Dedicated Feedback Thread

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Dedicated Feedback Thread

Postby Townsend » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:35 pm

Gaming with Townsend, v 1.0

General Thoughts
  1. I do not see what we do here on EU as merely ‘gaming.’ I see it as a group writing exercise where everyone involved takes part in crafting the story. Kinda like novel writing by committee, but with virtual dice and stuff.
    1. With that in mind, it helps if you try to think of your character(s) as more than a collection of stats and bonuses. Try to think of him/her as a real person with likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, quirks, and so on. When you see real-life situations play out in person or on TV, ask yourself how your character would react. The more you envision your character in real-life terms, the more your writing will reflect it.
  2. We do what we do on EU for fun (well, for the EP too, but you get the idea). We also tend to have strong opinions regarding one thing or another, which will inevitably lead to disagreement. When said inevitable disagreements cannot be avoided, let’s please keep them civil and rational so that we don’t suck the ‘fun’ out of everything.
  3. Below is all I can think of so far in terms of what to expect, but if additional things come up I’ll add them.

What You Can Expect From Me
  1. I’m a bit rusty, I’m more than a bit absent-minded, and I’m not the most experienced GM on EU, but you can expect my best efforts week in and week out. I’m not a big believer in half-assery. Feedback is always encouraged and constructive criticism is always welcome.
    1. Having said that, however, just like all of you I have interests and responsibilities outside of EU. I do usually keep a browser window open while at work and can answer the occasional question, but by and large my GM posts are going to be roughly once a week per the site standards (and right now the window for GM posts looks to be Wednesdays/Thursdays). If you’re looking for a GM who can do major GM posts every 2-3 days, then unfortunately I’m not the GM for you.
    2. By the same token I also have Hangouts on my phone, but during the workday I frequently have the notifications turned off because us EU gamers tend to get a bit chatty and having it continually buzzing… well, let’s just say it’s frowned upon. So if you ask me something on the EU chats don’t freak out if I don’t immediately respond.
  2. I’m not all that emo, dark, gritty, edgy or whatever those darn kids call it these days. At the same time I’m not 100% four-color “happy happy joy joy” cloud cuckoo land sunshine either. My style will most likely echo movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy (the first two with Brendan Fraser), Avengers (the first one) or the Lord of the Rings (all three) -- there will be moments of darkness, moments of light, and plenty of cheesy references all throughout. Because that’s how I roll and it usually works pretty gouda for me.
  3. You will find that I fully agree with Augur’s comments in the Site-Wide PBP Rules: “This is a mature site and while I have no issues with appropriate and in-character cursing or certain types of situations that might be considered ‘romantic’ or what have you, I want to stress that I truly will not put up with nasty raunchiness…” In accordance with that, I reserve the right to ‘fade to black’ if I feel the words/actions of any PCs are getting too close to that line (either IC or OOC). I’m not a prude but I do have my standards. Don’t go overboard and I won’t get all ‘power trippy.’
  4. I’m a firm believer in mining data (as in adventure ideas) from player backgrounds. The more you give me, the more you’re likely to get back over time. And the more baggage your character has, the more chances that baggage will come back to bite you where the sun don’t shine. Because STORYTELLING!
  5. I also believe in giving each character a chance to shine every now and then. So keep a sharp eye out -- if a situation looks like it’s tailor-made for your character’s particular skill/spell/power set, it probably is.
  6. As this is an independent group, the PCs are in charge in many respects. I’ll be one part concierge, one part tour guide, one part crazy uncle that every family has but doesn’t like to talk about. I’ll facilitate your desires as best I can for the most part as far as types of adventures, but I do beg your indulgence from time to time. Even then I’ll do my best to keep the railroading to a minimum. But where judgement calls are concerned, however, I might as well be Judge Dredd -- once I’ve made my stand that’s where I stand for better or worse.

What I Will Expect From You
  1. First and foremost, I expect you to adhere to the Site-Wide PBP Rules. Read them. Know them. Tattoo them on the body part of your choice. Because I’m going to proceed under the assumption that you have.
  2. Second and slightly less foremost, go back and read the first two bullet points under “General Thoughts.” Post like you agree with me -- even if you don’t, bless your heart.
  3. If you post in the Account Status Tracker, an additional heads-up in the OOC thread may not be expressly required but it’s greatly appreciated.
  4. A post without both Perception and JIC rolls is like playing hopscotch in the middle of a busy street during rush hour, just sayin’. A bonus set of JIC rolls are helpful… ‘just in case.’ Multiple "rolls held over" posts in between GM posts are okay though.
  5. One-liner posts… well, they aren’t posts in my eyes. You can do better than that... and you better. :wink:
  6. Please don’t include results of skill rolls in your posts. Perfect example: My character Rufus the Kankoran mage tried to sneak into a restaurant and critically failed; I edited my post to say he rolled into a bunch of garbage cans. Don’t do what I did -- let the GM determine what the result of your screw-ups (or triumphs) are.
    1. On the other hand, contingency posts (such as “if my character passes the skill check, I’ll do this…” and/or “if my character fails I’ll do this…”) are welcome and encouraged.
  7. Internal monologue is your XP-earning friend. You don’t have to be Joseph Conrad, just enough to show in your posts what’s going on inside your noggin. One character in a previous group I AGM’ed had good solid posts but never posted any internal monologue and it wound up costing him something like 200 XP per quadrimester. It may not seem like it makes much difference per individual post, but it adds up faster than you think.
  8. I would like skill rolls formatted as shown below, please. If you want to color code (green for success, red for failure) or indicate “pass” or “fail” that’s okay with me, but it’s not necessary.
    1. Wilderness Survival -- 1d100:
      / 50%
  9. "Quick Reply" Bonuses: I hadn't originally considered it, but it just seems right to reward those who reply to GM posts in a timely manner. Each player who responds within 48 hours will get a 200xp bonus, and if all players respond within 72 hours the whole group gets another 200xp. Should this change I will update this post.
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