Silhouette (Changeling Forsaken Mage)

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Silhouette (Changeling Forsaken Mage)

Postby Silhouette » Sun May 03, 2015 7:28 am

Player Lindsy
Gmail: lwhiting01

Silhouette - Human form
Strength of Mind - Psychic power effects
Increased PPE costs - forsaken mage penalty

Character Name: Coppice (Truename)
Alias: Silhouette (Human)
Race: Changeling
O.C.C.: Forsaken Mage
Alignment: Anarchist
XP Level: 8th
XP Points: 62,168 (Ace of Spades 3/2/19)
Next Level @ XP: 70,921(Wizard chart)
Racial Hostilities: Repulsed by ugly humanoids and orcs, goblins, ogres, and ironically other changelings. Hateful of human groups.
Sentiments/Western Empire: Corrupt and dangerous.
Sentiments/Dominion of Man: Fearful, ignorant, and destructive.
Disposition: Outwardly happy, energetic, and helpful. Driven by a need for acceptance and to prove she is not a "monster." She sabotages her desire for family and friends with distrust.
Gods worshiped:
Sect of Aco & The Juggernaut (PF Dragons and Gods): Shield Followers in Divine Darkness (Special). Those who are actively praying to Aco, or at least clutching an Aco doll, and who are already hiding in some dark place, will be deifically concealed by Aco. Mortals using natural senses such as eyesight, hearing and smell, magical perceptions, or even technological devices, will be unable to detect what Aco has hidden. Even other deities are incapable of penetrating Aco's shield of darkness. Cost to Aco: Free. The power is innate, and Aco confers it automatically on every worshiper.

I.Q.: 16
M.E.: 27
M.A.: 22
P.S.: 23 (33)
P.P.: 23
P.E.: 19 (24)
P.B.: 11 (18)
Speed: 18

P.P.E.: 164
I.S.P: 58
H.P.: 45 (+5)
S.D.C.: 45 (+20)
Age: 38 (19)
Sex: Asexual (Female)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 245 lbs.(215 lbs.)
Description: Changeling: Hairless pale yellow skin and large eyes, a beauty among changelings though only above average by human standards. Human: Dark eyes and skin, her previously long hair singed by fire, now chopped short accents a stunning physical form.
Racial Abilities
Nauseated from consuming concentrated salt.
Becomes easily blasted off of one mug of ale.
Horror Factor: 10 / (0)
Immune to vampire bite

Natural Abilities
Natural height and weight: 7ft (3ft to 10ft) & 250 lbs (+/- 30lbs), weight further adjustable by gaining or losing weight through diet.
Shape changing ability: Can alter shape and size to the appearance of any humanoid, no extra or fewer appendages. Can instantly grow hair or fur of any type and color and otherwise change their appearance completely. Has size and mass restrictions. The absolute smallest is three feet (0.9 m) and the tallest is ten feet (3 m). Mass/weight varies only thirty pounds. When small they are fat, and when tall they are thin. One full melee (15 seconds) is required to transform. Can adjust diet accordingly, gaining or losing weight to make an impersonation perfect. Only the physical appearance, size and shape of the body changes. The changeling's attributes are always the same, regardless of size and appearance. Changelings are asexual. They can physically change to be either male, female or both.

Perception: 63%
Charm/Impress: -- / (40%)
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 70%
Max. Encumbrance: 73.5 lbs. (64.5 lbs. (215 lbs))
Max. Carrying Weight: 460 lbs. (1650 lbs.)
Max. Lifting Weight: 920 lbs. (3300 lbs.)
Max. Jumping Ability: Length:15' 6" (53' 6") across, 9' 3" (25' 9") high
Can move 15 yards per action/ 90 yards each melee
Tumbling House Rule: Jump Distance/Height
Characters that have the tumbling skill can add 4 feet plus 1 foot every other level to length and 5 feet and 1 foot to height per every three levels with a successful skill check and 1/2 that on a failed check. (82% +5% lvl)
Tumblers using a pole to vault as well can add 8 feet of height plus 2 feet per each level of skill with a successful skill check and 1/2 that on a failed check. (82% +5% lvl.)
Tumbling and pole vault may add together the results with other jump bonuses. A critical failure on either gives no bonuses and the GM must provide for interesting results.

Special Abilities
Meditation: One hour of meditation restores six (6) I.S.P. & 10 PPE and 2 hours of sleep; must be a full hour.(Restore 2 I.S.P. and 5 P.P.E per full hour of sleep.)
Recognize Circle Magic: 33%
Recognize Enchantment (recognize the influence of magic that charms, hypnotizes, or otherwise causes mind control (including trances, domination, compulsion, quest, etc.). This ability also includes identifying magic sickness, curses, the effects of Faerie Food and Faerie Magic, and supernatural or magical possession.not illusions, metamorphosis, or psionics): 67% (+5% lvl)
Recognize Magic (Certain percentage chance to recognize a magic item by shape, inscription, symbols or intuition. May know something has magical properties, does not know what powers the item has or how to use it.): 36% (+3% lvl)
Knows 4 Simple Power Words (Acba, Keron, Pein, Yin) & 12 Basic Mystic Symbols.
Can use Spell Scrolls in understood languages, cannot translate.
No fear of Heights.

Super Psionic
  • Telepathy Superior
    ISP: 8 (Rifter 25)
    Duration: 2mins/lvl; Probe, Range: 100ft + 50ft/lvl; Two-way communication, 200ft + 100ft/lvl.
    Sometimes (40% +3% per level chance(Currently 64%)) the character will see or hear parts of memories associated with the thoughts he is reading from the victim. A saving throw should be rolled for each skill/memory/thought that the character tries to read. The character can make one attempt to pull information from the victim for each attack per melee.
  • Cause Insanity
    I.S.P.: 30 (PF Main book)
    Range: Other by touch; Duration: 1 week/level; Saving Throw: Standard
    Anyone who fails to roll a save vs psionic attack contracts one insanity. The mental affliction lasts one week per level of the psychic. The type of insanity is specified by the psionic and can be either a phobia, obsession, or neurosis. The use of this ability does not inform the psychic of any prior insanity that the character may possess. The psychic can make the insanity permanent (subject to cures by therapy or psionic cure) by permanently subtracting 2D6 points from his I.S.P. base.
  • Resist Damage
    ISP: (25) (Rifter 25)
    Duration: 5 minutes/lvl; takes 1/2 (S.D.C or direct to Hit point) damage from any fall, impact, punch, bullet, or energy attack, even damage from magic or psionic, after which the biofeedback field absorbs the first 5 (S.D.C. or H.P.) of damage from each attack. Carried items not protected.
  • Strength of the Mind
    ISP (10)
    (Rifter 25) 2 minutes/lvl; The psychic gains +10 to P.S., +5 to P.E. and +20 S.D.C. for the duration & Supernatural Strength & Endurance.
  • Impervious to Poison/Toxin
    ISP (4)
    Range: Self; Duration: 2 minutes (8 melees)
    The character can negate the full effects of poisons and toxic chemicals which he has ingested (eaten or drank) or introduced into the bloodstream, as long as he/she has advance knowledge of its deadly properties. A poison, toxin, or drug which has been unknowingly inflicted (and starting to take effect) can be negated too, but will do half damage or effect before it can be completely negated. Bonuses: Identify poisons: 30%+4% per level of experience; +2 to save vs poisons and drugs.
  • Bio-Regenerate
    ISP: (6), Free oneself of disease, poison, and repair physical damage/injury One minute of concentration, no other power use at that time. Does not restore limbs, but heals 2d6 HP or 3d6 SDC per melee round with no scarring. Can regenerate as often as once every other minute. Healing more than half HP/SDC in an hour causes weakness 1d4+2 hours; P.S., P.E. & Spd reduced by 30%.
  • Psionic Purge
    ISP: (10) (Rifter 25) Range: Touch Duration: 1d4min to put in trance/1d4min to purge per effect; Permanent. Psionic Purge removes the effects of psionics placed on an individual. Must put the person into a trance-like meditative state (1D4 minutes). After the patient is in an open and relaxed state the psychic will spend another few minutes (1D4 minutes) purging the patient''s mind/body. Removes: Hypnotic Suggestion, Bio-Manipuiation, Mental Illusion, Induced Nightmare, or non-permanent psionic-induced insanity for the cost of 10 I.S.P. per effect. Does not drive out possessing psychics/entities, restore memory that has been altered or remove Mind Blocks.
  • Sixth Sense
    Range: Self or within 90 feet (of a friend or close ally).
    Duration: Until the danger passes or happens. Bonuses apply only to the first melee round of the attack from the source of the sensed danger.
    I.S.P.: 2
    Saving Throw: None.
    The Sixth Sense is a power that gives the psychic a precognitive flash of imminent danger to himself or somebody near him (within 90 feet/27.4 m). The character will not know what the danger is or where it will come from, nor who it will be directed at when in a group. All he knows is that something life threatening will happen within the next 60 seconds (4 melees) The Sixth Sense is triggered automatically, without the consent of the psychic. whenever his life is in great peril or the life of somebody he greatly cares about (friend, partner, loved one, etc.). The Sixth Sense is only triggered by an unexpected, life threatening event (a trap or ambush is within 90 feet/27.4 m or a flash flood is rushing his way) which IS already set into motion and will happen any second. The power can not be called upon at will to sense for traps or ambush. Instead, it works like an automatic reflex. If the character has used all his I.S.P. the Sixth Sense is temporarily rendered inoperative.
    Bonuses: The sudden rush of insight provides the following bonuses (bonuses apply only to the first initial melee (15 seconds) when the attack actually occurs. Bonuses are lost in subsequent melee rounds after the danger is revealed.
    Bonuses: +6 on initiative roll, +2 to parry, +3 to dodge and the character can not be surprised by a sneak attack from behind.
  • Enhanced Perception
    ISP: (10) (Rifter 25 pg 78)
    Range: Self
    Duration: Five minutes per level of experience. This incredible psionic power augments the psychic's physical senses, enhancing his perception. This enhanced state of awareness sharpens all natural senses by 50%, and further enables the psychic to "filter" all of this extra sensory input in order to concentrate on one or a few specific things. While using this ability, the psychic will notice every detail around him down to the slightest motion, sound, scent, and shadow. He will further be likely to notice changes and inconsistencies that might reveal traps, illusions, feints, or tricks (including sleight-of-hand, etc.).
    Bonuses:+15% to Perception, +1 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, and a +10% to any skill that relies on any of the basic senses (such as Intelligence, Tracking, or certain Physical skills like Juggling or Prowl).
  • Total Recall
    ISP: (2)
    Remembers everything seen/heard. Specific blocks of written and visual information can be recalled in perfect detail at will. If out of ISP, roll random table.
  • Speed Reading
    ISP: (2)
    Read and comprehend the written word extremely quickly. Read 30 pages per minute. The psychic will retain the information as he would normally. Highly technical texts reduce the speed reading by half (15 pages per minute) and may require two readings to remember in detail.
  • Clairvoyant Prediction
    ISP: (4)
    Base Chance of Prediction: 62% +2% per level of experience(Currently 78%). Simple form of Clairvoyance used to guess the outcome of simple events or decisions. Gives the psychic a feeling of the most probable outcome for simple events, such as the outcome of a roll of the dice, coin flip, contest, or decision someone will make. One in ten or better odds, the psychic rolls on the base prediction roll to predict the correct outcome. If the odds are 1/1 to 1/100, the psychic is -5%, 1/101 to 1/1000, they are -15%, 1/1001 to 1/5000, -45%, and any event with odds worse than 1/5000 is -65%.
  • Psionic Seeking
    {Rifter 25)
    I.S.P.: (6)
    Range: 1 mile/level
    Duration: 5 min/level
    With this power the character will be able to sense and possibly find any object or person he desires. The psychic needs to have some knowledge of the person or item he is trying to find. This knowledge can include meeting the person or touching the item in the past, having a picture of the person or item, having an item that belongs to the person he is searching for, or having the owner of the item present. The base chance of finding someone or something is 40% +5% per level of experience. If the character is looking for an item of his own, or a close friend or relative, he gains a +20% to this roll. Even if the character fails the roll to find the person or item, he will be able to sense whether or not the object is within his range.

