Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

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Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby Whisper » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:00 pm

Perception: 1d20+2 = 15:

Just in Case d20: 1d20:
;JIC d100: 1d100:

"Whoa. I see dead people.", Lily mumbles at the sight of specter triplets.
"Thanks, Hades!"

Turning to the three, Lily asks quietly, "You folks really can teach me ta be a gunslinger?"

Hickok responds first, "Yes ma'am, I believe that is the bargain."
"Speak up, lass.", encourages Starr, noting Lily's intoxication.
Holiday glides up smoothly, "We can teach y'all how to shoot and much more, pretty lady."

Embarrassed, Lily replies "Let's...uh...let's stick to shooting for now."
Whisper takes her leave of the group and goes to train. Lily wants to use a pair of energy pistols, yet the spirits insist that she start with six-shooters.

"Girl, you need to start slow.", Hickok says sternly.
"That's right, miss. When you can handle those shootin' irons well, then you can move onto them fancy light-shooters.", agrees Holliday.
"And for God's sake, girl, stand up straight.", quips Starr sternly.

Lily has had to use her offhand before but now the three phantoms whip her into shape. After two days of practice, her hands shake so badly, she can barely hold her guns, let alone the bottles of liquor she constantly empties. After four days, her fingers are so abraded that she has to take a break.

Hickok suggests going to a saloon to gamble, and Holiday somehow manages to get Lily to front the money for the quartet to spend an entire day at a little hole of an establishment. One that doesn't ask questions. Everything goes fine until Lily starts drinking like a fish, "partying" with a group of mercs and losing track of the trio. Suddenly there's shouting and quickly after, gunfire. It's a scene of confusion as people flee in all directions but Lily manages to go unnoticed by the authorities that arrive and slip back to the Haunt.
The three spirits await her there with assurances that they did nothing wrong. Lily passes out hearing stories of the Old West.

After blacking out and sleeping for a day, the spirits decide that Lily ought to test out her skills, and with them following her, she buys yet more ammunition for her revolvers. On her way from the Haunt to the market, the ghosts overhear the locals gossiping about their pupil in most unflattering and even hateful terms.

"You know what, ma'am? We ought to go out to the West.", suggests Holliday.
Lily agrees and the quartet travels out to the New West. It's a long, uncomfortable and dangerous journey.

The group's first stop is in Hays, Kansas. A former haunt of Wild Bill Hickok; after the long expedition, Lily drinks and they all gamble before settling down to do some real training.

Along a road to the spot where Bill wants to shoot, they pass by a small group of young men, who holler and whistle at Lily. She's feeling pretty smug as she strides by and mutters to her entourage, "I reckon I'm lookin' a might fine.", doing a very bad Southern accent. Almost immediately, she's reprimanded by Belle with a slap to the back of the head. "Talk properly, girl. And they only want one thing, dimwit."

"Ow, what the f**k?!", Lily flinches, only to be rapped on the knuckles by Doc.
"Language, ma'am. Be civil.", he advises gentlemanly.
Lily's reaction is to exclaim, "Jesus!", only to find her other hand slapped.
"I beg you not to use the lord's name in vain.", Willaim wheezes.

The little spat convinces Lily's admirers that she's at least a little "touched", and they move along. At a long dead but still standing tree, the group has Lily practice drawing her pistols. For hours upon hours, she doesn't even fire, just draws. That day done, the odd little group heads back to the hotel, whereupon Lily goes out to drink and fornicate with the local boys.

Lily is awoken the next day abruptly by one of the ghosts splashing water on her. "Ah! Christsakes!", she yells, getting slapped on the hand. None of the ghosts admit to soaking her, but they do agree on one thing - she needs to stop drinking. Vehemently protesting, the spirits all but drag Lily around to get changed, get breakfast (or rather, lunch, as she's woken up so late), and get practicing again.

Back at the dead tree, Lily this time is allowed to set up some targets and practice drawing and shooting at them. Irritated to say the least, she channels some of her resentment over being told what to do at the targets before her and appears to satisfy the specters.

On the way back from training hard one day, Whisper goes to check on her power armor, parked nearby her hotel. What she finds infuriates her.

"Hey!", she shouts at the armed but unarmored men trying to unlock her suit, "Get the hell away from that!"

