Tatyana Singh (Wolfen Undead Hunter, Sinestri) LEVEL

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Tatyana Singh (Wolfen Undead Hunter, Sinestri) LEVEL

Postby Tatyana Singh » Sat Dec 10, 2016 4:38 pm

Player Name: Scott
Google Hangouts: riftscommando

Character Name: Tatyana Singh
Alias: Tatyana Von'Lycien, Sevennine - OneSevenZeroOne
Race: Wolfen, original tribe is lost to the ages
O.C.C.: Undead Hunter
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 5
XP Points: 18,126 [Ace of Spades 6/9/18] Level UP
Next Level @ XP: 17,000
Racial Hostilities: Humans, Dwarves and Changelings
Sentiments/Western Empire: It's barbaric, but hey it's the only home I've ever known.
Sentiments/Dominion of Man: These humans are different, perhaps not better, but different.
Disposition: Wild, cocky, overconfident, takes unnecessary risks.
Insanity: Disgusted by anything sticky and will go to any length to avoid touching it.

I.Q.: 16
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 9
P.S.: 22
P.P.: 22
P.E.: 18
P.B.: 16
Speed: 30

P.P.E.: 108
H.P.: 35
S.D.C.: 53
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 9'-3”
Weight: 350 lbs.
Horror Factor: 12
Description: Her tall, muscular body is covered with fur that has a distinctive orange tint with black strips. If that weren't enough to stand her out, she has piecing blue eyes. She typically wears a large plain cloak to hide herself as much a possible.

Racial Abilities
Nightvision: 40 feet, excellent day vision, excellent sense of smell
Track blood scent 32% (+4) Range: 500'
Track familiar scent: 28% (+4) add +10 for a mate or offspring, range: 50 feet
Keen hearing, equal to a canine

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +1
Charm/Impress: 30%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 5%
Max. Encumbrance: 140 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 440 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 880 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 11' across, 5'6" high
Can move 30 yards (90ft) per action/ 150 yards (450ft) each melee

Spell Knowledge
Spell Limit: 5 at 4th level
Spell Strength: 12
Armor of Ithan
Call Lightning
Carpet of Adhesion
Circle of Fire
Decipher Magic
Expel Evil
Expel Devil
Fire Ball
Globe of Daylight
Reduce Self (6 inches)
See the Invisible
Sense Magic
Sense Traps
Size of the Behemoth
Strength of Utgard Loki
Turn Dead

O.C.C. Skills
Language: Human: Western -- 97% (+5%)
Literacy: Human: Western -- 97% (+5%)
Lore: Undead -- 67% (+5%)
Lore: Demons and Monsters -- 77% (+5%)
Wilderness Survival –- 72% (+5%)
Climb/Rappel Walls -- 72%/60% (+5%)
W.P. Sword
W.P. Archery
W.P. Targeting

O.C.C. Related Skills
Intelligence -- 52% (+5%)
Prowl -- 55% (+5%)
Track Humanoids -- 45% (+5%)
Sniper (from 3rd Level)
Pick Locks – 47% (+5%; from 3rd level)

Secondary Skills
Astronomy & Navigation: -- 59% (+5%)
Camouflage -- 52% (+5%)
Language: Elven -- 72% (+5%)
Literacy: Elven -- 72% (+5%)
-- Sense of balance - 60% (+5%)
-- Work parallel bars & rings - 42% (+3%)
-- Walk tight rope or high wire - 42% (+3%)
-- Backflip & somersault - 60% (+5%)

Body Building
Lore: Faerie Folk - 37% (+5%) (from 4th level)
Lore: Magic - 25% (+5%)
-- Recognize wards, runes, circles - 15% (+5%)
-- Recognize enchantment - 10% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Palladin
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +6
Dodge Bonus: +6
HTH Damage Bonus: +7
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +2
Body Throw/Flip: 1D6 + victim loses initiative and 1 APM
All Hand Strikes
All Kick Attacks, except Leap Kick

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost
Sniper: +2 bonus in addition to standard Aimed Shot

W.P. Sword: +2 to strike, +1 to parry
W.P. Archery: +2 to strike, +1 to parry, +1 to disarm RoF: same as APM Range: per p.59 of PFRPG
W.P. Targeting/Missile Weapons: +2 to strike; additional +1 to strike w/Archery & Spear

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +5%
Magic (varies): +1
Lethal Poison (14+): +1
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +1
Insanity (12+): +1
Psionics (15+): +1
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A monster to kill monsters

HP: 31/31
SDC: 53/25
PPE: 108/76
Horror Factor: 12
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Re: Tatyana Singh (Wolfen Undead Hunter; PFRPG) (WIP)

Postby Tatyana Singh » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:19 pm


Worn on Person
S.D.C.: 300 A.R.: 17
• Wearer is Impervious to Fire
• Fleet Feet (5th level) 3 times daily
• Retractable Silver Claws - 3d6+2

Guild Rings of the Agentes in Rebus (On left ring finger)
Enchanted Ring
Magic Features
• Tongues: Gives the wearer the ability to understand and speak any language at 98%
• Truesight: The wearer of this ring sees through magical and psionic illusions, and drug induced hallucinations (half the usual penalties). In addition, the wearer is not hindered by magical or non-magical darkness, and can see the invisible. This ring does not allow the wearer to see through non-magical disguises, nor will the wearer be able to detect Changelings, other shapechangers (like werebeasts and dragons), or otherwise metamorphosed individuals or creatures.