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 14
Special penalty: Spells cost 20% more PPE(round down) and are -20% duration & range.

(8th Level Spell choice not yet made)

Wizard Magic
Armor of Ithan (EP Menu Purchase)
(10 P.P.E)(12), 1 min/lvl, A.R.: 18, S.D.C.: 100 +10/lvl)
Globe of Daylight (2) (Purchased)
Blinding Flash (Purchased)
Range: 10 feet (3 m) radius; up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away.
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Standard
P.P.E.: One
This invocation creates a sudden burst of intense, white light, temporarily blinding everyone in its ten foot (3 m) radius. Victims are blinded for 1D4 melee rounds, with a penalty of -5 to strike, and -10 to parry and dodge. The chance of falling is 1-50% per every 10 feet (3 m) traveled. The saving throw is standard, so those who successfully save vs magic are not blinded. Note: Does not affect bionic or cybernetic eyes.
Cloud of Smoke (Chargen)
Range: 90 feet (27.4 m)
Duration: 4 melee rounds per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E: Two
This magic enables the arcanist to create a cloud of dense, black smoke (30x30x30 foot maximum size) up to ninety feet (27.4 m) away. Victims caught in the cloud will be unable to see anything beyond it, and their vision is impaired; they can see no more than three feet (0.9 m) in front of them (and those images are only blurry shapes unless within one foot/0.3 m). While in the cloud, victims will be -5 to strike, and -9 to parry and dodge.
Death Trance (1) (Chargen)
Climb (3) (Chargen)
Decipher Magic (4) (Chargen)
See the Invisible (4) (Chargen)
Sense Magic (4) (Chargen)
Sense Traps (7) (8) (EP Menu Purchase)
See Wards (8) (9) (EP Menu Purchase)
See Aura (6) (7) (Chargen)
Chameleon (Chargen)
Range: Self or others by touch.
Duration: Four minutes (16 melee rounds) per level of experience.
Savings Throw: None
P.P.E.: 6 (7)
This spell enables the affected person to seemingly alter the color and pattern of his clothes and physical body, enabling him to blend into the surrounding environment. Movement destroys the effectiveness of this magic.
90% undetectable if unmoving.
70% undetectable if moving 2 feet per melee round or slower.
20% undetectable if moving 6 feet (1.8 m) per melee round.
Totally ineffective if moving any faster.
Mystic Alarm (Purchased)
Range: 12 feet (3.6 m); one object.
Duration: One year per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: 5 (6)
The spell caster can protect his possessions and domicile by placing mystic alarms on them. The invocation creates invisible, ward-like symbols on any one, specific, non-living object. If this object is touched or disturbed by anyone other than the spell caster, a silent alarm will buzz in the mage's head, alerting him to the intrusion. The alarm will alert him instantly, even if he is thousands of miles away or in another dimension. Once disturbed, the alarms disappear. The mystic alarm has a limited life of one year per level of the spell caster.
Breath without Air (5) (6) (EP Menu Purchase)
Impervious to Fire (6) (7) (EP Menu Purchase)
Escape (8) (9) (Adventure Award)
Carpet of Adhesion (Level up Choice)
Range: 30 feet (9 m) +10 feet (3 m) per level of experience.
Duration: 10 melees (2 1/2 minutes) per level of experience.
Savings Throw: Special. If a successful saving throw vs magic is made, that player rolls 2D6 to see how many melee rounds it will take him to pull free. Those failing to make the saving throw are stuck for the entire duration of the spell. Effective even against giants, and supernatural beings (and robots). The spell caster creates a sticky carpet, up to 10 feet (3 m) wide by 20 feet (6 m) long, that will adhere firmly to anyone who touches it. The victim will stay stuck until the carpet spell time elapses or until the spell caster cancels the spell. The carpet can be cast on a floor, table, wall, etc., or upon a person. The spell caster can alter the size and shape of this super flypaper (without exceeding the stated limit of 200 square feet), but it is always a flat sheet or carpet.
Fire Ball (Adventure Award)
Range: 90 feet
Duration: Instant
Damage: lD6 per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Dodge, but the victim must know the attack is coming and must roll an 18 or higher (bonuses to dodge are applicable).
P.P.E.: 10 (12)
The spell caster creates a large fire ball which hurls at its target at an awesome speed, inflicting 1D6 points of damage per each level of the spell caster. The fire ball is magically directed and seldom misses.
Lifeblast (Level Up Choice)
Range: 30ft per level; or two by touch.
Duration: Varies
Saving Throw: Typically none; automatic hit.
PPE:(15) (18)
Used on the living; 1st melee affected by magic: +3 initiative, +1 combat rolls, +1 melee actions, +1 to saving throws. Additional 30 minutes after; +1 initiative, +5% performance of skills, +10% save vs coma/death.
Fleet Feet (EP Purchase)
Range: Self or other by spell or ritual up to 20 ft (6 m) away.
Duration: Two melee rounds per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E.: 20 (24)
Level: 6th level Wizard spell.
The incantation doubles the physical prowess, speed and mobility of the enchanted person for 30 seconds (2 melee rounds) per level of the spell caster. This means the character's speed, and P.P. are doubled (providing increased P.P. bonuses to strike, parry and dodge) and perhaps most notably, the character's attacks per melee round are all doubled for the duration of the spell. While the character is a veritable whirlwind of action, the enchantment does have some drawbacks. He is moving so fast and doing so much that the character is -2 on initiative and not likely to see a surprise attack coming (in most cases a surprise attack or strike from behind is automatic). Furthermore, the performance of delicate skills like picking locks or pockets, carving, writing, etc., are all at -20% and the character cannot control his precise movement.
Magical-Adrenal Rush (Adventure Award)
Level 8
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m); line of sight, self or one by touch.
Duration: One melee/level.
Saving Throw: Not applicable.
P.P.E.: 45(54)
This powerful spell produces a magical rush that puts Juicers to shame. P.S. is raised to supernatural equivalent punches and kicks do M.D.), the character gets two additional melee actions attacks per round, speed is increased by 50%. fatigue has no affect. and he is impervious to drugs, mind control, possession, illusions, pain and fear/horro factor, as well as able to endure triple the normal damage to his body, is +3 on initiative, + I to strike and dodge, and +1 on all saving throws while the enchantment lasts. The spell does have consequences, however. Once the enhancements wear off, the target will he tired and weak, and barely able to move for ID4 minutes; reduce attacks per melee round. speed, skill performance and all combat bonuses by half. After this “down” time, the character returns to normal (minus the effects of normal fatigue or any damage sustained in combat).
Infrared Vision (Adventure Award)
(Level 2 Combat Magic - Mercenary Adventures pg 9)
Range: Self; Visual Range of 500ft (152m)
Duration: 5min per/level
Save: NA
P.P.E. 5(6)
Provides the character with the ability to see heat patterns in the infrared spectrum in a manner identical to mechanical thermal imaging optics. The vision enables the mage to see thermal patterns through thin material like thin walls (wood, S.D.C., brick, drywall, etc.), light body armor and clothing, foliage, most S.D.C. materials under four inches (10 cm) thick and light M.D.C. material (half an inch or less), but is unable to see through more than an inch (2.5 cm) of dirt or a foot (0.3 m) of water or heavy reinforced M.D.C. structures (walls, armor, concrete, etc).
Quickaction (Adventure Award)
(Level 4 Combat Magic - Mercenary Adventures pg 12)
Range: Self
Duration: One melee action.
Bonus: +10
Penalty: Each Quick action uses up two melee attacks.
Save: NA
P.P.E: 8 (9)
Casting the spell enables the character's next action to be done with blinding speed an accuracy. This enchantment can be used to parry, dodge, roll with impact, leap or dive for cover or to knock someone out of harm's way; grab, catch or reach something before an opponent, flip a switch first, and similar "actions." In every instance the mage gets a bonus of +10 to his roll on a D20 (i.e, +10 on initiative, +10 to parry, +10 to dodge, etc.) in addition to his usual bonuses (if any) for that type of action. Note: Does NOT apply to a roll to strike, disarm, stun, knockout, or kill. DM note: Rolls of 1 auto-fail, rolls of 20 auto-success. An opposing natural roll of 20 requires a natural roll of 20 with a higher effective total roll to defeat.
Sense P.P.E. (Adventure Award)
(Level 1 Invocation - NBMB pg 128)
Range: 120 ft (36.5 m) area.
Duration: 1 minute (4 melees)/per level.
Saving Throw: Standard; ley lines and inanimate objects have no saving throw.
P.P.E.: 3(3)
This invocation allows the sorcerer to sense the presence of potential psychic energy (P.P.E.). Like a Geiger counter, the individual can tell if he is near (within 20 ft/6.1 m) or far (at the limit of the magic's range). This magic ability should not be confused with "sense magic." It cannot pick up magic emanations, so it will not identify most magic objects, enchantments or spell casting. What this magic does provide is an indication of potential psychic energy within the area — people, places, supernatural beings, animals and other sources of P.P.E. This can be important if there is a need to draw additional P.P.E. from another source(s). First, the magic will alert the sorcerer to the presence of potential psychic energy in its range area. Second, the arcanist can determine the approximate amount of P.P.E. each individual currently possesses. Little is 1-5 P.P.E., typical is 6-15, medium is 16-30, a lot is 31-60, vast (and often unnatural) is 61 and higher, incredible is 500 P.P.E. and higher. Objects only register potential psychic energy if they are possessed/inhabited by a living force.
Firestorm (Adventure Award)
{Level 8 Wizard Magic HU GMG pg 188)
Range: 90ft + 10ft/level
Duration: Instant
Damage: 1d6/level
Saving Throw: Dodge, but the victim must know the attack is coming and must roll an 18 or higher (bonuses to dodge are applicable).
P.P.E.: 30 (36)
This spell creates a fast-flying fireball that explodes upon impact, burning everything within 20ft of the target. The fireball is magically directed and seldom misses. As with the related spell, fireball, damage for this spell is increased by ley lines an nexus points.

