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Space is where nobody can hear you scream.
GM: Sol
AGM: Armstrong
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Catherine Kiska Sokov (Mutant Humant - Information Broker)

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:04 pm

Player Name: Patrick
YIM Handle: patrick_lotus_st
Google Hangouts: mikelamroni

Character Name: Catherine Kiska Sokov
Alias: Kiska the Trader; among those she served with in the Laika military and on the Moon who still remember her fondly: Catherine the Great
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Laika Military Specialist
Occupation: Trader/Information Broker
Alignment: Unprincipled, leaning to Anarchist (formerly principled)
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 7251 (edited by OM 11/2/13)
Next Level @ XP: 8481
Sentiments/Non-Humans and Mutants/Outcast Station/Independants: Useful and unpredictable. Treat each one like the wild card they are. If they serve a purpose, fine. If they are spending money, fine. If they are providing me with information, and therefore money, fine. Otherwise, they are wasting useful air, water and food. Move aside. Still, a customer is a customer, and there's nothing so wonderful as a customer!
Sentiments/Moon: They get a bad rap simply because they want to be left alone. Is this so bad?
Sentiments/Freedom station: Those undisciplined yanks don't have a clue how good they have it. Yet for all that wealth, they cannot manage to do anything good for the orbital community that does not first enrich the true leaders of the station - KLS.
Sentiments/Laika Station: It's home, even if it can be a bit dour. Still, there is no more united place to be, nor a place more not to be if you're not wanted.
Sentiments/Yuro Station: If the fools ever stopped fighting long enough to do something, the entire orbital community would feel their power.
Disposition: Confident and easy to like, yet mysterious and exotic enough to tickle the fancy. People trust her, and she likes it that way. She is friendly to her co-workers and customers, deadly to her enemies, and deadly to the enemies of her actual friends. She has grown up with a small cadre of friends, and is dearly and deathly devoted to each and every one of them. She talks to all of them at least three times a year. She is a significant control streak that manifests as an iritability or anger with those who break protocol or her rules.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 10
M.A.: 25
P.S.: 22
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 17
P.B.: 21
Speed: 29

P.P.E.: 11
H.P.: 51
S.D.C.: 108
M.D.C.: By Armor only
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200 lbs (all muscle; less than 10% body fat, and all of that is in the right places [from Physical Perfection])
Description: Exotic, svelte and compactly built, despite her height, Kiska wears her hair short and carries herself with confidence and cat-like grace. She can turn on the sex appeal as quickly as she can the professional attitude - whichever will get her the outcome she is looking for. She almost always wears contacts. The few times anyone has ever seen her without them, she has cat-like irises, not normal human ones. She wears gloves almost all the time. Again, in the rare instances anyone sees her bare hands, she has cat-like retractable claws (OOC: see the claws on page 41 of the Bionic Sourcebook for a good idea of what hers look like).

Natural Abilities
Perception: 49%/59% when in darkness, (+3%)
Charm/Impress: 55%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 84%
Max. Encumbrance: 60% of body weight (30% base +10% for man at arms, +20% for no fatigue)
Max. Carrying Weight: 440 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 880 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: Vertical 26 (+.5) feet with a running start (10.5 feet from a standstill); Horizontal: 55 (+2) feet with a running start (22 feet from a standstill)

Special Abilities
Animal Abilities (Large Predatory Cat - Leopard or Panther)
Superior Vision that allows her to see about two times better than a normal human. And grants Nightvision to 100 feet
Panther-like Roar that can be heard up to 1.5 miles away.
Can control 2d4 (+1/lvl) cats of any kind, wild or domestic.
Physical Perfection
Healing Factor
Recover 3 SDC every 10 minutes
Recover 1 HP every 15 minutes
Superhealing: Twice a day can regenerate 4d6 HP instantly
Does not Fatigue, period
Resistant to fire and cold (half damage)
Resistant to drugs, toxins, and poisons. Whenever the character doesn’t save against them, their effects (durations, penalties, and symptoms) and damage are a mere one-third
No scarring when healed
Broken bones heal completely, and at a rate 10x more than normal. a fractured leg will heal in 8-10 days, not 11-15 weeks.

