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Star Dancer (Alien, On Hiatus) LEVEL UP!

Postby Star Dancer » Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:38 pm

Player Name: Dee Dee
YIM Handle: Bananaprincess7

Character Name: Deidra Afflack.
Power Category: Alien.
Alias: Star Dancer, Star (hero names), Clara Mair (reporter pen name), Gal Yiell (birth name).
Occupation: Reporter for the Century Station Observer.
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 8, 625 (Updated 15/10/02 - CHIMERA)
Next Level @ XP: 8,400
Birth Order/Family Ties: First born of twins
Land of Origin: The planet Arismal which is now nothing but space debris.
Childhood Environment: Agricultural/Farm community.
Social/Economic Background: Skilled/Middle Class.
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Late Teens.
Disposition: Gung ho guts and glory type who sees herself as a hero. Likes combat.
Insanity: Superman Syndrome.

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 9
M.A.: 14
P.S.: 60 (72) (84)
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 23
P.B.: 15 (18 with Charm/Impress 40%) (21 with Charm/Impress 55%)
Speed: 24 (28) (33)

*Stats in Orange represent the partial solar boost of 20% on cloudy days or indoors.
*Stats in Yellow represent full solar boost of 40% in direct sunlight or after having charged 6 hours in direct sunlight that day.

PPE: 21
HP: 35
SDC: 278 (in sunlight or fully charged this boosts to 338)
AR: 12
Age: 23 earth years
Sex: Female
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Description: In her typical appearance she is a blond haired green eyed young woman who seems to appear younger than she really is. She wears a very stereotypical (if slightly revealing) hero outfit with a cape.

Natural Abilities
Racial light sensitivity (negated through solar powered by GM approval), night vision 600 feet, sensitive hearing 20 decibels above average humans.

Super Abilities

Supernatural Strength-Major
The character possesses supernatural strength, incredible raw physical strength that is even more than superhuman. Note: Most supernatural beings (vampires, demons, gods, etc.) will possess supernatural strength. Many demigods, godlings, spirits, and lesser supernatural beings are more likely to possess only superhuman P.S.
Note that physical skills do not add to supernatural P.S., but certain super abilities may.
Can carry 300 times his P.S. in pounds and can lift 500 times!
Fatigues at one tenth the rate of normal humans.
P.S. 51 to 70: Inflicts 5D6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 2D4x10 on a full strength punch, or 3D6x10 on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks).
Normal carry : 18000 lbs (9 tons) lift: 30000 lbs (15 tons)
20% boost carry: 21600 lbs (10.8 tons) lift: 36000 (18 tons)
40% boost carry: 25200 lbs (12.6 tons) lift: 42000 (21 tons)

Sonic Flight-Major
The power to fly at the speed of sound, Mach One. That's approximately 700 mph (1126 km/h), or about one mile (1.6 km) every five seconds and 11.6 miles (18.6 km) per minute. The sonic flight ability also gives the character superior vision, dexterity and reflexes. However, unlike the sonic speed power, the thrust of this ability is flight and not overall speed. Thus, its bonuses are nowhere near as impressive as those with sonic speeds. However, they do offer some other unique abilities.
Sonic two-fisted punch (ram style) at 400 mph (643.6 km) or greater inflicts 1 D4x1 0 damage to one's opponent and 3D6 to the sonic character. Counts as two attacks. Sonic flying body block/ram at 400 mph (640 km) or greater does 2D4x1 0 damage, plus humanoid opponents weighing under 400 pounds (180 kg) are knocked off their feet and tumble for 2D6 yards/meters, and causes them to lose initiative and two melee attacks/actions. Note: Unfortunately, the speeding superbeing also takes 5D6 damage, himself, and the attack counts as three melee actions/attacks.
Extraordinary vision ten times greater than a normal human's (about equal to an eagle), which means a two foot (0 .6 m) object can be seen, with perfect clarity, two miles (3.2 km) away.
Nightvision- 1000 feet (305 m).
Maximum Altitude: 45,000 feet (13,716 m).
Unaffected by thin air, high altitudes or G-force under 1 0.
Can hold his breath for five minutes +20 seconds per experience level.
Resistant to cold (half damage), and can tolerate cold temperatures as low as freezing with no discomfort.
Can go from zero to 700 mph (1126 km/h) in four seconds (the rough equivalent of one melee action) but such acceleration causes a small sonic boom punctuating his departure (unwise for stealth).
Flying is quiet, other than a loud rush or dull whistle of the air like a howling wind. Of course, a quick take-off will cause a sonic boom. However, gliding or flying under 100 mph (160 km) is silent.
Can stop quickly, make sharp turns and hover at will.
Note: The act of taking off and stopping or landing each counts as one melee action.
Currently can hold breath for 6 minutes
Perception bonus of +1

