James Peacecroft (Natural Genius, On Hiatus)

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James Peacecroft (Natural Genius, On Hiatus)

Postby James » Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:16 pm

Player Name: Clayton
YIM Handle: NilesGrey

Character Name: James Peacecroft
Power Category: Natural Genius
Occupation: Translator, CEO of his own corporation 'The Tank'- "Bringing you creative solutions for a fascinating world."
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points:
Next Level @ XP:
Birth Order/Family Ties: Only child, Mother and Father good relations.
Land of Origin: Century Station, United States
Childhood Environment: Disciplinarian Family, not violently so, just strict. Has lived in Century Station most of his life.
Social/Economic Background: Middle Class.
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Born with them.
Disposition: Generally fascinated by life, curious, sometimes gives the impression of being far away while he's thinking.
Insanity: None, but the brilliant are always considered a little crazy.

I.Q.: 30
M.E.: 21
M.A.: 15
P.S.: 11
P.P.: 17
P.E.: 16
P.B.: 12
Speed: 18

PPE: 23
HP: 25
SDC: 35
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 169 lbs.
Description: 5'10", wirey frame with sandy blond hair, and blue grey eyes. Wears respectable business attire, without a tie, and a simple button up white shirt, top button undone. His hair is always a little ruffled, and he keeps a trimmed beard.

Natural Abilities
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 35%
Carrying Capacity: 110 lbs.
Lifting Capacity: 220 lbs.
Perception Bonus: +13

Special Abilities
Mental Disciplines
Analytical Mind
Enhanced Memory: Always remembers events, names, numbers. Other details are (1-60%) Remembered clearly, (61-90%) remebers the gist, can paraphrase and operate a machine from recollection, (91-100%) or can only remember the basic concepts with out any real details.)
Iron Willpower: Resistant to all forms of mind control, can retain consciousness (cannot be knocked unconscious from a physical blow to the head) and is resistant to drugs. Remains semi-conscious even after all S.D.C. and H.P reduced to zero, though he is in a dazed or dreamlike state. In that state, limited to 2 attacks per round, no combat bonuses, speed is reduced by half, and -40% on skills. Character can function in this state until reduced below zero by 16 (P.E.) after which the character falls into a coma and will die without immediate medical treatment.
Speed Reader: Character can read, comprehend, and remember his M.E. in pages per minute of solid text. Also the character gains a +5% to build, de-construct, or do something after reading the written instructions.
Mind Over Matter/Pain Tolerance: Raised pain threshold imposes -40% skill penalty upon those using Interrogation, or Torture. Also provides the ability to perform skills when exhausted or seriously wounded without penalty.
Unnatural Perception
Skill advancement beyond 98%

EDUCATION LEVEL: Doctorate in Astrophysics, Robotics Engineering & Language Arts

Scholastic Skills
Basic Electronics - 86% (+5%)
Computer Repair - 81% (+5%)
Electrical Engineer - 86% (+5%)
Robot Electronics - 86% (+5%)
Detect Ambush - 56% (+5%)
Escape Artist - 86% (+5%)
Forgery - 76% (+5%)
Intelligence - 86% (+4%)
Wilderness Survival - 56% (+5%)
Aircraft Mechanics - 81% (+5%)
Automotive Mechanics - 81% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics - 86% (+5%)
Locksmith - 91% [96% if working on complex or high tech locks] (+5%)
Mechanical Engineer - 81% (+5%)
Robot Mechanics - 86% (+5%)
Weapons Engineer - 81% (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Astrophysics - 81% (+5%)
Biology - 86% (+5%)
Chemistry - 86% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical - 81% (+5%)
Mathmatics: Advanced - 101% (+5%)
Computer Operations - 96% (+5%)
Computer Programming - 86% (+5%)
Language - Spanish - 106% (+5%)
Language - Cantonese - 106% (+5%)
Language - Russian - 106% (+5%)
Language - German - 106% (+5%)
Language - Japanese - 106% (+5%)
Language - Hindi - 106% (+5%)
Language - Arabic - 106% (+5%)
Language - Latin - 106% (+5%)
Literacy - Latin - 106% (+5%)
Business and Finance - 86% (+5%)
Research - 106% (+5%)
Writing - Journalistic - 81% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Surveillance Systems - 66% (+5%)
T.V. & Video - 49% (+4%)
- Sense of Balance - 86% (+5%)
- Walk tightrope or high wire - 82% (3%)
- Climb Rope - 94% (+4%)
- Back Flip - 100% (+7%)