The men stop what they're doing and bristle at being caught red-handed.
"Oh, uh, my, Miss. You're back early.", says the largest one sheepishly.
"No way she can take all o' us.", one of the more antsy goons claims.

"You're gonna be the first to die.", Whisper threatens, pulling back her long coat to reveal her firearms.

The more sensible among the group back off and scatter, while the two that talked remain. The larger one edges to one side while the jumpy one looks ready to draw at any moment.

The big one holds his hands outstretched, trying to convince Lily to calm down.
"Whoa there, miss. We ain't meaning no harm."
"He's trying to flank you, ma'am.", Doc states, recognizing the danger. "Both Starr and Hickok got shot from behind, best be on your guard."
With a snap, Whisper and the two goons abruptly draw, with her shooting both foes in the head at almost the same time.
"We've likely worn out our welcome here.", Bill advises sounding wistful.
"This mean I can get a drink?", Lily asks hopefully.
"NO!" is the reply from the three spirits in unison.

Next along the line is a stop at Fort Smith, in Arkansas. The completely human community here is a little more recovered than the previous stop but they're also very close to Lone Star. Close enough that Lily is a bit concerned. She stashes her power armor in a spot advised by Belle, who knows the area in spite of its blasted truth.

Lily dresses provocatively, in spite of the objections of all three of her tutors. Even so, Starr encourages her not to take lip from the locals, and the town soon learns not to talk badly about the weird city girl or the strange occurrences that happen near her.

In Fort Smith, Lily is finally given the go ahead to use her energy pistols and while she practices mostly in her body armor, she sometimes goes without to get a feel for how she needs to move and work her muscle memory.

Out training in her armor one day, Whisper hears gunshots from the direction of the town, and she races with her CFTs already drawn to the site.

What greets her is the sight of a squad of Deadboys, evidently drunk, shooting up the town for a laugh. Hearing cries and screams, Whisper attacks, shooting guns out of hands and drawing a lot of inaccurate fire. When the dust settles, Lily's armor has some fresh scorch marks and the townspeople have rallied to help her capture the handful of Deadboys.

When they contact the officer in charge of this detachment of troops, the man proves reasonable and contrite. He compensates for damages out of his own pocket and reprimands his unruly troops. Perhaps a rarity, this low-ranking officer recognizes that the CS needs to be seen as defenders and win people over.

Lily leaves abruptly at night, avoiding any further contact with the CS patrols, flying low in her power armor to the next destination; one suggested by Doc.

With smooth charm, Doc convinces Lily to get out to Arizona and Tombstone. There, she continues to train, drink heavily and gamble. She rents a nice room to stay in and but the spirits jealously prevent her from drinking while they train her.

Before long, with a little help from Starr, she's able to actually win often enough gambling to anger a couple of toughs and it isn't long until she's confronted out in the street by a pair of men she's won money off of.

The first blocks her path, stepping into her way as she tries to pass.
"Hey, sl**, where you going?"
"Don't let him talk to you like that.", Hickok implores, floating next to the dirty ruffian. Whisper glances him over, sees that he's armed, has some prison tattoos and a cybernetic eye that looks like the skin around it is infected.
"I said, where you going, bi***? I want my money back!", the man demands, stepping closer.
His companion walks past, seemly content to leave.
Hickok stays beside him, while Starr stays beside Lily, encouraging her, "Shoot him. He's scum. No one will miss him." While she looks hesitant, Starr continues to order her, "Shoot him, go on girl, shoot!"
"If you're looking to die, I can oblige.", Whisper finally responds, taking a step back, ready to draw.
The delinquent snorts, "You think you can take me?" but backs away a few paces and into the street.

Holliday slips out of Lily's view behind her but tells her, "Remember, don't miss.". Civilians clear the street, although a few stay to watch the spectacle.

Once they're out in the street, the troublemaker makes a sudden, jerky move to draw his firearm, with Hickok interfering.
Whisper doesn't hesitate however, snapping a single shot at her tormentor's head, blood blasting everywhere. Just as she starts to smirk to herself, there's a crack of a second shot behind her. Whisper spins to see the second troublemaker has shot himself in the foot with some unseen assistance from Holliday. His gun lies on the ground. "You know, he was none too handy with that pea shooter.", Doc smirks.

