Case Notes: Investigation 1: Townsend Residence

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Case Notes: Investigation 1: Townsend Residence

Postby Jaeger » Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:07 pm

Here you will find the case notes and research findings from the Townsend Residence case. This forum will be updated regularly.

House Notes:

The house was commissioned built by Paul Bern for $15,000 on a 3 1/3 acre property in Benedict Canyon. The house was built by Hollywood Custom Homes, a company that has a long history building mansions and homes for the stars in the steep Hollywood Hills and surrounding regions. The company is successful and have little if any complaints settled out of court.

Parking: A garage and public parking area is located at the foot of the property. There is an iron gate that prevents casual entrance to the property. The gate leads to a path a couple hundred feet long that climbs in an upward grade towards the house. the walkway is lined with copper lamps. To the left is a 60-foot waterfall that cascades down the hill. To the right is a terraced yard described below.

Yard: A manicured long filled with trees. The house sits against the south canyon wall that soars several hundred feet above the rooftop. Below the house is a 50-foot-wide kidney-shaped pool surrounded by a patio that butts up against the house. The patio is lined by a 100-foot long, 20-foot high stone retaining wall visible from the parking area below and overlooked by four large gargoyles with different faces. The top-most terrace is a pool abutting the house. The entire yard leading up to the house is a maze of terraced walls, walkways, patios, fireplaces and secluded gardens and grottoes all made from intricate hand-crafted stone. Wicker and wooden furniture is placed throughout. The waterfall empties into a small pool with fish. This pool has a false enchanted rocky wall at the bottom that is actually a tunnel into an abandoned, water-logged gold mine. Uriah's remains lie somewhere inside...

Ground Floor:
Pool-side Changing Room/Bathroom: There is a small 10x10 changing room by the pool with a small bathroom attached. This was intended for parties and bathers so they didn't have to enter the house. You cannot access any other part of the house from these two small rooms.

First Floor:
Living Room: Hand-carved beams and exposed roof boards make the vaulted ceiling appear higher than it is. The dark-stained walls are hand-carved as well as the matching bookcases at either end of the room. Facing the middle of the room is a five-foot-square fireplace with a wide hearth made of large stones and crowned with a hand-crafted copper awning. The fireplace is adorned with the same dark-stained wood panels as the rest of the room and the floor is covered with several large oriental rugs. Just past the fireplace, a small bar is hidden behind a built-in bookcase, accessible by a hidden switch that opens the hinged bookcase like a door. Behind the bar yet another hidden panel is a wine cellar. Remember, this house was built in the Prohibition era. A five-foot-wide chandelier constructed of elk antlers above the room casts a warm light over large couches and an array of over-stuffed chairs scattered about. Shelves and tables are filled with William's elaborate book collection and archaeological finds. Several intricate German clocks and small British landscape paintings grace the walls.


Kitchen: Incredibly small because Paul Bern, the original owner and designer, preferred that meals were made in the servant's quarters and carted up to the house. There was only room for a coffee pot, a toaster, and a small fridge. The Townsend's have had some remodeling done as the servant's quarters is now a private residence and they required a lot more space for a kitchen. The fuse box is located in the small entryway that separates the living room from the kitchen.

Dining Room: Placed at the foot of a circular tower and lit by three windows that look out over the hillside, this room has a mahogany table hand-crafted to fit the space perfectly. The tower rises up three stories above the dining room table and is topped by a Bavarian style pointed roof. A large iron chandelier on a chain hangs from a beam down the length of the tower.

Second Floor:
Master Bedroom (2nd floor): The left side of the bedroom has a sitting area with a couch, several chairs, and a desk in a corner surrounded by a bank of large corner windows overlooking the pool. The windows keep the room bright and sunny, and the constant canyon breezes keeps it cool. On the right side is the bed, several chairs and a few tables. At the other end of the room is a study, which used to be a large walk-in closet when the house was originally built. The study contains a large desk and bookcases containing William's work, but it also surprisingly contains a Fender guitar and posters of Iron Maiden on the walls, an obvious concession by Mrs. Townsend to William, provided William keeps his chaos confined here and away from guests.

Third Floor:
Guest bedroom: A smaller bedroom is tucked beneath the peak of the roof. There are windows at each end and two tiny gabled windows at the top of the house in that bedroom and bath. There is a small linen closet in the bathroom, butting up against the tower. The linen closet contained a secret passage behind a false wall. An enchanted door blocked the path. It was both electrified and contained a strange maze. Thomas discharged the door with modern science and Maxine solved the maze using telekinesis and hydrokinesis to move the 4 elements throughout the maze, unlocking the mechanism. Inside, the group found a musty hidden tower room containing the remains of the ghost Zylphia and her protectors, a skeletal deer and badger. Both were defeated and Zylphia's remains removed for burial. All that remains are shards of bones, bent copper wires, and rotted/broken Native American artifacts.

