(Project) Bounty: Image Repository Contributions

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(Project) Bounty: Image Repository Contributions

Postby Augur » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:01 am

If you contribute 8 pictures for gear then you will be nominated for 1 EP. Check the image repository before you get to work on images! Duplicates are of zero value, and will earn you nothing!

Canon items are highest priority as they will be the most commonly purchased, made available as starting gear, etc.
Non-canon images are a very distant second, and may be rejected without explanation.

Image Contributer Instructions
    1. Download the submitted item.
    2. Upload it to the image site. Put the poster's name in the description ("Submitted by __")
    3. Delete the photo from the original post and instead include a link to the new linked image and show it within an image tag.

A Brief Guide to Using Images for Items on EU

The following presumes some small measure of familiarity with image editing.
Image Submitter Instructions
    1. Crop the image to remove any extraneous background--this makes the item the focus of the image.
    2. Delete the background surrounding the item.
    3. Save the image as a 24-bit png file. (This allows the background to be transparent so that the image looks good--and is only of the item--no matter which template or browser the player is using to view the website.)
    4. Make sure the item fits the size requirements listed here.
    5. Upload this image to the Image Submission forum.

If you have any questions, contact Augur.
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