Forbidden & Lost Arcana

Blade Magic Rifter 23: pg 31: Instant effects for Blade Magic,"Where the Duration States "Instant,"
the spell takes effect immediately(any loss of melee actions applicable to the caster takes place after the spell takes effect. Any blade affecting spell applies to any edged metal weapon.
Rippling Blade (EP Menu Selection)
(Level 2 Blade Magic)
Range: Touch
Damage: Turns an S.D.C. Weapon into an M.D.C. weapon, or adds to damage in non-M.D.C. settings.
Duration: 5min/lvl
Save: Standard
P.P.E.: 6 (7)
The spell imbues the weapon with magical energy in the form of a rippling, vibrating field of force covering the entire blade (not the hilt or handle of the weapon though). S.D.C. weapons are either transformed into M.D.C. weapons (in Rifts and other M.D.C. settings) or have their damage capacity and damage dealing force tripled! For example, a dagger would go from 1d4 to 3d4 damage. This effect is NOT cumulative with multiple castings.
Magnetic Charm (Chargen)
Range: Touch, effect can extend up to 5 feet from weapon.
Duration: Instant or up to 3 minutes + 1 min per caster level.
Bonus: +5 disarm bonus to disarm metallic weapons.
Save: NA
PPE: 2 plus 1 per minute maintained.
The effect of this simple spell (known as a charm) is to magically magnetize a metallic object held by the spell caster. The magnetic force is strong enough to attract any metal object within 5ft of the weapon, but the attraction is most intense within a few inches of the weapons surface. Using the magnetized weapon to suddenly rip a weapon from an opponent's grasp is one good use of the charm, another is using the weapon to stick onto metal surfaces (excellent for using as a makeshift grapple or climbing tool). The force of the magnetic field is at least equal to a PS 30, + 1 per level of the caster.
Feet of the Cat (Chargen)
(5) (6) Range: Self; Duration: 2min per level; Bonus: Adds +10% to climb, gymnastic/acrobatic, +15% dancing, +4 balance, +2 dodge, +4 roll with impact; allows caster to leap as far vertically as lengthwise.
Walk on Edges (Chargen)
(Level 3 Blade Magic)
P.P.E.: (6) (7)
Range: Self or other by touch; Duration: 1 min/per level
Bonus: Automatic walk ropes/high wires and maintain balance.
Save Throw: Standard.
This spell enhances the subject's sense of balance and allows him to walk along ropes, beams, poles, ledges, and even wires with ease. The enchanted person (or animal) does not need to roll to save vs unbalancing and automatically succeeds in any attempt to walk, run, skip or jump along edges, they also take no damage from walking over sharp objects, such as broken glass or blades, for the duration of the spell.
Viper Kiss (Level Up Choice)
(Level 3 Blade Magic)
(6) (7) Duration: Coats blade in poison for 1 Melee a lvl;
Save:Each strike that inflicts damage poisons the subject; Standard magic save, plus save vs lethal poison(if magic failed);
Effect: Affects SN creatures; Failed lethal poison save: paralysis & 4d6 direct to HP damage plus receive additional HP damage 1d4 per melee of the caster level(Normal medical skills cannot address).
Successful Save vs poison: suffering -8 to strike, parry, and dodge, loss of initiative, and attacks per melee round are reduced by half.
Severing Blade (EP Menu Selection)
(Level 6 Blade Magic)
Range: Touch
Damage: Normal weapon damage is doubled and becomes Mega-Damage.
Duration: One melee attack per level of the spell caster.
Bonus: Any attack with the weapon that hits its target is an automatic critical strike!
Saving Throw: None, dodge or parry only!
P.P.E.: 20 (24)
The enchanted weapon is magically guided into lethal strikes against its target, usually in the form of decapitating blows (strikes to the neck or its equivalent, that result in beheading the victim(. In the case of creatures without a head, neck or similar, the enchanted weapon will seek to sever any limbs or major arteries if it can. The effect of this assault on the victim (if not death) is fear and panic, if they manage to ward off the blows, they must roll to save vs Horror Factor 10, or attempt to retreat from combat ("saving one's neck" so to speak).
Unerring Strike (EP Menu Selection)
(Level 7 Blade Magic}
Range: Touch and normal attack range for the weapon.
Duration: Instant; the effect lasts until one attack has been made with the weapon, by the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Standard
P.P.E.:20 (24)
This spell enchants a weapon to strike with supernatural accuracy; unless the target makes his roll to save vs magic he will be struck a maximum damage, critical blow by the weapon! The attack may be made in any conventional way (including thrown) and is so incredibly fast and deadly that the victim will be unable to dodge or parry it at all. Unless me makes his saving throw he will be on the receiving end of a deadly strike. A successful save means the weapon may be parried, but not dodged (unless the defender has automatic dodge). The roll to parry must beat a roll of 20 or he will still receive a normal critical strike (i.e., roll and multiply the damage as per usual.)

