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Jake Mullen (GROUP LEADER)

Postby Jake Mullen » Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:52 pm

Player Name: Scott
YIM Handle: freindlygoblin

Character Name: Jake Mullen
Alias: None
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Diviner
Occupation: Journalist
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 6
XP Points: 28,180 ((Shadow Master 7/13/14))
Next Level @ XP: 31,501
Sentiments/Supernatural: It is real, dangerous, and makes for a good story.
Sentiments/U.S. Government: Doesn’t trust them. How many of those conspiracy theories have a grain of truth in them?
Disposition: Gambler
Sanity: 55%
Insanity: Phobia: Water (Hydrophobia - Permanent), Psychosis: Fascination with death in all its forms (2nd insanity, curable with treatment)

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 15
M.A.: 19
P.S.: 14
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 13
P.B.: 22
Speed: 14

PPE: 2
ISP: 20
ISP Recovery Rate: 1 per hour of rest/sleep
HP: 32
SDC: 22
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 187
Description: An attractive man with brown hair, frequently dyed and always carefully styled. He dresses very fashionably and knows how to wear clothes.

Natural Abilities
Perception: +5 (+7 if looking for “signs”) (+1 @ levels 2, 4, 7, 10, 13)
Trust/Intimidate: 55%
Charm/Impress: 60%
Max. Carry Weight: 140
Max. Lifting Weight: 280

Special Abilities
Impervious to Negative Energy
Magic and psychic charms only 1/2 effective against him
Psychic Dowsing: I.S.P.: 2 per 10 minutes, Base Rate 45% (+5%)
Reading Signs
Reading Clues: 65% (+5%), +10% when signs point to fakery
Palm Reading: I.S.P.: 3
Touch Conveyance: I.S.P.: 5, Duration: 1 melee per lv
See the Aura of the Supernatural: I.S.P.: 2, Duration: 1 melee, Range: 300ft
See the Aura of Magic: I.S.P.: 4, Duration: 1 melee, Range 10ft

Thought-Reading: I.S.P.: 10, Duration: 1 minute per lv, Range: 12ft +2ft per lv, Saves: -1 human, -3 sup. predators, -2 demons and demon servants
Mind Bolt: I.S.P.: varies, Range: 20ft per lv
Astral Projection: Range: Self, Duration: 5 minutes per level, I.S.P.: 10
Empathy: Range: 100ft area, Duration: 2 minutes per level, I.S.P.: 4, Bonuses: +1 to per., init., and dodge vs persons sensed

O.C.C. Skills
Automobile--83% (+3%)
T.V./Video--70% (+5%)
Creative Writing--70% (+5%)
Find Contraband--56% (+4%)
History--95%/70% (+4%)
I.D. Undercover Agent--52% (+4%)
Performance--67% (+5%)
Photography--75% (+5%)
Research--85% (+5%)
Streetwise--52% (+4%)
Wardrobe & Grooming--80% (+4%)

O.C.C. Related Skills
Astrology--60% (+5%)
Lore: Cults and Secret Societies--55% (+5%)
Lore: Paranormal & Psionics--65% (+5%)
Streetwise: Weird L.A.--65% (+5%)
Public Speaking--65% (+5%)
Dance--65% (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Basic

Secondary Skills
Prowl--50% (+5%)
Land Navigation--66% (+4%)
Aerobic Athletics
Sense of Balance--55% (+5%)
W.P. Handguns (5th)
Language: Spanish--55% (5th, +3%)
Lore: Entities and Ghosts--35% (5th, +5%)
Lore: Magic Arcane -- 20%/40% (1st, +5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: 0
Strike Bonus: +4
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +6
HTH Damage Bonus: +2 (kicks only)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +2
Kick attack: 1D8 + 2
Other: Critical Strike on an unmodified roll of 19 or 20

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Handguns: +1

Saving Throw Bonuses[/quote]
Needs a 10 to save vs psychic attacks
+1 vs possession
+1 vs disease
+1 vs magic and curses
+3 vs HF
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Jake Mullen

Re: Jake Mullen (Needs Approval)

Postby Jake Mullen » Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:53 pm


Worn on Person
Stylish clothing, boots and sunglasses
A small note pad and a couple of pens and a pencil (jacket pocket)
A small maglight flashlight (pants pocket)
Wallet, keys (pants pocket)
A pack of cigarettes and a zippo lighter (jacket pocket)
A flattened Kennedy half dollar on a string (for dowsing) (pants pocket)
A dowsing rod made up of three telescoping radio antennas welded together (pants pocket)
A comb (pants pocket)
Pocket-size can of mace
A compass
35mm camera (around neck)
1x Glass Eye (Was Deci's. Only slightly covered in gore and soot.)
1x handheld radio

Utility Belt
hanging on your belt or in a fanny pack
IC: “You’re kidding right?”

