Sentinel (Immortal Golem, APPROVED)

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Sentinel (Immortal Golem, APPROVED)

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Player Name: Brandon
GHangout Handle: DarkerSavant

Character Name: Liu Xang
Power Category: Immortal Golem
Alias: Many over the centuries, lost to time and his memory... (Sentinel is a placeholder. Names are given, rarely chosen.) Epic: Emperor Qin Chi Zheng
Occupation: Wizard/Scholar
Alignment: Aberrant (Has been many alignments over the centuries as his mood and situation changes.)
XP Level: 7
XP Points: 71,761 (2/2/21 -- CHIMERA)
Next Level @ XP: 80,001
OOC Comments
HU2e pg 352
LVL 8, 80,001
LVL 9, 110,001
LVL 10, 150,001
LVL 11 200,001
Birth Order/Family Ties: Qin Dynasty
Land of Origin: China
Childhood Environment: As well as any royalty.
Social/Economic Background: From the wealthiest empires to the lowest peasants.
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Death Circa 200 B.C.
Disposition: Outward, cheerful personality and can be chatty at times.

I.Q.: 23
M.E.: 36
M.A.: 41
P.S.: 36 (Supernatural)
P.P.: 27
P.E.: 33
P.B.: 14
Speed: 527

PPE: 452
SDC: 753
Age: 2303
Sex: Male appearance
Height: 6'
Weight: 235 lbs.
Description: A statuesque appearance reminiscent of the Chinese Terracotta Warriors. He is a clay golem painted in lifelike vibrant hues. Imagine a terracotta warrior with chiseled armor painted, not tacky paint but exquisitely painted details, that you want to reach out and brush with your fingertips to see if it's real.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 80% (+15% to recognizing the arcane,+15% regarding technology)
OOC Comments
15+3/lvl, +9% I.Q., EP 25%, Abnormal Energy Sense +5%, Multi-Tasking +5%
⚗Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 106%
Perception Roll penalty for others to notice his actions: -10%
OOC Comments
The character is so impressive and charming that every 5 M.A. points he/she has above 30 counts as a -1 penalty for everyone who is listening, looking at or dealing with the character. ("What? Oh, no I didn't notice anything unusual while I was with so and so.")
Max. Carrying Weight: 10800 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 18000 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 99' horizontal, 45' vertical.
P.P.E. Recovery: 15/min meditation or rest, 3/min with action or activity.
Regenerates 6d6 SDC/Melee
Lost limbs regenerate in 8 hours and even if the body is chopped down to bits or blown to pieces, he will completely reform at full strength within 48 hours.
Natural AR: 16
Half damage from cold.
Radiates no heat and is invisible to infrared and heat sensors.
Immune to pressure; solid stone.
Does not require eating, sleeping, or breathing.
OOC Comments
These characters can use the right and left hands with equal skill and dexterity. Bonuses: Adds one additional attack per melee, +1 to parry, +5% to climbing skill, +5% to escape artist, pick locks, mechanical and electrical repair skills.
Paired Weapons
OOC Comments
*Achiles Heel: Deadly Mineral - Pure Quartz. Other than brute force, the superbeing's powers don't work against this mineral. Any weapon or bullets made of or coated with the mineral punches through the Mega-Hero's natural Armor Rating (A.R.) and does double damage direct to Hit Points (triple damage to M.D.C. when in a Mega-Damage environment). An opponent must roll a five or higher to hit and the Mega-Hero may attempt to parry or dodge as normal. Pure quartz, not quartz in any other form. Quartz processed and broken down or added to concrete, gravel, etc. doesn't count. Tabletop made specifically of pure quartz or on a ring on someone's finger counts. APS: Stone with a quartz form, definitely counts.
*Mega ability Incredible P.P.E. Recovery: P.P.E. is recovered at a rate of 15 points per minute of meditation or rest, and 3 points per minute of action or activity.
Exceptional Talent for Magic: Increased Spell Strength (+1 at levels 2, 4, 6, 8,10,12 and 14 instead of the normal advancement in Spell Strength), +2 to save vs Magic, +6D6 P.P.E., +2 P.E. and double the amount of P.P.E. the mage can draw on at places of power. Any two thematic spells of choice (not chosen).
*Power Amplifier or Specialization: Double the range, duration, effect and damage of one major superpower. (Alter Dimensional Fabric)
*Increased Range by 50%.: All the ranges of superpowers, psionics, magic, senses (even mundane normal ones) receive the +50% increase.
*Increased S.D.C. by 50%: Calculate S.D.C. as normal from supers powers, skills and other sources. When you're done, add the +50% modifier.
*Increased P.P.E. by 50%: If the Mega-Hero is a mage or uses P.P.E. to perform his powers he sees his P.P.E. base increased by 50%. Plus the Mega-Hero recovers his P.P.E. at an increased rate of +50%.
*Increased Healing: Multiply the Mega-Hera's normal rate of healing by x3. Recovers 50% faster from debilitating magic, drugs, disease, etc.
Supernatural Strength
Can Carry 300 times P.S. and lift 500 times P.S.

Super Abilities

Major Powers

Alter Dimensional Fabric (AU)
The super being has the ability to temporarily change the dimensional fabric in a given area. While this may sound inconsequential, it allows him to enhance or counter several other superpowers and dimensional abilities such as the ability to Teleport, Dimensional Teleport, and create Portals, whether via a super ability, magic or supernatural ability.
OOC Comments
1. Weak Fabric: By making the dimensional fabric weak, those with Teleportation abilities find that their range is increased plus they get a bonus of +20% to succeed and be on target. Low-level characters levels 1-4, increase Teleportation range by 75%. Levels 5-9 see range increased by 150%, levels 10-13 by 225% and levels 14 and higher enjoy triple the range. Furthermore, the P.P.E. cost to perform Teleportation, Rifts, Temporal, and Dimensional Magic is reduced by 60% within the area of the weakened dimensional fabric. However, if things go wrong, side effects (like a Ley Line Storm) last 25% longer and dimensional portals remain open 25% longer whether the character who opened/created them wants them closed or not.
2. Strong Fabric: Making the dimensional fabric stronger hinders all Teleportation, Rifts, Portal powers, and Dimensional Magic within the area of effect. Those trying to Teleport need to make a saving throw vs the dimensional fabric of 30 or higher using their M.E. attribute bonuses (if any). On a failed saving throw, the Teleportation does not occur, but any P.P.E. used to make the attempt is gone. If a successful save is made, the Teleport range and the duration that a Portal, Rift or Dimensional Magic spell lasts is reduced by 75%, even if the one creating the effect wants it to last longer. All ley line, temporal and dimension based abilities or magic are only 25% as powerful and 25% of their duration.
3. Sense Changes in Dimensional Fabric: Superbeings with this power are attuned to the dimensional fabric and sense when fluctuations and anomalies occur. Thus, the character can locate, see and follow ley lines and ley line nexus points, feels when the dimensional fabric is altered or breached, knows when a dimensional portal opens or closes, and knows when any type of dimensional anomaly occurs. He also knows if the “event” was big or small, if it is currently going on when it ends, and a general idea of the direction and location where it happened. Knowledge of ley lines and/or the occult should help pinpoint the most likely location.
4. The super-being also senses the use of Temporal, Rift, Ley Line, and Dimensional Magic or dimensional abilities within a 7500 ft./1.42 mi. radius of him. Furthermore, the character is keenly aware of the dangers of weakening the dimensional fabric, and characters of good and Unprincipled alignment would feel compelled to repair any damage if they can.
Range/Area Effect of Altering the Dimensional Fabric: 1500 ft. radius, plus 300 ft./lvl of experience. (3,600 ft.)
Sense changes in Dimensional Fabric: 30 mile radius/lvl of experience. (210 mi.)
Duration of Weakening or Strengthening: 10min/lvl of experience. Sensing the Dimensional Fabric is constant.
Attacks per Melee: This power takes time as the super being needs to concentrate, using up one full melee rounds (15 seconds; no attacks) to initiate the weakening or strengthening process.
Bonuses: +2 to save vs magic (all) and dangerous dimensional energy when on ley lines and during the Summer and Winter Solstice, and the Fall and Spring Equinox; +4 to save vs magic (all) and quadruple sensing range at places of power such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle, Indian Mounds and ley line nexus points.
+20% to the success rolls for Teleportation and all dimensional spells and abilities. All bonuses are cumulative.
Command the Lieutenants of Hell (AU)
This super ability works just like Summon Lesser Demons/Deevils, except it summons a Greater Demon or Deevil.
OOC Comments
Greater Demons and Deevils are several times more powerful than the Lesser ones, but also less predictable and more difficult to control.
Roll for a battle of wills same as the lesser ability. If the creature fails to save, it is the character’s to command.
If the Greater Demon or Deevil wins the battle of wills, roll on the Optional Reaction Table or have the creature respond in a way appropriate to the situation.
Note: Summoning a demon or Deevil is a random process, delivering any type of the Greater Demon or Deevil, never the same type every time. The exception is if the character has the skill Lore: Demons and Monsters, in which case he can summon the specific “type” of Greater Demon or a Deevil he desires, but not the same individual unless he knows the creature’s true name. Summoning a Greater Demon or Deevil takes 30 seconds and uses up all of the character’s attacks for two full melee rounds. If the character doing the summoning happens to know the true name of a Greater Demon or Deevil (a rarity), he can summon that specific being in 15 seconds and he automatically wins the battle of the wills (the creature does not get to save).
A note about dealing with Greater Demons and Deevils: Greater Demons and Deevils are smarter, more cunning, more powerful and much more dangerous than lesser supernatural beings. They see mortals as pawns and playthings to be corrupted, tricked and used for their own amusement and to the detriment of the human race.
If the person who summoned it is selfish or evil, and the Greater Demon/Deevil takes a liking to him or finds the human’s diabolical scheme to be of interest (for whatever reason from amusement to personal gain), the monster may choose to back and support the villain. Other times, the horrid monster may pretend to be the obedient servant of a good-aligned character as it waits for the right moment to strike or twist things to cause chaos, suffering and death. Greater Demons and Deevils delight in bringing heroes down, shaming them, and killing them. These powerful supernatural beings are also much more skilled at twisting orders and commands to create trouble and havoc.
Limitations: The super being can summon one Greater Demon/Deevil for every 7 M.E. attribute points; trying to summon more has no result. The super being is unable to summon Lesser Demons and Deevils with this power, only Greater ones.
Range: The summoned creature is often in another dimension and uses dimensional teleport to the location of the one who summons him.
Duration: The character who summoned the Greater Demon or Deevil can maintain his control over it for a number of hours equal to the summoning character’s M.E. attribute plus one hour per level of experience. If a pact is reached between the two, the duration depends on the pact. The character who summoned the demon automatically knows when the duration ends a few minutes before time, at which point he can send the demon back to where it came from. If allowed to remain past the duration, the supernatural menace is free to do as it pleases (roll on previous table or G.M. make a determination).
Bonuses: +2 to M.E. and M.A. attributes. The character is also +1 to save vs mind control, and +2 to save vs possession and Horror Factor.
Divine Aura
This major power provides the character with the aura of divinity, like that of the mythical Greek gods.
OOC Comments
The character carries himself with an air of superiority, charisma, and of being larger than life. An average person will feel intimidated and may actually believe the character is some sort of demigod.
1 . Awe and/or Horror Factor 14: Enemies must roll a 15 or higher on a twenty-sided die to avoid being momentarily awestruck. A failed roll means the individual loses initiative, one of his melee attacks, and is the last to attack in that melee round. In this case, roll each melee round in which the character with the divine aura is attacked or speaks.
2. Followers: Whether he wants one or not, the "divine" character will get one follower or devotee per each level of his experience.
Each follower is so awestruck and impressed by the superbeing that he or she will devote his/her life to him. Such followers are constantly under the influences of the Divine Aura (no saving throw applies), will follow his exploits, support and defend his positions and actions, never doubt him, and will do whatever they can to help. These devotees believe whatever the divine superbeing tells them regardless of contrary opinions or evidence, and will do anything he asks of them without question or hesitation, even sacrificing their lives for him or his cause. Note: Devoted followers are always characters with low self-esteem and intelligence (I.Q., M.A., and M.E. of 8 or lower), so they tend to be low-level minions, thugs, and fanatics. If one dies, a new one will take his place. In addition, the divine character is likely to have a less fanatical fan following and, unless he does something terrible, is likely to have popular favor.
3. Power of Command: As often as every three melees (45 seconds), the character can issue a simple, attention-drawing command. Not a complex set of instructions or plans or something completely contrary to the person's nature, but things like, "stop," "look," "listen: "no," "duck/lookout," "unhand her," "give it to me," and so on. Everybody hearing the command is likely to pause and/or obey, at least for an instant. Roll to save vs psionic attack/mind control or lose and be forced to obey and lose one melee attack/action in the process. Followers devoted to the character will get bonuses from such commands ("get him," "kill," etc.) and are +1 on the initiative, +1 to strike, parry and dodge, and get one additional melee attack. Note: Each command counts as one melee attack.
4. Power of Voice Amplification: The superbeing's voice is deep and booming, as if spoken on a loudspeaker, and is clearly heard for up to 2400 feet - the desired volume and range can be controlled and done at will at no cost of melee actions. It can be used simultaneously with other powers.
5. Power of Illusion: The character can create the illusion that he is twice as big as he really is; +2 to Awe/Horror Factor.
6. Other Bonuses:
+2d4 to M A
+2d4 to M.E.
+1d4 to P.B.
+1d4x10 to S.D.C.
Energy Expulsion: Dimensional Energy
The super being is able to channel and direct dimensional energy into a deadly attack. Whenever this power is activated, the character seems to glow with bluish-white energy with miniature bolts of lightning crackling across his body.
OOC Comments
This enables the superhuman to fire a bolt of Dimensional Energy that inflicts damage plus there is a chance of a Random Dimensional Event (see Table below). The results are always unknown and random even to the super being with the Dimensional Energy ability. Roll once every time a Dimensional Energy blast is fired.
Range: 150 feet, plus 75 feet per level of experience. Double damage and double the range of the blast, as well as double the duration of the Random Dimensional Event, whenever at a ley line nexus, place of power or Rift.
Damage: Regardless of the side effect, damage from the blast is 1D6/lvl of experience. Roll once for every blast on the Random Dimensional Event Table until the character is up to level 4 at which point he begins to learn to control the effects. At level 7 and 10 he gains additional mastery over this power (see Bonuses).
Duration: Instant.
Attacks per Melee: Each blast uses one melee attack or action.
Bonuses: There are no additional bonuses for this power.
However, the super being can try at any point to exert a measure of control over the power. Initially, at the lower levels he needs to roll a D20 and on a 15 or better he can select one of the random results and this will last for the entire melee. The only bonuses that apply to this control roll are those from M.E. (save vs psionics). Add any M.E. bonuses to the D20 roll, and any result that exceeds the control roll
means that one of the random results can be chosen. At level 4 the control roll drops to 12, at level 7 it drops to 9, and at level 10 it’s 6. Regardless of bonuses, a natural one always means a random result.