Energy Expulsion: Light-Minor
The ability to draw on light energy/radiation and emit a highly concentrated bolt of light, not unlike a laser beam. The light bolt can only be fired in pulses from the fingers, hands or eyes. With experience (3rd level or higher), the character can regulate the amount of damage inflicted by the light bolt in increments of 1 D6. The character can also radiate light like a human light bulb. Equal to about 100 watts, plus 25 watts per level of experience. Even at first level he can radiate enough to light up a 20x20 foot (6x6 m) room.
Range: 600 feet (183m)
Damage: 2D6 + 1 D6 per each level of experience, or blinding flash; the victim, (as many as five if grouped closely together) are momentarily blinded (-8 on all combat rolls) for one melee round. The blinding flash is only effective at close range: 10 feet (3m).
Special: Same as Energy Expulsion: Energy.
Duration: Instant
Attacks Per Melee: Each energy blast counts as one melee attack or action; dual, simultaneous divided blasts also count as one melee attack.
Bonuses: +3 to strike for aimed shot. + 1 if shooting wild . Furthermore, the character is resistant to radiation (half damage).
Currently max damage is 5D6, however this receives a 50% boost in range and damage in sunlight

Super Wind Blast-Minor
The ability to expel short, powerful gusts of wind at will.
Breath Wind Attack: The character can expel a broad, powerful gust of wind from his lungs. The wind is 100 mph (160 km) and capable of knocking people down, knocking riders off mounts, and blowing objects (and people) under 120 pounds (54 kg) that aren't held, tied or anchored down 6D6 yards/meters away. Small objects caught in the wind weighing under 10 pounds (4.5 kg), from paper, purses, and hats to small tree branches, rocks and grit are hurled through the air.
Range: 20 feet (6.1 m) per level of experience. And affects everything in a 6-12 foot (1.8 to 3.6 m) wide path; the super being can somewhat regulate the width of the wind blast.
Damage: 2D6 from bits of small, flying debris, plus fall/impact damage (3D6) if one is knocked down by the wind. Plus articles (hats, purses, weapons, equipment, etc.) on one's person or held in one's hands are likely to have been blown off and sent flying 2D6x10 yards/meters. Anyone caught in a sustained wind blast is helpless and unable to speak, attack or move forward for as long as it lasts. Taking a step backwards will unbalance the character and has a 01-70% likelihood of knocking him down and tumbling several yard/meters. After a short or sustained wind blast, it takes an additional melee action for those in one to recover (i.e., they lose their next attack/action) and it could take 2D6 minutes to find and gather up personal items blown away in the attack.
Attacks per Melee: A single, quick gust of wind counts as two melee attacks. A sustained Wind Blast can last one entire melee round per level of the super being, but uses up a// his melee attacks and must be unleashed by him at the beginning of a melee round as his very first attack.
Wind Fist: The character can also unleash a short, powerful blast of wind from the palm of his hand or a closed fist. The open palm blast pushes, the clenched fist punches. To use either, the character must swing at an opponent in close combat a short distance away, moving as if shadow boxing to hit targets and foes up to 10 feet (3 m) away. Roll to strike as always.
Maximum Range: 10 feet (3 m).
Damage: Wind Push: A powerful air blast that pushes an opponent (or chair, cart, statue, etc.) back 1 D6+1 yards/meters and has a 01-60% chance of knocking a person off his feet and flying on his backside. Damage is only 1D6 but if knocked off his feet the victim loses initiative and two melee actions/attacks. Note: Reduce the chance of getting knocked back by half if the opponent is giant-sized (12 feet/3.6 m or larger) or weighs 800 pounds (360 kg) or more.
Wind Punch: A powerful air blast with a kick like a mule; does 3D6 damage. +2 to disarm if shot at a
hand-held weapon but does only 1D6 damage the person holding it, and the weapon goes flying 1D6+1
yards/meters. Cannot be used to parry incoming attacks from others. Usual bonuses to strike from P.P.
and skills apply.
Attacks per Melee: Each Wind Push or Punch counts as one melee attack.
Bonus: The character has a great lung capacity and can hold his breath for 1 D6+3 minutes at a time.
Vulnerability: -2 to save vs airborne gases, drugs and toxins.
Breath wind attack range is currently 60 feet
Can maintain a super wind blast for 3 melee rounds in one breath

