Coldsnap (Alien, Inactive)

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Coldsnap (Alien, Inactive)

Postby Coldsnap » Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:28 pm

Player Name: Laura
YIM Handle: lauraanderson

Character Name: Frea Antilles
Power Category: Alien (Arismal)
Alias: Coldsnap
Occupation: Scientist
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 4551
Next Level @ XP: 8401
Birth Order/Family Ties: Second born of twins. Parents both alive. No other siblings.
Land of Origin: Deep Space Military Transport Ship.
Childhood Environment: Space-faring Military
Social/Economic Background: Military, egalitarian and pragmatic.
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Early teens, days before "older" brother.
Reason for Coming to Earth: Explorers come to study Earth but have crash-landed
Familiarity with Earth: Some familiarity with Earth
Disposition: Cold and distant to those she doesn't know or trust, but genuinely cares for her friends and family.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 12
M.E.: 25
M.A.: 16
P.S.: 13
P.P.: 11
P.E.: 11
P.B.: 19
Speed: 21

PPE: 6
HP: 34
SDC: 52 (102 in Ice Form)
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 146 (292 in ice form)
Description: Pretty young woman with ice-blue eyes and silvery-bluish-white hair. Is always wearing extremely dark glasses/goggles.

Natural Abilities
Nightvision: 600'
Must wear protective eye wear (sunglasses) or: -4 to Initiative, -8 to strike/parry/dodge
Sensitive Hearing (20 decibels beyond normal human range)
Natural 12 or higher to save vs. Psionic attack
45% Charm/Impress
Max. Weight Lifted: 260 lbs./2600 pounds (when in Ice form)
Max. Weight Carried: 130 lbs./1300 pounds (when in Ice form)

Super Abilities
Alter Physical Structure: Ice
1. Create Snow/Ice: Can create ball of snow or chunk of ice up to 50 lbs. plus 5 lbs/level. Range: 100 ft. plus 10 ft/level. +4 to Strike. Snow does 1D4 damage, plus staggers and momentarily blinds target. 50 pound ice ball does 2D6 damage.

2. Create and Hurl Snowballs: Range is 80'+5'/level. Damage: 1 point +2 strike.

3. Create and Hurl Ice Balls: Range is 100' +10'/lvl. Damage: 1D6 +2 Strike

4. Create and Hurl Ice Shards: Up to 3 can be created at a time. Range: 100'+10'/lvl. Damage: 2D6 per shard. +2 Strike with single shard, no bonus with multiple.

5. Ice Wall or Shield: SDC of wall/shield: small but thick(5x6 ft) is 100 SDC; Medium size (10x8) is 60 SDC; Large size (20x10) is 40 SDC. +2 as parrying/blocking/protection maneuver; instant creation.

6. Encase in Ice: Takes 2 attacks. Range: 100' or touch. See HU2 pg. 244-245 for specifics.

7. Generate Ice: Range: 20', up to 60' away. See HU2 pg. 246 for details.

8. Other: Impervious to cold; Normal weight doubled when in ice form; Estimate temperature near/below freezing within 1D4 degrees; Exceptional balance on ice 70%+2%/lvl. Physical Str. becomes Extraordinary when in ice form. Natural AR rating of 14; +50 SDC; Horror Factor 12 in ice form; See HU2 pg. 246 for more details.

Control Elemental Force: Air
1. Wind Rush: Range 300 ft. +3 strike Damage: HU2 pg. 256 for details. 2 attacks Duration: 1 melee

2. Whirlwind: Range: 20' radius up to 300' away. Duration: 8 melee rounds HU2 pg. 256 for details.

3. Ride the Wind: Range self only; Duration 10 minutes/lvl; Maximum speed: 15 mph

4. Change Wind Direction: Range 320' radius; Duration 4 minutes/level

5. Stop Wind/Control wind speed: Range 160' radius; Duration 4 minutes/level

6. Create Air Bubble: Range Self or 60'; Duration 12 minutes/level; Bubble radius 6 feet; Speed 10 MPH

7. Call Lightning: Range 200'+20'/lvl; Damage: 6D6; +2 Strike

8. Atmospheric Manipulation: See HU2 pg. 257 for details

9. Other: Resistant to cold and electricity (half damage); Accurately sense air temperature within 1D4 degrees

Physical Perfection: Appears to others as 3 levels higher in experience than she actually is

Bio-Aura: Protects and affects the character's equipment and clothing from their other super abilities. APS powers will not damage equipment worn or carried by the character. Any clothing or armor worn appears to disappear when form is changed, but is actually still there and functions as normal. Simple weapons and tools take on traits of character. For example, a sword held by a character who activates APS: Fire would now appear to be made of fire. Can protect up to 100 pounds of armor, weapons, and equipment. Any item dropped or thrown loses the Bio-Aura protective properties. Complex weapons and equipment, like guns, energy weapons, electronics and mechanical devices do NOT change with the super being, but ARE protected by the Bio-Aura.