Remade to look like normal human ears the same skin tone and color as Kiska
Universal Headjack and Ear Implant
Sound Filtration
Built in Translator
Amplified Hearing (At 75 ft or less, sounds as quiet as one decibel - softer than a whisper - can be heard; At 150 ft 10 decobels - a whisper- can be heard clearly; At 360 ft a normal conversation or louder - 30 decibels - can be clearly heard. Accurately estimate distance and location of the sound source, and recognize specific sounds and voices 50% (+5%)
Cybernetic Lungs
Oxygen Storage Cell
Toxin Filter

O.C.C. Skills
Language: Russian 100% (+1%)
Literacy: Russian 60% (+5%)
Language: Euro 100% (+1%)
Literacy: Euro 60% (+5%)
Computer Operation 55% (+5%)
Electronic Countermeasures 60% (+5%)
Intelligence 50% (+5%)
Pilot Automobile 79% (+2%)
EVA 60% (+5%)
Pilot Robots and Power Armor 72% (+3%)
Robot Combat: Basic
Math: Basic 75% (+5%)
Radio: Basic 75% (+5%)
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Shotgun
W.P. Handgun
W.P. Blunt
WP Paired Weapons (gained from HTH: Assassin)
Hand to Hand: Assassin
Space: Movement in Zero Gravity 113% (+4%)
Space: Oxygen Conservation - 30% (+5%)

O.C.C. Related Skills
Detect Concealment 55% (+5%)
Disguise 55% (+5%)
Interrogation 60% (+5%)
Pick Locks 70% (+5%)
Undercover Ops 60% (+5%)
Acrobatics: Sense of Balance 70% (+5%)
Acrobatics: Walk Tightrope/Ledge/High Wire 66% (+3%)
Acrobatics: Climb Rope 84% (+2%)
Acrobatics: Back Flip 70% (+5%)
Natural Climbing Ability 85% (+5%)
Natural Prowl Ability 71% (+3%)
Space Contacts - 15% (+2%)
Spacecraft, Small - 76% (+3%)
Zero Gravity Combat: Elite
Literacy: English 35% (+5%); Gained at Level 3
Literacy: Techno-Can 35% (+5%); Gained at Level 3

Secondary Skills
Wardrobe & Grooming 58% (+4%)
Language: English 56% (+3%)
Jury Rig 35% (+5%)
Sensory Equipment 60% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Assassin (Offensive Close Quarters Combat)
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +4
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +4
Dodge Bonus: +5
HTH Damage Bonus: +7
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +3

HTH Damage:
Karate Punch: 2d4+7 dmg
Elbow: 1d6+7
Kick: 1d8+7
Knee: 1d6+7
Body Flip/Throw: 1d6+7 and the victim loses initiative and one attack
Body/Block/Tackle: 1d6+7 plus 01-50% knockdown chance (the victim loses initiative and one attack and is moved 1d6 feet minimum; roll with impact for reduced damage, but this costs the victim an attack)
Power Punch: double damage, two attacks
Power Kick: double damage, two attacks
Backward Sweep (Knockdown, no parry, dodge at -2)

Robot Combat Data: (Robot Combat: Basic)
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +4
Melee Strike Bonus: +6
Ranged Strike Bonus:
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +6
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +5
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +3
Can only Punch or use a restrained punch, plus Body Block/Tackle/Ram

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Energy Pistol +2 (+1 to strike at levels 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15)
W.P. Energy Rifle +1 (+1 to strike at levels 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14)
W.P. Shotgun +2 (+1 to strike at levels 6, 10, and 14)
W.P. Handgun +1 (+1 to strike at levels 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14)
W.P. Blunt +2 Strike, +2 Parry, +0 Thrown (+1 to strike and parry at levels 6, 9, and 12. +1 to strike when thrown at levels 5, 10, and 15; not designed for throwing)
WP Paired Weapons (gained from HTH: Assassin)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +30%
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): +4
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +4
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (15+): +3
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Kiska's Gear

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:05 pm

When on a station:
On Person
Polarized Optics Glasses with thermal imaging and telescopic magnication (Merc Ops 119)
Ear Mic Radio Reciever and Transmitter (Merc Ops 110)
Portable Language Translator (Chinese, Japanese, Swiss, Gobbely, Spanish, Old French)

Snappy and stylish Jumpsuit and boots
Satchel (as below, with space suit stuffed in it)
Backpack (as below, with space suit stuffed in it)