Whisper slowly aims at the second tough's head and despite his pleas, ends him as well. She goes to the local carpenter and apologetically pays for simple coffins for the pair.
Once "alone" again in her rented room, Lily angrily scolds Hickok for the perceived interference in her duel. "I had him, Bill, I HAD him! You didn't have to knock him!"
"Whoa whoa now, lass, I was just watchin'..."
"No, you tapped him and threw him off."
Holliday chimes in with, "He was just bein' protective, ma'am."
"Don't start, Doc.", Lily grumbles.
"I did just save your life, you know."
"Thank you.", Lily acknowledges, deciding that it's time to head back to the Haunt.
After another month's journey back home and several more gunfights, When did this place become home, I wonder?, Lily and the specters are back at the Haunt. The young woman has grown her hair longer with Belle Starr's encouragement and has gone through a late teen growth spurt, making her quite a bit taller than she left. After a few days recovery, Lily goes to get some mostly discreet cybernetics installed. Once they're installed, she goes back to the Haunt to recover.

To the Haunt
H.P.: 32/32
S.D.C.: 50/50

Mecha-Knight main body 400/400
Forcefield 160/160
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Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby SNAFU » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:40 pm

4 months of wandering the New West with a chorus of ghostly gunfighters has left Lily in a mood to dance and also to put her new skills to work. She meets her friend Lulu, (who now counts as a minor contact, and the two command the attention of the bar's patrons as they tear up the dance floor.

Lulu reports what she knows, "I've heard they're hiring in the Warrens, a mess of a gang war. Three gangs headhunting each other and that vigilante group the Red Terror. All three gangs are offering bounties for killing the member so of the other gangs and the Red Terror as well.."

Describe Lily's approach to this opportunity. You have freehand to write this episode to conclusion. Include skill rolls if necessary and one set of combat rolls. I will verify or edit outcomes based on the die. FYI: A no name mook is worth 10,000 credits while one of the individuals named below is worth 100, 000.

Lulu informs Whisper that the Greenskins are being hit hard. At the moment the other gangs have focused their aggression on Brath Stealthfoot's gang and not each other. In addition the Red Terror continues to hunt the Greenskins all over the Warrens. Three 'out-of-town' contractors are 'causing the gang the most trouble as they have no answer to them.


Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby Whisper » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:19 pm

Perception: 1d20+2 = 6:

Just in Case d20: 1d20:
;JIC d100: 1d100:

"Huh, interesting. I guess I oughtta put my skills to good use." Lily smiles meaningfully at Lulu and whispers to her, "You know, Lulu, I have other skills too."[b] Lulu smiles enticingly, apparently intrigued by the suggestion.

After settling up, the pair retire to Lulu's flat, and the next day Lily leaves to stumble back to the Haunt. She departs Lulu with a shy little smooch and an agreement to meet again soon. On her way back home, she ducks into an alley to vomit. Her enhanced hearing picks up voices but she only realizes when a metallic hand grips her shoulder and roughly spins her around.

[b]"Hey, wh***, I said fuck off!"

Lily blinks at the man groggily and then looking past him, sees a pair of gang members beating the bejezus out of another man who is already on the ground.
Maybe dressed a bit revealing but no streetwalker. Jackass.
"I'm not...", Lily mumbles, wiping her mouth, drawing attention away from her other hand going into her large purse. With a subtle motion, she switches her force field on.

"Yeah, whatever. Go find another alley." Then he realizes what Lily's looking at, as his two 'friends' beat the man on the ground into unconsciousness. His eyes widen and he reaches for a weapon. In a flash, Lily's snapped her CFTs up and sent an energy bolt into his head and the cybersnatcher furthest from her. The remaining one staggers back as he's sprayed with gore from his companion. Striding towards him, Lily keeps her pistols pointed squarely.

"Why are you attacking him?", Lily demands.
"What? He's-he's with the Greenskins."
"I don't care, pick him up and take him to the Cyber Street Clinic or I swear to whatever god you worship I'll blow your goddamned face off."
"Uh...uh...y-yeah, okay. Okay!" The confused Cyber Street Ganger gathers the Greenskin up and hauls him off. As soon as they're out of sight, Lily starts to shake so hard that she almost drops her firearms. She retches once more before finally getting back to the Haunt. Home.

