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Availability & Rarity Guide

Post by Augur »

Availability & Rarity Guide

Availability Guide for Bionics, Cybernetics, & Bio-Systems

Not everything is in abundant supply. It's a timeless and iron-clad law of economics that all resources are effectively and relatively scarce. Effective scarcity changes from place to place as geography and other circumstances dictate, so not everything is disttributed in equal scarcity across the Megaverse. As such, in some places and times, some things are more scarce, and thus more difficult to find (or even completely unavailable) than at other places or times. This is ttrue of everything from cast iron kitchenware to high-tech gadgets, or weapons of ancient and mystical power.
  • EP cannot be used in any way to find exotic items.
  • A/GMs must contact the DM (or alternate of his choosing) of their setting regarding any items not of Common or Uncommon rarity to be rewarded as "loot."
  • Items unique to a certain geographical region are never to be considered anything less than Very Rare in any other location.
  • Quantity 1: Common & Uncommon items (when successfully found) are limited in quantity by the GM's good judgment.
  • Quantity 2: Items of Rare or greater rarity are never found in quantity; single items only.
  • If a GM deems an item to not be available in a given place/time, no number of skill checks can yield a successful result.
  • If an item's rarity requires more than one skill check, a different skill must be used for every additional required check.
  • No external source of skills or skill buffs are allowed, only the character's own innate skills & knowledge are applicable.
    • A character with more than the required minimum number of skills can roll all of their applicable skills, and apply the successes from all of them (max: 8).
  • This process is applicable to each item sought.
  • A given location can only be checked once per quad by a given character.
  • Influential Friends
    • Favorable Contact: the character can apply +5% to any one roll of his choosing each quad
    • Influential Contact: the character can apply +10% to any one roll of his choosing each quad
    • Powerful Contact: the character can reroll any one failed roll of his choosing at +10% each quad
  • Failure to meet the required number of successful skill checks means failure.
Price mark-up is frequently inverse the given availability.

    • Kat wants to find a particularly rare gem for her latest TW creation.
    • Kat's strongest skill is barter, but she can only use it once, so she has to rely on her other skills as well.
    • Kat knows of a jeweler, so she visits that shop. The gem she desires is very rare (requires 3 successful skill roll checks).
    • Kat first uses her Barter skill to grease the wheels of commerce with the jeweler. (Skill check)
    • She uses her knowledge of anthropology to understand the potential subtleties of the situation and the jeweler's motive. (Skill check)
    • She appraises goods around the jeweler's shop to zone in one her potential target. (Skill check)
    • If Kat fails to get 3 successful checks, she's out of luck, and will have to check his stock later (the next quad).
Applicable Skills
Appraise Goods
Find Contraband
Invoke Trust/Charm & Impress*
Any Lore skill*
*treated as the same skill for check purposes

Rarity Color Guide
No skill checks required
No Modifiers
1 successful skill check required
No Modifiers
2 successful skill checks required
Suggested Modifier: -10%
Very rare
3 successful skill checks required
Suggested Modifier: -20%
4 successful skill checks required
Suggested Modifier: -35%
Unique / Legendary
5 successful skill checks required
Suggested Modifier: -50%
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Re: Availability & Rarity Guide

Post by Augur »

So, a question has come up regarding the availability of things and meta-gaming.

Here's the situation:
--Character X wants a powerful weapon.
--Character X does not possess an encyclopedic knowledge of what's available on the market.
--Player has an idea of what he wants Character X to obtain.
--Player & GM alike do not know what's available in any location at any given time.
What is Character X to do?

False dichotomy: Character X knows what he can get and where (meta-gaming omniscience) vs it's impossible for Character X to find something he doesn't know exists

Problem: He doesn't know what's available. He doesn't even have perfect knowledge of what might be available. So what's Character X to do?

Solution: roleplaying!
Character X wants a better gun!
Character X knows there's a bunch of gun stores in the Arms Bazaar.
He doesn't know what they have in stock (meta-gaming), nor does he have an encyclopedic knowledge of any given manufacturer's models.
Character X talks with the sales rep (an NPC)! Character X describes his problem, and the sales rep does what sales reps do--the sales rep tries to find a solution(s) to Character X's problem.
Character X's player indicates what he's hoping Character X will find, and posts rolls (in accordance with the availability guide).
The GM consults Character X's results.
The sales rep describes some possible solution options to Character X's problem. (character/NPC interactive roleplay!)
--If Character X has sufficient successes, the NPC describes some solutions which include what the player wants his character to obtain.
--If Character X has insufficient successes, the NPC describes some solutions that are available (re: his results).
Character and NPC come to some negotiation through roleplay.
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