When on a ship, or not on a station:
"Graft's Salvage" (CAN) Hard Suit Armor
Class: Armor Environmental Vacuum Suit with Robot Enhancements
Crew: One
Weight: 180 lbs
Physical Strength: +8 to PS (Cyborg Strength)
Physical Prowess: +4 to PP
Speed: Speed is doubled and the usual rate of fatigue is reduced by half, thanks to robot exoskeleton
Leaping: +15 ft high or across unassisted in gravity; +100 ft high and +200 ft across.
Space Flight: 50 mph
Flying: N/A
Power System: Nuclear, with an average energy life of five years
MDC by Location.
  • Head/Helmet: 50
  • Main Rear Jets (1): 40
  • Sensor Stalk (1): 4
  • Arms (2): 15 each
  • Legs (2): 40 each
  • Main Body: 105
Standard Features:
  • Feature
  • Radar: Can identify and track up to 24 targets simultaneously at a range of 10 miles (16 km).
  • Laser Targeting System: Assists in the selection and focusing of specific targets and adds a bonus of +1 to strike when using long range weapons. Does not apply to hand to hand combat or SAM AS.
  • Radio communication: Long range, directional communication system with an effective range of about 500 miles (800 km), as well as a directional, short range radio. Range is 5 miles (8 km). Plus a built-in loudspeaker; 80 decibels.
  • High intensity light Source on helmet
  • 820 foot umbilical cord
  • Internal Water Supply (16 liters)
  • Nutrient Paste (1 week supply)
Complete environmental battle armor: Suitable for use in all hostile environments, including under water (150 foot max. depth) and space. The following features are included.
  • Computer controlled life support system.
  • Internal cooling and temperature control.
  • Artificial air circulation systems, gas filtration, humidifier.
  • Computer controlled, independent oxygen supply and purge system
    that automatically engages in low oxygen or contaminated air
    environments. Eight hour oxygen supply.
  • Insulated, high temperature resistant shielding for up to 400 degrees
    centigrade. Normal fires do no damage. Nuclear, plasma, and magic
    fires do full damage.
  • Radiation shielded
  • Emergency Radio Beacon.
  • Head, and right arm replaced.
  • Sensor Stalk and Optics Plate added to replace sensors lost in the helmet
  • this was once an official suit of CAN power armor. Now it barely resembles the orriginal. Basically it serves the same function, if only an uglier version.

CMAP-S02 Soft Vacuum Suit
A.R.: 12
S.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet - 40
• Left Arm: 20
• Right Arm: 20
• Left Leg: 35
• Right Leg: 35
• Main Body - 55
Modifiers: -5% to physical skills
Features: Complete environmental vacuum suit suitable for use in all hostile environments including space.
• Computer controlled life support system that monitors and displays bio-data of the wearer as well as the capacity and failure of life support systems and damage to the armor. The wearer will know approximately how much S.D.C. is remaining and whether or not the armor has been breached.
• Computer controlled, independent oxygen supply and purge system that automatically engages in low oxygen or contaminated air environments. Three hour oxygen supply. Has emergency soft helmet in neck in case of helmet breach.
• Internal cooling and temperature control.
• Artificial air circulation systems, gas filtration, humidifier.
• Insulated, high-temperature resistant shielding for up to 300 degrees centigrade. Normal fires do no damage. Nuclear, plasma, paranormal fires and heat do full damage.
• Radiation shielded.
• Polarized and light-sensitive visor with a tint that automatically adjusts to the level of available light.
• Built-in loudspeaker; 80 decibels.
• The helmet can be completely removed, and some allow for the removal of the protective face plate without having to take off the entire helmet.
• Directional, short-range radio built into the helmet. Range is 10 miles (16 km).
• Loudspeaker: up to 80 dB.
• Passive night-sight visor
• Directional jets for zero-gravity maneuvering, but not actual flight capabilities.
• Can be worn under most power armor without the helmet or optional backpack.
• Magnetic Boots
• 820 foot umbilical cord
• Light Source on helmet and both hands
• Camelback Water Supply (4 liters)
• Velcro Patches (For Holding Tools and Such).
• Emergency Radio Beacon.
• Weight: 18 lbs.
  • None

LPK-294R Trooper Laser Pulse Rifle
• Weight: 9 Lbs
• Range: 2000'
• Damage: 2D6 M.D. per single blast, 6D6 M.D. per triple pulse burst. Can also be set to fire 3D6 S.D.C single shot 1D6X10 S.D.C per triple burst.
• Rate of fire: Single shots or triple bursts.
• Payload: 21 Blasts (7 Bursts) per standard E-clip. 30 blasts (10 bursts) per long E-clip. One MD shot = 2 S.D.C shots (effectively doubles ammo levels when using S.D.C. shots)
Extra Ammo: 3 long e-clips in utility belt [/list]