Backpack (worn)
Mosquito netting
5x boxes .357 Magnum ammo (20 per box): 100 rounds remaining
Barracuda FN Revolver
    Damage: 4d6 (.357 rounds) or 2d6 (.38 rounds)
    Payload: 6 (hand or speed loaded)
    Range: 164'
small box of dry tinder/fire starting material
3x large bottles of clean water (36 oz total)
flint and steel kit
charcoal water filter
light weight metal pot
40' of good quality rope
A hammock (lightweight)
Iodine for purifying water
12 piece set of sterling silver cutlery (4x spoons, forks, knives)

Small duffle bag (with baggage)
Large (about 1’ 6”) maglight flashlight
A change of clothes
48x D Batteries
No-Rinse shampoo & soap
jar of peanut butter

Ice Chest (In Trunk of Car)

Briefcase (With duffle bag/baggage)
A large can of hairspray, a brush and a small mirror
A tape recorder
A good quality camera and several rolls of film
Large notepad and several pens and pencils
A pack of cigarettes and a cheap Bic lighter
Commercial Walkie-Talkie
35mm camera adapter
Telescope, zoom 15-60x power; 1000-4000mm when attached to a 35mm camera
10x rolls of 35mm film, color, 36 exposure
10x rolls of 35mm film, black and white, 36 exposure

Home: Sharing a large apartment with December (3-bedroom) located above the offices of the paper in the same building
An extensive wardrobe of fashionable clothing from the past several years (both 80s and 70s, there are some leisure suits in there).
A collection of records (mostly disco) and a decent record player
A polaroid camera
Lots of hair products
A waterbed (complete with mirrored cieling)
A collection of pictures of him standing with famous actresses (and a few actors)
Numerous books on supernatural and paranormal events, including a number of astrological charts
Manual Typewriter (in his office)
30 typewriter ribbons (in his office)
Amplified Sound Detector (in the office, brought to William's House)
Non-water based hygiene products and dry powder shower mix
$400 value library on "DEATH": books, with subjects like the Egyptian and Tibetan books of the dead; all manner of other mainstream and fringe religious texts; scientific and pseudo-scientific studies on the breakdown of the body and near death experiences; philosophical texts on death and the afterlife; and any and all accounts he can get of seances, mediums, and overly energetic Quiji boards.

1983 Ford Crown Victoria LTD
  • A.R.: 8
  • SDC: 323/360
  • Speed: 120 mph
  • Range: 259 miles (18.5 gallon tank at 14 MPG. $1.10 gallon = $20.35 to fill gas tank completely)
  • Cost: $9,000 (brand new from dealer)
In the car:
A commercial radar detector
CB Radio and Car Antenna
Oil Lantern (brought to William's house, normally in the trunk)
Sleeping Bag (brought to William's house, normally in the trunk)
Pillow (brought to William's house, normally in the trunk)

Pay: $14,000 annually (1984)
Savings: $1,980 (J: 11/25/2012)
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Jake Mullen

Re: Jake Mullen (Needs Approval)

Postby Jake Mullen » Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:54 pm

Jake Mullen was born Richard Nixon Butler near Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1958 (named for Eisenhower’s vice president). He was a precocious child, given over to reenacting television performances and wandering for hours in the fields and wooded areas near his home. His parents preferred the wandering generally. They considered themselves proud members of Richard Nixon’s “silent majority” and thought of Hollywood as a bad influence for their son. Richard didn’t mind. He would follow trails and find special places only he could find. Sometimes he would bring Annabel Carpenter with him. She was his oldest friend, and by the time he was 12 he had developed a serious crush on her.

Annabel’s family moved away when they were both in the seventh grade. Richard, made despondent by her absence and adolescence generally, began to get into more and more frequent fights with his parents. By the time he was 15, Richard was seriously considering dropping out of school (the only classes he could stand were drama and English) and running away from home.

