Doodles (Tattooed Defender, APPROVED)

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Doodles (Tattooed Defender, APPROVED)

Postby Doodles » Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:59 am

Player Name: Chris
Hangouts Handle: cyounce

Character Name: Alejandro Michelakos
Power Category: Dimensional Traveler
Alias: Doodles
Occupation: Tattooed Defender (Investigator)
Race: Atlantean (Clan Skellian)
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 3,601
Next Level @ XP: 7,201 (DB15 p. 123)
Birth Order/Family Ties: Middle child of three, older brother, younger sister
Land of Origin: Rifts Earth, South America, City of Manoa
Childhood Environment: A magical, multi-racial city in the Amazonian rain forest
Social/Economic Background: Military/Middle Class
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: N/A
Disposition: Observant, quiet, keeps his own council
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 18
M.E.: 21
M.A.: 22
P.S.: 25 (SN)
P.P.: 18
P.E.: 23 (SN)
P.B.: 19
Speed: 33

PPE: 196 (+10/level)
MDC: 190 (+10/level)
HP: 142 (+1D6/level)
SDC: 103
Natural AR: 13
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Description: Tall, powerfully built, well groomed. His torso and arms are covered in a variety of tattoos. When he wears a shirt it is loose fitting in both the body and sleeves so he can reach the tattoos as needed.

Natural Abilities
Perception 35% (+3/level, +10% related to demons & monsters, investigations, finding clues, noticing suspicious behavior or things out of place)
Charm/Impress: 45%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 70%
IQ Skill Bonus: +4%
PP Melee Bonus: +2
Max. Encumbrance: 242 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 1250 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 2500 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 39.5' lengthwise (+2), 19.25' high (+0.5)

Special Abilities
• Accelerated Healing
Recovers HP and SDC (or MDC) at a rate of 2D6+10 points per 24 hours of rest and recovery, or 1D6 per hour of meditation at a ley line or nexus point.
• Ley Line Phasing
Can flawlessly teleport from one place to another anywhere along a ley line. Takes 1D4 rounds of concentration during which the character can do nothing else or he must start over.
• Impervious to Shape-Changing & Metamorphosis
• Operate Dimensional Pyramids 39% (+5/level)
Knows how to operate stone pyramids created by Atlanteans and the Minions of the Splugorth for the purpose of healing, communications, teleportation, and dimensional travel.

• PPE Recovery
15 points per hour of meditation, rest or sleep, 25 when meditating on a ley line
• Recognize Vampires by Appearance 30% (+10/level)
+10% for secondary vampires, +30% for wild vampires, -30% for master vampires

• Sense the Presence of Vampires & Vampire Intelligences (1000' radius)
Cannot pinpoint the exact location. Cannot sense other types of undead.
• Sense Rifts & Ley Lines
Ley lines up to 5 miles away, a nexus point up to 10 miles away, and an open/active rift up to 20 miles away. Can tell if there is more than one but cannot pinpoint the exact location. However they do know the general direction and whether it is near or far, weak or powerful, and if a rift is opened.

Tattoo Magic
Animals & Monsters
• Bear With Barding & Flaming Claws (47)
• Gryphon With Military Saddle & Fiery Streaks Around Its Wings (120)
• Wolf (20)
Weapons & Shields
• Flaming Long Sword (10)
• Flaming Shield (15)
• Flaming Spear (10)
• Long Sword Dripping Blood & Covered in Electrical Arcs (27)
• Spear With Wings & Shooting Flames (27)
Power Tattoos
• Beautiful Dancer (15)
• Chain Encircling a Skull (25)
• Eye With Tears (15)
• Eyes: Three (20)
• Gas Mask (15)
• Heart Pierced by a Wooden Stake (15)
• Knight in Full Body Armor (25)
Defender Tattoos
• Crystal Guardian Armor (25 + life energy)

Racial & Clan Skills
Land Navigation 68% (+4/level)
Lore: D-Bees 59% (+5/level)
Lore: Dimensions 44% (+5/level)
Track Animals 54% (+5/level)
Track People 59% (+5/level)

Investigator MOS Skills
Crime Scene Investigation 59% (+5/level)
**Biology 44% (+5/level)
**Chemistry 44% (+5/level)
**Chemistry: Analytical 39% (+5/level)
**Mathematics: Advanced 64% (+5/level)

ID Undercover Agent 67% (+4/level)
Intelligence 59% (+4/level)
Pick Locks 64% (+5/level)
Streetwise 52% (+4/level)
Surveillance 64% (+5/level)
**Basic Electronics 44% (+5/level)
**Computer Operation 64% (+5/level)

Undercover Ops 59% (+5/level)

OCC Skills
Athletics (General)
Climbing 69%/59% (+5/level)
Language & Literacy: American, Dragonese/Elf, Greek 104% (+1/level)
Language: Spanish 75% (+3/level)
Mathematics: Basic 74% (+5/level)
Military Etiquette 69% (+5/level)
Radio: Basic 79% (+5/level)
Sign Language (Military) 49% (+5/level)
WP Energy Pistol
WP Energy Rifle
WP Sword
HTH Martial Arts