(2nd Level) Climb - 81% (+5%)
- Work parallel bars & rings - 82% (+3%)
Prowl - 61% (+5%)
(2nd Level) Running - +1 P.E., +8 Spd., +5 S.D.C.
Computer Hacking - 56% (+5%)
Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons - 44% (+4%)
Streetwise - 44% (+4%)
W.P. Targeting
(1st Level) First Aid - 61% (+5%)
(1st Level) Cooking - 51% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: +4
Initiative Bonus: +5
Strike Bonus: +3
Parry Bonus: +4
Dodge Bonus: +6
Disarm Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: 0
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +7
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Kick Attack - 2D4
Karate Kick - 2D4
Leg Hook - No damage but knocks down target, cannot be parried.
Backward Sweep - Used only on opponents behind the character. No amage but knocks down target, cannot be parried.
Cresent Kick - 2D4+2
Snap Kick - Works in confined spaces, 1d6

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Targeting - +2 to Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 19%
Toxins (15+): +1
Magic (varies): +1
Lethal Poison (14+): +1
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +1
Insanity (12+): +3
Psionics (varies): +4

Current Developments

Postby James » Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:32 pm

Neurotic Fear of Animals - Developing as a result of The Creator "treatment"

Equipment List (reposted to name car and give vehicle info)

Postby James » Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:52 am


Worn on Person
Nice Business Suit with White Button up shirit (top button undone)
Ivisor Cell Phone
Swiss Army Knife
Gerber Tool
Bic Lighter
Professional Duffle bag (Normally worn across the chest, set down upon reaching destination)

Carried In Duffle Bag-- Back on his person.
Electronic Notebook (Kept in cushioned impact resistant pouch)
Palmtop PC (w/Software used in project design; Kept in cushioned impact resistant pouch)
Superior Professional Grade Lockpick Kit with License
Medical Bag
Bic Lighters (x9)
Protable Tool kit (Equipped for Electronic, Automotive and Robotic fieldwork)

Apartment in MidTown
Household Cleaners (2x of each)
Vitamin Supplements (5x of each)
Cooking Seasonings (2x of each)
Cooking Utensils
5x Dark Tint Wine Bottles (Empty upon examination)
CityNet Terminal w/multimedia suite
Tool kit equipped for electronics, automotive, mechanics, and robotics.
Personal Chemistry Lab

5x Business Suits in a varity of shades
2x Pairs of Dress Shoes (each pair goes with the suits)
2x Mechanic Workers outfits
2x Lab outfits
5x casual wear (about 1-5 months out of fashion)
1x pair of tennis shoes (about an inch of dust on them)
1x pair of hard toe boots (worn appearance, probably need to replace)

Personal Vehicle-- Recoved, but vandalized...

2042 Subaru Legacy Outback (Luxury Sedan)
A.R.: 7
SDC: 450
Max. Speed: 120mph
Range: 250 miles

Bank account: 4350 dollars

*updated car status

Story Time (reposted to keep character sheet organized

Postby James » Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:55 am

The Surface story:
James Peacecroft born in the Southern Appalachians was quick to grasp the simple things in life that we take for granted.

He started walking before he really ever crawled, learned basic speach by listening to his mother sing, started reading shortly after he could speak fluently. His father was a linguist and often left his language books out after brushing up on them, and little James always curious would read them as often as he did Bearnstien Bears books, but at 5 years of age he gave up the bears and started reading everything about the adult world he could. At 6 years of age his parents moved to Century Station hoping that the scientific programs, and potentially better schooling would benefit James. James immediatly took to school, learning everything he could, sometimes even going above and beyond what was available in the chool and having his parents take him to a college library. At age 12 James was flying into his college years, doing every ounce of extra credit he could, working overtime in the libraries, and soaking up knowledge. He participated on a track and field team for a year, then tried gymnastics for a year, then found his nitch in Martial Arts, a discipline that honed the mind and the body. Life was good, his parents didn't let him quit when he would momentarily get stumped (even if they had no clue how to help him). Then as with every story, life caught up.

