Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

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Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:58 pm

Only important stuff that needs to be retained belongs here. While this thread will be maintained, it will not be pruned like the chat thread. This is NOT a chat thread.

Table of Contents:
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:02 am

General Policies and Designations

  • The Spook Squad is not a democracy. It's a hybrid of a benevolent dictatorship and an oligarchy.
  • The Spook Squad is EU's Team Evil.
  • The Spook Squad does NOT pay out in equal shares.
  • When someone new signs on, they will be awarded a signing bonus commensurate with their skill-set and attitude.
  • Senior members receive a larger payout from Mission earnings (this translates to new members receiving less but still being paid very well for their 1st mission, which in effect is an extended trial run to see how they handle the pressure of being in this serious group).

Active Members 4/8
    Mierin - Queen
    Vheld - Deuce
    Lahz - Ace
    Ronan -

Retired & Past Members
Retired Group Members
    Thorn - Dealer
    Tank - Spade
    Alabaster - King
    Koota - Ace
    Simon - Jack
    Jaryk - Jack II
    Ryanna - Solitaire
    Kesslan - Rake
    Crótalo - N/a
    Vino - Spade
    Echo - Seven
    Erg - Jack
    Carl - Joker
    Whisper - Tarot
    Minerva - Diamond
Deceased Group Members
    Guru So Jin -
    Castle -
    Krevek - Ten
    Seymour -
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:04 am

Spook Squad Headquarters "The Haunt"

This imposing structure in The Hub stands across from the National Park & Botanical Gardens and Klingmar Spa & Resort and is home to the infamous Spook Squad mercenary squad.


Link to Haunt.psd file on Google Drive.

Link to "The Haunt" gallery on DeviantArt.

  • Alphanumeric security keypad access control
  • Steel reinforced concrete armory
  • Armory door: 500 M.D.C.
  • Armory bulkheads: 100 M.D.C. per square foot

  • Staircase on main level retracts for garage access from street level via ramp
  • 12' height access restriction
Ground Floor
Street Level
  • Foyer
  • Conference Area (left)
  • Administrative Room (lower right)
  • Area of Accolades (upper right)
  • Small, Landscaped Exterior Plot
2nd Floor
Training Center
  • Small, indoor firing range
  • Free weights & exercise machines
  • Open sparring mat
  • Two Muk Yan Jong (sparring dummies)
3rd Floor
Common Area
  • Pool table
  • Megascreen terminal w/MercTown intranet connection
  • Bookshelf
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Soda machine
  • Various couches, tables, and loveseats
  • Large Stove/Oven
  • Large refrigerator
  • Commercial freezer
  • Large dining table
  • Wine rack, larder shelves, and various kitchen tools

4th Floor
Junior Member's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Trunk, end table & lamp
Junior Member's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Trunk, end table & lamp
Junior Member's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Trunk, end table & lamp

5th Floor
Mierin's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug & Tapestry
  • Mirror dresser
  • Canopy bed
  • Locker
  • Armor stand
  • Gun Rack

Ronan's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Bed
  • Corner storage cabinet-desk combo unit & chair

6th Floor
Vheld's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Clothes rack

  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Armoire
  • Bed
  • Locker

7th Floor
Lahz's Room
  • Bathroom with all standard amenities
  • Area rug
  • Armoire
  • Bed
  • Locker
  • Armor stand
  • Two worktables (tech)
  • Networked computer station
  • Lounge Area with 3 chairs & table
  • Walk-in shower space

Security Systems

  • Fenced and gated lot
  • Alphanumeric security keypad access at gate
  • Security Provided by Comitatus Security Group
    • Monitor CCTV coverage of lot
    • CCTV surveillance is augmented by infrared and motion detecting sensors built into the cameras.
    • A CSG rapid-response squad will respond to any property violations per contractual arrangement.

(2) NE-020 Combat Drones
  • Programmed to patrol and defend property against aggressors.
  • Procedurally consistent with MercTown laws.

Stone Golem Defenders
  • Human-Sized
  • 1 Guards the front door
  • 1 Guards the garage
  • 4 Patrol the interior of the Haunt
  • Equipped with Plastic Man EBA
  • Horror Factor: 16
  • I.Q. 6, Supernatural P.S. 25, Speed 8, Height: 6-18 feet (1.8-5.4 m).
  • Four attacks per melee, damage is by Supernatural P.S. (2D6 M.D. punch or kick, 4D6 M.D. from a power punch or full speed ram attack).
  • No bonus to parry or dodge or on initiative.
  • Impervious to many psychic and magic attacks. Magic energy attacks, rune and TW weapons and normal weapons, like guns, knives, and explosives, only do half damage.
  • Impervious to normal fire and cold (magic fire and cold does half damage).
  • Does not breathe air or need nourishment, thus impervious to gas attacks, disease and can survive underwater at any depth. Also Impervious to possession and Horror Factor.
  • M.D.C. 35 stone or 80 iron, but regenerates 1D6 M.D. per melee round. Note: If the heart is made from Iron with a diamond worth 8000 credits or more at the center, double the M.D.C. (70 Stone or 160 for Iron).
  • Regenerates completely. even if seemingly blown to bits. Regenerating to its original form within 24 hours unless its heart is removed from the chest cavity.

Stone Golem Bodyguards
  • Tokanii in size and appearance
  • Guard the top floor
  • Details as above

Armstrong Industries Modular Security Suite
This device resembles a high tech home/business security system that consist of a keypad and a series of small 6 inch diameter sensor modules. Designed as the magical approach to home/business security, the AI Modular Security Suite is programmable and user friendly. It is perfect for those people who tend to go on long time consuming trips and want to keep their belongings safe. The following is the standard package, with add-ons being available for an added price.
Mass Produced TW Security System
M.D.C.by Location:
• Control Panel: 20
• Security Sensors (1+): 20 each.
Activation Cost: 10 P.P.E. (20 I.S.P.)
P.P.E. Storage: 100 P.P.E. (Recharge requires a Techno Wizard or wizard with access to the Talisman Spell.)
Magic Features
• Primary Effect: Any subject not programmed into the security system will trigger a silent alarm that will be heard by the programed users and a member of the local defense force of buyers choice.
Note: This system will not detect Astrally Projected individuals.
Duration: 1 year per Activation
Area of Effect: 12 foot radius per sensor unit.
• Secondary Effects: Programmable to hold the identities of up to 12 individuals using a passcode system.
• • Non-Magically inclined users are able to operate the device due to a P.P.E. Storage system.
• • Victims of the Mystic Alarm Spell will be subjected to both a Magic Net Spell and the Agony Spell.
Mystic Net
• Duration: 2 Melees (30 seconds)
• Saving Throw: Dodge of 16 or Higher.
• Effect: Can snare up to 6 individuals in a 10’ diameter net of magic fibers.
• Duration: 1 minute.
• Saving Throw: Standard.
• Effects: Victims lose all attacks/actions, cannot move, and for an additional minute are still at half attacks/actions, half movement, and -1 to strike, parry, and dodge.

