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Scrapheap (Bionics, Inactive)

Postby Scrapheap » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:18 pm

Player Name: Rocky
YIM Handle: canusdirus66

Character Name: Elain Steiner
Power Category: Bionic
Alias: Test Subject-126, Scrapheap
Occupation: Panhandler
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 8,481 (Updated 10/10/2012 - Blackhaunt)
Next Level @ XP: 9,601
Birth Order/Family Ties: Second born
Land of Origin: Century Station
Childhood Environment:
Social/Economic Background: Highly skilled/Upper Middle to Upper Class (Originally Project Daedalus researchers).
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: She was converted into a cyborg at age 20.
Disposition: Was once a rather outgoing young woman. She is currently despondent due to her "condition".
Insanity: Phobia of Doctors

I.Q.: 11
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 13
P.S.: 28 (superhuman)
P.P.: 24
P.E.: 11
P.B.: 18
Speed: 88

HP: 28
SDC: 80
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 384 pounds
Description: Elain was once a pretty young woman. Currently her face and torso are covered in scars and her bionics has been crudely implanted. Normally covers herself in an old green fabric raincoat.

Sponsoring Organization & Status: Elain was created by the Ram Dyne Corporation as part of an experiment to sell augmented Military Mercenaries too third world dictators. She is considered a liability to be terminated as soon and as quietly as possible.

Bionic Implants – 8.2M Budget
Bionic & Cybernetic Features
Right Hand- 300,000:
SDC: 36
Razor sharp fingernails- 6,000
☞Damage: 1D6 + PS Bonus
Left Hand- 300,000:
SDC: 36
Razor sharp fingernails- 6,000
☞Damage: 1D6 + PS Bonus
Right Arm- 700,000:
SDC: 76
Left Arm- 700,000:
SDC: 76
Concealed machine pistol- 275,000
☞Range: 160 feet (50 m)
☞Damage: 2D6 9mm Parabellum
☞Rate of Fire: Standard automatic fire, about 1,200 rounds per minute cyclic
☞Payload: 15, 20 or 30 round beretta magazines.
Spine and Shoulder exoskeleton- 1,000,000
Right Leg- 1,000,000
SDC: 76
Left Leg- 1,000,000:
SDC: 76
Secret Compartment for MK 2 K-Bar - 8,000
Amplified hearing- 350,000
☞+3 to perception
Sound Filtration system- 95,000
Ear microphone, radio receiver and transmitter- 50,000
Receive wide-band radio transmissions- 70,000
Bug detector- 10,000
Radar signal detector- 10,000
Bio-comp system- 250,000
Bionic Right Eye:
Night sight - 80,000
☞+3 to perception at night only.
Targeting system - 50,000
☞+1 to strike with built in weapons.
Thermo-imager - 120,000
☞+1 to perception
Infrared vision - 60,000
Telescopic vision - 35,000

EDUCATION LEVEL: Street Schooled

Scholastic Skills
Pilot Automobile-- 66% (+4%)
Basic Math-- 60% (+5%)
Streetwise-- 46% (+5%)
Prowl-- 45% (+5%)
WP. Automatic Pistol
Pick Locks-- 45% (+5%)
Pick Pockets-- 40% (+5%)
Palming-- 35% (+5%)
Cook-- 50% (+5%)
Fishing-- 55% (+5%)
Literacy in English-- 45% (+5%)
Art-- 50% (+5%)

Special Police Skills aquired at level 3
W.P. Pistols
Radio: Basic-- 45% (+5%)
Criminal Science (doesn't include Forensic Medicine)-- 35% (+5%)
Law (general)-- 25% (+5%)
Intelligence-- 32% (+4%)

Secondary Skills
Hand To Hand Basic
Wilderness Survival-- 45% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics-- 45% (+5%)
First Aid-- 60% (+5%)
Sewing-- 55% (+5%)
WP. Knife
WP. Blunt
WP. Submachine gun

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus:
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +5
Disarm Bonus:
HTH Damage Bonus: +13
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
+4 to perception, +7 to perception at night

Weapon Proficiencies
WP. Automatic Pistol
WP. Knife (+1 to throw, +1 to strike and +1 to parry)
WP. Blunt (+1 to strike and Parry)
WP. Submachine gun

Saving Throw Bonuses
Toxins (15+):
Magic (varies):
Lethal Poison (14+):
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):
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Scrapheap's Equipment

Postby Scrapheap » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:19 pm

$1,415 in ready cash
$4,000 in savings

Worn On Person:
Half Suit of Bionic Armor
AR: 11
SDC: 250
Cost: $75,000
Modifiers: Covers chest and abdomen only.

