Beltin Delhomme (Human Mind Melter/Police Investigator)

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Beltin Delhomme (Human Mind Melter/Police Investigator)

Postby Beltin Delhomme » Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:09 pm

Player Name: Paul Shao
Google Hangouts: paulshao80
YIM Handle: eggs_alamode

Character Name: Beltin Delhomme
Race: Human
Alignment: Scrupulous
O.C.C.: Mind Melter (RUE pg. 150)
XP Level: 9
XP Points: 95, 920 Frozen
Next Level @ XP: 95,920
O.C.C.: Police Investigator (NG1 pg. 82)
Apprenticeship XP: 1,926 (complete)
XP Level: 7
XP Points: 24,671 (Zoe 01JUN2020)
Next Level @ XP: 31, 501
Sentiments/Non-Humans:D-bees are okay, except for the Larmac (hates ‘em). Despite his claims of equality, the character tends to treat non-humans as second class citizens beneath humans.
Sentiments/Coalition:Believes the CS are heroes and humanity’s salvation until proven otherwise.
Disposition:Quiet, inconspicuous, confident in own abilities.
Insanity: Recluse (Feels uncomfortable in crowds and is -10% on skill performance and -1 to Perception Rolls when in the spotlight. No penalties when nobody is watching, when alone or with just a few people)

I.Q.: 16
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 14
P.S.: 16
P.P.: 28
P.E.: 17
P.B.: 19
Speed: 22

P.P.E.: 7
I.S.P.: 318/318
H.P.: 46
S.D.C.: 80
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Description: Upon first glance, you nearly mistake this man for a youth. His lanky build adds to the notion as does his casual manner of dress. A mop of unkempt black hair rests haphazardly on his head but clearly accentuates a boyish-looking face. Deep brown eyes quickly dispel any notion of youth though, hardened by something, they obscure the pain of some hidden past.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 77% (+3%) Frozen until 10
Old Perception Bonus: +6
Charm/Impress: 45%
Max. Encumbrance: 51 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 140 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 280 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 7 ft. long, 3.5 ft. high

(Master psionic) Frozen until 10
Level 1:
Alter Aura (4), Mind Block (4), See Aura (6), Sixth Sense (2), Suppress Fear (8), Deaden Pain (4), Exorcism (10), Telepathy (4), See Invisible (4), Object Read (6), Telekinetic Leap (8), Nightvision (4), Meditation (0), Bio-manipulation (10), Electrokinesis (varies), Telekinesis: Super (10+)
Level 2:
Psychic Diagnosis (4), Psychic Surgery (14), Astral Projection (8), Hypnotic Suggestion (6)
Level 3:
Healing Touch (6), Psychic Purification (8), Stop Bleeding (2: self/4: others), Telekinetic Force Field (30)
Level 4:
Pyrokinesis (varies), Psi-sword (30: 3rd-eye extended (double range, duration, power/damage/effect: 10 min /lvl, (10d6)*2+1d6 MD)
Level 5:
Telemechanics (10), Telemechanic Paralysis (20)
Level 6:
Telemechanic Operation (12), Telepathy: Superior {Rifter 25. pg. 84. see below} (8)
Level 7:
Teleport Object {Heroes Unlimited 2. pg. 304. see below} (10), Mimic Skills(super) {Powers Unlimited 1. pg. 91. see below} (12)
Level 8:
Restore Memory {Rifter 25. pg. 76. see below} (12), Psionic Seeking {Rifter 25. pg. 78. see below} (6)
Level 9:
Psychic Body Field (30), Shared Perception {Rifter 25. pg. 82. see below} (15)
Speed Reading (2), Total Recall (2), Enhanced Reflexes {Rifter 25. pg. 76. see below} (10), Astral Transference {Nightbane: BtS. pg. 113. see below} (15)