After getting some grub in the kitchen, Lily passes out in her bed. When she awakens, it's dark outside and there's a message waiting for her which she proceeds to ignore. Lily has a long, hot shower and gets dressed in her armor, intending to practice a bit. Her ghostly tutors are none too happy that she is drinking again. "Miss Mason, I realize that you enjoy partaking in the drink, but it seems to us that, uh...", Bill starts but trails off.
"Bill's sayin' that you're gonna do yourself an injury, ma'am, he's just concerned."
"And you shouldn't spend so much time with boys you hardly know.", adds Belle.

Lily rolls her eyes, having heard this lecture before. She avoids the issue by checking the message waiting on her computer. It's from Brath.

"So, it looks like one of my guys owes you some thanks. I guess that means for now, I'll overlook the fact that you haven't given me what I requested on your comrade. Now listen, if you can cap the leaders of the Red Terrors, the Mega Monkeys or the Cyber Streets, I'll pay the bounty...and...I got one extra for ya, too. Meet me at that place you go to tonight at 8." The message ends and Whisper looks at the time. Oh shit! I'm already late! She hurries out of the Haunt at a brisk pace.

Initiative: 1d20+16 = 31:

# of Actions: 7

Action 1-3: called shot at two of the baddies' heads (one shot from each CFT)
near guy strike 1d20+6 = 9:
, damage 3d6:
2, 6, 5

far guy strike 1d20+6 = 18:
, damage 3d6:
6, 2, 6

Action 4-6: follow up called shot at same targets if needed, otherwise intimidate the remaining baddie
near guy strike 1d20+6 = 10:
, damage 3d6:
1, 3, 5

far guy strike 1d20+6 = 11:
, damage 3d6:
1, 3, 2

Action 7: shot at remaining target(s)
strike 1d20+3 = 8:
, damage 3d6:
4, 3, 1

strike 1d20+3 = 18:
, damage 3d6:
2, 5, 3
H.P.: 32/32
S.D.C.: 50/50

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Forcefield 160/160
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Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby SNAFU » Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:43 pm

In the morning, Whisper remembers flashes from the night before:

...Getting Smashed...Lovely Lulu...What a Great Kisser...Getting More Smashed....Misting Two Dudes in an Alley....

Time to do it all again!

Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby Whisper » Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:06 pm

Upon arriving at Firewaters, Lily is disarmed by the bouncers; she looks around and asks one of the wait staff for Brath. They direct her to a booth along the back wall of the establishment where Lily's surprised to find not Brath, but one of his goons.

"Oh, thought it'd be-"
"Yeah, yeah. He ain't comin'. Too dangerous.", the d-bee interrupts her, taking a sip of a disgusting looking drink. He opens up a portable computer and quickly types something. Presumably a password. A tinny sounding speaker asks "Is she finally here?". Lily's d-bee contact nods and turns the computer so that Lily can see the screen. And Brath's repulsive visage.
"What the hell took you so long?", he demands angrily, having been kept more than a few hours.
"I don't answer to you, Brath.", Lily answers tiredly. Here we go again.
The psi-goblin chuckles coldly. "You always were one stubborn kid."
He knows I hate that.
"Although you're looking a bit more...mature."
Gross. Probably wants to cook and eat me.
After a long stare at a potential meal, Brath finally gets to the point.
"I want you to kill off some of the competition. Red Terror, Cyberstreeters, Juicerguys, whatever. I'll even pay that bounty that's been posted."
"I'm not getting into your little gang war, Brath."
"It's not little, you stupid child!", Brath erupts. Composing himself with great effort, he continues, "We've lost a good lot of our soldiers, and like it or not, you've been drawn in, kid."
"Ms. Mason or Whisper.", Lily interrupts suddenly.
"Wh-what?", the horrid goblin stutters surprised.
"If you're hiring me, I'm working and that means you call me Ms. Mason or Whisper.", Lily answers seriously. "NOT kid."
Brath blinks stunned for a moment then splits his sides with laughter. "You really had me going, kid! Ah hahaha!" Brath's orc goon starts laughing, too.
Though disarmed by the bouncers, Lily grabs the orc's drink and smashes it into his head, grabbing a shard of glass and holding it to the man's throat and grabbing one of his ears.
"Whoa! Whoa! Okay! Okay! Whisper!"
"Thank you.", Lily says pleasantly, releasing him.
"I, uh, don't know what's come over you, k-er...Whisper, but I like it.", Brath grins predatorily. "So we gots a deal or wah?"
As Lily mulls over Brath's offer, she spots Lulu working the room. The two make eye contact and they smile at each other.
"No. I don't need this shit right now."
"Wait! This is a lot of money we're talking about!"
Lily ignores him, but gives him some parting advice. "Your men AREN'T soldiers, Brath. The Spooks would cut through them like a hot knife through butter. Get some better men." She leaves to go relax with Lulu and eventually spends another night with her.
H.P.: 32/32
S.D.C.: 50/50