Solar Powered-Minor
The character is able to absorb solar energy such as sunlight or very bright artificial light (at least 1,000 watts) instead of eating or drinking normal food. Requires at least six hours of sunlight per day. The character never gets hungry, nor fatigues when exposed to sufficient sunlight and can supplement his nutritional needs with solid food and water whenever necessary, though he'll feel bloated and sluggish (reduce Spd by 10% and all bonuses are -1 ). The Solar Powered individual is also resistant to laser and
other light based attacks (half damage), though other types of energy and physical attacks do full damage.
Bonuses & Abilities in Sunlight:
1. Sense the exact moment of the rising and setting of the sun.
2. Recognize vampires and any creature that fears the sun, for what they are. Likewise, he cannot be
turned into the undead.
3. SDC Regenerates damage at a rate of 2D4 per melee round in sunlight.
4. Increase P.S. , P.B. and Spd attributes by 20% during the daytime even if overcast or the character is
indoors, but increase to 40% if operating outdoors on a sunny day or in an environment bathed in sunlight, or if the character has already spent a full six hours in the sun (which powers him up to the max for the rest of the day). This is why most Solar Powered beings rise from sleep at the crack of dawn and try to spend the first six hours sunbathing or doing something out in the sunlight.
5. +1 attack per melee, +1 on initiative, +2 to disarm, and +2 to pull punch.
6. Increase the range of most Energy Expulsion powers by 20% during the daytime, but increase the range and damage by 50% if a power is Light- or Laser-based.
7. +60 S.D.C. (only during the daytime).
8. Impervious to heat and resistant to fire (does half damage).
9. Has perfect eyesight, can literally see like a hawk, i.e. can see a rabbit-sized target, sign, etc. from two
miles (3.2 km) away, provided he has a clear vantage point.
Penalties Without Sunlight:
1. In darkness and at nighttime, Sdc-Regeneration is reduced by half (only 1D4), the bonuses (#5, 6 & 7,
above) are gone, and P.S., P.B. and Spd attributes (#4) revert to normal.
2. Being deprived of sunlight for prolonged periods of time has a devastating effect on the solar being. With
each passing day (24 hour period), the super being becomes progressively weaker. No Sic-Regeneration
ability while trapped in darkness and reduce the number of attacks and combat bonuses by one for every 24
hours without at least two hours of sunlight After seven days, also reduce P.S. , P.P., P.B. and Spd attributes and S.D.C., followed by Hit Points by 20%, and another 10% on attributes and 20% on S.D.C./Hit Points for each additional week after that Furthermore, at this point the solar character is beginning to starve, and over time, without sufficient sunlight, the character becomes as weak as a kitten and will die of starvation in a matter of weeks (can live without sunlight for two days per every one P.E. attribute point). Being brought out into sunlight instantly restores the character to his normal base-line stats, but the bonuses from the Solar Power ability do not return until after two days' worth of exposure to the sun (at least 9 hours each day).
Note:The Solar Powered character can avoid starvation with as little as three hours of sunlight every day, even if it is only a thin beam of light from a small window, hole or crack. If he can get six hours of bright sunlight per day, he can maintain his full level of strength and power (all abilities and bonuses).
3. Vulnerable to magic and super abilities that involve darkness, shadows and night; they do double
damage and/or the Solar being saves against them at half his usual bonuses.
4. Artificial light does NOT empower this character in any way besides nourishment

Hardened Skin-Minor
This ability gives the character a nearly impenetrable Armor Rating (A R. ). For the most part the skin looks healthy and feels normal, though a bit thicker and harder/denser than normal.
Natural A.R.: Starts out with a Natural A.R of 11 +1 A.R. point at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.
Bonus: gain an additional 10 S.D.C. per level of experience
Natural A.R. is currently 12

Immune to High Speed Kinetic Attacks-Minor
A form of limited invulnerability, this power makes the character impervious to all high speed physical (or kinetic attacks); they do no damage at all! This means that bullets, arrows, rail gun rounds, high speed car crashes, falls from great heights, grenade shrapnel, force bolts, and basically any physical impact that is traveling faster than 120 mph (192 km), does no damage. However, slow speed physical attacks all do full damage, including punches, kicks, choking, crushing, bites, and attacks from melee weapons (swords, knives, clubs, baseball bats and even thrown knives, shurikens, balls, bricks, bottles and other objects), all of which move slower than 120 mph (192 km). Note: Even professional baseball pitchers rarely throw the aerodynamic baseball faster than 100 mph (160 km).
Range: Self.
Duration: Constant.
Penalty: Tends not to notice gunfire and may not realize that his friends and allies are in trouble when the shooting starts.

Weaknesses and vulnerabilities
Superhuman Syndrome: While Diedra doesn't necessarily think of herself as better than others she is hyper competitive, under the impression she is invincible and incredibly naive. This can lead her to making unnecessary risks or act without thinking. She is also a bit impatient and always looking for action.
Achilles' heel Allergy: Diedra is horribly allergic to the spice of Cinnamon be it ingested or inhaled. If inhaled the effects will be mostly the same as described on page 184 of HU 2nd edition with the exception that when she normally looses actions because of being out of breath these actions are instead spent on uncontrollable and random super wind blasts that will hit friends, foes, and bystanders alike. If ingested by accident or intent instead of catching breath she will loose actions to projectile vomiting instead.
Vulnerability to darkness: Shadow, night or darkness powers, spells or effects deal double damage and last twice as long.

REASONS FOR BEING ON EARTH: Last of a race of people (or so it’s believed), living here because earth is similar to home.

FAMILIARITY WITH OUR WORLD: Raised on earth, full familiarity.