Psionics Descriptions
Telepathy: Superior
100' +50' per level of experience for probe, or 200' +100' per level of experience for two-way communication.
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience
ISP: 8
Saving Throw: Standard.
Just like the lesser Sensitive power of Telepathy, Telepathy: Superior grants the ability to hear surface thoughts, or send and receive telepathic messages. However, this superior form of the power gives the character the ability to read deeper or even subconscious thoughts. If the victim fails the saving throw, they psychic will be able to read thoughts on any subjects he wants. This can include passwords, names of contacts, the victim's true name, and even skills. Sometimes (40% +3% per level of experience) the character will even be able to see or hear parts of memories associated with the thoughts he is reading from the victim. A saving throw should be rolled for each skill/memory/thought that the character tries to read. The character can make one attempt to pull information from the victim for each attack per melee.
Teleport Object
Effect: 1 lbs./50' per level experience
Duration: Immediate
ISP: 10
Saving Throw: None
This is the ability to cause physical matter to disappear and reappear at a different location. Such teleportation is limited by the level of the psychic. A psionic character can teleport one pound per level of experience a distance of 50 feet per level of experience. This is one-way teleportation; once sent away, the psychic cannot call it back. It is also helpful to know where one is teleporting the object.
-Teleporting small objects to any place in one's clothes is automatically successful
-Teleporting it into somebody else's pocket, sack, etc. who is within clear line of sight has an 80% likelihood of success. If in a thick crowd, there is a -20% penalty and a failed roll means it could have been teleported into anybody's pocket.
-Teleporting the object to any open location (not inside a trunk or pocket) that the psychic can see clearly, like to another table, the corner of the room, one of the ceiling rafters overhead, etc., is 88%.
-Teleporting the object to a familiar place (a place well known to the character) is also 88%.
-Teleporting the object to an unfamiliar place (has been there only a few times or never paid much attention to the place) has a 60% chance of success.
-Teleporting the object to a completely unknown place (outside the room, down the hall, into the adjoining room, to the surface, etc.) has a 45% chance of success.
-A failed success roll means the teleporter has no idea where the object is - and it could be within the radius anywhere within the character's range.
Mimic Skills
Touch or line of vision at 4' per level
Duration: Ten minutes per level of experience
ISP: 12 per skill
Limitations: Non-combat skills only.
Saving Throw: Standard
The psychic can temporarily absorb and copy another character's skills and level of skill proficiency/experience. As many as one skill per level of experience can be copied, but each costs 12 ISP and they fade relatively quickly.
When the duration elapses the copycat forgets how to use/perform the skill entirely, like he never knew it. The victim's knowledge is unhampered.
Restore Memory
Duration: Permanent.
ISP: 12
This is a simple but useful power that can restore a small block of memory lost earlier due to natural causes, aging/disease, physical or mental trauma, magic or psionics. The memory that is restored can be any single skill, event, or part of the patient's personality. Multiple or total memory loss or Mind Wipe must be restored one skill, event, memory, etc. at a time.
Psionic Seeking
1 mile per level of experience.
Duration: Five minutes per level of experience.
ISP: 6
With this power the character will be able to sense and possibly find any object or person he desires. The psychic needs to have some knowledge of the person or item he is trying to find. This knowledge can include meeting the person or touching the item in the past, having a picture of the person or item, having an item that belongs to the person he is searching for, or having the owner of the item present. The base chance of finding someone or something is 40% +5% per level of experience. If the character is looking for an item of his own, or close friend or relative, he gains +20% on this roll. Even if the character fails the roll to find the person or item, he will be able to sense whether or not the object is within his range.
Shared Perception
120 feet
Duration: 1 minute per level of experience.
ISP: 15
Saving Throw: Standard
This psionic power gives the psychic the ability to share his perception with someone else, or spy on someone else's perception. This sharing of perception includes all sensory input. The other person also perceives whatever the person whose perception is being shared out sees, hears, smells, touches, or tastes. This power can be incredibly useful for spying or sharing information with allies. Victims of this power whose perception is being shared out to the psychic will feel as if someone is watching or looking over their shoulder.
Enhanced Reflexes
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience
ISP: 10
When a psychic uses this ability, he greatly enhances his mind-body connection, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. This power allows the psychic to be more agile and aware of his body. For the duration that this power is in use, the psychic gains the following bonuses: +1 attack per melee, +3 initiative, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge. +2 to P.P. (adding further bonuses to strike/parry/dodge if boosted to 16 or higher), and +15% to all physical skills that rely on coordination or balance.
Astral Transference
Duration: 1 hour per level of experience
ISP: 15
Saving Throw: None
Prerequisite: Astral Projection.
This powerful ability transforms the character's body into an astral construct, similar to an entity or other energy beings, and able to travel astrally. One might consider this power a sort of "super" astral projection. Unlike normal astral projection, the entire body of the character is transformed into an astral energy being, so the body is not left behind and the duration for astral travel is much greater. All the abilities and benefits of the astral projection power (see Nightbane RPG, page 70) apply to this form as well, except there is no silver cord involved.

Third Eye Open
Third-eye [open] (Psyscape p. 29-30)
1. Radiate their nature.
All advanced Psyscape Psychics will radiate their nature and intentions to some degree, and with such magnitude that any psychic will feel it up to 100' away and nonpsychics within 12 feet. This radiation of their feelings and intentions is equivalent of a weak empathic transmission.
Generally, most Psyscape champions are at peace with themselves, compassionate and helpful. They tend to radiate a sense of the positive, contentment, compassion and caring feelings. They enjoy life and see beauty and potential in most everything. Most are very much "the glass is half full" kinda folks who care about the welfare of others.
Note: All these feelings must be genuine and can not be disguised or hidden. Like any of us, these emotions change throughout the day in response to different situations and mental and emotional stimulation. In most cases, those around the psychic will know he is feeling a certain way, angry, sad, etc., but will not usually know exactly why or specifically who it is directed at. On the other hand, the specific person or people responsible for the feeling will secretly know it is them.
2. Dreamvision. Psyscape psychics can speak to kindred spirits (only) -- people like them, with the same goals, alignment, general outlook on life or personality and feelings -- by appearing to them in a dream and talking. This is actually a form of telepathic communication and involves conversation, not visions, cryptic images, or a dreamscape -- just the dreamer and his Psyscape pal talking, only the conversation takes place in a dream, and the dreamer can never be certain that it was real. The Psyscape psychic can talk about anything, just like real people, although the dreamvision power is typically used to give the dreamer advice, encouragement, something to think about, or a warning.
When the dreamer awakens, that particular dream will be unusually vivid and the character will remember most (5d6%+70%) of what was said.
3. Transform into energy beings: Can transform body and mind into pure psychic energy! In this form they can place themselves into stasis and exist inside a ley line for decades (minimum one year, maximum one hundred). This can be done for any number of reasons, but typically to meditate and resolve some problem or inner turmoil within themselves. While inside the ley line, they can focus on their own thoughts but are not aware of the passage of time or most things happening in the real world. They can be aroused and choose to awaken when a Rift opens on that ley line, if the energy of the ley line drops precipitously (40% or more), or when they sense a powerful supernatural evil or intense desperation, fear or need of people on or near the line. They, as living beings, cannot be absorbed or used to cast magic as part of the ley line.
The psychic can also turn into energy if he is flung into a dimension where the physical body cannot exist but energy can.
Both situations are very uncommon and require intense concentration and the expenditure of 270 ISP.
4. Sense Supernatural Evil and Magic Energy: Fundamentally the same as the Psi-Hound. Like a bloodhound smelling a familiar scent, the Psyscape psychic can detect the presence of supernatural evil and magic energy (PPE used as a spell, in magic devices and large amounts in people; 80 or more points). The ability is constant and automatic, just like the ability to see and smell.
The psychic can sense whenever a magic spell is used within the range of sensitivity. If the energy is being continually expended, like a series of magic attacks, or is of a duration/affect longer than one melee round (15 seconds), the character can trace it with relative ease to the source (i.e. the supernatural creature or the character using magic).
Base Skill: 90% (+2%) Identify the specific type/race of paranormal creature, and includes alien intelligences, gods, demigods, demons, vampires, entities and creatures of magic, like dragons. The ability can also detect whether a person is possessed by supernatural beings.
Base Skill at tracking by this "psychic scent": 95% (+5%). (97% (+3%): if the supernatural being is also using magic)
Range: (900'+100'/lvl) to sense the presence of a supernatural being when it is not using any special, magical or psionic powers.
(1900+100feet/lvl) when the supernatural force is actively using its supernatural powers or magic.
Duration: Automatic and constant
ISP: None, automatic
Note: Close proximity to ley lines and nexus points disrupts the psychic senses, rendering them useless.
5. Extended Psionic Power: The Psyscape Master and Major Psychics who have learned to use their Third Eye have double the range and duration on: all Sensitive powers. Likewise, the Master character can have one Super-Psionic ability (Psi-sword) that is double its usual range, duration and power/damage/effect.

