Case Notes: Investigation 2: Santa Susana Field Laboratory

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Case Notes: Investigation 2: Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Postby Jaeger » Wed May 05, 2010 6:15 am

The Setting: Santa Susana Field Laboratory
The Santa Susana Field Laboratory is a complex of industrial research and development facilities sparsely situated within a 2,668 acre portion of the Southern California Simi Hills in eastern Ventura County California used mainly for the testing and development of liquid rocket engines for the United States space program, nuclear reactors and the operation of a U.S. Government-sponsored liquid metals research center, as well as numerous leased lab space for privately sponsored research. It is effectively isolated by mountainous terrain, 3 narrow winding access roads, and at least 3 miles buffer zone to closest populated area.

UFO Sightings: The SSFL has been repeatedly cited as an area rife with UFO activity. Enthusiasts believe that UFOs are either attracted to the region due to the type of work done there, or that the SSFL is reverse-engineering captured UFOs at the site.

Burro Flats Painted Cave
The cave is located on private land owned Rocketdyne and used by the ETEC in Area IV at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory and is not accessible to the public. Among the Chumash pictographs at Burro Flats are two human stick figures wearing headdresses with lines radiating from the heads. There are also stick-figure animals with four fingers, a circle with a star inside, a plant resembling a cornstalk, and more abstract groupings of circles and lines with a tail. The cave is a small, hollowed-out portion of a long, low rock set into a grassy slope. Archaeologists estimate the drawings are several hundred years old.

When December read the painting initially, she saw an image of young Chumash women going through a rite of passage. They were painting under the influence of natural hallucinogens. Laying at their feet was something not quite human. It had come through a hole in space/time at the Nexus, which is centered on the cave.

This cave is quite special. It is located on a Ley Line Nexus. Dr. Pejman Barati, who worked at a private lab nearby, took a stroll to reflect on the loss of his family during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. He followed felt something pulling him to the the cave and was drawn to open a secret area in the wall, revealing a strange artifact. He took the artifact, though if asked, he could not explain why.

Private Labs
This series of small labs are leased to private corporations and to government institutions. Any number of experiments can be ongoing at any time, most theoretical as they lack the facilities and staff for any serious application.

Pejman took the artifact back to his lab and kept it there, where he could study it in his spare time. While conducting an experiment in his lab a few days later, the artifact was exposed to radiation and accidentally activated. Conditions were off, causing it to "misfire" and instead opened a wormhole to another part of time/space. His goal: to experiment with the artifact and find a way to open a wormhole to go back in time and save his family.

Rocketdyne Labs
Rocketdyne is composed of Area I, II & III on the map.
Rocket Engine Development
The facility is mainly composed of rocket testing pads for both vertical and horizontal liquid propellant rocket engines, their analysis stations, design and engineering labs, in addition to offices, maintenance and other support facilities. While the rockets are designed and tested at Santa Susana, construction of the rockets is actually done off-site and the parts delivered by truck. Since rockets generate the loudest man-made sound levels possible, hearing protection will be required if activated.

Nuclear and Energy Research and Development
This facility performs the disassembly of fuel rods to support the on-site research and development of the nuclear reactors and for the decladding of nuclear fuel rods from off-site commercial nuclear reactors. This included fuel development for the SNAP program, and radiochemistry. The site also supports the design, development and operation of two small aqueous homogeneous reactors. Also actively developing a coal gasification process using molten salt technology.

Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC)
A government-owned, contractor-operated complex of industrial facilities at Santa Susana. The ETEC specializes in non-nuclear testing of components which were designed to transfer heat from a nuclear reactor using liquid metals instead of water or gas. Produces liquid metal components and conducts tests including steam generators, pumps, valves, flow meters and a variety of instrumentation. Investigation into the metallurgical properties of piping exposed to the high temperatures for long periods of time is also performed. Located at Area IV on the map.