See the invisible Module
Effect: Constant See the Invisible as per the spell. This is added to the base unit. Also adds 2 P.P.E. to the activation cost, but the module comes with a 20 P.P.E. battery for 10 activations.
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:06 am

Vehicles are to be posted in the Garage.
All items posted are to be posted to EU Armory standards using the site templates.

All items owned in common should be colored purple (#4000FF) to denote such.

Funds Safe
Unsecure Universal Card: 161,225 credits (12/27/14 Major Arcana)
Unsecure Universal Card: 201,000 credits (3/6/15 Major Arcana)
Unsecure Universal Card: 9,000,000 credits (09/21/2012 Oracle)
Unsecured Universal Card: 177,500 credits (09/15/15 Major Arcana)
Unsecured Universal Cards: 30,000 credits (05/09/14 Major Arcana)
Unsecure Black Card: 700,000 BM credits (12/21/13 Malach Ra)

Miscellaneous Gear Locker
(10) Ear Mic & Radio
(10) Weapon Cleaning Kit
(10) Weapon Repair Kit
(5) Metal Spray

Ammo Magazine
(10) Box of 96 NE-001PC Light Plasma Cartridges
(1) Sleep TW Grenades
(4) Swarm Bolts
(5) Bolts (M.D., silver-plated)
(05) Explosive bolts (3d6 M.D.)

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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:10 am


Carl's Parking Area
OOC Comments
Code: Select all
[b]IPA-62 Super-Tengu Power Armor[/b]
[size=85][u][b]M.D.C. by Location:[/b][/u]
[list][*]Head: 90
[*]Arms (2): 80 each
[*]Legs (2): 125 each
[*]Wings (2): 100 each
[*]Main Body: 260[/list]
[u][b]Statistical Data:[/b][/u]
Running: 40 mph
Flying: 350 mph
Range: 10 hours maximum flight time at top speed before cool down required; 24 hours max flight time at 100 mph; can fly continuously with periodic stops and rest periods.
Class: Military Reconnaissance and Assault Power Armor
Crew: one pilot
Dimensions: 8' tall, 4' wide, 16' wide with wings extended, 4' long, 320 lbs.
Physical Strength: Robotic P.S. 28
Cargo: None
Power System: Nuclear; average energy life of 16 years
[u][b]Weapon Systems:[/b][/u]
[b]Mini-Missile Launcher[/b]
[list][*]Range: 1 mile
[*]Damage: Varies with missile type
[*]Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of 2, 3, or 4
[*]Payload: 12[/list]
[b]Carried Grenades[/b]
[list][*]Range: Thrown (varies)
[*]Damage: Varies with missile type
[*]Rate of Fire: 1 APM per each thrown or dropped grenade
[*]Payload: 32 hand grenades (8 on bandoleer, 6 in each of 4 pouches)
[b]Forearm Lasers (2)[/b]
[list][*]Range: 1200'
[*]Damage: 3D6 M.D. per blast or 6D6 M.D. per double blast
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: Unlimited[/list]
[b]Hand to Hand Combat:[/b]
[b]Features of Note:[/b]
[list][*]All standard features common to powered armor (p.271, R:UE)
[*]Resistant to electricity and electromagnetic energy; does half damage and character is +3 to save
[*]Grappling hook and towline in a concealed left forearm housing[/list]
Modifiers: -25% to prowl
Book Reference: p.155-156, WB8[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Tarantula Combat Jump Bike[/b]
[size=85][u][b]M.D.C. by Location:[/b][/u]
[list][*]*Wheels (2): 12 each
[*]*Pulse lasers (2) 15 each
[*]*Thrusters (2, bottom): 25
[*]*Thrusters (2, rear): 25
[*]Main Body: 100[/list]
* Requires a called shot at -3 to strike
[u][b]Statistical Data:[/b][/u]
Maximum Speed: 200 mph (150 mph on electrical battery)
Cruising Speed: 100 mph
[list][*]Acceleration (0-60): 3.1 seconds (rocket assisted)
[*]Braking (60-0 mph): 75'[/list]
Range: 500 miles (up to 12 hrs. operation with electric battery)
Jump Jet:  9' maximum jump length per mph rate of speed
Jump Tank Capacity: 5 jumps before refueling is required
Underwater Capabilities: None
Modifiers: +15% to piloting skill and execution of jumps, tricks, and special maneuvers (for augmented humans)
Crew: one rider only
Class: High performance motorcycle
Dimensions: 4'1" high, 3'10" wide, 8'7" long, 1,545 lbs.
Cargo: None
Power System: Flex-fuel internal combustion with electric battery
[u][b]Weapon Systems:[/b][/u]
[b]Pulse Lasers[/b]
[i]Fixed forward mount[/i]
[list][*]Range: 1600'
[*]Damage: 1D4x10 M.D.
[*]Rate of Fire: 3-shot bursts only
[*]Payload: 30 bursts per E-Clip; dual E-clip holder
[*]Note: cannot fire at speeds 120 mph+ & no burst strike bonus[/list]
[u]Features of Note:[/u]
Book Reference: p.81-82, WB10[/size]

Vheld's Parking Area
Vheld's minions live here when he is in MercTown.

