Wolf Whitaker (Human Gunslinger) Level Up

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Wolf Whitaker (Human Gunslinger) Level Up

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Player Name: Kyle Lee
G-mail: nsdq160soar@gmail.com

Character Name: Wolf Whitaker
Alias: The Wolf
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Gunslinger
Alignment: Anarchist
XP Level: 6
XP Points: 39,563 (Armstrong 13/10/20)
Next Level @ XP: 38,501
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Does their money spend the same? Yes. Yes, it does. Sometimes takes a little extra to kill them, but extra effort means more recognition and money.
Sentiments/Coalition: They don't bother me, I don't bother them. Don't care much for the politics, but they can offer good jobs.
Disposition: Cold and calculated. Death of others, even party members, does not bother Wolf, unless they were in a critical role. Then their deaths cause irritation. Otherwise Wolf will do everything he can to get the mission done. Its about the job nothing more. Does not like long winded speeches.
Insanity: Paranoid (Having constantly been challenged to the death, he believes everyone will try to kill him at some point for the fame or fortune.)

I.Q.: 10
M.E.: 21
M.A.: 8
P.S.: 20 (25 Robotic)
P.P.: 25 (29)
P.E.: 16
P.B.: 9
Speed: 13 (33)

Stat increase with EP
Stat Changes When In NE-BA-26

P.P.E.: 4
H.P.: 36
S.D.C.: 79
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Description: His disheveled brown hair, and scruffy facial hair do not help his looks. His brown eyes are hard and unforgiving.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 30% (+3%)
Charm/Impress: 0%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 0%
Max. Encumbrance: 72 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 72 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 144 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 9' length/ 4' 5" height (19' length/ 14' 5" height)
Ambidextrous: Can use both the right and left hand with equal skill and dexterity; Paired Weapons skill is automatic. +1 APM, +10% to Climbing skills, +5% to Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, Palming, and Concealment skills.

O.C.C. Special Abilities
Reputation-Based Horror Factor: 12
Expertise with all handguns: The Gunslinger has a W.P. in the use of all types of revolvers and pistols, whether they fire bullets or energy bolts.
Quick-Draw Initiative: Revolvers and Pistols
Paired Weapons: Revolvers & Pistols (special): The Gunslinger can draw and shoot two handguns (or throw two knives) simultaneously at the same target, inflicting full damage from both weapons, counts as one melee attack. The two-gun attack can be divided between two different targets visible to the shooter. The divided attack counts as one simultaneous melee action directed at two different foes. The quick-draw initiative bonus still applies, but the shooter must roll two separate times to hit each target (roll to strike for each), and the bonus to strike each is reduced by half because the attack is divided.
W.P. Sharpshooting Specialty: Sharpshooting Revolver and Sharpshooting Energy Pistol
  1. Can fire a traditional two-handed weapon, like a rifle, one handed without penalty (normally the shooter loses all strike bonuses).
  2. Can shoot over his shoulder by holding up a mirror and using the reflection to aim; no penalties, keep full bonuses to strike.
  3. Accurately shoot while riding a horse or a moving vehicle, but strike bonuses are half and a "called" shot is impossible.
  4. Shoot accurately while standing on head or hanging upside down; all bonuses applicable at full.
  5. Dodge, roll or somersault and come up shooting, no bonuses or penalties to strike; straight roll of the dice.
  6. Ricochet shot! The shooter can bounce bullets, arrows, slings, and other fired projectiles off of one surface and angle the shot in such a way that the projectile ricochets bounces off and hits a different/second target! Inflicts only one point of damage to the first surface and full damage to the second. Reduce bonuses to strike by half.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: American-- 101% (+1%)
Language: Spanish-- 101% (+1%)
Find Contraband-- 58% (+4%)
Basic Electronics-- 65% (+5%)
Horsemanship: Cowboy-- 91%/75% (+3%)
Interrogation-- 70% (+5%)
Streetwise-- 52% (+4%)
Palming-- 60% (+5%)
Prowl-- 65% (+5%)
Recognize Weapon Quality-- 80% (+5%)
W.P. Revolvers
W.P. Auto Pistols
W.P. Energy Pistols
W.P. Knife
W.P. Rope

O.C.C. Related Skills
Wilderness Survival-- 60% (+5%)
General Repair and Maintenance-- 70% (+5%)
Radio Basic-- 70% (+5%, 4th)
Lore: Demons & Monsters-- 65% (+5%)
Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic-- 45% (+5%, 3rd)
Boxing (1st)