It was about then that Annabel returned to town. She had run away from home herself, and it didn’t take long before she convinced Richard to come live with her in a commune located on a farm several miles away. Richard believed that Annabel had come back because she loved him, and wanted to be with him. They took drugs and slept together, and despite the strange people they were living with (a group of 14 teenagers and twenty-somethings) he was happy. After a while though, Annabel started to sleep with the other guys as well. She laughed at his jealously, and Richard began to accept the advances of the other girls.

After about three months, though, things changed. Strange new people arrived at the farmhouse. A group of five men and women in their late thirties and early forties, led by a man who called himself Asherah. The members of the commune were happy to see the strangers, especially Annabel. She began to spend all her time with Asherah. The activities of the commune changed as well. The new people conducted strange rituals with some of the younger members. Richard began to feel that something was very wrong. Something about the lines on the new faces made him feel sick, and he could see strange shapes and lights if he got too close to the rituals.

He stopped taking drugs, and started spending more time outside, away from the others. One day, when he was standing outside, staring across the fields, he saw something that horrified him. The wind was lashing at the wheat fields, and in the flash of shadow and light on the moving wheat he could see the shape of a girl, bent back over an alter, mouth open in a silent scream.

He went immediately to search for Annabel, and found her sleeping in one of the back rooms. He woke her and told her that they had to leave, telling her about the girl in the wheat field. She laughed at him again, and after a while she convinced him that the vision was a side effect of giving up mushrooms and LSD. She stayed with him that night, and in the morning she asked if he would lead her back to one of the places that they used to go as children. One of the special places that only he could find. He led her to a hollow in a grove of trees near a forgotten stream. They took drugs and slept together there, and Richard went to sleep, happy for the first time in weeks.

He awoke to the sound of a low chanting. It was after dark, but there was a flickering orange/red glow. He looked up to see the other members of the commune standing in a circle and chanting in some strange language. He could tell that there was a fire and some people inside the circle, but he couldn’t see anything else. The tempo of the chanting increased. It sounded as if some of them were screaming. He rose and started to stumble toward the circle when he saw what was inside and froze, forgetting to breathe.

Someone had pulled a large log into the clearing. It sat in front of the fire, and a girl his own age, who he did not know, was bent backward over the log with her hands and feet tied. Standing over her was Asherah, holding up a hunting knife and shouting into the sky. Annabel was leaning against him, staring down at the screaming girl with lust in her eyes. Before Richard could draw in his escaped breath the knife came down. The girl’s screams ended abruptly in a sickening gurgle, but the chanting of the others only became louder.

Richard stared at the girl, and then at Annabel; at the glee and lust written across her features. Something broke inside him and he ran. Even to this day he doesn’t know how long it took him to reach the highway, but it was after dawn before someone would pull over for him. A highway patrolman picked him up, and to his credit he took Richard’s tale of murder seriously. At first.

He spent days at the police station. They had searched the farmhouse and found no sign of the others. They hadn’t found the hollow at all, and they refused to allow Richard to lead them to it. In his desperation he had told them about the vision in the wheat field and most of the officers quickly became convinced that he was suffering from a bad LSD trip. They administered a drug test and found precisely what they expected to find.

His parents came down and took custody of him. He had answered all the questions asked of him by the police, and they in turn told his parents precisely how he had spent the last several months. Their happiness at his return warred with disgust and shame at his actions. Seeing that expression on their faces, when he needed them most, made Richard feel desperately alone.

He returned home for a while, but the events of that night left scars on him. He behaved strangely, sometimes acting hysterical, and sometimes extremely depressed. His parents sent him to therapy, which helped some, but when he refused to admit that the murder had never happened the therapist recommended more serious treatment. They decided to enter him into a rehab clinic run by a local church group. It was a program for individuals whose minds had been damaged by severe drug abuse. He spent two years there, in what amounted to a mental asylum. No one ever visited. By the end of it he knew that his family had given up on him entirely.

On his eighteenth birthday he dis-enrolled himself from the clinic, gathered what few belongings he had, and headed west. He knew he was handsome and had a talent for performance, so he left everything he knew behind to seek out a new life in Hollywood. He hitch-hiked and worked odd jobs to pay for bus tickets and food, eventually making it all the way to L.A.

He got work waiting tables, like all struggling actors, and with his first paycheck he paid to have his name legally changed to Jake Mullen (no middle name). With that last remnant of his past cut away, he set out to lose himself in La La Land.