Lahz's Parking Area

OOC Comments
Code: Select all
[b]Road King Armored SUV[/b]
[size=85][u][b]M.D.C. by Location:[/b][/u]
[list][*]*Headlights (2, low-profile): 5 each
[*]*Sideview Mirrors (2): 5 each
[*]*Plexiglass Windows (6): 20 each
[*]*Doors (4): 30 each
[*]**Armored Tires (4): 18 each
Main Body: 140[/list]
*Requires a called shot at -4 to strike
**Requires a called shot at -6 to strike; -35% to speed & -25% to piloting if one tire destroyed, destroying 2 tires renders the vehicle immobile
[u][b]Statistical Data:[/b][/u]
Maximum Speed: 120 mph maximum on ideal terrain; 70 mph or less on rough terrain
Cruising Speed: 60 mph
Range: 1,000 miles per charge
Flying: None
Underwater Capabilities: None
Modifiers: -5% to piloting on gravel & tall grass, -10% in sand, water, mud, or snow to 3' deep
Crew: Crew: One pilot and can seat five more passengers
Class: All-Terrain Utility Vehicle
Dimensions: 12' high, 10' wide, 22' long, 4 tons
Cargo: With passengers the Road King can hold 1,200 lbs. of gear and cargo. The rear seats can fold forward to extend the size of the cargo area, but that limits the vehicle to one passenger and the driver. With seats up there is space enough behind the backseats to cram a rifle, some canteens and backpacks for three people. Additional gear can be strapped to the running boards, back, and roof, but they might get shaken loose and drop off. Towing capacity is 6 tons.
Power System: Advanced multi-battery electric system
[u][b]Weapon Systems:[/b][/u]
[u]Features of Note:[/u]
[list][*]Electric winch: 6 ton capacity[/list]
Book Reference: p.217, WB34[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]WR-5054 Mini-Cargo Hauler APC[/b]
[size=85][u][b]M.D.C. by Location:[/b][/u]
[list][*]Forward Video Cameras (4): 10 each
[*]Forward Headlights (4): 5 each
[*]Forward Laser Turret (1): 30
[*]Side Hatches (2; 1 each side): 50 each
[*]Giant Metal Wheels (6): 50 each
[*]Rear Booster Jet (1; large): 65
[*]Rear Folding Ramp (1): 50
[*]Rear Cargo Door (2; large): 100
[*]Forward High-Impact Windshield (1): 35
[*]Windshield Protective Cover (1): 60
[*]Main Body: 200[/list]
[u][b]Statistical Data:[/b][/u]
Maximum Speed: 150 mph
Cruising Speed: 75 mph
Range: Unlimited (10 year life)
Modifiers: +1 to strike with Forward Laser Turret
Crew: Pilot, co-pilot, gunner, up to 6 passengers
Class: Armored APC
Dimensions: 11' high, 7' wide, 20' long, 5 tons unloaded
Cargo: 10 ton capacity
Power System: Nuclear (7 year life)
[u][b]Weapon Systems:[/b][/u]
[b]Forward Laser Turret[/b]
[list][*]Note: 180° rotation & 90° arc of fire; controlled by the driver or co-pilot
[*]Range: 2000'
[*]Damage: 3D6 M.D.
[*]Rate of Fire: Single Shots only
[*]Payload: Unlimited[/list]
[u]Features of Note:[/u]
[list][*]Voice recognition & Keypad security system on hatches
[*]Homing beacon and short-range radio (Range: 5 miles)[/list]
Book Reference: p.140, WB5[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]PA-002G Roadrunner Power Armor[/b]
[size=85][u][b]M.D.C. by Location:[/b][/u]
[list][*]*Helmet: 75
[*]Arms: 45 each
[*]Legs: 80 each
[*]Thruster Jump Pack (1, back): 60
[*]Main body: 135[/list]
* Called Shot required at -3 to strike
[u][b]Statistical Data:[/b][/u]
Running: Triple speed of the wearer, fatigue  at 20% usual rate
Leaping: up to 10' high and 15' across, increased by 50% with running start; thruster-assisted leap to 60' high 120' across
Flying: Not possible; Hover off ground for 1D4+1 melees only
Swimming: speed of 15 mph underwater; 22 mph on surface
Underwater: walk along bottom at 25% normal speed. Maximum Ocean Depth: 1,000'
Class: All-Terrain Power Armor
Crew: One pilot
Dimensions: 7' tall, 3' wide, 2'8" long, 101 lbs., including thruster pack
Physical Strength: Robotic P.S. 26.
Cargo: None. Only what the person can carry.
Power System: Nuclear; average energy life is 10 years.
[u][b]Weapon Systems:[/b][/u]
[list][*][b]Handheld Weapons Only:[/b] Any hand-held weapon can be used, but heavy weapons will reduce running speed and jumping distance by 20%.[/list]
[b]Hand to Hand Combat:[/b]
[list][*]Restrained Punch: 1D4 M.D.
[*]Full Strength Punch: 1D6 M.D.
[*]Power Punch: 2D6 M.D. (2 APM)
[*]Kick: 2D4 M.D.
[*]Short Leap Kick: 4D4 M.D. (2 APM)
[*]Thrust-Assisted Body Block or Pounce Attack from Above
[list][*]+2D6 from restrained attack
[*]2D4 M.D. from attack +66% knockdown chance (2 APM)[/list]
[*]Flying Thruster-Launched Leap Kick
[list][*]4D6 M.D. +50% knockdown chance (2 APM)[/list][/list]
[b]Features of Note:[/b]
[list][*]Standard EBA Features
[*]Vectored Thrust:
[list][*]66% chance of landing on his feet (no damage) from a fall at heights as great as 1,200'
[*]Can run along narrow ledges and trails as thin as 5" wide at full speed[/list][/list]
Modifiers: +1 to initiative, +2 to roll w/impact, +2 to automatic dodge (if a possessed ability)
Book Reference: p.162-163, SB8[/size]

Whisper's Parking Area

Mierin's Parking Area
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:12 am

NPCs within "The Haunt"

V-200 Robot Chauffeur
Alignment: Cannot be ordered to perform stunts or engage in vehicular combat, or any other action that would put its passengers in danger; effectively Principled
Disposition: Fully-Automated Self-Sufficient Domestic Robot
A.R.: 14
S.D.C.: 90
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Head: 45
  • Arms: 32 each
  • Legs: 45 each
  • Main Body: 90
Statistical Data:
Running Spd: 22 max
Dimensions: [Height, Width, Length, Weight]
Physical Strength: 15, Robotic
Power System:
Weapon Systems:
Combat Bonuses: None; 1 APM or 3 non-combat APM, -20% to physical skills
Features of Note:
  • MI Vaqueros Armor (worn)
Programmed Skills:
  • Language: Euro - 90%
  • Literacy: Euro - 88%
  • Language: American - 90%
  • Literacy: American - 90%
  • Pilot: Automobile - 96%
  • Pilot: Hovercraft - 90%
  • Pilot: Motorcycle - 90%
  • Pilot: Truck - 80%
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:14 am

Team History

Written by Vheld

Click to read
The team was initially approached by a mage’s apprentice by the name of Viel, who hired the team on behalf of the Mage’s Guild to investigate the suspected kidnapping of Viel’s master Bekest. A patient of his, by the name of Parn, was suspected to be involved and possibly working for the Splugorth, and so the team’s first move was to attempt to track him down in the Warrens. In the process, there was a scuffle with several members of the gang Mephisto’s Horsemen, including Parn.