Secondary Skills
Physical Labor
*Sense of Balance-- 65% (+3%)
*Work Parallel bars-- 75% (+3%)
*Back Flip-- 80% (+2%)
*Basic Climb-- 60% (+5%)
*Climb Rope/Rappel-- 80% (+2%)

Lore: American Indians-- 40% (+5%, 4th)
Cook-- 50% (+5%, 4th)
Literacy: Native Language: American 40% (+5%, 1st)
W.P. Sword (1st)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Commando (Lv 8 )
Number of Attacks: +8
Number of Attacks with Pistols: +10
Initiative Bonus: +7 (+10)
Initiative Bonus With Pistols: +15 (+22)
Strike Bonus: +7 (+9)
Ranged Strike Bonus: 0 (+1)
Parry Bonus: +10 (+14)
Dodge Bonus: +10 (+14)
Auto Dodge Bonus: +8 (+10)
HTH Damage Bonus: +7
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +11
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +9
Bonus to Disarm: +6
Bonus to Body/Flip Throw: +3

Horseback Combat Data: Cowboy
Number of Attacks: +8
Number of Attacks with Pistols: +10
Initiative Bonus: +8 (+11)
Initiative Bonus with Pistols: +16 (+23)
Melee Strike Bonus: +7 (+9)
Ranged Strike Bonus: +1 (+2)
Parry Bonus: +10 (+14)
Dodge Bonus:+10 (+14)
Auto Dodge Bonus: +8 (+10)
Bonus to Roll w/Fall/Impact: +13
Bonus to Disarm: +6
Bonus To Roll w/fall: thrown from horse: +15

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Sharpshooting (OCC Ability)
W.P Pair Weapon (From HTH and Ambidextrous Trait)
W.P. Paired Weapons Pistols (OCC Ability)
W.P. Revolvers: +3 to strike
W.P. Auto Pistols: +3 to strike
W.P. Energy Pistols: + 3 to strike
W.P. Knife: + 2 to strike, +3 to parry, +3 to strike when thrown.
W.P. Rope: + 2 to strike and + 2 to entangle and + 2 to disarm. Note: the Roping skill gives an additional bonus of +2 to strike and +2 to disarm when using against humanoid targets.
W.P. Sword: +1 Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +4%
Magic (varies): +1
Lethal Poison (14+): +1
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +1
Insanity (12+): +4
Psionics (15+): +3
Horror Factor (varies): +5
Possession and Mind control: +2
Charmed Life; All Saves: +1

APM Break Down
  • 6 From HTH
  • 1 From WP. Sharpshooting (Pistol Only)
  • 1 From Ambidexterity
  • 1 From Boxing
  • 1 From OCC (Pistol Only)
Initiative Break Down
  • +8/+12 (OCC Bonus PP Based, Pistols only)
  • +4 (HtH)
  • +1 (When mounted Horsemanship Cowboy)
  • +3 (F&G Roll)
  • +3 (Armor Mods)
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Re: Wolf Whitaker (Human Gunslinger)

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Wolf's Bank Account
  • 317,700 credits NGMI
    1,375,000 Universal credits (Armstrong 25/07/20)
RH-1001A Appaloosa Light Robot Horse Name: Dusty

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Riding clothes
Streetwolf M.D.C. Combat Pants
High Quality Leather Cowboy Hat
Multi Optic Band On Hat
Sunglasses Face/Neck
Pocket Language Translator Left Pocket
Cigarette Lighter & Pocket Mirror Right Pocket
Non-Secure Black Card: 1,200 credits Right Pocket (19AUG2019 Underguard)
NE-RV01 Ripper Vibro-Knife Boot
52 round ammo bandoleer, leather Across chest-left to right NE-003PC 52/52
Chain around Neck
  • .44 caliber round (Misfired)
  • Talisman of Superhuman Speed (Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Superhuman Agility(Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Invincible Armor (Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Fighting Spirit (Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Invulnerability (Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Sheltering Force(Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Magical-Adrenal Rush (Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Cloak of Darkness (Dog Tag)
  • Talisman of Chromatic Protection (Dog Tag)
Talisman of Invincible Armor (From Vheld)
Armored M.D.C. Sharp Duster
NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: Speedloader Enchanted Bullets Full
• Attachment: Speedloader Enchanted Bullets Full
• Attachment: Speedloader Enchanted Bullets Full
• Attachment: Speedloader Enchanted Bullets Full
• Attachment: Speedloader Enchanted Bullets Full
• Attachment: Speedloader Enchanted Bullets Full
• Attachment: Speedloader Equalizer Rounds
• Attachment: Speedloader Equalizer Rounds
• Attachment: Speedloader Equalizer Rounds
• Attachment: PPE Clip
• Attachment: TW Lightblade
• Attachment:

6 Pouch Bandoleer, Leather Across chest
• Space: Speed-loader NE-003PC Full
• Space: Speed-loader NE-003PC Full
• Space: Speed-loader NE-003PC Full
• Space: Speed-loader NE-003PC Full
• Space: Speed-loader NE-003PC Full
• Space: Speed-loader NE-003PC Full

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: NE-6SL Slim-Line "Magnum" Revolver 6/6
• Attachment: NE-6SL Slim-Line "Magnum" Revolver 6/6
• Attachment: NG Equalizer-Equalizer Rounds 6/6
• Attachment: TW Jammer Pistol 10/10
• Attachment: TW Thundergun 6/6
• Attachment: TW Thundergun 6/6

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: Canteen
• Space: Binoculars
• Space: Canteen
• Space: 2x MDC Handcuffs
• Space: 132x Enchanted Thundergun rounds
• Space: Small Silver Cross
• Space: Air Filter
• Space: Weapons Cleaning kit
• Space: 222x Equalizer Rounds
• Space: 176x NE-003PC

Stored on Saddle
50' Rope (Tied in a Lasso)
Saddle Bags
• Space:
• Space:
• Space: Xiticix Hooked Short Sword
• Space:
• Space: NE-RV01 Ripper Vibro-Knife x3
• Space: Survival Knife
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Stored In Room #5 at Roughnecks HQ
• 2x Bottles of wine
• Fancy Western Clothes
• 300x NE-003PC
• 96x NE-002PC
Model 1860 Colt .44 Revolver Silver 4/6
Model 1860 Colt .44 Revolver Empty
• Flashlight
• 600x .44 cal Mag rounds (Conventional SDC)

Gear Stats
Modified NE-6SL Slim-Line "Magnum" Revolver (2)
  • Range: 550'
  • Damage:
    • NE-001PC: 3D6 M.D.
    • NE-003PC: 1D4x10 M.D.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 6 NE-003PC rounds or 12 NE-001PC rounds; hand-loaded cylinder
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Features: Superior balancing
  • Modifiers:
    • +1 to strike on aimed shots;
    • +1 to Strike (Custom Grips)
    • Operator upgraded range by 10%
    • W.P. Handguns or W.P. Energy Pistol
  • Book Reference: p.25, DB8

Model 1860 Colt .44 Revolver x2
  • Range: 130'
  • Damage: 5D6
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 6 round cylinder
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Features: none
  • Modifiers: Full round to reload unless Gunslinger, Lawman or Bounty Hunter, in which case is half a round to reload.
  • Book Reference: p.212, WB14

TW Thundergun Revolver x2
  • Range: 500'
  • Damage: 3D6 to mortal beings, 5D6 M.D. to practitioners & creatures of magic, 1D6x10 M.D. to supernatural beings
  • Rate of Fire: single shots only
  • Payload: 6 shots
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Features:
    • W.P. Handguns
    • +1 to Strike (Custom Grips)
  • Magic only affects silver bullets, normal bullets do ordinary damage
  • A silver bullet that strikes a supernatural or magic being cracks with the sound of thunder
  • Modifiers: None

TW Characteristics:
  • TW Functions: None
  • Activation Cost: 15 P.P.E. enchants 6 silver bullets
  • P.P.E. Construction Cost: 84
  • Spell Chains Needed: Energy bolt (7), sense evil (2), sense magic (4), fly as the eagle, fire bolt (7) and thunderclap (4)
  • Physical Requirements: Schofield No. 3 revolver and a clear diamond worth 5000 credits+
  • Construction Time: 60 hours
  • Book Reference: p.215, WB14

NG Equalizer (Patron Item)
Northern Gun's engineers always make commercially non-viable prototypes to test out novel design ideas, and to test engineering theories. The Equalizer is one such item.
• Range: 800'
• Damage: 5D6 + knockdown
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 6 rounds
• Modifiers: +1 to initiative, +2 to strike, critical strike on Natural 19-20
• Features:
☞ Adaptive engineering: can also use NE-002PC "Medium" Plasma Cartridges, but with no knockdown effect.
☞ Custom Grip
☞ Laser Targeting
☞ Knockdown Effect: Human-sized beings who are shot must roll a 20 sided die to maintain their footing. This balance roll must equal or surpass the attacker's natural roll to strike. A successful save vs knockdown means the character feels like he's been kicked, but remains standing and suffers no penalties, except he loses initiative if he had it. A failed roll means the victim is knocked off his feet, and falls back onto the ground (1D4 feet), loses initiative (if he had it) and loses one melee attack/action! Even characters in M.D.C. body armor will be knocked down, however, those in power armor, full conversion cyborgs, robots, giants, supernatural beings and creatures of magic are not.
Notes: A strength of 16 or better is required to shoot the Equalizer (those with a weaker P.S. are -2 to strike even with an aimed shot, and -6 when shooting wild); a P.S. 18 is needed to fire it one-handed. Ammunition is only available at official Northern Gun outlets: 200 credits per round

