Cascade (Supersoldier, APPROVED) - LEVEL UP to 5

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Cascade (Supersoldier, APPROVED) - LEVEL UP to 5

Postby Cascade » Sat Jul 16, 2016 10:26 am

Player Name: John
YIM Handle: jspeas42
Hangout: speasj

Character Name: Rowan Avery
Power Category: Supersoldier
Alias: Cascade
Occupation: Soldier
Alignment: Principled
XP Level: 5
XP Points:16,431 (Updated 11/01/2018 by CHIMERA)
Next Level @ XP: 24,501
Birth Order/Family Ties:First Born
Land of Origin: Atlanta, GA, United States
Childhood Environment: Suburb
Social/Economic Background: Military/Middle Class
Disposition: Nice guy, friendly, courteous, deeply religious

*Items in blue are when the character is under water.

I.Q.: 20
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 11
P.S.: 17 (24)
P.P.: 26
P.E.: 24
P.B.: 26
Speed: 27 (135)

PPE: 6
HP: 34
SDC: 119 (219)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 185 lbs.
Description: Tall, muscular man with blue eyes, dark blonde hair in a military haircut.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +2, +5
Charm/Impress: 80%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 15%
Max. Encumbrance: 55.5 lbs. (111 lbs.)
Max. Carrying Weight: 340 lbs. (480 lbs.)
Max. Lifting Weight: 680 lbs. (960 lbs.)
Max. Jumping Ability: 8.5' length, 4.25' height

Sponsoring Organization & Status: Branch of the Military/Government.

Nature of the Experiment & Type: Motive for the procedure was Military/Special Forces. The nature of the experiment was radiation.

Nature of the Test Subject: Mutant

Current Status with the Sponsoring Organization: Active Agent in the Program

Likelihood of Successful Replication: A failed project with one success. The supersoldier is the only known success.

Mutant Characteristics
Angelic Face

Super Abilities
Control Elemental Force: Water
1. Calm Water
Range: 300ft radius, up to 1000ft.
Duration: 12 minutes
Attacks: Uses up all attacks/actions for one full round
2. Create Waves
Range: 300ft radius, up to 1000ft.
Duration: Instant
Attacks Per Melee: Counts as two
Bonus: +4 to strike
Damage: Small Wave: 1D6, Large Wave: 5D6+6, Huge Wave: 8D6
3. Water Slam
Range: 160 ft.
Damage: 2D6+3
Duration: 7 seconds
Attacks Per Melee: Counts as two
Bonus: +3 to strike
4. Water Spout
Height: 36 ft.
Weight Limit: 1,800 lbs.
Range: 126 ft.
Duration: One Melee
Attacks Per Melee: One attack
Damage: Dropped on water: 1D4/evey 24 ft., Dropped on ground: 1D6/every 12 ft.
5. Wall of Water
Range: 190 ft.
Duration: 15 minutes
Attacks Per Melee: Counts as two
Size: Up to 6' thick, 30' tall, & 30' wide
6. Whirlpool
Range: 360 ft.
Duration: 8 minutes
Attacks Per Melee: Must start at beginning of melee round and takes whole round.
Damage: 4D6 per melee round
Radius: 30 ft.
7. Create an Air Bubble
Range: Self or 170 ft. away
Bubble S.D.C.: 50
Attacks Per Melee: Counts as three
8. Walk on Water
Range: Self or others within a 4 ft. radius
Duration: 30 minutes
Attacks Per Melee: One action per round to maintain
Accurately sense depth underwater within 1D6 ft.
Accurately sense direction underwater
Resistant to cold underwater