EDUCATION LEVEL: Four years of college (20%)

Scholastic Skills

Journalistic program
Computer operation – 75% + 5%
Research- 85% +5%
Photography – 70% +5%
Writing (journalistic style) -60% +5%

Second Journalistic program (espionage skills only get +10% of education bonus)
Disguise- 50% +5%
Interrogation -65% +5%
Intelligence- 54% +4
Surveillance systems 65% +5%

Physical Program
-Sense of Balance- 86%+2% 60% +2%
-Walk tightrope or high wire- 89% +3%
-Climb rope – 96% +2%
-Back flip 96%+2%%
-Climb 40% +0%.

-Work parallel bars & rings 89%+3%
Prowl- 70%+5%

Secondary Skills
HTH: basic
Body building
Basic electronics- 45% + 5%
Language Morris code 65% +5%
Streetwise- 32% + 4%
Sewing (superior)- 65% +5%
Art – 50% +5%
Cooking (superior)– 60% +5%
(3rd)sewing (taken a second time for the boost)
(3rd)cooking (also taken a second time for the boost)

Combat Data

HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5 (6)
Initiative Bonus: 2 (3)
Strike Bonus: 3 (4)
Parry Bonus: 6 (8)
Dodge Bonus: 6 (12)
Disarm Bonus: 0 (2)
HTH Damage Bonus: 45 (57 at 20% solar boost)(69 at 40% solar boost)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: 8
Bonus to Pull a Punch: 6 (8)
Karate kick 2D4 damage or snap kick 1D6
Laser, fire, radiation and cold attacks do half damage.
Heat and high speed kinetic attacks (over 120 mph) do no damage.
Shadow and darkness attacks or spells do double damage.

Stats in blue represent bonuses while flying
Stats in yellow represent bonuses in sunlight

Weapon Proficiencies
None relies solely on powers.

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 16%
Toxins (15+): +4 (2)
Magic (varies):+4
Lethal Poison (14+):+ 4(2)
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):+4(2)
Insanity (12+):+0
Psionics (15+):+0

Stats in green represent save vs airborne toxins and poisons
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Worn on person
Super hero outfit
Utility belt

Utility belt
130 cash on hand,
Length of nylon cord
2 pairs of handcuffs
Magnifying glass
Pocket tape recorder
Polaroid camera
Radio with police scanner

At 2501 Ridgeway Street #517, Kilgore apartment
6 year old car
Spare hero outfit
Duffle bag
Various odds and ends (TV, radio, fridge, extra clothes, ext.)
Small black cube with a strange light inside it. (basically a Gm plot device, is it a data cube? A secret weapon? The essence of the mind of her space dad?)

(The following technically belongs to Deidra and Carol as an inheritance from their parents however currently the equipment has been confiscated by Alpha Prime, see the section in back story concerning that.)
Space vessel (research vessel, could possibly be something useful for a plot point if we need to get into space at a later time)
Vibro knife 2D6 damage
Two man hover car
80,000 dollars worth in alien trade-able materials

Bank account
7000.00 Dollars
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Background Story

When the accident that destroyed the planet Arismal occurred not all life was immediately wiped out, instead in a secluded spot fortunate enough to avoid most of the immediate effects of the devastation was a scientist by the name of Tral Yiell living in a part of the wilderness studying plant life. When he felt the tremors and heard the alarms going off he had very little time to get his wife and twin baby daughters Gal and Yior to safety. But instead of building a small craft large enough only for the children to escape on he did the smart thing and got on a proper space worthy ship and got the heck off that planet before it blew up. The energy of the planetary destruction made it impossible to scan the existence of the other Arismal fleets that were off planet and survived the impact and as such Tral felt that he and his family were the last of their kind and fled in hopes of finding another planet they could hopefully live on. It took a year of space travel before they happened to stumble upon the planet earth where they hoped they would be able to raise their family in peace among the earthlings who so closely resembled them because naturally if you go hurtling through outer space your first planet you’re going to just happen on has a species that looks almost identical to yours. In fact at first Tral through earth was a world where more primitive Arismal lived on, though while that later proved not to be the case they found earth to be a very hospitable place to live.

Seeking a quiet place to settle down preferably one with open space they selected Idaho and there landed in the crop fields of the Afflacks. The Afflacks though cautious of these visitors welcomed them into their homes and soon the two families grew together, the Yiells learned the farming trade, hid their ship and began to integrate themselves into human society. The Afflacks were the only ones aware of the Yiells true nature as well as their special abilities but they kept the secret well and safe with themselves and no one else was the wiser. Mr. Yiell did his best to keep the family secret that way and while he knew likely there would be one day his daughters developed super abilities he had plans in place to keep the world unsuspecting.