OCC Skills - Frozen Mind Melter
Language: Euro -- 107% | (+3%)
Language: Spanish -- 107% | (+3%)
Land Navigation -- 84% | (+4%)
Pilot: Automobile -- 90% | (+2%)
WP Sword
Hand to Hand: Expert

OCC Skills - Police Investigator
First Aid -- 77% | (+5%)
Athletics: General
Language: American -- 114% |(+1%)
Language: Gobbley -- 87% | (+5%)
Literacy: American (duplicate see secondary)
Law, General (duplicate see secondary)
Pilot: Hovercycle, Skycycles and Rocket Bikes -- 92% | (+3%)
Pilot: Hovercraft -- 132% | (+5%)
Radio: Basic -- 82% | (+5%)
Streetwise -- 92% | (+4%)
Math: Basic -- 137% | (+5%)
WP Blunt
WP Energy Pistol (duplicate see secondary)
WP Energy Rifle
Crime Scene Investigation -- (+1 perception) 77% | (+5%)
++ Biology -- 72% | (+5%)
++ Chemistry -- 72% | (+5%)
++ Chemistry: Analytical -- 67% | (+5%)
++ Mathematics: Advanced -- 87% | (+5%)
Find Contraband -- 58% | (+4%)
Interrogation -- 72% | (+5%)
Research -- 77% | (+5%)
Surveillance/Tailing -- 77% | (+5%)
++ Electrical Engineering -- 77% | (+5%)
++ Computer Operation -- 82% | (+5%)
TV/Video -- 67% | (+5%)
HtH: Expert (usurped by HtH: Gladiator)

O.C.C. Related Skills - Frozen Mind Melter
**Sense of balance -- 80% | (+3%)
**Work parallel bars & rings -- 89% | (+3%)
**Back Flip -- 90% | (+2%)
**Climb -- 27%
**Climb Rope -- 80% | (+2%)

Lore: Magic
**General -- 82% | (+5%)
**Recognize Magic Symbols, Runes and Circles -- 72% | (+5%)
**Recognize Enchantment -- 67% | (+5%)
**Identify Magic Artifact -- 67% | (+5%)

Lore: Psionics -- 82% | (+5%)
Prowl -- 77% | (+5%)
Art -- 72% | (+5%)
Falconry -- 47% | (+5%)

OCC Related Skills - Police Investigator (+2 skill @ 3,6,9,12)
Sensory Equipment -- 67% | (+5%)
Pilot Combat Elite: Light Power Armor (Ground)
Botany -- 40% | (+5%)
Oxygen Systems -- 70% | (+4%)
Barter -- 48% | (+4%)
Linguistics -- 46% | (+6%)

Secondary Skills (+2 skill @ 3,6,9,12)
W.P. Energy Pistol
Lore: D-bee -- 97% | (+5%)
Lore: Demon/Monster --97% | (+5%)
History: Post-Apocalypse
**North America -- 107% | (+5%)
**History of the Coalition -- 102% | (+5%)

Law: General -- 127% | (+5%)
Whittling and Sculpting -- 102% | (+5%)
W.P. Quickdraw
Literacy: American -- 107% | (+5%)
Creative Writing (talented amateur) -- 72% | (+5%)
Horsemanship: Exotic Animals -- 62%/52% | (+5%)
Animal Husbandry -- 67% | (+5%)
Swimming -- 65% | (+5%)
Excavation -- 45% | (+5%)
Appraise Goods -- 35% | (+5%)
Computer Programming -- 35% | (+5%)

E.P. Purchased Skills
Cryptography -- 62% | (+5%)
Detect Ambush -- 57% | (+5%)
Detect Concealment -- 52% | (+5%)
Mechanical Engineer -- 52% | (+5%)
Bioware Mechanics -- 57% | (+5%)
Cybernetic Medicine -- 67%/77% | (+5%)
Entomological Medicine -- 57%/47% | (+5%)
Veterinary Science -- 82% | (+4%)
Pilot: Robots and Power Armor -- 73% | (+3%)
Navigation -- 67% | (+5%)
Astrophysics -- 57% | (+5%)
Xenology -- 57% | (+5%)
Zoology -- 57% | (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Gladiator (Mercenary Adventures pg. 24)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Gladiator (MA pg. 24)
Number of Attacks: 7
Initiative Bonus: +7
Strike Bonus: +9
Parry Bonus: +12
Dodge Bonus: +12
HTH Damage Bonus: +2
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +12
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +11
Bonus to Disarm: +9
Bonus to Entangle: +8
Automatically disarms an opponent on a roll of a Natural 19 or 20.
W.P. Paired Weapons
Karate Style Kick (2D4 S.D.C. damage)
Jump Kick (Critical Damage)