After the battle, it was revealed that the Splugorth were after both Parn and Bekest, and that the Horsemen were attempting to thwart them. An uneasy alliance between the gang and the team was formed, with the objective of denying the Splugorth their prize. A battle against a group of minions ensued, and during the chaos the team was able to locate Bekest and rescue him. The “alliance” with the horsemen did not last long, and towards the end of the battle the contents of one of the Spook Squad’s vehicles, with Viel still in it, were stolen and teleported away. Vheld was able to get a vague impression of the thieves rifting to a forested area on or near the coast to the east, but little beyond that (though this image matches one supplied during the interrogation of Hadingus’ ghost below). The cargo hauler was later recovered, but with no sign of Viel.

Upon Bekest’s return, discussions with members of the guild suggested another possible job for the team. Some of the members went for a briefing, but before the team could be sent off on a wild-goose chase to Newfoundland it was revealed that the guild had been infiltrated- one shapeshifter escaped the confrontation, but a traitorous member of the guild (who had been masquerading as Michael but went by Hadingus) was slain, his spirit later summoned and interrogated.

Subsequent conversations with the real guild master revealed that the infiltrators were likely attempting to throw the team off with a red herring. The guild’s real mission involved the retrieval of an ancient, famous, powerful, and very evil rune whip named Korrigan, which had been stolen from the owner of the Crimson Dragon. Bekest also assigned Vheld a separate, side mission, requesting that he track down Viel.

Interrogation suggested that the whip had been brought to an unspecified hell dimension, further suggesting that a dark god or similar power was involved (one referred to as a lady, and therefore presumably female). An additional chat with Bekest suggested that the goddess Hel was the likeliest candidate, and that her mortal minions had been using a drop spot at the Spider’s Bite to coordinate their activities. The team was officially hired to track Korrigan, the being(s) who stole it, and the identity of their employer, with additional bonuses for recovering Viel and ascertaining the reason he was taken.

Additional clues were obtained when the spirit of the guild’s traitor mentioned above. The goddess behind the plot is likely involved with the Splugorth somehow, as well as Asgardian Dwarves and a being named Fjalar (who may have been Hadingus’ shapeshifting companion who escaped). The spirit also drew a mysterious symbol in connection with his mistress, one that has something to do with the underworld.

Investigation of the drop site at the Spider’s Bite has yielded a little additional information about the traitor, Hadingus/Michael. One clue points to Viel trying to blackmail “Michael” about his doings. Another is a letter written in an as-yet unidentified language. Finally, a mysterious necklace important to Michael has been recovered.
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:16 am

Decision Gear
(unused & unclaimed equipment to be sold--this is where loot goes!)

E-clip (22)

NG-35 Heavy Laser Pistol
  • Range: 800'
  • Damage: 3D6 M.D.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 14 shots per E-clip, 22 per LE-Clip
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.191, WB33

Skorblade Short Sword (3)
  • Damage: 1D8 M.D.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Features: excellent balance and craftsmanship
  • Modifiers: +1 to strike and parry
  • Book Reference: p.152, MercOps

Skorblade Pole Arm
  • Damage: 3D6 M.D.
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Features: excellent balance and craftsmanship
  • Modifiers: 2-handed, +1 to strike and parry
  • Book Reference: p.152, MercOps

L-20 Pulse Rifle
  • Range: 1,600'
  • Damage: 2D6 M.D. or 6D6 M.D. burst
  • Rate of Fire: single shots & 3-shot bursts only
  • Payload: 40 shots per E-Clip or 50 per LE-Clip
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.270, R:UE

  • Damage: 3D6 M.D.
  • Payload: 1 E-Clip will last for approximately 1 hour of use
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.259, R:UE

Lightning Rod (2)
  • Range: close combat or 1,200'
  • Damage: 2D4 M.D. or 1D6 M.D. per lightning bolt
  • Rate of Fire: 4 lightning bolts per melee max
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Features: Wielder is impervious to energy attacks (when activated)
  • Modifiers: +1 to strike in melee combat, +2 to strike with lightning bolts
TW Characteristics:
  • TW Functions: [insert bulleted sub-list, if needed]
  • Activation Cost: 15 P.P.E.
  • Device Level: 5
  • P.P.E. Construction Cost: 150
  • Spell Chains Needed: Call lightning (15)
  • Physical Requirements: iron rod, gold or copper plating
  • Duration of Charge: 5 melees
  • Book Reference: p.320, BoM

Whip of Pain
  • Range: 12'
  • Damage: 3D4 when inactive; Agony spell effect with activation
  • Rate of Fire: Once the magic is activated, it inflicts Agony to everybody it strikes (pain lasts for 1 minute).
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
TW Characteristics:
  • TW Functions: [insert bulleted sub-list, if needed]
  • Activation Cost: 20 P.P.E.
  • Duration of Charge: 4 minutes
  • Book Reference: p.322, BoM

NG-P9 Heavy Particle Beam Rifle
  • Range: 1,600'
  • Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. per blast, NAT 19-20 does +50% damage
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 6 shots per E-clip, 9 per LE-clip
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Features: Laser targeting
  • Modifiers: W.P. Energy Rifle
  • +1 to strike on aimed shots
  • Vampires, Werebeasts and mummies are impervious
  • Book Reference: p.202, WB33

TW Animal Repellent (2)
Xiticix Hooked Short Sword
Xiticix Spear (3)
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Carl » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:25 pm