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Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby SNAFU » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:07 pm

Old Man Brath

Brath watches Whisper leave in dumbfounded silence, wondering where the 'kid' he used to bully went.

Lulu's hair implants have changed but whisper has no trouble recognizing

They end up drunk and giddy as schoolgirls. Not being able to keep their hands off each other, they end up making out in a quiet alley for a considerable time. Lulu separates herself from their embrace with a

As you get ready to leave, Lulu turns the corner first and Whisper is alarmed by her

Lulu is in front of Whisper with her arms raised. Three men in EBA and carrying energy weapons block their way out of the alley. Lily is drunk. She is equipped only with her force-field and her two favorite pistols. You have encountered...



(Don't forget your rolls!)

Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby Whisper » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:51 am

Perception: 1d20+2 = 18:

Just in Case d20/d100: 1d20:

Whisper looks around quickly, although her vision is blurred by alcohol.
Fuck., she thinks, Lulu is totally unprepared for this.
Impetuously, she stumbles towards the trio blocking the way out of the alley, looking drunk and non-threatening.

"Hey boys,", she says coyly as she approaches, "Like what you see?"

With that, she pulls down the top of her dress to 'flash her headlights'.
"Hundred credits each.", she adds, as she gets even closer, "accidentally" dropping her large purse that contains her guns near the feet of the first thug.

The thug nearest her grunts and looks back over his shoulder.
"What'd I tell ya 'bout Merctown?", he snorts, loosening his armor clamps.

"How about her?", one of the other thugs asks motioning to Lulu.
Whisper crouches down as if to help the first one with his armor, pressing her force field's on switch.
"Eh, she's just a 'client'."

The first thug drops his pants as one of the others suggests, "Maybe we should have her while we wait for this one."

"Run, Lulu!", Whisper shouts, suddenly drawing her particle beam pistols from her purse and pressing them against some badly worn and filthy underwear. "Make a move and I'll fucking blow it off!", Whisper threatens, the safeties of her guns off. "Tell them to let her go."

"WAIT! Wait wait wait!", the thug holds his hands up, "Just-just hang on."

But the other two thugs power up their rifles; one points at Lulu, the other towards Lily. With her amplified hearing, she hears the triggers being depressed, the weapons cycling to fire. "Duck Lulu!"
"Die s**ts!", one of them yells, firing at Lulu. The other fires at Whisper, the shots from his JA-11 clearly still set to low-power as they harmlessly impact her force field.

Whisper suddenly stands, bringing her knee up into the first thug's groin. She holds him in a hug as he doubles over, using him awkwardly as a human shield. This went a lot better in my head., she thinks, firing at the thug shooting at Lulu.

The two still with rifles start opening up more meaningfully with MDC shots, trying to kill Lily through their compatriot as he hoarsely begs them to stop shooting. As Whisper and the goons exchange fire, Lily hears sirens; clearly someone has heard or seen shooting and reported it to the Defenders. Ah fuck!

In a furious exchange, Whisper finally kills the attacker who had been shooting at Lulu.
The thug against Whisper suddenly spasms as shots finally penetrate his armor and, unable to support his weight, Lily collapses under him. The last thug decides that he's had enough and runs. "We're gonna make you pay, bi**h!", he promises.

Lily is barely able to scramble out from under the dead goon, stow her weapons in her purse and hide it in a junction box before the Merctown defenders show up. Just before they arrive, she rips her dress, slaps herself and forces some tears.

The Defenders arrive in a hovercar with Lulu. Lily recognizes the Sergeant but can't remember his name. Is it Walsh? Ward? He's one of the good ones, anyway.

