Marcus - Mutant Human Body Fixer

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Marcus - Mutant Human Body Fixer

Post by Marcus »

Player Name: Paul Shelton
YIM Handle: Paul_Notlehs

Character Name: Marcus Angelo Sebastian Hawk
Alias: MASH
Race: Mutant Human
O.C.C.: Body Fixer
Occupation: Ex-CS civilian contractor (NBC Warfare)
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 8
XP Points: 54,928 + 2,200 (Epic) = 57,128 (T-Rex -Oct 2017 & Townsend - 10.25.17)
Next Level @ XP: 53,001 (I Need an Update)
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Treats all sentient beings with the utmost respect and courtesy until they prove undeserving of it. Has a high regard for life and personal freedom.
Sentiments/Coalition: Dislikes and Distrusts the Coalition, well informed & knows much about CS philosophies, laws, activity, and they seem to be pretty unjust, if not outright evil.
Disposition: Paternal. Tends to be overprotective of others, especially friends. Is especially overbearing toward young characters and children.
Insanity: Panic Attacks (-50% to all actions for 1d6 melee rounds when one strikes)

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 13
M.A.: 10
P.S.: 19
P.P.: 12
P.E.: 19
P.B.: 12
Speed: 19

P.P.E.: 13
M.D.C.: 1,383 (+110 each new level)
Age: 45
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Description: Middle-aged gentleman in a doctor's lab coat with a fatherly smile. Long brown hair kept in a pony tail and sandals on his feet. Usually cheerful save for a haunted look that crosses his face now and then.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +2
Medical Perception Bonus: +4

Special Abilities
:arrow: Massive Damage Capacity
On Rifts Earth, add the Hit Points and S.D.C. together and that's the number of M.D.C.!
Increased Hit Points: Starts out with 2D6x10 additional Hit Points, +10 per level of experience.
Increased S.D.C: Starts out with 1D6x100 additional S.D.C, +100 per level of experience.
*Regenerates 100 HP/SDC every two minutes
*Fatigues at 1/3 normal rate
:arrow: Sonic Flight
*Taking off/Landing counts as one action each
*Extraordinary Vision: 10x better than normal, Range: 2 miles
*Nightvision: 1000'
*Maximum Altitude: 45,000'
*Unaffected by thin air, high altitudes, or G-force under 10
*Hold breath: 6 minutes, 20 seconds (+20 seconds per additional level of experience)
*Resistant to cold: 1/2 damage and freezing temperatures cause no discomfort.
*Acceleration: 0-700mph in one melee action (causes sonic boom).
*Flight is silent only under 100mph, sounds like a loud rush or dull whistle at speeds in excess of 100mph.
*Can stop quickly, make sharp turns and hover at will.
:arrow: Color Manipulation
Range: 140' (+10' per each additional level of experience)
Limits: 1600 square feet of surface area (+200' sq per each additional level of experience)
Duration: 120 minutes (+15 minutes per each additional level of experience)
:arrow: Weightlessness
Duration: Unlimited, at will An attacker's punches, kick, collisions, and explosive force do half damage.
Combat Bonus:
+1 Attack per Melee Round
+1 initiative
+2 strike, parry, dodge, disarm, pull punch.
+10 normal speed
No combat penalties for being weightless.

:arrow: Energy Expulsion: Light
Range: 600 feet
Damage: 10D6 mdc or 1D6x10(+1D6 mdc per level of exp)
Bonuses: +3 to strike on aimed shot. +1 to strike on Wild shots.
Special: Can glow like a human light bulb equal to a 325 watts (+25 watts per level)
:arrow: Impervious to Disease & Illness
The character is totally immune to all forms of disease and illness, including magic or psionically induced illness and even radiation sickness. This power also prevents the psionic "Bio-Manipulation attack.

