Titus Lothbern (Mutant Rabbit Techno Headhunter)

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Titus Lothbern (Mutant Rabbit Techno Headhunter)

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Player Name: Jason
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Character Name: Titus Lothbern
Race: Mutant Rabbit
O.C.C.: Headhunter Techno-Warrior
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 4,201
Next Level @ XP: 8,201
Sentiments/Non-Humans and Mutants:
Sentiments/Moon: these guys are arrogant, idealists who want to be left alone; they should share
Sentiments/Freedom station: envy and strong dislike; more likely to brawl than shoot
Sentiments/Laika Station: uptight, they will deal with mutants, but don’t like them
Sentiments/Yuro Station: Home (French section)
Sentiments/Outcast Station: place to unwind
Sentiments/Independents: Potential Clients
Disposition: Scavenger, and always looking for the easy score.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 13
M.A.: 11
P.S.: 22 (Brute) Left Arm: 16
P.P.: 14 Left Arm: 10
P.E.: 15
P.B.: 10
Speed: 57

H.P.: 26
S.D.C.: 62
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Length: 6 ft 4 in
Weight: 212 lbs
Description: A large humanoid rabbit - long ears at top of head / fur is green / skin has large patches of grey / Large Neanderthal-like bridge over widely spaced Tiny, red, beady eyes / muzzle with whiskers / thick flexible neck, thick fur, powerful hind legs and a small furry tail. / Fur Pattern - Tipped - mostly covered with green, but pure blue shows up on the character's "tips," the hands and feet, face and tail. Black shows up as a border between the green and blue colors.

Racial Abilities
Size Level: 9
Hands: full
Bipedal: full
Speech: full
Animal Powers:
  • Leaping: Feline
  • Running Claws : 1d6 damage (hands and feet)
  • Brute Strength
  • Extraordinary Speed
Vestigial Disadvantages:
  • Vestigial Ears: has huge ears, at least as long or large as the rest of the character's head, which provide no bonus to hearing. However, they are very expressive, and can often be used to convey the character's mood (perky, depressed, curious, etc.), and can be used to signal other characters.
  • Prey Eyes: Quite a few prey animals have evolved eyes that sit on the sides of the head, like rabbits and sheep, resulting in difficulty looking straight ahead and terrible depth perception. On the other hand, he has no blind spots and will usually see anyone sneaking up from behind (+1 to dodge).
  • Domestication: Titus has a natural impulse to protect and obey human beings. He has to roll a save vs obey (13 or higher; similar to a mind control attack) to resist any direct commands given by a human whom the mutant respects, loves, cares about (which may include children and innocent people) or fears.
    - Protection: If a human is in danger, Titus has to roll a save vs protection (14 or higher) to resist taking action to save the human, even if it means the character will be risking his or her life.
    - Loyalty: An inherent sense of loyalty prevents Titus from being suspicious, disbelieving ,or disloyal to those he respects or considers his friends. Thus, the mutant animal can not bring himself to think badly of such friends and allies, and it will take an overwhelming amount of evidence to make him see the truth. Even then the character is likely to try to rationalize his "friend's" foul or treacherous behavior. Thus, the loyal mutant is quick to believe lies and assume the best of his friends unless he witnesses the treachery firsthand, or his ally admits to a foul deed. This also means the "loyal" mutant is likely to sacrifice his own life for those he trusts and respects or those who have put their trust in him. Betrayal from someone the loyal mutant believes in (even if that character was an obvious sleaze-bag to everybody else) always comes as a surprise and cuts the loyal mutant to the quick.
Mutant Characteristics
  • Large Neanderthal-like bridge over eyes
  • widely spaced Tiny, red, beady eyes
  • skin has large patches of grey
  • fur is green / Fur Pattern - Tipped - mostly covered with green, but pure blue shows up on the character's "tips," the hands and feet, face and tail. Black shows up as a border between the green and blue colors

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 56% (+3%) Also see special situational bonuses related to AT
Charm/Impress: 0%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 15%
Max. Encumbrance: 140 pounds
Max. Carrying Weight: 440 pounds
Max. Lifting Weight: 880 pounds (for up to 45 seconds)
Max. Jumping Ability: 33' length, 16.5' height

Special Abilities
Headhunter's Find Contraband
This skill is a variant of the standard Find Contraband skill, only it is much more narrowly focused on technological contraband, particularly bionics and weapons, to the exclusion of all else (drugs, magic, etc.). This means the Headhunter will have a good idea where to go to find arms dealers, weapons or bionics smugglers, body-chop-shops, Cyber-Snatchers, and underground Cyber-Docs, as well as how to spot and approach them. The character is also familiar with their practices, hangouts, gang or criminal ties, general practices, code of conduct, fees, pricing and modes of operation. Likewise, he has a good idea of what Black Market weapons and cybernetics should cost and what these people pay for contraband items (typically only 20% of the retail market price). Furthermore, he knows the penalties for being caught with an illegal weapon, implant or bionics (not that Headhunters care) . In all CS cities and most other societies, M.D. weapons, concealed weapons and side arms are forbidden inside large population centers. This skill cannot be used to identifY or locate drug dealers, assassins, smugglers of other items (such as books or magic), practitioners of magic, guilds, sects or other secret societies or operations - only those dealing in the making, selling and smuggling of weapons, armor, vehicles, cybernetics, bionics and advanced technologies. Note: This skill should be considered separate and apart from Streetwise and the more broad Find Contraband skill. It is available only to Headhunters and a few select others.
  • Base Skill: 59% (+3%)