LPK-B20 Ceramic Nightstick/Tonfa (GMG p. 136; Made on Laika Station; Personalized with Laika Military Insignia and the letter K on the grip)
Weight: 1 pound (ceramic tonfa)
Damage: 1D6 S.D.C.
Bonus:The mace is an M.D.C. structure and can be used to parry M.D. attacks from Vibro-Blades, 'Borgs, 'bots and power armor.
LPK-L20 Laser Pistol (Personalized with Sokov Family Crest and the letter K on the grip)
• Range: 800'
• Damage: 2d6 MD or 4d6 S.D.C. per low power blast.
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 21 shots per E-clip or 30 shots per Long E-Clip; 2 low power shots count as one regular shot.

On Person
Polarized Optics Glasses with thermal imaging and telescopic magnication (Merc Ops 119)
Ear Mic Radio Reciever and Transmitter (Merc Ops 110)
Portable Language Translator (Chinese, Japanese, Swiss, Gobbely, Spanish, Old French)

Resources (Most in Wallet, Purse, or Utility Belt)
500 IOU in Cash
ID: Catherine Sokov (Laika Station, Courier, Civlian Citizen - Formerly Laika Intelligence Service, Diplomatic Atache, Dishonorable Discharge)
ID: Kiska d'Banche (Fake: Yuro Station, French Sector, Registered Visitor, Merchant Trader, Freebooter, Great-Granddaughter of Liam d'Banche, Civilian turned Freebooter Merchant Trader, born on Yuro Station, French Sector)
ID: Kiska Dukovny (Fake: Freedom Station Registered Visitor, Courier, Freebooter)

Pilot's Space Survival Vest - A Pouch covered, web vest assembly issued tp every power armor, robot, fighter, shuttle and transport pilot, this vest contains everything a stranded pilot could need to exist in the cold vacuum of space (combined Pilot's Survival Vest from Merc Ops 110 with items from Pilot's Survival Kit from Fleets of the Three Galaxies p. 102, all items downgraded to MiO Standards). Each vest includes the following items:
Vest Contains:
  • Flashing beacon light; can be turned off and on by the user.
  • Emergency beacon that broadcasts an encrypted signal up to 1,000 miles (1600 km) in space. The beacon has its own battery good for 96 hours.
  • Hand-fired signal flare/beacon. (Attached to lower back in sealed containers)
  • Clock calendar built into an Audio recorder with 24 hours of recording space available. Also acts as a signalling device (mirrored finish). (in a lower chest pocket)
  • One EVA suit patching kit. This kit contains four patches and a tube of strong adhesive. It's good for temporary repairs of small tears and holes.
  • One small, impact resistant flashlight.
  • Three days worth of freeze dried rations and water (for crash landings in areas with atmosphere). Also includes multivitamins.
  • One miniature first aid kit (for crash landings in areas with atmosphere).
  • Emergency Space Blanket
  • Pouches for 2 Clips (from secondary weapon)[/b] in Pocket on upper chest
  • Shoulder Hoslter (for Secondary Weapon)[/b] on upper chest
  • Pouch containing "Spacer's Friend" Multi-Tool in Pocket on upper chest - This rugged multi-tool is oversized for ease of use by gloved hands and contains the following tools:
    • One small, serrated Vibro-Knife (1 M.D.).
    • Pliers with wire cutters.
    • One flathead and one square-drive screwdriver.
    • Laser Distancer.
    • Micrometer.
    • High-intensity LED light that shines red or white light.
      The power for the light, distancer and Vibro-Knife comes from a small solar cell and internal capacitor. The capacitor carries enough power to run all three for two hours, and takes ten minutes to recharge one hour's worth of power.
Utility Belt with velcro closures on all pouches
Contains Yuro ID in an easy to reach and find (but not visible) pocket (in the front pouch that also contains the purse)
Purse (Contains Freedom ID in an easy to reach and find (but not visible) pocket and holds Wallet
Wallet (Contains Real ID and IOU's)
Electro-Adhesive Generator on right side (powered by E-Clip and small, will work for hours on one clip).
Electro-Adhesive Pad in a pouch near small of the back (hooked by retractable secure line that transmits both power and can be used as a tether (100 feet).
1 liter squeeze canteen
Small Flashlight
Lighter, disposable
Full set of Lock Picks (2 dozen picks and tools) velcro secured in a case
Walkie Talkie (5 mile range)
Holster (if needed) for primary Weapon

Hand Held Computer
1 liter squeeze canteen x2
Meal replacement bars x10
Standard First Aid Kit
Robot Medical Kit
Small oxygen bottles x4 with 3 hours of air apiece. Each bottle is the size of a large thermos, and comes with a handful of adapters that allow the bottle to connect to the life support systems of most major brand EVA suits (80%).