Sadly things did not work out as well as he would have liked and despite hiding his powers he never forgot he had them. One day while celebrating the girl’s first Halloween Mr. and Ms Yiell were with the Afflack family when catastrophe struck, from out of the blue a large demonic creature began to attack the small town they were in. Proving to be more than a match for the police the monster continued its rampage unopposed. Mr. and Ms Yiell decided it was more important to try and keep their adopted planet save than their secret so giving instructions and handing off their children to the Afflacks they hurried off to combat the monster while the Afflacks took their two daughters and fled to safety. What happened afterwards no one witnessed but both Yiells and the monster have yet to be seen or heard from since.

The Afflacks adopted the twins and gave them new names Deidra (Gal) and Carol (Yior) and began to raise them as though they were their own. As per the Yiell’s wishes the girls were raised to believe that they were simply human, though their alien heritage presented several problems. For one Carol was extremely sensitive to sunlight while Deidra would often bask in it. This wasn’t too hard for the Afflacks to compensate for and just got Carol some prescription sunglasses and a doctor’s note she should wear them often. The Afflacks knew that it would likely be a matter of time before the girls began to discover their extraordinary abilities, and fearing what could happen if they weren’t properly raised the loving couple did everything in their power to teach the two girls the importance of honesty, good works, high morals and how to treat their fellows. Soon the two girls forgot their original parents and believing themselves to be human grew into their teenage years none the wiser.

Deidra the older of the two proved to be the most active of the girls, being one to run around outside, get into trouble and explore, while Carol was more withdrawn, often staying indoors reading or drawing and overall behaving herself. In high school Deidra signed up for classes such as cheerleading, gymnastics, and other kinds of sports, though fearing she might have a sudden burst of power development they forbade her from taking boxing lessons much to Deidra’s dismay, however she joined the schools wrestling league without her adopted parents knowledge. Carol on the other hand was far more focused on academic pursuits, things like physics, chess club and robotics. It was at about this time that the girls began developing their powers. Most certainly Deidra’s powers were far more pronounced, the first to manifest itself was the super strength and durability which she found much to her surprise one day when trying to drive her car and suddenly she accidently pulled the steering wheel off. In the resulting car accident with another car she came out unscathed and helped the others out to safety, breaking the car door off its hinges and snapping seat belts with her bare hands. Luckily the others in the car accident were unconscious at the time and she was able to get them to safety without revealing her secret. She tried to keep this a secret until she discovered her powers of solar powered, super wind blast and energy expulsion next when one day enjoying the sun she was busy staring as a crystal ornament on a wind chime. Focusing too closely she shot a beam of light from her eyes which then refracted and hit the house starting a fire. The fire was small and hoping to quickly put it out she began to blow on it, instead of burning the house down she blew the windows inwards, breaking the glass and causing quite a mess. The Afflacks figuring they couldn’t hide the truth any longer took both Deidra and Carol, sat them down and began to tell them of their birth parents. They admitted they expected the day to come when they would begin showing powers though they were a bit surprised Carol had not been giving any power displays. Unknown to them and even Carol herself she had developed the powers of night stalking and extraordinary intelligence, a power set that would soon lead her to become a private investigator.

Now armed with the truth Deidra began to investigate further into her powers, learning how many she had and how to master them. She at first thought she could run fast until she began to jump higher and higher realizing she could actually fly at amazing speeds. The last power immunity to high speed kinetic attacks would be learned much later when she would first be shot at. Her adopted parents not wanting her to grow to be resentful encouraged her to develop her powers but only in secret where she could do so without being seen and captured by those who would wish to do her harm. Carol was supportive during this time but began to investigate further into her own developing intelligence, solving puzzles and earning several scholarships. Eventually the two girls graduated from high school and had the world at their fingertips. Both girls wanted to move to century station for college and to serve their fellow man, Carol as an investigator and criminal scientist, and Deidra as a super hero, though the Afflacks were a bit concerned particularly about Deidra’s choice they both gave their approval and blessing.

As they were making their drive going through Kansas a tornado struck and began to head towards several cars. But instead of doing the stupid which would have resulted in Mr. Afflack ending up caught in the car and keeping his daughter from saving him, instead Deidra wearing a ski mask quickly flew out and using her sonic flight and super wind breath circled the cyclone in the opposite direction blowing at it until it dispersed saving not only lives of her loved ones but also a lot of property damage from being done.