Random Dimensional Event Table
01-10% Nothing. What a relief, there is no dimensional side effect.
11-20% Nexus Energy: As if there is a ley line nexus present, the energy blast does double damage and has double the range (if applicable). Duration: Instant.
21-30% Teleportation. Instead of inflicting damage, whoever is struck by the Dimensional Energy blast is randomly teleported 1D4x150 yards/meters away. The teleport is never into a solid object or straight up into the air, but could be down the street, onto a rooftop, to a room inside a building, and so on. Duration: Instant.
31-40% Time Warp Fast Forward! Whoever is struck by the Dimensional Energy blast takes half damage and is teleported 2D4 minutes into the future! They seem to simply vanish only to reappear at the same location several minutes later. Duration: As noted.
41-50% Target is Temporarily Phased! Damage is 3D6 points, but the character (or object) struck becomes an intangible ghost. Depending on the situation this could be good or bad. While phased the victim is like a ghost and cannot touch or be touched, nor use or move any physical weapon, object or power, but can use psionics or magic. While phased, the victim takes no damage from physical attacks, they pass right through him, but psionics and magic have full effect on the spectral character. Duration of Event: 1D4 melee rounds.
51-60% Energy Split: When the beam of Dimensional Energy hits its intended target, it arcs to strike 1D4 other targets within 45 ft. of the initial target. These “targets” may be other people, buildings, automobiles or objects (street lamps, mailboxes, etc.). Damage is half for each person/target struck, including the initial, intended target.
61-70% Loss of Gravity. A split second after the Dimensional Energy hits something (inflicts full damage), everyone within a 150-yard radius of the impact point goes weightless, as if there were no gravity. Everyone floats into the air 3D6 feet above the ground. Unless a character has the power of flight, Gravity Manipulation or training for Zero Gravity Combat, reduce melee attacks by half, -10 on all combat maneuvers, and he cannot control the speed or direction he floats. Firing a gun or energy blast, or trying to kick or punch, causes the character to spin in slow motion and move away from his opponent. Duration of Event: 1D6 melee rounds.
71-75% No Damage, but Random Event. The target of the blast takes no damage, but a split second later, magic is negated within a 150-yard radius and no longer works. Anyone using magic is suddenly without it. Even magic weapons do half damage, cannot cast a spell or perform a magical power, nor fire energy blasts. Duration of Event: 1D6 melee rounds, double for the character initially struck by the blast if he is a creature of magic or magic-user.
76-80% No Damage, but Random Event. The target of the blast takes no damage, but a split second later all super abilities are dampened and reduced by 90%. Everyone within a 150-yard radius is affected and remains impaired for the duration of the event even if they leave the initial event radius. Duration of Event: 1D6 melee rounds, double for the character initially struck by the blast if he has super abilities.
81-90% Dimensional Anchor. The target of the blast takes full damage, but an additional dimensional event prevents anyone from using magic or a super ability (or natural ability) to teleport, dimensional teleport, open or close Rifts or any sort of dimensional portal, or change shape or appearance. The latter includes the super abilities of Alter Physical Structure, Growth, Shrink, Invisibility, become Intangibility and similar powers. Whatever state a character was in at the moment the dimensional event occurred, is the state he remains in until the duration ends. From a dimensional travel point of view, this event negates any other types of dimensional energy and powers of transformation. Likewise, all Temporal Magic and Dimensional Magic are temporarily negated and no such spells or powers can be used. Area of Effect: 300-yard radius. Duration of Event: 1D4 minutes!
91-95% Small Rift Opens. No other Dimensional Energy blasts are possible as this Rift consumes all the Dimensional Energy within a 30 yard/meter radius. The Rift is random and could lead anywhere, but considering the circumstances of the Minion War, G.M.s can opt to roll on this table for likely locations: 01-25% Rifts Earth, 26-50% Phase World (or another locale in the Three Galaxies as G.M. deems fit), 51-75% Hades, 76-00% Dyval. Characters are taken to a different world/dimension ONLY if they enter the Rift. Duration of Event: One melee round (15 seconds) before the Rift closes.
96-00% Large Rift Appears. No other Dimensional Energy blasts are possible as this Rift consumes all the Dimensional Energy within a 100 yard/meter radius. The Rift is random and could lead anywhere, but considering the circumstances of the Minion War, G.M.s can opt to roll on this table for likely locations: 01-25% Rifts Earth, 26-50% Phase World (or another locale in the Three Galaxies as G.M. deems fit), 51-75% Hades, 76-00% Dyval. Characters are taken to a different world/dimension ONLY if they enter the Rift. Duration of Event: 1D4+1 melee rounds (30-75 seconds) before the Rift closes.
In the alternative, the G.M. could have a monster, a villain or a squad (6-12) or platoon (20-60 troops) of demons, Deevils, aliens/D-Bees, bad guys, soldiers, dimensional raiders, etc. come out of the Rift and onto Earth where they are likely to attack or cause more problems.
Multiple Beings/Selves (HU2E)
OOC Comments
Makes exact duplicates with the same memories, skills, experience points, powers (other than creating duplicates, and physical traits. Only creator can make duplicates. Only body is created not material possessions. The creator is always the leader and commander and make the others do anything he wants. To completely assimilate memories and experiences (not experience points), the duplicate must merge back with the creator. Must be within 150 ft. to reabsorbed.
Can make one duplicate per level at one level lower. As few or as many copies as available can be created in a single melee action next to self. Copies duration are unlimited and can travel any distance. Do not disappear even when unconscious or coma. Can sense distance and location (city, country, near, far, etc) of each other as well as feelings (happy, sad, scared, etc.) and health (sick, injured, dying, etc.). Merged copies restore completely within 48 hours.
Teleport HU2E Pg 295
OOC Comments
Range: 7.5 Miles
Weight Limits: 1000 lbs.
Uses: As often as 4x per melee, Counts as 1 melee action.
Duration: Instant.
HU Pg 295 for errant Teleportation effects.
Chances for a Successful Teleport: While teleportation can be very handy, it can also be extremely dangerous, especially if the area one is teleporting to is unknown to him.
Teleporting to a familiar location, or one that is clearly visible from one's starting point: 99%; -6% if 'porting to a place seen live via television or similar actual time transmission.
A place seen only a few times (2-6 times before): 100%.
A place seen only once: 77% (+1%).
A place never seen, but described in detail: 58%.
A totally unknown place: 32%.
Results of an Unsuccessful Teleport
01 -60 Totally wrong place. No idea of present location; 3D4 miles beyond the normal range.
61 -85 Teleports 300 feet (91 m) above ground level. The ensuing fall does 1D6 damage for every 30 feet (9 m) of height; that's 1D6x10 damage from maximum height.
86-00 Teleports into an object; instant death.
Dimensional Room (PU1)
Duration: Instant/until the character exits the D-Room.
Dimension: 45x36x36
Guests: +3 Guests
OOC Comments
When the dimension room is generated, a doorway of glowing soft white light appears. As the character steps through the doorway of pure white light, both he and it disappears. To those outside the door, the super being seems to have vanished, but in reality, he has just entered a dimensional limbo. The dimensional room can be accessed at will. It is a small area about 16x10x10 feet, plus an additional two feet of floor space per level of experience, which is located inside a strange kind of pocket dimension. It might be considered a dimensional bubble in between the normal dimensions. Ultimately, it is a place where the character can escape his enemies. There is no limit to how long he can remain inside the D-Room which, somehow, contains and circulates air and maintains a constant temperature (74 degrees Fahrenheit). Non-perishable food, weapons, valuables, wardrobe, and other items can be comfortably stored inside the room as well. A timepiece that can tell the passage of hours and days is critical because it is easy to lose track of time in limbo. After a period of time (minutes, hours, or days), the character can open the dimensional door and step out of the room. The door always reappears in the same place. The room is not a form of teleporting, it is a hiding place he carries with him. The dimension room is designed to allow only the character and non-living items inside. Anybody else trying to enter will run into what feels like a brick wall and suffer 1d6 damage, but the character can take one person (for every two levels of experience) inside his D-Room with him. Once inside, the hero can mentally command the shimmering doorway to reappear and look through it like a one-way mirror. Of course, the view is limited to that one area and direction. If he is hurt or drugged he can stay in the room for days until he recovers. The applications for the D-Room are many.
Range: Touch, the character must touch any flat, vertical surface to create the doorway to the dimensional room.
Duration: Instant/until the character exits the D-Room.
Damage: None, the character cannot use the D-Room to harm others and when he exits all others are forced out of the room with him, like it or not.
Minor Powers

Abnormal Energy Sense (PU1)
This superhuman can sense the presence of abnormal (magic and psychic) energy all around him, including psionic individuals (I.S.P. ), supernatural creatures, and magic (P.P.E.).
OOC Comments
The sensitivity is constant and automatic, enabling the character to feel the psychic emanations when a psionic power or magic spell is being used within the range of his sensing abilities. If the energy is being continually expended, like a series of magic or psionic attacks, or a long duration effect, or permanently empowered magic item, he can track the energy to its source, otherwise, he simply knows that psionics, magic or the supernatural is near. The sensation is rather like a chilly breeze that momentarily washes over the character, alerting him. If the "breeze" perSists or is repetitive, it can be followed to the source much the same way you or I might follow that chilly draft to an opened window. That's as good an analogy as any.
Sense the Use of Psionics or Magic: Can feel when magic or psionic powers are used and can tell whether it is magic or psychic energy (or both), whether it is near or far, and whether the emanations are strong/powerful or weak (i.e. a simple magic spell or a mystic battle or high level). In addition, the super being recognizes enchantment cast upon others (Le. mystical charms, trances, disguises, etc.), and possession, and can also sense the presence of an enchanted weapon or object that grants its user superpowers or enables its user to cast magic spells, including rune weapons, but again, only when the item is in use or by touch.
Range: 150 feet/level. (1050ft radius)
Base Skill: 84% (+5%) (roll once every melee round).
Note: The character can also sense if someone possesses psionic or magic powers, or is a supernatural being (demon, monster, spirit, demigod, etc. ) by touch - a simple handshake will do. If the being is incredibly powerful or high level (9 or higher) the super being will sense that too, though not exactly how powerful/high level.
Track Abnormal Energy Trail (magic or psionics) Range: 150 feet/level. (1050ft radius)
Base Skill: 94% (+5%) (roll once every melee round), provided the energy is long-lasting or repeatedly released over and over.
Limitation: Only while the magic or psychic powers are in use.
Sense and Track the Supernatural: This is much more difficult. Unless the superbeing touches the supernatural creature, he will not sense his presence. However, whenever the supernatural creature uses one of its magic or psionic powers, the character will sense them and has a 109% (+10%) of recognizing that it comes from a supernatural being (+20% if the creature is Diabolic alignment, a demon lord, demigod or even more powerful than that). The super being can also sense if the creature is evil or good.
Range: 75 feet +45 feet/level. (390 ft. radius)
Base Skill (to track): 64% (+5%) (roll once every melee round) to track to the source.
Note: The character can feel supernatural evil that is Diabolic like an icy chill in the marrow of his bones. The evil essence just washes over the hero, warning him like an alarm.
Power Limitation: Close proximity to ley lines and nexus points interfere with and disrupt the sensing ability, making it impossible to use this ability at these locations, except to find a dimensional portal or a supremely powerful psychic, practitioner of magic or supernatural being (i.e. , demon lord, demigod, god, incredibly powerful wizard, etc.).
Extraordinary Mental Affinity (HU2)
An aura of likability, confidence, and trust radiates from this character. He or she is so dynamic that they are often the center of attention and make the opposite sex swoon.
OOC Comments
Skill bonus of +10% is added to seduction, pickpockets, and all skills of deception and sleight of hand.
Extraordinary Mental Endurance (HU2E)
A very mentally stable, strong-willed, and striking personality that is difficult to mind control, suppress, or break. This guy has a will of iron.
OOC Comments
Bonuses: In addition to M.E. attribute bonuses...
Needs a 12 to save vs psionic attack (plus M . E . bonus).
+6 to save vs mind-altering drugs.
+6 to save vs Horror Factor.
+6 to save vs possession.
+ 1 to save vs magical illusions.
Extraordinary Speed (HU2E)
Does not tire.
OOC Comments
360 mph (+20/lvl),
+4 damage every 20 mph speed. +8 max from a standstill.
Immune to Magic (PU1)
Impervious to any magic spell or illusion where a save vs magic is allowed. Automatically saves.
Half-effect and damage from magic weapons and magic such as a carpet of adhesion, fireball, call lightning.