William's House Floor Plan: 9820 Easton Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210
((Floor plans courtesy of Thomas' research and photographs courtesy of December's expert shots))

Front View of garage near public parking area (almost completely covered in vegetation at street level, and completely separate from house):

Street View:

Back View:

Pool View:

Terrace View:

Ground Floor:

Floor 2:

Floor 3:

Garage (at street level, completely separate from house):

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Postby Jaeger » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:58 am

Atmospheric Notes for Benedict Canyon area:
Jan Low: 41.5
Jan Avg: 54.8
Jan High: 68.1
Jan Precipitation Low (inches): 0.00
Jan Precipitation Avg (inches): 3.55
Jan Precipitation High (inches): 4.52
Jan Snowfall Avg (inches): 0.0
Driest Periods:
Wettest Periods:
Highest Max Temp:
Lowest Min Temp:
((Tables don't translate well to EU forums, hence the links))

Notable recorded Solar Weather effects on West Coast:
Wire service cut out and Aurora Borealis observed, Aug 11, 1919.
Massive sunspot seen on sun with naked eye through smoked glass, along with visible Aurora Borealis, May 13, 1921.
Aurora Borealis seen and cuts out telegraph lines, Jan 26, 1926.
Aurora Borealis seen and cuts out telegraph lines twice in same day, Oct 13, 1927.
Aurora Borealis seen over Los Angeles, July 8, 1928.
Sunspots cut out radio and wire transmissions, March 25, 1940.
Magnetic storms disrupt radio communications, July 6, 1941.
Sunspots cut out radio and wire transmissions, Sept 18, 1941.
Sun Spots disrupt phone lines in Los Angeles, Dec 17, 1944.
Aurora Borealis seen in sky above Los Angeles, Sept 23, 1951.
Aurora Borealis seen in sky above Los Angeles, Sept 13, 1957.
Aurora Borealis seen in sky above Los Angeles, Feb 11, 1958. Radio cuts out completely in U.S.
Aurora Borealis seen in sky above Los Angeles, April 13, 1981.

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Postby Jaeger » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:10 am

Police Records of Deaths at the Townsend Residence:

Paul Bern: Bern married film star Jean Harlow on July 2, 1932.

Police recorded testimony from Jean Harlow's mother that Paul Bern savagely beat Jean two nights after their wedding in the downstairs bathroom, damaging her kidneys. She later showed her mother what he did to her. Harlow tried to make up with Paul, but he rejected her. Just two months later, on September 5, he was found naked, shot in the head, in their home on Easton Drive, off Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, California. He was nude, sprawled in front of a full-length mirror and drenched in Jean’s favorite perfume. The coroner's jury came to the conclusion that his death was a suicide. A .38 caliber revolver was found lying on the floor next to him. He was found in the bedroom, near the closet, which has been expanded and is now a study. Police Photo of Paul Bern's body taken at scene of his death

Suicide Note wrote:"Dearest Dear:

Unfortunately this is the only way to make good the frightful wrong I have done to you and to wipe out my abject humiliation. I love you.

You understand that last night was only a comedy.

I love you, Paul"

Paul Bern's body was found by his butler. The butler called MGM Studios first, who immediately came to the house. Several hours passed before they called the police and reported the death. Jean was in the upstairs bedroom of her mother's home when she heard the news that Bern had shot and killed himself at their home. She immediately blamed herself and tried to take her own life by swallowing an overdose of sleeping medication 5 days later.

Incomplete records: Water-damaged records show a male committing suicide, a man and woman drowned in the pool and a maid who committed suicide via hanging give little detail, as the documents are 99% destroyed. Dates, names, etc. cannot be retrieved.

Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate: Jay Sebring, who rented the house from Sally Forrest in 1967, along with his friend Sharon Tate, were brutally murdered by the Manson Family at Roman Polanski's house (10050 Cielo Dr.)August 9, 1969, the day before he was scheduled for a meeting to purchase the property. Tate was supposed to accompany him on this meeting.

Crime in General:

Beverly Hills is safe compared to most of Los Angeles, and the Benedict Canyon area in particular has little crime other than noise complaints. The road is secluded, well-patrolled by cops, and many houses have gates and alarm systems. Illegal dealings are typically of the white-collar crime type: Ponzi/pyramid schemes, insider trading, embezzlement, tax evasion, fraud, etc. That said there are still the handful of murders, rapes, and arson. But burglary takes the cake when it comes to blue-collar crime... these rich people have a lot of stuff the criminals would like! William and his wife have no criminal records and only a parking/speeding ticket or two between them.

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Postby Jaeger » Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:17 pm

Supernatural Data for Townsend Residence:

What possible causes are there for the haunting?
:arrow: You are absolutely sure that William or his wife, or someone else with access to the house disturbed something or did some kind of other action that would warrant a sudden increase in aggressive behavior. He's lived in the house several years with only the rare odd feeling or object moving, but suddenly it's gone off the scale... there had to be a trigger. When he mentions finding the dagger in the hidden area behind the bookcase, you are sure this must be it.

