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Pooka (Mystic Bestowed, On Hiatus)

Postby Pooka » Fri Sep 05, 2008 8:08 pm

Player Name: Paul
YIM Handle: Herald_of_shadow

Character Name: Aaron Keihl
Power Category: Mystically Bestowed
Alias: Pooka
Occupation: Archaeology Grad Student
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 5,876
Next Level @ XP: 9,201
Birth Order/Family Ties: 2nd of 4
Land of Origin: California
Childhood Environment: Suburb
Social/Economic Background: Upper middle incom
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Recently, within the last few months
Disposition: In his normal form Aaron is a little humble, wanting to do the right thing, but has let more than a little apathy into his life. As Pooka, he lets his sense of justice come through.
Insanity: Obsessed with danger, total adrenaline junkie with a death-wish and a lust for life.

All entries in Blue on this sheet show the character's Bestowed/Heroic form.
All entries in Indigo on this sheet show the totaled effect from Nightstalking.

I.Q.: 15
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 15 (22)
P.S.: 15 (21)
P.P.: 12 (25)
P.E.: 19
P.B.: 13
Speed: 14 (110)

PPE: 50
HP: 31
SDC: 45 (155) (205)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Description: In his normal form Aaron is fit with a mop of brown hair half covering his blue eyes. Transformed, his clothes are changed to a dark armor of a roman design. His head covered in an open faced helm, that still keeps his face covered in it's shadows.

Natural Abilities
Perception: +1 (+4)
Invoke Trust or Intimidate: 70%
Running Speed: 75mph

Super Abilities
Abnormal Energy Sense
Sense Use of Psionics & Magic
Range: 300' (+100/level)
Chance: 55% +5%
Track Abnormal Energy Trail
Range: 300' (+100/level)
Chance: 75% + 5%
Sense & Track the Supernatural
Range: 140' (+30'/level)

Area of Effect: body disperses into an area upto 20' radius
Duration: 15 minutes (5 min/level)
Bonus: +3 when used as a dodge

Night Stalking
Hide in Shadows/Darkness: 82% +3%
Nightvision: 1000'
Horror Factor: 13

Extraordinary Physical Prowess

EDUCATION LEVEL: 4 years of College

Scholastic Skills
Computer Operation 75% +5%
Advanced Mathematics 80% +5%
Chemistry 65% +5%
Archaeology 55% +5%
Chemistry: Analytical 60% +5%
Anthropology 55% +5%
Language: Ancient Celt 85% +5%
Literacy: Ancient Celt 65% +5%
Computer Programming 65% +5%
Research 85% +5%
Wilderness Survival 65% +5%
Land Navigation 68% +4% (78%)
Identify Plants & Fruits 60% +5%
Track Animals 55% +5% (65%)
Preserve Food 60% +5%

Secondary Skills
Holistic Medicine 35% +5%
Athletics (General)
Swimming 65% +5%
Literacy: English 98%
First Aid 60% +5%
Horsemanship 62% +4%
(3)Pilot: Motorcycle 64% +4%

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic (Martial Arts)
Number of Attacks: 4 (5)
Initiative Bonus: -- (+4) (+5)
Strike Bonus: -- (+7)
Parry Bonus: +2 (+8)
Dodge Bonus: +2 (+8) (+11 to Disperse in place of dodge)
Disarm Bonus: -- (+2)
HTH Damage Bonus: -- (+6) (+1d6)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2 (+3)
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2 (+5)
Other: none/Automatic Dodge: -- (+8)
Karate style kick 2d4
Backward Sweep Kick: Cannot be parried, no damage, knockdown!
Roundhouse Kick: 3d6
Snap Kick: 1d6
Tripping Leg Hook: Cannot be parried, no damage, knockdown!

Weapon Proficiencies
WP Archery: +2 to Strike, +1 to Parry, Rate of Fire: 4/melee, add 60' to range
WP Targeting: +2 to Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +8%
Toxins (15+): +2
Magic (varies): +3
Lethal Poison (14+): +2
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +2
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies): +2 vs Possession
Horror Factor: +4
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Postby Pooka » Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:02 pm