240 rounds

TW Jammer Pistol
  • Range: 600'
  • Damage: Whatever mechanical device is hit by the blast is temporarily "jammed" (won't function) for 1 melee round
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 10 shots per P.P.E. clip
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None

TW Characteristics:
  • TW Functions:
    • Negate Mechanics (3rd level proficiency)
  • Book Reference: p.113, WB16

Xiticix Hooked Short Sword
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 1D6 M.D.
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Features: Weapon damage is added to user's own augmented, robotic, or supernatural melee damage
  • Modifiers: +1 to strike; +2 to parry; +3 to disarm
  • Book Reference: p.78, WB23

NE-RV01 Ripper Vibro-Knife (x4)
  • Damage: 2D4 M.D.
  • Payload: 1 hour constant use
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Features: silver coated
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.24, DB8

TW Lightblade
  • Range: Close combat
  • Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. (x2 vs beings vulnerable to light)
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Features: Fueled by wielder's Hit Points/S.D.C.
  • Modifiers: +1 to strike and parry

TW Characteristics:
  • TW Functions: [insert bulleted sub-list, if needed]
  • Activation Cost: 30 S.D.C. points or 15 Hit Points (30 M.D.C for M.D. beings)
  • Device Level: Five
  • P.P.E. Construction Cost: 300
  • Spell Chain Needed: Primary Spell: Lightblade (20), Secondary Spells: Blinding Flash (I), Energy Bolt (5), Globe of Daylight (2) and Life Source (2)
  • Physical Requirements: None
  • Duration of Charge: 5 minutes
  • Construction Time: 150 hours
  • Construction Cost: Unlisted
  • Book Reference: p.137, R:UE

Enhanced NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helmet: 62
  • Arms: 50 each
  • Legs: 62 each
  • Main Body: 112

Weight: 21 lbs. for human equivalent, 35 lbs. for giant-sized.
Modifiers: -10% to physical skills
  • All standard NE environmental armor features (p.35-36, DB8)
  • Thermo-Kinetic Armor (thermal and kinetic attacks do 25% less damage)
  • Modular Features & Upgrades Packages
  • Robotic Exoskeleton
    • Robotic P.S. of 25, +4 P.P., +20 Speed, +10' to leaps, +10% to Climbing, Reduce Fatigue by 75%
    • Restrained Punch: 6D6, Punch/Kick: 1D4 M.D., Power Punch/Jump Kick: 2D4 M.D.
  • Laser Distancer & Targeting
    • +1 to Strike with Hand Held Ranged Weapons
    • Range 2,000'
  • Optics Enhancements
    • Passive Night Vision: 3,000'
    • Telescopic Vision (up to 20x Magnification): 1 mile
    • Macro-Lens (6x Magnification)
    • Thermo-Imager: 2,000'
    • Light Polarization
  • HUD Visor Allows 6 different screens to be viewed without impairing vision.
  • Integrated Sensor Pod
    • 360° scanning capability
    • +3 Initiative, +2 to Parry, +2 to Dodge, +5 to Roll w/, allows user to dodge all attack, even those from behind and/or surprise
  • Advanced Communication Package
    • Includes: Basic receiver/transmitter, secure cryptological encoding, burst transmission capability, and if the Suit has the HUD Enhancement is capable of sending and receiving text communications
    • Range: 30 miles
  • Psionic Electromagnetic Dampers
    • +2 to Save vs all Psionic Attacks and Possession Attempts, +1 to Save vs Magic Illusion and Mind Control
  • Built-In N-F50A Force Field
    • M.D.C.: 160
    • Voice Activated

Book Reference: p.37-39, DB8

N-F50A Superheavy Force Field
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Force Field: 160

Weight: 15 lbs.
Modifiers: none
  • 6 hour duration per E-clip

Book Reference: p.122, DB2

Streetwolf M.D.C. Combat Pants x2
  • M.D.C.: 8
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Armored M.D.C. Sharp Duster x2
  • M.D.C.: 28
  • Weight: 8 lbs