The girls then began to settle into century station and go to separate Colleges. Deidra always being one for an exciting job and being a bit of a gossip began her reporting and journalism degree while Carol began to go into criminal science. It was at this time that Deidra made her outfit and in honor of her lineage took the name Star Dancer and began her career as a legionnaire. Being not only a super hero but also a reporter she knew the ways to turn a story in her favor as well as how to best win the public adoration. With her spunky can do attitude she began to become a favorite among century station heroes fighting against various villains, giving good sound bites and being an assertive yet kind individual all around. Around this time in need of a good photographer the Century Station Observer hired on a Clara Mair who somehow managed to seem to always get the best photographs of the caped crusader known as Star Dancer, as well as her exploits. Though the methods of getting the story such as climbing up on gargoyles or hiding in dumpsters seemed a bit odd, few doubted her skills as a reporter able to get the scoop on century stations newest ‘Star’ hero. As for Star Dancer, while her heroics won her in the eyes of many she also began to acquire plenty of enemies as well. But as the number of her enemies began to increase so too did the number of inmates in Gramercy Island. Still some are curious as to if this rookie has what it really takes to be one of the big heroes, or if she will meet an end as quick as her rise. For Star Dancer she intends to prove the former is the case and she has what it takes.
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Star Dancer is a very gung ho individual always looking for the good fight to fight and while often a little too eager for a fight she does put the safety of other people first, including her enemies. She is hyper competitive needing to prove herself often by challenging other heroes to friendly contests, but she is also fiercely independent often trying to refuse help from others all while giving her own help often with or without invitation. She doesn’t resent authority but she is known to often ignore it and while she has done a lot of good for Century Station she has on occasion broken a few laws in order to catch the bad guys. This has on a few occasions involved throwing heavy objects (she avoids cars, last time she did that she was forking over 4000 dollars for a replacement), as well as breaking a few things. Perhaps the most notorious thing she has done is trespass into Gramercy island air space in order to take a captured super villain to prison, much to the disdain of Warden Harker. Her intentions are however good and thus far she has seemed to get a very good image with the press (wonder why…). She has a very strong moral code however when it comes to life and its protection, which has led her to have a sort of four color style of approach to how she does things, and while she has not yet ever lead to the deaths of anyone it has resulted in a few bad guys getting away. If she ever was to kill someone directly or indirectly it would likely result in a depression and a random insanity that would take her a while to get out of. She holds very firm to the moral code that the Afflacks taught her such as honesty, hard work, treating others as you’d like to be treated ext., and while she has been ridiculed a few times by her opponents for that, it has led to a more or less positive view of the populace over all.

She is also a flirt as well as a tease. She will tease others in a friendly way and while sometimes she has upset others because of this she means no harm. As for being a flirt, she does that through actions and diolouge. Her outfit is quite revealing and while she claims (and somewhat rightly so) that this is to maximize the area sunlight can reach her skin, she is not above striking the occasional sexy pose just to get a rise out of others. Her orintation is bi with about equal prefrence towards either gender though she has a thing for skintight outfits, well built physiques and positive attitudes. Turnoffs for her are too much hair, timid personalities and those prove to excessive violence (sadism). If flirting and teasing gets too much she will tone it down or stop if asked nicely, most of the time.

Combat style
Star Dancer in her naivety has picked up the crime fighting mantle with virtually no experience in combat or how to fight. While her powers compensate for this she has never learned how to properly engage in hand to hand combat only having basic as she believes she doesn’t need to invest in learning how to fight better because of her own abilities. She has never fired a gun or swung a sword (a few lamp posts but that hardly counts) and she relies completely on her super abilities for combat. While this is not all that bad she could probably do with some proper training. Of course the hard thing for her is that her strength makes it difficult to find a durable sparring partner. If she could find the means she would like to learn boxing though she might not have enough patience for a more proper martial art unless she had a very patient teacher.

Relations with others
Over her course as a caped crusader Star Dancer has met many people

Carol: Deidra’s sister, the two share a family bond and while not as similar as some would think is normal for twins, the two care for each other quite a lot. Deidra has often followed clues or advise her sister gave her while working in the crime degree and on occasion when on the case Carol will turn up with a villain who was being looked for by the cops… just happening to be tied up like a Christmas turkey.

The Afflacks:
Deidra’s aging adoptive parents still live in Idaho but they follow their adopted daughters’ activities closely both in the news and through conversation. Though they are only civilians they worry a lot about their daughters and give moral support where they can.

Clara Mair : The reporter from Century Station Observer has followed Star Dancer’s activities closely, getting the stories of her exploits, getting her photographs and even interviewing her on live television. Wait, how can Deidra interview herself on live television? Well anyone who knows everything there is to about Star dancer would be able to put two and two together, however for the rest of the world Clara Mair and Star dancer are two separate people who have been seen together on several occasions. Clara Mair wears glasses, her hair in a different manner and is nowhere near as beautiful as Star dancer is so clearly they can’t be one and the same.

