Cordelia (Phlebus Rogue Scholar)

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Cordelia (Phlebus Rogue Scholar)

Postby Cordelia » Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:27 pm

Player Name: Josh

Character Name: Cordelia
Alias: ???
Race: Plebus
O.C.C.: Rogue Scholar
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 6
XP Points: 34,151 (The Bos, 06.05.20)
Next Level @ XP:34,600
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Friendly with anyone until they prove otherwise...wants to study them all!
Sentiments/Coalition: Has only ever heard bad things about them, but never run into them herself so she is indifferent...but still wants to study them.
Disposition: Big ray of f-ing sunshine.
Insanity: Agliophobia (fear of pain)

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 23
P.S.: 13
P.P.: 16
P.E.: 10
P.B.: 15
Speed: 22

P.P.E.: 6
H.P.: 18
S.D.C.: 32
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Description: Hazel eyes, long red hair, pale skin, with a curvy build.

Racial Abilities
Limited Shape-Shifting: Able to completely change facial features as well as skin and hair color on the fly (1 melee action) and the changes can be maintained indefinitely.
Ambidextrous: +1 APM (added in to Hand to Hand below), +10% to Climbing, Concealment, Forgery, Juggling, Palming, Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, and Rope Works, also +1 strike with thrown weapons.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 60%
Perception Bonus: +30%
Charm/Impress: 25%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 80%
Max. Encumbrance: 50 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 130 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 260 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 6.5' lengthwise & 3.25' high

Special Abilities
Storyteller & Teacher; A passion that enables them to teach others over a period of time (house rules here).
Find Books & Historical Artifacts; +20% to Find Contraband skill (73%) as it relates to books, art, film, and Pre-Rifts artifacts in general. (pg. 93 RUE for details)
Recognize Authenticity; 67% +3%
Professional Restoration; can increase the value of books, other paper products, and works of art by 8% per level - 69% +3% (Also gives a +10% bonus to Art, Calligraphy, Forgery, & Photography).

Racial Skills
Disguise 65% (+5%)
Impersonation 54%/40% (+4%)
Performance 70% (+5%)
Public Speaking 100% (+5%)
Seduction 47% (+3%)
W.P. - Paired Weapons

O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 100% (+1%)
Language: Spanish 90% (+3%)
Language: Dragonese/Elven 90% (+3%)
Language: Faerie Speak 90% (+3%)
Literacy: American 105% (+5%)
Literacy: Spanish 85% (+5%)
Literacy: Dragonese/Elven 85% (+5%)
Literacy: Faerie Speak 85% (+5%)
Appraise Goods 80% (+5%)
Math: Basic 95% (+5%)
Computer Operation 85% (+5%)
Computer Programming 70% (+5%)
Creative Writing 65% (+5%)
Find Contraband 65% (+4%)
History: Pre-Rifts 74%/66% (+4%)
History: Post-Apocalyptic 80%/75% (+5%)
Research 95% (+5%)
Pilot: Hovercraft 85% (+5%)
W.P. - Knife
W.P. - Energy Pistol
Hand to Hand: Expert

O.C.C. Related Skills
First Aid 80% (+5%)
Lore: D-Bee 65% (+5%)
Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic 65% (+5%)
Forgery 55% (+5%)
Intelligence 52% (+4%)
Radio: Basic 80% (+5%)
Anthropology 65% (+5%)
Archeology +65%/55% (+5%)
Astronomy & Navigation 65% (+5%)
Computer Hacking 55% (+5%)
Sensory Equipment 65% (+5%)
Photography 70% (+5%) (1st level)
Art 70% (+5%) (1st level)
Lore: Magic 25% (+5%)
Lore: Psychics and Psionics 25% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
W.P. - Targeting
General Repair & Maintenance 60% (+5%)
Play Musical Instrument: Flute 60% (+5%)
Athletics: General (2nd level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus:
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +4
Dodge Bonus: +4
HTH Damage Bonus: +
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm: +2
Kick: 1d8 SD
Karate Punch: 2d4 SD

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. - Paired Weapons
W.P. - Knife; +1 strike, +2 parry, +2 strike when thrown
W.P. - Targeting; +2 strike when throwing
W.P. - Energy Pistol; +2 strike
+1 to strike with onboard vehicular weapons, and +1 to initiative and dodge when piloting a specific category of vehicle (must have corresponding pilot skill)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Magic (varies):
Lethal Poison (14+):
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):
Horror Factor: +6 (-5 total when dealing with ghosts or entities)

+3 bonus to save vs. Psionics, Mind Control, and Horror Factor
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S.D.C.: 32

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Re: Cordelia (Phlebus Rogue Scholar)