Talisman of Invincible Armor (From Vheld)
Magic Features
  • Invincible Armor @lv10
  • Charges: 3

RH-1001A Appaloosa Light Robot Horse
Alignment: programmed to act like a genuine horse
Disposition: programmed to act like a genuine horse
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Head: 50
  • Legs (4): 50 each
  • Main Body: 200/-97

Statistical Data:
Running Speed: 75 mph max.
Leaping: 5' up & 10' across (x2 w/a running start)
Underwater Capabilities: walk on bottom at 25% run speed, swim at 3 mph; 500' max depth
Dimensions: 13 hands (4'4") at shoulders, 2.6' wide, 6.6' long, 800 lbs.
Physical Strength: Robotic P.S. 26
Cargo: 1,000 lbs., can pull up to 2 tons
Power System: Nuclear (15 year life)
Weapon Systems:
Hand to Hand Combat: 3 APM, per Robotic P.S. 26
Features of Note:
  • P.P. 20, I.Q. 9 (equivalent)
  • Responds to physical and voice commands
  • Recognize owner & 96 others
  • Will warn rider on approach of (known) enemies & identify natural threats
  • Will not allow unauthorized people to ride or command it

Modifiers: +2 to initiative, +1 to strike, +3 to dodge when running, +2 to roll w/impact
Book Reference: p.196-197, WB14

Cavalry Armor for Horses
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helmet: 50
  • Arms: 18 each
  • Legs: 25 each
  • Main Body: 90

Weight: 30 lbs.
Modifiers: -5% to SPD w/armored leggings
  • None

Book Reference: p.181, WB14

Dark brown leather saddlebags, both sides.
  • 15 S.D.C.
  • 20% of Horses Carrying Capactiy can be stored here before strain

Gear On Loan To Wolf

Ring of Eyes of the Wolf (Will)
Rare Enchanted Ring
Magic Features
  • Nightvision: 60'
  • Duration: 35 minutes
  • Uses per day: 2

See the Invisible Amulet (Will)
Uncommon Amulet
Magic Effect:
  • Enables the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible (200')

Curse: (if any)
History: (if any)

Talismans From Will
Talisman of Chromatic Protection
Magic Features
  • Chromatic Protection
  • Duration: 8 minutes
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.100/150, BoM

Talisman of Cloak of Darkness
Magic Features
  • Cloak of Darkness
  • Duration: 32 minutes
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.93/150, BoM

Talisman of Fighting Spirit
Magic Features
  • Fighting Spirit
  • +1 on Initiative, to strike w/ Guns
  • +2 APM, to disarm, parry and dodge, roll w/ impact, to save vs Possession
  • +3 to strike melee,
  • +4 pull punch, to save vs Horror Factor/fear
  • Crit Strike: Natural 18-20
  • Karate kick, Jump kick, Paired Weapons, leap attack, Judo flip/throw.
  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.16 Mercenary Adventures/p.150, BoM

Talisman of Invincible Armor
Magic Features
  • Invincible Armor
  • 200/200 MDC
  • Regen: 1D6 MD/melee
  • Equivalent to EBA
  • Energy attacks: 1/2 damage
  • -15% to prowl, climb, swim and other physical skills
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.121/150, BoM

Talisman of Invulnerability
Magic Features
  • Invulnerability
  • M.D.C.: 50
  • Impervious to cold, disease, drugs, gases, energy, poison, and toxins
  • +10 vs magic, psionics, & horror factor
  • Duration: 8 melees
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.116/150, BoM

Talisman of Lightblade
Magic Features
  • Lightblade
  • Damage: 1d4*10+8 M.D.
  • Duration: 8 minutes
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.117/150, BoM

Talisman of Magical-Adrenal Rush
Magic Features
  • Magical-Adrenal Rush
  • +1 to strike, dodge and all saving throws
  • +2 APM
  • +3 on initiative
  • Supernatural P.S.
  • Speed +50%
  • No fatigue, impervious to drugs, mind control, possession, illusions, pain, Horror Factor, can endure 3x normal damage to body.
  • Duration: 8 melees
  • At end of spell, ½ APM, speed, skills, combat bonuses for 1D4 minutes.
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.122/150, BoM

Talisman of Sheltering Force
Magic Features
  • Sheltering Force
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.114/150, BoM

Talisman of Superhuman Agility
Magic Features
  • Superhuman Agility
  • +1 on Initiative, Parry
  • +5 to dodge
  • Automatic Dodge: +5
  • Automatically rolls with impact
  • +20% to Climb/Rappel
  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.14 Mercenary Adventures/p.150, BoM