HtH: Expert (old)
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 7
Initiative Bonus: +7
Strike Bonus: +11
Parry Bonus: +14
Dodge Bonus: +15
HTH Damage Bonus: None
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +13
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +11
Bonus to Disarm: +12
Critical Hits on 18-20
W.P. Paired Weapons
Backhand strike (1d4 damage)
Body flip/throw (1d6 damage + victim loses initiative and 1 APM)

Power Armor Combat Elite: Light Power Armor (Ground)
Number of Attacks: 9 (+1 @ 3, 5, 10, 15)
Initiative Bonus: +8
Strike Bonus: +12
Parry Bonus: +14
Dodge Bonus: +14
HTH Damage Bonus: +2
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +14
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +14
Bonus to Disarm: +12
Bonus to Entangle: +8
Automatically disarms an opponent on a roll of a Natural 19 or 20.
W.P. Paired Weapons
Strike (w/ long range weapons) Bonus: +2

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Sword (+5 to Strike, +4 to Parry +2 to Strike when Thrown, +1d6 damage) Frozen
W.P. Energy Pistol (+5 to Strike) Frozen until 10
W.P. Blunt (+3 to Strike, +3 to Parry, +1 Strike when Thrown)
W.P. Energy Rifle (+3 to Strike)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +5%
Magic (varies): +1
Lethal Poison (14+): +1
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +1
Insanity (12+): +1
Psionics (10+): +1
+6 vs Possession
+2 vs mind control
+3 vs magic illusions
+7 vs horror factor
+4 vs despair based attacks

Standard Post Code
Code: Select all
Perception: [dice]1d100[/dice]/77%
JIC: [dice]1d20[/dice]| [dice]1d100[/dice]%

Combat Post Code
Code: Select all
Perception: [dice]1d100[/dice]/77%
JIC: [dice]1d20[/dice]| [dice]1d100[/dice]%
Initiative: [dice]1d20+7[/dice]
APM: 7

Combat PA Post Code
Code: Select all
Perception: [dice]1d100[/dice]/77%
JIC: [dice]1d20[/dice]| [dice]1d100[/dice]%
Initiative: [dice]1d20+8[/dice]
APM: 9

NG Police Officer XP table (NG1 pg. 220)
1 0,000 - 1,925
2 1,926 - 3,850
3 3,851 - 7,450
4 7,451 - 15,000
5 15,001 - 21,500
6 21,501 - 31,500
7 31,501 - 41,500
8 41,501 - 54,000
9 54,001 - 75,000
10 75,001 - 105,000
11 105,001 - 140,000
12 140,001 - 190,000
13 190,001 - 240,000
14 240,001 - 300,000
15 300,001 - 350,000
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T-21 Terrain Hopper
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Rear Jet Pack (1): 50
  • Chest Headlight (1): 2
  • *Head: 60
  • Main Body: 170
*Requires a called shot at -3 to strike
Statistical Data:
Running: 40 mph max (-80% to fatigue)
Leaping: A leap unassisted by the thrusters can reach 15' straight up or across; 20' high & 200' across w/thruster assisted leaps
Power Jumping and Travel: 50' high & 300' across w/running start; by terrain hopping can achieve a speed of 170 mph, -40% when traveling through dense foliage, deep mud/snow, or extreme terrain
Limited Flight: Maximum flying speed is 100 mph, Maximum altitude is limited to 200'
Flying Range: The jet rockets get hot and need to cool after a maximum of two hours of continuous flight.
Class: Strategic Arm or Military Exoskeleton
Crew: One
Dimensions: 7' tall, 3' wide, 2.5' long, 100 lbs.
Physical Strength: P.S. 20 (Augmented)
Cargo: None
Power System: Nuclear (10 year life)
Weapon Systems:
  • None
Hand to Hand Combat: as per Augmented/Bionic P.S.
Features of Note:
  • All standard features common to powered armor (p.271, R:UE)
  • Multi-optics helmet (2,000')
    • Laser targeting, telescopic sight, passive nightvision, thermal-imaging, infrared, ultraviolet, polarized filters
Modifiers: +1 to strike with ranged weapons, +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, +4 to dodge during power leap travel
  • While terrain hopping: -3 to initiative, -15% to perception, -1 to strike & parry
Book Reference: p.41-42, WB5

NG Stalker Suit (always worn under regular clothing)
M.D.C. Protection: 12
The suit covers the entire body, except for the head; a separate helmet is suggested.
Thermal Reduction: The fabric and strategic padding of the Stalker Suit is specially designed to dissipate the wearer's IR heat signature, making him more difficult to detect with thermal-imagers and similar heat detection equipment. All attempts to detect the Stalker Suit with thermal systems suffer a penalty of -20% to the Read Sensory Equipment skill.
Size: human equivalent, 3 lbs.
Modifiers: None

Worn on Person
Amulet of Charm
M.D.C.: 5
Magic Features
• Charm: A general ward against magic that provides a bonus of +1 to save versus magic and psychic attacks.

Ruby Amulet of Precision
Very Rare Enchanted Amulet
M.D.C.: 5
Magic Features
• Impervious to Fire 2x a day.
• Precision Strike: +3 to Strike

Ring of Protection from Evil
Very Rare Enchanted Ring
M.D.C.: 5
Magic Features
• Protection from Spell Magic: Constant +1 to save
• Protection from Psionics: Constant +1 to save.

