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YouTube Advertising

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 11:46 am
by Tyrannosapiens Rex
So, I had a thought to promote Explorers Unlimited and Savage Rifts via an advertising campaign.

I dunno how I'll pay yet. But, if someone can make a video under 3 minutes in length with someone babbling about how awesome our sites are with some images and text on the screen ripped from adventures on the two sites, I will pay for the work and I'll put in the good word with Augur for EP as well.

I started working on my own version of an ad. Then I got a second job and just don't have time to push out a product with any quality.

Promoting RFM in the ad would help as well- it gives them immediate access to content without ever leaving YouTube.

I've been sporadically supporting Radio Free MercTown on YouTube via sharing videos on social media, linking the channel in my recommended channels bar on my own channel, and doing all the little free things a troll can do to try to spread the channel around. Seeing how RFM still below my target goal and it's been a year. I'm gonna throw money at it and see if that gets me to the goal.