Talisman of Superhuman Speed
Magic Features
  • Superhuman Speed
  • +2 to Parry
  • +6 to Dodge
  • Speed: 44, no Fatigue
  • Duration: 8 minutes
  • Charges: 3

Book Reference: p.109/150, BoM
80 wooden slug shotgun shells
1000 water balloons
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Re: Wolf Whitaker (Human Gunslinger)

Post by Wolf Whitaker »

Background Story
Wolf was playing with his toy horse, a small wooden carved horse his father made for him, outside on the porch of his home when the man came calling. Wolf looked up as the man reigned his horse to a stop next to Wolf. Dressed in riding leathers with a duster and a beautiful cowboy hat, black leather with a decorative silver band, he was a wonder to behold. Two pearl handle revolvers completed his ensemble. Yet even with all that Wolf was more intrigue by the man’s eyes. The cold nothing in the grey eyes of the stranger were positively a mystery. He had never seen eyes so devoid of emotion.
“Evening Mister.” The stranger was shocked as Wolf showed no signs of fear at his presence.
“Wolf! Get away from the man. Come inside and get yourself ready for dinner.” His Father called out from the front door.
“Yes Pa.” Wolf hurried to his room overlooking the front of the house. He wanted to see what brought the stranger to his home. He could see his father talking to the stranger. His mother soon came out and joined his father. Shortly thereafter his father began yelling at the stranger and making wild gestures with his hands. Wolf had never seen his father so upset. The man was his Father's antithesis, cold and calm in his small gestures as he stepped closer to Wolf's Father. In an instant his father pushed the man away and drew his pistol. His father was fast enough to get one shot off clipping the stranger in the shoulder, yet he was unmoved by the hit. Wolf could barely register the man’s return shots. Ten shots in the blink of an eye. Five into his father and five into his mother. An odd detachment settled over him as he ran down the stairs and into the street. As he approached his parents laying in front of the house, all emotional feelings were stripped away. Not crying, not wailing, just staring at the bodies on the street like they were strangers. He watched numbly as his parents’ blood oozed to his feet. He looked up with detached interest as the stranger locked the hammer back on his revolver. Wolf gazed in wonder, not fear, at the beautiful craftsmanship of the weapon point at him. CLICK. The stranger cocked his head to the side puzzled. He opened the cylinder and removed the round from his weapon. The hammer left the same imprint on the primer as it had on the other casings in his weapon but this one had failed to discharge.
“Looks like this is your luck day kid. The bullet doesn’t lie.” The stranger tossed the round to Wolf climbed on his horse and departed. Wolf stood there on the ground made muddy by his parents’ blood, turning the round over in his hands as the man’s words echoed in his head. “The bullet doesn’t lie.”

Two decades later, Wolf sat alone at the bar shoulders hunched as he nursed his whiskey. No one but himself to worry about. He enjoyed it. However, it was becoming repetitive. Same old thing. He would pick up a contract for protection or to eliminate someone’s competition and then some new young kid would come along trying to prove themselves or someone would try and chase him down looking for revenge. Wolf never really cared for where his jobs came from, only how much they paid. He set out to make a name for himself and he had succeeded. However, with success came risk. People knew who he was and many wanted to end his life for the things he had done. Today was no exception.
“WOLF!!!” The doors to the bar slammed open as a large man in a leather duster stormed into the bar. Wolf rolled his eyes as he looked at the man in the mirror at the back of the bar. “You killed my Brother!” The man pulled back his duster exposing a pistol on his right side.
Here we go again. People never learn. How many do I have to kill before they leave me alone? A heavy sigh escaped Wolf and he looked at the bartender. “Here or outside?”
The bartender looked unconcerned about the possibility of a shootout in his bar. “Don’t leave a mess.” He turned and walked out of the line of fire. Other patrons began seeking shelter in the dark corners of the bar, leaving the two men alone in the middle of the bar. Wolf looked back up into the mirror. “If you do this, you won’t leave here under your own power.”
“Face me.”
“No. I’m good here.” Wolf remained seated on his bar stool facing the mirror his back to his opponent. His left hand subconsciously felt for the .44 caliber cartridge around his neck, on a silver chain, quietly reassuring him of his eventual fate.
“FACE ME!!!” The man's face reddened with anger. “I want you to remember the man you killed, my brother Benjamin and the one who will kill you. I am Dillan and I will END YOU!”
Wolf threw his head back, laughter echoing through the bar. “You really think I’m going to remember everyone I’ve killed? You don’t understand how little I care. The job is the job. I take nothing I do personal...not even your claims right now, it’s not personal to me. Honestly, whether we do this or not, by tomorrow I will not remember you. So leave, or shoot. Those are your choices.”
Dillan’s hand grabbed for his gun. The muzzle just cleared the holster as four lasers flashed in quick succession. Dillan's gun clattered to the ground as his gaze moved to the single smoking hole in his chest. Smoke slowly curled up from the muzzle of Wolf’s pistol still aiming at the mirror in front of him. Dillan’s mouth moved, working to say something, his lungs destroyed by the energy of the laser pistol. He slowly collapsed to the floor as his body began to shut down and darkness took him.
Wolf finished his drink, left some credits on the counter, and made his way to the street. Time to leave. I really need a change of scenery. Wolf checked his saddle bags making sure he had everything he needed for a trip to MercTown. He should be able to gain employment there. Maybe get some excitement back into his life. If nothing else it shouldn’t be boring.