Living Anatomy: Intuitively understands the human body and body language in intimate detail. Can gauge many of the body's indicators through simple visual observation, including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc. and can perform basic diagnoses without need of medical instruments, using only natural senses. Can use this ability to determine the following:
1. If subject is angry, scared, calm, etc.
2. Happy or sad.
3. Lying or telling the truth. Not always accurate, however. Roll percentile; 1-60%, superbeing is reasonably sure, 61-89% uncertain but thinks subject is one or the other, 90-00% absolutely certain and correct.
4. If subject is healthy or hurt. No exact diagnosis, but can tell if the subject is suffering serious, moderate, minor, or insignificant injury.
5. Exhausted or fresh and strong.
6. Suffering from illness, internal injury, blood loss, drugs or insanity.
7. Tensing for an attack or flight.
Bonuses: Automatically knows first aid at 80% +2%/lvl. +10% to all medical skills known. Knows pressure points and vital spots to inflict extra 1D6+4 damage from punches intended to do maximum damage. Inflicts critical damage from behind or on natural, unmodified roll of 17-20 regardless of hand to hand skill.

Danger Sense: Can sense immediate personal danger. Does not inform of nature, or direction, of the danger, just that character is in imminent danger. Warning time is 3 seconds in advance per level of super being, and makes them hyper alert and ready to act or react at a moment's notice.

Extraordinary Mental Endurance: Very mentally stable, strong-willed and striking personality that is difficult to mind control, suppress or break. Has a will of iron. Needs 12 or higher to save vs. psionic attack (plus ME bonus)

Special Skills
First Aid: 86% +2%/lvl (From Living Anatomy power)
Language: English—90%
Literacy: English—90%
Language: Japanese—90%
Literacy: Japanese-90%
Language: Russian—90%
Literacy: Russian—90%

EDUCATION LEVEL: Alien: Science Specialist

Scholastic Skills
Computer Operation: 65% +5%/lvl
Basic Mathematics: 80% +5%/lvl
Read Sensory Equipment: 55% +5%/lvl
Chemistry: 65% +5%/lvl
Analytical Chemistry: 60% +5%/lvl
Advanced Mathematics: 80% +5%/lvl
Astrophysics: 60% +5%/lvl
Biology: 65% +5%/lvl
Pathology: 75% +5%/lvl
Medical Doctor: 80%/70% +5%/lvl
Hand to Hand: Expert
Radio: Basic 70% +5%/lvl
Optic Systems: 55% +5%/lvl

Secondary Skills
Athletics: General
Prowl: 40% +5%/lvl
Pilot: Automobile 66% +2%/lvl
Research: 65% +5%/lvl
WP Targeting

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +4
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +7
Disarm Bonus: --
HTH Damage Bonus: --/
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Other: Knows pressure points (+1d6+4 damage from punches); Critical damage on 17-20 or from behind. Kick attack (1D6 damage). Backhand Strike (1D6); Body Flip (1D6); Human Fist (1D4); Elbow/Forearm (1D6); Power Punch (double damage dice, two attacks)

Weapon Proficiencies
WP Targeting +2 Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +5%
Toxins (15+): --
Magic (varies): --
Lethal Poison (14+): --
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): --
Insanity (12+): +8
Psionics (varies): +5
Horror Factor: +6
Possession: +6
Magic Illusions: +1
Mind Altering Drugs: +6
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Re: Coldsnap (Alien, APPROVED)

Postby Coldsnap » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:43 am

Equipment List

"Earth" clothing: Several sets of clothing, some stylish, most utilitarian. Favors "cool" colors.....blues, grays, silver, white.