Carl's Room Storage

OOC Comments
Code: Select all
[b]Coalition States Tear Gas Grenade[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 120' thrown
[*]Damage: -1 APM, -3 to initiative, -10 to combat actions in a 25' AoE
[*]Duration: 1D6+1 melees; save vs. non-lethal toxins[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Coalition States Smoke Grenade[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 120' thrown
[*]Damage: -5 to combat actions in a 20-30' AoE[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Spear of the Cyclops[/b]
[size=85][insert type of item here, italicized, no brackets]
Damage: 1D8 M.D.
[u]Magic Features[/u]
[list][*]Returns to Wielder When Thrown: Applicable only to weapons suitable for throwing, including most knives, small axes, hammers, and javelins. The enchanted weapon returns to the thrower immediately after striking the target (mentally commanded); counts as one melee attack! Maximum range: 120'
[*]Spits Lightning: A weapon that can shoot out a lightning bolt three times a day. Range: 40', Damage: 3D6+6
[*]Indestructible: Cannot be destroyed by any means, save alchemy.[/list]
Curse: (if any)
History: (if any)[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Coalition States Type 2 Medium Fusion Block[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: Intended for placement, but can be thrown up to 60'
[*]Damage: 2d6x10 M.D. to a 10' AoE
[*]Rate of Fire: N/A
[*]Payload: single-use item
[*]Weight: 12 lbs.
[*]Features: keypad for programming time of detonation; 30 second delay minimum
[*]Modifiers: None
[*]Book Reference: p.260, R:UE[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Kittani Plasma Sword[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: Close combat or 100'
[list][*]Unpowered Strike: 2D6+2
[*]Powered Strike: 2D6 M.D.
[*]Plasma Blast: 4D6 M.D.[/list]
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: 6 blasts per E-clip
[*]Weight: 3 lbs.
[*]Features: none
[*]Modifiers: none
[*]Book Reference: p.152, WB2[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Wilk's Jet Pack[/b]
[size=85]Class: Personal Jet Pack
Crew: One
M.D.C.: 20
Maximum Speed: 120 mph
Maximum Range: 800 miles[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]N-F50A Superheavy Force Field[/b]
[size=85][u]M.D.C. by Location:[/u]
[list][*]Force Field: 160[/list]
Weight: 15 lbs.
Modifiers: none
[list][*]6 hour duration per E-clip[/list]
Book Reference: p.122, DB2[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Wilk's 300 "Hideaway" Laser Pistol[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 600'
[*]Damage: 1D8 M.D.
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: 20 shots per E-clip
[*]Weight: 1.5 lbs.
[*]Features: virtually undetectable by most security systems
[*]Modifiers: +5% to Concealment & Palming, +1 to strike on aimed shots
[*]Book Reference: p.102-103, MercOps[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
Portable Language Translator
Secure Universal Card: 1,000,000 [color=#FF0000][size=85](Augur 1/26/2019)[/size][/color]
Air filter and gas mask
(8) Micro Repair Robots (1 use)
Small mirror glued to the end of a stick (for looking around corners)
Ninja emergency kit: 6 eggshell bombs, 12 caltrops, knife
Small cooking pot
Paper and pencil
Cigarette lighter
First-aid kit
Extra lock picks
Set of spare clothing
7 days of tight rations
Set of blue collar worker's clothing
Steel-toed boots
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Lahz » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:25 pm

Lahz's Room Storage

OOC Comments
Code: Select all
[b]The Gauntlets of Mastery[/b]
[size=85][i]Unique Legendary Enchanted Item[/i]
[u]Magic Features[/u]
[list][*]+30% to all skill attempts (even unknown skills), provided the skill requires the use of the hands.
[*]The gauntlets can take the shape of any kind of hand wear, from heavy falconry gauntlets to dainty lace gloves.
[*]They always feel comfortable when worn, and will always keep the wearer's hands warm and dry.[/list]
Curse: (if any)
History: These magical gloves were owned by Lady Meweyn of Westmarch, who used them on a more or less constant basis.
Book Reference: PF WB15 2 p.168[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Wilk's Laser Sword[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 3' length, cannot be thrown (deadman switch)
[*]Damage: 5D6 M.D.
[*]Rate of Fire: N/A
[*]Payload: 10+3D6 minutes use per E-Clip
[*]Weight: 1.5 lbs.
[*]Modifiers: cannot parry with this weapon
[*]Book Reference: p.104, MercOps[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]NG-E-12 Heavy Plasma Ejector[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 2,000'
[*]Damage: 1D6x10 M.D.
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: 6 shots per E-clip, 12 shots per LE-clip, 42 shots with Power Pack (regenerates 4 blasts per hour)
[*]Weight: 30 lbs. for gun, 20 lbs. for power pack
[*]Features: none
[*]Modifiers: none
[*]Book Reference: p.100, Mercenaries[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]NG-SE9 Seasnake Sharpshooter Laser Pistol[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 1,000'
[*]Damage: 3D4+3 M.D.
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: 20 shots per E-clip, 36 shots per LE-Clip.
[*]Weight: 2.5 lbs.
[*]Features: telescopic targeting scope (3,000'), passive nightvision, laser distancer (1,500')
[*]Book Reference: p.195, WB33[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]NE-RV03 Ripper Vibro-Saber[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Damage: 4D4 M.D.
[*]Payload: 1 hour constant use
[*]Weight: 3 lbs.
[*]Features: silver coated
[*]Book Reference: p.24, DB8[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[size=85][list][*]Damage: 1D6 M.D.
[*]Payload: 1 E-Clip will last for approximately 1 hour of use
[*]Weight: 1 lb.
[*]Features: none
[*]Modifiers: none
[*]Book Reference: p.259, R:UE[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Q1-02 "Stopper" Ion Pistol[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 200'
[*]Damage: 4d6+4 M.D.
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: 12 shots per E-clip; 24 shots per LE-clip
[*]Weight: 4.5 lbs.
[*]Features: none
[*]Modifiers: none
[*]Book Reference: p.45, WB22[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Wilk's 325 "Mariner" Pulse Pistol[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 900'
[*]Damage: 2D8 M.D. or 4D8 M.D. double shot
[*]Rate of Fire: Single or dual blasts only
[*]Payload: 12 shots per E-clip, 24 shots per LE-clip
[*]Weight: 3 lbs.
[*]Features: blue-green laser
[*]Modifiers: +2 to strike on aimed shots
[*]Book Reference: p.103, MercOps[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]NGCME Card[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Northern Gun Certified Mechanical Engineer
[*]10% reduction in parts costs for Northern Gun Equipment
[*]Must be renewed every year (Last Renewal: XXXPA)
[*]Note: 20k NGMI to renew plus 40 hours of school[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
Secure NGMI Card: 1,100 credits
Secured Universal Credit Card: 2,600,800 (Ace of Spades 10-30-18)