Wolf's Journal

Indicates separate notes in the margins of the Journal. Hand Writing is slightly different.
Entry 1
Well the world is still as crazy as ever. Arrived in MercTown and ran across a group who called themselves MARS. Nice bunch of people. Maybe a little too nice. Left me feeling like I needed to go to church more. They let me tag along for a while. There was one, Felix, was some kind of flying tiger. Interesting fella. He kept trying to speak English, but his native language was Spanish. I guess none of the others in MARS were Spanish speakers. Seemed like an awkward kid, but it was nice to practice my Spanish with another native speaker.

Next thing I knew we were rifted to where two other groups were located. Some job had gone sideways and they needed more people. I was glad to have been able to purchase a pair of .44 mag revolvers. Unfortunately I learned that silver is just as expensive in MercTown as it is in Gallup. I only had 12 bullets. I was going to have to make them count. I still had my trusty Equalizer and my Two naruni pistols. I still remember when I got those. Good times. Anyway apparently we were needed to stop the summoning of a god of death called, Nxla. No one I heard of before, but the pay was good so I was in. One million UC per person. At the time that was a lot. Still is, but I’m learning that seems to be on the lower end of payouts. I was introduced to Wazika and the rest of the Roughnecks. Now these were my kind of people. Rough around the edges and shifty as hell. Waz offered me a position dependent on my performance on this job. That was fair. Can’t just give the new guy the keys to the castle.

With introductions finished we split up to hit three different rituals and make sure they did not succeed. Well I don’t know much about magic but I had to assume that bullets and energy weapons would still work. And they did. Kind of. The voice in my head is demanding that I put this in so here it is. On top of everything we were not partnered with Waz. He did have us conduct a quick draw test. He was just as fast as we were. Label: Threat. We were partnered with Rocky from MARS. Can walk through walls. Mental powers. Threat. John from the Roughnecks. Can grow into a gigantic rock monster. Epic threat. Unable to counter. We had Saul, the Talking monkey. Judgmental little shit. Deceased. and Mierin from Spooks Squad. Hot redhead. Assassin. Melee. Threat. High. So together we drove with the rest of the groups until we had to split off. Our destination was the ruins of Lexington deep inside the Magic zone.
Entry 2
Ok, now to the fun part. Kind of. My group proceeded to the Lexington ruins to attempt to find and stop some kind of summoning ritual. I was never much for the supernatural, but we had some good trackers. I thought. We came across an inn where we thought we could get some answers but only found more questions. There was no one there. There was food left out, half eaten. Like everyone just got up in the middle of what they were doing and left. About this time we ran across some guy named Zion. Still think he was an enemy plant. Claimed to have some nifty magic canceling powers or what not. Never saw him do anything useful. He was just there, watching. Should have shot him when I saw him. Zion. Hostile. Deceased. Any way he met his end eventually but not yet. So we searched the inn and discovered a passage to a set of underground caves. Oh ya, Rocky had gone off on his own by this time. He never made it down to the caves. Anyway, after tooling around in the caves not really sure what we were looking for, we ran into Rocky again, and finally located the ritual. A brief firefight broke out. John turned into rocks and smashed most of the enemies before most of us could do much more then get a few shots off. We saved some people and headed out to Stormspire to meet up with everyone else.
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Re: Wolf Whitaker (Human Gunslinger) WIP

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Permission & Approval
1) Registered Account with an appropriate handle? Yes
2) Completed approval process with Augur via Hangouts? Yes
3) If applicable, spent appropriate Explorer Points (EP) to unlock any special benefits (dimensional or regional origin, meta-bonuses, etc.)? N/A
4) Contacted GM of desired group(s)? Yes

Style & Form: Character Sheet
1) Used EU Character Sheet Template? Yes
2) Skills presented as per Unified Skill List? Yes
3) Bonuses add up and are presented correctly (If no bonus, is it listed with a +0 or --)? Yes
4) Proofread by someone other than the author? Yes. Lindsy from EU Community hangouts.