Alpha prime: While interactions between Star dancer and the Centurions have often been very minimal the two aliens have clashed on one occasion. One day when being given the location of her parent’s space ship Deidra went to check it out, and ended up turning it on. In the years since it had been inactive technology had improved to a point on earth that the centurions noticed the strange alien energy signature the ship was making. This being a potential alien threat Alpha prime went to investigate and found Star Dancer already at the ship. Assuming the ship was simply found by the heroine Alpha prime informed her that the ship was to be confiscated, and not wanting to cause a mess that could accidently destroy the ship Star stepped down allowing the Bhlaze to take it, though not before palming a small black cube with a glowing light inside of it. After a while and a bit of research Alpha came to the conclusion that the ship belonged to Star Dancer and that it was Arismal in nature. However according to her records the planet Arismal was destroyed some years ago, about long enough to when Star would have been only an infant, the records on the ship and its inactive period supporting this. Though Alpha Prime knew it was her duty to take Star off world she felt conflicted about it because Star had no home planet to return to, not only that but while not fully operating within the law Star dancer had been a helpful legionnaire. It was Whiz kid who came up with the logic that, if she is the last of her race, and she has never flown her space ship, technically she is not a star faring race, and if she is not a star faring race. A hole in the logic pointed that other Arismal have been alive and worked for the Omegas, but a counter logic was given that if she didn’t get access to her parents ship she wouldn’t be able to leave earth, and by certain loopholes Alpha Prime wouldn’t be able to send her off world… so long as the ship was kept out of her possession. To this end Alpha Prime has been holding onto Star Dancer’s parent’s space ship, because as long as star dancer can’t leave earth, she won’t be forced to do so. Fortunately Prime’s dedication to upholding the covenant means the ship has been untouched, despite Wiz kid’s desire to take a look at the alien tech. She has also kept tabs on Star Dancer, considering submitting her name for operation overlord as a potential recruit.

Warden Harker:
Harker and Dancer have a very strong love hate relationship, in which Harker hates Star (I mean what super does he not hate?) and star loves to annoy the dickens out of Harker. Ever since Star Dancer has begun her heroic career she has dropped several a super villain off at Gramercy Island. Every time she flies in they try shooting at her (her powers keep her safe from bullets) and every time she flies on in past the defenses into the courtyard with her latest prize in tow to leave for Gramercy Island to take care of. Harker met her on her third visit when she was dropping off some super powered crooks to shout his head off at her, something that she took in good humor and even gave the warden a playful noogie. Harker insisting she was breaking the law trespassing into Gramercy island was rebuffed by her logic that it was in international waters and not a nation unto itself, and any law was only what they could enforce (or some similar logic). She continued to personally hand deliver her catches much to the frustration of the warden. Eventually he wised up and prepared a machine that would incapacitate her the instant she landed on the island, something that looked like a large platform which was designed to electrocute her unto unconsciousness the instant she landed on it. Sadly though the next visit she was carrying the metal based villain named Mace Face who weighed in just under a ton. It was about at that point her grip slipped and Mace Face fell onto and destroyed the device designed for her capture. Harker promptly had an aneurism despite how it is technically impossible for him to have. Since then Harker has been trying to get her behind bars, though he has lost several resources in his attempts to the point it’s hardly becoming worth it.

The Valkyries: Star Dancer has met with the Valkyries on several occasions most of them good. One of those times was to fend off a small army of robots that were trying to cash in on C-SWAT powered armor systems. In the three way fight between Robots, C-Swat and Valkyries Star lent a hand to the all-female crew, helping them fend off robots though she kept from fighting any C-SWAT. In the mess she seemed to mesh quite well with Palladium whom had similar powers of strength and flight, the two tag teaming some of the larger heavier robots, even going into a contest to see who could smash the most robots with Palladium ultimately winning by two bots. Though Star Dancer worked well with them the idea of her joining the team was brought up and dismissed. While she had a power set that would prove useful the combination of the team had many similar powers, she was also a bit of a maverick herself and the Valkyries with Heartbreaker probably didn’t need another one of those loose cannon types. Elite ultimately made the decision to withhold allowing the young heroine to join their ranks, partially because she preferred small groups and partially because while Star Dancer had potential she severely lacked proper experience. Though Star Dancer found the idea of working with an all-female team initially appealing she is fine keeping the solo gig, realizing she would probably have a hard time taking orders from another. She has since then maintained a friendly relationship with the Valkyries (only occasionally arguing with Heartbreaker) and Elite has kept tabs on Star, keeping her in mind as a potential recruit should she decide to increase their numbers.

Amazing grace: Star Dancer has encountered the vigilante Amazing Grace on two instances both of which were negative. The first time was during a color gang fight in which Star flew down to lend a hand to some cops. When several of the color gangers were getting away Star Dancer gave chase only to find them a few blocks down clutching bleeding wounds with razor sharp cards. One color gangster who was hiding tried to get the drop on Star only to have a razor sharp card imbed itself in the bridge of his nose. As he fell down clutching his face Star turned to see her supposed rescuer but instead of thanking she scolded the stage magician for her excessive use of violence. Grace remarked these crooks deserved what they were getting but instead of sticking around to argue the point Star Dancer instead hurried the color gangsters off to a hospital shortly after to inform the police where she had taken the color gangsters to and who had put them in such a condition. The two met again one night when Star was on patrol, she noticed a shady figure and curiously flew after it only to find it was the same card throwing jerk she met a while ago. Star Dancer flew to cut her off and demanded that Amazing Grace stop being so violent in her crime fighting. Negotiations quickly turned sour and the two briefly fought with Star apparently putting Amazing Grace into submission. Satisfied with herself Star tied up the stage magician to take her to the police department only to arrive with an empty rope. Embarrassed Star promised that next time she met the wily vixen she wouldn’t let the vigilante out of her sight.