Code: Select all
Dark Green Rain Poncho
Waterproof Hunters Boots
Wedding Ring, Men's, Black Titanium
Large Brim Leather Hat
Protective Tinted Goggles
Aurelia's High Quality Wardobe clothing for Aurelia
Women's Wedding Ring, Titanium
Kaiya's Armored Aviator's Flight Jacket
Kaiya's MH-500 Armored Huntsman's Choice Fatigues
Kaiya's high quality wardobe
Aurelia's Armored Sharp Duster/Long Coat
Aurelia's MH-500 Armored Huntsman's Choice Fatigues
Armored Sharp-Duster/Long-Coat (Black)
(2) Executive M.D.C. Trousers/Slacks
(2) Light Executive M.D.C. Business Suit Coat
(2) Light Gray Armored Flight Suits
(2) Running Shoes
(2) Cargo Pants
(2) Cargo Shorts
(4) Long-Sleeve, Button Down, Cream Dress Shirt
(4) Ultra-300 Armored Huntsman's Choice Fatigues
(4) Heads-Up Display Glasses
(8) T-Shirts
(8) Socks
(10) Undergarments

Code: Select all
Data/Memory Stick (500Gb, 2400 family photos & some family event video clips)
PDD Recorder/Player
Laser Eavesdropping Device
200' Rope
Drone Command Gauntlet (10 MD, 5 Mile Wireless Range)
Secure Cell Phone
Tablet PC with Kids/Learning/Entertainment Programs & Case
Kaiya's large collection of toys
NG SleepSafe Sentry TENT (4-Person Size)
(2) 32 Oz. Canteen
(2) Jukeboxes
(2) NG SleepSafe Sentry TENT (12-Person Size)
(2) Hammocks
(2) Quik-Clot, 20 dose can
(3) Floater Camera
(4) Universal Antitoxin
(8) NG SleepSafe Sensor Sentry Warning System
(8) Protein Healing Salve
(30) Meal Bars

Code: Select all
Pocket Laser Distancer
Notebook & (3) Mechanical Pencils
Medium Robotics Tool Kit
Hand-Held Computer
Multi Optics Band
Wilk's Laser Scalpel
Portable Robotics Tool Kit
Wilks Portable Laser Torch
Pen Flashlight
Wilks' Laser Flashlight
Optical Scanner
Level 1 Design and Diagnostics Simulation Computer System (DISCUS Computer System)
(2) Military Grade Portable Computer with Reinforced Case
[size=85]Computer Reference Libraries: Cryptography, Electricity Generation, Electronic Countermeasures, Surveillance Systems, T.V./Video, Law: General, Identify Plants & Fruits, Cook, Play Musical Instruments: Guitar, Harmonica, Piano; Tracking: People[/size]
(3) Roll of Duct Tape
(3) Roll of Electrical Tape
(4) Weapon Repair Kit

Code: Select all
FASSAR 20 Skelebot Left Arm
FASSAR 40 Skelebot Left Arm
NG-PD12 Head
Triax DV-12 Dynabot Head
NG-357 Thruster assembly
Wide Band Radio Receiver and Transmitter (300 Miles)
Radio Scrambler System
(2) Universal Energy Link (Not installed)
(2) Cybernetic Eyes (Thermal-Imager, 3000')
(2) Cybernetic Eyes: Macro Eye & Camera, 2x-50x Magnification
(2) NG-101ARG Control Pad
(2) Cybernetic Multi-Optic Eyes
(4) E-Clip Port
(4) Cybernetic Eyes (Telescopic, 6000')
(4) Optical Reader
(5) M.D. Armor Plating

Code: Select all
8 LE-Clips
(200) K-Hex Plastique Cube
(20) Stun/Flash Grenades
(20) Tear Gas Grenades
(80) Silver Shotgun Shells (slug)
(500) Silver buckshot Shotgun Shells
(20) WI-GL8 Drum

Code: Select all
Reinforced Briefcase
(3) Duffel Bags
(2) Large Sacks
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Vheld » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:25 pm

Vheld's Room Storage

Aesir Bludgeld
A secure trunk for storage only accessible by a member of the Aesir. This is an heirloom of great value to the Aesir.

Learning materials for spells: Blinding Flash, Cloud of Smoke, Globe of Daylight, Cloak of Darkness, Invisibility: Simple, Charismatic Aura, Seal, Lightning Arc, Void, Light Target, Watchguard, Thunderclap, Multiple Image
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Wayne Northblade » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:26 pm

Northblade's Room Storage (Currently stored at The Palace Hotel & Casino)


Melee Weapons
NG-B10 Bangstick (2)
  • Range: Close combat
  • Damage:
    • Blunt Weapon: 2D6 +P.S. bonus (if any)
    • Blunt M.D. Weapon: 1D4 M.D. +P.S. M.D. punch damage
    • Shotgun Blasts: 2D4 M.D. (explosive shells), 4D6 (buckshot), and 5D6 (solid slug)
  • Rate of Fire: Breech-loaded; single shot only
  • Payload: 1 shotgun shell
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Features: Successful melee strike results in discharge
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.206, WB33

NG-B30 Bangstick Staff
  • Range: Close combat
  • Damage:
    • Blunt Weapon: 2D6 +P.S. bonus (if any)
    • Blunt M.D. Weapon: 1D6 M.D. +P.S. M.D. punch damage
    • Shotgun Blasts: 2D4 M.D. (explosive shells), 4D6 (buckshot), and 5D6 (solid slug)
  • Rate of Fire: Breech-loaded; single shot only
  • Payload: 2 shotgun shells
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Features: Successful melee strike results in discharge
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.206-207, WB33

Ranged Weapons

Bangstick MD Shotgun shells (52)

NG High Explosive Grenade (10)
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: 3D4 M.D. to a 6' AoE

NG Smoke Grenade (10)
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: creates a smoke screen that covers a 40' AoE

NG Plasma Grenade (10)
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: 4D6 M.D. to a 12' AoE

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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Whisper » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:26 pm