The Defenders don't seem particularly interested in what happened, only the aftermath. "So, what happened, Lily?", Sergeant Wang asks.
"These guys, attacked us...they tried to...they tried...", Lily does her best to turn on the waterworks, sobbing hysterically.
"Oh? I've never known you to refuse it."
Ignoring that comment, Lily continues, "And then...they got into some kind of argument...", she sniffles, wiping her face, "...and started shooting everywhere."
The Sergeant turns towards a junior officer and asks, "Any civvies?"
"Nothing reported."
"Got lucky. That shot went through a restaurant.", the sergeant nods at a hole in the alley from a stray blast.
"Alright, get the coroner to tag an' bag 'em."

As quickly as they can, the Defenders get the hell out of the Warrens, not wanting to remain a second longer than they need to. Lulu gives Lily a huge hug. "My hero!", she enthuses. Lily collects her belongings and the pair spend the night together at Lulu's place. <fade to black>

The next morning, Lulu has already woken up and gotten breakfast for the pair.
"Hey, sleepyhead. Got ya something.", she smiles, offering a tray of toast, eggs, pancakes and bacon. Precious BACON! Breakfast in bed rocks!
Lily softly thanks Lu for the food before setting right into devouring it.

Lulu gives her lover a little kiss on the cheek and sits next to her in bed.
Delicately, she asks, "Lil...can I ask you something?"
Lily nods as she stuffs her face.
"Have you ever looked for your parents?"
Pausing, Lily chews her food, frowns, then shakes her head and continues to gorge herself.
"Why not? Don't you want to know what happened to them?"
Slamming her fist down on her tray, Lily shouts, "I don't wanna talk about it!"
She gets up, gets dressed in her tattered clothes and says, "I need some air.", storming out to take a walk.

Lily wanders around for a while, bums a cigarette off a local and smokes. I don't know. I've never thought about it. Maybe Lulu is right. She's only trying to help. I was really shitty to her.

Heading back to Lulu's apartment, Lily hears shouting and the clattering of furniture. But what really disturbs her is Lulu's voice. "Please, I don't know where she is!", she hears Lulu say.
"Bullshit! That little skank is around here somewhere."
"We should just waste this one and send a message.", another voice suggests.

Fuck. Thinks Whisper. She slips her high heels off and quietly pads towards the open door. It looks like it's been busted in. Fuck, I don't even have my guns. Whisper takes a peek into the room.

She sees two men, armed with Zapper Guns, Juicer Rifles and Wilk's pistols. They both have the Zappers out.
Lulu is on her knees on the floor, looking roughed up.
Without thinking, Whisper rushes up behind one, grabs his arm and uses his Zapper on the second. They struggle for the weapon until he knocks Whisper back far enough that he can level his gun at her.
"Hold it!", Lulu suddenly demands.
Whisper and the man look to see that Lulu has the other man's juicer rifle and she looks like she means business.
"I don't have time for this.", complains the man who is still armed, but as he swings his weapon, Lulu fires, hitting him in the chest. Whisper leaps out of the way, diving for her purse to get her guns. She adds to the torrent of shots bracketing the assailant, who can't so much as stay on his feet.
The other man Whisper rips the armor off of and interrogates to find out who sent him. She then puts her pistol to his head and over the protests of Lulu executes him.

"What the fuck, Lily?!"
"He was going to kill us, Lulu."
"But he was defenseless!"
"Yeah, and now he can't bother us again. You should probably move."
"You think?!" Lulu starts gathering some of her things together.
"I was just trying to protect you.", Lily says, leaning in for a kiss, which Lulu dodges.
"Not...not now. I'll...call you later."
Lily doesn't answer, she just slinks out of the apartment towards the Haunt.

On her way back to the Haunt, Lily passes a handsome man who asks, "Hey hon, how much?"
"How much?", he motions at her.
"oh. OH!" Lily regards the man and shrugs. Kinda cute, what the fuck? "Thousand?", she answers , surprising herself.
"Great! Here...", he hands her a credit stick and makes the exchange, then takes her hand and leads Lily to an alley to "play doctor". <fade to black>

A short while later, Lily strides out of the alley, feeling guilty and dirty. Why did I do that? I hope Lulu doesn't find out. Fuck, I'm so stupid. Once she gets back to the Haunt, she goes to have a long, hot shower, avoiding talking to anyone on the way to her room. Once she's in the shower, she uses her headjack to radio Lahz, asking if he can make another pistol for her Powered Armor.