Hooligan: Star has only met Hooligan once, right as he was dealing out his particular brand of justice on some street scum. Hooligan was about ready to make the final blow when the next thing to blow was Star dancer's super breath sending Hooligan flying. Upset about what he felt was someone protecting the scum of the city negations were short, lasting as long as it took for him to draw his shotgun. Trying to be menacing Star dancer flew slowly towards him as he tried first his shotgun then his colt to no effect against her. However her overconfidence that he couldn’t hurt her got the better and she got a face full of his “Breath spray” which caused her to fall back in pain and surprise. Both criminal and Hooligan got away and while the same crook was later arrested for attempted murder, Star Dancer has not regretted her interference in stopping Hooligan’s attempted murder though she wished she would have been able to catch said crook. Should the two meet again it will be confrontational.

Troubleshooter: Star met this detective when both had a particular interest in a case of drug runners who were delivering something that was turning color punks into minor powered junkies. She actually met him when her sister Carol was working on the same case and asked for a little insurance. Though all three were used to working solo Carol and Troubleshooter were able to uncover the hidden location, the ring leader and the way the drug was being used, while Star was able to go in and clean up the mess after the evidence found its way conveniently into police hands. The next day Clara Mair received an email with a reporter’s dream worth of photos, evidence, story and more given to her by a ‘mysterious’ benefactor. Though she is a bit worried that he was able to find out her secret identity (or at least one of them) she owes him a favor.

Daddy Long-legs: When Star Dancer was naive (more naive than she is now) she figured that one of the best ways to win the hearts of the people would be to go after one of the bigger super villains and take him down. Though she didn't go looking for him in particular, she happened to hear he was up to no good and eager to prove herself tried to find him. In the ensuing battle she got beaten fairly badly and with great reluctance had to flee tail between legs. Fortunately her interference bought time for a more experienced team of heroes to come in and send Daddy Long-legs packing, but not before he had given Star Dancer a solid thrashing. Its likely he will blame her for his inability to steal what he was intending, where as Star Dancer is rather upset about her humiliating defeat and will be eager for a rematch if the opportunity presents itself.

Eclipse: Eclipse is thus far the only super of whom Deidra is frightened of. This is because the one time they fought he used his darkness powers which shut her off from the visible world. While Deidra is not normally afraid of the dark she gets her energy from light and the immediate shut off of her largest source of power was rather startling for her. While most Arismal are at home in darker conditions she spent her childhood mostly outside and in the light and is naturally more comfortable where most of her kin would not. In darkness Star Dancer was disoriented and unable to get her bearings allowing Eclipse to hit her a few times before making his escape. Since then she has been particularly cautious around villains with dark outfits. If she were to encounter Eclipse again she wouldn't be frozen with fear but she would be extremely careful around him and try to stop him from afar if possible.

S.H.O.C.K: Being not only a reporter but an alien Deidra has had unfortunate dealings with Shock in both heroic and civilian guises. As a reporter she is familiar with the work of the shock spin doctors and how they work stories to their advantage, and at any point she will do her best to undermine these efforts and make Shock look like the bigots they are. As Star Dancer she has encountered them on a few occasions where they tried to capture her using their usual methods, however she has chosen to ignore them and fly off instead of confront them. Given the opportunity she would love to save a shock trooper's life in hopes of teaching them all aliens aren’t bad. Until then she’ll continue to try her best to undermine and ignore them though if push comes to shove she'll have little quams about putting afew of them in full body casts.

People First and United Earth:
Deidra has done one or two reports about these radical groups and disagrees with both of them. Knowing for a fact all aliens aren’t here to rule over earth though under the slight impression they could if they wanted to she feels these groups reviling against aliens and super beings are poking hornets nests they would have no hope of stopping if things broke loose. She by and large ignores them though there have been a few days she has flown around their protests and meeting places just to poke back. She however resists harassing such groups for two reasons, the first is that she was taught how to behave herself and intends to uphold those standards her parents taught her, the second is that she would only be confirming the bigotry of these groups which wouldn't help anything.

Fellowship of Champions: Deidra sees this group as well intending civilians who want to do their own civic duty to help and reduce the evil menace that plagues the city. In the reports she has given them she has painted them in a mostly positive light, as their gung ho attitude and desire to do what is right works well with her own style. She has even spoken at a few of their meetings and happily answers almost any of their questions concerning crime fighting, questions that are shared from her viewpoint and often less than professional. She is a reporter, not a cop after all.

Reach up: Being a displaced alien herself (though only recently knowing of this) she understands the importance of human compassion particuarly concerning her own survival. She has shared her story with them and truely appreciates their efforts. Though she hasent met any of the members personally she keeps in touch with some of them on her hero blog and at times a good word has popped up for them in the newspaper.
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