Postby Cordelia » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:49 pm


NG-HCH-1020 Salamander w/RV Motor Home pod

Carried/In Hand
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Digital camera with a range of lenses (telephoto zoom lens, macro lens, & telephoto wide angle lens)
NE-3 Slim-Line "Gambler" Revolver
2 x NE-3 Speed Loaders (spare, NE-001PC)

Worn on Person
T-42 Commando Scout EBA
Cordelia's Explorer outfit; Tan bush hat, tan cargo pants, black T-shirt w/Pac-man image, tan cargo vest, tan combat boots, and tan military elbow & knee pads.
Secure Universal Card: 3,000 credits
Secure Black Card: 8,180 credits [UG 03/17/2020]

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: magazine pouch with 4 E-clips
• Attachment: pouch with (2) pocket notebooks, (2) pencils, (4) 1-inch blank camera discs
• Attachment: Holster: NG-35 Heavy Laser Pistol
• Attachment:

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: (1) set of traveling clothes
• Space: (1) set of dress clothes
• Space: portable CD player/recorder & headphones
• Space: portable language translator
• Space: sketch pad
• Space: pack of (10) multi-colored markers
• Space: magnifying glass
• Space: lock-blade knife
• Space: (14) days trail rations
• Space:

Stored in Vehicle
Video disc player
Carrying case for artifacts
Foot locker containing an entire set of Erin Tarn's books. (locked up and stashed under some other boxes and such)
5 gallon water can

Vehicle Book Shelf (has doors to keep them from falling out on the go)
Full set of 2037 Encyclopedia Britannica
2020 Road Atlas of North America
Star Wars novels; Episodes IV, V, & VI
(7) Indiana Jones novels
Autobiography of Harrison Ford
(4) Alan Quartermaine novels
2017 copy of Photography for Dummies
(3) Dr Who novels
Original version of Romeo & Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing
Pre-Rifts Book on the Supernatural written by Henry Smith (see pg. 41 of Mercenaries)

Gear Stats

NG-HCH-1020 Salamander
Model Type: NG-HCH-1020
Class: Amphibious Heavy Cargo Hauler and Exploration Vehicle.
Crew: Two; pilot and co-pilot or communications engineer.
Cab/Pilot Compartment: The cab includes the pilot compartment and seats for the crew and one extra for a passenger sitting between them. Two other passengers can be squeezed in behind those seats in a sitting or kneeling position (not good for long hauls). There is also an overhead gun rack and a storage locker the size of a medium-sized walk-in closet.

M.D.C. by Location:
    * Winch & Crane (rear; bottom) – 90
    * Forward Headlights (2, large) – 8 each
    * Forward Headlights (2, small, top) – 5 each
    * Pop-Up Searchlight (top of cab) – 12
    * Running Lights (6-20, tiny, front, back & sides; to be seen at night when that is desirable) – 1 each.
    * Railing (4 front and RV) – 10 each
    * Stairs/Steps (when applicable) – 10 each
    * Small Hatch (top of cab) – 50
    ** Undercarriage Hover Jets (8 per pod/section) – 50 each
    ** Main Forward and Rear Thrusters (2 front, 2 back) – 120 each
    * Windows (M.D.C. glass) – 40 each per window section
    * Sliding Defensive Window Plating (varies) – 100 each for large, 50 small.
    Reinforced Crew Compartment – 80
    Cargo or Travel Pods (typically three total) – 300 each
    *** Main Body of Cab – 412
* -3 to strike on a Called Shot; to hit the undercarriage hover jets, the attacker must be able to see them and suffers a penalty of -10 to strike on a Called Shot.
** Depleting the M.D.C. of one of the main thrusters cuts speed by 20% and inflicts a -5% penalty to the piloting skill; cumulative effects for each loss. Can still hover and move with all four main thrusters destroyed, but at a slow speed (-80%) and at a maximum hover height of 2'.
*** Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body shuts the vehicle down completely, rendering it useless.
  • Land: 75 mph maximum. Reduce speed to 45 mph when cargo weight is greater than 120,000 tons total; each cargo pod can carry as much as 40 tons.
  • Altitude/Hover Height: 6' maximum, but typically 3-4' above the ground, especially when hauling heavy cargo or a wheeled cargo container.
  • Water: Can cross shallow bodies of water no deeper than 8', but cannot ride on the surface of water. Can submerge to ride along the bottom of lakes, rivers and seas.
  • Underwater: 25 mph riding along the lake or sea floor, which means it needs a beach or incline that leads up to the shore to get back onto dry land.
  • Maximum Depth Underwater: 1.2 miles
  • Flying: Not possible.
Statistical Data:
    Dimensions: 16' tall, 22' wide, 24' long for the cab, 30' long per each cargo/travel pod.
    Weight: Overall: 32 tons empty. 14 tons for the cab, six tons per cargo/travel pod. Does not include the weight of cargo.
    Cargo Hauling Capacity: Can haul up to 120 tons safely and at a decent speed.
    Pilot Modifiers: -10% to piloting skill to handle a vehicle that is 100-130'+ long; -15% to make a quick stop; -30% to make a sharp turn or to engage in evasive maneuvers, dodge or stunt driving. All penalties are cumulative. As a hover vehicle, it can navigate most land terrains except forests, unless there is a suitable path.
    Power System: Nuclear, average energy life is 10 years. Not available in Solid Oxide or electric battery versions.
Weapon Systems: None
Sensor Systems and Features of Note:
All the usual basic features of a commercial, sealed environmental vehicle with standard life support systems; air supply and circulation system for any “occupied” compartments, plus a basic short-range and long-range radio transceiver (50 miles). There are also two concealed video cameras on the front, sides of the cab, in the nose and in the tail of the last container so that the driver can see when the window plates are in place.