Possible Entities Involved:
:arrow: Given the reports of feelings of unease, temperature variations... it certainly sounds like elements of a Haunting Entity.
:arrow: Given the reports of objects being moved or thrown... it certainly sounds like elements of a Poltergeist.
:arrow: Superstitious Lore indicates that discovery or removal of the dagger from its hidden spot triggered a sudden aggressive nature to the paranormal events in the Townsend residence.
:arrow: Psionics Lore indicate Empathic Transmission, Alter Air Temperature, Telekinesis, Ectoplasm have been used by the entities involved.
:arrow: No known cause for the dreams William and December experienced yet. Causing dreams/nightmares/visions is not a natural ability of any entity you are aware of.
:arrow: When the two entities appeared in the dining room, a horribly uneasy feeling chill entered the room, dropping the temperature drastically. This uneasy cold made you feel very sluggish.

Soft Brown Aura wrote:It has an aura you haven't seen before, so it isn't exactly telling you much. It's light brown, soft edges and kind of a nebulous amoeba of energy the size of a basketball. Having little experience with such things, you can't be entirely sure, but this aura seems... off. There's something very strange about it, as if it isn't entirely stable. ((Level: Medium. No magic. Psychic abilities: high. medium base PPE (For BTS, not Rifts), not a possessing entity, there's no 'human aberration' except that you're sure that whatever this thing is... it was once human but something is missing. It's a shade of its former self)) This entity has a smell like a sort of potpourri of lantern oil, fresh baked bread, jasmine, and soap. This entity is known to cause mass hallucinations that contain all 5 senses and seem intensely real. It also wrote on the wall the letters "F..r...e.." when asked what it wanted.

Gold Geode Aura wrote:Again, you haven't seen this aura before. This aura is a shiny gold colored amoeba, but instead of soft nebulous edges it has a pulsing appearance of living geodes or gems. This aura does not seem unstable at all, unlike the other. ((Level: medium. no magic. Psychic abilities: high. medium base PPE. It IS a possessing entity... though there's something strange about that in the aura. There's no 'human aberration' except that you're sure that whatever this thing is... it was once human but something is missing. It's a shade of its former self)) Smells of dust. Not normal dust either, like you find in your house. It has a much earthier smell. It reminds you of some of your hikes you've taken in SoCal looking up Native American artifact sites for the university, or perhaps the old sites up north near San Francisco where the gold miners set up camps. This aura clearly commands ectoplasm and telekinesis, as well as possession.

Black Hands wrote:Born Muc'u' Miy (Small Wolf) of the Chumash People, Black Hands found himself a slave through conquest. He wanted to cast off his shackles and free the Chumash slaves from Queen Califia of the Black Amazons, and thus he made a pact with a very old and evil god. Slowly, that old god infused the young man with essence of its own being from across the void. The evil power corrupted Black Hands, and after freeing the slaves he wanted to destroy the Black Amazons who had enslaved him and his people.

Black Hands sought the Amazon's most prized possession, a golden dagger revered by the strong warrior women. He murdered the queen's guards and tried to pick up the weapon, but was burned by its inner flame. Caught in the act, he was brought before Queen Califia who ordered him immediately executed. Her warriors plunged their golden spears into him but he merely laughed and spit in their faces. Queen Califia, seeing the evil corrupting and empowering him, came forward and cut his throat with the very golden dagger he had sought to steal. Black Hands had no idea the dagger was so powerful. Surprised, he gurgled, convulsed and bled out, seemingly dead from the great wound the magical weapon inflicted. Black Hands' body was cast into a refuse pit where it was buried and forgotten by time.

Currently the center of evil in William's house. Intensely evil being with hate in his black heart and blood on his black hands. Once called Muc'u' Miy of the Chumash People, Native Americans who lived in and around this area of Southern California. He is no longer even human, but something else now, ancient and evil. No longer on earth, but far off in another dimension. He is no longer alive but neither is he dead. Black Hands has become a willing vessel for an evil alien entity or god. William's golden dagger is the center of Black Hands' attention, as well as any who have knowledge of it.

Historical claims of the house being haunted:
:arrow: Sharon Tate awoke one night in 1966, three years before her murder, while staying at Jay Sebring's house (now the Townsend residence). Below is that account as told by a decades old newspaper article reprinted in one of the Fringe Knowledge library books:

Sharon Tate's brush with the ghost of Paul Bern? wrote:Unable to sleep, she lay awake in Jay’s room with all the lights on. She was very uncomfortable, although she couldn’t explain why. She felt “funny”, she later told reporter Dick Kleiner, and was frightened by every little sound that she heard.

Suddenly, a person that she described as a “creepy little man” came into the bedroom! She was sure that this man was Paul Bern. The man ignored her though and wandered about the room, apparently looking for something. Sharon put on her robe and hurried out of the bedroom.