Super Abilities

  • Minor
Criminal Intuition (PU1)
This character has an eye for crime and can sniff out (sense) trouble. The hero recognizes a crime when he sees one happening or about to happen. That means the character notices a mugger or purse snatcher lurking in the shadows about to make his move or targeting or stalking his intended victim. Not only does the character recognize the crime as it is unfolding, but he instinctively knows how the crime or con game works, how many people are usually involved and how it will probably unfold. The character also recognizes and remembers gang colors, tags (graffiti and insignia), turf boundaries, and other details related to crime, gangs, and criminal organizations.
Likewise, when the character meets (touches or speaks directly to) someone, he can instantly sense if the character is a low level or high level criminal, but not exactly what he does for a living. Furthermore, there is no mistaking obvious gang members, prostitutes, drug dealers, enforcers, and thieves as they stand out to this character like a neon sign, as do undercover cops, police tails, and surveillance teams. Only the best and most experienced (6th level or higher) can escape this character’s notice.
This amazing ability also lets the super being intuitively recognize a crime scene, even if it has been mostly cleaned and straightened up or disguised (seeing clues and evidence here and there like a crime scene investigator), and then enables him to imagine how the crime unfolded, how many people were probably involved, who the victim was and what happened to the victim(s), including whether there was likely any fatalities, and where the body(s)may been hidden. This is done by examining the scene of a crime and letting his intuition and insight take over. Additionally, he can tell by examining the scene, if the crime was pulled off by an amateur (crime of passion inexperienced crook) or an experienced professional, organized crime, or government agent(s).
In addition, the character can sense if he he is being targeted as a victim of a crime. When this happens he can look around to survey the area and people around him, and intuitively deduce where the incident is likely to take place and who (if visible) is the likely assailant. This can help the character tell if he is being followed/tailed, about to be attacked/mugged, or is being lured or setup. He can also tell when a neighborhood or is dangerous or shady.
Range: Line of sight
Duration: Constant
Skill Bonuses: +10% surveillance systems/tailing, detect ambush, and criminal science/forensics
Limitations: Criminal masterminds and experienced crooks are hard to recognize, sense or second guess. Likewise, friends and characters associated with the super-being for some period of time (over 3 months) become shielded from the character’s intuition and slips under his radar, so to speak.

Antennae (PU1)
Antennae are a pair of thin, whip or rod-like limbs attached to the super-being's head. Most antennae can be folded back under a cap, hat, or helmet to hide them, when not in the character's "super" persona. Titus' antennae are 18 inches long.
Keen sense of smell and hearing: Antennae can hear and smell like an extra nose and pair of ears, but offer additional insect abilities. The antennae can hear and smell at the top range of human capability. Provide the following bonuses and special abilities:
  • +1 to initiative
  • Track by scent alone 34% +2%
  • Identify common odors 84% (+2%)
  • Identify uncommon odors 46% (+2%)
Motion Detectors: They are covered in hundreds of tiny motion sensitive hairs, making them super sensitive to movement in the air around the hero, and able to feel wind, motion from approaching enemies, and allow them to tell changes in air temperature in increments of 2 degrees F. Provide the following bonuses and special abilities:
  • Range: 20 ft radius around character
  • +1 to Parry / Dodge
  • Identify temperature of the air and changes in temperature, plus the temperature of objects by touch: 84% (+2)
  • Accurately identify wind direction and speed: 74% (+2%) & -30% in stormy conditions
Feelers: The antennae also have the equivalent of the Minor super ability of Heightened Sense of Touch (see HU2, page 234) and are useful in feeling around in the dark. In fact, the combined abilities of the antennae reduce the penalty for being blind to only -2 to strike, parry and dodge, plus they can identify objects by touch.
  • Base skill: 64% (+2%) & -30% if the object is uncommon or alien
  • Penalties while blinded are only -2 to strike/parry/dodge
  • identify object by touch 66% +2% per lvl (36% if alien or uncommon)
Penalties: When antennae are covered, lose all antennae related bonuses, -2 to initiative, and -40% to antennae special abilities.