.50 Action Express M4A1 Entry gun
Country: USA, Cartridge: .50 Action Express, Feed: 10 round converted Magpul P-mag., Weight: 3.490 kg (7.69 lb), Barrel length: 317.5mm, Muzzle Velocity: 487m/s, Effective range: 200m(656 feet),Rate of Fire:(cyclic) 600 RPM,Damage:6D6, Cost: $2,500

Heckler & Koch MP5A5 with a Surefire weaponlight forend (on a tactical sling under her right arm)
☞Range: 200m
☞Damage: 2d6 9mm parabellum
☞Rate of Fire: standard automatic weapon, roughly 800 rounds per minute cyclic
☞Payload: 30 round magazines.

Beretta Model 92FS Rail (holstered on right thigh)
☞Range: 50m
☞Damage: 2d6 9mm parabellum
☞Rate of Fire: standard semi-automatic weapon
☞Payload: 15 round magazines.

MK 2 Ka-Bar (in Left Leg Compartment)
☞Damage: 1d6+13

26" Collapsible Baton (in Right Hip Holster)
☞1D6+13 each; +2 to damage if it is 'extended' into an opponent. +1 to parry.

2003 Subaru Legacy Station wagon
A.R.: 5
S.D.C.: 350
Speed: 120 MPH
Range: 200 miles

Tactical vest and web gear
12 30 round MP5 magazines
8 Beretta Model 92 magazines

Messenger bag
12 30 round MP5 magazines

Stored in Vehicle:
Sleeping bag
Coleman camp stove
Ice chest
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Scrapheap's Background

Postby Scrapheap » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:20 pm

Background Story
The Steiner family is one of those tragedies that came from the fallout of the Daedalus project. Father committed suicide and the mother turned to drugs and drinking to take away the pain. The daughter Elain wound up on the street at an early age. Having nothing to support her she melted into the disenfranchised and forgotten.

Still Elain had some hope of returning to the life she had Pre- Daedalus. She had a talent with her art. It wasn't much but she didn't go hungry all the time. Eventually Elain made enough money to buy herself a fourth-hand Korean made car. She had planned to find a real job and to get a GED.

Unfortunately the Steiner luck occurred and Elain was mowed down in a Colorgang battle. Somehow literally torn apart by the ordinance involved in the fight Elain made it into the ambiance. Its destination turned out not to be a hospital but a covert lab. The lab was sponsored by a company called RamDyne who officially specialized in medical prosthesis and high tech electronics. Unofficially the company supplied the local underworld and several dictators worldwide. Elain was scheduled to test some experimental Bionics for a client before being put down like a dog.

Her captors underestimated their subject and Elain escaped into the night. Knowing the street she disappeared for a while only to reappear when she discovered she was being hunted by the company that created her.

Re: Scrapheap (Bionics, APPROVED)

Postby Scrapheap » Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:59 pm

Ok on another forum we have "Advanced Character profiles" that are 100 questions done in character and here is one for Scrapheap

