Case Notes: Investigation 4: Night of the Jaguar

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Case Notes: Investigation 4: Night of the Jaguar

Postby Jaeger » Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:40 am

:arrow: Cezar Bravo: famous retired big game hunter, Mexican nationale, and father of Benecio Bravo. Hired Fringe Knowledge to join his expedition of hunters and mercenaries to find his lost son as he believes supernatural forces may be responsible.
:arrow: Benecio Bravo: middle-aged son of Cezar, famous big game hunter, was hunting jaguars in the Yucatan Pensinsula when he and his expedition disappeared. Only witness (who died of wounds received) claimed jaguars, strange dreams, "men who are not men, beasts who are not beasts" were responsible and would take him to some cruel game where the hunter would be the one hunted.
:arrow: Colonel Kurtz: commander of a small mercenary team hired by Cezar Bravo to escort Fringe Knowledge into the jungle.
:arrow: One Death: A manifestation of death within the Mayan myths. The highest lord of Xibalba.
:arrow: Seven Death: A manifestation of death within the Mayan myths. Second highest lord of Xibalba, oversees the Nagual.

Campeche: capitol city of the State of Campeche, Mexico. Nearest city to where Benecio is believed to have gone missing.
Yucatan Peninsula: jungle wilderness and former home of the Mayan empire.
Xibalba: The Mayan underworld, rules by the Lords of Xibalba. Accessed via secret entrance in ruins deep in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Supernatural Clues:
:arrow: Jaguar attacks, strange dreams, "beasts who are not beasts, men who are not men."
:arrow: The beasts who are not beast, men who are not men are the Nagual, powerful and fast were-jaguars.
:arrow: The Nagual appear to prefer capturing "warriors" and taking them to Xibalba instead of killing, though they have been known to kill when it serves their purpose or angered.
:arrow: The entrance to Xibalba is a ruined Mayan city deep in the Yucatan protected by small statues possessed by mischevious spirits called Alux. The Alux require offerings to allow one to pass, and will bless those who give acceptable offerings. They play tricks on those who displease them.
:arrow: The entrance to Xibalba is actually a dimensional gateway to the death gods' realm.

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