RV Motor Home
This pod has all the comforts of home, complete with roomy living accommodations, one private bedroom, one open sleeping area that can sleep six people comfortably (bunk bedstyle; 8-10 cramped and sleeping on the floor and chairs), plus there is a kitchenette, full lavatory with shower, and a sitting room with a long, narrow table for dining or as a work station, and two small couches and a two-cushioned bench seat.

T-42 Commando Scout EBA
M.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 60
• Arms: 40 each
• Legs: 50 each
• Main Body: 70
Modifiers: none
Color: Tan
• Passive Nightvision: 2000'
• Telescopic sight: 3000', x6 magnification
• Light Filters (reduce glare)
• Mini-computer
• Laser-targeting in helmet's HUD: +1 to strike with ranged weapons

NG-35 Heavy Laser Pistol
• Weight: 4.5 lbs (2 kg)
• Range: 800 feet (244 m)
• Mega-Damage: 3D6 M.D.
• Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one melee attack
• Payload: 14 shots, 22 with a long E-Clip

NE-3 Slim-Line "Gambler" Revolver
  • Range: 200'
  • Damage: 3D6 M.D.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 3-round cylinder (NE-001PC)
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Features: Superior balance; highly concealable
  • Modifiers: +1 to strike on aimed shots; +20% to conceal; W.P. Handguns or W.P. Energy Pistol
  • Book Reference: p.24-25, DB8

Recent Purchases/Acquisitions:

- Non-Secure Universal Card: 0 Universal Credits (The Bos, 11/04/19)

N-F20A Medium Force Field
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Force Field: 75
Weight: 10 lbs.
Modifiers: none
  • 10 hour duration per E-clip
Book Reference: p.122, DB2

N-F20B Medium Force Field -- being integrated into T-42 Commando Scout Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Force Field: 75
Weight: 10 lbs.
Modifiers: none
  • 10 hour duration per E-clip
Book Reference: p.122, DB2

NE-RV01 Ripper Vibro-Knife
  • Damage: 2D4 M.D.
  • Payload: 1 hour constant use
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Features: silver coated
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.24, DB8
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Re: Cordelia (Phlebus Rogue Scholar)

Postby Cordelia » Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:29 pm

Background Story

Many years ago when Cordelia was a child, her parents were actors in a small theater in Marquette in the Republic of Ishpeming in Northern Gun territory. A local man of wealth and stature while arguing with his wife committed a crime of passion and killed his wife. He used his status and influence to convince the locals that the Phlebus actor, Cordelia's father, was having an affair with his wife and while disguised as the local big wig was the actual murderer. A lynch mob swarmed the phlebus family home, drug the innocent father out and hung him in the street. This is one of Cordelia's earliest memories.

Cordelia's family moved away to a small farm where they lived in relative seclusion. Cordelia's only escape from the mundane farm live was into books. She read the complete works of Erin Tarn and decided she would like nothing more than to travel the world and write a book of her own one day. When she was old enough she went to the city of Lazlo and attended university. She is now a graduate and looking to seek her fame in knowledge. She headed out to Merctown where she wishes to find a band of mercenaries to follow and learn as much about the world as she has only read about it in books.

She grew up sheltered and secluded. She never has been in a fight or any accidents while growing up. When she was in training in Lazlo learning hand to hand, she experienced something she had never felt before, pain. Real excruciating pain. She is not only is not having it, but she is now traumatized by the idea that it may happen again. She is still on the idea that she wants to be an explorer and a bad ass, however the fear may interfere with that reality.
H.P.: 18
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Re: Cordelia (Phlebus Rogue Scholar) - LEVEL UP!

Postby Cordelia » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:43 pm

Fortune and Glory rolls
A Way to Get Around
:+1 to strike with onboard vehicular weapons, and +1 to initiative and dodge when piloting a specific category of vehicle (must have corresponding pilot skill)

: Spiritual and determined
: Strong-Willed: +3 bonus to save vs. Psionics, Mind Control, and Horror Factor
H.P.: 18
S.D.C.: 32

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