O.C.C. Skills
*Familiarity with D-Bees
*Disease Diagnostic Specialist
Language: American--98%
Language: Euro--98%
Literacy: American--98%
Body Building
Basic Math--98%
Brewing: Medicinal--85/90%
Lore: D-Bee--85%
Medical Doctor--108/110%
Pilot: Hover Craft--100%
Sensory Equipment--90/75%
W.P. Knife

O.C.C. Related Skills
Cybernetic Medicine (x2)--95/108%
Field Surgery--80%
Chemistry: Pharmaceutical--85%
Chemistry: Analytical--75%
Crime Scene Investigation--90%
Animal Husbandry--90%
Veterinary Science--100%
Entomological Medicine--115/75%
Juicer Technology--95%
Holistic Medicine--85/75%
Electrical Engineer--60% (3rd Level pick)
Computer operation-- 55% (6th Level pick)
Boxing (6th level pick)

Secondary Skills
HTH: Basic
Advanced Math--85%
W.P. Blunt
Radio: Basic--85%
Cook (Professional)--70%
W.P. Energy Pistol (3rd Level pick)
Mechanical: Basic-- 45%

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 8
Initiative Bonus: +3
Strike Bonus: +3 (+1 while in flight only)
Parry Bonus: +6 (+8 while in flight only)
Dodge Bonus: +6 (+12 while in flight only)
HTH Damage Bonus: +6
Bonus to Disarm +1
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +4
Critical on a 19or 20
Kick Attack: 1D8
Sonic Two-Fisted Punch (ram style) @ 400mph: 1d4x10 damage, 3d6 to self (2 APM)
Sonic Flying Ram @ 400mph+: 2d4x10 damage + knocked off feet and hurtled 2d6' away, 5d6 to self (3 APM)
Critical strike on a unmodified roll of 19 or 20
Judo-style body flip throw: does 1D5 damage, and victim loses initiative and one attack.

Weapon Proficiencies
Knife: +2 to Strike, +3 to Parry, +3 to Strike when Thrown
Blunt: +3 to Strike and parry Bonus, +1 when thrown
Energy Rifle: +3 to Strike Bonus
Energy Pistol: +4 to Strike Bonus

Saving Throws
+17% vs. Coma/Death
+4 vs. Toxins/Disease
+3 vs. Insanity
+2 vs. Horror Factor
+2 vs. Magic
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"Look for the good in all you see, hear the Best from all you meet, and learn from those willing to teach." The total wisdom I've gathered so-far.
MDC: 1,383/1,383
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Force Field: 75/75 (not on)
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Re: Marcus

Post by Marcus »


Worn on Person
Medical Bag (see below)
Traveling outfit
N-F20A Medium Force Field Harness
M.D.C.: 75
Modifiers: None
Duration: 10 hours per E-clip

Dual-Holster Utility Belt
2 Standard E-clips
20 pinches of enchanted powdered Rowan bark in a leather pouch, heals 1d6 H.P. or S.D.C. when eaten.

Slaver's Net Gun (In smithereens from owner abuse.)
Range: 180'
Rate of Fire: single shots only, two nets per melee max.
Payload: 20/20 nets
Duration: Up to 20 minutes

Recharge: Must be magically recharged at about 8,000 credits. (WB2 Atlantis p. 154)

NG-T6 Taser Neural Disruptor
Range: 100'
Damage: 1D4 save vs. neural stun (16+) or rendered unconscious. Those who save are -4 to strike, parry, and dodge for 1D8 melee rounds.
Rate of Fire: standard
Payload: 8 shots