Talismans (bracelet of charms linked together by a metallic chain)
  • 1 Shield shaped charm Talisman of Armor of Ithan (5th level, Duration: 5 min 50 M.D.C., 1/2 damage from magical fire, cold, and lightning) (3/3 uses)
  • 1 Cube shaped charm Talisman of Cleanse (3/3 uses)
  • 1 Hollow Triangle shaped charm Talisman of Sustain (5th Level, Duration: 5 days, No need for food, water or breath, 2 hours of sleep/night. Can survive almost all environmental conditions(3/3 uses)
  • 1 Square shaped charm Talisman of Invulnerability (5th Level, Duration: 5 melees, Impervious to cold, disease, drugs, gases, energy, poison, and toxins, 50 M.D.C. vs other attacks, +10 vs Magic/Psionics/Horror Factor) (3/3 uses)

Wilk's 237 "Backup" (Holstered on his left side at the rib cage)

• Range: 500'
• Damage: 3D6 per single blast or 6D6 per double blast
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 8 double shots with E-clip, 16 shots with LE-clip
• Modifiers: +3 to Strike, +1 Initiative due to good balance and "Aimer"
• Features: Wilk's "Aimer" gun sight

Utility Belt
Sabre Skorblade (Visibly sheathed on his left hip)
☞ Damage: 1D8 M.D.
☞ Modifiers: +1 to Strike & Parry due to excellent craftsmanship and balance

3 E-clips
4 LE-clips

Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie (headset is worn or kept at the ready most times when EBA not worn)
☞ Weight: 1 lb.
☞ M.D.C.: 2
☞ Range: 10 miles
☞ Battery Life: A rechargeable battery provides 96 hours of continuous operation before needing to be recharged.
☞ Note: attempts to crack the encryption suffer a -25% modifier.

N-F20A Medium Force Field (worn as belt)
• M.D.C.: 75
• Weight: 10 lbs., No movement penalties
• 10 hour duration per E-clip

Millennium Tree Wand of Knowledge (tucked in his waist, the buds protruding out above the utility belt near his left kidney)
A gnarled stick with two buds at the tips.
☞ 100 M.D.C.
☞ 30 P.P.E.
☞ Damage as a weapon is 1D4 but does M.D. damage against vampires. The wand regenerates all lost M.D.C. and P.P.E. after a 24 hour period has elapsed, unless it has been completely destroyed, in which case it completely disappears.
☞ The constant power granted to its owner is tongues. Others holding on to the wand will also enjoy the same power until they let go.
☞ Spell Magic: A total of five spells can be cast per 24 hour period. Spells available include: [color=#008000]Eyes of Thoth, Words of Truth, Memory Bank, and Commune with Spirits.
Spell strength is equal to a 7th level sorcerer.

N-F20A Medium Force Field (spare)
• M.D.C.: 75
• Weight: 10 lbs.
• No movement penalties
• 10 hour duration per E-clip

Wilks FLIR Distancing & Recording Binoculars (Six recording discs total. Current disc has footage of fight against tree spiders)

TW Thought Projector (stored in a 5 mdc hard case)
Range: 100' (double at ley lines) 
Duration: 10 minutes per charge
Charge: 10 ISP

Neural Duster
☞ Damage: 2D4 + P.S. damage
☞ Save vs. Neural Stun: 16+

TW Feather Duster
☞ Spells: Cleanse, Globe of Daylight (@ L4 Strength)
☞ Activation cost: 6 PPE, 2PPE or 12 ISP, 4 ISP 

Lightning Rod
• Type: 30" Blunt metal rod with copper plating
• Damage: 2d4 M.D. as a blunt weapon or 1d6 M.D. per lightning bolt
• Alternatively, provides wielder with effects of Impervious to Energy spell. If used for this, damage is reduced to 3d6 S.D.C. and lightning bolts cannot be fired.
• Duration: One melee round per level of person who activates it
• P.P.E. to Activate: 10 P.P.E. or 15 I.S.P.

(5) 5 Void Grenades
• Detonation makes its victim(s) vanish for 1d4 melee rounds. Upon returning they are disoriented for 1d4+1 melee rounds, reduce attacks by one, speed and all combat bonuses and skill performance are reduced by half.
• Blast Radius: 5 foot radius

(2) 2 Nexus Grenades
• Disrupts the flow of magic energy at a ley line nexus. See Merc Ops pg 151 for affects.
• Activation: 45 P.P.E or 80 I.S.P.
• Blast Radius: 500 feet along the ley line
• Duration: 1d4+1 seconds
• Note: only works on or near (within 500 feet) a ley line nexus point

Traditional Books purchased at First Edition:
  • How to become a gumshoe in 30 days
  • Surveillance 101
  • Inventor's Guide to Electronics
  • Computers and You.
  • Campbell's Biology (15th edition)
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical BIochemistry
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Practical Spectroscopy: Advanced Techniques in Raman, X-ray, Photo-luminescence and UV/Vis
  • Fundamentals of Mechanics

Encrypted Universal Card: 1,213,000 credits (Augur 02AUG19)
Account at Edwards Savings and Loan
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Re: Beltin Delhomme

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Background Story

Delhomme. It is a name that means little beyond the hallowed gates of the fabled city of Psyscape. For those born and raised there anytime during the past two centuries, it is a household name synonymous with the instruction of psychic combat. The Delhomme Method as it is officially known, is a regimented series of instructional lessons that trains the psychically gifted to maximize their abilities in combat situations. Because it teaches in a stepwise fashion, where one lesson builds upon the ones preceding it, there is an inherent intuitiveness and the success ratio for developing psychics is extremely high. Those who adhere strictly to this regimental system of development toward psychically augmented combatants are more commonly known as Psi-warriors. Those choosing such a path in Psyscape are fortunate enough to have the foundations laid out for them. As a result, Psyscape has been producing quality psi-warriors for generations. Surprisingly enough, a very similar method was developed independently by the Coalition's Psi-battalion. And they likewise use the training method to focus fledgling psychics to optimize their combat capability.