  • Major
Super Energy Expulsion: Light
  • Energy Expulsion: The damage from these blasts can be controlled in increments of 1d6, or the hero can fire a mini-blast doing only one point of damage. The Super-Blast cannot be reduced and always does maximum damage.
    Range: 660 ft +20ft per lvl
    Damage: Normal blast: 3d6 +1d6 per lvl
    Super-blast: 1d6x10 +1d6 per lvl (+30 for characters 6th level and higher), but must be done as the first attack of the melee round and uses up all but one of the characters actions for that round.
    Duration: Instant
    Attacks per round: Each normal blast counts as one hand to hand attack. Divided attacks are the same as described under the Minor ability of Energy Expulsion: Energy
    Bonuses: +3 for aimed shot, +1 for shooting wild.
  • Absorb, Channel and Fire Any Type of Energy!: The super-being can momentarily absorb massive amounts of energy, channel it through his body (stopping the energy from spreading or zapping out uncontrolled, or from overloading and exploding), and unleash that energy as powerful blasts. This means by standing in a blazing inferno, the character can unleash blasts of fire; by tapping into a generator or grabbing live electrical wires, he can fire electrical blasts; by taking a mega-powerful laser blast he can in tern, fire (in this case, one) a laser blast back; and so on. The ability to fire a different type of energy than usual is limited to how long the character is exposed to the high amounts of energy he is channeling.
    Range: 640 ft + 20ft /lvl
    Damage: Normal blast - 3d6 +1d6 per lvl
    Super-blast: 1d6x10 +1d6 per lvl (+30 for characters 6th level and higher), but must be done as the first attack of the melee round and uses up all but one of the characters actions for that round.
    Duration: Instant
    Attacks per round: Each normal blast counts as one hand to hand attack.
    Bonuses: +3 for aimed shot, +1 for shooting wild.
    Deadly Limitation: Every melee round that the super-being absorbs and channels this powerful and deadly energy, he suffers 2d6 points of damage direct to Hit Points. Thus, if he taps this energy for too long a period, he could die.
    Note: This power can also be used to stop and redirect energy that might otherwise overload and explode, or cause tremendous damage all around the energy source as the energy flows unchecked. This is done by absorbing the energy and unleashing it as an energy blast (one for every melee action available to the character) into the air or someplace safe. It is a tactic that can be used to buy precious seconds to save lives and/or buy enough time to turn the energy source off.
  • Aura Effect: Rather than fire an energy bold, the super-being can unleash the energy as a spherical "flash" of energy that hits everyone and everything around him within 10 feet (3m). Usually, some sort of residue will be left from the burst, such as wisps of smoke, ash, mist, or frost.
    Range: 10 ft (3m) radius
    Damage: 1d6 +1 per lvl; plus there is a 60% chance that those exposed to the energy flash are temporarily blinded for 3d6 seconds (maximum 1 melee round, and -8 on all combat maneuvers while blinded)
    Duration: A few seconds; counts as 2 actions
    bonus: Automatically hits everything within range
  • Ricochet Blast: The character can ricochet or bounce his energy blast off objects to hit a target. For each ricochet, there is a -1 to strike and -1d6 to damage. A ricochet shot can only be done as many times as the character has dice of damage; i.e. a character with 4d6 Energy Expulsion: Fire could ricochet three times and still do 1d6 damage to the target when it finally hits. If a shot is ricocheted so that it hits an enemy from behind, then the enemy has a -4 to dodge (those with radar have no penalty applied).
    Each ricochet does 1d6 damage to the object from which it was ricocheted. Shots can be ricocheted off a person or any object smaller than man-sized, but the character must make a strike roll at -2 instead of the normal -1.

  • Other Abilities and Bonuses: The character is impervious to light, but takes normal damage from all other forms of energy. The super-being can cause his eyes, hands, or similar parts to glow as a 60 watt light bulb.

Bionics & Cybernetics

Back of head
Advanced Bionic Headjack
(Bionics pg 85) This is a special jack or port implanted in the base of the skull behind the ear. The Headjack has all the same features as the cybernetic version, but is also connected to the cyborg's brain at key areas to allow input from the jack to transfer information, pictures, sounds, and other sensory data from outside sources directly to the brain/mind. Likewise, the cyborg can concentrate to send mental images to a monitor or to a holographic projector to convey his thoughts, experiences or messages (picture and words only, no other background sounds).
Features of the Universal Headjack & Ear Implant: This is a special connector or "jack" that is built into the skull, usually at the base of the head or behind the ear. A tiny receiver is then inserted into the ear and linked to the Headjack. The combination enables characters to plug into audio, sensory, robot, and computer equipment, including most communications equipment, radios, video systems, radar, detection/warning devices, microphones, surveillance systems, and more conventional items like CD players, television, disc recorders, and so on. The Headjack receives transmissions from the device that is plugged into it and transmits them to the tiny receiver inside the ear. The audio sounds are clear and distinct to the listener, but being implanted in the inner ear, they are so quiet that only the character can hear the message. Even creatures and devices with enhanced hearing are unable to hear the sounds inside the ear. The receiver is so tiny that it is attached on or near the eardrum and can only be seen by carefully looking into the ear with a light.
The character can receive and send radio long-range, wide-band, and broadband transmissions as if he were using a walkie-talkie. It is so effective that the character can transmit a whisper, or the voices of other people within six feet (1.8 m) of him. Range : 50 miles (80km), can increase to 100 miles (160km) if an additional long-range, telescoping antenna is plugged into the Headjack.