Whisper's Room Storage

OOC Comments
Code: Select all
[b]WI-GL8 Automatic Shotgun/Grenade Launcher[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 800'
[list][*]Fragmentary: 4D6 M.D. to a 12' AoE
[*]Armor-Piercing: 1D4x10 M.D. to a 3' AoE
[*]Large-Bore Shotgun Shells: 6d6[/list]
[*]Rate of Fire: single shots only
[*]Payload: 10 grenades, or 60 shotgun rounds
[*]Weight: 7 lbs.
[*]Features: Can also fire smoke, illumination and chemical rounds
[*]Modifiers: reloading a plastic cylinder of grenades or shotgun shells takes 3 APM
[*]Book Reference: p.100-101, MercOps[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Wilk's CFT Auto-Shooter[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 300’
[*]Single Shot: 3D6 M.D.
[*]Burst: 3D6x3 M.D.
[*]Spray: 3D6 M.D. (40% chance of hitting everybody in a 45° arc)[/list]
[*]Rate of Fire: single shots, 5-round bursts, 10-round sprays
[*]Payload: 10 round magazine
[*]Weight: 2.7 lbs.
[*]Features: selective fire, can fire single shots, and short bursts and sprays
[*]Modifiers: targets can dodge sprays but without their normal bonuses
[*]Book Reference:[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Remington 1863 Revolver[/b]
[size=85][list][*]Range: 130'
[*]Damage: 4D6+3
[*]Rate of Fire: Single shots only
[*]Payload: 6 round cylinder
[*]Weight: 3 lbs.
[*]Features: none
[*]Modifiers: none
[*]Book Reference: p.211, WB14[/list][/size]

Code: Select all
[b]TX-002 Heavy Weapon Shield[/b]
[size=85][u]M.D.C. by Location:[/u]
[list][*]Shield: 160[/list]
Weight: 200 lbs. + 5 lbs. per mini-missile
Modifiers: +1 to parry with shield
[list][*]Range: Close combat with the shield as a melee weapon, one mile for mini-missiles
[list][*]+1D6 M.D. damage to melee strikes if used as a weapon
[*]Mini-Missiles: Varies with missile type[/list]
[*]Rate of Fire: Mini-missiles can be fired one at a time, or in volleys of 2, 4, 8 or all 30 at once
[*]Payload: 30 total missiles[/list]
Book Reference: p.106, WB31[/size]

Code: Select all
Messenger Bag

Code: Select all
15 E-clips
230 CFT Rounds
100 TX-6 rounds

Code: Select all
[b]NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor[/b]
[size=85][u]M.D.C. by Location:[/u]
[list][*]Helmet: 50
[*]Arms: 40 each
[*]Legs: 50 each
[*]Main Body: 90[/list]
Weight: 21 lbs. for human equivalent, 35 lbs. for giant-sized.
Modifiers: -10% to physical skills
[list][*]All standard NE environmental armor features (p.35-36, DB8)
[*]Thermo-Kinetic Armor (thermal and kinetic attacks do 25% less damage)
[*]Modular Features & Upgrades Packages
[list][*]HUD Visor Allows 6 different screens to be viewed without impairing vision.
[*]Basic Weapons Package
[list][*]Retractable Energy Blade (Right Forearm)
[list][*]Damage: 3D6 M.D.[/list]
[*]Garrote Strangle Cord (Left Wrist)
[list][*]Damage: 4D6 S.D.C. (+P.S. Damage Bonus)[/list]
[*]Plasma Flame Thrower
[list][*]Range: 200' (20' AoE)
[*]Damage: 5D6 M.D.
[*]Payload: 15 Shots per E-Clip[/list]
[*]Utility Laser Finger
[list][*]Range: 1,000'
[*]Damage: 2D6 M.D.
[*]Payload: 20 shots. (Standard E-Clip)[/list][/list]
[*]Robotic Exoskeleton
[list][*]Robotic P.S. of 25, +4 P.P., +20 Speed, +10' to leaps, +10% to Climbing, Reduce Fatigue by 75%
[*]Restrained Punch: 6D6, Punch/Kick: 1D4 M.D., Power Punch/Jump Kick: 2D4 M.D.[/list]
[*]Built-In N-F20A Force Field
[list][*]M.D.C.: 75
[*]Voice Activated[/list]
[*]Laser Distancer & Targeting
[list][*]+1 to Strike with Hand Held Ranged Weapons
[*]Range 2,000'[/list]
[*]Optics Enhancements
[list][*]Passive Night Vision: 3,000'
[*]Telescopic Vision (up to 20x Magnification): 1 mile
[*]Macro-Lens (6x Magnification)
[*]Thermo-Imager: 2,000'
[*]Light Polarization[/list]
[*]Psionic Electromagnetic Dampers
[list][*]+2 to Save vs all Psionic Attacks and Possession Attempts, +1 to Save vs Magic Illusion and Mind Control[/list][/list][/list]
Book Reference: p.37-39, DB8[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]V-1000 Personal Assistant Bot[/b]
[size=85][b]Alignment:[/b] None, simple artificial intelligence
[b]A.R.:[/b] 14
[u][b]S.D.C. by Location:[/b][/u]
[list][*]Main Body: 120
[*]Head: 35
[*]Limbs (4): 30
[*]Hand and foot (4): 15[/list]
[u][b]Statistical Data:[/b][/u]
Running: 31 mph
Dimensions: 6' tall, 2' wide, 2' long, 250 lbs
Physical Strength: Robotic P.S. 15
Power System: Proprietary Electrical Battery
[b]Standard Skill Programs[/b]
[list][*][u]General Knowledge:[/u] Basic Electronics 90%, Basic Mechanics 90%, Computer Operation 95%, General Repair and Maintenance 90%, Language: Euro and one of choice 90%, Literacy: Euro and one of choice 90%, Pilot: Automobile 90%, Pilot: Truck or Hovercycle 90%, and Recycle 90%.
[*][u]Specialization Tutorial:[/u] Art 80%, Calligraphy 90%, History: Pre-Rifts (German & General) 80%, History: Post Rifts 90%, Law (General) 70%, Language: Other: American and two of choice 90%, Literacy: Other Two of choice 90%, Lore: Three of choice 88% each, Math: Basic 98%, and Philosophy 88%.
[*][u]Specialization: Adventuring:[/u] Anthropology 88%, Archaeology 88%, Climb 88%, Cook 70%, First Aid 88%, Land Navigation 80%, Pilot: Hover Vehicle 88%, Salvage 88%, Tailing 70%, and Wilderness Survival 88%.
[*][u]Specialization: Computers:[/u] Artificial Intelligence 50%, Computer Hacking 70%, Computer Programming 88%, Computer Repair 88%, Optic Systems 80%, Radio: Basic 90%, Research 80%, and Sensory Equipment 88%.
[*][u]Specialization: Physical Trainer:[/u] Aerobic Athletics, Biology (basic), Body Building, Climbing, Fencing, Juggling, Outdoorsmanship, Swimming, SCUBA, and Wrestling; can perform and teach skills at 80% proficiency. Bonus: +2 attacks/actions per melee round for the robot.
[*][u]Specialization: Security:[/u] Cryptography 80%, Electronic Countermeasures 88%, I.D. Undercover Agent 80%, Intelligence 80%, Locksmith 88%, Optic Systems 88%, Photography 88%, Streetwise 50%, Surveillance 88%, TVNideo 88%, and Wrestling.
[*][u]Specialization: Technical:[/u] Excavation 85%, Firefighting 88%, Jury-Rig 75%, Recycling 90%, and Salvage 90%.[/list]
[b]Features of Note:[/b]
[list][*]Attributes: I.Q. 15, P.P. 12, P.B. 15, Spd 31
[*]May purchase up to 6 additional skill programs
[*]Basic hearing system
[*]Human voice synthesizer
[*]Basic robot optics system (20/20 vision up to one mile, passive nightvision 1,000'
[*]Biometric scanner
[*]Wide band radio reciever and transmitter
[*Optical reader
[*]Optical scanner
[*]Motion detector and warning system
[*]Monitor jack/connection plug
[*]Built-In Language Translator
[*]Built-In Radio Receiver and Transmitter[/list]
Book Reference: p.93-95 WB31[/size]