Mechanical Awareness (PU1)
The character is aware of and able to react to all mechanical devices and weapons used against him, including guns, energy weapons, power armor, robots, cybernetics, bionic weapons and computers, sensors, vehicles, and other devices. Basically any machine with moving parts or that uses electricity or has a computer chip.
OOC Comments
This awareness lets the character know the very instant a targeting computer or radar locks onto him; the moment he falls into the cross-hairs of a gun; when a trigger is about to be squeezed, when an energy cell charges to fire; a cybernetic muscle tenses or a turret begins to turn. More than that though, the character can actually feel the weapons and war machines as they come online or are drawn to use against him. It is as if he can see them as clearly as a weapon being pointed in his face.
Range: Self and any technology used against him within a 75 ft. radius/level. (525 ft. radius)
Duration: Constant and automatic.
Abilities Against Weapons and Technology:
1. Negates any bonuses provided by the technology, i.e., weapon, computer targeting, etc., straight unmodified roll when fired by a machine or computer-enhanced.
2. The character knows what his opponent is doing the same instant that his opponent does it, enabling him to react a split second faster: +3 on initiative against attacks from modem guns and machines (bionics, robots, etc.) and +4 on initiative against artificial intelligence, computers and automated defense systems.
3. The character's gun-toting or high-tech laden opponent is at -3 to dodge the character's attacks and loses two melee attacks/actions due to time spent compensating for the superhuman's amazing instincts, agility, and moves from Mechanical Awareness.
4. Sense the presence of surveillance bugs, listening devices, concealed cameras, and spy robots.
5. The Mechanically Aware character has an automatic dodge with a +4 bonus, but only when up against technology and machine opponents (and can twist, tum, duck, somersault, and otherwise dodge attacks from "guns· and advanced weapon systems without using up a melee attack/action (otherwise dodges as normal). The hero is so fast, mobile, and "aware" of mechanized systems that he or she can attempt a dodge against most weapons fire!
Multi-Tasking (PU1)
The character can use his right and left hands with equal skill and dexterity, but this is much more than simple ambidexterity. This character is able to completely split his mind, using the right and left halves of the brain to concentrate on two separate topics simultaneously.
OOC Comments
This means that the character can read a book while doing his taxes, he can polish the car while doing a crossword puzzle or he can engage in a gunfight while searching through a criminal's secret files.
The way this power works is that the character can, if the situation is right, engage in a full set of melee attacks while simultaneously performing a non-combat skill or melee action (things like searching files or reading the information off a computer, grabbing an object while shooting, etc.). To be able to do this, one set of actions cannot interfere with the other, so no hand to hand combat while reading,
but a gunfight while reading would be okay. Plus both sets of actions must occur within the same field of vision, so no doing stuff behind your head, or speaking to someone while spell casting or using a vocal/mouth super ability. Otherwise, two contradictory related actions cancel each other out and the skill or action fails while the shooting becomes wild or fisticuffs are done without benefit of the character's usual bonuses.
Bonuses: Automatically gets the Paired Weapons skill, is ambidextrous, +1 extra attack per melee round, and the usual bonuses apply to combat even when he's doing two separate tasks.
Seismic Power (PU1)
Part one of this ability is the super being can feel vibrations in the ground like a living seismic sensor. This means he cannot be snuck upon or caught by surprise by nearby opponents approaching him on the ground (long-range blasts, bullets, and flying assailants are not sensed because they do not touch the ground).
OOC Comments
Range: The seismic sense only works in a 180ft. radius around the character to feel/hear footsteps, but increase that distance by 15 fold (2700ft) when a large, heavy vehicle like a semi-truck, tank or train is involved, 75 fold (13,500ft or 2.56mi.) for explosives or a natural earthquake.
Seismic Senses:
Can estimate the number and speed of heavy vehicles, robots, giants, etc., 87% (+4%).
That includes people within the 180 foot radius.
Estimate Distance: 90% (+3%).
Estimate Location: 87% (+4%).
Detect Seismic Activity (earthquakes, mining, explosions):
The character can detect and measure the size, force and epicenter of an earthquake or explosion, within 1500 miles, with a skill of 99% (+5%).
Part two of this ability is to create a seismic tremor, a mini-earthquake in a directed line that shakes the ground and has a 01-70% likelihood of knocking down everyone in its path. The ground tremor can be a straight line that is 15 ft. wide and up to 90 ft. long, or a 30 ft. radius around the superhuman.
Those knocked down lose initiative, two melee attacks/actions (one from the fall, one to right themselves) and take 1d6 damage. Each ground tremor counts as one melee attack/action. Or the character can spend all of his melee attacks on one long, sustained attack designed to shake and damage standing structures such as walls, support beams, flooring, doors, etc. The character cannot parry, dodge or perform any other skill while bringing down the house.
Damage: A whopping 1D6x10+1d6/lvl of experience.
Range: Touch. Must touch the wall or structure to be damaged/destroyed; shaken apart with the bulk of the damage and debris falling on the opposite side or away from the super being causing it. May also be used on stationary vehicles, bank vaults, etc. Best done when not engaged in active combat.
Bonuses: +10% to maintain balance (where applicable), +1 to roll with punch, fall or impact.
Summon Lesser Demon/Deevil (AU)
A character with this ability can summon a Sub-Demon, Lesser Demon or Deevil Host or Lesser Deevil to do his bidding.
OOC Comments
A battle of wills is fought, with the Demon/Deevil required to roll higher than the summoner 's MA attribute number.
The summoned being can use any M.E. bonuses or bonuses to save vs mind control to resist. If the creature fails to save it is compelled to obey the character who summoned it.The only things the supernatural being are not compelled to do are reveal its true name (although it can be tricked), kill itself nor kill its Demon/Deevil Lord/master; these are automatic saves for the summoned creature.
If the Lesser Demon or Deevil wins the battle of wills, the creature can do whatever it pleases. In some cases, it may attack the person who summoned it or flee into the world to cause all kinds of mischief and mayhem. On rare occasions, the creature will agree to a pact. In the case of a pact, there has to be a mutual agreement or deal between the demon/Deevil and the person who summoned it, but the monster will always try to negotiate to get the upper hand. Furthermore, even a willing demonic or infernal servant is NEVER truly loyal to its mortal master or partner, and the thing will twist and warp the letter of any deal to its favor, no matter how well crafted a pact may seem.
Note: Summoning a demon or Deevil is a random process, delivering any type of the Lesser Demons or Deeviis (or Sub-Demons or Deevil Host), never the same type every time. The exception is if the character has the skill Lore: Demons and Monsters, he can summon the specific "type" of demon or a Deevil he desires, but not the same individual unless he knows the creature's true name. Summoning a Lesser Demon or Deevil takes 15 seconds and uses up all of the character's attacks for a full melee round. If the character doing the summoning happens to know the true name of a Lesser Demon or Deevil, he can summon that specific being and he automatically wins the battle of the wills (the creature does not get to save).
Limitations: The super being can summon as many as one Lesser Demon/Deevil for every 5 M.E. attribute points; trying to summon more than he is capable of doing has no result. The superbeing is unable to summon Greater Demons and Deevils, only Lesser ones.
Range: The summoned creature is often in another dimension and uses dimensional teleport to get to the location of the one who summons it.
Duration: The character who summoned the creature can maintain his control over it for a number of hours equal to the summoning character's M.E. attribute plus two hours per level of experience. If a pact is reached between the two, the duration depends on the pact. The character who summoned the demon automatically knows when the duration ends a few minutes before time, at which point he can send the demon back to where it came from. If allowed to remain past the duration, the supernatural menace is free to do as it pleases (roll on previous table or G.M. make a determination).
Summon and Command Small Animals (AU)
The hero or villain is able to summon animals that understand and obey him. These creatures are summoned via sheer will and appear out of nowhere as if teleported to his side.
OOC Comments
The hero or villain is able to summon animals that understand and obey him. These creatures are summoned via sheer will and appear out of nowhere as if teleported to his side. The super being must possess knowledge about the creature(s) desired and must have at least seen some kind of drawing or image of the animal to summon it. One or several small animals may be summoned (see Number of Animals), but all are the same species.

Animals summoned by the character are under his complete control and obey his every command. The creatures remain at his disposal for 8 hours per level of experience but can be sent back (they vanish) at will. Until all the creatures in a batch are sent back (vanish) or slain, the hero cannot summon more or new ones. Most heroes (and even some bad guys) are not likely to sacrifice the lives of animals unless absolutely necessary and will feed and care for them as long as they are in their company. Thus, most dismiss the animals when they are no longer necessary.

The summoned animals may be used to attack, frighten people, create a distraction, cause a diversion, create chaos, or send a warning. You want to clear a restaurant or lobby? Send in a swarm of mice, rats, bats or snakes. Likewise, the animals can be used to make a dramatic entrance, e.g. the super being appears with a burst of screeching birds or bats flying in out of nowhere at the same time he steps through a door or smashes through a window. This power is much more effective than it might seem at first blush, as most people are afraid of, and repulsed by, a wide range of animals from mice and rats to snakes and dogs. Even if the animals represent a minimal danger or inflict minimal damage, most ordinary people are squeamish about them or outright scared of them. Even seasoned fighters and superhumans will try to swat away animals flying or leaping at them, crawling on their bodies, or running toward them. It is human nature. NEVER underestimate the power of fear and superstition.

Horror Factor of Animals: Remember, certain animals such as mice, rats and snakes are frightening or disgusting to many people. Thus, even one of them is likely to cause people to jump, scream, scatter and move out of the way. Okay, maybe not a super being and certainly not a demon, but definitely most ordinary people. This is especially effective in a crowd. Furthermore, get one or a few people screaming in terror and panic, and probably jumping or running out of the way, and most people will look in their direction and scream and run away as well even if they don’t know what they are running from. Panic and chaos grows quickly when people are screaming and running away. Add a genuinely repugnant or scary little creature, let alone a swarm of them, and you’ve captured everyone’s attention. It is likely to take 1D6+2 minutes before the situation calms down, much longer if there are a lot of the creatures (20+) and/or they are jumping on people or on the attack. The overall Horror Factor and level of distraction for such a situation is that of the animal, +1 for every 20 animals in the swarm. Adding to the confusion and chaos of animal swarms is their squealing, shrieking, howling, growling or barking.
Similarly, a cute and friendly animal such as a rabbit, squirrel, ferret, or small dog is likely to attract attention and concern for its well being. The overall Awe Factor/Cuteness and level of distraction of such an animal situation is 11 +1 for every 10 animals on the loose. Of course, any animal on the attack, no matter how cute, has a Horror Factor as above.

Horror Factor for some common animals: +1 to H.F. for children and (noncombatant) women. +3 to H.F. for characters who have a phobia about the animal. +2 when the animal(s) is on the attack. All penalties are accumulative.
Bats of any type or size have an H.F. of 13.
Bird, small to medium, has an H.F. of 5.
Bird, predatory, such as a Hawk has an H.F. of 9.
Crows and Ravens have an H.F. of 8.
Canines, small, have an H.F. of 8.
Felines, small domesticated, have an H.F. of 7.
Frogs, Toads and other amphibians have an H.F. of 10.
Lizards of small to medium-size have an H.F. of 10.
Mice, even cute little field mice, have an H.F. of 12.
Rats, even white rats, have an H.F. of 13.
Snakes of small to medium-size have an H.F. of 12.
Snakes of large size (5 feet/1.5 m or longer) have an H.F. of 13.
Note: If you are uncertain of an animal’s H.F. use a base
of 8 for an individual animal, H.F. 10 for a group of ten or

Distraction Penalties on Swarm Attacks: -1D6 on Perception Rolls, -1D4 on initiative, -1D4 to strike, parry, dodge and disarm, and each attempt to remove or bat an animal away uses up one of the character’s attacks/melee actions. Penalties last for as long as the character is confronted and attacked by an animal swarm. Note: If a character succumbs to Horror Factor (even heroes and super-villains), he loses two melee attacks for that first melee round and increase the penalties listed above by an additional -2. Double the penalties if the character has a phobia/fear of such animals. A “swarm attack” is typically 10-20 animals per individual.

Restrictions and Limitations: The creature summoned cannot possess human-level sentience, it must have an animal intelligence. It must be a simple, small animal like a snake, frog, toad, mouse, rat, bat, bird, squirrel, ferret, weasel, house cat, small to medium-sized dog (7-20 pounds), and similar. Cannot summon insects, large animals or magical or supernatural animals, nor fictional/mythical animals; the creature must really exist on some planet, and it must be known to the character summoning it. The animal is always an adult. If the super being is rendered unconscious, the animals rush to his fallen body and fight to protect it. However, they’ll vanish if he does not wake up within 10 minutes per level of experience.
A large animal such as a wolf, lion or horse is not possible; no one animal can weigh more than 20 pounds (9 kg) and all of the animals summoned must be the same variety.

Number of Animals: The smaller and more lightweight the animal, the more the character can summon. The superbeing can summon creatures that have a combined weight of 30 pounds (13.5 kg), +5 pounds (2.25 kg) per level of experience. For example, a character with a limit of 40 pounds (18 kg) could summon 40-80 mice (depending on the type and size of the mouse species) or small bats or small birds like sparrows, as they are likely to weigh 8 to 16 ounces each. Rats are larger and typically weigh one or two pounds (0.45 to 0.9 kg), so only 20-40 rats, medium-sized bats or robin-sized birds could be summoned. Larger animals like ferrets, weasels, squirrels, rabbits, crows or hawks would be limited to 4-8 animals, 2-4 small dogs or house cats, and so on. With experience, the number of small animals that can be summoned increases.

Range: The creatures appear next to the super being or up to 15 feet away per level of experience. The commanding range is limited to the sound of the summoning character’s voice. That’s typically 100-300 feet, but it could be half that depending on the level of ambient noise. (Divine Aura increases range to 2,400 feet)

Duration: The time it takes for the initial summoning is as follows: Uses up one melee attack if the creatures are on the same continent; it appears in 3 seconds. Uses up two melee attacks if the creatures are on a different continent, and four melee attacks if they are somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. Uses two full melee rounds (30 seconds) if the animals must come from another dimension. The creatures remain until dismissed, killed or duration runs out, whichever
comes first.