Standard flashlight/lamp combo
Rescue Sphere with extra oxygen tank
An extra bright large spotlight style flashlight
Air Filter and Gas Mask
Vacuum Sealed Box of hand rolled Laika cigars - illegal to export unless a citizen of Laika (19/20 left)

Large Dufflebag
Full makeup kit for disguises and general cosmetic use
Super sexy evening dress with matching jewelry, accessories and shoes (x2)
Complete Toiletry set including waterless cleaner and disposable and sealable bags for securing trash/waste
Generic military uniforms with no emblems (x2)
Laika Military Dress Uniform with all her medals and ribbons (in a display case in her quarters, or in a protective case in her dufflebag when on the move)
civilian style jumpsuits (x2)
Pair of work shoes that breathe (x2)
Pair of Combat Style Boots (magnetic, vacuum seal-able)

ATEA-50 Supai Stealth Armor (Patron Item)
ArmaTech's answer to the difficulties of training ninja. A medium armor that practically makes its wearer invisible, but as is typical in a competitive market, this armor proved cost inefficient and was shelved with only a small batch of prototypes being produced and subsequently sold off.
A.R.: 16
S.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 50
• Arms: 35 each
• Legs: 50 each
• Main Body: 100
Modifiers: +10% to prowl, palming, and concealment skills. No modifiers to physical skills.
    • Experimental Cloaking Technology
    • • Functional equivalent of the Cloaking major super power.
    • • Cloaking - Makes the character invisible to all forms of mechanical detection, photographic devices and sensors, including radar, motion detectors, heat sensors, and cameras (appear as barely noticable smudge or blur). This means the character is invisible to robots and all mechanica and optic systems. This works against the character as well, losing access to any tech that would help them by readings, incluing IRMSS or RMK not built into the suit.
    • • See page 256 of Heroes Unlimited 2E for details.
    • • Cloak is the functional equivalent of 1st level; does not increase with experience.
    • Weight: 12 lbs.
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Kiska's Background

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:05 pm

Background: Laika Station is known for being both xenophobic and human-centric. It is not easy being from Laika Station. The other stations, they see the success that Laika has and says they have it lucky. They see the isolationist policies, and they cry foul. They see their great ship building technology and they covet it. They see nothing of what it is that both makes Laika great and what makes it hell above the earth.

It would surprise no one then that some of their more "enthusiastic" scientists sometime engage in a little eugenics and prenatal tampering - nothing to radically alter a child, just make them both more useful to the Station and more purely human at the same time - get rid of birth defects and mutations, as well as chronic and genetic diseases. Kiska is a case showing why such behavior is not only frowned upon, but strictly outlawed.

Catherine was born the daughter of the great Ivan Sokov, one of the greatest military and ship building minds to grace the station in a hundred years. Her mother, Natasha was equally well known - a great beauty who, as a trader and part time spy, had brought many good things to the station until she settled down to raise a family with the love of her life. From these great minds came two children - Catherine Kiska and Andre Egor. Andre was every bit the pilot his father was, and almost as good at ship maintenance. Kiska, as she was known throughout her childhood by anyone she considered a friend (her family called her Catherine, as did a great many of her family's friends), was a more even mix of the two.

Though her middle name, Kiska, means pure, she was anything but. Her eyes are those of a cat, large and slanted, with vertical irises. Her color vision is within human norm, though she has trouble recognizing some colors - namely some shades (though she can percieve all of the colors in the normal visual spectrum). She also has the ability to see in the dark, though without a light source color perception is skewed to a yellow tint. Her fingers are mutated as well. Instead of fingernails, she has retractable claws. She has worn gloves to hide this since the early years of her life. The larger issue for her seeming normal was her ears. The bases of her ears are normal-ish, but the tops are pointed like a cat's, are large, and have a tendency to twitch towards sound. At first this was solved by cosmetic surgery. The problem was that her ability to heal herself meant she had to go in for surgery nearly three times a year. As time wore on, and all hopes of having a normal life were squashed by her ears, she began to look for alternate treatments.

