Ruslan (Empowered: Demigod, APPROVED)

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Ruslan (Empowered: Demigod, APPROVED)

Postby Ruslan » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:21 pm

Player Name: Gary
Hangouts Handle: insanitysektor@gmail

Character Name: Ruslan Fokusnik
Power Category: Empowered
Alias: (none, yet)
Occupation: Freelance writer
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 4,382 (Updated end of Quad 3 2019 by Major James Smith)
Next Level @ XP: 8,200
Birth Order/Family Ties: Middle child; living siblings (outside Century Station)
Land of Origin: US
Childhood Environment: Large City
Social/Economic Background: Middle to lower class
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Post-accident
Disposition: Pleasant and helpful, often looking for the next step in his life, typically cynical

I.Q.: 24
M.E.: 23
M.A.: 18
P.S.: 16 - 33 - 52
P.P.: 9 - 19 - 19
P.E.: 8 - 19 - 19
P.B.: 11 - 22 - 22
Speed: 7 - 408 -204
    Metamorph: Demigod (Supernatural Str)
    APS: Silver (Supernatural Str)
    Note: Unless otherwise stated, everything else in Demigod's color (combat bonuses, etc) are the same in Silver form.
    Speed Note: Silver form is 1/2 speed & Liquid form is 1/3 speed (about 46mph in liquid silver form, the slowest)

PPE: 20
HP: 17 - 54
SDC: 23 - 167 - 550
AR: 10 - 16
Age: 31
Sex: M
Height: 5'7" - 6'7"
Weight: 160 - 480 - 2400
  • Ruslan is a typically unkempt and otherwise unassuming journalist who wouldn't stand out in a crowd if it weren't for his wheelchair. Short brown hair months overdue for a haircut and unshaven most days of the month unless there's some special occasion. He would sooner leave the house without pants than without his press badge and backpack of gear to cover his next story.
  • Ruslan's "other self" is the image of masculine perfection. Tall, broad, and chiseled as a statue of a well manicured grecian god. His metallic form is the same, but appears to be living silver.

Natural Abilities
Ruslan is a paraplegic, unable to walk under his own power and gets around via wheelchair (+8 spd)
Perception 31% (+3%)
Trust/Intimidate 50%
Charm/Impress 60%
Max Encumbrance: 48 - 576 - 2,880
Carry: 9.900 - 15,600
Lift: 16,500 - 26,000
Jump (length): 73.5' - 102'
Jump (height): 36' - 51'

Super Abilities
Demigod Form
Note: All super abilities are only available when changed into Demigod form (as if it were the 'base' character). Outside DG form, Ruslan is just an average guy in a wheelchair.

Can stay in this form for up to 23 hours (M.E.).

Grants Supernatural PS, numerous bonuses, and the following super abilities.

APS: Silver
  • Horror Factor: 12; 16 to beings vulnerable to silver
  • SDC recovers at 3x rate
  • Avoid detection by heat & infrared
  • 50% speed
  • Hold breath 2x duration
  • Double damage (phys. attacks) against beings vulnerable to silver
    vs Physical Damage
  • Normal str attacks only deal damage on Nat 20
  • High caliber bullets, explosive or armor piercing rounds do full dmg on 17+ & 1/2 damage on a roll of 16 or less
  • Rounds which deal < 5d6 dmg bounce off; no damage
  • Extraordinary & Superhuman STR deal no dmg on a roll of 16 or less
  • Supernatural PS deals 1/2 dmg on a roll of 16 or less
    vs Other Damage
  • Immune to all electrical attacks
  • Immune to cold & cold based attacks
  • Lasers & light based attacks 1/2 damage
  • Normal fire deals no dmg (less than 1,762 degrees F)
  • Magic & super ability fire deal 1/2 dmg

1) Temporarily Liquefy Objects
    Range: Touch or line of sight (5ft/lvl)
    Damage: None
    Duration: 2d4 min +4 min/lvl (can cancel at will)
    APM: 1 melee attack
    Limitation: 50lbs per lvl (does not work on magic or alien, living, organic machines; whole object must be liquefied)

2) Liquefy Self
    Range: Self
    Duration: 15 min/lvl
    APM: 1/2 normal attacks
    Limitations: HtH deals 1/2 dmg, 1/3 speed, cannot speak, -60% skills, can only use 'liquefy objects'
    Defenses: No damage from physical or kinetic attacks (melee, bullets, blades, etc.); No damage from explosives, but they may force the pool to be blown apart taking 3d4 melee rounds to reform; can flow through tiny cracks & openings, climb up walls (90% prof.), and hide

3) Liquefy Surface
    Range: 20' +5/lvl
    Size: 10' diameter +3/lvl
    Damage: None, must reduce speed by 75% or risk slipping (01-80% chance). Those who slip lose initiative, 2 APM, and slide for 2d6 yards. Vehicles hitting the slick at speeds over 30 mph are also 01-80% likely to skid and crash

4) Breathe in any liquid medium, in addition to air. Identify any liquid with a base skill of 50% +4/lvl. Swimming +10% and can survive depths of 3000' (3x depth in liquid form)

Mirror Mastery
Note: Following abilities work with mirrors and highly reflective surfaces (reflective windows, polished surfaces, clear surface of water, etc).