TW Lifeforce Adapter
TW H.P./P.P.E. Converter/Battery
M.D.C.: 25
Magic Features
• P.P.E. Storage: Can store up to 60 P.P.E. at any given time.
• Power TW Device: This item may be attached to a TW device and be used to power said device as if the user were a magic user.
• P.P.E. Recharge: This item can be recharged like a normal TW device.
• Lifeforce Conversion: This device can convert Lifeforce to P.P.E. for the purpose of using TW Devices.
•• 2 S.D.C. or 1 Hit Point = 1 P.P.E.
•• 1 M.D.C. = 1 P.P.E.
Side Effects/Flaws: When used to drain life force to power itself the user is -2 to all saves and combat rolls and -10% to all skills for every 5 P.P.E. charged in this manner, Penalties last as long as it takes the user to naturally recover.
• This item will always attempt to recharge to full, risking possible injury and death of the user, the damage is only recovered by natural means, magic and psionic healing has no effect.
• Current PPE Storage: 60/60

Enforcer gauntlets (Basic Model)
insert image here: 100 pixels in height, 150 pixels for heavy weapons
• Damage: Treats user's PS as supernatural for purposes of damage and parrying
• Duration: 2 minutes
• Activation Cost: 15 PPE or 30 ISP
• Modifiers: -15% on any skill requiring manual dexterity and -1 to strike using firearms while worn

Lightning Rod
insert image here: 100 pixels in height, 150 pixels for heavy weapons
• Range:
• Damage: 1D6 MD, +2 to strike
• Rate of Fire: One bolt per action, up to four bolts per melee
• Range: 1200 ft
• Duration: 1 minute
• Activation cost: 14 PPE or 28 ISP
• Modifiers: Impervious to Energy while in use/charged (Still vulnerable to Magic, Psionics and Kinetic attacks)

TW Lightblade
• Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. Against vampires, shadow beasts, and other demons vulnerable to light it inflicts double damage.
• Duration of Charge: 5 minutes
• Activation Cost: 30 S.D.C. points or 15 Hit Points (If HP reaches 0 character falls into a coma and is -20% Save vs Coma/Death). SDC/HP damage can not be healed by magical or psionic means.
• Modifiers: + 1 to strike and parry

Universal Credit card 2,480,940 (13 SEP 2014 - Ryu Goryo - AGM)
Unsecure Credit Card 110,000 (Feb 11 - Captain Cook)
Savings pass book for Merctown savings book Balance 1,000,000
Pen flashlight
Hand-held computer

MA-WI TW Wraith Suit (Stored in Marcus Room or in Group Vehicle when on Mission)
Weight: 3 Lbs
Mobility: Excellent, no penalties.
Activation Cost: 30 PPE or 60 ISP ( for all features together )
Duration: 10 Minutes ( or until used up )
Magical Features All engage together as a complete set. All at 5th level strength.
#1> Armor of Ithan covers entire body 50 MDC
#2> Breathe Without Air
#3> Chameleon
#4> Invisibility Superior
#5> Shadow Meld
#6> Escape
#7> Float in Air ( Leaves no Foot Prints , Spd reduced to 1/2 )
#8> Levitation
#9> See the Invisible
Side Effects:
Spd is reduced by 1/2 as indicated above in item #7.
Suit can not be use or even worn with any other type of armor.

Medical Bag (Carried of person)
2 Scalpels
Wilk's Laser Scalpel
Suture gun
50' of suture
Suture tape 90'
2 surgical gowns
12 disposable Gloves
1 surgical kit
1 Medical kit
1 Robot Medical Kit
5 IRMSS bio-scanners (modified)
Portable Lab
Hand-held blood pressure reader
Portable computer drug dispenser
Protein healing salve (10) 8 oz tubes
Field medical kit
Qwik-clot (10) 20 dose aerosol cans

TW Feather Duster (In medical Bag)
☞ Spells: Cleanse, Globe of Daylight (@ L4 Strength)
☞ Activation cost: 6 PPE, 2PPE or 12 ISP, 4 ISP

TW Shelter: Dino Swamp page 98, 8-12 people very large/hut
2x Light Healing Bandages (Adventures in Dino Swamp 156)
2x Medium Healing Bandages (Adventures in Dino Swamp 156)
1x Heavy Healing Bandages (Adventures in Dino Swamp 156)
2x Super-Heavy Healing Bandages (Adventures in Dino Swamp 156)