Code: Select all
[b]Triax Luxury Z-Type Sedan[/b]
[size=85][u][b]S.D.C. by Location:[/b][/u]
[list][*]Hover Jets (4, main): 100 each
[*]Maneuvering Jets (10): 20 each
[*]Windshields (2): 100 each
[*]Door Windows (4): 20 each
[*]Doors (4): 80 each
[*]Main Body: 2,200 (equal to 22 M.D.C.)[/list]
[u][b]Statistical Data:[/b][/u]
Maximum Speed: 170 mph
Range: Four battery Electric 160 miles, nuclear unlimited.
Modifiers: +5% to piloting skill rolls
Crew: 1 driver, can seat four passengers comfortably.
Class: Hovercar
Dimensions: 16-18' long, 5' tall, 6' wide, 1,300-1,800 lbs
Cargo: 3'x3'x5' trunk
Power System: Electric or Nuclear
[u]Features of Note:[/u]
[list][*]Anti-theft alarm and siren
[*]Voice activated locks and engine
[*]Dashboard computer with high speed broadband access anywhere in the NGR
[*]Calendar and clock
[*]Digital gyro-compass
[*]10 dic CD player
[*]Digital Radio stereo system
[*]Complete environmental seal with computerized atmospheric compensation (automatically cools or heats to desires temperature
[*]Sound proofing
[*]Independent air filter and water supply (good for 6 hours)
[*]Retractable onboard computers and printers
[*]Deluxe sound system
[*]Digital recorder and player
Book Reference: p.81 WB31[/size]
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Mierin » Fri May 24, 2019 1:49 pm

Mierin's Room Storage
"Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?" House
"Heartless it may be, but headless it ain't. I've never claimed to be nice, just to be sensible." - Lords and Ladies

Stats & Stuff
ISP: 31/35
HP: 57/57
SDC: 96/96

Constant Effects
Sixth Sense (2)

Weapon in hand: JA-12 Rifle 10/10 shots (standard e-clip) 30/30 (long e-clip); 4D6 MD (single shot), 1D6x10+10 MD (burst) or 3D6 MD (grenade)

CA-3 Light “Dead Boy” Armor w/Installed Naruni Super-Heavy Forcefield (FF activated)
Helmet--70/70, Arms--60/60, Legs--80/80, Main Body--100/100
Force Field: 160/160
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Re: Spook Squad Catch-All Thread

Postby Ronan » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:58 am

Ronan's Storage

Items stored during the Doom of Nxla arc.

A.D.F. Standard Armor = Stored @ Haunt

A.R.: 16
S.D.C. by Location:
--Helmet: 100
--Arms: 100 each
--Legs: 150 each
--Main Body: 200
Weight: 14 lbs. (6.35 kg)
Modifiers: -5% to movement & physical skills
• Fully environmental
• HUD in helmet visor
• Encrypted short-range audio/data transceiver, range: 12 miles (19.31 km).
A.D.F. Slug-Thrower = Stored @ Haunt
S.D.C.: 40
Weight: 5 lbs. (2.2 kg)
Cartridge: caseless 12.70 mm
Range: 100 feet (30.48 m)
Damage: 6D6 S.D.C.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the player character's attacks per melee
Payload: 8 round box magazine
A.D.F. Shipboard Tactical Rifle = Stored @ Haunt
Stored in ATV
S.D.C.: 75
Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)
Cartridge: caseless 19mm
Range: 500 feet (152 m)
Damage: 1D8x10–slug or 6D6–buck S.D.C.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the player character's attacks per melee
Payload: 20 round box magazine
Please Do Not PM This Account, PM Underguard Instead

Ronan Deshe | EP Ledger | Other PCs: Culter (CS 40-4th) | Scythe (Phase World: Galactic Rogues) | Kianra'Dea (Rifts: Atlantis)
Constant Stats and Supers
M.D.C.: 321/321 (516 w/ MES)
Active Abilities:
Invulnerability: Invuln to: All Energy Damage Types (to include magic energy), Bullets, punches, falls, etc. | SN Melee does Half-DMG | Gases/Radiation/Drugs: Half-effective | Regen 1d6x10 MDC per min | Hold Breath for 12 minutes | Survive 80 days without food
Supernatural SN: Fatigues 1/10th normal rate.
Fleshworks: Sense Health of Flesh Active: Will declare in post if being used | Range: 15ft away LOS | No cost | Undetectable | Determine general flesh health of another being. | Reveals D-Bee, Human, Mutant and if suffering sick/diseased flesh | Reveals if little or many HP/SDC/MDC and if any magic/psionic/super effect is currently affecting the subject physically, though cannot identify.

Active Gear:
Worn: Streetwolf MDC Biker Jacker: [12 M.D.C.] | Streetwolf Combat Pants: [8 M.D.C.] | Naruni Heavy Force Field [110 M.D.C.]
Carried: Will Declare but most likely KLS
Carried [Secured in Dimensional Bag]: [TW Lightblade] || DMG: 1d6*10 (2d6*10 vs Supernatural Creature) || Modifiers: +1 Strike || Features: Fueled by wielder's H/S/M.D.C | Skorblade Short Blade

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 45% [49%]
Toxins (15+): +3
Magic (varies): +3 [+5]
Lethal Poison (14+): +3 [+5]
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +3 [+5]
Insanity (12+): +0
Psionics (15+): +0
Horror Factor (varies): +2
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