Necromancy Magic *PPE cost as Necro* Bizantium
Animate and Control Dead: Simple (Level Up Selection)
Range: 400ft; Line of sight.
Duration: 5min/per level
Saving Throw: NA
PPE: 10 (12)
With this incantation the practitioner of magic can animate the remains of dead bodies and mentally control them. They are not alive and do not have any intelligence. The sorcerer who controls their actions.
1. Animate two corpses/skeletons + 1/level
2. Must remain in line of vision. If it can not be seen, it can not be animated.
3. Can be a corpse or skeleton. Attacks per melee: 2, Spd: 7, Dmg: ID6 from punch, bite, claw. Cannot use Modern weapons, such as guns of any kind.
4. Only total destruction will stop an animated dead, or knocking out the controlling mage. S.D.C. of a small corpse(3-4ft), 50 SD.C.: medium, 5-6ft is 80 S.D.C., large, 7-12ft is 140 S.D.C. Vulnerabilities: Bullets do half damage, blunt and smashing attacks do full damage, fire does double damage. Cannot be stunned or hurt by death blow/critical hit, nor scared.
Eyes of the Dead (Adventure Award)
Range: Self
Duration 5min/level
Save: None; standard for victims.
P.P.E.(8) (9)
With this enchantment, the eyes of the necromancer become black and lifeless. Besides looking creepy and enhancing his already frightening appearance (+2 to Horror Factor), these dark eyes will protect the Necromancer from hypnotic suggestion and any mind control which involves eye contact. The enchantment also enables him to recognize ghouls, animated dead, and the undead. Furthermore, the Necromancer's own gaze will unnerve any who look into it, sending a chill running down his spine and a penalty of -1 to all combat skills for one melee round.
Death Strike (Adventure Award)
Level 8 Necromancy Magic - Bizantium and the Northern Isle pg 163 (Ref BoM pg 193))
Range: Empowers the spell caster, not others.
Duration: 1min(4 melees) per level
Saving Throw: Opponents are -1 to save
P.P.E.: 25 (28)
Every punch, kick, or strike inflicted by bare hands/feet or by hand-held weapons such as a club or sword (excluding bow weapons, thrown weapons and projectiles), ) inflicts double damage. Furthermore, if the opponent is a magical or supernatural being, then the doubled damage will be inflicted as if it were delivered by the required magical weapon.
Bulwark Magic (Library of Bletherad pg 85)
Wall of Swords (Patron Spell of Legend trade-in)
(30) (36); Range: 20ft area + 10ft/lvl.; Duration: 10 min/lvl; Damage: 6D6 per melee.; Saving Throw: None.
a massive steel wall bristling with sword-like blades comes into being. The wall itself has 150 S.D.C. total. Whoever is pushed or runs into the wall will suffer 6D6 damage as the wall's swords hack and slash at the victim. Trying to parry them is a fruitless effort; for every one that gets parried, three more will sneak through. The only defense is to run away. The wall can be moved. The spell caster can mentally push the wall along forward or backwards at half his normal running speed. Unless he can see through the wall (using some kind of X-Ray magic, perhaps), or he has an ally spotting for him, the mage will be unable to see where to steer his wall. When moving it down a large hallway or sweeping it across a crowded battlefield, the Wall of Swords is an unholy terror. When using it to chase around one or two enemies, it loses its effectiveness. Note that the wall can be blocked/stopped by other magic barriers or magically dispelled.

Bygone Spirits (Library of Bletherad pg 77)
Ghostwalker (Patron Spell of Legend trade-in)
Range: Self or one other by touch.
Duration: One melee round per level of experience.
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: (50) (60)
Using this magic, the spell caster can become ethereal and intangible, just like a ghost! In this state, the mage is a semi-transparent ghost-image of himself, barely visible and +20% to prowl (those who do not have the Prowl skill can, under this spell, effectively Prowl at 30%). For brief moments (1D6 seconds, long enough to throw a physical punch or cast a simple spell), he can become visible and completely tangible (as if the spell were never cast). The Ghostwalker can also hover and fly at a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 km) up to 1000 feet (305 m) high. In the ghost state, he is also impervious to all physical and energy attacks, but psionics and magic (including those that can affect a ghost/spirit, like Constrain Being, Turn Dead and Exorcism!) will hurt him as a Ghostwalker. Likewise, the character will be unable to physically hurt or interact with others except with psionics. The only way to speak, cast magic or deliver a physical attack is for the Ghostwalker to momentarily becoming solid, during which time the character can be hurt by physical means. A final note: While ethereal, the character will be thought of as a ghost by those who see or hear him. This gives the character a Horror Factor of 14. Likewise, while ghost-like, other ghosts and spirits will believe the character is one of them and may (01-20% chance) communicate with him.
Spectral Sword (Adventure Reward)
(30) (36) Range: Self; Duration: One minute per level of experience.; Damage: 1D6 to mortals, 1D4xlO to supernatural creatures, 1D6xlO to entities, other ghosts, spirits, and alien intelligences.;Saving Throw: None; parry or dodge only.
Conjures a sword of spectral energy. Ordinary foes only take 1D6 damage as the intangible blade passes through them. Against Deevils, demons, or other supernatural enemies, the spectral sword inflicts 1D4xlO damage. Against spirits, entities, and alien intelligences the sword inflicts a whopping 1D6xlO points of damage. Supernatural foes can parry and block attacks made with this weapon. Mortal foes cannot, but can dodge it; any attempt to parry results in it passing the opponent and inflicting its 1D6 damage.

Spatial Magic (Rifter 03)
Mystic Portal (Epic Spell Award)
(Rifter 03 pg 81) (Ref RUE: pg 219)
Level: 1
P.P.E.: 8 (9)
Range: 50 feet (6.1 m) away; Size: 30 feet (3 m) wide by 60 feet (6.1 m) tall portal/opening; Duration: 2 min/per level; Saving Throw: None.
This spell creates a dimensional Rift in the fabric of space allowing the spell caster to use it in the following ways:
Pass through solid walls: The mage has but to weave the spell targeting a particular, blocked area. The area will shimmer bright and suddenly, a portal or passage will appear as if cut out of the very stone. The portal can create a 12 foot (3.6 m) deep passage per each level of the spell caster in any substance.
Teleportation: The portal can be a doorway to a nearby location known to the spell caster, flawlessly traveling hundreds of feet in an instant. The portal can be placed on a vertical wall, the floor or ceiling. Looking into it reveals what is on the other side. Stepping through it will instantly place the character in that location. Range is a meager 100 feet (30.5 m) per level of experience. The number of how many people can pass through will depend upon how quick they are moving and how long the mage keeps it open; he can close it at any time. Figure 1d6+8 can pass through per melee round (Note by LINDSY: Normal Mystic Portal is 10ft wide, this one at 30ft width, if able to utilize all of it, probably could support 2-3 times that many and more if in a military-like formation.)
One-way passage: Once a character steps through a Mystic Portal, the opening behind him is gone (although people on the portal side can see both the portal and the person who just stepped through it). To return, a new portal must be made on the other side by invoking another Mystic Portal spell. When the spell duration ends, the Mystic Portal vanishes as usual. the mage who created it can make it vanish at will. A Negate Magic may also eliminate it if the spell is successful. Note: A Mystic Portal can NOT be cast on people to use as a Teleport spell. Mystic portals must be cast on a vertical, stationary surface. An Impenetrable Wall of Force will stop a Mystic Portal.
Astral Hole (Epic Spell Award)
(Rifter 03 Pg 83) (Ref WB16 Fed of Magic: pg 152)
Level: 5
P.P.E.: 80 (96)
Range: Self; Duration: 1 melee/per level; Saving Throw: NA
Astral Hole creates an invisible (only the caster and those who can see spirits or the Astral Plane can see it), mobile, mentally controlled extra-dimensional portal that effectively follows the spell caster wherever he goes. This portal can be used by the spell caster (and only the spell caster) in a number of ways. Ultimately, the Astral Hole makes the mage almost impossible to pin down.
1. The mage can use the Astral Hole to “jump” or teleport a short distance by stepping in and willing him/herself to another location that is visible from his current one. Each such teleport counts as two melee actions. This use is limited by line of sight (2000 fee/6lO m maximum, double at sea or on open plains). The mage cannot teleport to someplace he cannot see clearly.
(Note for reference LINDSY:
Formula: Earth's curvature (
Formula: Maximum distance to resolve an object:
2. Another use involves avoiding enemy fire. When attacked, the spell caster simply sidesteps, into the hole, and disappears, then steps back out. Because of the speed and ease with which this is done, it only uses up one melee action. Furthermore, the caster gets a bonus of +2 to dodge when doing this. He or she can dodge and teleport out of harm's way almost endlessly. The mage cannot stay inside the Astral Hole for more than a few seconds. It is a passageway, not a pocket dimension.
3. When an Astral Hole is opened and the spell caster also uses Astral Projection to travel the Astral Plane, he can automatically find his way back to the physical world, using the Astral Hole as a beacon and doorway home. Note that every melee round (15 seconds) in the physical world is the equivalent of five minutes in the Astral Plane.