Inside skull
Cyberware Networking
(Bionics pg 56) A hardware implant and program that allows the user to interface, via computer jack, with another person's cybernetics or bionics and listen in or monitor his/her communications and computer systems, including sensor data, computer data or radio transmissions. As many as three people can network, but must maintain a physical connection to remain interfaced. The networking does not enable one person to seize control of the cyberware of another person, only the ability to eavesdrop.

with integrated Data Chip
(Bionics pg ) When combined with an optic nerve video implant, H.U.D. visor, or Cyberware networking, the character can mentally access the information on the implant, which then appears on the visor or eye! The memory recorder is used to store maps, floor plans, schematics/technological readouts, simple repair or medical procedures and so on. Data storage is comparable to a top-of-the-line palmtop computer. The data cannot be changed or added to unless the character is equipped with cyberware networking (rare). Consequently, to get new data, the character must undergo brain surgery to remove the old chip and implant the new. Only one chip can be implanted at a time. Two or more interfere with each other and can cause random blackouts, mental confusion (-30% on all skills, and -4 on all bonuses), painful headaches and eventually, madness. Uploading of information to the memory recorder is accomplished through the use of a regular computer terminal and a universal Headjack.

Left Arm
Cyber Arm (full)
P.S. 16, P.P. 10
  • Hand: Multi-Tool Hand: (Bionics pg 97) This is a light work/utility hand. The hand (25 M.D.C.) has four fingers and a thumb, but one finger (index) is a flashlight (20 ft/6 m effective range), one finger (middle) is a utility laser (1D4, 1D6 or 3D6 S.D.C. damage; range 10 ft/3 m), and on top of the hand is a sensor unit equal to the Schematic Sensor Hand: (Bionics pg 105) The schematic sensor hand incorporates a schematic diagnostic sensor, a circuit tracer, a circuit modeler system and a remote repair feature allowing one to repair a circuit or reroute a signal from his or her operating location. The device looks like a mechanical hand.
  • Fore & Upper Arm: Tool Mechanic's Arm: (Bionics pg 105) A pair of retractable, folding, multi-jointed, three-fingered robot armors. They can hold and assist during repair and each mini-arm can also be fitted with special tool heads. These include a light drill, light sander/buffer, screw driver, cutting blades, wire cutters, pliers/clamp, needle-nose pliers (fingers actually), flashlight, and hammer. Several are stored in the in a housing within the upper arm and additional ones can be carried in a tool kit, backpack or leg compartment, arm. Reach is two feet (0.6 m) beyond the normal hand.

Special Skills.
Language: Tradespeak (aka American) -- 110% (+1%)
Literacy: Tradespeak (aka American) -- 50% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic -- 55% (+5%)
Space: Depressurization Training

O.C.C. Skills
Language: Techno can -- 76% (+3%)
Radio: Basic -- 70% (+5%)
Radio Scrambler -- 50% (+5%)
Detect Ambush -- 96% (+5%)
Detect Concealment -- 55% (+5%)
Tracking: People -- 45% (+5%)
Land Navigation -- 54% (+4%)
Wilderness Survival -- 50% (+5%)
Computer Operation -- 60% (+5%)
Weapon Systems -- 60% (+5%)
Sensory Equipment -- 50% (+5%)
Pilot: Tanks & APCs -- 54% (+4%)
Pilot: Jet Packs -- 62% (+4%)
Pilot: Space Fighter -- 66% (+3%)
Pilot: Robots and Power Armor -- 72% (+3%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters -- 50% (+5%)
Lore: Stations -- 45% (+5%)
Lore: Galactic Aliens -- 45% (+5%)
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Knife
W.P. Targeting
Hand to Hand: Commando (upgraded via AT)

