Morpheus (Alien, Inactive)

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Morpheus (Alien, Inactive)

Postby Morpheus » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:56 pm

Player Name: Stattick
YIM Handle: stattick

Character Name: "Clay" Dimitri Severen
Power Category: Alien
Alias: Morpheus
Occupation: None
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 4,201
Next Level @ XP: 8,401
Birth Order/Family Ties: First born of two (known)
Land of Origin: Seeron
Childhood Environment: Occupied territory/laboratories
Social/Economic Background: Poor/test subject
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Adulthood
Disposition: Quiet, paranoid, but nice and helpful
Insanity: Paranoia (partially controlled with Prozac)

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 18
P.S.: 21/40
P.P.: 20
P.E.: 9
P.B.: 12/6
Speed: 32 (~22 mph)

PPE: 9
HP: 17
SDC: 57/157
Age: Unknown. Probably in his mid 30's.
Sex: Either (true sex: male)
Height: 2'5 - 12' feet (true height: 6'1)
Weight: 187 lbs/514 lbs
Description: Virtually anything he wants: tall, short, male, female, fat, thin, old, young, light, dark.
50% trust/intimidate

Experiment Side-Effects:
Must Physically Transform every time a power is used. Must assume APS: Wax form before using any powers or shapechanging. Once a form has been assumed through Shapechanger and/or Alter Facial Features, the character looses the benefits of the APS: Wax form. Must assume APS: Wax form first before the character changes shape.

Sponsoring Organization & Status:
Tarlock medical lab - Ran away, and powers are probably not known by the Tarlock. They probably don't know Clay is on Earth - he hasn't seen any evidence of them hunting him.

Nature of the Experiment & Type:
Clay is unaware of the nature and type of experiment he was subjected to. He believes and hopes that it was an accident and cannot be replicated.

Natural Abilities
Bonus Skill Equivalents: Acrobatics, Body Building, Climbing
Combat Bonuses: auto-dodge, martial arts, tail strikes, misc bonuses

Super Abilities
APS: Wax
Partial Invulnerability
    Projectiles (bullets, arrows, etc): NO damage
    Physical attacks (punches, swords, clubs, etc): 10% damage
    If body cleaved in half, or a limb or head cut off, the body part can be merged back onto body effortlessly.
    Electricity, lasers, energy bolts, magic, psionics, gas, poisons: normal damage.
    Heat and fire: double damage
Make wax impressions & molds
    Can make molds of keys, tools, footprints, fingerprints, faces, etc.
    Two melee actions to make a simple mold
    Six melee actions to make elaborate ones
Wax Mask
    Can alter face to look like someone else. Retains same coloration (caucasian), and waxy sheen. Lasts 30 min + 10 min per lvl (60 min at 3rd lvl). Takes one melee attack. +20% disguise and +10% impersonation skills.
Liquefy Self - can turn into liquid wax.
    Invulnerable to physical attacks. Explosions blow wax into small pools of wax that can be pulled back together within 3d4 rounds.
    Retains senses, but cannot speak
    Spd and number of attacks halved. Skills performed at -40%, and skill requiring hands cannot be performed.
    Can flow through tiny cracks and opening, climb walls with 90% proficiency, and can hide beneath objects, or in small spaces.
    Cannot use weapons or other powers in liquid form
    30 min/lvl (1.5 hrs at 3rd lvl)
Expel Hot Wax
    20' per lvl (60' at 3rd lvl)
    3d6 dmg, +1d6 next round
    Each bolt counts as one attack
    Bonus: normal bonuses to strike apply
Watertight Seal
    Can create air and watertight seals, but must use own body to do so, and cannot leave sealed object without breaking seal. Sealed items require 12 more points of PS to open than normal, unless the wax is melted (2d4 rounds) or scraped (2d6 rounds) away first.
Additional Bonuses and Abilities
    Increased SDC.
    Regenerates Wax SDC: 3d6/hr
    Doesn't breath in wax form.
    +5% climbing
    P.B. 6 in Wax Form

    Can change all aspects of his appearance except facial features. Cannot change large appendages like wings, arms, or legs. Can create smaller growths such as horns, claws, fangs, tails, etc. These growths add to combat damage (use Animal Abilities as a guideline).
    Can transform into any humanoid creature, including great apes.
    Size limit: 2.5' - 12' tall. No damage bonuses apply due to size change, and attributes remain the same.
    HF may apply when a monstrous shape is taken, but is rarely more than 10.

Alter Facial Features & Physical Stature
Alter Facial Features:
    Can alter facial features in any and every way.
    Can alter hair as well.
    To copy an individual exactly, detailed photos and/or video must be available, or studied in person.
    Duration: Indefinite
Alter Physical Stature/Shape & Size
    Can alter dimensions and shape of body to look like another person.
    Can imitate birthmarks, tattoos, and so forth, as long as they've been studied.
    Duration: Indefinite
Photographic Picture Memory
    Has a photographic memory for remembering faces and features about people.
    Can recall and use former identities.
    Skill for completely accurate recollection: 55%+5
    Duration: Indefinite
Alter Voice
    Four times daily / level (12 times at level 3)
    Skill for completely accurate imitation of a specific person: 55%+5
    Can change voice and speech patterns to resemble/imitate another person. -25% for opposite gender and/or people with extreme vocal ranges.
    Duration: Indefinite
Alter Finger and Hand Prints
    Two times daily / lvl (6 times at level 3)
    Skill for accurately remembering and copying someone else's fingerprints: 50%+5
    Duration: Indefinite
    Can change finger, palm, and foot prints with a thought. To copy another's prints, he must study them. Detailed photos work best. -10% if using copies of the fingerprints.
    P.B. can range from 3 - 30