*First combat
Initiative: 1d20+16 = 24:

# of Actions: 6

Action 1: Knee the first baddie where it counts
Action 2: Paired firearm shots at the thug shooting at Lulu
strike 1d20+3 = 21:
, damage 5d6+6 = 17:
3, 2, 1, 1, 4

strike 1d20+3 = 6:
, damage 5d6+6 = 20:
4, 1, 2, 5, 2

Action 3: Paired firearm shots at the thug shooting at Lulu
strike 1d20+3 = 12:
, damage 5d6+6 = 25:
4, 6, 5, 3, 1

strike 1d20+3 = 17:
, damage 5d6+6 = 20:
3, 2, 6, 2, 1

Action 4: Paired firearm shots at the thug shooting at Lulu
strike 1d20+3 = 14:
, damage 5d6+6 = 22:
1, 3, 4, 6, 2

strike 1d20+3 = 20:
, damage 5d6+6 = 28:
6, 2, 6, 2, 6

Action 5: Paired firearm shots at the thug shooting at Lulu
strike 1d20+3 = 16:
, damage 5d6+6 = 27:
4, 5, 5, 2, 5

strike 1d20+3 = 18:
, damage 5d6+6 = 26:
2, 5, 2, 5, 6

Action 6: Paired firearm shots at the thug shooting at Lulu
strike 1d20+3 = 8:
, damage 5d6+6 = 23:
5, 5, 1, 1, 5

strike 1d20+3 = 16:
, damage 5d6+6 = 22:
3, 1, 5, 5, 2

Contingency: shoot at the other thug if the one targeting Lulu is dead.

*second combat
Initiative: 1d20+9 = 18:

# of Actions: 6

Action 1: grab the first guy's arm to point at the second guy, strike 1d20+7 = 22:

Action 2: shoot the second guy, strike 1d20+3 = 22:

Action 3: try to disarm the first guy 1d20+2 = 7:

Action 4: dodge 1d20+13 = 30:

Action 5: grab pistols
Action 6: shoot first guy with both pistols
strike 1d20+3 = 12:
, damage 5d6+6 = 18:
1, 2, 4, 4, 1

strike 1d20+3 = 22:
, damage 5d6+6 = 19:
1, 3, 3, 4, 2
(x2 because particle beam)
H.P.: 32/32
S.D.C.: 50/50

Mecha-Knight main body 400/400
Forcefield 160/160
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Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby SNAFU » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:27 pm

The bodies pile up in her wake as the wild child of Merctown rips through town. Her relationship with Lulu maybe strained. Reckless and impulsive back-alley prostitution aside when Lily returns to the Haunt, guns are on her mind.

Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby Whisper » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:18 am

Perception: 1d20+2 = 22:

Just in Case d20: 1d20:
;JIC d100: 1d100:

In the morning, Lily grabs some food, showers, shaves, does her makeup and dresses revealingly.
Feeling super guilty regarding her infidelity, she takes a walk over to the Arms Bazaar to purchase a gift for Lulu. On the way there, Lily feels as if people are pointing and with her cybernetically enhanced hearing she can hear some unflattering comments. She increases her already brisk pace.

What? What the fuck?, she thinks, getting embarrassed. A trio of spirits float with her.
"Uh...why on Earth...?", starts Doc.
"I did something stupid. So, so stupid.", Lily admits.
"Common profession back in my day, ma'am. Although normally for those who had no other-"
Lily cuts Bill off with a glare stopping suddenly. She snaps around. Trying to speak loudly, though feeling like her voice is wavering, she shouts, "Hey, you want something to look at?"

Lily grabs a pair of stones from the street and tosses them up, snapping up both her pistols and blasting the stones into oblivion.