The laser being developed by the SDSI government program (commonly known as "Star Wars") is being developed in a small lab on the ETEC property. It is highly secured.

Re: Case Notes: Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Postby Jaeger » Thu Aug 05, 2010 8:13 pm


Fourth Dimensional Being
An indescribable other-dimensional being that is best described in three-dimensional terms as a floating mass of tentacles around a nucleus. Floats motionless in Barati's locked lab basement. Emanating a strong supernatural smell of death and decay, which is attracting an increasing amount of supernatural carrion-feeders (other-wordly micro-organisms and insects). Drives those who view it mad.
-Sent back through a wormhole by Robert and Thomas with the help of Dr. Barati

Dr. Pejman Barati
"Dr. Barati earned his PhD at the Iran University of Science & Technology. He is an independent quantum physicist operating on a grant from CalTech and works out of one of our private labs. I understand he has a private interest in the wave forms of celestial phenomena and has published several articles on his findings. He is kind enough to volunteer his expertise to the other agencies here at Santa Susana from time to time, and has even signed on as a paid consultant once or twice with NASA."
-Iranian quantum physicist
-Lost wife, Parvaneh, and son, Firouz, during the chaos of the 1979 Iranian Revolution
-Felt "compelled" to investigate a cave during a nightly stroll in the hills near his lab and discovered a strange, supernatural artifact there
-He studied and experimented on the artifact until he activated it inside a neutron generator, ripping a hole through time/space
-He has repeatedly experimented on the artifact, opening more and more holes in time/space, searching for a frequency that will allow him to go back in time to save his wife and son
-He accidentally brought a Fourth Dimensional Being through a wormhole on his first attempt to use the Artifact. It sat in his basement, attracting other dimensional predators. The wormholes they created began to tear down the fabric of reality and threatened to destroy the world. At the insistence of Fringe Knowledge, he sent it back through another wormhole into space.
-Attempted to go back to Iran in 1979 to save his family with the help of the possessed Vlad. Was stopped by Fringe Knowledge, causing him to become violent and shoot two members (Jake and Robert). Was shot and knocked unconscious by Suzy, seen to by Claire, and dropped off at a nearby hospital after his lab was burned down.
-His research notes were saved in part by Thomas

Dr. Sumio Nishina
"Dr. Nishina is a visiting astrophysicist from Japan's Institute of Space and Astronautical Science. I think he has about a year left on the exchange program. He is doing comparative analysis of space-based observations of infrared, ultraviolet, gamma-rays, and X-rays and their effects on satellites and rockets. Naturally, he spends a lot of time over at NASA and Rocketdyne, but also in his privately-rented lab."
-Japanese astrophysicist
-Noticed X-ray abnormalities while studying in his own lab in the NASA complex
-Possesses access to X-ray telescope and other detection equipment, as well as high level access and influence at NASA
-Signed NDA's with Robert and Thomas to use his equipment, though all results of research are property of NASA
-Initially believed foreign saboteurs to be behind the nefarious activity, but then saw first-hand the monsters along with Artsimovich and Fringe Knowledge
-He plays the straight man and cool-headed one when paired with Artsimovich, who gets rather loud and animated when drunk.

Lance Wright
-Rocket Engineer for Rocketdyne
-Operates rocket test site "A"
-Serious, intense and provocative
-Obsessed with politeness; hates rudeness
-Called security to investigate the Cafeteria where Jake saw shapes moving in the dark
-Presumably escaped before the back gate was closed off by the supernatural ring of birds

Dr. Wilson W. Wilson
-Jovial tour guide and public relations director at Santa Susana
-Manic, vain, flamboyant showman
-Presumably survived the Santa Susana incident by hiding in his office

