How to create a character for Rifts

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How to create a character for Rifts

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How to create a character for Rifts

Regional characters are natives of Rifts Earth who are not native to the setting in which they will be playing.

Step 1: Go through Character Concept Approval (on the New Player's Guide)

Step 2: Check for Costs & Conflicts

Step 3: Your Turn (on the New Player's Guide)

Step 4: Pay the EP Origin Cost

EP Costs for Characters of a Regional Origin
  • (2 EP) Native (America) A-List; applicable to settings outside America
    (2 EP) Native (Europe) B-List; applicable to settings outside Eurasia
    (3 EP) Native (Australia) C-List; applicable to settings outside Australia
    (6 EP) Native (Orbit) D-List; applicable to settings outside Orbit
    (2 EP) Native (Underseas) Includes: Underseas and Lemuria
    (3 EP) Native (Africa)
    (4 EP) Native (Japan)
    (4 EP) Native (Russia) Includes Mystic Russia, Warlords of Russia, and Mindwerks.
    (4 EP) Native (Atlantis) Includes: Atlantis, Splynn Dimensional Market, and Secrets of the Atlanteans
    (5 EP) Native (Central and South American) Includes: South America 1 & 2, Vampire Kingdoms & Vampire Sourcebook
    (5 EP) Native (China) Includes: China 1 and China 2. Note: Characters have their P.P.E./Chi reduced in half when outside of China.
Step 5: Get Started
  1. Start a new topic (character sheet) in the recruitment forum. Post the character templates to this thread as per directions, and post a die roll sheet.
  2. Consult the stats on your approved race and roll up the character's attributes.
  3. If applicable, roll to see if your character is psionic.
  4. Consult your approved O.C.C. and update your character sheet with the relevant abilities native to that class, record your chosen skills, note your chosen XP level (post as appropriate to the EP marketplace if anything other than 3rd level), and flesh out the other details related to your character such as name, alignment, description, sentiments, etc.
  5. Calculate your H.P., S.D.C., or M.D.C. as applicable, and calculate all of your various combat bonuses & saving throw bonuses.
  6. Update your equipment sheet with your wish list and standard gear.
  7. Write your background story.
  8. Consult the advice from EU players and double check your submission for errors. If you're wise, you'll also seek input from the EU community chat, and have fresh eyes look over your sheet for errors & oversights.
  9. Notify Augur that your character submission is ready for review.
  10. Start looking at the Rifts groups and contacting the group leaders of those groups who have openings and in which you have some interest in joining.
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