1) Mirror Blast
    Range: 200' +20/lvl
    Dmg: 1d6 (+1d6 at levels 3,5,7,9,11,13,15)
    Duration: Instant
    APM: 1 attack
    Limitation: Mirror must be within 20', blast originates from that mirror

2) Mirror Image
    Abilities: Has all powers & abilities of the original (no Mirror Mastery)
    Duration: 1 min per lvl
    Limitations: 1 melee round to 'summon', needs a "full length mirror", only one copy at a time

3) Mirror Porting
    Range: Self & LoS
    Duration: Instant; may remain inside a mirror for up to 30 min per lvl (cannot speak or use abilities when inside)

4) Mirror Viewing
    Range: 20' per lvl

# of Illusions: 1 (+1 at lvl 3,6,9,12,15)
    Duration: Concentration (2 attacks per round to maintain)
    Actions: 1 attack to create
    Saving Throw: 16+
    Death by illusion: Knocked out for 2d4 rounds if "reduced" to 0 HP by an illusion (no 'real' damage inflicted; potential coma and permanent brain damage)

1) Illusionary Objects
    Range: 10'
    Damage: Varies (by object)
    Modifiers: -2 Save (18+)

2) Illusionary Opponents
    Range: LoS, 100'/lvl
    Damage: Varies (by opponent, abilities, weapons, etc.)
    Bonuses: +3 init, +6 s/p/d

3) Illusionary Doppelganger
    Range: LoS, 100'/lvl
    APM: 4-6
    Damage: Varies (by opponent, abilities, weapons, etc.)
    Modifiers: See book (Success ratio & flaws)

4) Illusionary Duplicates
    Range: 10'
    Damage: None
    Bonuses: +1 s/d; opponent -2 init

5) Illusionary Panorama
    Range: 50' / lvl
    AoE: 280' radius
    Damage: Varies (based on environment)
    Bonuses: +3 init, +2 strike (surprise)

Extraordinary Speed
  • 220mph + 20/lvl

Pixie Dust
  • Weight limit: 1,000lbs +100/lvl
  • Range: Touch (or thrown up to 8 ft; no bonuses to strike thrown)
  • Duration: 2 min/lvl (or when removed by vacuuming, burst of air / water)
  • Damage: None; will float 3d4 feet off the ground (-4 init, -3 strike/parry/dodge, -90% speed
  • Saving Throw: 14+ for intelligent beings, none for animals & inanimate objects
  • APM: 1 attack/action per use
  • Quantity: 10 (+5/lvl) per 24 hour period

Three Years of College

Scholastic Skills
Pilot Automobile 74% (+2%)
Math: Basic 65% (+5%)
Language: Native 125% (+1%)
Literacy: Native 80% (+5%)
Computer Operation 75% (+5%)
Research 75% (+5%)
Photography 70% (+5%)
Writing (Journalist) 60% (+5)
Criminal Science / Forensics 70% (+5%)
Biology 65% (+5%)
Chemistry 65% (+5%)
Pathology 75% (+5%)
Math: Advanced 80% (+5)
Cardsharp 61% 66% (+4%)
Computer Hacking 55% (+5%)
Palming 55% 60% (+5%)
Pick Pocket 60% 65% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
First Aid 65% (+5%)
Basic Electronics 50% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics 50% (+5%)
Streetwise 40% (+5%)
Law 55% (+5%)
Swimming 70% (+5%)
HtH: Basic
WP: Handgun
Radio: Basic 55% (+5%, 1st lvl)
Athletics (1st lvl)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 4 - 8
Initiative Bonus: 0 +5
Strike Bonus: 0 +7
Parry Bonus: 5 +13
Dodge Bonus: 5 - +15
Auto Dodge: 0 +2
Disarm Bonus: 0 +2
Bonus to Roll w/Punch:4 +9
Bonus to Pull a Punch: 2 +8
HTH Damage Bonus: +1 / +18 / +37
  • Restrained Punch: 4d6 - 5d6
  • Full Strength Punch: 1d6x10 - 2d4x10
  • Power Punch: 2d6x10 - 3d6x10
  • Karate Kick: 2d4
  • Snap Kick: 1d6
  • +4 dmg for every 20mph of spd; +8 from standing position
*Note: See APS: Silver & Liquefaction for other immunities & damage reduction