Lunar/Zodiac Magic Rifter 50
Lunar Armor (EP Menu Selection)
Range: Self or two by touch.
Duration: Two minutes per level of the mage.
Saving Throw: Standard for those who don't want the armor.
P.P.E.: (20) (24)
This spell creates a translucent suit of full plate armor that glows like a full moon. The armor has 100 S.D.C., plus 10 S.D.C. per additional level of the caster, and has an Armor Rating of 18. (The armor has 100 M.D.C. in Rifts.) The armor has astounding regenerative abilities and 5 S.D.C. per level of the caster is restored per melee, and this is doubled when there is a full moon! In addition to the armor regenerating, the recipient also regenerates lost S.D.C. and Hit Points while in this armor. He or she is healed ID6 S.D.C. or Hit Points per melee (Hit Points are healed first). On the other hand, during a new moon, the armor and the individual do not regenerate at all. Because of the glow of the armor, the Prowl skill is almost useless, and is considered to be at -30%.
Blazing Star(Patron Spell of Legend trade-in)
Range: Self or two others by touch.
Duration: 10 min. per level
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: 25 (30)
The Zodiac Mage is bestowed with the power of flight, but it is not like the fine control one has with Fly as the Eagle. The mage is engulfed in a large, fiery aura that makes him look like a blazing star. He takes off across the sky like a rocket, with an impressive speed of 100 miles per hour (160 km), plus 25 mph (40 km) per additional level of experience. The mage can make minor course corrections, but like a speeding rocket he is pretty much limited to one direction once chosen. When the spell ends or the mage decides to land, he crashes into the ground, making a small crater. There is no damage to the mage, or to others around the crash site, even from some of the debris that is thrown out of the crater.
Healing Moon Beam(Epic Spell Award)
(Rifter 50 pg 97)
P.P.E.: 30 (36) per melee.
Duration: One melee per instance of P.P.E. spent.
Range: Affects everyone within a 5 foot radius (1.5 m) per level of the caster.
Damage: None normally, but Shadow Beasts and creatures of shadow take 4D6 points of damage direct to Hit Points per melee.
Saving Throw: Standard if unwanted.
Many cultures have worshiped the moon, claiming it has healing powers, while others insist it causes insanity. The zodiac Mage is able to harness the former and channel the energy into a healing beam that can heal multiple people at once. Of course, the beam does not distinguish between friend and foe. The Healing Moon Beam restores 4D6 Hit Points/S.D.C. per melee to everyone within the radius of the beam. The Zodiac Mage can pump additional P.P.E. to increase the duration of the beam in a single casting.
A side effect of this spell is the damage it does to Shadow Beasts, and other creatures from the Plane of Shadows. If caught within the beam, they take 4D6 points of damage direct to Hit Points on a failed saving throw. If they save, they only receive half damage to S.D.C. The beam will keep all Shadow Beasts at bay beyond the range of the beam.
Fist Full of Stars(Epic Spell Award)
(Rifter 50 pg 96)
Range: 800 feet (244 m) plus 100 feet (30 m) per level
Duration: Instant.
Damage: 1d4 per level of experience to all within a 10 foot (3m) radius per level of the caster.
Saving Throw: Dodge of 12 or higher.
P.P.E.: 15 (18)
The Zodiac Mage raises his hand into the air and seems to scoop up a handful of stars, forming a ball of swirling stars. He then hurls this ball at a foe (+3 to strike). When the Fist Full of Stars strikes, it explodes into glass-like shards, sending shrapnel in all directions, 10 feet (3 m) per level of experience.

Shadow Magic (Library of Bletherad Page 79)
Shadowsight (Patron Spell of Legend trade-in)
Range: 100 foot (30.5 m) radius.
Duration: 2 melee rounds/level
Saving Throw: None.
P.P.E.: 15 (18)
When under the effect of this spell, every shadow within range acts as the Wizard's eyes and ears. Wherever there is a shadow within range, the mage can spy effortlessly and without any chance of detection, as if he were actually standing, concealed, in the shadow itself. Indoors and underground, this spell gives the mage virtually complete surveillance capabilities over a large area. As the spell caster moves, so does the area of effect. However, the mage must direct his attention to a particular shadow and the sights and sounds around it, not all shadows at once. Shadowsight can not see through walls, but if there is a shadow around the comer or on the other side of a wall, and within range of the spell, then the spell caster can still view and hear what is happening.
Shadow Clone (Level-up selection)
(Level 8 Shadow Magic - Rifts DM15 SotA pg 105)
Range: Self only.
Duration: 10min/level (double for a Shadow Mage; until the Clone is destroyed)
Saving Throw: NA
P.P.E.: 30 (36)
The spell caster is able to transform his own shadow and use it like a puppet. The shadow seemingly detaches from the spell caster, turns into a 3D replica that looks just like the spell caster, but his skin seems a bit ashen (something most people do not recognize) and his body, while solid, is not alive and is not made of flesh and blood and has no heat signature.
For the duration the real Shadow Mage falls into a trance. The spell caster sees through the eyes of his Shadow Clone and controls it as if it were his body. The Clone Prowl's through shadows at 88%. Its physical attributes are equal to the spell caster, and all combat bonuses are the same, but is 100 S.D.C., +10/per lvl.
The clone is vulnerable to all weapons, but takes only 10% the normal damage. Lasers and magic inflict full damage. Silver S.D.C. weapons do equivalent damage as M.D., while M.D. silver weapons do double M.D..
The spell caster cannot cast spells through the Clone because it is not a living body. Nor can the Clone channel and use ley line energy to cast spells. The Shadow Mage can, however, speak through it. The mage can cancel the magic and his Clone melts into a 2-D shadow and fades way. If destroyed, the mage suffers shock, temporarily loses 1D6+2 Hit Points + 20 P.P.E.. The lost Hit Points+P.P.E. returns at the normal rate. The spell caster can return to body by cancelling the spell at any time.

War Magic (Rifter 29 pg 30)
Create Blade Simple (Patron Spell of Legend trade-in)
Range: Self or up to 10ft away.
Duration: 30 Minutes per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: None
P.P.E. (28) (33 +240 to make the weapon permanent.)
By casting this spell, the mage brings into existence a common weapon of his choosing. The weapon can be any type of cutting weapon such as a sword or knife. Even spears can be created, however the weapon is made completely out of metal, no leather grip covering, wood shaft, or fancy fringes. The mage can choose to add such things to a weapon after it is created, so a mage could cast this spell and make a spearhead which he could then attach to a wood shaft. The conjured weapon only lasts for 30 minutes per level of experience, but can be made permanent by expending an extra 200 P.P.E. So to make a long sword permanent requires a total of 228 P.P.E. The weapon is always of excellent craftsmanship, +1 to strike and parry, and does the base damage for that weapon even if the mage decides to create a blade with extra hooks or nasty serrations. This weapon is considered a magical weapon, which means that it will affect creatures that are susceptible or vulnerable to magic weapons.

Dweamor Magic (Rifter 17 pg 62)
Fortify Spell (Level Up Selection)
Range: Touch or 10 ft; Duration: Special; Saving throw: NA; PPE: Twelve + Full P.P.E of original spell (14+ Full P.P.E. of original spell)
GM Note via SNAFU: When cast, add +1 actions required to the spell being fortified. E.g. Armor of Ithan is 2 Actions, Fire Ball is 3 actions, etc.
This spell will double damage of a spell being cast. This has no effect on the range or duration, only the damage. This spell has no effect on spells that do not cause damage. In example, A spell that does 6d6 damage will do 12d6 after being fortified. Alternatively, may fortify defensive spells that defend against damage, such as walls or armor spells to double the amount of defensive S.D.C. Only one such fortification may be done per spell in either case of damage or defense.
Temporal Magic (BoM pg 243)
Retro-Viewing (Adventure Award)
(Level 8 Temporal Magic)
Range: Self only.
Saving Throw: NA
Limitations: The spell caster can only see, not hear, events that occurred in a limited area, such as a specific room, vehicle or area. He can only see as far back into the past as one hour per level of experience, but only sees a few minutes of what actually transpired.
P.P.E.: 30 (36)
The ability to glimpse a few minutes of past events. There is no sound, only visual images and only the spell caster can see the images. The wizard can look at any specific span of time he desires. For example: It is six in the evening. A third level character can observe what happened in a specific room from only a few minutes ago to three hours ago. Thus, he can cast the spell to watch what occurred between three o'clock and 3:03 or any selection of three minutes between 3:00 and 6:00.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: Dragonese/Elven -- 128% (+5%)
Language: Wolfen -- 79% (+5%)
Horsemanship: General -- 82%/67% (+5%)
Literacy: Dragonese/Elven -- 75% (+5%)
Lore: Magic -- 72% (+5%)
*Recognize Magic Circles, Runes, Etc -- 62% (+5%)
*Recognize Enchantment -- 57% (+5%)

Lore: Undead -- 62% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic -- 92% (+5%)
W.P. Archery
Hand to Hand: Assassin

O.C.C. Related Skills
Biology -- 67% (+5%)
Fashion Tools -- 67% (+5%)
Holistic Medicine -- 67%/57% (+5%)
Sculpting & Whittling -- 72% (+5%)
Sewing -- 62% (+5%)
Surgeon/Medical Doctor -- 60%/50% (+4%)
Tumbling -- 72% (+5%, Level 6)
- Pole vault -- 82% (+5%)
- Stilt Walk -- 82% (+5%)