Advanced Training: Close Quarters Battle
Close quarters combat (CQC) means tactical short-range combat in a confined environment, such as city streets, alleys, inside buildings and compounds, tunnels/caves or hives, and involves melee combat and/or firefights between several combatants. Close quarters combat is always conducted by teams (4 troops), small squads (6-12 troops) or small units (platoon of 20-40 troops, usually divided into squads and teams). These are what most people consider to be SWAT or Commando-style raids that are fast and deadly. Whether it is a room by room or street by street sweep searching for enemy combatants, criminals, demons or monsters, surgical strike to take over a structure or vehicle, or rescue operation, the combat is always a precision, rapid assault. Fast and deadly. The goal, to eliminate the enemy and take down all "hostiles" as quickly as possible to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage to hostages, friendlies or resources. Combat usually takes place inside the rooms and hallways of buildings, behind barricades and other confined areas, so the strike force engages the enemy with hand to hand combat, melee weapons and compact weapons that one person can carry and use easily in tight spaces. Heavy weapons like rail guns, boom guns, grenades, mini-missiles or any ordnance with an area affect are NOT used in close quarters operations. Energy pistols and energy rifles with good stopping power and control are ideal - ion and plasma weapons are favored by many as particle beams may be a bit too dangerous when innocents are part of the equation - pump pistols, shotguns, Big Bore weapons and ammo, Vibro-Blades, and bionic weapons built into the forearms, fingers and eyes are all excellent for CQC operations, as are the fast and deadly Juicers. Use of flash bang grenades may also be used to temporarily blind and confuse the enemy, giving the strike force a momentary edge. Smoke and tear gas are seldom used as they leave the enemy standing and able to shoot hostages, detonate explosive devices, and fire weapons, even if blind or partially blinded. Range in close quarters combat can be as short as arm's length up to 300 feet (91.5m ) , and is not limited to urban settings. CQC can take place in any type of wilderness environment, anywhere, and may be directed against an outpost, base camp, stronghold, airfield, bunker, guard post, communications tower, supply depot, prison camp, transport convoy, Hell Pit, or inside a large vehicle, aircraft, ship, spacecraft, and so on.

Friend or Foe Perception Rolls (special AT ability)
  • +5 to Friend or Foe Perception Rolls (special AT ability): Dynamic entry and snap decision making is necessary in close quarters combat. Whether it is used to clear a room, swarm a vehicle or rescue hostages, the assault is a rapid and aggressive attack using overwhelming force, the element of surprise and probably multiple entry points. And it requires making lethal force, split-second decisions every step of the way. The CQB specialist gains a +5 to Perception Rolls to differentiate between friend and foe at a glance, within line of sight. This is the practiced ability to make a snap judgement in identifying the enemy vs teammates, hostages, civilians and other noncombatants no matter how intermingled the enemy may be among them. Commando-style raids are designed to take down all hostiles fast. Starting with the most immediate enemy threat followed by the greatest potential danger and then all the other bad guys in the room. This is a snap judgement that take considerable training and awareness of one's surroundings. Lethal force is used, so unless enemy targets drop their guns and fall to their knees or bellies, hands empty and arms outstretched, they are targeted for termination! No questions asked.
  • The Game Play of Friend & Foe Perception: Make a Perception Roll on 1d20 upon entering the room or scene. A 12 or higher is necessary to make a successful assessment of ALL visible occupants within the immediate room to I.D. and target obvious enemies; e.g. armed gunmen, demons, mages, goons threatening hostages, and so on. Standard practice: each member of the strike force takes one enemy target and engages. Remember, this is a precision, coordinated attack.
    A successful roll (12 or higher) means the Close Quarters Combat Specialist has identified all obvious and visible threats. This can be two assailants or twenty-two. He is ready to attack with full bonuses and knows who is an enemy and who is not for the entire firefight, as long as it takes place inside that specific room/area. Note: The identifying of the enemy and the threat level each represents does not include enemies in disguise, metamorphed or shape-changed to look like an ordinary civilian or hostage, nor any bad guy who is not seen hiding behind cover (ducked down completely behind a hostage, hiding behind or under furniture, waiting behind a closed door), invisible or in an adjoining area. As soon as the landscape changes; e.g. the hero enters a new room or location, he must make a new Friend or Foe Perception Roll. A failed roll to differentiate between friend and foe means the character only I.D.s 1d4x 10% of the enemy. He can attack the enemies he has identified, but is unsure of himself and confused as to who is innocent and who is a valid target. As a result, he fights with all combat bonuses (initiative, strike, parry, dodge, etc.) reduced by half and could shoot an innocent by mistake or by accident. Note: A combatant who fails this Friend or Foe Perception Roll cannot re-roll until the start of the next melee round. For the round he has failed to do so, he can only act upon what he does know and can attack other obvious enemies (a demon is hard to miss and it is usually a safe bet that a guy one of his teammates is attacking must be an adversary) , but he cannot make a new assessment of the entire scene or be sure who is a bad guy and who is not until he makes a successful roll. Another failure limits the character's judgement and actions for the next melee round. Try again next melee round. Once a successful roll is made the character can easily distinguish friend/innocent from foe.

I.D. Enemy in Disguise, Metamorphed or Shape-Changed (special AT ability)
CQC specialists can, like the Demon Hunter, detect enemies and monsters in disguise or shape-changed by their behavior and reactions (see Demon Hunter AT for details). Unlike the Demon Hunter, however, the CQC specialist makes this determination via Friend or Foe Perception Roll BUT with the reduced bonus of only +2. Looking for visual cues that suggest the individual is not what he appears to be.