1. What is your name? Elain Steiner
2. What is your age? 21
3. Where were you born? San Fransisco California
4. What color is your hair? A beautiful platnum blond
5. What color are your eyes? My left eye is it's origional sky blue while the right is a red lensed prothesis.
6. What physical characteristics do you have? My arms legs and back are bionic, whats left of my torso and face are pretty good looking ecept where it meets the bionics.
7. Who were your parents?
8. What were their professions? they were both researchers in the daedalus project.
9. Where are they now? I watched dad blow his brains all over the easy chair and the drugs became moms life.
10. How do you feel about that? it f*cking sucks, but I can't change it.
11. What is your occupation/profession? currently I'm stuck panhandling and making sketches for money.
12. Do you like your job? I like the art part of it but panhandling sucks.
13. Why? Call it pride in working for a living.
14. Who is your best friend? I don't have one right now.
15. Why? Nate got hosed off the sidewalk.
16. Who is your worst enemy? the people who turned me into a Cyborg
17. Why? they are hunting me.
18. If your best friend turned against you, would you fight them? I guess so
19. Would you imprison them? yes, if they did something henius
20. Would you kill them? not if I hade a choice
21. If your worst enemy sought to make peace with you, would you accept? Possibly
22. If they used the claim of peace to hurt you, but later proclaimed peace again, would you accept? No way...
23. Why? as they proved themselves to be a liar.
24. Would you do something illegal for money/power? I've stole things so that i could buy food.
25. Would you do something illegal for money/power that may result in the injury/death of someone else? no
26. Would you kill someone for money/power? no
27. What is your fondest memory?
28. Would you help someone, for no guarantee of reward? yes
29. Why? it would be the right thing to do.
30. Do you follow a certain belief or Deity? yes
31. If so, what is it and why? I am a Neo-pagan, for the traditions fit my lifestyle and personal belifes.
32. Would you kill at their/its behest? Are you stupid?
33. What are your goals? To discover who I am now and what i am becomming. I'm no longer an "ordinary" human anymore am I?
34. Are you attracted to the opposite sex? Yes
35. The same sex? I'm from San Fransico...Hello
36. Are you attracted to wealth? I've never had wealth and my lifestyle doesn't need it.
37. Are you attracted to power? Power corrupts
38. Would you kill an innocent to save the world? It's against my religion
39. Would you kill an non-innocent to save the world? Only as a last resort
40. Do you believe that someone who is “bad” has less of a right to live than a “good” person? it depends on the person and why they are "bad"
42. Why? There are people who are controled by their demons and some go so far as to try and become demons.
43. Would you kill a loved one to save the world? No
44. If the above answer was different than number 38, Why?
45. Would you kill an innocent to save yourself? No
46. Would you kill an non-innocent to save yourself? yes if it is in defence of myself or others.
47. Would you kill a loved one to save yourself? No
48. Would you sacrifice yourself to save an innocent? yes
49. Would you sacrifice yourself to save an non-innocent? ...can we skip this one?
50. Would you sacrifice yourself to save a loved one? Yes
51. Would you sacrifice yourself to save the world? Yes
52. Would you steal? I have stold to survive
53. Would you steal, if doing so would save your life? in a heartbeat
54. Would you steal, if doing so would save someone else’s life? yes
55. Is number 52 still true?
56. Do you believe in absolutes in the world? Yes
57. Do you like
58. How about for weapons or neat items or gizmos? No I would not steal just to have things.
59. Would you slay someone/thing for a particular item or large amount of money/treasure? No as it would be wrong
60. Are you kind to animals? yes, as animals are better than most people
61. Are you kind to the young and old? yes.
62. Do you respect authority? No way, I've been rousted by the cops before because of how i looked.
63. Do you respect all authority or only authority that you deem legitimate? Only the Authority that i deem legitimate
64. How do you judge between legitimate and illegitimate authority? Look at how they treat people without power, how they treat those with nothing to give them.
65. Would you struggle to remove so-called illegitimate authority? Yes I would
66. Why? To bring a ballance back to peoples lives.
67. Would you fight a war for money/power? No
68. Why? it's stupid to do so.
69. Would you fight a war for your belief in what is right? Yes as to do the right thing is a noble goal
70. Which is more important to you? Doing the right thing is more important than money or power.
71. Why? You cannot take money or power into the afterlife.
72. If you were presented with the option of killing guards at the front door or sneaking past them but possibly having enemies at you back, which would you choose? Sneak past
73. Why? Only a psycho kills when they don't have to.
74. If a lock was before you that required a riddle to be solved to bypass, would you work on the riddle, or very loudly break down the door? Work the riddle
75. Why? One does not go through life destroying things.
76. If you and your group were in an environment where resources were in short supply, what would you do? try to concerve resources as best we can.
77. Same question but the supplies are almost completely gone, would you take the last of them for yourself? No.
78. If it was only two of you and he was gravely injured, not likely to survive long, would you take the supplies then? Only if it would ensure my survival.
79. Would you sell your soul for power? No as only the weak sell their soul
80. Would you sell someone else’s soul for power? No as it would not be my soul to sell.
81. Would you help an elderly person with some task? Yes.
82. Would you do it if there was a reward to be had? definatly
83. Would you torture? No, as Torture does not work
84. If it meant you could save somebodies life? see above
85. What if the only way to complete you goal is to torture someone for information? That would not happen. there are drugs that work much better than torture.
86. Would you betray a friend? No.
87. Would you betray a friend if it meant great personal gain for yourself? No again.
88. What is you favorite activity? going and seeing a concert
89. What is you favorite pastime? creating art.
90. Are you a loner or a team-player? Team player
91. Why? I love working with people
92. What is your greatest fear, and why? Loosing my humanity. I've lost parts of my body and the bionics don't feel the same.
93. How does someone earn your respect? by being honest and treating me with respect
94. How does someone earn your enmity? by being a jerk
95. Would you say your intelligence is a strength? yes it is.
96. Would you say your physical conditioning is a strength? No as my flesh has been replaced by steel and myomers.
97. Do you hold your strengths over others heads? no
98. Do you take pride in a certain, ability/skill/power, if so, what is it and why? I take pride in my artistic skills.
99. Would you feel like less of a person if that was taken from you? I've seen the bleeding stumps where my hands were and though that i would never draw again.
100. What lengths would you go to, to get it back? I don't know as I haven't been put in that position.