Compu-Drud Dispenser (In medical Bag)
Range: touch
Payload: 48 measured shots
Ammo: normal assortment of medical drugs, plus

Spider’s Serpent Venom (5 doses, lethal toxin)
Successful save: only takes 3d6 damage and half duration
Full Damage: 1d6x10 to dragons, 1d4x10 to lesser demons and 3d6+18 to mortal MDC beings (damage may not be regenerated for ten minutes)

Spider’s Dream Poison (6 doses, non-lethal toxin)
Effect:target is rendered unconscious for 1d4+3 minutes per dose
Spider’s Kiss Poison (6 doses, non-lethal toxin)
Effect: SPD reduced by 90%, -2 APM, no bonuses, -80% to all skills
Duration: 1d4+1 per dose

Spider’s Tongue (5 doses, non-lethal toxin)
Effect: Truth serum + reduce APM by 50%,
Duration: 1d6+2 minutes

Black Widow’s Embrace (3 doses, non-lethal toxin)
Effect: victim is paralyzed
Duration: 1d4+4 minutes

Wasp Fever (3 doses, non-lethal toxin)
Effects: High Fever plus -6 Initiative, -2 to all combat bonuses, -2 APM, -50% SPD, -30% all skills
Duration: 2d6x10 minutes/ if saved 1d4 melees

N-F20A Medium Force Field (Stored in the Gammera)
• M.D.C.: 75
• Weight: 10 lbs.
• No movement penalties
• 12 hour duration per E-clip

XM-50 Medic Ambulance Pod (Stored in Employee parking at MercTown State Hospital)
class: Hover Pod
crew: one
main body: 140
speed: 60 mph max Altitude 500 feet
Range: unlimited
Rear facing Mini-Defense Turret:
RoF: As per pilot attacks, or can be set to automatic mode with 5 attacks per melee against targets behind the pod.
Range: 1,200ft
Note: The turret is designed primarily with anti-missile defence but will also engage known monster types.

In Room

Stored in Vehicle

Multi-Optics Helmet (Worn)
M.D.C.: 50
• • Thermal-Imaging: 1,600'
• • Infrared: 1,600'
• • Nightvision: 1,600'
• • Targeting Sight: 1,600'
• • Telescopic Monocular Lens (2 miles)
• • Integrated Radio
Modifier: +1 strike with ranged weapons when Targeting Sight is engaged

Pre-Rifts Diagnostic Medkit
• • Adds +10% to any Medical skill roll
• • Enough supplies for 9 minor medical treatments (stop bleeding, disinfect, suture, etc.)
• • Each attempt at treatment depletes a certain amount of available supplies
• • Minor Treatment: +1D6 S.D.C. & bleeding stops from treated wound (1)
• • Basic Treatment: +2D6 S.D.C. & bleeding stops from treated wound (2)
• • Major Treatment: +3D6 S.D.C. & bleeding stops from treated wound (3)
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"Look for the good in all you see, hear the Best from all you meet, and learn from those willing to teach." The total wisdom I've gathered so-far.
MDC: 1,383/1,383
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Post by Marcus »

The world has grown bigger in the last few weeks for this man that now calls Merc Town home. This man would not be in this world, save for luck. His name is Marcus Angelo Sebastian Hawk, a name he had to put aside if he was to continue to remain free in this new world. Allow me to start at the beginning. Marcus was raised in the upper levels of Chi-Town, the Coalitions heart and soul. Simply being born into that place gave the young Marcus access to many things that are out of reach for normal people in the cases of safety, knowledge, and advanced medical care. As a child he was not a genius or exceptionally talented in any way except for being from the right family and believing everything he was taught by the CS Propaganda Dept. From this young age Marcus knew he must do all he could to save humanity from the evil D-bee invaders and their magic using human lapdogs. Blind faith in the what they teach you will get you a long way in the CS and the right family connections will get you the rest of the way. They got the young Marcus into the advanced medical schools of Chi-Town. There he thrived.