Aaron Kiehl wasn’t bad. He never really did anything grand, or even particularly good. In fact, up until now he hadn’t really done much of …well…anything. His father was a supervisor of 10-12 people in a janitorial service. His mother was a nurse in the burn ward of the San Clemente Medical Center, back in California. In high school he pulled a fair C average. When accepted into the Copernicus University, he continued that tradition of mediocrity. He had been a little slothful, but not bad.
Well, that was before Marlene Tapping, a lithe young beauty he found on his arm at the Millions Mall 3 weeks ago. It might have been because of the fact that he looked like he never did anything wrong. He didn’t care. It was probably bad for her to dump her drink on that guard 2 levels below them. He didn’t care. It wasn’t a good idea to follow her wherever she went, no matter what. He didn’t care. Because she was a 'The Girl'. One of those girls that made you the envy of every other guy. And when she was on his arm, he was king of the world. He never questioned anything with her.
He found himself close to questioning when she led him in to an especially dilapidated part of Zericho. As they approached a low apartment building, a darkened doorway, the kind that seemed to emit an evil that a child would feel coming from a open closet door on a stormy night or from under a bed where the nightmares dwell, rushed to meet them in the approaching dusk. Marlene felt his apprehension & lightly brushed her lips to his, melting his fears. He remembered her saying that there was someone she wanted Aaron to meet. As he crossed the darkened threshold, he felt a meaty hand grab the back of his head in a fist full of hair, followed by the impact of the wall against his face. Then he felt nothing.

The first thing he noticed as his mind bubbled back to consciousness was the cold. It was like he had been dipped in honey & left in the snow. But it couldn’t be snow, because he was hearing the flies buzzing. As it continued, the buzzing gradually congealed into words. “Has the supplicant been prepared?”, a man’s voice that sounded like silk dipped in cream. A woman, possibly Marlene, answered in a monotone, “Yes, my Lord”. Aaron opened an eye & saw shadows play across the ceiling like muted dancers through grease smeared glasses. Absently, his head rolled to the side & he saw through candle light a woman chained spread eagle to the wall, her blonde hair obscuring her face as her head lay on her emaciated chest as if asleep. The slash in her stomach & the dark rivulets on her legs told him what was making him cold.
He turned in horror as the man was chanting something in a tongue Aaron didn’t know. The chanting grew louder as the man raised something that glinted in the waning light. The chanting grew into a scream as the man plunged a dagger into Aaron’s chest. Clenching his eyes shut, Aaron screamed for what seemed like a week. As he ran out of breath, he heard a deep baritone voice ask “Is that really necessary?”

Aaron opened his eyes & found her was sitting at a large redwood desk, the kind you find yourself when you need to talk to the manager of the bank. In the manager’s chair was what could have been described as a man…in the dark…in the distance…through smoke. He was dark blue with silver bristles all over, even seeming to poke through the cloak he was wearing. Atop his head were two horns that could have been a cross of a ram’s & a bull’s. His chest seemed impossibly wide, almost 5’, yet his head was normal. It might have been comical, except for the taloned hand that he offered to Aaron. His taloned hand rested upon the head of something on his own side of the desk. Something alive, with ears like that of a rabbit, only much bigger…& seeming to have been skinned. “Gla'Gual X'Nckt. Ah, don’t worry” he said as he noted Aaron’s apprehension at the sight of his claws, “I just had them done today, big meeting & all, isn’t that right Zah’rish?” a breath escaped whatever belonged to those ears. “Besides, I don’t think you can be harmed by them just yet”, Gla'Gual X'Nckt said with a nod to the side.
Aaron looked followed the demon’s gaze & saw what seemed to be a photograph in which many robed figures, among them was a thin balding man reaching for something. On a table in front of them Aaron saw himself; eyes still clenched, with the ornate hilt of a knife, a brightly glowing gem in the hilt, buried in his chest. He looked down at his chest & found that he was in a comfortable business suit. “I thought it would be better than dripping blood & a dagger in the chest”, the demon said.
“Now, it is a perilous strait that we find ourselves in. On the one hand, there is your imminent demise”, continued Gla'Gual X'Nckt, motioning to the frozen scene, “where you no doubt have a stake in. On the other, with the sacrifice of an innocent, namely you, my being is to be subsumed into that of the wielder of the implement in your heart. A man calling himself ‘Brother Anton’, though his real name is unimportant”. Aaron felt aghast as this demon had told him matter-of-factly that they were both to die. “Wh-what…I mean why are you telling me this?”, was all the young man could stammer out. Gla'Gual X'Nckt leaned back in his managers chair. “No”, the demon answered, “your first question was more relevant. ‘What’, as in ‘what can we do about it?’ The answer is simple: If you agree, my power will go to you instead of the balding Brother Anton. I will still be subsumed, but not by him. You may be able to do more good than he could do evil, and he will do grave evil if he does. Plus, saving an innocent may be the one redeeming star in the bleak night that is my soul.
Aaron looked at the dozen or so people around his prone form. His heart fell as he made out Marlene’s face. He dropped his gaze to the desk. “what do I have to do?” he asked dejectedly. There was a rapid panting (wheezing chuckle?) coming from the owner of the ears. With his taloned hand outstretched, the demon stood, “just shake on it”. His barrel chest easily cleared the desk, but upon legs no greater than Aaron’s. His cloak fell back & revealed itself to be great blue batwings, studded like a midnight sky with the silver hairs. Aaron reached across the desk & found his hand in a grip of steel. As it tightened further, he could feel his knuckle bones starting to grind against each other. The pain shot up his arm like a lightning bolt. He felt a burning in his chest & felt cold once again. The pain quickly diffused itself as he felt a warmth in his limbs that he couldn’t remember. His bindings fell away with little effort. He saw Brother Anton reaching for him with a hungry look in his eyes. Aaron found that he batted the balding man away almost as an after thought.