Damage: Damage listed is per single animal or per groups of 10 animals for swarming attacks(i.e. double damage for 20 animals, triple for 30, and so on).
Small Toothless Animals: The bite of many small animals such as frogs and toads may nip and sting but not usually break the skin or inflict real damage (does half an S.D.C. point of damage). Still, they have a Horror Factor and cause fear, panic, and distraction. Note, this does not include poisonous frogs and toads.
Very Small Animals: Small animals like mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, moles, tiny lizards, garter snakes, the peck of a sparrow and similar small birds and animal bites do only one point of damage. Damage from a group of 10 such animals is 1D6 points per melee round. However, they will also climb up pant legs, crawl into clothing, get into hair and so on, causing most people besieged by a group of 10 or more to brush or pull them off, bat them away, and otherwise try to avoid contact. Even professional fighters and superhumans will be bothered and distracted by a swarm or flock of 10 or more.
Small Animals and Rodents: Rats, bats, squirrels, rabbits, ferrets, weasels, and similar small, aggressive animals do 1D4 damage from a bite. A group of 10 such animals does 3D6 points of damage per melee round (not all are biting through clothing, armor, or even at the same time).
Same applies for pecking and clawing attacks from small and medium-sized birds. Flying animals tend to go for the face and eyes.
Large Bird: 1D4 damage from bite/peck from a large bird like a raven/crow. Tend to go for the face and eyes. Has three attacks per melee round.
Hawk & Other Small Birds of Prey: 1D4+1 from bite, 1D6 from claw attack. Tend to go for the face and eyes. Has four attacks per melee round.
House Cats: 1D4 damage from bite or claw attack. Has four attacks per melee round.
Small Dogs: 1D6 damage from a bite, one point of damage from a (probably inadvertent) claw attack. Has three attacks per melee round.
Note: Also see distraction penalties under Horror Factor.
Attacks per Melee: Each command or instruction (attack, stop, run, etc.) given to the animal or group/swarm of animals counts as one of the character’s own melee attacks. To command them, the animals must be within earshot of the super-being. Remember, the super being can summon and dismiss the animals at will. This means he can call forth one type of animal one melee round, dismiss them as soon as the next melee round, and summon a new batch or different type of animals by the third melee round.
Note: The character who summons the animals cannot see what the animals see or know what they know, they just follow his commands like a trained dog.
Spell Knowledge Spell Strength: 15.
OOC Comments
+1 at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. PPE +1d6+4/lvl for Immortal and 2d6/lvl for caster
See Aura (Level 1, PPE: 6)
See the Invisible (Level 1, PPE: 4)
Sense Evil (Level 1, PPE: 2)
Sense Magic (Level 1, PPE: 4)
Life Source (Level 3, PPE: 2+Special)
Astral Projection (Level 4, PPE: 10)
Domination (Level 5, PPE: 10)
Mental Blast (Level 5, PPE: 15)
Superhuman Agility (Level 5, PPE: 15)
Barrage (Level 6, PPE: 15)
Fleet Feet (Level 6, PPE: 20)
Impervious to Energy (Level 6, PPE: 20)
Mask of Deceit (Level 6, PPE: 15)
Targeted Deflection (Level 6, PPE: 15)
Time Slip (Level 6, PPE: 20)
Invisibility (superior) (Level 7, PPE: 20)
Invincible Armor (Level 8, PPE: 30)
Greater Healing (Level 8, PPE: 30)
Negate Magic (Level 8, PPE: 30)
Banishment (Level 9, PPE: 45)
Realm of Chaos (Level 9, PPE: 70)
Wards (Level 10, PPE: 90)
Annihilate (Level 14, PPE: 600)
Resurrection (Level 14, PPE: 650 )


Scholastic Skills (Upgraded Secondary Skill +; Rarity Skill ⚗)
⚗Appraise Goodsx2 84% (+5%) (1st)
-Exclusive Specialization Magic Items
⚗Barter 73% (+4%) (1st)
⚗Find Contraband 65% (+4%)(1st)
⚗+Research 124% (+5%)
⚗+Streetwise 92% (+4%)
⚗+Lore: Monsters and Demons 104% (+5%) (5th)
Lore: Mythology 74% (+5%) (1st)
Lore: Religion 74% (+5%) (1st)
Biology 104% (+5%)
Chemistry 104% (+5%)
Pathology 114% (+5%)
Medical Doctor
-Diagnose: 134% (+5%)
-Treat: 111% (+5%)

Computer Operation 114% (+5%)
Advanced Mathematics 119% (+5%)
⚗Anthropology 99% (+5%)
Analytical Chemistry 89% (+5%)
Astrophysics 89% (+5%)
⚗Archaeology: 94%, (+5%)
Navigation 124% (+5%)
Read Sensory Equipment 104% (+5%)
Weapon Systems 114% (+5%)
Boat:Ships 111% (+4%)
**Warships/Patrol Boats 95% (+4%)
Horsemanship 117% (+4%)
Jet Fighters 107% (+4%)
Tanks and APC's 103% (+4%)
Computer Programming 104% (+5%)
Robot Electronics 109% (+5%)
**Electrical Engineer 109% (+5%)
Robot Mechanics 104% (+5%)
**Mechanical Engineer 104% (+5%)
HtH: Assassin
Detect Ambush 104% (+5%)
Intelligence 99% (+4%)
*Gathering 104% (+4%)
Wilderness Survival 104% (+5%)
Disguise 109% (+5%)
Imitate Voice & Impersonation
-Impersonation Regional -- 118% (+4%)
-Impersonate Specific Occupation -- 114% (+4%)
-Impersonate Specific Known Person -- 112% (+4%)
-Imitate voice/accent/region -- 138% (+4%)
-Study and Imitate Specific Voice -- 118% (+4%)

Locksmith 114%/119% (+5%)
**Basic Electronics 109% (+5%)
Prowl 119% (+5%)
Climbing 143% (+5%)
-Repelling -- 134% (+5%)
Surveillance Systems 109% (+5%)
-Sense of Balance -- 123% (+2%)
-Walk Tightrope -- 120% (+3%)
-Climb Rope -- 133% (+2%)
-Back Flip -- 124% (+5%)

-Balance -- 120% (+3%)
-Parallel Bars -- 120% (+3%)
-Climb Rope -- 113% (+2%)
-Back Flip -- 123% (+2%)

Pilot Automobile 113% (+2%)
Speak Native Language: pre-Classical Chinese/Mandarin 197% (+5%)
Literacy 192% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic 119% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Law (General) 74% (+5%)
Business and Finance 79% (+5%)
Writing 69% (+5%)
Dance 84% (+5%)
Sing 99% (+5%)
Art 79% (+5%)
Radio Basic 89% (+5%)
Concealment 72% (+4%)
Palming 84% (+5%)
Pickpockets 94% (+5%)
W.P. Heavy Weapons
W.P. Auto & Semi-Auto Rifle
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Shield
W.P. Targeting
W.P. Bow
Dragonese/Elven 131% (+5%)
English 131% (+5%)
German 131% (+5%)
Spanish 131% (+5%)
Arabic 131% (+5%)
Russian 131% (+5%)
Japanese 131% (+5%)
Hindi/Urdu 131% (+5%)
Athletics (5th)
Seduction 77% (+3%) (5th)
⚗Lore: Magic 59% (+5%) (5th) (Learned From Tyral)
-Magic Wards, Runes, & Circles -- 49% (+5%)
-Recognize Enchantment -- 44% (+5%)

Cybernetic Medicine x2 69%/99% (+5%) (5th) (Learned From Marcus)
Physical: Snow Skiing 54% (+5%) (2nd)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Assassin
Number of Attacks: 10
Initiative Bonus: +8 (add +3 vs Machines, or +4 vs AI)
OOC Comments
+1 on initiative at levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15.
Strike Bonus: +11 (vs technology the defender is -3 to dodge attacks and loses two melee attacks/actions per melee)
Parry Bonus: +18
Dodge Bonus: +18
Auto-dodge: +9 (add +4 vs technology)
Disarm Bonus: +5
HTH Damage Bonus: +25 (+4 from HTH Skill)
Punch: 6d6+25 (5d6 MD)
Power Punch: 2d4*10+25 (1d6*10 MD)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch, Fall, or Impact: +17
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +15
-Automatic Knockout
-Pin on 18, 19, or 20
-Crush 1d4
-Kick Attack 2d4
-Body/Flip Throw Attack
-Death Blow (if desired; must announce his intention).
Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Blunt +3 Strike +3 Parry, +1 Strike thrown
W.P. Shield +4 Parry, +1 Strike
W.P. Targeting +4 Strike
W.P. Archery +4 Strike, +1 Parry, +2 Disarm +140 Ft range
W.P. Heavy Weapons +3 Strike, +4 Aimed, +2 Burst
W.P. Auto & Semi-Auto Rifle +3 Strike, +4 Aimed, +2 Burst)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Immune to Magic, Illusions, Possession, Poison, Drugs, Gases, and Disease.
Coma/Death: N/A (+53%)
Toxins (15+): Immune (+13)
Magic (varies): Immune (Automatically saves) (+13)
Lethal Poison (14+): Immune (+13)
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): Immune (+13)
Psionics (12): +8
Insanity (12+): +13

Additional bonuses to base save as required:
Mind Control: +4
Possession +13
Horror: +20
Drugs +8
Disease +2
Magical Illusions +1
+2 save vs magic (all) and dangerous dimensional energy when on ley lines and during the Summer and Winter Solstice, and the Fall and Spring Equinox; +4 to save vs magic (all) and quadruple sensing range at places of power.
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Yellow Dragon Ledger
OOC Comments
Languages: N:Class-Chinese/Mandarin,English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu
P.P.E.: 452/452| H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 AR: 16 Save vs. Awe/Horror:14 (16) for words spoken and each attack against Sentinel
Spell reference at this Link
Ectype 1
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Mobile Compact Computer/ HUD interface, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 2
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Robot Repair Kit with sophisticated tools, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 3
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Weapon: 40mm MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher Equipment: Neckband Radio/ID transponders
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Sentinel's Equipment

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Equipment List

Omega Suit v3.1.7
S.D.C. by Location:
  • Arms: 90 each
  • Legs: 100 each
  • Main Body: 250
  • *Body Camera: 15

Weight: 6 lbs
  • AR: 17
  • *Body Camera (-2 to strike via aimed shot only)

  • Hyper-mimetic alloy fibers change size and molecular composition to fit wearer regardless of APS powers, shape or size changes.
  • Built-in short range encrypted radio transceiver (Omega freq only).
  • Built-in RFID transponder for C.S.P.D. verifies wearer is a Centurion to all C.S.P.D. and their precise GPS location within 20'
  • Body Camera located in center of chest.
  • Anti-Tamper system

Sentinel's Staff

Description: An ancient Kanabō formed of solid carbonado and studs of jade medallions. The grip is carved of black tourmaline.
"Give a kanabō to an Oni." was once said to me. There are indeed demons, but no Oni had one of these.

Large Kanabō
Damage: 4D6
Weight: 100 lbs.
Magic Features
• Indestructible
• +1 to Strike and Parry, returns when thrown immediately after hitting (or missing) its intended target
History: A rare weapon forged in the 1300's, possibly to counter the legendary Masamune blades. Little is else is known or remembered.

Omega Field Kit [Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]
  • Collapsible fiberglass nightstick - 1D6 Damage
  • (2) Dosimeter clip badge
  • (20) Disposable gloves
  • (30) Evidence bags
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Fold-able gas mask
  • Multitool
  • (5) Signal flares
  • (6) Zip ties
3 sets of Class 4 Armor (Full Suits)[Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]
AR 17 SDC 280 20 lbs.

Ceremonial Robes (armor integrated) [Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]
AR 17 SDC 280 20 lbs.

Clothing: [Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]
1 set of Plain Business Attire: Grey Suit
1 set of Bike Leathers
1 set of Casual clothes: Winter Coat and Cargo pants and boots

4 x Neckband Radio/ID transponders for each Ectype like the ones on the omega suits.

For the ectype in Patrol 1 a Mobile Compact Computer/ HUD interface.

For the ectype on Patrol 3 a Robot Repair Kit with sophisticated tools.

For the ectype on Patrol 4 a Heavy Weapon Grenade Launcher with lots of assorted ammunition. Smoke, gas, HE, Flares.

40mm MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher [Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]
Payload 12 round spring-loaded cylinder
Rate of fire: Single shot.
Range: 1,150 ft.
Damage : Varies with grenade type.
Weight 12.5 lbs.

40mm grenades:
12 round cylinder loaded 4x Smoke (Purple, Grey, Red, Yellow), 4x tear gas, 4x Flare. The corresponding positions in the tube are marked on the outside with the colors as follows, Smoke=Grey, Gas=Green, Flare=Red
3x12 round cylinders loaded with HE 2d4x10 SDC, 20 ft. radius.

WI-GL20 Automatic Grenade Launcher [Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]
Range: 3000'
Damage & Rate of Fire:
Single Shot Fragmentary: (Damage in HU2 pg 341) 2d4x10 (4D6 M.D). to a 12' AoE
10-round Burst Fragmentary: 2d4x100 (2D6x10 M.D.) to a 40' AoE
Single Shot Armor-Piercing: 2d4x10 (1D4x10 M.D.) to a 3' AoE (Double damage on 18,19,20)
10-round Burst Armor-Piercing: 2d4x100 (3D6 x 10 M.D.) to a 8' AoE (Double damage on 18,19,20)
Payload: 200 round belt.
Weight: 130 lbs. [gun], 20 lbs. [ammo belt]

Ammo: 50/200 belt AP

Grenades effects HU2 pg. 341
Smoke -8 Strike, Parry, Dodge, 20 ft area.
Tear gas -6 Strike, Parry, Dodge, No chance at initiative. Saving Throw: None, gas mask is an effective counter.