Mathematics: Advanced -- 67% (+5%, Level 5)
Lore: Culture & Customs (Eastern Territory) 37% (+5%, Level 1)

Secondary Skills
Identify Plants & Fruits -- 62% (+5%)
Use & Recognize Poison -- 58%/44% (+4%)
Prowl -- 62% (+5%) (+20% Cloak of Shadows)
W.P. Targeting
W.P. Knives/Daggers
Hand to Hand: Assassin
-W.P. Paired weapons
Juggling -- 67% (+5%, Level 7)
- WB Yin-Sloth
- Juggle up to six items

Locate Secret Compartments/Doors -- 47% (+5%, Level 7)
Concealment -- 46% (+4%, Level 7)
Palming -- 52% (+5%, Level 7)
Language: Eastern -- 62% (+5%, Level 7)
W.P. Vital Points (Level 6)
Streetwise -- 38% (+4%, Level 5)
Blind Fighting -- 47% (+5%, Level 5)
Listening and Awareness -- 34% (+4%, Level 5)
W.P. Archery Mastery (Level 5)
--W.P. Long Bow

Stalk/Capture -- 72%/82% (+5%)
Running -- (Level 4)
Fast Talking -- 34% (+4%, Level 4)
Security Systems -- 37% (+5%, Level 4)
Seduction -- 39% (+5%, Level 3, Victim intoxicated/drugged +5%)
Lore: Religion -- 37% (+5%, Level 3)
--Sect of Aco & The Juggernaut, Church of Light & Darkness, Dragonwright, Northern Gods, Pantheon of Rurga, Cult of the Old Ones
Lore: Geomancy & Ley Lines -- 37% (+5%, Level 3)
Swimming -- 52% (+5%, Level 3)
Boxing (Level 3)
W.P. Reverse Stroke (Level 3)
W.P. Blunt (Level 3)
W.P. Sword (Level 2)
Gymnastics (Level 2)
-Climb/Rappel -- 50% (+5%)
-Sense of Balance 35% -- (+5%)
-Work Parallel bars & rings: -- 33% (+3%)

Acrobatics (Level 2)
- Sense of Balance -- 45% (+5%)
- Walk Tightrope or high wire -- 33% (+3%)

Astronomy & Navigation 37% -- (+5%, Level 2)
Dance 42% -- (+5%, Level 2)
Art 42% -- (5%, Level 2)
Play Musical Instrument: (Flute) 32% -- (+5%, Level 2)
Sing 42% -- (+5%, Level 2)
Jesting 33% -- (+3%, Level 2)
Sign Language 32% -- (+5%, Level 2)
Mime 37% -- (+5%, Level 2)
History 42% -- (5%, Level 2)
-- Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Wolfen, Coyles, & Orc
Archaeology 27% -- (+5%, Level 2)
Literacy: Eastern -- 32% -- (+5%, Level 1)
Literacy: Dwarven -- 32% -- (+5%, Level 1)
Literacy: Wolfen -- 32% -- (+5%, Level 1)
Language: Dwarven -- 32% -- (+5%, Level 1)
Language: Gnomish -- 32% -- (+5%, Level 1)
Language: Gobblely -- 32% -- (+5%, Level 1)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Assassin
Number of Attacks: 8
Initiative Bonus: +5
Strike Bonus(Throw): +6 (+1 thrown)
Parry Bonus: +10
Dodge Bonus: +9
HTH Damage Bonus: +12 / (+10 additional)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +9
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Bonus to Disarm: +5
Bonus to Entangle: +7
Knockout/stun on a natural 18, 19, or 20,
Body Throw/Flip: 1d6 damage, victim loses initiative and 1 APM
Back-Flip/Tumbling: 72% ; +4 to dodge to flip and roll out of harm's way, attacker loses 1 additional APM(if they pursue)
Backhand Strike (1d6 damage)
Karate Punch (2D4 damage)
Karate Kick (2D6 damage)
Leap Kick (3D8 damage, costs 2 APM)
Pin: Attack roll to pin arms and legs; P.S.20 opponent can roll to parry to stop second pin attack to tie up target. A failed pin attack; no attack, loss initiative, and cannot parry/dodge opponents counterstrike.
Bear Hug: Roll successful attack strike & under stalking skill(first number). Roll under stalking skill for cumulative 1-15% chance to knock out opponent(1-30% second attack, etc) Each successful squeeze attack also costs victim 2 actions, no initiative, 1/2 reduced attack damage, -2 strike, parry, dodge from each bear hug. Penalties are cumulative. Attacker uses 2 attacks per continued bear hug. If not knocked out by end of 2nd melee round, penalties begin again from zero. Target gets +2 parry/dodge if knows attack is coming and has initiative at start. (Attacks from behind must roll under skill each melee or target is now facing the attacker.) On failed bear hug roll while holding; target can try to break free by parry at -4, including penalties.)
Whittling Attacks: Using a weapon, stick, bare hands, the stalker can accumulate stunning effect rather than damage. Each strike stuns for cumulative: -1 initiative/strike/parry/-10% spd. Penalties accumulate as long as attacks continue and last for 1d4 melee rounds. A failed strike roll results in no damage, no penalties. Note: This method of attack must be unbroken and used exclusively for all attacks. Any attack that does damage or tries to pin allows target to shake off the stunning effect within one melee round.

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Archery -- +5 to strike (+2 to strike to bows from Targeting/+1 strike to missiles from Juggling), +1 to parry, +2 disarm
W.P. Targeting/Missile Weapons -- +4 to strike for throwing, +2 to strike to bows; (+1 strike to missiles from from Juggling)
-- When all actions are thrown attacks: +1 attack

W.P. Knife/Dagger -- +3 strike, +3 Parry, +4 strike when thrown/(+4 strike to thrown from Targeting, +1 strike to missiles from Juggling)
W.P. Paired weapons
W.P. Reverse Stroke -- A practiced combat move in which the character strikes an opponent behind him, without first turning around to meet his attacker, using any one-handed weapon or with the butt of a spear, pole arm or other two-handed weapon in which the character has a Weapon Proficiency. Penalties: When striking in this manner the character suffers a -2 to strike or parry incoming attacks from the rear, unlike a character without this skill who is at a -4 penalty to strike or parry attacks from the rear. Note: characters with a W.P. in a two-handed weapon can use the two-handed weapon in a similar manner to the Paired Weapons skill, striking with both the head and the butt of the weapon and it counting as one attack. The average butt of a weapon does ID6 S.D.C. damage, unless it is spiked (2D4 S.D.C. damage) or has a second head on the opposite end of the weapon.
W.P. Blunt -- +2 Strike, +2 Parry
W.P. Sword -- +1 Strike, +1 Parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Strength of Mind - Psychic power effects
Coma/Death: +8% / (+18%)
DIsease: +2 / (+3)
Magic (varies):+5 / (+3)
Lethal Poison (14+): +2 / (+3)
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +2 / (+3)
Insanity (12+): +10
Psionics (12):+6 (+2 vs telepathic probes & mind control)
Horror Factor: +6
Possession: +1
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Silhouette (Changeling Forsaken Mage)

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Skull of Knowledge
Cloak of Shadows
Dwarven Dagger (2)
Silver Dagger
Lucky/Unlucky Dagger
Kobold Throwing Knives (4)

Water skin (1 quart)
Thread of Iron (5')
1 Hammer
1 Shovel
Treated Torch x3

Moon Beams: (8 oz.) container of luminous powder
Arrows (36/36 arrows)
Soap (2 oz.)
2 candles
Tinder box
Magic Bandages (20')
Small mirror
Dried Fruit (1 pound)
Jerked Beef (1 pound)
Brandy (1 pint)
Blanket (Heavy)
(2) Small Sacks
Rope (40')

Wooden Stake

Goblin Skull x1
Magical Scroll
• Effect: Necromancy Spell: Skull with Flaming Eyes (13th level spell)

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person

Dimensional Bag
Uncommon Enchanted Satchel
• Effect: Dimensional Pocket (8.0 Years, 30 lbs. Max Weight)
• Weight: 2.0 lbs.
• Modifiers: Ley-Line Crafted
Source: BoM pg.247

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: knife, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Shoulder Purse, Large
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space: Bedroll
• Space: ----
• Space: ----

Saddlebags are padded, and sealable. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Silhouette's Room/Storage
Silhouette's Bank Account

Gear Stats

Studded Leather Armor (full)
• A.R.: 13
• S.D.C.: 38
• Modifiers: -5% mobility penalty
• Weight: 20 lbs.

Short Bow
• Range: 340'
• Damage: 1d6
• Modifiers:

Kobold Throwing Knives (4)
• Damage: 1d4+3
• Range: 40'
Modifiers: +3 to damage

Lucky/Unlucky Dagger
• Damage: 1D6
• Modifiers: Nothing special; dagger was thrown by vampire as it melted in rain.