Summon and Command Demon Netherbeast
Horror Factor of the Animal: As per the specific type of Netherbeast or War Steed.
Number of Animals: One.
Restrictions and Limitations: Limited entirely to creatures of Hell used as Netherbeasts and War Steeds, with five exceptions: The character can also summon and ride a Dragondactyl, Gryphon, Pegasus, Silonar, or Tusker, each a creature from the Palladium World (see the Palladium Fantasy RPG® Sourcebook: Monsters & Animals for complete stats).
Range: The steed appears next to the super being or up to 10 feet (3 m) away, nothing farther.
Duration: Uses up three melee attacks and the creatures appears in 1D4+7 seconds. It remains until dismissed or killed.
Attacks per Melee: Each command or instruction (attack, stop, run, etc.) given to the animal counts as one of the character's own melee attacks. To command it, the animal must be within earshot of the super being

Exploding Spheres
Range: 30ft
Damage: 3D6
Area Effect: 3ft.
Duration/Timing: Touch/Up to three minutes/At will
Number of Spheres Per Action: 1
Delivery System: Floating (up to 10 mph), Physical, Thrown (+1 strike, range: 80 ft.)

Underwater Abilities
Can breathe underwater
Swimming - 88% (+1%)
Depth Tolerance: 1.5 miles underwater
Extraordinary Strength Underwater
Extraordinary Swimming Speed

Special Supersoldier Enhancement
Increased Physical Agility and Dexterity
W.P. Paired Weapons, +5% to skills requiring manual dexterity

Physical Transformation
Physically altered, with fat becoming lean, strong muscles, bones strengthening, etc.

Brain Boost
+6% to all skills

Brain Augmentation: Heightened Reflexes, Agility, and Senses
+10% to Acrobatics, Gymnastics and Climbing

EDUCATION LEVEL: Military Specialist

Common Skills
Pilot Automobile 70% (+2%)
Mathematics: Basic 61% (+5%)
Speak Native Language: English 91% (+5%)
Read & Write Native Language: English 66% (+5%)

Scholastic Skills
Climbing 96%/86% (+5%)
Military Etiquette 71% (+5%)
Radio: Basic 81% (+5%)
W.P. Rifle
Basic Electronics 71% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics 91% (+5%)
Demolitions 92% (+3%)
Demolitions Disposal 92% (+3%)
Underwater Demolitions 90% (+4%)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Detect Ambush 61% (+5%)
Intelligence 61% (+4%)
Wilderness Survival 61% (+5%)
Pick Locks 71% (+5%)
Tracking 56% (+5%)
W.P. Energy Pistols (from Special Weapons: PU2, pg.84)
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Pistol
W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons
Trap/Mine Detection 46% (+5%)
Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare 61% (+5%)
Armor (Field) 66% (+5%)
Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons - 50% (+4%)
Seduction 37% (+3%)
Radio: Scramblers 61% (+5%)
Radio: Satellite 51% (+5%)
Optics Systems 61% (+5%)
Surveillance Systems 56% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
W.P. Spear
W.P. Knife
W.P. Targeting
Pilot: Motorcycle 74% (+4%)
Computer Operation 61% (+4%)
(3rd) Athletics (General)
(3rd) Body Building

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 7 (8)
Initiative Bonus: +6
Strike Bonus: +9 (+11)
Parry Bonus: +11 (+13)
Dodge Bonus: +12 (+16)
Auto Dodge Bonus:
Disarm Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +2 (+9)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +11
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Kick Attacks
Kick Attack: 2D4 Damage
Snap Kick: 1D6 Damage
Roundhouse Kick: 3D6 Damage
Crescent Kick: 2D4+2 Damage
Backward Sweep
Charm/Impress 80%

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Energy Pistols (+3 aimed, +1 burst)
W.P. Energy Rifle (+3 aimed, +1 burst)
W.P. Rifle (+3 aimed, +1 burst)
W.P. Pistol (+3 aimed, +1 burst)
W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons (+3 aimed, +1 burst)
W.P. Paired
W.P. Knife (+1 thrown, +1 strike, +1 parry)
W.P. Spear (+2 strike, +2 parry, +1 thrown)
W.P. Targeting (+2 thrown)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +18%
Toxins (15+):
Magic (varies): +5
Lethal Poison (14+): +5
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +5
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):
Illusions: +1
Horror Factor: +2
Possession: +2
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H.P.: 34
S.D.C.: 119
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Cascade Equipment