His parents where so far into debt they owed money to just about every bank they could borrow money from, and then had borrowed from the underbelly of the city, and they were running out of time. Finally understanding the prediciment he'd placed his parents in, James immediatly started working on trying to pay off the debts, a gadget here to speed teller time, or optimizing the computer systems to increase productivity in a design firm, working as a business consultant for an investment firm, all hoping that he would be able to keep his parents in their home and with thier lives. After 3 years of hard work, most of the debt is paid off and James is looking for the opportunity to get back to some learning.

The Underground Stories:
May 23 2039, 8:39pm -
Two figures approach the door to an ordinary but small home. One smirks to Two and knocks loudly on the door. A man slightly pudgy around the midsection, with a bald crown, a brownish hair fading to grey at the sides answers the door.

One grabs the man, pulling him outside lifting him clean off the floor and slamming him into the wall of the house. A dry raspy voice of someone who has smoked too much eminates from Two "Bossman wants what 'ou said 'ou had." the impact of One's fist into the stomach of the man coinciding with the end of Two's sentance, "So do ya have it or not?" One drops the man to his feet and he slides all the way to the ground, coughing up some of his recently eaten dinner. One pulls back his leg to kick the man, but Two steps in front stopping the blow and rasps "He can't pay if 'e's dead, and 'ou hit like a 'ammer give him a second. 'e'll talk or I'll let 'ou back at 'im". The man still partially retching on his step pulls an envelope from his pocket and holds it out toward Two. One quickly grabs the envelope, and one of the fingers on the mans hand and twists it crudly backward snapping it at the first knuckle, then hands the envelope to Two. Two quickly scans the envelope contents and rasps "That 'ill do to start, don't be late 'gin or I won't be with 'im the next time." Two begins coughing seemingly uncontrollably, and One kicks the man hard enough to lift him off the step and slam him in the wall of his house. Then Two turns and with almost too much care gingerly supports One and begins walking away. Then man stays slumped unconcious on the porch until a 16 year old boy with sandy hair stops next to the man, and gingerly slides his arm under his father and his fathers arm around his neck. He gently wakes his father and they make their way inside. He calls his mom and tells her "Hey mom, bring an ice pack home when you get off.. yeah dad'll need it.. No I'll make something like advil out of what we have... no mom we need the money, I can make do till you get off... no it doesn't look too bad, I think they only hit him three or four times."

July 28 2039, 9:39pm -
The same figures approach the same door to the same small home. This time however a boy almost a man sits on the porch with an envelope on the first step. His voice not yet deepened fully into manhood rings across the yard "I'll make you two a deal, this is the last payment we owe, since I know that you know that it's the last I know that means you'll make your statement about borrowing money and being late on the payment occassionally by beating on someone. I'll let you hit me until your happy, but if I'm still alive and consious after say 5 or 6 hits given your friends reputation you guys will leave and never come back, deal?" Two rasps out "Ok, but I doubt you'll live till my friend here is happy, so what happens if he's not when you're done?" The boy replies "Then you come back every month just like planned and pound on me and only me till he is happy." One nods his agreement, and steps foward, Two rasps out "Ok, kid your on and this is gonna hurt pretty bad even if you survive."

Two steps to the side and One charges the boy crushing his fist into him, causing the boy to stagger backwards. The boy clutchs his stomach as the pain lashes through. One savors the moment, then raising his arms above his head slams them down onto the boys collarbone. The boy crashes to the ground, building a wall in his mind between him and his body. Even so he can feal the pain ratchating through him as One viciously brings his foot up into the boys chest, throwing him forcibly into the wall of the house. A woman inside the home cries out, and her sobs echo through the home, a mans voice gently trying to console her muted by the sobs his dusty voice can be heard "He wanted us to let him do it..." The boy staggers to his feet his right arm hanging limply and walks toward One. One smiles, pointed inhuman teeth showing, the boy thinks perhaps I may have underestimated One, but then again maybe not. The boys voice cracked with pain weakly sounds out "4... 2 more". One carefully aims his fist directly at the boys head and drives the punch into the boys face, forcing him down into the ground, rupturing the eye socket, and breaking his nose. The boy thinks luckily the eye is still good... as the bruising is already starting to swell the the eyelid over. One raises a single foot victoriusly above the boy bringing it down on his chest driving the foot downward cracking ribs and bruising internal organs. One steps back and a voice of raw evil emenates from him, "Well boy, you alive, cause I'm happy for the moment?" pure joy glimmering in his eyes. The blood in the womans viens freezes, and the sobbing stops immediatly, the man falls silent simultainiously, both frozen in fear, and a glimmer of hope on a thread to hear their sons words...

