Junction (Imbued, DECEASED)

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Junction (Imbued, DECEASED)

Postby Junction » Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:23 am

Player Name: Alan Gunhouse
YIM Handle: AlanGunhouse

Character Name: Junction
Power Category: Imbued
Alias: Toshi Hitomo
Occupation: Gardner/Landscaper
Alignment: Scrupulous (Good)
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 10,056 (Updated 11/13/2011 - Blackhaunt)
Next Level @ XP: 17,920
Birth Order/Family Ties: Third born
Land of Origin: USA
Childhood Environment: Suburb
Social/Economic Background: Skilled/Middle Class
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Adult/recently
Disposition: schemer, gambler who likes to take chances
Insanity: Obsession (his snakes)

I.Q.: 11
M.E.: 9
M.A.: 6
P.S.: 29
P.P.: 9
P.E.: 9
P.B.: 9
Speed: 33

PPE: 22
HP: 21
SDC: 36
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Height: ~ 6' 6"
Weight: ~250
Description: Big, strong, fast, and Japanese...he had a football scholarship at one time...

Nature of Imbuing Agent: Biological

What Kind of Addiction does the agent cause: Severe, takes twice as long to recover

Who can gain super abilities from the agent: Anyone, but the person must have the agent tailored to their body chemistry

Who can make the imbuing agent: Only those taught by the imbued hero

How long does each dose last: 6 hours

How often can the imbuing agent be taken: once every 24 hours

Super Abilities
1) Conduct Electricity
a) Conduct Electricity: Range; 100'+15/L (145 feet), Damage; None, Duration; 1 minute per level
b) Toss Electrical Bolts: Range; 100'+15/L (145'), Damage; 3d6, Duration; 1 attack, Bonus; +2 strike, limit, needs power source
c) Stop Electrical Devices: Range; 20' radius
d) Parry electrical attack: Range; self or 100 feet, Bonus; +3 to parry or 10 ' radius field
e) Redirect electrical attack: Range; self (standard power range for the attack), Damage; as original attack (or 5d6+1d6/L)
f) Sense Electricity 70% (+5%), Range 100'+15'/L (145')
g) Automatic skill knowledge: Basic Electronics +20%

2) Frequency Absorption
a) Jam Transmissions: Range; 100' radius / level (400'), Requires half of the character's attacks
b) Radio Communications: Range; 300 miles / level (1200 miles); can transmit and receive audio, but needs to touch a TV or computer monitor to get video
c) Absorb Microwaves: Range 100' radius / level (400'), takes no damage
d) GPS: can use GPS data to locate and navigate himself
e) Sense Communications Systems 80% (+5%): Range 100' radius / level (400')
f) Skill Bonuses: +5% to all Communications, Computer, and Sensor (use / operation) skills

3) Immunity to High Speed Kinetic Attacks: Any physical object traveling more than 120 MPH does no damage

4) Line Transit
a) May pass through any conductive material at great speed (wiring works best), may travel 1 mile every melee action
b) Range: as far as the wires reach, but moving more than 100 miles is disorienting (needs Line Navigation roll)
c) Duration: 1 melee round a level (which means he can only travel 20 miles at his current level before emerging)
e) Line Navigation 67% (+4%)...-5% for every 300 miles traveled, a failed roll means arriving 3d6 miles from destination

5) Mechanical Awareness: Range 50' radius per level (200')
a) Negates any bonuses provided by technology to strike
b) knows when attacks are launched from machines in range against him: Bonus +3 initiative (+4 vs AI systems)
c) tech laden adversaries are at -3 to dodge and lose 2 attacks per round
d) Automatically senses the presence of bugs, cameras, and spy devices in range
e) Automatic Dodge at +4 when facing technologically based attacks

6) Sliding
a) Movement speed 80 MPH + 5/L (95 MPH)
b) Bonuses: +2 Dodge, +1 roll with punch/fall/impact, and can not be grappled, pinned, or placed in a body hold, nor thrown
c) Sense of Balance 82% (+2)
d) Sliding body slam: Damage; 2d4+4/20 MPH, Knocks down opponent 1-80% (knocked down opponent loses 2 actions)

EDUCATION LEVEL: 2 years college

Sense of Balance 82% (+2)
Line Navigation 67% (+4%)
Sense Communications Systems 80% (+5%)
Sense Electricity 70% (+5%)

Scholastic Skills
Medical Investigation Program +15%
Biology 60% (+5%)
Criminal Science/Forensics 65% (+5%)
Chemistry 60% (+5%)
Math: Advanced 75% (+5%)
Math: Basic 75% (+5%)
Pathology 70% (+5%)

Science Program +15%
Anthropology 50% (+5%)
Botany 55% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 55% (+5%)
Computer Operation 70% (+5%) +70%