Being born a Delhomme in Psyscape carries with it a heavy burden. The burden of legacy...

During the time of chaos after the apocalyptic eruption of ley lines across the world, Psyscape withdrew to a pocket dimension to prevent its discovery by malicious forces. As a rule, Psyscape had always been a place of higher learning, where philosophy and education were foremost on the minds of its denizens. The vast majority were psychically gifted individuals and tended to be somewhat esoteric in their thought process. "We will wait out the storm." was the common theme of the time and an isolationist policy was adopted. Likewise, violence was frowned upon and as a result, combat, non-essential. The city was far from ignorant however, and did maintain a very small standing army. At the time, the individuals composing the army tended to be outcasts among their peers. Unable to fully embrace pacifism within themselves, they bore a savagery that most others were 'above'.

Virakai Delhomme was one such 'savage'. A minor psychic at best, his youth was ripe with incidences of causing trouble and mayhem. Unable to quell the desire for physical combat, he was placed with others like him on the track toward joining the standing army. Their training was poor and they mostly had to learn through trial and error. Generations before them had laid some groundwork, but rarely extended beyond rudimentary combat. Once an adult, Virakai became disillusioned with the city's isolationist policies. "There are people in need out there.." he would exclaim to deaf ears, "We need to do what we can to help." When speaking out did nothing, he acted out, trying whatever he could to raise awareness and draw attention to the plight beyond. Finally, the governing body granted Virakai and any who would join him, a sojourn of eighteen months to the land beyond the mists. Delhomme and six others would depart for a year and half to do what they could to stay the tide of evil in the lands riddled with dimensional rifts.

Seven left.

During their sojourn, the first lessons they learned were the hardest. They were ill-prepared and untrained to fight for their lives. Two would fall within the first two weeks. For the rest, they quickly came to learn to treasure all the simple things they used to take for granted. It would be a full month before their basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter were met. Fortune would smile upon the remaining five though, because their paths crossed with another group out fighting the darkness. Known now as cyberknights, they had already endured many tough lessons through combat and were more than willing to share with fellow do-gooders.

Armed with advanced combat instruction, the Psyscape group continued to travel with their cyberknight counterparts and righted many wrongs. For Virakai, something didn't sit quite right with the instructions. He felt that there was too much emphasis on technology and not enough psychic development. In fact, since their first lethal encounter, something had switched over in Virakai's mind. It was like a haze had been lifted and his inner energies flowed more freely than ever before. During 18 months of sojourn, he would hone his psychic abilities and lay the foundation for the Delhomme Method.

When their eighteen months were up, Virakai, like his companions, were torn. All of them wanted to remain and do what good they could in the land beyond the mists. But the other part of them wanted to return and make sure that the plight of the outside world was not lost. Feeling that he could do more good back within the veiled mists, Virakai volunteered to return as his companions remained with the cyberknights, some eventually even becoming great cyberknight heroes.

One returns.

News from beyond came in several forms when Virakai returned. Not only were his words weighed, but documentation, journals kept by every member (including the two who perished) were brought forth to the governing council as proof of the horrors that lay on the rift-torn world. His impassioned speech, his comrade's documents and Virakai's vastly improved psychic potential all pointed toward a very serious matter and the council deliberated. It was decided that an additional branch would be opened at the academy. Combat would be its focus and the first instructor would be Virakai Delhomme.

As founder of the Delhomme Method Virakai's likeness is found immortalized in plaque form at the front of the combat wing of the academy. Since Virakai, every generation of Delhomme has found a home as a combat instructor at the academy. Beltin's parents (Vincent & Sasha Delhomme) are currently both advanced instructors at the academy. Such is the legacy of the Delhomme name.

Second of two brothers born a Delhomme, Beltin's childhood was fraught with unmet expectations. His older brother, Antonio Delhomme (nicknamed 'Uni' {pronounced OO-nee} by Beltin as an infant who could not pronounce his name and adopted by the rest of the family) was always the model of what a Delhomme should be. Strong, quick, bright.. he excelled and was top of his class in martial arts. Five years his elder, Beltin's parents always used Antonio as a measuring stick for Beltin's progress. 'You know, Uni finished the course in two minutes three seconds... a course record!' and 'Three more push-ups.. Uni could do twice as many!'

Though Beltin always looked up to his older brother, he was also constantly living in his shadow. At home, at the academy, even out on the streets of Psyscape. Antonio's accolades were well known. He was the bright star of the next generation. Hoisted by those around him and driven by his natural talent, Antonio finished the academy a full three years ahead of schedule. He was subsequently recruited by the city defense force into a secretive long-term, long-distance reconnaissance cell.

Meanwhile, Beltin studied hard and was slightly above average in his martial training (a major disappointment for the Delhomme name). But his gift was always his insatiable curiosity. Despite being somewhat withdrawn, Beltin would always pursue whatever piqued his interest at the time. He was quick with his hands and had a rapier wit, but lacked the strength, stamina and mental fortitude to follow his older brother's footsteps. An 'aversion to pain' he would explain in his later years at the academy. Other instructors were quick to recognize talent where his parents failed to see. And his path was altered toward a more comprehensive mastery of his psychic potential. With their hopes pinned on Antonio to be the next Delhomme instructor, Beltin's parents seemed placated at their younger offspring's divergent path. And they granted him the freedom to complete the academy as he saw fit.

Beyond a comprehensive grasp of psychic phenomenon and mastery of his potential over it, Beltin was intrigued by all manner of stories and lore. Numerous hours would be spent either listening or in heated discussion with the Loremaster who kept the archives in Psyscape's library. And it was among these stories that Beltin learned of the human supremacist organization known as the Coalition. Though the young mind melter disagreed with the atrocities committed in their name, he saw plenty of value and necessity in what was done. During his tenure at the Academy, Beltin gobbled up any and all literature regarding the Coalition, its history, its rumors. With some time and proper guidance, they could be humanity's salvation he concluded, but kept his opinion strictly to himself.