The boy racked with pain, coughs blood trailing from the corners of his mouth, stands slowly, swaying from side to side, his eyes glazed as though he was looking into the afterlife, he turns to the step, and reachs then falls to one knee, takes the envelope, and regaining his feet stumbles toward Two, One looking at the boy with amazement in his eyes, the boy blood trailing from his right eye, out the sides of his mouth, and his right arm obviously, broken one word echoes in the night before he turns and staggers back into the home, one word that leaves both One and Two stunned and frozen in place, one word coughed out through enough that most men would be dead or unconcious and dying "S... S..ix."

Inside the home, the boy staggers, then closes the door, and falls to the ground, the woman rushes to him, cradles his head, and the man runs to the phone, then changing his mind runs upstairs and grabs the first aid kit and the keys to his car. The woman cradles the boy and the man opens the door to the garage, by time the man drives the car out of the garage One and Two have left sill stunned by the boys ability to stand.

January 13 2040, 9:08am -
The sandy haired boy is sitting on the end of a patient table, an older doctor sitting across from him having just finished his examination proclaims James to be in perfect health. "A good and full recovery given the beating the gang memebers gave you, son. Be careful in the future, I just wanna be doing checkups on you from now on, you hear."

James nodded his head in understanding, "So Doc, nothing permanent then? I was concerned that the fracture of my eye socket would leave me uglier than I already am." James chuckles slightly to make sure the docter knew he was just joking. "Well personally I hope not to see you for atleast another year, not that I don't like ya, just seen enough of hospitals for a bit."

James shrugs on his coat, and as he leaves thinks With any luck I'll stay out of hospitals for a good long time. As he exits the building, he stops a moment caught up by the beauty of the world around him. A twinkle in his eye, he heads for class. He could feel the excitment building in him, today was the astrophysics final. James thinks to himself, I know the final is going to be a slam dunk, but curious to see what the other students will come up with for their presentations.

January 13 2040, 11:53pm -
James woke suddenly, sweat pouring from his wirey frame, the chill of the nightmare crawling up his spine. On the corner of his nightstand his phone blinked with a pending message.

James flipped it open and the message was simple 'I have a job that you might be interested in.'

The number wasn't one he recognized, so he sent a reply text 'Do I know you, and what kind of job?'

Within seconds he recieved a response, 'Yes and no. You don't know me personally, and I don't know you personally, but I know of you, and I need someone to rescue my daughter.'

James quickly replied 'Ok, why not call the police, and what makes you think I can rescue her where they can't.'

'Because if they get involved she'll die, and I think you're smart enough to get her out alive, and have the courage to do the right thing. I'll pay you half a million, on top of what your parants owe me' came the reply.

'ok, only because she shouldn't be in this position in first place, and you can keep the half million, just wipe my parents slate clean. What do you know, and where do I take her when I get her out?'

January 15 2040, 3:44am -
James had watched the place for 3 hours, and knew a guard rotation had to be coming up. As soon as the guards started to swap he would use the chemical concotion he'd made to knock one out and slip into the warehouse. Hopefully from there it would be quick and easy to slip in and out before anyone noticed the missing guard.

3:55am -
The guards began to swap, and James sauntered towards one, moving kind of like a drunken homeless man. James thought to himself God I hope this works... as he stepped close enough he stumbled into one and popped the cork allowing the concentrated knockout gas to rush out of the bottle. The guard inhaled to shout at him and collapsed foward. James caught him and quietly dragged him out of sight. Stealing the mans uniform he snuck in and overheard a quick conversation between two of the other guards. "Yeah she's a real looker... they're keeping her up on the third floor... boss says we each can have a go if her old man doesn't co-operate... let's hope he doesn't then..." James quickly ducked into a cleaning closet to collect a couple cleaners and mixed up another couple batchs of a fast acting knockout gas.

Climbing into the ventilation shaft, he slowly squirmed his way through stopping to release the heavier gas down into rooms with people in it, hoping that it would get everyone. After making his way to the third floor, and looking through the vents several times he finally found the room he was looking for. James thought to himself Wow those guys wern't kidding, she is a looker... Well still need to get her out, and I got enough gas left for the guards out front... He slowly opens the vent, and extracts himself, and as quietly as possible slipping to the ground. The young woman is tied to a chair, with her head lolled to the side, her figure resembles that of a model and long blond hair does nothing to disuade that image. James leans in from behind her and cups her mouth, startling her awake. "No.. no.. no.. shhh... I'm here to help you, don't scream, if you scream we might not get out of this. Your father sent me and I'm gonna get you out of here." He whispers into her ear. A moment later she stops struggling, and he releases her mouth from his hand.

