Panzer (Mutant Human, Inactive)

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Panzer (Mutant Human, Inactive)

Postby Panzer » Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:14 pm

Player Name: Jason
YIM Handle:

Character Name: Samtan Murton
Power Category: Human Mutant
Alias: Panzer
Occupation: Student at military college
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 6,711 (Updated 7/10/2010 - Blackhaunt)
Next Level @ XP: 8,251
Birth Order/Family Ties: Unknown other then adoptive family
Land of Origin: Raised in San Diego California but born somewhere else in the USA
Childhood Environment: Was sent to foster parents who serve in the military
Social/Economic Background: Actual parents were Highly Skilled/Upper class
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: At birth and continually appeared as he grew in age. Military found out in his late teens when he used his powers to protect himself and his colleagues from harm during a failed experiment in the field.
Disposition: Protective of his teammates, be it in the lab or in the field, but he can kind of come off as cold.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 11
M.E.: 20
M.A.: 5
P.S.: 21 (22)
P.P.: 15
P.E.: 23
P.B.: 15
Speed: 20

Stats in Orange are the result of Bio-Armor being active.
Stats in Blue are the result of Prehensile Feet being active (must be barefoot).

PPE: 15
HP: 31
SDC: 125
Bio-Armor SDC: 260
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4" (7')
Weight: 230lbs (300 lbs)
Description: Wears semi loose shirts and pants while off duty or studying. Uniform at other times. Has green eyes and black hair cut to military length.

Natural Abilities
A.R.: 12 (16)
Running Speed: 14 MPH
Immune to Disease.
Poisons and drugs last 1/10 their usual duration (typically 15-60 seconds), and 1/3 their normal effect/penalties.
Takes half damage from Fire, Heat, and Cold while encased in Bio-Armor.

Mutant Characteristics
Prehensile feet/toes(pg 160 HU 2nd ed)

Super Abilities - Powers grow with age and experience, additional power at 6, 9, 12, 15. Roll for Minor - 1-70% or Major - 71-00%.

Major Powers
Super Regeneration(Pg 99 Powers Unlimited 3)
-Impervious to disease. Poisons and drugs last only 1/10 their usual duration (typically 15-60 seconds), and have 1/3 their normal effect/penalties or dmg.
-Heals dmg at the rate of 2d6 pts per melee round (or 1d4x10+4 per minute). Never scars, no matter how grievous the wounds. Only wounds from magic may leave some minor scarring.
-Injury to internal organs heals completely in a matter of minutes. A lost organ will completely regenerate within an hour. Massive injury to the heart or brain is painful but not lethal, even if 90% is lost! It will regrow within a matter of 1d6x10 minutes. However, such severe trauma will make the char weak for 1d6+1 hours. Reduce spd, attack per melee round, combat bonuses, and skill performance by ½ for the duration of the recovery time. Moreover, the healing of additional sdc, and hp dmg during this period is at ½ as the body struggles with the strain of the phenomenal amount of healing it must do.
Note. Such grievous injury to the brain will cause the char to forget the exact cause of death and the most traumatic moment. If it seems appropriate the gm may make it so the character does not remember the 6-24 hours before his or her death experience.
-Regrows lost limbs. A finger, toe, hand or foot will regrow within 24 hours. An entire arm or leg, within 48 hours. More than one limb 3d6+72 hours. Half or more of the body, 2d6+10 days. During this period, the char suffers from the penalties noted above under:”massive injury” as well as the obvious penalties from the injury.
Note: Decapitation, complete destruction of the brain and being blown to bits or atomized spells death and super-regeneration is impossible.

Bio Armor (Pg 31 Heroes unlimited 2nd ed pg 254)
1. Natural A.R. & and Organic armor: With a though (faster than a single melee action, & +2 on initiative to put it up before being struck by an attack), the char can cover his body with a metallic substance that has been dubbed “organic metal.” This protective covering can seamless or made of plates that seem to appear like magic. Beneath the armor is the flesh and blood person.
Natural bio-armor A.R. 16: any attack equal to or below the A.R. 16 does no dmg
Any rolls to strike above 16 will do dmg first to the bio-armor. When the sdc of the bio-armor is depleted, it disappears and all subsequent dmg is inflicted to the flesh and blood person.
Armor sdc: 200+20 per lvl of exp(260)
Light weight: increase the char’s weight by 30%(296lbs total)
Increase char’s size by 10%(6’8)
Excellent mobility, no movement or skill penalties apply
If the bio-armor, is completely depleted of its sdc, it cannot be recreated with full sdc for 24 hours. However a light partial armor(upper body, arms, and hands only; AR 13 80sdc +5 per lvl of exp) can be created after 8 hours. Clothing is covered by the armor.
2. Partial armor: the char has such control over his bio-armor that he can create the armor to cover a comparatively small part of his body rather than the entire body. This means the superbeing could make one(or both) hands and arms covered with armor(the length of one arm is the smallest area possible), or just the head and upper body(head, chest and stomach) or just the lower body(feet, legs, and groin.) The entire amount of available sdc and full AR of 16 can directed to that one area of the body, so one arm and hand could have 200+sdc and AR 16. Note when full armor is up the sdc is automatically and subconsciously) distributed to where it is needed most.
3. Resistant to heat, fire and cold: such environment and attacks inflict ½ normal dmg against bio-armor(including those generated by magic or psionics). Furthermore, they char’s heat sig is 20% lower than a normal human.
4. Other abilities & bonuses when armor in place:
+1d6 dmg(punches, kicks, head butt, using-held melee weapons like a sword or mace, etc)
Add 1d4 to ps
No reduction of spd or mobility
5. Disadvantages
When in metallic form, the superbeing is a bit taller and heavier which can be a problem in some situations. It is virtually impossible for him to walk among ordinary people unnoticed, because he looks like a knight or robot than an ordinary Joe. Armor disappears if the char is rendered unconscious. Does protect against psionic or magical attacks, not against gases or disease(breaths air like everyone else)

Minor Powers
Hardened Skin: (Pg 29 Powers Unlimited 1)
-This ability gives the char a nearly impenetrable AR. For the most part the skin looks healthy and feels normal, though a bit thicker and harder/denser than normal. AR start out at 11 +1 ar pt at lvls 2,4,6,8,10 & 12. +2d4x10(60) sdc and an additional 10 sdc per lvl

Hyperdensity: (Pg 31 Powers Unlimited 1)
-Increase density to point of not being able to move or take dmg.