PSE-7000 Scanner (Dimension Book 6 pg. 105) with following "add-on" features: Video and audio recording unit; Bio-unit; Scanner Booster; Holographic Imager
Basic Unit
1. Measure all spectrums of Light: Range is 500 feet.
2. Measure and Intercept Energy Emissions: Good for determining radiation signatures that are either naturally occurring or artificial. Also tells the difference between various power supplies such as nuclear fission, fusion, and anti-matter reactors. Range: 1000 feet
3. Auto-Mapping feature: Using graviton emissions, the PSE can create a crude map and add on to it as the owner moves. Scanner has small plasma display so owner can track position. Range: 50 feet area
4. Densitometer: Measures density of an object. Can be used in conjunction with the Auto-Mapper to find secret doors. Range: 5 feet.
5. Motion Detector: Range is 150 feet
6. Memory: 10 Terabytes
7. Universal Jack: Scanner has a universal jack so that it can be connected to other computers to download or upload information. Takes 15 seconds to transfer one terabyte of information. Universal port is made of nanites to help configure it. Can fit into most computer, vehicle, and robot ports, but may not fit into extremely alien machinery, and DOES NOT work on Phase Tech or organic technology.
8. Battery: Small electro-cell provides power for 48 hours of continuous use or 200 activations. Small base with built-in recharger is included.

9. Video and audio recording add-on: Mounted on top of scanner and allows it to function as camera (digital and video).
10. Scanner Booster: Doubles range of all functions.
11. Bio-Unit: Tracks and pinpoints life signs. Range: 500 feet.
12. Holographic Imager: Large add-on which can take any stored image and turn it into a 3-D hologram.

Money: 30,000 in various gemstones.

Re: Coldsnap (Alien, APPROVED)

Postby Coldsnap » Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:12 am

So, my brother has told you everything? He always has been a bit of a blabbermouth. What all did he tell you?

Yeah, that is how it happened. We were born on the flagship of the Arismal Defense Force. Of course, we aren't really a defense force now, since we don't have a planet to defend. So a more fitting name would be Arismal Expeditionary Force. An expedition to find a new homeworld.

Yes, yes, I know I tend to digress at times. Just something you will have to get used to. Where were we? Oh yes, my history. Well, as I am sure my brother told you, we were among the first born on board the ship after the disaster. First set of twins, too. That was a pretty big deal. You see, twin births are unusual among our people. Something like one in....

Sorry, off on a tangent again, was I? Ok, look. Quick and dirty. We grew up on a military ship, surrounded by the military life. Whether we liked it or not, we were going to be military. When our powers manifested, we were fast-tracked for officer status. Not because of the powers, but because we had so many. While most of our race has powers, few have so many, or as powerful as ours. I was more interested in the scientific pursuits, while my brother just wanted to look good for the girls. Not that it did him much good. His personality is a bit too fiery for.......

Ok, ok! Relax! Yes, we were officers. Yes, we were sent to try and find a habitable world for our people. Yes, we found a probe, obviously sent by your people. We, or I should say I, studied it, and determined where it came from. We set course for here, following the telemetry of the probe. Studying the probe, I was surprised at how similar our races are to each other. Did you know we only have three base pair chromosomes difference in our....Oh, of course you do. Forgive my tangent again.

So, anyway....we entered your solar system and approached this planet. Earth, you say? If you say so. What? How did we avoid detection? Child's play, really. We simply kept another solar body between our ship and your planet as much as possible. It was simple in the outer reaches of your system. Such large planets out there! And plenty of moons to hide behind, as well. Did you know, that one of the moons of your sixth planet is....

Sorry. Yes, I will try to focus more on your questions. After passing through your asteroid belt, we hid behind a red planet. Mars, I believe you call it. We waited until your moon was in position to cover us, and simply moved up behind it. Started our scans, launched a couple of small probes so we could get more data. I, for one, wanted to just collect the data from there, and then get back to our people to report our findings. My brother, however, convinced Eric that we should get more detailed surveys, and the only way to do that was to actually enter your atmosphere. As we were entering, alarms started popping off. Eric was convinced he could land safely, though, so instead of simply bouncing off your atmosphere and returning to space, he directed us down, into the middle of one of your oceans. Luckily, we managed to land on a small island. We bribed some of the local inhabitants to take us to a more civilized location, where we managed to procure some clothing and other basic supplies. Someplace called Australia, I believe. We then booked passage on one of your antique flying machines, and went to a place called Mexico, where we learned of a place further north we might be able to get some help in returning to our people, or at least contacting them.

However, we must have made some kind of error, because we were detained at the border, and turned over to you people. And now, you have been keeping us here for almost one of your solar years, questioning us and saying you are "acclimating us" to how your society functions. And now you tell us you want us to be policemen, of sorts? I suppose we could assist you in controlling your criminal element.

At least, until the fleet arrives...
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