It was soon apparent that Marcus did posses a few exceptional abilities. Most impressive among them, from his superiors point of view was the speed at which the youth picked up on the biological workings of D-bees and the clinical detachment showed from whatever D-bee he was working on. The young man was cold as stone on a snow covered mountain. With the higher ups keeping their eyes and hopes on this young man, the flood gates of knowledge that the CS jealously guards opened. Young Marcus grew into a man surrounded by all the medical knowledge he could ever want. Forensics, advanced chemistry, pathology, crime scene investigation, cybernetic technology, and all the CS medical findings on various D-bees where his to learn. Learn Marcus did. Learned and excelled in. All the time maintaining his steadfast loyalty and belief in the CS and it's mission to save the world from it's unnatural invaders.

After graduating in multiple fields, and being cleared by the CS Security Dept, Marcus was given the opportunely sign on with the CS military as a civilian scientist. From here the classified files opened and truly interesting and important work began. Military bionics, secret juicer technology, new anti magic cybernetics and access to living subjects in the field allowed the good doctor to expand his knowledge farther then ever. With new skills in entomological medicine, holistic medicine, and xenology, our good doctor soon found himself assigned to the Coalitions Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare Dept. When a new research lab was build to study the live subjects being brought in from the war, Marcus was a shoe in to be assigned there. This was the front line against the D-bee masses trying to take down his beloved home as Marcus saw it and he knew the work he would do in that place would make him feel proud.

Proud is not the word Marcus would use for his work now. He still stays awake at night, shaking when he can't push the thoughts of what he did back down into the dark places of his mind. We will not list all the "Good Works" that Marcus did in that place, their are refugees in the Merc Town state hospital that can tell you that. The end result of his time in that lab was this, a plague. One meant to wipe all D-bee life from the planet and giving it back to it's rightful owners, the humans. It would have worked too if it had not been for the tiniest of imperfections in Marcus' genetic code. It would appear that Marcus was not the pure blooded human he thought he was. He was a mutant, like many of the other mutant aberrations that the coming of the rifts have produced. But unlike the psi-stalkers and bursters of the world, Marcus' mutation is random and continuous but we need not get into that. All that is needed to be known is that the plague and Marcus' genetic code altered one another in profound ways.

The plague now killed humans as well as d-bees. The news of this was not taken well by the CS Brass. Fearing a weapon of such magnitude might threaten the CS population, it was decided that for the good of humanity it must be contained and all links of CS involvement were to be severed. Containing the plague was a simple matter for the CS. They bombed the small D-bee town in which Marcus was testing the plague off the map, with Marcus and his team still inside. Once again luck seemed to cling to our doctor in the form another doctor. He was a D-bee and a psychic. That is all Marcus ever learned of him. The strange doctor managed to save many of the towns folk from the bombing. How he did it Marcus never new but out good doctor awoke underground in some sort of bunker that had been outfitted for use as a medical facility.

Looking around Marcus saw the plague taking hold of the survivors and he saw the strange doctor looking at him. The doctor knew, he had been in Marcus mind and he knew that the plague was his work. Marcus thought he was a dead man, the CS had told him what type of a being these D-bees were and he expected no mercy from them. When the D-bee doctor approached him, he knew his fate. When images from the D-bees mind assaulted him instead of blows Marcus had no defense. Images and emotions from the d-bees life flooded Marcus, showing him the truth. D-bees are not monstrous invaders bent on humanity's destruction. They are husbands and wife's, mothers and fathers, with all the same wants, need and emotions of humans. Marcus was never the same again. Working together the two doctors found a cure to the plague that one of them had made and managed to save most of the survivors of the bombing.