Power Grid

Postby Blackhaunt » Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:15 am

Let the GAMES begin.
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Re: Scrapheap (Bionics, APPROVED)

Postby Scrapheap » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:05 pm

Well I have rendered an Image of what Elain would look like in Police gear.

Scrapheap as an Omega

Hopefully I can get a better Image rendered by a friend soon.

Re: Scrapheap (Bionics, APPROVED)

Postby Scrapheap » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:01 pm

And here are a pair of images that Hopefully i can use on a future date.

Elain Clubbing

and if she gets into another bad fight.

Scrapheap Assault Armor

Re: Scrapheap (Bionics, APPROVED)

Postby Scrapheap » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:28 pm

This is a work in progress and I will be adding to it as I figure out the answers to some of these questions.


Physical/Biological Features

Age (how character shows one's age? Is it important how others relate to characters age?)
Elain is in her early 20s and her views on the world are solidifying. She will admit that she doesn’t know everything and still has things to learn.
Gender (how does the character express (emphasizing or diminishing) one's gender?)
Height and weight
Elain is tall for a woman and due to her Bionics weights far more than a normal person of her height.
Hair, eyes and skin color
Elain has Blonde hair, blue eyes and Fair skin.
Physical deficiencies (abnormalities, deformations, sicknesses, sensory weaknesses/losses)
Elain’s limbs are Cybernetic and at times she feels other than human anymore.
Physical body: bearing (carefree, relaxed, stiff, etc.)
Elain’s Cybernetics tends to hold her in a stiff upright posture. Before she was much more relaxed in her manner.
Physical body: build (athletic, willowy, rounded, etc.?)
Elain had an average build before her conversion.
Movement: movement and rhythm (cat like, fast, slow, swift, etc.?)
Her movements are precise in a mechanical manner as her cybernetic limbs move in ways human limbs do not.
Facial expressions (typical to character)
Elain tends to have a stern expression on her face as she has trouble being happy.
Manners (gestures and moves, non-verbal expressions?)
Voice/speech: gestures and moves (high or low tone, short or throat voices? singing, constant etc.?) What is the most distinctive feature on one's voice?
Verbal expression (popular phrases, vocabulary, slang?)
Inherited genotype (What are inherited physical features?)
Elain resembles her mother
Clothing/Dressing (style, uniqueness)
Elain tends to wear casual clothing unless she’s going out partying. Then she will wear skimpy clothing and show lots of Skin.
Overall impression (attractive, clean, neat, fashionable, clean, messy, dirty)
Elain comes across as an Attractive young woman with some obvious bionics.
Sexuality (How character expresses ones sexuality? How character relates to it? How important it is to character? In what way it works as a motivating force? What kind of sexual problem character has?)
Elain tends to be open and honest about her sexuality. She is a mostly Heterosexual female. Before her conversion she had a healthy active love life. Currently she is repressing her sexuality out of grief and negative feelings about her current body.
How character expresses physically excitement and emotions (happiness, hate, sexuality, love, sadness)?

Psychological Features

Intelligence/Wisdom (intellectual? Common sense?)
Elain knows that she’s not a genius and not very well educated. On the other hand she questions things.
Abilities (language skills, abilities and gifts)
Elain is a highly creative young woman who was a professional class artist.
Extrovert, introvert or distant
Elain was extroverted before her conversion.
Disposition/temperament (optimistic, pessimistic, rebellious, carefree, etc.)
Currently Elain is rather depressed and emotionally unstable.
Other qualities (observation, imagination, judgment, presentation, sensitivity, taste, knowledge)
Complexities/unbalancing factors (inhibitions, phobias, prejudices, superstitions, manias)
Due to being turned into an Unwilling Cyborg, Elain has a Phobia of Doctors.
Frustrations and most important disappointments in characters life?
The two most important disappointments in Elain’s life has been the downward spiral of her parents and her conversion to a Cyborg.
What kind of pet names character has been given? What do they mean?
Her friend Guadalupe calls her “Witchypoo.” It’s a nickname based on their shared religion.
Emotions (what kind of emotions character usually feels? What kind of emotions make character most comfortable? Most uncomfortable?)
[b]Attitudes towards life (militant, nervous, relaxed, given up, etc.)
Elain used to view life as something to be enjoyed. The past year has been especially bad as her life as she knew it was destroyed.
[b]What character most like in oneself? And what the least?