Close Quarters Combat AT Skills (special)
  • Climbing/Rappelling 65/55% (+5%)
  • W.P. Spear
  • W.P. Shotgun
  • W.P. Paired Weapons (per HtH)

Advanced Training: Salvage Expert
Recognize Salvage and Quality (special)
Similar to Recognize Weapon Quality, the Salvage Expert can tell after looking over any machine or parts the quality of craftsmanship, any obvious damage or defects (if you know what you're looking for), and the wear and tear it has seen (new, used, rebuilt, on its last legs or junk) . They can also identify the machine's general purpose and the maker of most machines and parts created, or well known, in North America - Coalition States, Northern Gun, Wilk's, Titan Robotics, Triax, Naruni, Golden Age Weaponsmiths, Splugorth/Kittani , and other manufacturers and refurbishers. This applies to machines and parts big and small. From an electric drill created in Northern Gun to a massive pre-Rifts Earth boring machine.
  • -30% penalty to accurately identify the purpose/use and origin of alien machines, TW devices and other magic-based machines, devices and parts. This includes such Techno-Wizard created machines as the Iron Juggernauts, biomancy creations of Lemurians, as well as Bio-Wizard devices and vehicles like the Splugorth Slaver Barge or demon war machines. In all cases, roll under the character's Salvage skill.
  • +5 on Perception Rolls to recognize salvage (special): Any items of value from gems and Rifts Artifacts to machine parts, circuitry, components, etc. Of course, as a military AT, the focus is on weapons, ammo, E-Clips, bionics, electronics, fuel, fuel cells, recovery of armor and parts for power armor, robots and combat vehicles, and anything that can be salvaged and cannibalized for parts as well as scrap that can recycled and reused.
  • +4 on Perception Rolls to recognize contraband (special): The Salvage Expert also has a keen eye for noticing contraband items.

Additional Skills that come with Salvage Expert AT:
  • Appraise Goods -- 65% (+5%)
  • Barter -- 58% (+4%)
  • Basic Mechanics -- 55% (+5%)
  • Find Contraband -- 50% (+4%) Note: this skill is separate from the specialized Headhunter's "Find Contraband" ability listed above
  • Mathematics: Advanced -- 70% (+5%) .
  • Recognize Weapon Quality -- 50% (+5%)
  • Recycling -- 65% (+5%)
  • Salvage -- 70% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Commando; replaces the Hand to Hand skill listed in the O.C.C.
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +10
Strike Bonus:+1
Parry Bonus: +4
Dodge Bonus: +9
HTH Damage Bonus: +7
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +5 roll with punches and kicks
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Bonus to Disarm: +3, or +4 with a known W.P.
Punch, Kick, Elbow, Knee, Disarm, Dodge, Entangle, Body Block/Tackle, Power Punch, Power Kick, Body Flip/Throw,
Backward sweep kick: Used only against opponents coming up behind the character. Does no damage; it is purely a knock down attack (same penalties as body flip) but cannot be parried (an opponent can try to dodge it but is -2 to do so).
Karate strike (2d4 damage)

Robot Combat Data: (basic)
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +4
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +4
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +6
Bonus to Pull a Punch:+5
Bonus to Disarm: +2, or +3 with a known W.P.
Backward sweep kick: Used only against opponents coming up behind the character. Does no damage; it is purely a knock down attack (same penalties as body flip) but cannot be parried (2h dodge it but is -2 to do so).
Critical Strike is the same as the pilot's hand to hand skill.
Strike bonuses for built-in weapons are limited to bonuses the pilot may have from the skills Weapon Systems and/or W.P. Heavy Mega Damage Weapons (applies to rail guns and missile launchers. as well).
Damage: As per Robot P.S. Each power armor description will list the damage under the "Elite" hand to hand stat block. The basic skill, however, only lets the pilot do a restrained and full strength punch and an ordinary kick, no leap kick, stomp or special attacks.
Power Armor Body Block/Tackle/Ram: 1D4 M.D. plus a 01-50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to lose initiative and one melee attack/action. Counts as two of the power armor's melee attacks.
Robot Body Block/Tackle/Ram: M.D. equal to Robot Punch M.D. plus a 60% chance of knocking down an opponent that is approximately the same size or larger. Increase the odds of knocking down an opponent that is half the size or smaller than the robot to 80%. The victim suffers M.D. and loses initiative and two melee attacks/actions. Counts as two of the robot's melee attacks.