EDUCATION LEVEL: Alien Rogue (APS: Wax: -5% on social skills, -20% on seduction, +5% interrogation)
Automatic and Bonus Skills
    Sense of Balance: 66% +2
    Walk Tightrope: 69% +3
    Climb Rope: 76% +2
    Backflip: 65% +5
Body Building
Climbing: 65% +5
    Rappelling: 55% +5
Language: Arabic 65% +5
Language: French 65% +5
Language/Literacy: Chinese 98%
Language/Literacy: Korean 98%
Language/Literacy: Native (Seeron/English) 98%
Language/Literacy: Spanish 98%
Language/Literacy: Tagalog 98%
Language/Literacy: Tarlock 98%
Mathematics: Basic 60% +5
Pilot Automobile 66% +2
Impersonation 60% +5
    Impersonate voices 75% +5
Perfect recall of someone's face/features: 55%+5
Perfect voice imitation of specific person: 55% +5
Perfectly copying someone's fingerprints: 50% +5

Scholastic Skills

Alien Rogue/Smuggler Skill Package
Basic Mechanics 50% +5
Computer Operation: 55% +5
Concealment 42% +4
Detect Ambush 55% +5
Disguise 75% +5
Escape Artist 55% +5
Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons 48% +4
Interrogation 65% +5
Locksmith 45% +5
Palming 45% +5
Pick Pockets 50% +5
Prowl 50% +5
Radio: Basic 65% +5
Seduction 39% +5 (+1% for every 2 points of PB above 17)
Streetwise 47% +4

Secondary Skills
Basic Electronics 45% +5
Cooking 50% +5
Preserve Food 40% +5
Identify Plants & Fruits 40% +5
Wilderness Survival 45% +5
1st lvl Dancing 35% +5
1st lvl Singing 40% +5

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 5 (human form) / 5 +2 tail strikes (2d6 dmg) (talus-like form)
Initiative Bonus: +3
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +8
Dodge Bonus: +8
Disarm Bonus: +4
HTH Damage Bonus: +6/+25
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Body Flip
Back Flip
Auto-Dodge +4
Kick: 2d4 dmg

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Blunt: +1 strike, +1 parry
W.P. Targeting: +1 strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Toxins (15+):
Magic (varies):
Lethal Poison (14+):
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):
Insanity (12+): +1
Psionics (varies): +1
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Re: Morpheus (alien)

Postby Morpheus » Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:24 am

Equipment List

Old Gym Bag
Two sets of ratty clothing
Ratty old winter coat
Stocking cap
Ugly, stained scarf
Grocery bag containing toiletries

On Person
Ratty clothing
Mismatched gloves with a couple of holes in them
Shoes with holes worn through them
Disposible lighter
Spandex shorts
Old gym bag
Sturdy walking stick


Re: Morpheus (alien)

Postby Morpheus » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:07 am

Background Story

I could hit the wall, there was a flash of light. I landed in a shrub. I was in a park here in Century Station. Or at least I hope I was. I'm still not entirely convinced I'm not still in the Psych Lab.

Over the last four years (local time), I learned to master my abilities. I blend in. I don't make waves. I don't let people get too close. I know how people treat those with powers. I know how aliens are hated.

I had no papers, no identity. No ability to get by legally without going to the authorities. I figured that the best I could hope for from them would be incarceration. Worse yet, they might send me back to Seeron. So I hid. I made enough money to get by on. You people are so rich, you just bleed wealth without realizing it. I collected cans, bottles, pick through trash for valuable metals, stole still edible food from dumpsters. In time, I learned urban foraging, guerrilla gardening, how to fix up stuff I found in the trash, or that had been abandoned, so I could resell it. And sometimes I just plain stole.

I was nameless, faceless, a ghost moving through your skid row, your big cities, and you never knew I was there. But a bit of bad luck while stealing a pair of shoes I desperately needed for winter, and there I was in the back of a squad car, with cuffs on my wrists. It wasn't the first time I'd been arrested. But I always managed to escape in time. I saw my moment when the cops decided to stop in for donuts and coffee on their way to book me in. I turned to wax, and started to pass through the grill to the front seat of the patrol car. And that's when my luck ran out. Some lady saw me, ran in, and started shrieking to the cops about how I was melting.

Oh, I didn't give right up. I ran for it. But before I could give them the slip, a ghetto bird spotted me, and was on my tail. The police dogs sealed the deal; there was no escaping once they had my scent. It didn't take long for some Cavalier to show up, and that's when I gave up. I think they were disappointed that I gave up without a fight. But I know, you get in a lot more trouble if you fight back. Anyhow, that's how I ended up here, in Gramercy.

I've had to suffer through numerous proceedings, inquisitions, medical exams, psych evals (GOD I HATE SHRINKS!), medications, and all that. But they say the Prozac is “helping” and I'm a lot less “anxious” and “paranoid”. They talk about how much progress I've made.

I play their games. I'm good at games. I grew up in a psych lab. They've got me lojacked and alarmed. I'm monitored. I see my social worker once a week. A fucking shrink twice a week (I still won't talk to him though - I just sit there and read, and he frowns). An alarm goes off if I go off my meds. At least they stopped sending psychics in to mind read me. I kept giving the mind melters breakdowns. I just take them on a walk down through some of the darker passages through memory lane...

Now they've got a new game to play with me. Follow the rules. Play well with others. Follow orders. Trade this cell for another one, where I get more freedom. Fight “bad guys”. Sure. I can do this. Had plenty of scraps on the streets. Standing up for the little guy, the kids, making sure the truly desperate had something to eat, and a warm place to sleep. I've done it before. Fought, killed, for some shrink's amusement.

They say that if I screw up their game, that it's back to Gramercy for me. Between all the trials and everything, I've been here for a year. I'm sick of these four, escape proof walls. I'll play.

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