Dr. Lev Artsimovich
"Dr. Lev Artsimovich worked for the Soviet space program but sought asylum from the U.S.S.R. five years ago when he was falsely accused of spying for our country. He works for NASA now on their space program. He a resident consultant on the effect of interplanetary bodies on rocket trajectories. He spends a lot of his time running simulations in between cursing the KGB."
-Soviet physicist
-Anti-social, paranoid, gruff
-Initially resisted all attempts to pry and respected cold logic. Loosened up with copious amounts of alcohol and firearms.
-Holed up in his NASA office with a small arsenal of Russian weapons, including an AK-47, RPG-7 and RPD Machine Gun. Also has a radio and police scanner in his office. Paranoid that the KGB is after him and all his work at Santa Susana.
-Helped Fringe Knowledge by providing Russian weapons, his van, and help in escaping Santa Susana before the Feds arrived
-Gave Alistair his contact information so that he can acquire black market Russian weapons

Victor Lazlo
-Paranormal Investigator
-Gave Fringe Knowledge the tip about the events surrounding Santa Susana
-Worked with other psychic investigators in the area to contain the threats that spawned from the Santa Susana incident
-Traveled back to the East Coast after Fringe Knowledge stopped the wormholes from opening and destroying the world
-Advocates Fringe Knowledge magazine to others in psychic community

Dr. Kip S. Thorne
-an extremely capable physicist at CalTech who specializes in theoretical physics involving space/time
-Investigated the phenomena at Santa Susana at Victor's request
-Was the first to discover the X-ray signatures he attributes to miniature black holes or possibly "wormholes" opening up around L.A.
-His lab was shut down by government agents
-Is eager to carry on professional correspondence with Thomas

Sleazy Lisa
-Psychic Sensitive who predicted Robert would time travel and arrive at Huntington Beach on Feb. 5, 1984
-Sang in a band called "Rotten Crotch Rocket"
-Moved to Seattle to check out a "new sound" after her band broke up

Re: Case Notes: Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Postby Jaeger » Tue May 10, 2011 3:01 pm

The Behemoth



Head: Mushroom shape with extremely long horns jutting out symmetrically from each side. Purpose: aerodynamic to allow quick movement underwater. Horns are long because the creature sticks to ocean shores and does not have to worry about getting caught on vegetation or irregular surfaces. Horns are multi-purpose: extremely sharp to skewer prey; act as antennae to pick up vibrations in air, water; act as rudders when swimming; produce an electrical field that is both offensive and defensive weapon. Mouth is a gaping, toothless maw that can attach to a prey's hide with strong suction. The monster then shoots forth an extremely hard straw-like proboscis which penetrates its prey's hide and administers a digestive solution which liquefies the organs quickly so they can be sucked out.

Torso: Initially, the behemoth monster was a giant Water Strider-like insect that "walked on water" with four legs, used two forelegs for feeding, and had a carapace serving as a shell over the top (it may even had wings at one time). Over thousands of years, it developed intelligence and consequently psionic powers in order to defend itself against dangerous predators. Thus, the creature has grown and now walks upright by default (though it can still 'crawl' when it needs to to fit through tight spaces but most liquids could not support its weight now) for better land speed and to get the best range from its antennae. This posture also gives its limbs better positioning to grab prey so it can strike with its antennae or proboscis. The back remains heavily armored, and the front of the creature has been slowly developing a harder surface over the past few centuries, though it is still softer in relation to the back and head and remains the weakest point on the body. Since the behemoth's natural predators have dwindled over the ages, this has not been a serious issue.

Limbs: Four legs and two arms. Long, articulate and powerful. Unlike human limbs, the behemoth's appendages are made up of four joints instead of three and are extremely long in proportion to the body. This allows the behemoth to wrap around prey many times larger than itself, run and climb very quickly over rough terrain; but conversely gives the creature a higher center of gravity so it can more easily be knocked over. Only the two arms possess long digits capable of fine motor function. The four legs end in wide, suckered 3-toed feet that can grasp larger objects but lack coordination and length to manipulate objects.


Psionic: Electrokinesis (except turning off power is going to be limited to very small functions, not entire vehicle systems)

Physical: Attacks are about equal with being struck by a large truck.

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