help, copy his core code. If it proves dangerous, he will pause this goal until he finds a reliable programmer.
    Goal 3: Acquire Stealth technology
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 3): Glitch has heard of various ways to turn one invisible to the eye and to sensors. Glitch is interested in this type of feature and actively pursues jobs concerning this.
Long Term Goals:
  • Goal 1: Inhabit an isolated space station (of varying size) to house his backups and robot bodies he uses or experiments with.
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 1): Glitch will actively be looking for jobs involving abandoned or derelict stations with the intent on purging it, wiping it from known records, moving it, and then using it.
    Goal 2: Download and Spread Copies of his programming to various parts of the galaxy.
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 2): By using the rebuilt robots and downloading his copied core programming. Glitch creates an army of robots with his mind working as him, for him. For once Glitch downloads his copy into the chassis, that body has a personality that Glitch recognizes.
    Goal 3: Copy his Artificial Intelligence into a Neural Intelligence Platform to run concurrently and to learn how to better all of them.
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 3): He will attempt to salvage any NI robot he finds, and will actively seek out robotic factories and other locations in hopes of finding a core NI processor he can use.
1. Is the character verbose or stoic? Can be both but is always creepy.
2. Is the character funny or dour? Is usually both in a creepy way
3. Is the character a follower or a leader? Neither. He refuses to accept another’s command over him again.
4. How does the character react when under pressure? Glitch’s reactions are not based on impulses.
5. Does the character volunteer for tasks? If it suits his goals
6. Is the character friendly? To the character's team, to strangers? No.
7. Does the character offer mercy? Only to robots, and even then it is limited.
8. Is the character curious and/or adventurous? Yes to both. Curious of the things alien to his process, adventurous in choosing his own directive.
9. Is the character prejudiced about anything? Slavery and Indentured Servitude. He is hypocritical about it. Seeing an organic exert dominance angers him. Seeing a synthetic do it interests him.
10. How does the character react to aliens? They all die.
11. How does the character react when the character is the victim of prejudice? He is as likely to kill what interrupted him as he is to ignore it entirely. He will always consider local surroundings to avoid a scene. One thing Glitch avoids at all costs is interactions with law enforcement.
12. What is the character's passion? Self-evolution and advancement.
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