Guild Capes of the Agentes in Rebus
Enchanted Garment
S.D.C.: 60 (A.R. 10; clothing)
Magic Features
• Impervious to Fire: 60 minutes; twice daily.
• Impervious to Cold: 60 minutes; twice daily.
• Impervious to Horror Factor: 30 minutes; three times daily.
• Chameleon: 20 melees; twice daily

Guild insignia (pinned to her bandolier)
Leather Ketoh with family crest (Right Forearm)
Quality Leather Gloves
Silver Holy Symbol (Church of Light) on necklace
240 Eastern Gold coins in leather coin purse on long chain around neck

The Twelve Sisters - (12) Holy Stars
Major Holy Weapon Shuriken
Damage: 1D4+2
Magic Features
• Eternally Sharp
• Indestructible
• Returns to Wielder When Thrown
• • The Return is mentally commanded and counts as one melee attack
• • Maximum range: 120'
• Purify by Fire
• • Effect: When Purify is spoken, the weapon turns into a magical fireball.
• • Damage: 3D6 versus Mortals, 6D6 versus undead and animated dead.
• • Uses: 6 times per 24 hours

Utility Belt
Northholme-Hex Flamberge
Silver-Jacketed Flamberge
• Damage: 4d6+8
• Modifiers: +4 to strike/parry

Sword Scabbard (on left side)
Water Skin - 1 g (on right side)

Heavy Blanket
Set of Clothes
Small Mallet
(6) Wooden stakes
Rope (40')
(2) Notebooks, Crow Quill Pen, Ink in tied wooden box
(4) Candles (Long Burning)
Flint and Tinder box
Leather Scroll case containing free Wolfen letter
(4) small sacks
(5) days worth of dried meat
One set of silk Pants and Tunic in small sack, wrapped in oilcloth

Hooded Cloak

Short Bow
• Range: 640'
• Damage: 2d6
• Modifiers:

Quiver with 24 arrows

Vampire Bone Spear
Magic Weapon (Black Vault p.31)
S.D.C.: 250
Damage: 4d6 (6d6 to Vampires and Undead, 6d6*100, to Vampire Intelligences)
Magic Features
• Will completely and instantly kill vampires if it strikes their heart
• +2 to strike, +2 to strike when thrown, +1 to disarm
History: Held in the vault of Llorn's House of Vald Tegor

Half Suit of Plate Armor
• A.R.: 14
• S.D.C.: 60
• Modifiers:
• Weight: 20 lbs
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A monster to kill monsters

HP: 31/31
SDC: 53/25
PPE: 108/76
Horror Factor: 12
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Re: Tatyana Singh (Wolfen Undead Hunter; PFRPG) (WIP)

Postby Tatyana Singh » Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:47 pm


Sevennine – OneSevenZeroOne was born into slavery, as most of her race is in the Western Empire. This Wolfen, like many others had been bred especially for the gladiatorial arenas and she promised great things and great wealth for her master with her unique fur patterns that were sure to draw a crowd. After her fifth year, her owner, Alrears Almabar, drunkly lost her in a card game to a wealthy land owner. An accusation of cheating was made and a fight ensued, ending with the death of Alrears.

Sevennines new owner, Vatar Mohammed, owned lands in the southern end of the Western Empire. He had many slaves of many different race and no real inclination of what to do with her other then working somewhere on one of his properties, but was not fully prepared for the ferocity of his little prize. Within a year of arriving at his family farm she had been in 23 fights, broken 13 bones and punched a horse. Just into her second year at the farm, the area became a favourite stomping ground of some supernatural monsters. After fending off a couple of attacks to his property, Vatar enlisted the help of a knight, an old friend, Khan Singh. The Knight and his force of men at arms didn't have to wait long, the farm was once again attacked after only a day of their arrival. This time the attacking monsters descended upon the farm in force. It soon became a fight for survival that would include almost everyone living there. Sevennine came to the attention of Singh during this time as she was throwing roof tiles at her attackers with amazing accuracy and then later he spotted her fending off several creatures in defence of some wounded men. When the fight was over, the farm had taken a heavy toll in damage and lives. Singh demanded an alteration to his payment and instead took only half the gold promised and the Wolfen child, Sevennine. Vatar could not argue after all the Singh and his men had just done to save his life, family and farm, so he signed the wild Wolfen child over to him.

Once again Sevennine – OneSevenZeroOne was moved to a new home. This place was large and remote, far from anything as far as she could tell, she was even sure she was still in the Western Empire. It was filled with many people, mostly humans. Only two dwarves, an elf and a gnome made up the other races at the school, ranging from young like her to the very old. Her new Master was different from her previous two, he spoke to her not at her, as did all the adults. She was in a school of some sort, they were being taught to read, write, think, fight and weld magic. They were told they had a special destiny to protect the world from supernatural menaces and monsters. At which point, one of the children pointed to Sevennine and said, “So your sending a monster to kill monsters.” That was the beginning of the taunting, teasing and tricks she would endure for years to come, but she did not endure them lightly nor silently.