What happened next would be especially chilling in light of events to come. Sharon started down the stairs but halfway down them, froze in shock. There was a figure tied to the staircase posts at the bottom of the steps. She couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. However, she could clearly see that the figure’s throat had been cut. Then, the apparition vanished.

Shaken, Sharon went into the living room to pour herself a drink but she couldn’t find where Jay kept the alcohol. She felt an inexplicable urge to press on a section of the bookcase and it opened to reveal a hidden bar. Not thinking, she tore away a piece of wallpaper at the base of the bar as she nervously poured herself a drink.

In the morning, Sharon was convinced the whole episode had been a terrible nightmare.... until she saw the wallpaper that had been torn away from the bar. Had she indeed seen the ghost of Paul Bern... and at that time, unknowingly seen a vision of her awful fate?

:arrow: Rumor: Some also claim that Jean Harlow herself haunts the home where they once lived. People living there have sometimes seen a shadowy figure of a woman with platinum blonde hair walking through the living room and bedroom. Oddly enough, Harlow actually attempted suicide in the bedroom after Bern's death. Strange that the two supposed ghosts are never seen together...

Current claims by William that the house is haunted:
Paranormal Events in William's House wrote:Manifestations:
1. On the day before the Townsend family moved into the home, Mrs. Townsend went upstairs, her dogs followed her, growling and barking at something in the upstairs bedrooms. In the hallway right outside the master bedroom, Mrs. Townsend felt an unseen presence, and heard somebody softly whisper in her ear, "Please help me."

2. On their first night in their new home, Mr. and Mrs. Townsend were lying in bed, when some unseen, heavy object struck their bed three times. Some unseen presence wanted to be noticed, or communicate with these nice people who had fixed up the house, even though they were sleeping in her room. Mrs. Townsend addressed the unseen presence, saying "You're welcome - how do you do? We've got to get some sleep.....we're very tired and need to get some sleep, so please let us be."

3. The lights in the kitchen would go on and off by themselves.

4. While walking through the living room, Mrs. Townsend saw a strange formless light, in an outline form, floating above her near the ceiling.

5. In the corner of the living room, near the mail box, Mrs. Townsend heard heavy, heartbreaking sobs of a woman. The hairs on Mrs. Townsend’s arms stood up, and she felt terribly sad.

6. Cold spots can be felt in the kitchen, the downstairs area and the upstairs bedrooms. Unexplained wind drafts have been felt throughout the house, especially in the kitchen and upstairs bedrooms.

7. The strong smell of a woman's perfume can be smelled in the children's bedroom upstairs.

8. Both Mr. and Mrs. Townsend were warned in a dream of a faulty, dangerous wall light in the upstairs bathroom. Both saw a clear vision of the bathtub full of water and bubbles. A hand from the bathtub switches on the light, receives a terrible shock, and withers. Well, an electrician was called, who was horrified that such an out-dated, dangerous light switch was in the bathroom, and promptly put in a safe one.

9. Sometimes a weird, uneasy feeling can overcome a person in the downstairs bathroom.

10. A light knocking at the front door can be heard, but no one is ever there.

11. Strong breeze in William's Bedroom, knocking over a heavy picture frame. Windows all shut. (Deci, Jake, William)

12. Attack at dinner. Lights out, temperature drops. Assaulted by two entities via telekinesis and hallucination (all present)

13. Hallucination of a Nazi soldier on the grounds just outside the dining room tower. (Deci, Alistair)

14. 2nd floor Study filled with blood, pumping walls like a heartbeat. Brown entity writes on wall in blood. (All but Thomas present)

15. Sudden water temperature change in 2nd floor shower to scalding hot. (December only)


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Postby Jaeger » Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:44 pm

Timeline of the Native Americans and the Benedict Canyon area:

14,000 B.C.: San Miguel Island (part of the Channel Islands off the coast of Los Angeles) was first settled by humans at least 12,000 years ago. It is surrounded by submerged rocks and great white sharks, making it a mariner's nightmare. It has a caliche forest (calcium encrusted wasteland) and extremely high winds. This is most likely the site that would have spurred the rumor of the Black Amazons.
1510: The legend of Queen Califia appears to date back to the novel Las sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián), written around 1510 by the Spanish writer Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo. Queen Califia and her Black Amazons were a dark-skinned sea-faring people whose slaves used black tar to water-proof their boats. Supposedly this tribe of Black Amazons lived on the 'Island of California'.
1532: Hernán Cortés sends three ships north along the coast of Mexico in search of a legendary "Island of California". The three ships disappear without a trace somewhere near San Miguel Island. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo was the first to discover California, and died of gangrene from a splintered shin upon making camp on San Miguel Island in 1542. Cursed? You bet. There, the explorers made first contact with the Chumash people and also recorded the first mention in song, rumor and oral tradition of Muc'u' Miy and the legend of Black Hands.
1542: Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo was the first to discover California, and died of gangrene from a splintered shin upon making camp on San Miguel Island. First contact with the Chumash people.
1565: Manila Galleons came through this area, and at first did not carry enough provisions, losing much of the crew. Some crew and ships may have been abandoned there.
1579: Sir Francis Drake discovered a hidden land in 1579 that has never been identified.
1602: Sebastián Vizcaíno maps the coast of CA for Spain all the way north to Monterrey.
1769: First mission is established in San Diego. Missions were co-located with a pueblo (town) and a presidio (military outpost). Evangelized the Kumeyaay people (called the Diegueños by the Spaniards).
1770: Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo established in Monterrey to evangelize the Esselen and Ohlone People.
1772: Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa founded to evangelize the Chumash. Unfriendly Natives burn down original construction.
1772-1817: Chumash migrate from villages to Missions.
1786: December 4, Mission Santa Barbara founded to evangelize the Chumash.
1812: December 12, earthquake destroys Mission Santa Barbara. Mission rebuilt by mostly Chumash in 1820 with buildings still present today.
1818: Santa Barbara Missionaries with the help of Chumash neophytes repel 2 Argentine ships intent on invading the town without a shot fired.
1820's: Luis Quintero builds the Rancho de las Aguas near Benedict Canyon.
1820's: Trappers and settlers from the United States and Canada (Russians) began to arrive in Northern California and make it as far as San Diego.
1821: Mexican War of Independence gave Mexico sovereignty from Spain.
1832: The chain of missions became the property of the Mexican government and were secularized. Settlements at San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Monterrey turn to ranching and primarily trade cattle hides and tallow with European merchant vessels at port call.
1833: 3,000 Mission documents are all transferred to Santa Barbara, making the oldest and most extensive library on the West Coast.
1841: Maria Rita Valdez was a granddaughter of Luis Quintero one of the original settlers of Los Angeles. After her husband’s death in 1841, Maria received the title to his rancho.
1846-1848: Mexican-American War. 1846 resulted in the short-lived "California Republic."
1848: California is ceded by Mexico to the USA.
1850: California becomes a state.
California Gold Rush: January 24, 1848-1855. However, gold was first discovered in 1842 in Rancho San Francisco (Santa Clarita - Piru today), just N. of LA. by the Mexicans.
1865: Oil boom by Pioneer Oil Company attracts new settlers to the area.
1868: Benedict Canyon was a part of Rancho de las Aguas ("Ranch of the Waters"), which also included present-day Beverly Hills. It was named by Edson A. Benedict, a storekeeper and native of Boonville, Missouri, who took a homestead in the Canyon in 1868. (first known settlement near the Black Hands burial mound)
1869: Completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad through Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Hundreds of thousands flock to California immediately afterward.
1900-1965: Population went from fewer than 1 million to 3rd populous state in the union.
1910: Houses dotted Benedict Canyon area as more and more of the wealthy put up houses.
1912: The Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway, was conceived and dedicated a year later.
1923: Housing boom in Benedict Canyon area, they could not put the houses up fast enough.
1925: June 29, earthquake again destroys part of Santa Barbara Mission towers. Rebuilt by 1927.
1926: US Route 66 officially signed.
1933: Great Depression really began to affect the Benedict Canyon area. It is said that Paul Bern had already had money problems in 1932 though.
1963: Benedict Canyon is incorporated into Beverly Hills.

Native Peoples Places of Power, Southern California:
:arrow: Painted Rock: Famed site of Rock art of the Chumash People, including images depicting cosmology, hunting, gathering, myths, legends and ceremonies. Reported site of ley line nexus.
:arrow: Shalawa Meadow: 3 acre seaside meadow used in ancient times as a burial site by the Chumash people, adjoining a once large Chumash community about 5 miles east of Santa Barbara, California in the Coast Village portion of the community of Montecito. Reported site of ley line nexus.
:arrow: Morro Rock: A 581 ft (177 m) volcanic plug located just off-shore of Morro Bay, California. Morro Rock is considered a sacred site by the Chumash Indian tribe, who had an important nearby prehistoric settlement at least as early as the Millingstone Horizon, which village was near the mouth of Morro Creek.[3] The Chumash have the rare exemption to legally climb Morro Rock for their annual Solstice ceremony. Reported site of ley line nexus.
:arrow: Burro Flats Painted Cave: Burro Flats Painted Cave is a cave in a mountainous area located between Simi Valley, California and Chatsworth, California, containing Chumash Indian pictographs. The cave is located on private land owned by Boeing-Rocketdyne (formerly operated at Rocketdyne's Santa Susana Field Laboratory used to test rocket engines) and is not accessible to the public. Reported site of ley line nexus.
:arrow: Arch Rock: a 40 ft high natural rock bridge, part of Anacapa Islandl in the Channel Islands of California. Suspected site of ley line or nexus.
:arrow: Caliche Forest: a calcified "forest' located on San Miguel Island, part of the Channel Islands of California. Reports of negative energy at this site.
:arrow: Kuruvungna (Serra Springs): A natural spring located on the site of a former Tongva village on the campus of University High School in West Los Angeles, was revitalized by the Gabrielino/Tongva Springs Foundation. The spring, which flows at 22,000 gallons per day, is considered by the Tongva to be one of their last remaining sacred sites and is regularly used for ceremonial events.
:arrow: La Brea Tar Pits: Asphalt or tar (brea in Spanish) has seeped up from the ground in this area for tens of thousands of years. The tar is often covered with water. Over many centuries, animals that came to drink the water fell in, sank in the tar, and were preserved as bones. The local Native People also gathered tar here to water-proof their boats. Unknown whether this is a place of magic or simply a repository containing artifacts and fossils tens of thousands of years old.
:arrow: Puvungna: an ancient village and burial site believed to have once been populated by the Tongva (Gabrielino) people, who are the indigenous inhabitants of the region around Los Angeles, California. The site is located on the campus of present day California State University, Long Beach along the banks of a now channelized creek, about three miles from the Pacific Ocean. Believed to be the birthplace of Chingishnish, a Tongva prophet, Puvunga is considered sacred by some indigenous people. It is also believed by some Tongva to be the place of creation. Suspected site of ley line nexus.