About six years ago, while Beltin was still at the Academy, the Delhomme family was struck with tragic news. Antonio had left for a mission and never returned. They mourned his absence. Three years later, about three years ago, a month and a half after Beltin's graduation from the Academy, the Delhomme family was shocked once more as they received a letter from him. Sent through legitimate and established Psyscape conduits, they knew it to be authentic. The contents of the letter was a simple apology for being out of contact and nothing else. Immediately, Beltin requested and was granted leave to leave Psyscape and look for his older brother. Even though he was still quite the novice, and hadn't yet opened his Third Eye, pressure from his influential parents granted the young mind melter's request.

Beltin set out to backtrack the conduits by which the message was sent. The trail led him to Robert Street in the Chi-town 'burbs. Turns out his brother had been there for a week and a half before heading back out into the wilderness into places unknown. With the trail gone cold, Beltin discovered that there was quite a bit of suffering and anguish in this outside world. And he began to let go of his selfish ways, trying to help those he could.

It was through helping Robert Street that Beltin met up with Heroes for Hire. Introductions were completed over a pleasant little gun-battle. Afterwhich Beltin was hired on as the team's psychic healer. He was also given the distinct honor of carrying a mystical Katana of Ghostly Slaying that was recovered and needed to be returned to Dweomer. His exploits with Heroes for Hire continued as they engaged in a campaign of epic proportions when they struck at the heart of a Splugorth outpost on the Northeast coast. During the mayhem, this particular mind melter not only partook in a little slaver bloodshed, but also took it upon himself to free the slaved penned up there. Their escape through a rift to MercTown ultimately created a rather unwieldy 'displaced refugee' situation, with Redemption Hall taking on the brunt of them. With the severity of their plight laid out before him, Beltin's Third Eye finally opened.

Soon after, Beltin disappeared for a while. Fixer Jones, who has his eyes and ears everywhere, had a lead on Antonio's whereabouts. When the mind melter received the message while everyone was out in New Paducah shopping, he knew he needed to act fast. So he left the katana, but gathered his belongings and headed out. The lead, like the last, was weeks old and Beltin returned to MercTown a little while later with nothing to show for it.

In his absence, Heroes for Hire had departed to return the fabled blade to Dweomer and the only sign of the members he remembered was Vishnu, who was hospitalized. Beltin made his return known to Vishnu, who was still in the process of recovering and then made his way to Redemption Hall to check on the status of the displaced refugees. Seeing that they needed more monetary assistance, Beltin headed to the bank to withdraw some of his personal funds only to find out that the bank had been robbed. He and Fido (one of Vishnu's followers/companions) tracked the thief to a location in the Warrens where he sent the dog-boy back to Vishnu to gather help before chasing the fiend on a rooftop bonanza before uncharacteristically falling unconscious after a doomsday message.

The meaning behind the message wouldn't become clear until after Beltin came to. Heroes' Haven, the headquarters for Heroes for Hire had been ransacked, their newly-hired secretary, Shirley, brutally murdered.

In a flurry of action and an outpouring of public support, the perpetrators were apprehended and Fixer Jones helped rebuild the Haven in the Mystic Quarter with the support of Dweomer.
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Re: Beltin Delhomme (Human Mind Melter)

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Marit4.png (45.38 KiB) Viewed 4707 times

Name: Marit (Daughter of Rikard, Shipwright of Torstrand, Norway)
Alias: Mrs. Delhomme
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Diabolist (PFRPG pg. 117)
Alignment: Principled
XP Level: 1
Disposition: Marit is a sweet-natured young woman, devoted to her family and fond of Beltin. She’s has a healthy respect for the sea and the harsh Norwegian environment. Marit is no stranger to hard work and is adept at creating wards. Like many in Torstrand, she is somewhat superstitious. She has been known to carve magic symbols into her father’s ships. The hustle and bustle of MercTown will amaze Marit. It's the largest city she has ever visited. She only speaks Euro with a heavy Norwegian accent, but in an effort to adapt to her new home, Marit will study American. To be sure, words will get jumbled.
*Marit will be content to stay at the Haven and not interfere with her husband's adventuring. She will create protection wards for Beltin to carry and teach him the power words necessary to use them.

I.Q.: 12
M.E.: 11
M.A.: 13
P.S.: 9
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 19
P.B.: 11
Speed: 11

P.P.E.: 69
H.P.: 19
S.D.C.: 6
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Description: Marit is fair-skinned and her green eyes light up whenever Beltin is nearby. Her light brown hair is long, falling nearly to her waist. She often ties it back to keep it out of her way as she goes about her work. Marit’s dresses are handmade from soft wools and flax. In MercTown, she stands out as a country bumpkin. Slips of paper and wooden tiles with wards drawn upon them have been tucked into her belt.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +1
Charm/Impress: 5%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 25%

Spell Knowledge
Ward Strength: 14
Knows all Power Words
Literacy: Runes
Mystic Symbology
Understand and Recognize Magic Circles
Use Magic Circles
Identify Energized Wards
Recognize Enchantment
Recognize Magic

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 2
Initiative Bonus:
Strike Bonus:
Parry Bonus:
Dodge Bonus:
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm:

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +8%
Magic (varies): +5 (and impervious to her own wards)
Lethal Poison (14+):
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):

Equipment of Note
Amulet of Armor of Ithan
Rare Enchanted Amulet
M.D.C.: 50
Magic Features
• P.P.E. Cost: 20 P.P.E.
• • Duration: 5 Minutes or until M.D.C. is depleted, can be reactivated with an additional P.P.E. or I.S.P. input

