James Paul Masters (Mutant Human, Inactive)

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James Paul Masters (Mutant Human, Inactive)

Postby James Masters » Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:44 pm

Player Name: Mike
YIM Handle: Chizmadia

Character Name: James Paul Masters
Power Category: Mutant
Alias: Glacier
Occupation: College Student
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 6451 (Updated 3/31/2011 - Blackhaunt)
Next Level @ XP: 8251
Birth Order/Family Ties: Second Born, good family ties. Alex Derrick Masters (Brother), Paul Alexander Masters (Father), Diana Elizabeth Masters (Mother).
Land of Origin: New York City, New York, USA
Childhood Environment: A good home life, no troubles as a child.
Social/Economic Background: Middle Class
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Age 22.
Disposition: Generally good hearted, outgoing, fun loving guy. An all around athlete and thrill seeker.
Insanity: Superman Syndrome

I.Q.: 16
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 14
P.S.: 27 (Extraordinary)
P.P.: 17
P.E.: 16
P.B.: 19
Speed: 21

Stats in Blue are the result of APS: Ice being active

HP: 55
SDC: 196 (246)
Natural A.R.: 14
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 193 lbs (386 lbs)
Description: Blue Hair, green eyes, athletic in build and in great physical shape.

Natural Abilities
Charm/Impress: 45%
Carry (lbs): 540 (2700)
Carry (min): 64
Lift (lbs): 1080 (5400)

Mutant Characteristics
Ambidextrous: These characters can use the right and left hands with equal skill and dexterity. Bonuses: Adds one additional attack per melee, +1 to parry, +5 to climbing skill, +5% to escape artist, pick locks, mechanical and electrical Repair skills.
Odd Hair Color: Dark Blue

Super Abilities
Alter Physical Structure: Ice
1: Create Snow and/or Ice: The character can create a ball of snow or chunk of ice out of thin air, dropping it on top of somebody, or something, or covering an object with it. The super being can create up to 50 pounds of snow or ice instantly. Add 5 lbs for each level of experience.
Range: 100 feet + 10 feet per level
Duration: Until it melts.
APM: Each snow or ice attack counts as one melee attack/action.
Bonus: +4 to strike
Damage: Dropping a snow mound on top of somebody has the following effects. 1D4 damage plus it staggers and momentarily blinds the person; victim loses his next attack and initiative. A 50 lb ice ball does 2D6 damage.

2: Create and Hurl Snowballs: The super being can create and throw one tightly packed snowball for up to every one of his attacks per melee for one entire round.
Range: 80 feet +5 feet per level.
Damage: One point each; more of an annoyance than a threat.
Duration: One melee round.
Bonus: +2 to strike.

3: Create and Hurl Ice Balls: The super being can create and throw one ice ball for up to every one of his attacks per melee for one entire round.
Range: 100 feet +10 feet per level.
Damage: 1D6 each.
Bonus: +2 to strike.

4: Create and Hurl Ice Shards: The super being can create and throw 1-3 ice blades for up to every one of his attacks per melee for one entire round.
Range: 100 feet + 10 feet per level.
Damage: 2D6 per single ice shard, or 6D6 from three simultaneously thrown shards. He can create and hurl three sharp daggers of ice in a single thrust.
Bonus: +2 to strike.

5: Ice Wall of Shield: Range: A hand-held shield appears in one hand, or a medium to large ice wall (or shield to cover a small area or a person just for an instant) can be cast up to 100 feet away. If trying to erect a shield or wall before an attack strikes, roll for initiative again. The higher roll wins, so if the ice character matches or betters the roll of his adversary, the wall is erected a split second before the attack hits.
S.D.C. of Ice Wall or Shield
Small, but thick, 5x6ft: 100 S.D.C.
Medium size up to 10x8 ft: 60 S.D.C.
Large Size: 20x10 ft: 40 S.D.C.
Bonus: +2 as a parry/blocking/protection maneuver; instant creation.

6: Encase in Ice: The ability to quickly form ice around somebody or something to hold or contain it. This power may be used to create a handful of different forms, but all appears as some sort of ice block.
Range: 100 feet or by touch.
Damage: Special.
Duration: Until it is shattered or it melts.
Bonus: +1 to strike, automatic if done by touch.

7: Generate Ice:
Range: 20 feet, up to 60 feet away.

8: Other Abilities and Bonuses:
Impervious to cold (no damage).
The character's normal weight is doubled when transformed into ice.
Can estimate temperatures near or below freezing within 1D4 degrees of accuracy.
Exceptional balance on ice 70% +2% per level of experience and can instinctively ice skate or slide along on ice at double running speed in human or ice form, with or without skates.
P.S. becomes extraordinary while transformed.
Natural A.R. in Ice Form: 14 +50 S.D.C.
Normal Punches and kicks do no damage. Punches and kicks from extraordinary P.S. and Superhuman P.S. do half damage.
Physical blows from those with Supernatural P.S. do full damage.
Conventional Melee weapons (clubs, knives, arrows, etc) must roll a 15 or higher to strike and do damage. Any roll under the A.R. bounces off harmlessly, doing no damage. Those that penetrate inflict half damage.
Modern projectile weapons, like guns, as well as fall and explosive force, must also strike with a roll of 15 or higher to do damage, and even then only do half their normal damage.
Lasers do NO Damage.
Explosions, including grenades, dynamite, nitro, and plastic explosives, etc., all do half damage.
Fires, Extreme heat (over 120 degrees), electricity, psionics, magic, and other attacks do full damage.