OCC Related
(+1 @ levels 6,9,12,15)
Horsemanship: Exotic 49%/39% (+5/level)
Prowl 44% (+5/level)
Gymnastics (1st Level)
• Sense of Balance 54% (+3/level)
• Work Parallel Bars & Rings 64% (+3/level)
• Back Flip 74% (+2/level)
• Climb Rope/Rappel 64% (+2/level)

Secondary Skills
(+2 @ levels 4,8,12)
WP Shield
WP Spear

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +4
Parry Bonus: +7
Dodge Bonus: +6
Disarm Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +10 SDC
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +6
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Other: kick attack (2d4)

Weapon Proficiencies
WP Energy Pistol: +2 to Strike
WP Energy Rifle: +1 to Strike
WP Shield: +2 to Parry
WP Spear: +2 to Strike & Parry, +1 to Strike when thrown
WP Sword: +2 to Strike, +1 to Parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +16%
Toxins (15+): +4
Magic (varies): +6
Lethal Poison (14+): +4
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +4
Insanity (12+): +4
Psionics (varies): +3
Horror Factor: +6
Possession: +2
Disease: +6
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Doodles' Equipment

Postby Doodles » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:00 am


Carried/In Hand
Heavy Particle Beam Rifle

Worn on Person
Crystal Guardian Armor
Silver Cross

Utility Belt
• Sonic Disrupter Pistol
• Energy Sword
• E-Clips (8)
• Communications Crystal
• Portable Language Translator
• Silver Plated Knife

• Atlantean Force Field
• First Aid Kit
• Pocket Mirror
• Portable Computer
• Silver Plated Knife
• Wooden Cross
• Wooden Stakes (12) & Mallet

13,000 credits worth of gems

Gear Stats

Heavy Particle Beam Rifle
• Range: 3000'
• Damage: 1D6*10
• Rate of Fire: Single shot
• Payload: 10 shot energy clip
• Weight: 12 lbs
• Book Reference: AU p. 175

Sonic Disrupter Pistol
• Range: 85'
• Damage: 2 points plus save or be rendered unconscious for 1D4 rounds. If the save is successful the target remains conscious but is -2 to initiative, strike, parry, and dodge for 1D6 rounds. Multiple hits increase the duration but not penalties.
• Rate of Fire: Single shot
• Payload: 10 shot energy clip
• Weight: 4.5 lbs
• Book Reference: AU p. 176

Energy Sword
• Range: Melee
• Damage: 4D6+3
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Payload: Unlimited
• Weight: 1.5 lbs
• Book Reference: AU p. 165

Crystal Guardian Armor
Damage Capacity by Location:
  • Helmet: 60 (110) MDC / 125 (225) SDC
  • Arms: 60 (110) MDC / 125 (225) SDC each
  • Legs: 75 (135) MDC / 150 (270) SDC each
  • Main Body: 125 (225) MDC / 250 (450) SDC
Weight: 60 (10) lbs
Modifiers: -30% Prowl, etc (none)
  • Breathe Without Air
  • Impervious to Cold
  • Impervious to Fire
  • Natural AR 15 in SDC settings
  • Half Damage from electricity, lasers, and light-based attacks
  • Sonic based attackes do double damage (including vibro weapons and magic crystal weapons)
  • Stats in green when activated by the Defender Tattoo
Book Reference: DB15 p. 132

Atlantean Force Field
Damage Capacity: 150 MDC/SDC
Weight: 15 lbs
Book Reference: DB15 p. 59

Flaming Long Sword
• Range: Melee
• Damage: 2D6 MD / 2D6+8 SDC
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Payload: Unlimited
• Weight: 3.5 lbs
• Book Reference: DB15 p. 153

Flaming Spear
• Range: 150'
• Damage: 2D6 MD / 2D6+8 SDC
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Payload: Unlimited
• Weight: 6.5 lbs
• Book Reference: DB15 p. 153

Long Sword Dripping Blood & Covered in Electrical Arcs
• Range: Melee or 60' from electrical blasts
• Damage: Melee 2D6 MD / 6D6 SDC, Ranged 2D6 MD / 2D6 SDC
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Payload: Unlimited
• Weight: 3.5 lbs
• Book Reference: DB15 p. 155 & 156

Spear With Wings & Shooting Flames
• Range: Thrown 450', Flame Gout 100'
• Damage: Melee / Thrown 2D6 SDC, Flame Gout 5D6 MD / 5D6 SDC
• Rate of Fire: Standard
• Payload: Unlimited
• Weight: 6.5 lbs
• Features: Returns when thrown
• Book Reference: DB15 p. 156 & 157

Flaming Shield
M.D.C.: Indestructible
Weight: 5 lbs
Modifiers: +2 to Parry
Book Reference: DB15 p. 153
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Doodles' Background

Postby Doodles » Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:01 am

Background Story
“Inspector wake up, you are needed.” The words came with a gentle shake of his shoulder. Alex grunts an inaudible response, not sure if this is real or part of a dream. He tries to turn over, but the hand restrains him. “Inspector please.”