Initiative: 1d20+16 = 22:

# of Attacks/Actions: 7

Action 1-3: paired called pistol shots at stones; right: Strike 1d20+6 = 12:
, damage 5d6+5 = 23:
1, 2, 4, 6, 5

left: Strike 1d20+6 = 25:
, damage 5d6+5 = 21:
2, 2, 2, 4, 6

Action 4-6: paired called pistol shots at stones; right: Strike 1d20+6 = 8:
, damage 5d6+5 = 29:
6, 6, 3, 6, 3

left: Strike 1d20+6 = 20:
, damage 5d6+5 = 25:
6, 1, 6, 2, 5

Action 7: holster weapons/intimidate populace (HF8, +2 against civilians)

With that little display, Lily continues on her way.

At the Bazaar, she looks all over for something good to get Lulu. She stops by Kraus Imported Arms first, and tries to get a luxury hover sedan for...Is Lulu my girlfriend? Friend with benefits? I gotta talk to her. Fuck. I'm no good at this...

Lily also asks Wilhelm for a bunch of other items before heading over to the Northern Gun Store. Ever the gunbunny, she picks up yet more weapons and some more mundane items. Finally, she heads over to the Naruni Store.
Purchases made, she taps her headjack and radios Lulu. It takes a few tries before she answers.

"Hey, uh, Lulu.", Lily starts, tentatively.
"Hi.", is the cold response.
"Are...are you safe? Can we meet up?"
"Firewaters?", Lulu asks, bitterly.
"No, uh, I...uh, I was thinking Taste of the Town."
"Oh. Alright. When?", Lulu demands, still sounding annoyed.
"How does 8 p.m. sound?"
"See you then.", answers Lulu, immediately closing the channel.

Starr floats up to the young woman. "Head up, girl. When we fall, we get back up, dust ourselves off and keep going."
"R-right.", Lily nods.
"I dare say, you put the fear of the good Lord himself into those gossipers.", Doc smirks.
"Perhaps you ought to dress a little better for your dinner?", Bill suggests.
"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?", Lily frowns.
The trio of ghosts look at each other. Doc smiles. Bill fades from view. Starr shakes her head like a disapproving mother.

With a quick stop to the Hub, Lily makes a reservation with the restaurant and drops off her purchases at the Haunt.
Lily picks up some flowers on her way to meet Lulu and arrives early for dinner. Seeing other patrons of the restaurant, though, she realizes that they are dressed far more conservatively.
Fuck. I always fuck up. I'm so stupid.

It seems like forever, but finally Lulu arrives. She's at least 20 minutes late, but Lily doesn't mention it. She looks gorgeous and much more appropriate to the venue. Lily gets up and happily hugs Lulu, only to get a limp pat on the back.

"These are for you, Lulu.", she says, handing the exotic bouquet to Lulu.
"That's...nice. Thanks.", Lulu answers as they sit.
"Are...are you still mad at me for killin' that guy?", Lily asks timidly.
"No.", is Lulu's monosyllabic reply.
"Is it because you had to move?"
"No. I didn't use my real name when I rented there."
"Then...why...why are you pissed at me?"
Lulu looks up at Lily, looks her straight in the eyes and hisses, "I thought that whatever everyone said about you, I thought it couldn't be true. I thought I meant something, that we meant something. But what everyone says about you is true. You're broken. You're just a cheap, alcoholic sl-"
"I'm sorry, Lulu. I really am.", Lily interrupts, "I don't know why I did that. It was stupid. I never meant to hurt you.", Lily confesses, wiping tears from her eyes, her voice shaky. She puts her hand on Lulu's.
Lulu looks away, trying herself to keep it together. "Okay...look. I get that you've had...a difficult life."
You really have no idea., Lily thinks.
"So, what do you need? What do you want from our relationship, Lily?"
"I...I don't know. I don't know, Lulu.", Lily answers quietly.
"Should we take a break, then?"
"N-no, I think...I think you should move in with me. You'll be safer there. At the Haunt.", Lily suggests, adding. "I...I even got you something.", she offers the keys to the vehicle she purchased for Lulu who quickly snatches them despite herself.
"I'll have to think about it, Lil. Let's just eat.", Lulu suggests.

The two have an amazing meal, possibly the best they've ever had, while Lily tries repeatedly to convince Lulu to move to the Haunt. (Seduction 1d100:
H.P.: 32/32
S.D.C.: 50/50

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Re: Whisper the Kid, Gunslinger

Postby SNAFU » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:56 pm

Maybe it was the food; maybe it was the description of the comfort and security of the Haunt... maybe it was love. Lulu was coming home with Lily, for good.

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