What features character denies or cannot accept? (Hate, sexuality, tenderness, etc.?)
How character relates to oneself? How character relates to other members of group? Is character a winner or loser or does character wants to belong to group?
Elain has a lot of emotional baggage that she will have to deal with. She’s trying to heal and become a new person. So far she’s been a quiet member of the group trying to find her place in it. Right now she’s still in survival mode but that will change as she becomes more confident and experienced.
Hidden features in characters personality (what they show? What features character knows but hides them from others? What features character does not know but others know them?)

Family Features

Immediate and extended family background
Elain’s farther committed Suicide and her Mother disappeared into the city’s population of drug addicts.

Friends and love interests
In her old Life Guadalupe Sousa was her best friend. They were companions for years and intimately close. Guadalupe was the one to introduce Elain to her Fiancé.
Co-workers, employers and employees (who they are? what kind of relations they have and what are characters attitudes towards them?)
She is currently employed by Chimera as part of their Omega Team. Some of them she doesn’t really know yet likes Rook and Brightblade. She likes Sovereign as they do share some political views. Gekko She finds somewhat annoying like the loudmouth, crude frat boy he is. The rest are so far coworkers more than anything else.
Contacts (other people that character keeps contact)
When she was converted and Escaped, Elain let Guadalupe know that she was alive but in trouble and needed to stay away from her friends to keep them safe.
Cultural Features

Place of birth (where was raised up? home town?)
Elain was born and grew up in Century Station. She’s been to other places but conciders Century Station Home.
Nationality, ethnic and racial background
Elain is a US Citizen of Germanic decent.
Occupation (What character feels about occupation? What makes character satisfied/dissatisfied there?)
Elain has found herself a Super heroine. So far she’s unsure of herself but is growing to enjoy making a difference.
Socioeconomic position in society
Elain has always been poor due to both bad luck and a somewhat nomadic lifestyle.
Surroundings (Where character lives and how does these surroundings affect character? Room, house, neighborhood, village, town or city?)
Mobility (How character moves around? What's character vehicle, if any?)
Elain has an old station wagon that she used to live out of.
Atmosphere (What is general tone and atmosphere of society around character?
Hobbies, down time, subjects of interest?
Elain is an Artist by hobby. She used to enjoy cooking as she was better at it than her friends.
Special abilities and skills
Religious opinions (how important they are to character?)
Elain is a Neo-pagan although if pushed she will admit that her religion is based on a romanticized version of dead religions and includes a lot of Modern philosophy. She is currently using her religion to find a balance between who she was and what she is.
Political opinions (how important they are to character?)
Elain is a Libertarian leaning Liberal. She is vocal and passionate about her views.”
Values (moral, ethical, how well character relates to 'common' life?)
Life style (street, jet set, suburban, if any?)
Dominant cultural features (what makes character tick in society?)
Most important events in person's life (in psychological, sociological, interpersonal and cultural setting)
Goals (for both short and long term)
Dominant expressions and behavior and first impression character gives out

Re: Scrapheap (Bionics, APPROVED)

Postby Scrapheap » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:50 pm

Guadeloupe Sousa
Guadeloupe Sousa is Elain's BFF. They have been together for years and are Hetrosexual Life Partners. Even though Guadeloupe is not heterosexual. In fact her parents kicked her out of the house after finding out she was a lesbian.

Early in their mutual life on the streets She hooked up with Elain. The pair quickly became inseparable to the point where girls have broken up with Guadeloupe because she is so close to Elain. To Elain's credit she kicked a boyfriend between the legs because he suggested something obscene.

they have pet names for each other Elain is called "Witchypoo" and Guadeloupe is called "La Alacrana" the rough translation is "the female scorpion" due to Guadeloupe's volatile temper.

Guadeloupe's father turned his analytical Genius towards crime and became the Supervillan "El Tigre". Guadeloupe has the same genius but so far has turned it towards honest pursuits. She's currently going to College and paying for it by making people custom Cosplay costumes.


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