Postby Cascade » Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:20 pm

Equipment List

Life Savings: $5,000
Ready Cash: $1,900

Worn on Person
Military BDU's
Waterproof Smart Phone
Diving Watch
Waterproof Wallet

3 pairs of clothes
2 diving knives (1D6 damage)
Wet Suit
Catholic Bible

Matching Energy Pistols (1 pair)
Damage: 4D6 each
Range: 500 ft.
Payload: 30 blasts each
Rate of Fire: One shot per melee

Rocket Cycle
Speed: 300 mph
Hovers 3-20 ft above ground, but can fly up to 6000 ft in altitude
20 gallon tank (gasoline)
30 hours per one tank of fuel
A.R.: 10
S.D.C.: 250

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
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H.P.: 34
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Cascade Background

Postby Cascade » Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:27 pm

Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.!

Rowan Avery is the first of eight children born in Atlanta, GA to an Irish Catholic family. His father, Patrick, was the first of his family born in the United States and was a sailor in the Navy. His mother, Jennifer, was from an Irish-American family near Boston, MA and was an elementary school teacher. His family moved around a lot when Rowan was young, but by the time he was eight his father has left the Navy and they'd settled back down just outside the city of his birth, in a suburb of Atlanta called Roswell. Rowan's father, having been a aircraft mechanic on aircraft carriers in the Navy, took a decent paying job at an executive airport out side of Atlanta. They weren't rich by any means but the lived comfortably as you can when sharing a house with your parents,four brothers and two sisters.

When Rowan was born, there was something noticeably different about him. He was beautiful, and not just in the way some babies are beautiful. He was stunning. The nurses not only pined after him, his mother once said that, on several occasions, she awoke in the hospital in the middle of the night to find the night nurse standing over him...just staring. And this continued throughout his life. As the years passed his only became handsomer. He never really got used to the staring, but he learned how to tune it out. One would think this would've helped him get girls when was a teenager, and indeed they did flock to him, but he was never really that interested in girls. Oh he plans on getting married and starting a family one day, but he was very religious and didn't like the idea that he could possibly give into temptation. He needed a distraction.

That distraction came in the form of a Navy recruiter who visited his high school his senior year. He told Rowan exactly what he wanted to hear and Rowan signed up on the spot. When he told his parents what he'd done his father was proud but his mother was apprehensive. He promised her would be careful and they spent the evening praying together which comforted her a little. The Navy was a good fit for him. Though he'd made decent grades in school, college wasn't something he was sure he was ready for. The Navy gave him focus and purpose. After finishing basic training in Great Lakes, MI, Rowan trained to become an E.O.D. Technician. It was here he found his calling. He was good, real good. Besides, no one would stare at his face when it was behind a blast suit helmet.

One day one of his superiors told him to head to the main office to meet with someone from another department. It turned out to be the Seals. The man, who, to this day, he has never seen again, told him he was part of a joint operation group comprised of Seals, the Department of Defense, and two other agencies he failed to name. They were looking for people of unique abilities and wanted to know if Rowan was interested in learning to blow things up and well as disposing them. Oh, and there was the added perk of some added abilities. What Rowan didn't know was that they only picked him because his blood tests revealed mutant genes in him, which would account for his freakishly good looks. However, it proved to be a moot point.

Rowan agreed to the program and spent the better part of a year and a half between Seal training and the experimental procedures. The first thing they did was to perform a brain enhancement to increase his IQ and learning ability. During the Seal training, he took particularly well to anything dealing with water. It was around the time he was supposed to start SCUBA training, that procedures, now focused on radiation, began to show results. During the first day, another trainee screwed up and they were all told to hold their breath for three minutes. Most of the men came up gasping for air at the three minute mark, but Rowan never came up. When the SCUBA instructor dove down to see what was wrong, he found Rowan sitting on the bottom of the pool with a bored look on his face. Thinking Rowan was trying to show off, the officer commanded him to say down longer. He stayed down for half an hour before the officers got bored and told him to surface. When asked how he held his breath for so long he responded, "I didn't hold my breath."