Weapon Proficiencies
WP Handgun; +2

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 8%
Toxins (15+): +2
Magic (12+): +2
Lethal Poison (14+): +2
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +2
Insanity (12+): +4
Psionics (15+): +6
Horror Factor: +6
Mind Control / Possession: +2
Illusions: +6
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Ruslan's Equipment

Postby Ruslan » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:21 pm


Debit: $1,000
Savings: $10,000

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
    Press Badge
    Wallet, phone, keys
    Glock 19 (9mm; concealed)

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: Camera & lenses
• Space: Computer / tablet
• Space: Digital voice recorder
• Space: Pad & pen
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Electric SUV (handicap accessible for a paraplegic in a wheelchair to drive)

Stored in Vehicle

Stored in Apartment

Gear Stats

Glock 19 (9mm)
    Range: 120'
    Damage: 3D6
    RoF: Single shots only
    Payload: 15 round box magazine (9mm)

    Range: Direct Contact
    Damage: 1D4
    RoF: Single shot only
    Payload: 50 uses per charge
    Ignores AR. Target incapacitated for 1d4 melee rounds.

Electric Sports Utility Vehicle
  • Crew: 1 plus 4 passengers.
  • AR: 10.
  • SDC: Tires (4) 75 each. Main Body 310.
  • Top Speed: 120 mph.
  • Range: 500 miles per charge
  • Cargo: 12 cubic feet. Additional 12 cubic feet for every row of seats folded down. 200 lbs on rooftop rack.
  • Tow: 2 tons.
  • Bonuses: None
  • Features: Wheelchair accessible driver's seat.
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Ruslan's Background

Postby Ruslan » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:22 pm

Ruslan Fokusnik moved to Century Station with his family when he was a boy. The city was a grand marvel compared to the town they had come from - bright lights, promise, and wonders at every turn. His father had landed a great job before the move and his mother had one shortly after they arrived.

From his childhood he had always been fascinated by magic. Stage magic, smoke & mirrors, but most of all the close-up magic. From that young age he found one hobby which he carried throughout his life... one of precious few constants.

For a time, things were great. Like so many others in the city however it all started to go downhill. Both parents were out of work and struggling. Ruslan sought to find ways to help, landing him with the "wrong crowd" and on the wrong side of the law more than once.

His extracurricular activities did manage to keep a roof over their heads until he eventually landed in juvenile detention. His sentencing was the last time he would see his parents or siblings. Just more than a month later his parents went to the bank trying to get an extension on their mortgage - they were denied.

On their way out of the bank a group of villains with abilities assaulted the bank. What they didn't know was that there were also super-abled "heroes" present in the bank, meeting with its manager. During the carnage that followed a dozen citizens were killed, including Ruslan's parents.

Julian and Karina, Ruslan's older brother and younger sister were sent to live with family on the other side of the country while he spent the rest of his sentence in juvie. He was released at eighteen to an empty parking lot with no one waiting for him.

He got a job, then lost it. Got another and lost that one too. Before too long he hit up an old 'friend', ready to repeat old mistakes it seemed. It wasn't that he was a bad person, he just wanted to survive. It seemed to him that no matter what decisions he made, things went bad. If he made worse decisions they still went bad, but his takeaway was typically better when they went right.

He landed back in jail before turning twenty-one. It wasn't because he was dim witted either, quite the contrary - Ruslan just never saw himself as intelligent. Looking down the barrel at a two year sentence he was smart enough to at least make some use of it. At least he could still hustle in jail for extra commissary money. He became well known for his bar tricks and card magic.

With all that extra time on his hands he sought to finally dig more into his parents' death. Before this point in his life he had felt guilty for what happened. That he was somehow responsible. If he hadn't been caught they would have lived. Now though, he blamed them.

It wasn't difficult to find information, even from behind bars. He wanted vengeance for a time... eventually he wanted justice. He wanted the villains, and the heroes, to be held responsible for their actions. His parents weren't just collateral damage, they were people. He wrote the story given the details he could find and sent it to everyone he could think of to disseminate it. There was hope for the first time for as long as he could remember. The story had been terribly written and nothing came of it.

Ruslan took the opportunity to start taking college courses in prison. He would get all the answers he wanted and write it again, doing it right next time. When he was released from jail he had completed just more than a year of classes. No one was waiting to greet him when he was released.

He had an internship, two part time jobs, and side hustles - legal this time. Performing magic at children's parties didn't pay the greatest, but he enjoyed it. Things went well for a time. He was able to afford a small place and classes for a couple years.

