Dedicated Feedback Thread

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Dedicated Feedback Thread

Post by Augur »

This is a permanent thread for providing feedback to the group's GM and AGM.

Please provide useful and relevant criticisms.
  • Let your A/GMs know what you liked/disliked.
    Let your A/GMs know what you want to see more/less of in the future.
    Let your A/GMs know of any ideas you have that they might use to make the game more fun.
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Bettie Houser
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Re: Dedicated Feedback Thread

Post by Bettie Houser »

I'm new to the group, so I don't have a lot to go on feed back wise at this point. But from reading the archived adventure threads I can see this group has dealt with some truly epic campaigning. This might sound ass-backwards, but I suggest we try for something smaller scale for our next adventure. Like bounty hunting, or garrison duty, maybe training a small towns militia. And of course, throw in a wrench just to shake things up. But I suggest we move away from the hordes-of-vampires etc.
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Jack Killian
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Re: Dedicated Feedback Thread

Post by Jack Killian »

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Re: Dedicated Feedback Thread

Post by Hannibal »

Alright, We have a month or so into the adventure. If you would, I would appreciate some honest feedback. Adventure too slow, too fast, just right? Too many details, not enough details?

Keep in mind this is my first GM gig so anything you can provide will benefit us all. Don't be shy.
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John Altfeld
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Re: Dedicated Feedback Thread

Post by John Altfeld »

Hey Jim,

This adventure is off to a great start!

The writing and color is good, but for PBP it's probably better to skip things like the Tom Sawyer encounter where he didn't have useful information and was pointing us to a place we were already going. Maybe keep it as part of a larger post saying "you pass a trader traveling the river by raft" or similar.

The current encounter, where there's also no danger and we're obviously going to use these people as guides (especially because it's a free service), could probably have been included automatically, or ask for confirmation that we're using them from, say, Wak/Mike and we might be at New Nashville right now or doing your diabolical D-Shifting encounter.

Any 'drop out of narrative' beat like these two is going to take at least a week to get posts and then move on, so unless it's narratively important, it becomes a larger delay than would happen in an in-person tabletop situation where everyone can (in seconds) be like "Okay, we say hi to Tom Sawyer and move along."
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Re: Dedicated Feedback Thread

Post by Wakiza »

You are doing great!

The Good:
-Post rate has been excellent, The fact that you are willing and able to post more frequently than once a week is killer for any GM. Consistency in posting is the cornerstone of a good GM.
-Posts are well written and the color is great.
-First encounter with Tom was well written and we got a taste of some useful information about the 'unknown' Jameson. Good filler.
-Our next encounter is ongoing, but so far so good. I love when a GM puts together good maps, whether we use them in combat or not. So huge kudos from me on this detail.
-Another good point is the detail of your responses to some of Wak's abilities. This will be a bit challenging cause he can do a lot that requires some random intricate details and I love what you have done with it so far.

The Bad:
-Nothing, I think things have been going smoothly.

I am really interested in how you are going to deal with combat. We have a diverse group. You have an unkillable god in John, that can cause ungodly destruction, then you have Wolf, who is basically a normal human that is really really good with his pistols. In between you have the very experienced Wak & Will that can do numerous different things, a human torch, an amazingly agile juicer, and a Temporal Wizard that has some interesting spells and abilities. You have your work cut out for you.

To me the important points are good writing, attention to character details, post rate consistency, and maps! You are doing well in all those categories. :salut:

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