Silver Dagger
• Damage: 1D6
• Modifiers: Silver-plated

Dwarven Dagger (2)
• Damage: 1D6+3
• Modifiers:

Cloak of Shadows
• +20% to prowl
Description: The wearer is difficult to see in shadows, but even in lighted areas the character moves silently and unobtrusively like a shadow.
Source: PFRPG, p.258

Skull of Knowledge
Necromantic Construct
Magical Features
  • Magic spells or abilities can be performed once per 24 hours.
  • All spells equal to 3rd level in potency and duration, non-magical abilities are limited to 30 minutes.
    • See the Invisible
    • See Aura
    • Second Sight
    • Eyes of Thoth
    • Cipher: Count & perform basic mathematical calculations 98%
    • Identify plants and fruit 98%.
    • Translate for one particular language 90%.
Note: Can speak/understand all languages at 90% proficiency. Responds in the language by which it was addressed. Never speaks or does its magic without being addressed with the opening words "O skull of Knowledge, tell me," "what invisible beings you spy," "what words you read," "what of my future can you see," etc.
Source: Necromancy item; BoM p.198
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Silhouette (Changeling Forsaken Mage)

Postby Silhouette » Sun May 03, 2015 7:31 am

Background Story

Firelight in the night flickers, dances, licks. Pushes back the veil of fear in the dark. Dancing, revelry, & libations celebrate their lives. Safe in the firelight they smile, laugh, and love.
Man makes dominion of the land where they build walls to confort themselves that the wilds cannot touch them. They look outward in confidence while inwardly they cower at the unknown. Categories, lists, and examinations to prove their superiority over the animals, creatures, and monsters they slay and are slain by. Believing they know their enemy they wax verbosely upon the means to dispose of what preys upon them.

Cowering in the dark hole, the flickering, dancing, licking light reveals a cause for fear. Huddling, sweating, marred by coal stained burns, it shivers unwarmed by shadows in its hole. Hedged inside their land with walls built around it, the creature fears when they should come and lay their hands upon it. Looking inward it hides its eyes as to not show fear of what it knows to come. As if that fear concealed undoes its affect.

The approach of metal lengths rebounding as of chimes musically sounding bodes not of a pleasantries. The jailers loop extends one skeletal length to undo the padlock and chains sealing the makeshift wood and thatch door. Unwelcoming light pours in on a yellow and gray form naked and emaciated. It doesn't move like a possum fearful of a hungry bear.
Dead, it not only acted so but wished it. It knew what came. Dragging it from the prison by ankle and foot the mishappen creature can only shiver involentarily against the chill as tears, fear, and voice long ago wore out. They would want more of it. Maybe they would finally kill it...


Pulling itself up up she wrapped her hands around itself consoling and checking that the moment was fabrication and fable and not the present. Putting her hands down on her simple wool bed she looked at her nails finding no dirt or clawed flesh, no lacerations on wrists, no uncleared excrement as her pillow. Rising her dark nude figure strode lithly across the room putting on the small ammount of clothing depanded of her by this society and as before by her guardians and her teachers.

The fireplace in the grate warmed her and dried her of a sheen of sweat. The flames flickering before it had simmered down to coals must have elicited her nightmare. Stoking the flames and putting new wood she set out a pot for tea while she ruminated. A long time since then to remember now. Her dreams always proceeded change as deep needs to reconile her home with the past always set her to flight. Glancing at the thick wooden door barred from inside she unlocked her prison of safety pulled her bag to herself the pot tea only beginning to churle readiness as it lay forgotten.

First the elves. Her rescuers kept her for two decades, taught her their ways of wood and magic, and appreciation for life, especially her own. The making of by hand a symbol of birth, the preservation of life with the bones of trees. She owed them a debt.

Then the shades. Darkness and deciet their veil. A gray void against right and wrong, theirs a way of balance. Shadow both light and dark and so too their magic the making of. The taking of life and preserving of life not just the worship of was their art. She owed them a debt too.

Before both the forbidden. She owed him the greatest debt. Her rescuer and father of a sort. Art, music, craft, and the study of ancient means were but accents to the greatest gift of craft he did bestow. The movement of eyes, body, tongue, and hand to weave out of the immaterial, the dance of magic. Of her debts, she would repay this one involuntarily.
It is said no man nor woman comes into their own until the passing of all their parents and all they know. Some arts were forbidden among the elves to be shared. Tolerating the changeling alone they could not the teaching of their magic to Coppice. Such was a crime punishable by death to the student and exile to the instructor. A line of which her so called father transgressed and paid on her behalf.

Fleeing now as she had many times before, she was driven by the debt she owed.

She knew not how to repay it.
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Re: Silhouette (Changeling Forsaken Mage)

Postby Silhouette » Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:44 am

Background Reference Material

  1. What emotion best describes your character? Curiosity.
  2. What emotion does your character evoke in others? Perplexity.
  3. What does your character need most? To be accepted. Acknowledgement & approval.
  4. What is your character’s goal in life? To make her own mark on the world and to be included. If she could not be a Blade Mage she will be the best at what she can do and stand out socially. Even though distance and and hiding socially are ingrained for her by nature, she thinks being included will satisfy her needs for approval.
  5. How does your character believe this goal can be accomplished? She does not wish to blend in with the many feeling that instead, singling herself out makes her known and valuable, even to the point of disregarding wisdom with too great a display of individualism. She dislikes uniformity in herself and is afraid that being like everyone else will make her predictable and weak even though being apart of a family again is a deep wish of hers. She lost her chance to be a Blade Mage, a mystery yet unresolved for her upon fleeing at her Master's demand to the north and Llorn. She chose to pursue her own specialty in the magic and role taught to her as an infiltrator, intent on cutting the feet out from under a foe so that others may strike while they are down believing that the best way to earn approval as one of the few feelings she has that is accurate. She is trying to join Llorn's assassin guild to belong.

  1. Where did your character come from? Yin-Sloth Jungles; Changelings are more common there, captured by humans and treated as a prop against monsters(look how weak they are!) before being released by her Tutor who she followed after.
  2. When did you grow up? She hasn't fully grown up. When she's herself experiencing new things she is a child. When it is something she was trained in, she can be rather adult until inexperience overlaps and causes her to make rash decisions. She could be a skilled socialite if she were mentored to refine her raw charisma that is overshadowed by immature behavior and social inexperience.
  3. What values does your character hold? Honor a Contract in Good Faith - if able. // Theft is petty, only those without means steal so earn a wage to eat, but if you must do so, have purpose. // Death happens as normally as life is made; both should be considered for the burden imposed on self and others. // Magic is a tool, like a hoe or shovel, they are best used for their purpose but in a pinch make fine weapons. Do not frivolously ignore your weapons upkeep unless you wish not to have them when most needed.
  4. How does your character dress? For the task at hand, though she has an increasing love for golden threads regardless of the attire's purpose.
  5. What are your character’s means? Subterfuge, stealth, & debilitating foes with magic and physical means to trick, conceal, and outfight an enemy once they've been brought to heel. Psychically she wheedles weaknesses out of targets to collect information quickly and decisively.

  1. What are your character’s personal tastes? She's gained a fondness for dresses and fancy clothing since she grew up never seeing this type of wear let alone having it. She always enjoys rustic meals, like stews, carrots, potatoes, etc.
  2. What are your character’s opinions? Wolfen are all very friendly and one of the only race's that she gets on with instantly. Human's in groups are terrifying and mindless. Ugly creatures (existing PB penalties) are of low morale character and just not pleasant to be around or look at.
  3. What is your character’s comfort zone? Sitting by a fire, munching on toasted mushrooms, nuts, and aromatic teas.
  4. Who has had the biggest impact on your character’s life? Her Tutor as well in the developing moment, Archon Elias for pulling her into the Merchant Adventurers Guild.
  5. What are some of your character’s unexpected quirks? She is the unexpected quirk.

Play Details
  1. What kind of story does your character belong in? Machiavellian plots and as is appropriately the campaign presently, stories involving dark magics and undead.
  2. What role does your character fill? ... What do you need? Scout, debilitation/mitigation of enemies, skirmishing, and ranged assassination. She needs room to setup a plan and execute follow through.
  3. What should the other players know about your character? She is in need of mentorship that recognizes her faults. She takes her bowmanship for granted, everyone should be as good with a bow, it's not hard! She is pessimistic in a melee fight. She has trained, trained, trained and always felt less than her Master and has not been tested in the real world to believe otherwise.
  4. What is your play style? Introspection & descriptive.
  5. How do you want your character to die? In anyway but in a trap.

    Item 1: Toltanna the Repentant (WB 12: pg 91)
    Item 2: Gantrium Ring • Northern Hinterlands pg 56
    Item 3: Idrantine Circlet (Ancient Rune Version)
    Item 4: Bottomless Quiver WB8 Western empire: pg 161
    Item 5: Boots of Fleetness PF Mainbook pg 257
    Item 6: Gauntlets of Quick Hands WB8 Western empire: pg 161
    Item 7: Idrantine circlet(Already granted!) / PPE battery(Already granted!)

Short Term Goals:
    Goal 1:
    Suggested Solutions (Goal 1):
    Goal 2:
    Suggested Solutions (Goal 2):
    Goal 3:
    Suggested Solutions (Goal 3):

Mid Term Goals:
    Goal 1:
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 1): _________________________.
    Goal 2:
    Suggested Solutions (Goal 2):

Long Term Goals:
    Goal 1: _____________________________
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 1): ________________________.
    Goal 2: _______________________.
    Suggested Steps and Solutions (Goal 2): ____________________________.