Secondary Skills
(At level 1)
1) Cook 50% (+5%)
2) Identify Plants and Fruits 40% (+5%)
3) Research 65% (+5%)
4) Hand To Hand: Basic
5) Running
6) Swimming 65% (+5%)
7) Language: Japanese 70% (+5%)
8) Holistic Medicine 30% (+5%)
9) Holistic Medicine (takes 2 slots)
10) Literacy: Japanese 45% (+5%)
(At level 3)
First Aid 45% (+5%)
WP: Sword

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus:
Strike Bonus: +1 with sword
Parry Bonus: +2 Parry electrical attack: Bonus; +3 to parry +1 with sword
Dodge Bonus: +2 +4
Automatic Dodge at +4 when facing technologically based attacks

Disarm Bonus:
HTH Damage Bonus: +14
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2 +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Other: Karate Kick for 2d4, snap kick for 1d6, Sliding body slam: Damage; 2d4+4/20 MPH, Knocks down opponent 1-80%, can not be grappled, pinned, or placed in a body hold, nor thrown

Weapon Proficiencies
Sword +1 attack, +1 Parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Toxins (15+): +6 (class bonus)
Magic (varies):
Lethal Poison (14+): +6 (class bonus)
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +6 (class bonus)
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):
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Junction Background

Postby Junction » Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:23 am

Background Story
When Toshi was young, his father would send him to sleep with tales of the Thunder Spirit, the guardian of the small village in Japan where the family had lived for centuries, and where many of them still did. His father had moved to the USA to find work in the family gardening business, so it was not until he was ten that he met his Uncles, Aunts, cousins, and the Partiarch of the family, his grandfather.

While there, he discovered a room that at first frightened him badly, a room filled with live snakes. He stood in the room frozen in fear until his grandfather entered and started teaching him about how snakes are important and how the spirits of snakes have been venerated for their wisdom. By the time he left, he was fascinated by snakes, and wanted some day to have one just like the grand King Cobra his grandfather kept.

His grandfather sent him presents on his birthday after that, books on snakes and the healing properties of herbs, and mystery novels, particularly mysteries involving deaths by exotic poisons. He became an avid reader, though he worked when asked at his father's Landscaping business and developed great strength. He also took up running to try to increase his stamina, with limited success.

Given his strength and speed, it was no wonder he was picked for the high school football team, though he lacked the coordination to be either a quarterback or a pass receiver he could break through an opposing line with ease, or block an enemy lineman with equal skill. It was enough to get him a scholarship to a local university.

He did see his Grandfather again one other time, travel to Japan being so expensive the did not have many chances. The second time was just after high school, when he discussed going to college with him. His Grandfather suggested he study forensic medicine, given his liking for mysteries. It seemed a very good idea to Toshi, so that was his chosen field.

It was only two years later that his grandfather died and left him his snakes, herbs and seeds, a gilded strait sword, and a collection of manuscripts, some dating back over a thousand years. The manuscripts were, mostly, stories of sightings of the Thunder Spirit. The oldest of those described an attempt by a number of Ronin to take over the village, as the story was told by a survivor, telling how a naked boy carrying a golden sword which was not properly curved had confronted them, and had pointed the sword at the sky and called down lightning into his hands and thrown it at them, had laughed as the arrows shot at him had all mysteriously failed to strike him, then had fled faster than a horse when they tried to bring him into melee, only to appear again and strike down more of them with hurled bolts of lightning. They had fled from this strange manifestation, certain it was a Kami. The Emperor had sent a group of samurai to the village, only to find no one there who knew how to fight but the old lord, his son being barely trained to hold a blade.

There were two older manuscripts, the first a letter from a Samurai to his son, describing a trip to China and how he was ignobly captured and sold to an alchemist, who claimed he wanted to become immortal and bought him to test his theories on...and how the treatment he was given had let him pass through the metal bars of the cage as a man would swim through water, and had let him move across the ground like the wind while being as hard for others to grab as that wind as well, but only from sunrise until noon of the day it was given. He had agreed to stay with the Alchemist and let him try again, if the Alchemist would send the secret of these gifts to his son. There was a second ancient scroll, this one written in Chinese (which took months to translate properly, as some of the ideograms were very obscure) describing a way to feed a King Cobra a rat dosed with certain herbs and the blood of the person to be treated, in order to change the venom to something else...something equally fatal to any but the person from whom the blood came...and (in noted at the end) also fatal to that person if a second dose was taken before a full day had passed.

There was one final note, in modern writing, telling him, "The Keeper of the Cobras is the Thunder Spirit. You are he the snakes have chosen, you must take my place as the champion of our clan." Included with this are specific dosage instructions, and a note that the sword is gilded to conduct electricity better, and pointed and strait so it can act as a lightning rod, for without such a rod he can not draw lightning from the sky, but can only gather power from electric lines he touches.