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Disarm: +1 on a "Called Shot" with any weapon proficiency.
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

WP Heavy M.D. Weapons: +1 to strike
WP Energy Rifle: +1 to strike
WP Energy Pistol: +2 to strike
WP Knife: +1 to strike, +2 to parry, +2 to strike when thrown
WP Targeting:- +2 to strike
WP Spear: +2 to strike, +2 to parry. Maximum throwing range: 150 feet.
WP Shotgun: +2 to strike
WP Paired Weapons (per HtH)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +10%
Magic (varies): N/A
Lethal Poison (14+): N/A
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): N/A
Insanity (12+): N/A
Psionics (varies): N/A
Horror Factor: +3
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Re: Re: Titus Longbern (Mutant Rabbit techno headhunter) WIP

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Secure Universal Card: 500 IOU
Non-Secure Black Card: 1000 IOU

Carried/In Hand
GAW Throwback (Patron Item)

Worn on Person
tinted high-impact sunglasses 
combat boots.
Surplus fatigues 
T shirt 

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: canteen (single pint)
• Attachment: flask (single pint)
• Attachment: gas mask and air filter
• Attachment: Crowbar
• Attachment: freeze-dried combat rations (2 week supply)
• Attachment: E-clip 
• Attachment: Grenade pouch (1x frag / 1x flash / 1x smoke)
• Attachment: Brace of Throwing Knives
• Attachment:
• Attachment: 15 - GAW Throwback rounds - Buckshot: 2d6 M.D.
• Attachment: 15 - GAW Throwback rounds - Buckshot: 2d6 M.D.
• Attachment: 15 - GAW Throwback rounds - Slug: 3d6 M.D.

Backpack - survival pack
The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: RMK and IRMSS kits (x1 of each)
• Space: bedroll
• Space: some personal items.
• Space: Box of buckshot
• Space: Box of slugs
• Space: 
• Space: 

Duffel Bag:
one set of black clothes for covert operations
one set of wilderness clothes
one set of street clothes
one set of dress clothes

Grenade Pouch
1 - Fragmentation Grenade: Damage: 2d6 M.D. to a 20 foot (6 m) area.
1 - Flash/Bang Grenade: Effect: The victims of a stun/flash grenade are -8 to strike, parry and dodge, -1 on initiative and lose one melee attack/action for the next 1D4 melee rounds (15 to 60 seconds). Even those in armor should be momentarily distracted for 1D4 seconds and lose initiative.
1 - Smoke Grenade (Black)

Gear Stats

FC-K09 Brace of Throwing Knives
Description: 4 ultra-thin throwing knives in a single compact sheath designed for an easy, fast draw.
Damage: 1D6
Length: 4"
Weight: 2 oz. each
Modifiers: +1 to Strike when Thrown by skilled user

• Damage: 1d6+1 M.D.

LPK-295R Steamer Laser Pulse Rifle
• Weight: 8 Lbs
• Range: 1600'
• Damage: 3D6 S.D.C single shot 1D6X10 S.D.C per triple burst.
• Rate of fire: Single shots or triple bursts.
• Payload: 42 Blasts (14 Bursts) per standard E-clip. 60 blasts (20 bursts) per long E-clip.

GAW Throwback (Patron Item)
This Pre-Rifts shotgun design is being tested by Golden Age Weaponsmiths, using mercs like you!
• Range: 400'
• RoF & Damage: 500'
• • Single Shot: Slug: 3d6 M.D. / Buckshot: 2d6 M.D. to 1d4 targets within 15' of intended target 
• • Short Burst: 5 rounds, Slug: 6d6 M.D. / Buckshot: 4d6 M.D. to 1d4 targets within 15' of intended target 
• • Long Burst: 15 rounds, Slug: 1d8x10+10 M.D. / Buckshot: 1d6x10 M.D. to 1d4 targets within 15' of intended target 
• • Short Spray: 5 rounds, Slug: 3d6 M.D. to 1d4 targets within arc of spray / Buckshot: 2d6 M.D. to 1d4 targets within arc of spray
• • Long Spray: 15 rounds, Slug: 3d6 M.D. to 1d8 targets within arc of spray / Buckshot: 2d6 M.D. to 1d8 targets within arc of spray
• Payload: Expanded internal magazine, 50 round capacity
• Features:
• • A golden age recoil suppression system negates penalties to strike and strength requirements.
• • Adaptive engineering: can also use Bandito Arms BigBore "Shotgun" Shells (damage is drastically reduced, but knockdown effect added)
• Modifiers: None; two-handed weapon
• Weight: 10 lbs.