Screams erupted as he jumped off the table. People were running for the exit as he kicked the table, covering the doorway and a few bodies. Looking around he saw Marlene. One of the other robed people was imposing himself between Aaron & the traitorous girl. Holding out a meaty blue hand, several spikes flew into the man & pinned him to the wall. Marlene, knocked to the floor in his passing, shrieked as she felt herself lifted by the back of the neck. Aaron lifted her effortlessly, turning her towards him as he walked to the wall. He found himself grinning evilly as he pinned her shoulder to the wall. No, he thought, this isn’t right. He couldn’t stop himself as he pinned her other shoulder. She was crying as he ripped her robes away. “Now, you perfidious bitch, you will find true pain. And after, death”, he said as he felt a burning lust in his loins. No!, he thought as a throbbing in his chest came into his awareness, you can’t do this to her. He reached down & felt the dagger still lodged in his chest. Twisting it as he pulled, “NOOOO!” he screamed with the voice of the demon Absently throwing the dagger to the side, he caught Marlene as she fell. The spikes holding her up had vanished into nothingness as most of the demons power went away with the dagger.
She stared at him, sobbing as her shoulders seeped blood. He gently set her down on the floor. “you fool”, came the demon’s voice from behind him, “You don’t know what you have done”. Turning, Aaron saw Brother Anton, his eyes glowing as brightly as the dagger lodged in his right breast. “Now you will pay with the rest”, Brother Anton said as his form seemed to shrink & widen, as if being squashed by the finger of an invisible giant. As his skin started to darken, Aaron knew that Brother Anton was taking the form of the demon. As tiny stars winked into existence on the hide of the beast, it glared at him with eyes like twin jaundiced suns. “Zar’Rish!” ,the beast bellowed, pointing a accusing talon towards Aaron, “Tear his soul out of his shell reeking of putrescence!”
From the corpse of the woman on the wall, a screech issued, as if from a bird of prey diving at a field mouse. Her back arched as if she were reliving her death, and a head tore out of her wound. The beak of the beast was first, covering a vulture’s visage. The ears followed, those terrible ears from behind the desk. Claws dug out from inside the woman as the thing pulled itself fully out. A sinuous body, 3 feet at the shoulder, pulled itself fully out, it looked like a weasel, but the hide was mottled and slick as if it had just been skinned, it’s long tapered tail slapping the ground with a wet sound. Zar’Rish sighted Aaron, and arched its back, launching itself like a released spring towards the young man’s neck. As Aaron momentarily felt the 200+ lbs of its bulk hit him with a sick, wetness, he was forced onto the floor, but the beak never found purchase in his flesh, instead he saw the beast explode in a cloud of mist, which seemed to congeal in front of him, being drawn to him. Looking down he saw it entering the dagger wound in his chest, closing as it did. Feeling a heavy vice on his heart, Aaron looked at the demon. “What”, he asked in a strained voice, “did your mutt do?”
The demon looked at him nonplussed, & muttered “Zar’Rish?” Aaron looked at him, “Zar’Rish?”, he asked. Upon utterance of the word he felt a warmth rush through his body. His chest expanded (though not to the comical proportions of Gla'Gual X'Nckt) & the room seemed to brighten. The demon gestured towards Aaron & silver hairs flew off of the beast, converging on the man. His world went dark as Aaron’s head was engulfed in a storm of the stiffening hairs. As breath became impossible to draw, he could still feel the presence of the demon, like a dishrag pulled out of a septic tank. As he felt more hairs covering his form like a steel cocoon, he knew he had to get out. As he panicked, he felt himself let go, like someone letting go of the plane on a virgin sky dive. He thought he was dead as he was above his body, but that wasn’t his body, but the unfinished shell covering it. His body was nowhere to be seen, but he was everywhere in the room at once. He watched as the demon looked at the collapsed shell, as the creature drew the hairs back onto itself. Willing himself to relax, his focus came once again to a singular spot in the room, standing over the dissolving cocoon. “What”, the demon bellowed, “have you done with Zar’Rish?” He gestured at Aaron and spike formed, launching at the man. Time seemed to slow down for Aaron, as he easily dodged the metal shard. Turning slightly, he launched his foot at the beast, catching him off guard. Brother Anton glared at Aaron, as the hairs flattened themselves along his blue hide, giving it a silver sheen. “We shall meet again”, he said with an evil smile spreading over his metallic features, “ in fire and pain. But until then…” With that, he spread his wings and launched strait up, through the dilapidated edifice. As the weakened building started to collapse, Aaron willed himself to relax and felt his consciousness expand. As the structure pulled itself down, his view did not change. It fell around him as well as through him. He saw bodies following into the carnage & tried to will himself to follow them, succeeding only in coalescing closer to them (Marlene actually), and was able to narrowly disperse himself again.
When the building had settled, but not the dust, Aaron brought himself together closer to the ground. Looking down he saw the robes of the ceremony still clung to his body, but were changed. While still soft , the robes took on a metallic sheen in places & clung closer to his legs. He felt his face & it too was swathed in cloth. The sun had set while he was unconscious, & he seemed to melt into the shadows of the debris. As the dust settled, he felt more exposed, Aaron repeated the phrase “Zar’Rish” experimentally. Immediately, his world darkened, as he felt the rush leave his body. As it did, he heard a voice call out “is anyone alive?” Turning to the voice, Aaron eyes focused in on a hand poking out of the rubble in the dimness. “I-I’m not sure”, he said, going to the hand, “I’m alive, but I think sh-she….” He moved the hand, loosing rubble as he did, uncovering more of what was attached. He saw a bracelet, one he had seen Marlene pocket at the mall. He fell to his knees & the tears poured out of his eyes. He felt caring hands help him up…