Moon Bowls

Rare Enchanted Items
Matched pair of enchanted bowls that enable communication during full moons.
Magic Features
• Communication: During a full moon, if one of the bowls is filled with water the matching bowl will grow warm and glow with the light of a moon. If the other bowl is then filled with water the two who possess the bowls can see and hear each other in the bowls. Only the user initiating the communication needs to be in the presence of a full moon.
• Message: During a full moon, if one of the bowls is filled with water the matching bowl will grow warm and glow with the light of a moon. If the other bowl is not filled, the user who started the communication can ring the bowl. After the bowl has been rung, it will glow and receive the visual and audio message to be delivered to the other bowl once the other is filled with water. The bowl receiving the message will remain warm and glow until the message has been delivered. The receiving bowl can be filled at any time.
• Range: unlimited
• Weight: 8oz each
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Re: Beltin Delhomme (Human Mind Melter) LEVEL UP

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Dual OCC conversion worksheet

Mind Melter (RUE pg. 150) to Police Investigator (NG1 pg. 82)

Dual OCC rules:

MM Bonuses
+3 initiative
+3 Perception
+1 Strike
+2 Pull Punch
+2 Disarm
+4 Save vs possession
+2 Save vs mind control
+3 Save vs illusions
+1 Save vs HF @ 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,11,13,15

PI Bonuses
+2 PS
5, 6
+2 Pull punch (not applied)

MM Skills
O.C.C. Skills -- Current % | Per Level | MM OCC Bonus | PI OCC Bonus | Status
Language: American -- 109% |(+1%) | default 98% | None | ACTIVE
Language: Euro -- 107% | (+3%) | +30% | None | FROZEN
Language: Spanish -- 107% | (+3%) | +30% | None | FROZEN
Math: Basic -- 112% | (+5%) | +20% | None | ACTIVE
Athletics (General) | * | * | * | FROZEN
Streetwise -- 73% | (+4%) | +15% | +10% | ACTIVE
Land Navigation -- 84% | (+4%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
Pilot: Automobile -- 90% | (+2%) |+10% | None | FROZEN
Pilot: Hovercraft -- 107% | (+5%) | +10% | +10% | ACTIVE
WP Sword | * | * | * | FROZEN
Hand to Hand: Expert | * |* |* | ACTIVE

O.C.C. Related Skills (+1 skill @ 4, 9, 12) -- Current % | Per Level | MM OCC Bonus | PI OCC Bonus | Status
Boxing | * | * | * | FROZEN
    **Sense of balance -- 80% | (+3%) | None | None | FROZEN
    **Work parallel bars & rings -- 89% | (+3%) | None | None | FROZEN
    **Back Flip -- 90% | (+2%) | None | None | FROZEN
    **Climb -- 27% | * | None | None | FROZEN
    **Climb Rope -- 80% | (+2%) | None | None | FROZEN
Lore: Magic
    **General -- 82% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
    **Recognize Magic Symbols, Runes and Circles -- 72% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
    **Recognize Enchantment -- 67% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
    **Identify Magic Artifact -- 67% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
Lore: Psionics -- 82% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
Prowl -- 77% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
Art -- 72% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN
Falconry -- 47% | (+5%) | +10% | None | FROZEN

Secondary Skills (+2 skill @ 3,6,9,12) -- Current % | Per Level | MM OCC Bonus | PI OCC Bonus | Status
W.P. Energy Pistol | * |* |* | ACTIVE
Lore: D-bee -- 72% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE
Lore: Demon/Monster -- 72% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE
History: Post-Apocalypse
    **North America -- 82% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE
    **History of the Coalition -- 77% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE
Law: General -- 102% | (+5%) | None | +20% | ACTIVE
Whittling and Sculpting -- 77% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE
Fencing | * |* |* | ACTIVE
W.P. Quickdraw | * |* |* | ACTIVE
Literacy: American -- 82% | (+5%) | None | +20% | ACTIVE
Creative Writing (talented amateur) -- 47% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE
Horsemanship: Exotic Animals -- 37%/27% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE
Animal Husbandry -- 42% | (+5%) | None | None | ACTIVE

PI Skills

OCC Skills
First Aid -- 52% | (+5%)
General Athletics (duplicate active above)
Language: Native Language, American (duplicate active above)
Language: Gobbley -- 62% | (+5%)
Literacy: American (duplicate active above)
Law, General (duplicate active above)
Pilot: Hovercycle, Skycycles and Rocket Bikes -- 77% | (+3%)
Pilot: Hovercraft (duplicate active above)
Radio: Basic -- 57% | (+5%)
Streetwise (duplicate active above)
WP Blunt
WP Energy Pistol (duplicate active above)
WP Energy Rifle
Crime Scene Investigation -- (+1 perception) 52% | (+5%)
++ Biology -- 47% | (+5%)
++ Chemistry -- 47% | (+5%)
++ Chemistry: Analytical -- 42% | (+5%)
++ Mathematics: Advanced -- 62% | (+5%)
Find Contraband -- 38% | (+4%)
Interrogation -- 47% | (+5%)
Research -- 52% | (+5%)
Surveillance/Tailing -- 47% | (+5%)
++ Electrical Engineering -- 52% | (+5%)
++ Computer Operation -- 57% | (+5%)
TV/Video -- 42% | (+5%)
HtH: Expert

4 OCC Related (divide by 2), +1 skill at 3, 6, 9, 12
Sensory Equipment -- 42% | (+5%)
Pilot Combat Elite: Light Power Armor (Ground)

No Secondary Skills at 1st level, +2 skills at 3, 6, 9, 12
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Re: Beltin Delhomme (Human Mind Melter/Police Investigator)(

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Dice Rolls

HP: 1d6:
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