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Postby Jaeger » Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:47 pm

Nightmare of Gorta Mór:
Here is the strange nightmare December experienced in the Ladies' Restroom at Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles on the night of Friday, Jan 27, 1984. The nightmare was brought on after seeing a vision of a woman with a mutilated face.

Jaeger wrote:"Bridget, yeh can't be lyin' in bed all day. I gotta head o'er to Proinsias Mahony's farm. Rumor 'as it he might have a bit o' work today."

A door opens and a cold breeze rushes in. The door closes but the cold remains.

Your eyes flutter open and you find yourself in a hard, uncomfortable bed. It's not particularly clean, and you feel a bit of itching on your arms, legs and back. Bed bugs or lice... does it matter? As you attempt to sit up, and view your surroundings you are dismayed to find a distinct lack of energy. It's cold and the shack's cracks and holes let in so much light with a biting wind that follows. Not just the cold though... something else is affecting you...

You look down at your sheets and find there's not much beneath. Throwing the sheet to one side, you're dumbstruck. There you are in a grubby nightgown, all skin and bones. "Am I dead?" you ask yourself. No wonder you feel so... tired. There's barely anything left of you. Swinging your legs to the side of the bed, you attempt to stand, but need the headboard to support yourself. Exhaustion and dizziness accompany such a simple act? What's become of you?

Slowly, you take a step forward and then another. The shack is small, a single room. A cast-iron stove sits in the center, providing a little warmth, with a crooked wood table and some mismatched chairs. Another, much smaller bed sits against one wall. The cold, tamped-down earth is all that's below your feet. A wash basin sits cracked and stained in the kitchen area. You shuffle over and splash some cold water on your face.

Grabbing a tattered towel, you wipe your face dry and go to replace it when you see something else that chills you to the bone: a cracked and dirty shaving mirror sits on the counter, reflecting your pale, gaunt face with its sunken eyes and cracked lips back at you. A face that might have been young and pretty, wreathed in that long red hair, if there was anything much left of it to look at. Your long, pale bony arm reaches for the mirror, shaking. There is no hope in those eyes... "Will there be any food today?"

A feeling of desperation washes over you, because you know you've been here before and heard those words, many times before in the past months. You're sad, frustrated, and tired. Exhausted. Cold. Numb. Because the answer for the past three days has been the same: No.

December wrote:Perception 13
Jic (D20) 16
Jic (Percentage) 77

"Today, we will have food. I do not care what I have to do to get it but we will have food."

With that December/Lady takes a deep breath to steel herself against breaking down and crying at the entire situation. She gets dressed in whatever is best in the closet before heading out of the domicile. She will be looking for any form of possible work or source of food, even if she has to steal it at this point. Her line of thought, no one should be at this level and is actually angry at the entire situation. With that resolve she heads out into the world to find one goal or the other!

Jaeger wrote:((The man you heard previously was speaking English with a clear, strong Irish accent. You aren't sure what year it is exactly, but based on your dress and the surrounding technology, you would hazard a guess in the 1800's.))

Now, you feel anger... for a few moments... and then cold. Cold and tired. It's hard to believe in something when you've been disappointed for so long.

Filling the basin from the pump outside, you strip naked and wash yourself behind the shed. There isn't anyone for miles around. The air is cold and the water freezing. It is shocking in severity and takes your breath away. You grab your towel and dry off before slipping on your best dress. It isn't much, but it has the least amount of holes and stains. Fixing your red hair the best you can manage into a bun almost seems foreign. You haven't bothered to get dressed and go out in a long time. Every motion is draining. Every step exhausting. Still, you persevere.