His rent was raised outside what he could have afforded anyway and he hadn't held down a steady job in months when he dropped out of college. He left all of his furniture behind when he went back to his old "friends".

Two months later he landed in jail again; six months this time. His "friends" didn't come to pick him when he was released.

He began freelance writing and never stopped taking side gigs to do magic for kids. After a couple years with his life more 'on track' he went back to those "friends", but this time in an attempt to help them pull themselves out of the endless cycle of bad decisions they were stuck in. Some were able to be helped... others didn't want to leave that life behind.

Ruslan spent most of his adult life in a constant state of uncertainty. Income wasn't steady. He had never gotten the answers he sought regarding the death of his parents. His family didn't want anything to do with him.

Life was never easy in the city that had so dazzled him in his early years. Every now and then, no matter how hard he tried, he ended up going back to easier money to help make ends meet. Instead of being in the trenches himself though, now he would help identify and plan jobs for people. He saw it as the middle ground.

There were no more jail sentences - that was a definite plus. Things were looking up after nearly a decade spent struggling. Though he could never find all the details around his parents' deaths, he never stopped looking. Shortly before turning thirty-one he finally found the courage to step foot into the bank where they were killed.

He wanted to get a loan for a new car... and planned a hit on the bank at the same time. It would serve them right. Maybe it would be some small piece of the justice he sought.

Ruslan was approved for the auto loan. Maybe he'd get a sports car or a fancy electric SUV. When his "friends" entered the bank, screaming and waving guns, he put his hands on head and smiled inwardly.

The first sixty seconds went smooth. He was sitting in his comfy chair across from where the banker had sat before hiding under his desk. Everything went sideways after the first minute when the security guard decided to play cowboy, firing on the crew. That had been a known risk. What he hadn't known was that the crew hired a couple guys with powers to help out...

An instant later Ruslan was on the ground, bleeding. He'd been hit by a stray bullet or ricochet. The world changed for him then. He became a puddle. He'd reflect on that moment a lot afterward; the perspective of a puddle is a peculiar one. Try as he might, he couldn't scream.

Explosions. One caught him in its blast and he was scattered about. It was all over just as fast as it started. Disoriented and unable to do anything at all. He saw from each of his 'bits'. Heard from them. He couldn't feel anything for excruciatingly long minutes until he reformed, then went unconscious after becoming a whole puddle again.

In the hospital Ruslan awoke alone. Doctors informed him that he had been shot and his spine was irreparably damaged. They said he was lucky to be alive. After that day he would never walk on his own two feet. Lucky indeed. Yet again his world had been torn asunder.

The first time he fell at home he turned to a puddle again. He started to discover the rest of his abilities after that, or those of the 'other' him. That imposing godling of a man he saw when he looked in the mirror in that altered form, if he could call himself a 'man' anymore.

In the months that followed Ruslan was scared and confused. He wanted to hate what he had become but he couldn't help but feel powerful now, not being helpless. It didn't hurt that he was able to walk while in his new form either. He would survive and figure things out though. He always did. But he wanted to find help... No, he needed help.

Experiment (Empowered) XP
    1 0,000 - 2,000
    2 2,001 - 4,000
    3 4,001 - 8,200
    4 8,201 - 16,400
    5 16,401 - 24,500
    6 24,501 - 34,600
    7 34,601 - 49,700
    8 49,701 - 69,800
    9 69,801 - 94,900
    10 94,901 - 129,000
    11 129,001 - 179,100
    12 179,101 - 229,200
    13 229,201 - 279,300
    14 279,301 - 329,400
    15 329,401 - 389,500

Levelling info
    Secondary Skills: lvl 3,6,9,12,15
    HP: +1d6/lvl
    Init: +1 init @ lvls 1,3,4,5,7,9,11,13,15 (extraordinary speed)

WP Handgun
    +1 to strike at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14

HtH: Basic
    1 An additional two attacks per melee round. +2 to roll with
    punch/fall/impact, +2 to pull punch.
    2 +2 to parry and dodge.
    3 Kick attacks: Karate style kick does 2D4 damage or Snap Kick 1d6 damage.
    4 One additional attack per melee.
    5 +1 to strike and +1 on initiative.
    6 Critical Strike on natural 19 or 20 (double damage).
    7 +2 to damage.
    8 Body Throw/Flip and +1 to disarm.
    9 One additional attack per melee.
    10 An additional +2 to pull punch and roll with impact.
    11 An additional + 1 to parry and dodge.
    12 An additional +1 to strike.
    13 Critical strike or knockout from behind.
    14 An additional +2 to damage.
    15 One additional attack per melee.
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