EDUCATION LEVEL: 1 year of college
Basic Skills
Mathematics: Basic - 65% (+5%)
Speak: English - 80% (+5%)
Read/Write: English - 55% (+5%)
Pilot: Automobile - 66% (+2%)
Science Program
Computer Operation - 65%(40%) (+5%)
Chemistry - 55%(30% does not increase) (+5%)
Astrophysics - 50%(30% does not increase) (+5%)
Biology - 55%(30% does not increase) (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical - 50%(30% does not increase) (+5%)

Military program (Basic)
Hand to Hand: Basic
Climbing - 55%(85%)/45%(75%) (+5%)
Military Etiquette - 60% (+5%)
Radio: Basic - 65% (+5%)
W.P. Rifle

Special Police Skills
Criminal Science (doesn't include Forensic Medicine) 50%+5%
Law (general) 40%+5%
Intelligence 44%+4%

Secondary Skills
Hand to Hand: Expert (upgraded from HtH: Basic at the cost of one skill selection)
W.P. Pistol
Advanced Mathematics - 60% (+5%)
Cook - 50% (+5%)
First Aid - 60% (+5%)
Astronomy - 40% (+5%)
Pilot: Airplane - 62% (30% does not increase) (+4%)
basic mechanics 45%+5%

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +2
Strike Bonus: +2 (+4)
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3 (+4)
HTH Damage Bonus: +6 (+1D6+7)
Bonus to roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2

Weapon Proficiencies
Pistol aimed +3, burst +1, wild +0
Rifle Aimed +3, burst +1, wild +0

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +14%
Toxins (15+): +5
Magic (varies): +5
Lethal Poison (14+): +5
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +5
Insanity (12+): +6
Psionics (varies): +3
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Postby Panzer » Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:31 pm


On Person
.45 Calibre Pistol Model 15 General Officers Pistol - in side holster when worn
Range: 164 feet (50 meters)
Damage: 4D6
Attacks per Melee: Standard
Clip Capacity: 7 round box mag
Weight: 1.0kg
Bonus: +1 to Strike (modified). +1 to Aimed Shots (modified)
Ammunition: Box of 100 .45 rounds stored in apartment

Side Holster worn on belt
Small Boot Knife - Damage: 1D4 worn on/in boot

Stored at Apartment
1 box of 100 .45 rounds in his room

2 pair of hand cuffs
2040 Jeep Wrangler
SDC by Location
Windshield (AR: 12): 250
Tires (4) (AR: 5): 8 each
Fuel Compartment (AR: 10): 200
Main Body (AR: 14): 350
Speed: 150mph max
Range: 150 miles
Modifications: Loudspeaker, Searchlight, Plexiglass Windows, Armored Fuel Compartment, Speed Upgrade, Alarm System, Winch and Cable

Cash on hand: $0
bank: $333.33
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Re: Samtan Murton (Awaiting Approval)

Postby Panzer » Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:13 am

Samtam grew up in a happy militaristic family never knowing his real parents, the only thing he received from them was his first name and the genes that later granted him his abilities. The other thing that he never knew he had was a twin sister named Aurora who was shipped off up north to be raised by her set of adoptive parents. That being the case however he was still raised happily by his adoptive parents who both served in the military under the capacity of being scientists for the army. It was because of this that later on in his life that the path he went down was chosen.

His mutations were for the most part hidden despite starting at his birth. While growing up he was always unnaturally healthy and by the time he reached 10 years of age he was able to withstand a fair amount of injury while those injuries that did happen rapidly healed themselves. It was because of this that he chose to go down the route of a student concentrating on studies instead of a jock. This is not to say he took no part in sports as he did very well in track and field, it was the combative sports like hockey or football where one would be injured that he tended to avoid so as not to give his secret away. Unfortunately the kicker of it all was during his senior year when his greatest power appeared. It was on a night home after studying late at the library. It was dark out and he decided to take a short cut home through the park as to get home as fast as possible. This is when he came upon the scene of a gang of thugs chasing a couple of his classmates around. He could not stand by and let what could happen go through so he charged the gang of thugs. As he was in the process of doing so is when the change took over. His body became coated in a shiny metal which turned to be impervious to the weapons that the thugs had. The short work he made of them added to the ever expanding list of abilities in his arsenal. Luckily there were no other witnesses as the girls ran off in the confusion and could never identify him. And he had a new ability to augment his arsenal, one which till college he kept a secret from all including his parents.

When high school was finished even though he applied and was accepted at several colleges he decided to follow the route his parents went and enrolled in the military to take advantage of the education supplied by them. It was however in his first year that while researching a means to make metal bond to living matter like the same way his recently discovered bio-armour does for him. It is unclear exactly what happened but on one of the days when experimentation was taken place an accident occurred in the lab. It was only because at that moment his bio-armour kicked in with all the witnesses available, that he was able to turn off the fire engulfed power source they were using. Unfortunately it was also because of this incident that he could no longer remain where he was. With that and a cover up so no one, not even his parents would know what had happened. Lastly he was shipped off to Century Station to join a new team being formed there.

Power Grid

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