Bend Light:
Range: Self or a light beam with a range of 100 feet +15 feet per level.
Duration: One melee round.
1: Separate the color bands of Light to produce a colored light beam or radiate about 70 watts of colored light.
2: Blank Spot: The character can manipulate light and light beams, such as infrared and ultraviolet, to "bend' around him, thus making him invisible to such light. However, since the light is bent around the character, an opponent may notice a blank spot or ripple in the area he's looking at.
3: Parry lasers and other light beams: +3 to parry.
4: Deflect light beams.
5: Can see into the infrared and ultraviolet light range. 100 feet per level.

Charge Objects with Explosive Energy:
1: Charge Objects to Explode on Impact: Can charge and throw a small item like a ball, knife, stapler, marker, pencil, remote control, small desk lamp, tape dispenser, cell phone, playing cards, etc.
Damage: 1D6 or 2D6 damage as per the character`s desire.
Range: 100 feet + 10 feet per level; double range if a ball no larger than a softball/grapefruit.
Bonus: +1 to strike plus applicable bonuses from P.P.
2: Supercharge Objects to Explode on Impact:
Damage: Large Object: 2D6 damage. Small object: 5D6 points of damage.
Range: 50 feet +2 feet per level.
Bonus: Any P.P. attribute, combat or W.P. skill bonuses apply.
3: Timed Charges:
Damage: 1D6 or 2D6 damage, or up to 5D6 damage can be supercharged.
Duration: Up to two minutes per level.
Timed Setting: Can be set to explode after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Increased Durability:
Bonuses: +3D6x10 S.D.C., +6D6 Hit Points, +10% to save vs. Coma/death.

EDUCATION LEVEL: 2 years of college
Base Skills
Pilot Automobile: 66% (+2%)
Mathematics: Basic: 57% (+5%)
Speak English: 98% (+5%)
Read and Write English: 98% (+5%)

Scholastic Skills
Electrical Program:
Electrical Engineer: 62% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics: 62% (+5%)
Computer Operation: 72% (+5%)
Computer Repair: 57% (+5%)

Physical Program:
    Sense of balance: 81% (+2%)
    Walk Tightrope or high wire: 83% (+3%)
    Climb Rope: 91% (+2%)
    Back Flip: 77% (+5%)
    Prowl: 47% (doesn't increase)
Body Building & Weight Lifting

Secondary Skills
Radio Basic: 57% (+5%)
Automotive Mechanics: 42% (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (3 skills)
Athletics (General)
Climbing: 72/62% (+5%)
Swimming: 62% (+5%)
Computer Programing: 42% (+5%)
First Aid: 57% (+5%)

Level 3:
General Repair/Maintenance: 42% (+5%)
Law (General): 27% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +2
Strike Bonus: +3
Parry Bonus: +8
Dodge Bonus: +7
Disarm Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +12
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +8
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Karate Style Kick: 2D4+12
Snap Kick: 1D6+12
Tripping/Leg Hook
Backward Sweep
Roundhouse Kick: 3D6+12
Body block/tackle: Does 1D4+12 damage and the opponent must dodge or parry to avoid being knocked down (lose one melee attack if knocked down).
Pin/incapacitate on a roll of 18, 19, 20
Crush/squeeze does 1D4+12 damage per squeeze attack.

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +14%
Toxins (15+): +1
Magic (varies): +1
Lethal Poison (14+): +1
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +1
Insanity (12+): --
Psionics (varies): --
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James Masters


Postby James Masters » Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:49 pm

Worn on Person

In Room:
About a dozen posters, a keg of beer, around 100 or so movies, hundreds of cd's (or modern equivalent), 25 games and a game system, a few sports Jerseys and various sporting equipment. A couple trophies from his days in high school and college. A black book full of phone numbers.

Bank Account: $150.00

Stored in Garage
2009 Chevy Camaro
A.R.: 5
S.D.C.: 350
Speed: 120 MPH
Range: 200 miles
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Postby James Masters » Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:54 pm


James Paul Masters was a good child, excelling in sports and other physical activities as he grew up. Always popular because of his physical prowess on the playing field and his natural way with the women, James never had a problem in school. A well rounded athlete who's life changed in his second year of college. Having just completed a football game against another college team, James found himself feeling ill in the change room. The rest of the team complained about how cold everything was in the change room, and noticed that the water on the floor was starting to turn to ice.

James froze up as his powers emerged, the entire room becoming coated in ice, just like himself. He found himself changing and the others ran from him. As quickly as this was all happening, James was cornered by security and taken in for questioning as to what happened.

Returning to normal, James now waits to see what happens to his future. Kicked out of the college for what happened.
James Masters

Power Grid

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Fun Images of James/Glacier

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James Masters

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