Mechanoid Power Crystal: A Mechanoid power crystal gives the cyborg a life of 100 years before requiring a replacement crystal. [Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]

Dimension room contents:
Ectype 3 Dimensional Room:
OOC Comments
[The ectype built a 3 story "building" inside the dimension room with a spiral staircase and movable slats floors for ease of movement of equipment. The heavier science and medical equipment will be on the ground floor. The library and research systems on the 2nd floor. Quarters will be on the 3rd for five rooms double-bunked with bath and closet being roughly 240sq ft. each., leaving about 20.5x20.5ft (420sq.ft.) for common area/kitchen and dining table. Each floor will be 10 feet tall leaving 6 feet for an "attic" for misc storage. Plumbing will terminate on the ground floor near the portal entrance for easy disposal and replenishment.]
Draupnir (x3) (CB2p148) One worn by Sentinel, one by Ectype 2, and one by Ectype 7 remaining in Asgard.
Odin's ring: The Powers of Draupnir:
• Magical Protection: The wearer is +2 to save vs magic.
• Psionic Protection: Works like Mind Block Auto-Defense.
• Courage: Gives a + 2 bonus to resist Horror Factor.

TW Collapsible Wire Horse [Dropped into Sentinels Dimensional Room]
This unique device transforms from a ball of wire to a large animated wire frame horse
M.D.C.: Wire Ball 5 M.D.C. Wire Horse as per 10th level Phantom Mount and Armor of Ithan spells
Size: Wire Horse - 5' - 7' at the shoulder, depending on rider. Wire Ball - 4'' in diameter.
Known Effects:
Wire Horse: Same as Phantom Mount, buffed by Armor of Ithan and Supernatural Speed all at 10th level
• Effect: Transform from wire ball into wire horse
• Duration: 100 minutes
• Cost: 30 P.P.E.
Climb Sheer Surfaces and Extreme Slopes
• Effect: The horse can can climb sheer surfaces and even upside down via the spells Climb and Carpet of Adhesion.
• Duration: constant
• Cost: included in activation cost.
Rider can not be thrown
• Effect: Localized use of the Carpet of Adhesion
• Duration: Constant/at will
• Cost: included in activation cost.
P.P.E. Storage: Device can store 60 P.P.E.

OOC Comments
Combines stats
70 SDC/MDC +200 SDC AR 18 (magic fire, lightning, and cold are half damage, impervious
to pain, poison, cold, electricity, and fear.)
Attributes: I.Q. 7, P.S. 25, P.P. 20, P.E. 22, Spd. 66 (45 mph) All physical skills are supernatural
Size: Varies as is appropriate for the spell caster. Semi-transparent (wire).
+1 initiative
+5 to strike
+5 parry
+12 to dodge
+3 to roll with impact or fall
+4 save vs. Magic/Poison
(cannot use weapons)
+10 Dmg HTH
1D6 M.D. with kick from the front legs
3D6 M.D. from kick with rear legs

The rider can also use the magical mount for charging attacks that add 1D6 M.D. to damage with a melee weapon, but use 2 attacks. The mount can not cast or use magic.

Phantom Mount (BoM pg 63)
M.D.C.: 30 +5 MDC per level of the spell caster's experience.
Size: Varies as is appropriate for the spell caster. Semi-transparent (wire).
Attributes: I.Q. 7, P.S. 25, P.P. 20, P.E. 22, Spd. 66 (45 mph/72
km); all physical skills are supernatural and the magical essence is impervious
to pain, poison, cold, electricity, and fear.
Combat: Three physical attacks per melee, does 1D6 M.D. with kick from the front legs, or 3D6 M.D. from kick with rear legs (cannot use weapons). The rider can also use the magical mount for charging attacks that add 1D6 M.D. to damage with a melee weapon, but use 2 attacks. The mount can not cast or use magic.
Bonuses: + 1 initiative, +2 to strike, +3 to dodge, +3 to roll with impact or fall; no parry.

Superhuman Speed (can't find Supernatural Speed) (BoM 109)
Range: Self or others by touch.
The invocation bestows the character with the equivalent of a Speed attribute of 44 (equal to 30 mph/48 km) and adds a bonus of +2 to parry and +6 to dodge for the duration of the magic. All movements performed during this period are done without fatigue.

Armor of Ithan (PFRPG:Main pg 192
OOC Comments
This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic armor on the spell caster. Named after the magic armor of the dwarf king Ithan, this mystic armor has an A.R. of 18 and 100 S.D.C. plus 10 S.D.C. per level of experience. Furthermore, magic fire, lightning, and cold do half damage.
The armor can be instantly created upon anyone, as long as the spell caster invokes the spell while touching the intended recipient.
Pending Approval
The Link
OOC Comments
3 Link Magic Chain (SB11p217)
The owner of the magical link of chain holds one end, another mage holds the other. If there are two links, a third mage may hold the end of the other link, effectively connecting two fellow spellcasters to the mage in the middle. The "link" makes the P.P.E. of the other two mages available to the central figure as if they were participating in a ritual, but more than that, the link offers other amazing powers. One, the central figure can cast any spells known by the sorcerers! This knowledge is available only so long as they are "linked." Two, the central mage can "give" his P.P.E. to one or both, if he so desires, and three can give one or both any amount of his Hit Points! Relenting one's P.P.E. leaves the mage magically impotent. Giving up his Hit Points leaves him physically drained, and if all H.P. are transferred, he can die!
Duration: The link of spell knowledge and P.P.E. is available only as long as the link is maintained. Once P.P.E. or Hit Points are transferred, the recipient has them for 24 hours, or until they are spent, whichever comes first. The character who gave them away recovers them normally, but only after the recipient has used them or the 24 hour period elapses.
Savings: $5,344,133.32 (Blackhaunt - 2/19/20)
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OOC Comments
Languages: N:Class-Chinese/Mandarin,English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu
P.P.E.: 452/452| H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 AR: 16 Save vs. Awe/Horror:14 (16) for words spoken and each attack against Sentinel
Spell reference at this Link
Ectype 1
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Mobile Compact Computer/ HUD interface, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 2
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Robot Repair Kit with sophisticated tools, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 3
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Weapon: 40mm MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher Equipment: Neckband Radio/ID transponders
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Sentinel's Background

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Background Story

It’s been 2000 years and I still haven’t lost my passion for learning. It’s obvious those who have never been immortal cannot understand the adjustments it requires and think that after a mere few centuries one would lose their minds. Many who are not gifted with eternal life enjoy citing Dorian Grey as the de facto example of what happens to those with immortality. While some of it's not far off, it’s by no means the only way one can end up, but Dorian Grey is gentle compared to how I was created.

I think it ironic to use a quote from certain notable immortal Louis de Pointe du Lac, a character from another author who has a Dorian Grey take on immortality except via vampires gained much notoriety. I was born, I lived, I died…except I live again also. I was reborn a Golem. Not the mindless kind of golem you know as solid stone and steel juggernauts of their creator's will and desires; sentinel watchers that are impossible to take down. Well, guess I am basically the same, but instead have my own will and desires. I am a perfectly sculpted copy of my Terracotta soldiers six feet tall and painted flawlessly with the figures of armor adorning my body.

While I was mortal as Emperor of China I searched for immortality. I poisoned myself with mercury in that search. It was a foolish desire that cost me my mortality early and its pursuit led to my death. Strangely though I am alive as it is said except I have no idea how or who made me in the image of my own terracotta warriors. I can’t help but believe it was my actions seeking immortality that led to my resurrection as this clay being. Was it meant to be a gift or a curse? I assumed I was given a gift and so acted accordingly. I desired to resume my rule over my empire, China. The first encounters with my subjects showed me that I had presumed too much, it would not be so easy. My people feared and distrusted me, a walking clay pot, a demon. Reasonable men do not listen to demons. So instead I attempted to rule from behind the curtains using my successor as a puppet. Of course, history shows that didn’t work out either. Perspective and hindsight are afforded to the living. Insight is afforded to the wise. I guess I am now somewhere in between.

Resigned and angry that I could no longer rule my empire I became convinced I was intentionally cursed to see everything I built lost. My search for immortality ended in the loss of my empire through death. Immortality was given to me so I could bear witness. By that logic, it couldn’t be an accident that I was made in the image of my own terracotta armies. I began searching for who cursed me. In the first months and years, nothing in my tomb, kingdom, or armies revealed anything of significance. So I set outward-looking to my enemies.

I learned that I was capable of splitting my psyche and body into equally identical parts. All four share the same knowledge, desires, and identity as me. I thought of them as my Air, Fire, and Water and me the Earth, my four elements. They are me and I am them.

So I used my ability to split to search farther and wider than I could alone for knowledge of how I was made. Again none of my former enemies could be linked to my condition.

After a couple of hundred years more of searching and learning I found much in the ways of magic and did find some that could animate mindless golems I described before, but nothing as powerful as what I am. Time does heal or cause one to forget and eventually I gave up looking for how I was made. Instead, I started to enjoy my “curse”, I forgot about my loss, learned that I could do more in the world than I could before. After a while, I sent each of my copies East, West, and South.

Centuries passed and we accomplished much, we learned much and forgot just as much. Every century new ideas, sciences, and architecture emerge. Empires rose and fell around me, some from defeat, others from within, sometimes by my own doing. Through it all, I remained enamored with it all and each day I wondered if my other selves were faring just as well. I could sense them anywhere in the world and occasionally they come back to me or I go to one of them to learn what they have seen and experienced.

Isn’t that a wonderful story? That’s what I now tell anyone who inquires forcefully. I am not invincible and have been held captive a few times, well not me, one of my ectypes. That is true boredom I wish I never absorbed. So I made up that story to satiate their curiosity. Just true enough that it was believable, but not enough that it was provable. Actually the clay armies are phylacteries, foci to channel energy. Each one imbued with the life essence of a painter, artisan, or sculptor. In short, a sacrifice was made for each one. The mercury rivers were the means to channel the energy flowing through the “tomb”, and the rivers represented the villages sacrificed to empower the ritual; 8000+ strong. Many were volunteers which unfortunately was not the majority. Most of the other details are lost, gone with those who died trapped in the tomb after its closing. Only they knew the means to make a True Golem. I did hear rumors a long time ago of another golem that was made but not as powerful. It is a surprisingly common tale of a Rabbi who made a lesser golem. I never substantiated it though it is still a passing interest of mine to wonder if there is another like me out there.

I do regret what was done, but you have to understand when I was unifying China ten times the number is lost in a single battle. Eight thousand is a reasonable price to maintain governance and oversight of our empire so that many more could live. That was the price demanded to obtain immortality. Unfortunately, the rest is true. It all fell apart very quickly to war and discord. There are other reasons but the details leading to its collapse I can’t even remember. Those who supported me died. My love also did not survive my creation. I never officially chose a wife and my changes killed her. But China survived and my legacy does continue. I guess it wasn't necessary.

Now it’s a new day with past wounds drowned in time and I don't remember any of it...yet.

Today I am off to see a conference in Century City discussing the rising number of remarkable individuals that have abilities. What a strangely familiar day to be alive.

Lotus Tie in with Poem: ... b#p1371628
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OOC Comments
Languages: N:Class-Chinese/Mandarin,English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu
P.P.E.: 452/452| H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 AR: 16 Save vs. Awe/Horror:14 (16) for words spoken and each attack against Sentinel
Spell reference at this Link
Ectype 1
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Mobile Compact Computer/ HUD interface, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 2
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Robot Repair Kit with sophisticated tools, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 3
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Weapon: 40mm MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher Equipment: Neckband Radio/ID transponders
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Sentinel's Power Grid

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Let the GAMES begin.
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Re: Sentinel (Immortal Golem, APPROVED)

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Spells Reference

Code: Select all

[size=150][url=]Spell reference at this Link[/url][/size]
See Aura (Level 1) RUE Pg. 199
Range: 100 ft.
Duration: 1 melee
Saving Throw: None. Only the psychic powers of Mind Block or Alter Aura will mask the presence of psychic abilities, the level of P.P.E., or possession.
P.P.E.: 6
All things, organic and inorganic, have an aura. The aura has many features and distinctions. and can be used to see or sense things invisible to the eye. Seeing an aura will indicate the following:
• Estimate the general level of experience. Low (1-3), medium (4-7), high (8th and up).
• The presence of magic (no indication of what, or power level).
• The presence of psychic abilities. Low (Minor) or high (Major or Master).
• High or low base P.P.E.
• The presence of a possessing entity (does not indicate Psychic Possession or mind control).
• Healthy, Sick, injured or completely well.
• The presence of an unusual human aberration which indicates a serious illness or that the character is not human and may be a mutant, D-Bee. or demon. but does not reveal which.
Note: One can not use this spell to determine another character's alignment

See the Invisible (Level 1) RUE Pg. 199
Range: 200 ft.
Duration: 1 min./lvl
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 4
The character can see Astral beings, entities, elementals, ghosts, objects, forces and creatures that can turn invisible or are naturally invisible. Even if the creature has no form per se, the mystic will be able to discern the vaporous image or energy sphere that is the being.

Sense Evil (Level 1) RUE Pg. 199
Range: 90 ft. area.
Duration: 2 min/lvl
Saving Throw: None, except a psychic Mind Block, Alter Aura or a Protection from Magic circle which will prevent the spell from working on anyone in the circle. The psychic's equivalent power of Sense Evil is not blocked by magic circles.
P.P.E.: 2
The Sense Evil invocation enables the spell caster to feel or sense the presence of evil, and especially supernatural evil (demons, Devils, etc.). It will indicate approximately how many supernatural evil presences
are within the 90 foot (27.4 m) area; one, a few (2-6), several (7-14), or many (more than 15). It can also register the intensity of the evil and pinpoint the general location of the source(s) to a particular room(s), possessed object, or person, or an approximate distance (very close. near, far. etc.).
Evil emanations from human beings, D-Bees, and other mortals are much less distinct and can not be sensed as easily or broadly as above. In this case, the spell caster must see a particular individual and cast the spell on that one character. The mage can then detect if the character is Diabolic or not. otherwise he can only sense any immediate evil intention on the part of the targeted individual.