Style & Form: Equipment
1) Used EU Equipment Sheet Template? Yes
2) Prioritized gear? Yes
3) Indicated area of sacrifice, if applicable? Yes
4) Listed all other gear and money correctly? Yes

Style & Form: Background
1) Used EU Background Story Template? Yes
2) Uses EU BB code to denote speech, thought, etc.? Yes
3) Is longer than a sentence but shorter than a novella? Yes
4) Proofread by someone other than the author? Yes

1) Used standard BB Code? Yes
2) Found an appropriate avatar? Yes
3) Used Die Roller for all rolls? Yes
4) Included save vs. insanity? Yes
5) Created a post to the EP Ledger? Yes
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Re: Wolf Whitaker (Human Gunslinger)

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EP Rolls

Fortune and Glory Table roll 1d10 = 6: 6
FNG Sub-table 10 roll 1d10 = 4: 4
Result- Charmed Life +1 to all saves

Attribute 16+ P.P. -- 1d10 = 2: 2

Fortune and Glory Sub-table of choice-- Strong suit of armor-- NE-BA-26 w/ Robotic Exoskeleton and Laser Distancer & Targeting

9 June 2020 Fortune and Glory Table roll: 1d10 = 10: 10
FNG Sub-table 10 roll: 1d4 = 1: 1
Result: Receive 3 Automatic Critical Successes to use at your discretion (includes skill rolls, combat actions, scroll study, tinkering attempt, etc.) 3/3 Remaining.

9 June 2020 Fortune and Glory Table roll: 1d10 = 2: 2 Duplicate. Re-roll: 1d10 = 8: 8
FNG Sub-table 8 roll: 1d4 = 2: 2
Result: Your Rich Dead Uncle Dream: receive 1,000,000 Universal Credits

9 June 2020 Fortune and Glory sub-Table of choice (4) roll: 1d4 = 4: 4
Result: Receive the ambidextrous trait.

21 June 2020 Fortune and Glory Table roll: 1d10 = 4: 4
F&G Sub-Table 4 Roll: 1d4 = 3: 3
Result: +3 Init

21 June 2020 Fortune and Glory Table roll: 1d10 = 2: 2 Duplicate. Re-roll: 1d10 = 8: 8
F&G Sub-table 8 roll: 1d4 = 2: 2; Duplicate. Re-roll: 1d4 = 2: 2; Duplicate. Re-roll: 1d4 = 3: 3
Result: Receive one Access Reward: Favorable Contact within Merctown (Unclaimed)

Level up rolls
Lv4: HP: 1d6 = 3: 3
Lv5 HP: 1d6 = 3: 3
Lv 6 HP: 1d6 = 3: 3

3d6 = 12: 2, 6, 4 SDC
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Re: Wolf Whitaker (Human Gunslinger) (Experience Table)

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Gunslinger Experience Table:

1- 0,000 to 2,160
2- 2,161 to 4,320
3- 4,321 to 8,640
4- 8,641 to 18,000
5- 18,001 to 27,000
6- 27,001 to 38,500
7- 38,501 to 54,700
8- 54,701 to 77,000
9- 77,001 to 100,300
10- 100,301 to 140,500
11- 140,501 to 210,000
12- 210,001 to 250,700
13- 250,701 to 325,000
14- 325,001 to 395,500
15- 395,501 to 455,700

Current Character Goals:
  • Become known as the best gunslinger in the known world.
  • Learn from Reid’s Rangers. Cross OCC into Reid’s Ranger Vampire Hunter.
  • Become an expert on the destruction of undead beings.
  • Accomplish all of this with no augmentations. (Cybernetics or bio systems)
  • Create a custom signature pistol as famous as Wolf will become.
Wolf Whitaker

Reputation-Based Horror Factor: 12
NE-6SL 6/6
NE-6SL 6/6

NG Equalizer
Equalizer 6/6

Model 1860 Colt .44 Revolver
Silver 6/6
Model 1860 Colt .44 Revolver
Silver 0/6
Armor: NE-BA-26

Helmet: 50/50
Arms: L 40/40 R 40/40
Legs: L 50/50 R 50/50
Main Body: 90/90
NE-F50: 160/160

Do not PM this Account. Please direct all PMs to Sum of All Fears
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