The next few hours were a blur. Amazingly, EMT arrived & he was taken in for questioning. He was taken in for questioning, where he learned that Marlene was a 17 years old runaway from some podunk town in Michigan. For three years she had been running, and now she was on a slab in the morgue. How could the world have discarded her, he thought, just left her like that? How could the world just stand by & let things like this happen? He knew why. He had done the same his whole life. Someone else would deal with it. Someone else would take care of it. Someone who could take care of it. He knew someone that could….

Josie had just left work. Phil kept her on her shift late and Mrs. Martinez wouldn’t leave Billy until she got there, but it was so late. She found herself taking a shortcut through an alley in the Drummond district, only a few blocks from her place, when rough hands grabbed her from the side & pulled her into the wall. The hands held her there as stars cleared from her vision. “We’re goin's ta have some fun”, a venomous voice said in her ear. She remembered hearing herself trying to say no, or please don’t when someone else said, “I think she’s saying ‘no, not until you get a flea dip’. either that or ‘I want a donut’. It’s hard to tell which one when you beat them silly, sometimes”. She felt the hands slightly drag her as the venomous voice was pulled from her forcibly. She saw a man in a faded jacket of some sort hit the pavement a few feet away. He scrambled to his feet & drew a knife towards an advancing figure. The figure that stepped away from her side was in dark metallic armor of some sort. He came at the knife wielder in a sort of sideways hop. The knife flashed as the man swung it, only to move through a darkened mist the armored man silently exploded into. He seemed to reform behind the attacker & planted his foot on the small of the back, launching him into the wall. Her attacker fell in a heap, his knife clattering away from him. The armored man turned to Josie, “are you OK”, he asked, “do you have far to go?” she shook her head, “no..”, she began, looking at the man on the ground, “I-I mean yes, I’m OK I don’t live far, but…who are you?”, she asked in an exasperated voice, looking back to her savior, but finding nothing but smoke & shadows. From up above came “Pooka, ma'am…” she hurried home, knowing that protective eyes were watching…
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Worn on Person
Cell Phone
Leather bomber jacket
Wallet with debit card

Palmtop Computer w/earbuds & stylus
School books

Stored in base
Citynet terminal with printer
Basic furnishings
First-aid kit
Extra changes of clothes
Charger for electronics

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his is the full size of what Pooka looks like

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