Content that this is the best you can do, you walk around the shed and stop in your tracks. Your landlord, along with the bailiff are coming up the long dirt road in a horse-drawn cart. You and your husband haven't had the money to pay rent for 3 months. What little you've made has gone to merely keeping yourselves alive.

"Top o' the mornin' to you, ma'am. That husband o' yours wouldn't happen to be around, would he? Spot o' business with him, I have." asks Mr. Seamus McDonnell, your landlord. The bailiff looks bored and slightly annoyed next to him for being forced to come along. He shivers and gets down after the greasy Mr. McDonnell.

((Both men are middle-aged, with the landlord being the older. Mr. McDonnell wears a thick coat, though not rich in design. He has a brown derby hat covering his frazzled graying hair that end in chops at his jowl. The bailiff wears a dark blue derby and a winter coat, his badge dull but prominent on his lapel. He has a large black mustache and dark blue eyes.))

December wrote:Perception 17
Jic (D20) 3
Jic (Percentage) 22

"Afrai' not sir! He went into town to see if he could find a spot o' work today as he says he got some leads." Why am I am at home instead o' looking for work? To make sure we do not get evicted. Wait a minute are we on a farm like land maybe after these gents leave, perhaps I am not sure if I can we could catch some form of animal. I wonder if whoever I am attempted that though. Still I must try, we must be fed. But we will have to see if these gents leave! She thinks to herself before responding again.

"But if you gents have any leads on a wee bit o' work that he can do or even if I can do I would be more then happy to help out." I do not care what I have to do, I must feed me and mah' family!

Jaeger wrote:Your landlord looks at you with one eyebrow cocked beneath his derby. "Work? Ma'am, your husband 'asn't found work in the past 3 months because there 'asn't been no work to be had! Oh tis' not your fault, nor his. All o' Ireland is jobless and starving! Which makes what I have to do now unpleasant, but my business and family come first, you see? Your family is being evicted."

The bailiff hands you a few sheets of paper, that glancing down, you dejectedly notice it has been signed by the local magistrate. This is final.

"Notice has been served. You have one week to vacate the premises. Bailiff, if you please, we have ten more farms to visit today. I bid you farewell, though I can't imagine it will be a pleasant day."

The two men get in their cart and the horse slowly trots around to bring them back the way they came, up the long country dirt road. You stand there, in your best dress in the freezing wind, on five acres of land that no longer belong to you. Each one of those precious acres contains a field that has yielded nothing but black, rotted, blighted potatoes... not a one of them edible.

December wrote:Perception 12
Jic (D20) 2
Jic (Percentage) 09

Dejected and fast running out of hope she falls to her knees to weep for a moment at the hopelessness of it all. Only 7 days what can I do. No I must not wallow here in this body in this time. I must find food. I am not sure, I am really confused right now. I must fix the immediate which is feeding us. I know there is no food in the ground on this land. I am so tired I must go think

Defeated for the moment she heads back in to think on it with all data available. She leaves the eviction notice as close to the door as possible. And heads into the whatever room is close enough to think about how to get some food. Coming up with everything from hunting herself to if it comes down to it selling herself. But until the time comes she changes back into something that she can wear for foraging.

With that she heads out with a knife and basket and does all she can for finding food. Foraging, hunting whatever it takes. At this point she will steal food but will not injure anyone in the process.

Rolls if needed.

Percentile - 12, 38, 98, 12(again how odd)
d20's - 8, 20, 14, 6

Skills - if she has ID plants and fruits, hunting, tracking, heck if she sees a rabbit or gopher she will throw her knife at it. Anything that can be eaten as food!

Jaeger wrote:You gather up a basket and a carving knife. In your exhausted, starving state it is impossible to move quickly -- you tire much too easily. Your house is little more than one large room, sectioned off and hastily built, as are those around you. There are no woods to hunt in and no streams to fish in nearby. Just unending fields of blighted potatoes along rolling hills, as far as the eye can see.


Along the way you find the burnt remains of several houses, much like yours. The owners evicted and the building burned down by the landlords so they can consolidate their holdings under a few owners with more manageable rent. The few houses that still have owners look as poor as yours, and you know the families are just as starving as you. You can't steal what can't be found.

After hours of searching, you turn back, empty-handed. Your body cannot take much more without sustenance. The wind is cold and biting, and it cuts through your clothes like a knife. The wind seems to be doing everything in its power to keep you from your destination. Shuffling up the dirt lane to your shack, your eyes become unfocused and time seems to stretch out. Your legs go numb and you can't make them work anymore. Falling to the ground, you barely can push your arms out to catch yourself. Everything is cold and silent, except the whipping wind. Your cheek rests against the cold hard ground and you wonder how it ever came to this. You close your eyes and do not open them again.