On one particular day, some of the other students decided to play a trick on Sevennine and dumped a bucket of hot molasses on her. The students got more then they bargained for, when covered in the hot sticky substance, the Wolfen had a complete mental break. She ran around wide eyed, screaming and howling, trying vainly to get the stuff off, until her mind registered that some of the others were laughing and pointing at her. The mental shift from panic and horror to blood thirsty animal was clearly visible on her fur covered face. Four teachers were involved in the struggle to stop her from killing the students and Singh with the hilt of his sword to stop her altogether. It took the better part of a month for her to recuperate and rejoin the school. The trama had left a mental scar that would persist the rest of her life. The two students, Gurush Rand and Varese Simeon, had been expelled for engineering the prank shortly after the incident.

The years passed and Sevennine grow in size, strength and intelligence. She had made some friends, like the human girl Jessica Kirk, but more often then not she was avoided and feared. The one person she felt she could confide in was her master, who was also one of her teachers. He spent time listening to her and trying to impart his knowledge of the world and to keep the growing malice he saw in her at bay. Her mystic arts studies were as intense as any other aspect of her training and while she proved herself a capable magic user, her interest never went beyond using it as a supplement to her other skills.
Throughout her combat training, her instructors often described her as a volatile pressure cooker, blowing off steam with each monster killed. They often called her down for taking unnecessary risks that endangered her life as well as the lives of others.

At the age of 20, Sevennine was as ready to fulfill her destiny as she was ever going to be. She was gifted with a weapon from the schools vaults, given provisions and gold to make her way. Before she left she was pulled into the office of Lord Khan Singh. “You need a real name.” he said. He took her right arm and raised it so they both could see the tattoo on her fore arm, “Sevennine – OneSevenZeroOne is who you were, not who you are.” He then placed an ornate leather ketoh, with his family crest on it, over the tattoo and continued, “I would like you to take the name Singh, Tatyana Singh.” When she began to protest, he quieted her and continued, “I have come to think of you as my daughter and I have no doubt you will bring honour to my family name and the name may help you, at least within the Western Empire and the Eastern Territory. You wouldn't turn down a request from an old man, would you?” He went to his desk, wrote something on a sheet of paper, blotted it and handed it to her, It was a scroll proclaiming her a free Wolfen and free to come and go as she pleased. The young Undead Hunter pulled her lips back into a smile that wasn't jolly and said, “I guess it is time to send a monster out to kill a monster.”

Years later, she is sat onboard a ship heading for Llorn, her cloak pulled tightly around her. She could feel others on the ship staring at her. Killing them would be easy enough, but they weren't supernaturally evil, just ignorant. Besides, someone had to get this ship where it was going and she had no idea how to do that. So, she enjoyed the sea breeze and continued thinking how her life was bring her back to Llorn. People often asked why she, a Wolfen, had chosen a human city on the border with their most feared enemy, the Wolfen Empire as her base of operations. Why not the Wolfen territory to the north or even the Western Empire to the east where she had come from? She often wondered that as well, maybe to was because it was a large city with a central location to the rest of the world, maybe she felt she knew where she stood in Llorn, even if that meant hated for what she was. She has musings of hoping to change the minds of those in the Dominion of Man, but quickly realized that was never going to happen. As for the the two Empires were always trying to change her into something else, back into a slave or into a spy. She had her own destiny to fulfil despite the occasional bounty hunt. The priest who sat across from her, Oscar Wells, was one such bounty, a typical looking human cleric from the Church of Light, but without all the pomp and glitz, that was lost during his capture and rescue. She had been commissioned by the Church of Light in Llorn to find and return their wayward cleric. Tatyana finally excepted after continued badgering, but had had no real interest in finding the priest, despite the payment. It was only dumb luck or fate that this priest had been one of several people captured by a couple of Harpies. She had been after the Harpies for two weeks and was ticked off by the time she finally caught up to them. The fight didn't go quite as she had planned but, what else was new. In the end though it was the fowl creatures that lay dead and four humans saved, each of which promised her things for saving their lives. Her long sword had been lost in the fight and for some unknown reason, was perfectly happy to blame this priest. She was looking forward to the payment from the Church of Light and the unloading of this human. Tatyana looked away from her bounty and smiled into the wind, it would also be good to see her old house mates, Fraya and Augustin again. The only to real friends she had on this side of the world and it never hurts to be friends with a healer or a city guard.
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A monster to kill monsters

HP: 31/31
SDC: 53/25
PPE: 108/76
Horror Factor: 12
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Re: Tatyana Singh (Wolfen Undead Hunter, Sinestri)

Postby Tatyana Singh » Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:09 am

Level 4 hit point roll - 1d6 = 4
A monster to kill monsters

HP: 31/31
SDC: 53/25
PPE: 108/76
Horror Factor: 12
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