Untying her bonds he gathers the rope, and a few other things from the room. Good god if they had locked me in this room I would have been able to devise my own escape, theirs enough material here to build a ton of options. Carefully balancing his second to last container of gas on the handle, he gestures towards the vent.

"I'm James, we need to move, I've got to get you out of here, and the other guards will only be out for another hour or so." and climbs into the vent placing his hands to the outside of the vent to minimize noise, and showing her how to do the same. After what seemed like ages, occasionally slipping a bit in the cramped vent they finally reached the first floor. James pokes his head out quickly to be sure that his unconsious guard is still out, and to make sure no one is waiting for them. A quick glance tells him everything is still in order. Climbing out of the vent, drops the few feet to the ground and places himself to catch her. She drops into his arms and he cusions her fall.

The two quickly move to the point he maped as being the "easiest" route out. After a couple moments of looking around James locates the guard and whispers to the girl "Watch me, when the guard goes down, run to that hole in the fence and I'll get you out of here, I'll be right behind you." He approaches the guard bottle in hand, swaying as if drunk, and waves, and fakes a swig from the plugged bottle. The other guard looks at him and says "Aww man you can't be drunk on guard duty, the boss'll kill you." James staggers closer, and pops the cork releasing the fumes directly in the other guards face. Shock registers on the face almost as fast as the eyes start to roll up into the back of his head. As the guard lurches backward, James catches him and eases him to the ground. By the time James looks back the girl is halfway to the fence, and James falls in behind her running to the hole.

5:04 am -
'I got her out, we're headed to the drop site. Meet you there, she hasn't been hurt that I can see, call the phone in 10 minutes if you want to talk to her, we should be safe by then.' reads the message James sends.

6:35 am -
James walks the girl into the diner. "You're father should be her soon. Wash up a little, and I'll get you some food. I'm sure your hungry." After asking the Hostess for the third booth from the back on the left he heads for the restroom himself. He washes his face off, shrugs out of the uniform and grabs the wallet of the guard. "Looks like dinner is on you my friend." James mutters to himself. Stepping back out, a quick glance tells him the young woman hasn't come back from the restroom, James causually strolls to the hostess and quietly explains "I'm a little worried about my girlfriend, she's been feeling kinda ill, could you just poke your head in and let me know she's ok?"

The hostess smiles kindly "Sure, I'll check on her."

After a couple minutes, the hostess exits the restroom, helping the young woman into the booth, all the while soothing her. A stern look from the hostess tells James she thinks its his fault. James settles into the booth asks the young woman "Ya hungry? I can getcha something while we're waiting for your father."

7:01 am -
James walks in through that same door on that same house, climbs the steps almost automatically, and falls asleep as he collapses onto his bed.

August 18 2041 7:40am -
James vaults down the steps from his room, and rounds the corner into the kitchen. "Mom, Dad I'm opening a business!" James proclaims excitedly.

James' father pauses, coffee cup suspended midway between the table and his mouth, thinking Did I just hear that?.

James' mother looks back at James from washing the dishes and inquisitivly asks "What kind of business dear?"

James pauses a moment then blurts out "I'm gonna call it 'The Tank' and make it a think tank to help businesses in need of ideas. I'll consult with them, and help them move forward, and charge a reasonable fee so the small businesses will be able to hire me. I've already done consulting work in the past to help pay the bills, so my names already out there. I can even use those businesses as references to the quality of my work and ideas." Pausing for a breath he continues sweeping his arms outward in a grand motion "Bringing you creative solutions for a fascinating world!" After dropping his arms to his side he smiles "So what do you think?"

James' mother continues washing the dishes a thoughtful look on her face as she contemplates the idea.

His father turns to him, "James, I know that you are smart enough to accomplish anything you set your mind to. If you think you can do it, than I know you can."

James waits for his mom to say something, anything...

His mom after a moment of distance, nods her head, "Your fathers right, your almost 19 now, there's no sense in holding you back. We've been behind you the whole way, you're a good boy, do what's in your heart."

(To Be Continued...)

Power Grid

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