It took some time to grow the herbs and get his courage up to follow the instructions, but eventually he did so. Immediately he started wondering if he was hallucinating, as he was overwhelmed with sensory data he had never before experienced. He could hear every radio station within three hundred miles, could sense the location of every electrical device within a hundred feet, and had an amazing sense of balance. He soon found he could indeed cross the ground like the wind, or faster than most winds even and with as little holding him back because he is nearly frictionless. He could pass through metal, or even water, like an electric current, covering miles in a minute or less. He could pass electricity through him with little or no resistance, doing him no harm, though it did take something conductive and pointed to draw lightning from the sky. Somehow or other bullets can not hit him, and he slides past large fast moving objects unharmed.

He had to give up college, because a hero has to be on call...which is hard to do if you need to be in class. Instead, he worked for his father...who was very understanding when he had to take off suddenly. He soon discovered he was a sheer terror for high tech villains, as he could shut down electrical systems as well as tell what they were doing before they hit him.

Even though he focused more on street level crime, eventually he came to the attention of the authorities, who suggested strongly that he either Join Omega Squad or get out of town. He decided to join, he is not really much of a melee fighter but he is bound to be useful somehow.
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Junction basic gear

Postby Junction » Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:16 pm

Equipment List (before joining)
Workshop/Garden for creating imbuing agent
Newish basic sedan
Sword of the Thunder Spirit (nothing special, basically a long sword except it is gilded to conduct electricity better and has a solid metal hilt...not sure what this would cost)

Budget: $10000 for crime fighting materials

Concealed Light Armor AR 10, 50 SDC $1200
Night Sight Goggles $5200
Rechargeable, unbreakable flashlight $160
Handcuffs, heavy duty 2 pair $100
Gas Mask $50
Tear Gas Grenades (4) $200
Emergency Band Receiver (not sure of price)
Basic electrician's tool kit (not sure of price)

Power Grid

Postby Blackhaunt » Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:37 pm

Let the GAMES begin.
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Re: Junction (Imbued, APPROVED)

Postby Junction » Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:13 pm

(I thought I might like to keep this power description, for when the thread it was done in is deleted)

Toshi responds, "I was raised by Japanese parents, though I was raised here in America, sometimes the cultures clash. It is impolite to ask personal questions as I was raised, the person is free to volunteer the information if they wish you to know...or indicate that an inquiry would be accepted. However, I will answer...it is a bit of a long answer though."

"I am the Thunder Kami...the latest one at least. If you were familiar with the legends of my family's ancestral village, that statement would tell you much. For a thousand years at least my family has held the secret of triggering the strange abilities I now wield in their chosen champion. Legends say that the Thunder Kami can run as swiftly as the wind, that no man or metal cage can hold him, that he can call lightning from the sky and wield it against his foes, that no arrow can touch him. This is all true, but there is a lot more to my power than that," Toshi adds.

He considers how to explain the rest, "I think, though I am not sure how it works, that my body assumes a superfluid free particle state. It lets me pass electricity through me like a superconductor...or pass through any conductor as if I were made of electricity though much slower...possibly due to the need to maintain organization as I travel. Because I am a better conductor than almost anything, I can divert nearby electricity into me and ground it out, if I raise a pointed conductor, like my sword, into the air to act as a lightning rod I can call down free flowing electrons or protons from the upper atmosphere and redirect them. I can also sense electrical energy nearby, I think that is due to the strong internal magnetic fields required to keep superfluid electrons and protons organized reacting to the magnetic fields of the electrical systems."

"Now I think my magnetic and electric fields extend a way around my body, this causes objects nearing me to become charged with static electricity...and the faster they are moving the more magnetism this induces...and that magnetism causes them to be deflected. So Arrows, bullets, shrapnel...nothing moving fast enough will reach me."

"Further, at extremely short range, the induced static energy repels things enough that I become virtually frictionless. I can not be grabbed and I can slide over the ground faster than any olympic speed skater can move on ice."

"I can, when powered up, sense the radio to microwave portion of the spectrum, not see it like you do but rather hear and feel it. I can also talk on those frequencies...or emit static that can garble others trying to talk. I can generally tell the relative strength and direction of a signal, so I can track it."

"I am not quite sure how it works, but somehow I can tell when any type of machine is focused on me, and interfere with that focus. The more complex the machine, generally the more I can interfere. This means something like Empire's power armor is nearly helpless against me, but a simple man with a stick could beat me up...as long as he does not try to wrestle me anyway."

"The thing is, I did not know I was expected to become the Thunder Kami...and so am a bit lacking in the physical training side. Fortunately I was studying to become a medical examiner and have some useful detective skills."

Toshi considers, then says, "The problem is, there is a limit on how long I can use my powers, so I have to only use them when I need them."

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