While she wore contacts most of her life, some of her rivals at school would eventually find out about her mutation, namely her eyes, and tease her. Though these things were normal for all children, they still put a great burden on the young girl. Being teased as a bastard of an Outcast took its toll. Still, she rebounded as most children do, and eventually put it all behind her. Like all children born of great people, she was expected to excel in school. She took acrobatics from a young age, though she only competed at a station level. She never travelled off station like the true greats. She was trained in the proper grooming of a lady and began to learn foreign languages, specifically English and the Euro trade language of Yuro Station.

Her world would forever be changed when she entered into military training. She never wanted to join the military, but her wants and desires were secondary to the needs of her family and her station. Her intelligence and connections made her a natural for officer's school, and her personal magnetism led her to form a close cadre of friends while there, and during all other aspects of training. Her skills as a natural leader were evident early on. Her training focused on other people and how to gather intelligence, as well as some of the basics of commerce and cover identities. To those who trained with her, she quickly became known as Catherine the Great. This was, as most nicknames, a double edged compliment/insult. Her imperious nature when angry, and her ability to inspire the best in her subordinates were the two traits which cemented the nickname.

Her first assignment was working as a low level analyst combing through electronic information gathering finds. Her ability to work long hours without sleep made her a natural for the job, and her wit and intelligence made her a quick favorite in the department. Her hard working attitude and her ability to win friends and allies with ease put her in a position to take advantage of a rare oppourtunity. She was shipped off to the moon and served as a low level diplomatic atache for a year. She worked with Laika's Lunar allies and developed a great many friends and collegues there. Unfortunately this also attracted the attentions of people who would use her as a stepping stone to greater things. After all, when someone is on their way up, what better thing than to make them betray their nation's trust? At least that was what Major Anya Petroska thought when she saw the young go-getter.

Her ultimate betrayal and failure started as a routinue assignment to track down an intelligence leak. Someone had sent a plan for a Laika made engine prototype to Freedom Station. She was tasked to find the leak, and given great leeway to do so. Four months of work, and numerous trips to Freedom Station, and she finally found the proof of who was doing it and presented it to her superior, Colonel Egor Vladick. Major Petroska had been behind it all and Kiska had mountains of proof. That was what her drafts said, as well as all of the intel she had scanned in meticulously. Instead the information that was stored in the central computer said that Kiska and her supervisor were behind it all. The records room had a catastrophic fire that destroyed months of hard copies and backups, so the only proof that Kiska had been framed literally went up in smoke. The charges were quick in coming and she never saw her friend and superior, Colonel Vladick, again.

She was charged with treason, and only the pull of her family and their friends got the charges to criminal negligence. She heard it had gone even less well for the Colonel, who took all of the blame that was shifted off her. She was given a dishonorable discharge and barred from ever serving in the military or political service of Laika Station. It was an ignominious end, but better than death. Now she is out on her own, though she worked up a good number a friends in her professional career. In certain parts of Laika Station she is persona-non-grata, but in others she receives a hero's welcome. She has taken to using her childhood nickname and these days acts as a low level trader and information broker. A step down from where she was, but at least she's still breathing! She is still trying to put aside the prejudices of her youth, but finds it hard to do. Still, it is something she works at every day. She still has her copies of the original scans and drafts in hopes that one day she can clear her name. It's a long shot, but so are a lot of things. Like her next paycheck!

Kiska joined a crew of mercenaries, bounty-hunters, and scavengers to help solve the mystery of a murdered mutant who was (in)famous for his championing of Mutant Rights and his wild speculations about the Moon and the evils of that place. They tracked down some information on Freedom that led them to Yuro and the Badger's heir - an adopted human girl. There they found the badger's adopted daughter, who they returned to those overseeing the Badger's Estate. They also found his binder of blackmail which covered people from all walks of life. Kiska made a copy of this covertly. Afterwards they headed out again to find some more information and the ship fell into distress.

She worked with the crew for a while, but then they went their separate ways. She has received word of a new job, with paid transit to the distant station. Of course no one said she'd be awake for the trip. With a gnawing pit of trepidation she steps into the hypersleep pod and waits for the hiss of it opening and her waking up.
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Connections and Contacts

Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:30 am

Sketch: Human Mutant from Yuro Station, excels in fake IDs. Known on the Link only. All deliveries by courier and/or dead drop
Ralph: Mutant Parrot from Outcast station with a penchant for finding lost people
Lilith: Human black market arms dealer from the moon, now on Rockbutt Station. Specializes in rebuilt CAN technology.
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