BMP-MV014 Hard Vacuum Suit
M.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet - 50
• Left Arm: 45
• Right Arm: 45
• Left Leg: 55
• Right Leg: 55
• Main Body - 80
Modifiers: -10% to physical skills
Features:Complete environmental vacuum suit suitable for use in all hostile environments including space.
• Adjustable Construction: Can be modified by an armorer or vac suit dealer to fit almost any user. Extraordinary requests may carry a surcharge.
• Computer controlled life support system that monitors and displays bio-data of the wearer as well as the capacity and failure of life support systems and damage to the armor. The wearer will know approximately how much S.D.C. is remaining and whether or not the armor has been breached.
• Computer controlled, independent oxygen supply and purge system that automatically engages in low oxygen or contaminated air environments. Ten hour oxygen supply. Has emergency soft helmet in neck in case of helmet breach.
• Internal cooling and temperature control.
• Artificial air circulation systems, gas filtration, humidifier.
• Insulated, high-temperature resistant shielding for up to 300 degrees centigrade. Normal fires do no damage. Nuclear, plasma, paranormal fires and heat do full damage.
• Radiation shielded.
• Polarized and light-sensitive visor with a tint that automatically adjusts to the level of available light.
• Built-in loudspeaker; 80 decibels.
• The helmet can be completely removed, and some allow for the removal of the protective face plate without having to take off the entire helmet.
• Directional, short-range radio built into the helmet. Range is five miles (8 km).
• Loudspeaker: up to 80 dB.
• Passive night-sight visor
• Directional jets for zero-gravity maneuvering, and standard Emergency EVA Pack.
• Magnetic Boots
• 820 foot umbilical cord
• Light Source on helmet and both hands
• Camelback Water Supply (4 liters)
• Velcro Patches (For Holding Tools and Such).
• Emergency Radio Beacon.
• Weight: 40 lbs.
• Cost: 155,000 IOU (includes EEVA Pack)

Vacuum Suit Jet Pack
  • MDC: 10
  • Speed: 50 mph
  • Duration: 30 minutes constant use (5 hours of typical maneuvering)
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Re: Titus Longbern (Mutant Rabbit techno headhunter) WIP

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Titus was born in the french sector of yuro station. Well, born is a loose term. More like grown. As he grew, his makers realized he was not as smart as the others, but was pretty good at finding stuff. They decided to hone this skill set. If he wasn’t gonna get far with his mental strength, as it was, then they would give him a trade. As he grew and learned the finer points of salvage, he got in alot of scuffles due to his low iq. Again, his makers decided that if he was gonna fight all the time, they may as well make him good at it. So another round of training.

Finally, 2 years later, Titus was recognized as a retrieval expert. He began his position under the guidance of his makers. “go get this! Go get that!” this was his life until the fateful day he ran into a nightmare. He was on the trail of a cache of weapons being sold somewhere in the poor area of the French sector. Titus was sent in as part of a strike team. The entry went smooth, as did the execution of the plan, but on the way out…shit hit the fan.

As Titus exits the building with a case of weapons on his shoulder and dragging a second case, his team was waiting for him. Apparently, it was a rip off. After they demanded the weapons, and that is when Titus knew something was wrong. It has always taken a little longer than others, to get the dots to connect, but this time it was quick, Titus knew he was in shit. With a mix of skills and powers, Titus managed to make it to safe location. Bleeding from multiple wounds and bullet holes, he puts out a call for help.

He awakens in a hospital like room. He has bandages and wraps all over his body. He knows there is something different about him, he feels it. But cant quite figure out quite what it is. Then it hits him, his left arm has been replaced. "What the frak?? my Arm!!!!" He looks around, frantically. "Nurse!! What is happening/" He does his best not to panic, but his genetic make up was stronger, and the panic starts. as he begins to thrash around, a couple orderlies come in with a nurse and give him a shot of something. That something knocks his ass out.

"Hmmm...What hit me?" Titus slowly opens his eyes and looks around. Seeing the stuff laying around, he realizes he is back at home. He sits up and sees that he is on his couch. In front of him, on the homemade coffee table is a portable computer. "What is this now? This isn't mine.' He stands shakily, and makes his way over to his table. "At least i am home." He pours a drink form whatever alcohol he has and turns to regards the computer. "What to do with you? Best just to dive in." With that, he downs his drink and sits back on the couch.

With a stretch of his arms, he wonders where to start. As he scratches his head, he notices something. ’What is that?” He uses both of his hands and feels around the thing. ’Oh. It is a data jack. Why do i have a data jack?” As he puts his arms down, there is a beep sound and a small flash of light from his new cyber arm. Just as the flash goes off, the laptop powers on.

There is a series of beeps, whirs and clicks as the machine does it thing. As soon as the noises stop, a beam shoots out and does a scan of his face. Then the laptop opens and the screen comes on. The face of some alien appears. ”Good Morning, Titus. I am glad to see you up and about. My name is Dr. Herbax. On this computer is a detail list of your enhancements. Everything is paid up in full as of now. Anything more will cost you. Also there is a list of meds and a schedule, stick to it and you will recover in no time. If you need anything, my contact info is also on here. Please keep it as sign of good faith.” With that, Titus watches as a few files open at the same time as some files delete.
Titus shakes his head, and reads the open files. ((See Descriptions of Cyber))

He spends a few hours reading and tinkering. Once he has read everything and gotten thee basics down on how to use his new cyberware, Titus checks his gear and ends his day relaxing. Next morning, he is up and checking the net for any jobs.
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