His other powers followed quickly. It appeared that his mind helped guide the development of his powers. They seemed to be related to whatever he was doing around the time. During dive training he soon realized he was not only at home in the water, he could control it. He could create waves and water spouts and whirlpools. At first the other Seals were wary of going in the water with him, but they quickly realized that neither his powers nor his enhancements were changing his personality. He had no desire to show off nor do anything to hurt any of his fellow soldiers.

The last of his powers came during demolitions training. This was the first time someone was injured because of one of Rowan's powers. After one particularly grueling demolitions lesson, Rowan was in his barracks room, concentrating on his practice mock-up, when a small orb, about the size of a softball, appeared out of no one. Just then his roommate returned to the room, saw the orb and said, "Hey man, what's that?" The man reached out and grabbed the orb...and it promptly exploded, removing the man's hand completely. Rowan felt horrible at the maiming of his friend, but his roommate bore him no ill will...especially after one of the coop agencies agreed to give him a cybernetic hand for free.

Rowan reaped the rewards of the program he was in. In addition to his powers he became smarter, more agile, his reflexes quickened,some say he even became more beautiful. He figured it was a good thing he specialized in underwater operations because if he had to do any kind of intelligence or tracking above ground he'd be a little too noticeable. He felt comfortable with his powers and , with practice, was able to master control of them. All-in-all he'd had a good experience in the program. Well...mostly.

Throughout the program, Rowan had dealings with the various agencies. Most of them, the members of the DoD and the officers from his own Seal group were among his favorite. They were hard but fair. However, one of the doctors,a Dr. Jarrad Mata, from one of the scientific agencies working with the group was rough to work with. He was the lead scientist assigned to Rowan. Every time something went wrong or didn't work he would go into a tirade, usually screaming and yelling and often throwing things. Rowan tried to talk to him once but Mata just yelled at him, saying, "I'm the scientist, let me do what I need, you just sit there and take it, guinea pig!" The officers were afraid Rowan would retaliate against the doctor, but he was a good strong Catholic and just 'turned the other cheek,' though he refused to be courteous to the doctor any more.

End the end the project turned out to be a successful failure. Despite Rowan having successfully developed powers and heightened abilities, the scientists were never able to replicate the results. After several failures, and a couple casualties, the program was dissolved and Dr. Mata was fired from his agency. The officers told Rowan that, when given the news, the doctor flew into one of his trademark screaming fits and even blamed Rowan for his failures, cursing his name. To this Rowan simply shrugged and said, "I'll pray for him."

Despite the end of the program, Rowan continued on as a Seal in the US Navy, often working with various other agencies on missions. It was through these contacts that he was able to acquire a couple of really sweet "toys." A pair of matching energy pistols that he dubbed "The Sisters" and a rocket cycle. Both of which he received as gifts from different agencies while working on coop missions with them. He loved them despite the fact the they were near useless when he was performing his primary mission function, underwater demolitions. But he did find them handy when working with various other Seal teams in jungle, desert, even urban environments.

One evening, after having just returned from a high classified mission in the Indian Ocean, Rowan was stopped by an officer on his way back to his team room. The officer told him to head to the command office and that he had new orders. Upon entering the office, he was told that the Seals were trying to gain favor with an agency known as The Omegas, and that they were going to loan him to them as a gesture of good will in hopes of reciprocation. He was told to pack a few items and grab his rocket cycle...he was heading to Century Station right away.
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Cascade's Power Grid

Postby Blackhaunt » Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:49 pm

Let the GAMES begin.
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