Sense Magic (Level 1) RUE Pg. 199
Range: 120 ft. area.
Duration: 2 min./lvl
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 4
This magic ability enables the character to sense or feel the presence of magic. Like a Geiger counter, the individual can tell if he is near (within 20 feet/6 m) or far (toward the limit of the range). The ability can also indicate whether a person or object is enchanted/under a magic spell, is in the process of invoking magic, or if magic is being used in the range area. Note: Men of Magic and most supernatural beings do NOT register as magic except when they are actually casting a spell/using magic. Psychic powers can not be detected with this spell.

Life Source (Level 3) RUE Pg. 203
Range: Self.
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: Special: 2 P.P.E. plus Hit Points or S.D.C.
By using the Life Source spell, the mage is able to convert his own life energy (S.D.C. and/or Hit Points) into P.P.E. points for casting spells. Casting Life Source costs two P.P.E. points and inflicts physical pain and weakness upon the spell caster. The sacrifice of portions of his own life force in order to gain P.P.E. racks the body with sharp pain and invisible physical damage. Obviously, this is a spell of desperation.
In-game terms, the willing sacrifice of two S.D.C. points (counts as S.D.C. damage) makes available one P.P.E. point. The willing sacrifice of one Hit Point makes available one P.P.E. point. Unlike the Indian Shaman power (see Rifts® Spirit West), the mage can accidentally kill himself by burning up all his Hit Points (down to zero). If Hit Points reach zero (even if S.D.C. points are still available), the character falls into a coma and is -20% to save vs coma and death! Furthermore, for every ten points of S.D.C. or five Hit Points of damage to the spell caster (from this spell), he becomes weak and is -2 on all rolls for bonuses, saving throws and combat (initiative, strike, etc.), while skill rolls are -10%. At some point, the character can do little more than sit or lay in a heap to mumble spells and speak - too weak and injured to move! Note: This damage resists both bio-regeneration and magical healing, but is not permanent and will heal at the normal rate.

Astral Projection (Level 4) BoM pg. 99
Range: Self.
Duration: 5 min./lvl
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: Ten
The incantation sends the spell caster's Astral body into the Astral Plane, another dimension. This magic functions exactly like the Psychic Sensitive ability.

Psychic Sensitive ability
Astral Projection (Level 4) RUE Pg. 171

Through intense concentration/meditation (4D4 minutes of preparation), the psychic can free his mind, or inner self, from his physical body. This psychic inner self is the astral body, a whitish, transparent, ghostly image of the character's physical form. A long silver thread or cord connects the astral body with its physical self. If the cord is severed, the character is likely to die of sudden shock as body and soul are torn asunder. There is only a 30% chance the astral self can locate its physical body without the silver umbilical cord (roll best 2 out of 3).
The physical body lapses into a coma-like trance when the astral self has left it. In this state, the body is completely helpless. It can not walk, move or think; it's completely catatonic. Meanwhile, the astral form has the same number of attacks per melee, bonuses, hand to hand, skills, knowledge and psychic powers that he or she has in the material plane. The hazards are threefold. First, if the physical body is killed, the astral body is forever lost and will die, fade away, within six hours. Second, if the astral body gets lost or captured while in the astral plane, the body will begin to waste away and die. (Note: One minute of time in the physical world can be an entire day or even a week in the astral plane). Third, the astral body is vulnerable to psychic attacks and attacks from ghosts, entities, and creatures of the Astral Plane (see Nightbane World Book One: Between the Shadows for in-depth information about the Astral Plane and the Dreamstream).
There are two levels of astral projection, coexistence (physical body and spirit form) in the material world and/or the Astral Plane (another dimension). Astral projection from the physical body into the material world creates a ghostly specter of the astral self which can be seen only by other psychics, young children under 13 years old, animals and most supernatural creatures. While in astral form, the character automatically gains the ability to float, fly (mach one/670 mph maximum), see the invisible, pass through solid objects, is impervious to physical harm (including cold, heat and energy), and can see and hear as usual. The astral body cannot communicate with the physical world except through telepathy or empathy, nor speak to, smell or touch anything on the material plane. The astral self is little more than a mute, ghostly observer. Of course, this is a great way to locate invisible supernatural entities, as well as spy on people in the material plane (although limited to short sprints. See duration).
Traveling in astral form has its own very special dangers. While the character can see the invisible and other astral travelers, they can also see him. This makes him susceptible to their psychic and astral form attacks; astral travelers can engage in hand to hand combat against other astral beings. The most vulnerable target is the silver cord which is the astral traveler's lifeline to the physical world. Fortunately, the cord has an Astral S.D.C. which is two times that of the person's physical hit points and S.D.C. combined! Furthermore, the thread-like silver cord is a difficult target to hit; attackers are -6 to strike. The astral body also has two times the S.D.C. and hit points of the physical body. This means if the character has 18 hit points and 28 S.D.C., both the astral body and its silver cord have 92 Astral S.D.C. each (18+28=46x2 = 92 each). Remember, magic and psychic powers have full effect on the astral body. This includes exorcism, which will force the astral traveler to leave the immediate area (400 ft/122 m radius) and prevents him from returning for 24 hours.
Entering the Astral Plane is like entering the twilight zone. After a minute of concentration, the astral gateway appears as a bright patch of shimmering, white light. Once the astral traveler passes through it, he will find himself in an endless expanse of white light and rolling, white clouds. There is no up or down, no bottom or top; no north or south, no land or air or sea, just endless, slowly swirling white. Time too, is in a different or altered state, for what would seem to be a week in the Astral Plane is barely one minute in the physical world. Time and space are twisted and distorted, so the astral traveler can travel from one end of our planet to the other, in the blink of an eye, by simply hopping through the Astral Plane. While this may sound wonderful, the Astral Plane has its dangers. First, the distortion of space and time makes it extremely difficult to find the material world and one's dormant, physical body. Even trying to follow the silver cord can lead to nowhere.
To return from the Astral Plane to the physical body, roll on the following table; Each roll will determine the astral traveler's state of mind and sense of direction. The percentile dice can be rolled up to three times per melee (15 seconds). The player must roll "definitely certain" to successfully return. The player may keep trying until he succeeds or time elapses.
Location of the Physical Body
Roll Percentile Dice to Return from the Astral Plane
01-30 Hopelessly lost (roll again).
31-50 Uncertain, confused (roll again).
51-76 Fairly certain of location; on the right track (roll again).
77-00 Definitely certain of location. (Whew! Made it Back).

Astral travel with & partner is a much safer way to travel because if one can find his body, he can lead the other one out with him.

Note: Traveling on the material plane in astral form is infinitely easier than travel in the Astral Plane. To find the physical body, the character need only return to where he left it. If it has been moved or hidden, the astral self can sense its location with a 60% chance of success (roll once per melee).
The other danger lies in being attacked by other beings who live in the Astral Plane. Entities and elemental creatures of magic live in that dimension or travel through it. These beings are usually hostile, evil forces. While the astral body can not touch or communicate with the material world, the astral body is quite solid to other inhabitants of the Astral Plane. The astral body is also vulnerable to magic and psychic powers, as well as physical assault by astral entities.
The energy which composes the astral plane is responsive to thoughts and desires. The strongest astral beings can mentally or magically control that energy to mold a small area to look like whatever they imagine (see Nightbane RPG World Book One: Between the Shadows). This means that the astral plane is made up of hundreds or thousands or even millions of tiny astral "kingdoms" adrift within the vast whiteness. Exactly what these kingdoms look like is up to the entity that creates it. Some may look like a modern city, other castles or forests, while still others, a frightening landscape. Perhaps this is where legends of visitations to heaven and hell originate? It is always wise to avoid an astral kingdom because only the most powerful entities and astral beings can create and maintain them.

Domination (Level 5) RUE pg. 207
Range: Touch or within 4 ft.
Duration: 15 min/lvl
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: 10
Domination is another trance-like enchantment that enables the spell caster to impose his will over his victim's, forcing the individual to do his bidding. The victim of Domination appears to act oddly, dazed, confused, slow and unfriendly (ignoring friends, etc.). The enchanted character has one goal, to fulfill the commands of the spell caster. Under the enchantment of Domination, the character's alignment does not apply. He will steal, lie, assist in crimes, kidnap, betray friends, reveals secrets and so on. The victim is under the (almost) complete control of the spell caster. The only things the bewitched victim will not do are commit suicide, inflict self-harm, or kill a friend or loved one. A good aligned character, Principled, Scrupulous and even Unprincipled, can not be made to kill anybody; it is too deeply against their alignment. Note: The enchanted person is not himself and suffers the following penalties. Attacks per melee round are half, speed is half, all skills are half their usual proficiency, speech is slow, and the person seems distracted or a little dazed.
A successful saving throw versus magic means the magic has no effect. The character is 100% his normal self. The effects of the Domination magic can not be faked. Can not affect a person inside environmental M.D.C. body armor, power armor, robots, or vehicles.

Mental Blast (Level 5) Federation of Magic pg 138
Range: 100 feet +10 feet/lvl, but the intended victim must be visible.
Damage: 5D6 damage plus disorientation penalties. Double damage by touch ~ but must actually touch bare skin.
Duration: Instant, and add 1 melee/lvl to penalties, stacking.
Saving Throw: Save vs psionic attack.
P.P.E.: 15
Mental Blast is a magical spell that simulates a psionic attack on an enemy. Instead of blasting away with energy bolts to damage the body, this attack is invisible and undetectable (except by psionic individuals) because it attacks the mind. The mental blast does damage directly to Hit Points for normal creatures, or M.D. to supernatural and mega-damage creatures. It can affect targets protected in body armor, but not those clad in power armor, giant robots or armored vehicles. In addition to physical pain and damage (a sudden migraine headache or shooting pain in the head, neck or spine), victims of this insidious attack will feel confused, disoriented and paranoid. The victim instinctively senses he is under attack but doesn’t know from whom - one of the great advantages of this spell is that it is virtually invisible and it can be difficult to determine the source. Thus, the victim may flee the area or accuse innocent people, lash out madly (and with deadly force) or call to a nameless (faceless) enemy to show himself and fight openly, man to man. Penalties: Victims of this attack are -2 on the initiative, -2 to strike, party, and dodge, and -20% on all skills. Penalties remain in force for 1d4 melee rounds per attack; multiple Magical Mind Bolt attacks will have a cumulative effect. If the character successfully saves vs psionic attack, the damage is half and there are no penalties! Note: Mind Melters and Mind Bleeders will automatically sense who their attacker is!

Superhuman Agility (Level 5) Mercenary Adventures pg. 14
Range: Self or other by touch or within 20 ft; line of sight
Duration: 2 melee/lvl
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 15
This enchantment empowers the recipient with the balance, reflexes, and agility of a jungle cat. without the need of any training, the character can walk a tightrope or narrow ledge at a base skill of 88%, as well as fight, leap and dodge on narrow beams, tightropes and ledges without fear of losing his balance and falling. The character is also totally unafraid of heights when this spell is in effect.
Bonus: +1 initiative, +1 Parry, +5 dodge and +5 to roll with impact. Automatic Dodge +5. Automatically rolls with impact from falls, when struck by a moving vehicle or when struck by explosions/concussive blasts (including sonic blasts.)

Barrage (Level 6) Federation of Magic pg 138
Range: 100 ft. +30 ft./lvl
Duration: 7 seconds (approximately half a melee round).
Damage: 2 M.D./S.D.C. per strike ~ 3 hammering force blasts +1 per
level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Dodge or parry.
P.P.E.: 15
This spell unleashes a succession of force blasts lo batter its intended target like a swarm of tiny comets striking one after the other. Each energy blast is visible, about the size of a softball with a vapor trail, and fast-moving. Once unleashed against a target, the “barrage” continues until all blasts are used up. Even if the victim runs, flies up, or dives for cover, the barrage will follow him like tiny guided missiles.
However, because the blast pulses are reasonably large and visible, the character can try to dodge or parry them with a weapon. A successful dodge means the magical blast misses and dispels. A successful parry means it is batted away and dispels on impact. Of course, the downside is that the barrage of magic force will either strike, injure and distract the victim, or will cause him to spend his time and combat actions trying to defend against the attack! Either way, the character is distracted and injured.
In addition to taking damage (each blast that hits does two M.D.), the victim is distracted from events and activity around him (focused on the pounding attack) and is -3 to defend against any other attack leveled at him during the barrage. Worse, even if the character stands his place and takes the pummeling of force, he loses two melee attacks/actions, because he cannot take any offensive action (only parry and dodge) while being hammered by the barrage!

Summary of Barrage at caster level 7:
Damage: 10 blasts; 2 MD/SD per blast, 20 MD/SD if all blast hit,
Duration 7 seconds
Range 310ft.
Save: Dodge or Parry
Effect: -3 to defend against any other attack leveled at him during the barrage, loses two melee attacks/actions plus those used to dodge or parry, cannot take any offensive action (only parry and dodge) while being hammered by the barrage.

Fleet Feet (Level 6) PFRGP Main Pg. 186
P.P.E.: 20
Range: Self or other by spell up to 20 ft (6 m) away or ritual.
Duration: 2 Melee/lvl.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: 20

Fleet feet is an extremely popular and powerful magic spell; it is its popularity and therefore commonness that makes it a 6th level spell. The incantation doubles the physical prowess, speed and mobility of the enchanted person for 30 seconds (2 melee rounds) per level of the spell caster. This means the character's speed, and P.P. are doubled (providing increased P.P. bonuses to strike, parry and dodge) and perhaps most notably, the character's attacks per melee round are all doubled for the duration of the spell.
While the character is a veritable whirlwind of action, the enchantment does have some drawbacks. He is moving so fast and doing so much that the character is -2 on the initiative and not likely to see a surprise attack coming (in most cases a surprise attack or strike from behind is automatic). Furthermore, the performance of delicate skills like picking locks or pockets, carving, writing, etc., are all at -20% and the character cannot control his precise movement.