((When one of your teammates comes in the bathroom, you'll be wakened and can post again. you will wake with a sense of confusion as to who and where you are for a few moments, but that will quickly wear off as you realize it was all a nightmare. All of the images from the dream as well as the horribly mutilated woman will come back to you oddly enough, with nothing forgotten. Your suffering in the dream brings about another -5% Sanity))

William's Nightmares:

Williams Dream wrote: “A man is sitting across a table from me. The smell of whiskey, tobacco and sweat hang heavy in the air. It is lit by lanterns, so the light flickers off the silver in the center of the table. Ragtime piano music can be heard faintly over the loud crowd of people gathered around the table. Looking down I notice cards in my hand. The calloused hands of a miner. Ex-miner that is. Cards are much lighter than a pick axe, and I seem to have better luck with them. The cards in my hand are faded and worn. They are different every time. A few hands pass. Somehow I know what to bet and when. 2 pair…hold. 3 card straight…fold. Someone bets big, but I have 3 aces…he’s bluffing. I win. The man across from me suddenly stands up. He has dark eyes, dark hair and an moustache. His beady eyes glint off the lantern light. To the cards, to me, to his black handled revolvers on his hip. I cheat he says. “No, I’m just smarter than you”, I reply. His black leather gloves creak into a fist as he balls up his cards and throws them on the table. Wrong answer. I try to draw, but suddenly there’s a flash of light. The room is quite, the smell of gunpowder permeates the air. My right arm won’t move. Reaching for my gun with my left hand instead…another flash…and I am looking at the ceiling. Despite the heat, I feel cold. And wet. What happened? I see the man’s face again, leaning over me, smiling. Black Hand Sam…Darkness…”

Williams Dream wrote: “I am not sure which is hotter, the unmerciful sun beating down on my dark tanned body, or the dry cracked earth searing my bare back. A slight breeze stirs the air, providing only a momentary coolness across my sweat covered chest. The dust tickles my nose. I want to sneeze, but there is not enough air in my lungs to do so. Staked out like Da Vinci’s Man in a Circle, I struggle against my bonds. The rough thick ropes cut against my skin as I struggle harder. If I pull one arm hard enough, I can gasp a little air. It is hot and dry. My tongue fills my mouth as I struggle to speak. “Why?” I croak, barely audible. Suddenly I am not alone. A shadow crosses my face and settles on my chest, providing momentary relief against the blistering sun. “You know why Taipa. No one crosses me more than once,” answers Ash Hands. ((OOC: Taipa is a Miwok name meaning "spread wings.")) “I will not leave you alone though.” Griping his long steel knife with a black painted hand, my hair with the other he begins to saw. Blood runs down my forehead and into my eyes as he removed my scalp. Standing up, he shows me his handywork, warm blood dripping onto my chest. My head is on fire. “That should bring you some friends soon enough.” His laughter receding into the distance tells me he is leaving. When I can no longer hear the galloping hooves of his black horse, I know I am well and truly alone. Except for the birds…and the coyotes. The vultures pluck out my eyes first, thankfully. At least it is dark now. No more blinding sun, although I can still feel its heat on my skin. But my burning skin is cool in comparison to the fiery pain in my sockets. But it is dark. A coyote howls in the distance. Then another…and another. Fire rages all over my body, from the biting and pecking. Gratefully, eagerly, I sink down into a tunnel. Then, a light! Distant, but coming closer. Eagerly I float towards it, embracing it…”

Williams Dream wrote: “Darkness. The musty smell of mold centuries old is thick in the air. Water can be heard dripping in the distance, slowly. The stone walls of my cell here at Château d'If are a slimy grey green. Even my grey beard and long grey hair feel slimy with mold and itchy from lice. It begins to grow lighter in my cell. Not the light of day, but of predawn bleakness. The food will be coming soon. Today I am determined to get my share. Weak with fatigue and hunger, I stand and stretch. No matter how far I stretch my arms though, the skin hangs off of them in folds. Where once muscle abided, now there is only bone and tendon. Cautiously I glance at my cell mate. He is full bodied, with dark reddish brown skin and black hands wrapped in dirty rags. Black Fingers he is called. He has black hair and a mustache, with the beginnings of a beard. I don’t think he is paying attention to me. There is a rattling in the distance, and then the sound of something grating on another and a loud clang. We’re next. When the small door set in the bottom of the larger one flips open, The tray of grey gruel would be lost among the stones of the cell if not for the wooden bowl it is served in. I make my move. Lurching for the tray as fast as I can, Black Fingers is faster, but not as fast as yesterday. I manage to get my hands on the bowls, but he rips me away from the door easily, spilling the gruel across the floor. Grimacing evilly, he lunges for me. I try to dodge out of his way, but he is too fast, driven by rage. His black hands close around my throat, his thumbs pressing on my Adams apple. Slowly, darkness sets in, a sickening crunching sound in my throat. Darkness…”

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