Knowing the truth about D-bees and the CS now. Marcus could never go back, they would kill him to cover up what happened or worse, make him work on new ways of killing. Marcus could not bare the thought of all he had done in the name of ending the great D-bee threat and swore he would never be the cause of another being death again. Marcus still wrestles with that oath everyday as medic of a merc group that see action more often then Marcus would like. Always the two sides are at war with each other. Common sense with the need to protect yourself and those under your care from the dangers this world throws at you and the D-bee doctors last words to Marcus, "Do no Harm". What side will win out in the end? I do not know for the real story of Marcus' life is just beginning and in the world of Rifts, anything is possible.

Marcus entered MercTown and quickly joined the payroll of The MercTown State Hospital. His contact at the hospital is one Dr. Aaron, a full conversions cyborg. While working for the hospital Marcus developed a variant of the standard IRMSS kits. The new modification changed them from a repair system to a remote monitoring system with two week life span. The Dr. Arron and the Hospital thought this new modification might have a high sales potential among the merc and protection services but they needed to field test it thoroughly first. Marcus tasked with long term field testing of the device under harsh conditions. And so Marcus joined a Merc Group called the Rift Runners.

RR was a Magic heavy group of adventures who took on mainly moral jobs. The breathing taking Natasha lead the group through thick and thin. Marcus gained knowledge of many types of peoples and things in his stint with RR, he made live long friends in those of Natasha and James. The latter of which Marcus converted to a juicer. Bu the bigest imback of his life came through this group too.

Her name was Sister Sky, a warrior priestess of Wise Athena. It did not take long for Marcus to offer the woman a job with the Rift Runners once Sky told Marcus of the healing abilities granted to her by her god. Marcus could not believe how fast he found himself enchanted by this good and holy woman. Sky was kind, caring and soothing to be around. Soon enough Marcus knew he liked Sky more then he thought he should but taking a chance Marcus told Sky of his growing feelings. To the doctors surprise, Sky had seen a soul worthy of love in him and they became almost inseparable. Their love burned hotter the longer they spent together but true to her Goddess, Sister Sky was a maiden pure. The good doctor found that he could accept this and the two promptly started making out like teenagers when they thought no-one was looking.

Marcus could not believe the speed at which him and Sky fell for each other. The good doctor learned much from Sky in a short time, He learned of Athena and how she was a force for good. Learned that Sky believed in protecting the innocent, even if you have to go to war to do it. Sky tried to explain to Marcus that sometimes you need to take a life to save many, Marcus couldn't agree with that but both found comfort in the fact that could disagree with each other and still love each other deeply. That sealed it for them both. Within two weeks of meeting they were engaged and looking to get married in the eyes of Athena after their first and current mission was over. But it was not to be.

During their first mission sky started having convulsions. Marcus could not find a reason for it with all of his skills. The good doctor could do nothing but give her a sedative to calm her, and he will forever regret giving it to her. What Marcus did not know at the time was that Sky was under attack by some kind of possession magic or psionic ability. Sky was fighting it with all of her might until Marcus sedated her and forced her defenses down. She did not live through the missions. Once Marcus found out the truth of his actions, he was crushed. The good doctor had given the woman he loved into the control of her killer because he had not knowledge or defense against such things.

RR is now Disbanded and the good doctor seeks a new group to continue his research with. The good doctor also has a new goal, To learn the ways and means of curing magical and psionic hurts. This new goal will drive him to almost any lengths. Can a man Raised to hate all things magic learn to truly embrace the study of it? We shall have to See.

Update II
The good doctor found a new group. The Templar, fighters of supernatural evils and all things that go bump in the night. After a few weeks in the group and a major reorganizing, Marcus is finding himself more and more comfortable around magic and the uses of it. But once again evil and vile possession has claimed one of the new member of the Templar. Marcus find himself having to delve deeper and deeper into the arcane just to keep his teammate safe.
"Look for the good in all you see, hear the Best from all you meet, and learn from those willing to teach." The total wisdom I've gathered so-far.
MDC: 1,383/1,383
Life-force Adapter: 60/60 PPE
Force Field: 75/75 (not on)
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