Impervious to Energy (Level 6) RUE pg. 210
Range: Self or others by ritual.
Duration: 2 min/lvl
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 20
The spellcaster can make himself impervious to all forms of energy, including fire, heat, electricity, lasers and so on. Energy attacks do no damage whatsoever. Physical attacks, guns, knives, clubs, explosives, and even punches, etc., do normal damage.

Mask of Deceit (Level 6) RUE pg. 210
Range: Self.
Duration: 10 min./lvl
Saving Throw: Everyone who encounters the disguised character gets a save vs magic, but is -4 to succeed. A successful save means the true features are seen, not the mask. However, those who don't really pay attention or care who the character might be, are automatically fooled by the deception (no chance to save).
P.P.E.: 15
A useful tool for deception, it magically creates an illusionary mask over the spell caster's own facial features. Age, gender, skin color, hair, hair length, and specific features are composed with thought. However, the magic is limited to facial features and does not apply to any other part of the body. The mage can attempt to imitate a specific person's face, but has a mere 20%+5% chance per level of experience. If the character has the Disguise skill, use that base skill instead.

Targeted Deflection (Level 6) Federation of Magic pg 114
Range: Effective targeting deflection is 500 feet +50 ft./lvl. Trying to hit a target beyond this range is -1 to strike per every additional 100 ft. This spell can only be cast on the sorcerer himself,
Duration: One melee/lvl
Saving Throw: Dodge
Limitation: Energy attacks only, but as Deflect spell for all other.
P.P.E.: 15
Targeted Deflection is a more advanced form of the Deflect spell. After invoking this magic, the mage can magically parry energy attack/blasts with his arms and hands (a small field of energy momentarily appears around the hands and forearms). Best of all, he can deflect them in such a way that the attack is directed back at its source! Unless the attacker dodges, he takes full damage from his own attack and the mage takes none! To successfully return the attack to its source, the mage rolls to parry with a bonus of +3 (in addition to any P.P. and/or Targeting skill bonuses). A successful parry will block and deflect the attack harmlessly away. Any roll above a 13 will bounce the blast back at the attacker. The attacker can try to dodge the bounce back energy blast, but does so without bonuses and must match or beat the mage’s parry roll. A roll by the mage between 5-13 simply deflects the attack out of harm’s way, a roll of 1-4 means a fumbled deflection and the blast hits the mage without it being deflected.
The mage can also try to deflect the blast at a different target, but does so without any bonuses and needs a 16 or higher to strike. Note: Only energy blasts, including magical energy, can be deflected back at the attacker or at others. However, the mage can parry and deflect projectiles harmlessly away the same as the Deflect spell.

Deflect (Reference for Targeted Deflection above)
This spell allows the spell caster to attempt to magically parry and deflect incoming ranged-weapon attacks such as arrows, bullets, lasers, particle beams, rail guns, tire balls, called lightning, etc. The caster gets to roll a normal 20 sided die +4, for his or her parry (plus any P.P. attribute bonus; other parry bonuses do not apply). If successful, the attack is deflected by a small energy field, and harmlessly hits the ground 1D4x10 yard/meters away. Such a deflection may hit an ally or innocent bystander if used in a crowded or heavily occupied area.
This spell can also deflect missiles, even volleys, but the spell caster might get caught in the blast radius and innocent bystanders are likely to get hurt. When missiles or powerful energy blasts (those that inflict 1D4x10M .D. or more damage) are deflected. the character must roll a 20 sided die again, but without the benefit of a bonus, to see whether or not the attack is deflected away without harm to others, or whether it strikes an innocent bystander. A roll of 1-4 means the attack is deflected into the ally nearest the mage! A roll of 5-8 means it hits an innocent bystander. A roll of 9 or higher means the attack is deflected without harm to others unless the area is densely populated or crowded, then innocents are almost certain to be injured. Area affect attacks like exploding rockets. missiles, and grenades, or rail gun bursts may strike and injure or kill dozens of people; G.M.s should use their discretion in such determinations. No, the spell caster cannot accurately deflect the attack into a specific enemy target or location.

Time Slip (Level 6) Book of Magic pg. 114
Range: Self
Duration: Half a melee round (7 seconds)
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 20
The invocation momentarily suspends time, enabling the spell caster to slip seven seconds into the future. The mage can move forward seven seconds while all around him are caught in the past. The magic is such that the character can not physically hurt any living creature, but can move about the physical environment, open doors, grab an item, run, etc. The effect will appear, to others, as if the character disappears for an instant and then suddenly reappears a few seconds later. All around him lose two attacks that melee round, but the mystic retains all of his. The time slip is ideal for a quick escape. Note: Whatever actions the sorcerer takes within the seven seconds are unseen and unknown to the other characters.

Invisibility (Superior) (Level 7) RUE pg 213
Range: Self or one other by touch.
Duration: 3 min/lvl.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 20
A powerful incantation that makes the spell caster invisible to all means of detection. Ordinary vision, infrared, ultraviolet and other optics, heat, motion detectors, and even an animal's sense of smell, can NOT locate the invisible person. No footprints are made, and little sound (prowls at 84%). The magic is broken only if the character makes a hostile move, or engages in combat/attacks. At that instant, he becomes completely visible. Note: The invisible character is not ethereal and can not walk through walls: he must still use a door. The act of forcing open a door or window, picking a lock, tapping somebody, accidentally bumping somebody, or accidentally getting shot or hurt, is not considered an act of aggression or combat, so invisibility is maintained.

Invincible Armor (Level 8) Federation of Magic pg. 144 [Modified by Maniacal Laugh for HU2:CS)
Range: Self or one other by touch.
Duration: 3 min/lvl.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: 30
Although not quite as “invincible” as the name suggests, this impressive magical armor encases the wearer in a suit of shimmering, translucent plate armor, complete with full helm. The armor is Natural AR 18, is 50 SDC per level of the spell caster, and regenerates damage at the rate of 2d6 S.D.C. per melee round. The armor offers complete environmental protection from heat, cold, disease, pollution, toxic gases, fumes, etc. and, provides the wearer with an independent oxygen supply.
Furthermore, all energy attacks, magic or mundane, inflict only half their usual damage to the armor! Should the armor be destroyed, it absorbs all the extra damage and disappears in a flash of light. No damage is carried over to the wearer. Note: Magical armor cannot be placed on giant Automatons.

Invincible Armor: Natural AR 18. 50 SDC per level, regen 2d6 SDC per melee, all energy attacks, magic or mundane inflict half damage. The armor offers complete environmental protection from heat, cold, disease, pollution, toxic gases, fumes, etc. and, provides the wearer with an independent oxygen supply.

Greater Healing (Level 8) RUE pg. 215
Range: One character by touch (cannot be used on oneself).
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 30
A powerful healing spell that can instantly heal external and internal injuries and restore up to 2D4x10 S.D.C. and 6d6 Hit Points. or 1d4 M.D. (only if the latter is a Mega-Damage creature)! The mage may not cast this spell on himself nor give (even temporarily) a character more S.D.C. or Hit Points than he had to begin with.

Negate Magic (Level 8) RUE pg. 216
Range: Touch or 60 ft.
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: Special (Ritual magic has a greater chance of success).
P.P.E.: 30
This incantation will instantly cancel the effects or influence of most magic. To determine whether the negation is successful or not roll a saving throw. If the roll is a successful save against the magic in place. its influence is immediately destroyed, negated, canceled. 12, 13, 14. or 15 is needed for spell magic depending on the experience level of the mage (usually 12 or 13 is needed), meanwhile 16 or higher to save vs ritual magic. A failed save means the negation attempt did not work. Try again if sufficient P.P.E. is available. Negation will not work against possession, Exorcism. Constrain Being, Banishment, Talisman, Amulet, Enchanted objects, Symbols/Circles of protection (or magically drawn circles of any kind), wards, summoning magic. Zombies, Golems, Restoration, magical healings or cures. Negation can be attempted to cancel a spell curse, but only has a 01-25% possibility of succeeding. Of course, it has no effect against psychic abilities or Techno-Wizard or Bio-Wizard/rune devices.

Banishment (Level 9) BoM pg. 132
Range: 100 ft.
Duration: 2 weeks/lvl.
Saving Throw: Standard
P.P.E.: 65
A useful invocation for controlling supernatural beings is Banishment. The magic forces one lesser supernatural being/demon, per experience
level of the spell caster, to leave the immediate area (600 ft radius). The creature(s) can not return for at least two weeks per level of the spell caster' s experience. Each lesser being gets to roll to save vs the magic. A successful save means it is not banished and can stay to cause trouble. As always, a Banishment ritual has a greater chance of success (16 or higher is needed to save.)

Realm of Chaos (Level 9) Federation of Magic pg. 149
Range: Up to a 100 ft. radius around the spell caster.
Duration: 1 min/lvl.
Saving Throw: -3 to save.
P.P.E.: 70
The spellcaster can magically plunge himself and his enemies or all people within a 100 foot (30.5 m) radius (with the mage at the center) into a strange dimension known as the Realm of Chaos. Practitioners of magic believe this nightmarish realm is a frightful kingdom someplace in the Astral Plane. The general surroundings mimic the appearance of those in which the people just left, only they will seem somehow unnatural and empty (no strangers, animals, insects, etc.); clearly a copy. Only the spell caster is unaffected by what happens next.
Each character taken to the realm will experience his or her most hated and/or feared enemy or rival. In some cases, where a group of people are highly motivated or afraid of the same thing, one major villain/foe will confront all or most of the group (including at least one henchman per character). This deadly foe can be an antagonist the character(s) faced in the past or plan (or fear) to face in the present or future
(except the spell caster). Additionally, it can be a foe they have slain in the past. In such a case, they will claim to have returned to crave their revenge. These fearsome opponents all have revenge and murder on their minds and attack immediately. All these villains and monsters appear to have their normal powers, skills, and weaponry. They are not illusions (presumably mental creations of the Astral Plane unwittingly magically created and fueled by the very people who fear or hate of them). Thus, they can be destroyed through combat.
Since the spell caster who brought everybody to the Realm of Chaos is not affected, he can step back and enjoy the show or join in the battle to destroy his enemies.
The only way to escape the Realm of Chaos is to wait for the spell duration to elapse, to kill the mage who cast the spell or to force him to take them back, the natural world. Note: The spell caster is central to this dimensional spell. He cannot leave the Realm on his own. When he leaves, everybody he brought with him in the first place comes with him. The magical enemies and fears are not the genuine article and cannot he carried back to the real world.

Wards (Level 10) Book of Magic pg. 138
Range: Varies with type.
Duration : Effects vary with type.
Saving Throw: Standard; spells are base 12, wards created by ritual magic are 16.
P.P.E.: 90
The Wards invocation creates mystic symbols used to protect items of value, to protect dwellings, and as booby traps. The ward can be cast on a door or window, a section of floor, a cabinet or on a specific item such as a book or statue. The ward symbols on the object are always obvious, to serve as a warning. When somebody, other than the sorcerer who created them, touches the object, a spell is triggered. The following wards can be created. Each ward invocation will create two separate wards, the ritual invocation will create three. The object to be warded must be present.
Alarm: A screeching, siren-like noise is instantly sounded and continues to blare for ten minutes. The sound can be easily heard through closed doors up to 100 feet (30 m) away.
Fear: An aura of fear engulfs everybody within 20 feet (6 m) of the ward. Each person must roll to save vs magic or be overwhelmed by terror. Effects are identical to the second level fear invocation.
Fire Bolt: The person touching the item is struck by a Fire Bolt causing 6D6 damage; no saving throw is applicable. Same as the fourth level invocation.
Paralysis (lesser): The ward temporarily paralyzes the person's hand and arm for 1D4 hours. Effects are identical to the third level invocation.
Sleep: The ward will put to sleep everybody within a ten-foot area around it. Each person must roll to save versus magic. The sleep lasts for 6D6 minutes. Effects are identical to the fifth level spell. [The
victim can not be awakened by any means except by the mage canceling the magic or until the magic's duration time lapses. A successful save means the spell has no effect whatsoever.]
Agony: The person who touches the object is wracked with agony for 2D8 melees. The effects are identical to the seventh level invocation.
Curse (minor): Inflicts a minor curse identical to the eighth level invocation except that it will linger for 1D6 weeks.
Curse (phobia): Inflicts a phobia curse identical to the ninth level invocation except that it will linger for 1D4 weeks.
Banishment (counts as two wards): Will instantly force lesser supernatural beings from the area, just like the tenth level invocation.
Plus, the creature must leave the object where it rests.
After a ward has been triggered, its magic is used up and it disappears.
A ward can last for centuries if left undisturbed. The life span of a ward is 150 years per level of the mage.

Annihilate (Level 14) Book of Magic pg. 150
Range: 500 feet+100 ft./lvl
Damage: Special.
Duration: Instant.
Saving Throw: Dodge.
P.P.E.: 600; Shifters, Conjurers, Temporal Raiders and Temporal Wizards can cast this spell at a cost of only 300 P.P.E.
The spell creates a small black orb the size of a baseball that appears above the open palm. This is anti-matter that has been brought through dimensional barriers from another universe. Powerful forces keep the substance sealed in a magical sphere. The spellcaster may hurl this globe at any target within 500 feet and is +3 to strike (no bonuses other than the Targeting skill, are applicable). The intended target may attempt to dodge; parry is not possible, and giant targets and large immobile structures (buildings, bunkers, the side of a wall or mountain, etc.) can not be missed at close-range (30 feet).
When the Annihilation sphere hits, two things happen. First, the actual target (whatever it hits) takes 2D4x100 M.D.! If the damage exceeds the target's M.D.C., it is completely vaporized! Not a trace is left, except for a three foot deep, smoldering crater.
Second, everything in a 10 foot radius is struck by a contained matter-antimatter explosion that does 4D6x10 M.D. If the "things" within the radius of effect have less M.D.C. than the damage inflicted, they are completely vaporized! Only a circle of barren earth (and those with great M.D.C.) remains. Any other damaging effect that might be unleashed by the anti-matter is contained by the spell's magic.