Alex opens his eyes ready to admonish the voice and its shaking disruption of the first decent nights sleep he’s had in a week, but the words die unsaid. The entire barracks is being rousted. “What’s going on,” he asks.

The speaker was a boy, a trainee, one of several assigned to each Defender barracks. “The Oublittes have been broken into, relics are missing.”

“Which one,” Alex asks, still not really awake, not hearing the plural Oublittes.

“All of them,” the boy says.

This jolts his consciousness into high gear. The Oubliettes are meant to house the worst foes and most powerful artifacts the Clan had encountered. To enter one was nearly impossible, to get out again having made it inside doubly so. To do this all over the city was unimaginable.

Quickly he dresses and the boy leads him to a waiting hovercar. Before he can even close the door the car speeds off into the night and makes a beeline for the grand pyramid. Noticing this Alex asks, “Where are we going?”

With a glance in the rear-view mirror the driver says, “The Elders have asked for you.”

“Shouldn’t I inspect the scene first,” Alex answers.

The driver doesn’t respond, just gives him a glance that says ‘hey man we all have our orders’.

When the car reaches the pyramid, Alex is ushered into the audience chamber. The entire Council of Elders is waiting for him. He hesitates a beat as he walks into the room. Whatever happened is serious. Saluting he says, “Inspector Michelakos reporting as ordered Elders.”

“Inspector, good,” says Elder Adan. “The Rings of Olympus have been stolen, we are sending you to retrieve them.”

Alex nods, “Of course Elders, I’ll begin examining the crime scenes immediately.”

Elder Adan shakes his head, “You misunderstand, we are sending you to retrieve them. The investigating will be done by others. These rings were entrusted to Clan Skellian by Hephaestus herself. Together they are immensely powerful, that’s why they were kept separated around Manoa.”

The Elder lifts up a communications crystal and calls forth an image of a woman who looks like a female Indiana Jones, minus the fedora. “This is the person you seek. She has been tracked to a dimension called Heroic Earth. This crystal contains all the information gathered so far and we will send you more as we get it.” Alex takes the crystal and tucks it into a utility pouch.

“One more thing Inspector Michelakos. Heroic Earth is a low magic dimension. We aren’t sure at this time how you will be able to get back to Manoa. You will be expected to safeguard the rings one way or the other is that understood?”

Alex bows at the order, “Of course elders. I won’t let you down.”
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Magic Tattoos

Postby Doodles » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:55 pm

Grizzly Bear With Barding & Flaming Claws
Tattoo Animal
Physical Data
S.D.C.: 140 + 15/T-man Level
H.P.: 120
Natural Abilities
• Spd 16 but can reach Spd 30 in bursts of speed for up to 15 minutes
Combat Data
• 4 APM
• +2 Strike
• +2 Parry
• +1 Dodge
• Bite 1D8+6 SDC
• Flaming Claws 4D6+8 SDC
Skill Equivalents
• Climb 40%
• Swim 70%
Book Reference: DB15 p. 146

Gryphon With Military Saddle & Fiery Streaks Around Its Wings
Tattoo Monster
I.Q.: 5
M.E.: 5
M.A.: 3
P.S.: 17
P.P.: 16
P.E.: 13
P.B.: 11
Speed: 11 running, 162 flying
Physical Data
M.D.C.: 73
S.D.C.: 32
H.P.: 53
Natural AR: 9
P.P.E.: 50
Dimensions: 4' tall at the shoulders, 7' long, 200 lbs
Natural Abilities
• Fly
• Supernatural Strength
• Nightvision 120'
• Super Keen Vision (can see a rabbit 2 miles away)
• 180 degree arc of peripheral vision
• Saddle adds +10% to Horsemanship (exotic) or gives a base proficiency of 50%
Combat Data
• 4 APM
• +2 to Strike
• +1 to Parry
• +2 to Dodge
• +2 to Damage
• Claws: MDC Settings Restrained 4D6 SDC, Full Strength 2D6+4 MD / SDC Settings Restrained 1D6, Full Strength 3D6
• Bite: MDC Settings Nipping 3D6 SDC, Full Strength 1D6 MD / SDC Settings 1D6
Saving Throw Bonuses
• +2 to all
Skill Equivalents
• Track By Sight 54%
• Prowl 66%
Book Reference: CB1 p. 155

Tattoo Animal
Physical Data
S.D.C.: 40
H.P.: 40
Natural Abilities
• Keen Vision & Hearing
• Nightvision 30'
• Spd 50, can be maintained for 2D4 hours
Combat Data
• 3 APM
• +3 Strike
• +1 Parry
• +6 Dodge
• Bite 2D6+8 SDC
• Claws 1D4 SDC
Skill Equivalents
• Track By Smell 85%
• Swim 65%
• Prowl 50%
Book Reference: DB15 p. 147
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