Lost/Forbidden magic wish list at Snafu's request: (Categories are not listed in order of priority, but individual spells per category are listed first to last.)

Create Clothing (Level 6) - Rifter 9 pg 38
Sphere of Invisibility (level 7) RIfter 25 pg 96
Reduce Object (level 6) Rifter 25 pg 96
Commune with the Dead (Level 7) Rifter 25 pg 96

Blade Law
Blade Lore (Level 6) (Rifter 15 pg 28)
Blade Sate, Lesser (Rifter 15 pg 29)
Blade Beguile, Lesser (Level 8) Rifter 15 pg 28)

Song Magic
Enchant an Instrument (level 5) Rifter 18 pg 51 (Necessary)
Heal/Regenerate (Level 2) Rifter 18 pg 52
Lure (level 5) Rifter 18 pg 52
Forget, Lesser (Level 4) Rifter 18 pg52
Forget, Greater (Level 8) Rifter 18 pg52

Dweamor Magic (Rifter 17)
Fortify Spell (Lvl 6) pg 62
Reserve P.P.E (lvl 5) pg 62
P.P.E Barrier (level 4) pg 61
P.P.E Bolt (Level 5) pg 62
Transfer PPE (lvl 3) pg 61

Chi Magic (Rifter 3) (These are conversions for outside Mystic China Book away from purely Chi affecting to use in settings of Rifts Earth or likewise, PF: Full descriptions of spells found in Mystic China. Rifter only denotes conversion details. REF: Rifter 27 pg 39 for detailed implementation suggestions for Orient in PF)
Replenish Vajra (Level 3) pg 49 (Recharge Amulets of PPE)
Fill Object with Chi (lvl 2) pg 49 (Doubles object damage dealt to supernatural)
Draw Confining Arc of Chi (Geomantic) lvl 2 pg 49 (Doubles leyline PPE effects for the duration in small area 20ft area)
Draw Alternate Line of Natural Chi (Lvl 6) pg 50 (28% chance per casting to create 1/rnd per lvl Nexus on leyline(20ft diameter +5 per level above 5th lvl.) [Useful for dimensional magic so as not to tangle with creatures living on natural Nexus)

Special Chi Magic issue: (Requires Chi implemented to utilize on minor level)
Convert Positive Chi to Light ( Level 1) pg 48 (Uses Chi, equal to PE score to fuel duration.)
Convert P.P.E. to Chi (Level 1) pg 48 (Used to restore Chi out of personal PPE only to fuel Chi to Light; also can't heal in ANY manner if Chi to Light consumes all Chi.)

Shadow magic:
Shades of Death- lvl 8 (Library of Bletherad pg 92)
Shadowfire - lvl 6 (Library of Bletherad pg 79)
Night Stick - Lvl 8 (Rifter 28 pg 92)
Wrapshadow - lvl 5 (Library of Bletherad pg 79)

Lunar Magic:
Fist Full of Stars (Level 6) (Rifter 50 pg 96)
Healing Moon Beam (Level 7) (Rifter 50 pg 97)
Shooting Stars (Level 6) (Rifter 50 pg 95)

Mystic Bulwarks:
Wall of Light (Level 4) Library of Bletherad pg 85
Wall of Ivy (Level 4) Library of Bletherad pg 85

Bygone Spirits:
Cause of Death (lvl 4) Library of Bletherad pg 75
Death Stench (lvl 4) Library of Bletherad pg 76
Spectral Hand (lvl 4) Library of Bletherad pg 76
Eternal Rest (lvl 6) Library of Bletherad pg 76
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P.P.E.: 132/164 | I.S.P.: 24/58 | H.P.: 45(+5)/45 | S.D.C.:37(+20)/45
Conditions: Recognize various magics(see O.O.C. special abilities); Languages: Eastern, Elven, Dwarven, Wolfen, Gnomish, Sign-language
Armor: Studded Leather (AR13 / 38/38 SDC (-5% mobility)
Weapon: In-Hand: Bow. On person: Silver dagger & two dwarven daggers in sheath at belt, 2x throwing inside wrist armor/2x throwing in boots & 36 arrows on back.
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Re: Silhouette (Changeling Forsaken Mage)

Postby Silhouette » Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:35 am

Player Notes

Items known for Total Recall:

Eastern Regional Map
World Map

Vladimir Itomas the Necromancer's Journal (Deceased):
Mostly it is a boring account of his travels. He obviously hates sea travel and has some particular nasty language to show his distaste for it. Early in the journal it mentions Emporer Itomas and with a little reading between the lines Tyral deduces that the Emperor banished Vlad from the Western Empire instead of having him executed. There are references in the journal of sending messages to the Emporer over the course of his journies, but nothing specific about what was reported. He mentions Rakia as a beautiful raven-haired witch with tastes and proclivities that clearly match his own. He believes she lives in the far north. Near the end of his journal he wrote that he wasn't sure Rakia was actually human, but gives no indication of why he thinks that. He also mentions Kireik Von’Lycien as a very aristocratic and arrogant elf. He has no idea where the elf comes from, but his thinks it is from one of the decaying old elven cities that are still in the old kingdom. He doesn't mention where that guess came from. He mentions a time in Vlad's childhood where he met the elf in his family's ancestral home. He marveled that the elf hadn't changed a bit. He stated that he was cautious in his dealings with the elf, and again Tyral deduces through the book that Vlad was a little intimidated by the elf.
-There was a sentence about the breaking of Patches, stating the elf held out longer than he thought he would. He also mentions his pure enjoyment of torturing both Patches and Sincereus.
-He mentioned that both Rakia and Kireik also have differing rituals that they intend to attempt in order to wake Netosa. He thinks that even if one of them are unsuccessful in waking Netosa just the completion of such a ritual will increase the chances of waking Netosa in all future rituals. He admitted that he only needed 20 children for the ritual, but grabbed about 100 over the last few weeks just in case. He speaks gleefully about feeding the dwarven children to the Magots in order to terrify the rest of the children. He mentions giving a few of the children to a clan of vampires that were working with them. He writes that even he was disgusted by their feeding off those children in front of the others. There was short mention of retaining a small cabal of warlocks from Kaash to deal with any possible interference with the ritual.
-There was nothing specific about the ritual, just the mention of the blood of the children.

Magic Circles:
Teleportation Circle (Read from the carved stone of the floor and studied in detail)
Summon True Elemental Circle (Drawn by player Vortigern; studied in detail)

Grimoire of: Eyes of the Dead, Strength of the Dead, Escape, Fireball, Spectral Sword

Spellcasting rules:
MoM1 Heart of Magic: Pg 24
Blood Sacrifice to Acquire PPE
: "Sentient blood sacrifice is mostly limited to those of evil alignment, but, again, sometimes is seen as acceptable and even good, if the sentient sacrificed is an enemy or monster. Still, most characters of good alignment are not likely to kill other sentient beings on a regular basis. Selfish and evil alignments on the other hand..."
"While it can be used to power invocations, the drawing of the energy usually requires two actions: one to perform the kill and one to absorb or channel the energy. If someone nearby dies or is killed, it has nothing to do with the ritual and the P.P.E. fades away."
Tapping the PPE of other people
Other people can be a tremendous source of Potential Psychic Energy. Simply standing in a crowded market, "borrowing" P.P.E. from the ordinary people around him, a mage can use the energy of others to power his spells or to boost his own reservoir of magic. Best of
all, such a tactic can be done without the people around him noticing or feeling what he has done. Of course, the average person doesn't have much P.P.E. available, and the mage can only absorb 1D4 P.P.E. from an unwitting subject at a time. Furthermore, each potential victim of the secret plundering of P.P.E.
(one person per level of experience) gets a standard saving throw to save vs magic attack (12 or higher saves).
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Re: Silhouette (Changeling Forsaken Mage) *

Postby Augur » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:16 am

[Mule (PFMM pg 205)]
Alignment: Anarchist
(Not enumerated)
Speed: 27 (18.5mph) Maximum 44(30mph; maintain for 4d4 minutes.
Physical Data
S.D.C.: 37
P.P.E.: 20
A.R.: NA.
Age: 2 years
Average Life Span: 10-12 years
Weight: 800-1200 pounds
Size: 56 inches at shoulder.
Natural Abilities
• Nightvision 40ft.
• Sure footed, excellent balance
• Carry 600 pounds or pull two tons.(A pair yoked can pull 6-8 tons)
• Leap: 4' high, 8' length.
• Sensitive to P.P.E. & Supernatural 1000ft. (See & sense invisible(not spell) entities, alien intelligence's,
demons, elemental beings, & supernatural evils. (1-33% chance to throw rider/flee facing these regardless of training.)
• Sense ley lines, nexuses, places of power and powerful creatures of magic (1500 P.P.E or more). 400 feet.
Combat Data
Attacks per melee: 2
• Kick: 2d4+2, rear kick: 3d6+6. Bite 1d4.
• +2 to strike
• +2 to dodge
Saving Throw Bonuses
• +3 vs horror factor
• +6 vs poison & disease
Skill Equivalents
• Swim -- 60%
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