Resurrection (Level 14) Book of Magic pg. 151
Range: Touch or six feet away.
Duration: Instant and permanent.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 650
This awesome spell will restore life into the recently deceased. The resurrected person has all Hit Points, memories, abilities, and skills that he had at the moment of his death. Missing limbs will remain missing, but healed; this is not a regeneration process but a revitalization. This spell works only on creatures that have died in the last two months.
Success factor: Regardless of the spell caster's level of experience, the chance of success is only 45% (double for gods). The spell can be attempted on the same corpse no more than three times. If still unsuccessful another magic weaver may try. Six failed attempts mean the person is beyond the help of magic. [Spell version learned is a version imbued by the gods with 90% chance of success gifted from Baldr.]
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Re: Sentinel (Immortal Golem, APPROVED)

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Mary Marsh (Action Reporter, WCTV Channel 9)
Raised from dead and interviewed Sentinel.
Reference: ... 9#p1362999
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Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Robot Repair Kit with sophisticated tools, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
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Re: Sentinel (Immortal Golem, APPROVED)

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1d20 = 15: 15
1d100 = 29: 29
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Re: Sentinel (Immortal Golem, APPROVED)

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int 1d6 = 6: 6
LVL 6 secondary skill skiing sdc 1d6 = 5: 5
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Languages: N:Class-Chinese/Mandarin,English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu
P.P.E.: 452/452| H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 AR: 16 Save vs. Awe/Horror:14 (16) for words spoken and each attack against Sentinel
Spell reference at this Link
Ectype 1
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Mobile Compact Computer/ HUD interface, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 2
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Robot Repair Kit with sophisticated tools, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 3
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Weapon: 40mm MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher Equipment: Neckband Radio/ID transponders
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Re: Sentinel (Immortal Golem, APPROVED)

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Summons Stat Blocks


Stats and Description
Sentinel Prime and Sentinel 5 speak in a Dimensional Room with a summoned Ch'uan Ti, an Earth Hound from the Chinese Daemonic Hells. They offer it the chance to hunt many things in many places. The Demon does not make an aggressive move toward either of the Sentinels, but does not seem pleased to be in the presence of them either. It paces back and forth in thought, sizing the two of them up and hearing the words and promises offered it. Ten minutes later, it grunts "不要浪費時間。 我正在旋轉無法理解的痛苦的第九個領域的破壞力。立即發送回家。(DO NOT WASTE TIME. I AM ROTTING FLOWER, DESTRUCTIVE FORCE OF THE NINTH REALM OF UNKNOWABLE PAIN. SEND HOME NOW.)" Their deal concluded, Sentinel releases the Ch'uan Ti back to its home dimension and meets with the rest of the team. Link
Ch'uan Ti, the Earth Hound, has the face of a monkey, the eyes and body of a man, the ears of a bat, the tusks of a wild boar, the teeth of an ape, the tongue of a frog, a pair of jagged horns that rise up from the eyebrows, the tail of an alligator and the legs of a dog that stands upright. White or yellow hair grows behind the ears and down the jaw like shaggy sideburns, and forms into a beard that is pointed on both sides of the chin. The demon's skin is hard and rough like tree bark, and cool to the touch like stone.

The Earth Hound is a natural hunter who lives to give chase, hunt and capture or slay its prey. Though an adequate warrior and spy, the Ch'uan Ti feels truly alive only when tracking and hunting. As a result, they make outstanding wilderness scouts, reconnaissance operatives, and hunters whether their prey be animal, monster, demon or man. Living up to its name, the Earth "Hound" seems more animal than human, relying on predatory instinct and cunning rather than learned skills. Their primal nature is obvious from their grunts and growls and economy of words spoken in a deep guttural voice ("You come," "we go," "many enemies wait by river," "surrender or die," and so on). Barrel-chested and thickly muscled, the Ch'uan Ti is much more agile and fast than their form might suggest, moving with the grace and power of a tiger on the attack. While it is true the Ch'uan Ti delights in the hunt, the demon never kills for fun or pleasure, but only for food and at the command of its master.

Everything about the Ch'uan Ti speaks to its nature as both a hunter and a creature of the earth/soil, from the demon' s hodgepodge of animal characteristics and predatory instincts, to its Earth Elemental magic powers. Fugitives with an Earth Hound on their tail are likely to find it impossible to shake their demonic pursuer, especially in the wilderness. It is said the only way to escape a Ch'uan Ti pursuer is to kill it. However, the demon ' s animal ferocity, drive and Earth powers often overcome its prey unless the demon can be caught off guard or in a hidden trap or ambush. It is interesting to note that a Ch'uan Ti rarely bothers with mortals (humans or D-Bees) unless commanded to do so by someone it regards as its lord and master. This means if a character fmds himself being pursued by an Earth Hound, it is because someone wants him dead, and even if the demon is slain, its master may send more of them or other minions to find and capture or kill the individual. They may even be already in pursuit and not far behind the Ch'uan Ti.

Race: A lesser demon.

Alignments: 1d100 = 42 Anarchist
Anarchist (1-45%), Miscreant (46-65%), Diabolic (66-80%) and Aberrant (81-100%). Aggressive predators who love the thrill of the chase, the joy of the hunt and the success of the kill or capture of its prey.

Equivalent Level of Experience: 1d6+1 = 5
I.Q. 1d6+6 = 9
M.A. 1d6 = 6
M.E. 1d6+8 = 9
P.S. 1d6+20 = 22 (Supernatural)
P.P. 1d6+18 = 24
P.E. 1d6+16 = 19
P.B. 1d6 = 3
Spd. 2d6+40 = 45 (30-36 mph).

S.D.C.: (2d6*10)+90 = 160 +20 S.D.C./LVL experience. = 260
Horror/Awe Factor: 13
Size: 6-7 feet tall and weighs 200-300 pounds; may seem a bit shorter because the creature often crouches and stands hunched over.
Gender: Impossible to tell, all look to be male.
Average Life Span: Unknown, presumed to be immortal.
P.P.E.: (1d6*10)+60 = 90 plus P.E. attribute number. = 108

Spell Invocations:
Fireblast (8)
Fire Bolt (7)
Fire Ball (10)
Power Weapon (35)
Sheltering Force (20)
Spoil (30)
Tame Beast (35; half the usual P.P.E.).

Earth Elemental Magic:
Animate Plants (10)
Chameleon (5)
Chasm (25)
Create Wood (5+)
Crumble Stone (10)
Dust Storm (5)
Earth Rumble (10)
Mystic Fulcrum (3)
Repel Animals (10)
Rock to Mud (6)
River of Lava (25; half the usual P.P.E.)
Rot Wood (4)
Suspended Animation (80)
Throwing Stones (4)
Travel Through Walls (20)

Natural Abilities: Nightvision 600 feet, see the invisible, can fight/run/hunt for 18 hours straight without fatigue, can climb steep inclines or the sides of buildings and other rough surfaces at 60% +2% per level of experience at normal running speed. Impervious to most S.D.C. weapons except those made of silver (which do their S.D.C. damage as M.D.), impervious to disease and fire/heat (including M.D. fire) unless first rendered inert (see Vulnerabilities), lightning and electricity do half damage, and it bio-regenerates 3D6 M.D.C. per melee round, double on ley lines and at places of magic that radiate negative energy. Cannot heal at places filled with positive energy/chi. its powers of regeneration are so great that it will completely reform at the next nightfall even if it was blasted to pieces. The Earth Hound functions equally well at day or night, and only needs about four hours of sleep every 24 hours to function at top efficiency.

Prehensile Tongue (special): The demon scout can unleash a prehensile tongue that shoots out like that of a frog or toad a distance of four feet. The tongue is used to snatch food, objects, weapons, and even entangle or grapple with an opponent (+2 to disarm and entangle with tongue).
The tongue can also wield weapons, though at half the character's usual combat bonuses for ancient weapons and is -6 to strike using guns, and even perform simple skills, though they take twice as long to execute and are done at half the usual skill proficiency.

Alter Scent (special): The Ch'uan Ti can change its body chemistry to disguise its scent to trick and confuse its prey. The altered scent prevents the demon from being recognized by its scent when the wind changes or by animals and beings with a keen sense of smell. It also prevents dogs and others capable of tracking by scent from following it or from realizing the Earth Hound is on their trail or lurking nearby. The types of scents are limited as follows:

Disguise Scents: Orchid blossoms, pine, and maple, or the animal scents of fox (which may be mistaken for a Fox Spirit or Fox Faerie), hound/dog, tiger, stag/deer, horse and rabbit.
Scents to Attract/Lure Others To It: May include any of the Disguise Scents depending on who or what the demon is trying to attract, but can tweak the animal scents to smell like a female in heat, as well as create the sweet smell of meat/flesh that has just started to decay (attracts insects, scavengers, vultures, ghouls and curious humans, among others), peaches, and ginger.

Scents of Danger or Foreboding: Death, animal musk, durian (a foul smelling, pungent fruit), burning wood, molten rock and sulfur. These scents are meant to instill dread and fear in the prey to get them to bolt from cover or a safe haven, make a foolish mistake or frighten them into surrendering.

Equivalent Skills:
Magically understands and speaks all languages, but can't read a word.
Basic Math 80%
Blend 60%
Camouflage 75%
Climb 98%/92%
Horsemanship: Exotic Animals (including the Monkey-Wolf) 70%/60%
Intelligence 75%
Land Navigation 95%
Lore: Faerie 80%
Lore: Cattle & Animals 90%
Prowl 70%
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Spear
Four Wilderness skills of choice at 75%
Skills do not improve with experience. Note: Can throw a spear and stones twice the usual distance.

Vulnerabilities: Besides its low intellect and animalistic nature...

1. S.D.C. weapons made of Silver inflict their S.D.C. damage as M.D., so a silver plated sword that normally does 2D6 S.D.C. inflicts 2D6 M.D. to the Earth Hound.

2. Water. The Ch'uan Ti cannot swim, sinks like a rock, and will drown in 1D4+4 minutes when completely submerged underwater. Drowning is a bit of a misrepresentation, since the demon actually becomes inert, turning as hard and grey as stone, but is really in a coma-like state. Removing it from water allows it to dry out and the monster awakens the second night it has been on dry land (or boat). Getting blasted by water bothers but does not hurt the creature; water magic does normal damage.

3. Most Mega-Damage weapons, magic and psionics do normal damage. Electricity does half. Impervious to heat and disease.

4. To kill a Ch'uan Ti it must be rendered inert either by submersion in water or by reducing its M.D.C. to 50 points below zero, which turns it into a stone statue. Once rendered inert the Earth Demon can be taken and melted down as if it were lead, otherwise it will rise again (in the latter case the next night). If shattered into a million pieces the Earth Hound reforms the next night.

Attacks per Melee: Five physical attacks regardless of experience or two by magic.

Damage: Punches, kicks and head butts as per Supernatural P.S.; typically 4D6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 2D6 M.D. from a full strength punch or kick, 4D6 on a power punch (counts as two attacks), a bite/gore with tusks inflicts 2D6 M.D., or by weapon or magic. Favors clubs and spears (for stabbing and throwing) as well as throwing rocks and boulders.
May use guns and other hand-held weapons, but without benefit of bonuses (no W.P.) and prefers to rely on its
predatory instincts, natural abilities, the weapons noted, and formidable magic.

R.C.C. Bonuses (in addition to likely attribute bonuses [already included]:
+2 on initiative
+6 to strike and parry
HTH SN PS: 4d6+7 SDC
+7 to automatic dodge
+6 to disarm and entangle
+8 to pull punch
+7 to roll with impact
+3 to save vs all forms of magic
+3 to save vs Horror Factor and possession

Demonic Curses: None.
Psionics: None.
Enemies: Mortal beings, humans, D-Bees, and animals are viewed as prey and playthings, but the Ch'uan Ti has no animosity for them, just as the hunter does not hate or think much about the deer or rabbit he hunts. However, the Ch'uan Ti hates to be made a fool and takes a lasting dislike for beings who make it look foolish or incompetent (i.e., lose face).
Ch'uan Ti only hunts mortals for food, sport/challenge (that's where the ''plaything'' aspect comes in) or if commanded to do so by a being it accepts as its master.

Allies: The Earth Hound is a simple hunter with no aspiration for power, wealth or glory, thus it quietly accepts being
forced into servitude by more powerful demons and gods, good and evil. Sometimes the Ch'uan Ti' s service is one or
two specific jobs/hunts before it is let go to do as it pleases. Other times the demon is forced into years, even centuries of servitude. Earth Hunters don't mind such long periods of service as long as they have ample opportunities to hunt and romp through the wilderness. Some even find servitude preferable because it gives them more opportunity to hunt and explore new places than they would have if left on their own.
Habitat: Found throughout China and Southeast Asia, particularly in the forests and mountains. Occasionally encountered in Mongolia, Russia, Japan and India.
Yellow Dragon Ledger
OOC Comments
Languages: N:Class-Chinese/Mandarin,English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi/Urdu
P.P.E.: 452/452| H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 AR: 16 Save vs. Awe/Horror:14 (16) for words spoken and each attack against Sentinel
Spell reference at this Link
Ectype 1
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Mobile Compact Computer/ HUD interface, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 2
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Equipment: Robot Repair Kit with sophisticated tools, Neckband Radio/ID transponders
Ectype 3
Ectype P.P.E.: 452/452 | H.P.: N/A | S.D.C.: 753/753 Weapon: 40mm MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher Equipment: Neckband Radio/ID transponders
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