He landed bit parts and a few commercials here and there. Never enough for him to quit the day jobs, but enough to make him a part of the world of Hollywood. He went to the clubs and discos, and slept around with struggling actresses. He stayed away from the drugs for the most part, with some lapses, but otherwise he threw himself into the decadent lifestyle of late 70s L.A.

In 1978, when he was 20, he landed a one line part in one of Summer Bell’s pictures (a disco themed movie called “Dance of Desire”). He had two encounters on the set of that film that would have a dramatic influence on his life. The first was a young dancer named December Winter. Despite their difference in ages (or perhaps because of it; if she had been five years older Jake might have tried to pick her up) they became friends on the set. The more they talked, though, the more it became clear that December had had strange experiences like those that Jake was running away from, and when the filming ended in August 1979 he didn't try to maintain their friendship.

The second pivotal encounter was with Summer Bell herself. Summer was an A list actress, eight years older than him, and married, but none of that mattered much to Jake, so he made a pass at her. He was more than a little surprised when she took him up on it.

For the next seven months they carried on their affair. She was unhappy in her marriage, but unwilling to break it off, both out of lingering attachment to her husband and concern for her career. Ironically, Jake was monogamous for the first time in his life. He began to care for Summer in a way that he had cared for no-one since Annabel’s betrayal. That’s why it hurt so much when she broke it off.

He saw it coming. She wasn’t the type to seek out an affair and had only accepted his advance because he had caught her at a moment of weakness. There was a point when they both realized that she cared more for him than she did for her husband, and she couldn’t stand the guilt of that betrayal, so she stopped seeing him.

He quit acting then and got himself completely clean. As much as it had hurt to lose Summer, she had made him remember the person he really was. He stopped sleeping around and going out to clubs (though he still enjoyed dancing and fine clothes). He worked days and went to school for journalism at night. He had always had a knack for solving mysteries and the profession appealed to him.

As time passed he began to feel better than he had felt in years. Good enough that he had the inner strength to look back on the dark days of the commune. It was during that introspection that he realized the full scope of his own abilities, and the full horror of what he had witnessed. He began to spend every spare moment researching supernatural phenomena and the activities of cults and secret societies. He tested his new-found power and used it to help him understand the strange world he had ventured into.

With an associates degree in journalism he landed a job at the L.A. branch office of the Weekly World News. He worked hard to dig up sources and information about authentic supernatural and paranormal events, only to be repeatedly disappointed by articles that exaggerated his findings beyond all belief, or ignored his information in favor of stories made up out of whole cloth. After only five months on the job his time at the Weekly World News ended with a stupendous shouting match in his editor’s office.

Following that fiasco Jake became determined to open a legitimate occult weekly. He worked two jobs for a solid year (for a printing house and an evening lounge), and exerted all his charm on the bank loan officer, to try and get the money necessary to start the company up, but he simply didn't have the resources to take care of it himself. The bank denied his loan request. Depressed and discouraged he wandered down to a local discount theater, intending to watch a movie to take his mind off things. When he saw that they were showing "Dance of Desire" he chuckled a bit to himself, decided he may as well wallow in his misfortunes, and bought a ticket.

He expected the film to deepen his depression, but it didn't. Seeing Summer again on film restored him somehow, and by the time the movie was half over his drive had returned. It was then that the projector light malfunctioned, dimming and flickering just as his old friend, December Winter, danced her part on the screen. The malfunctioning light stole the color from the moving image, making it look as if December was very pale and wearing dark clothes and makeup. He remembered a club he had passed on the way to the theater, and the line of pale kids in heavy makeup and black clothes outside of it.

He left the theater immediately, while he himself was dancing on screen, and went to the club. He met December there and they talked for hours, about old times and the uncanny things they had seen. He learned that she was working as a photographer now, and told her about his plans for a paper. By the end of the night they had decided to work together to establish a tabloid that actually contained news. Real, paranormal news.

Despite the affectations left over from his acting days, Jake’s life has become completely devoted to revealing the supernatural horrors of the world. Now that he realizes what he can do, and how his abilities were misused by Annabel and Asherah, he feels an insatiable need to put them to use for a good cause.

Jake is 1/4 Lakota Sioux (his grandmother on his mother's side) but he doesn't think of himself as a Native American, and the fact isn't important to his sense of identity. His ancestry is otherwise a mixture of English, Polish, and Irish.
Jake Mullen

Re: Jake Mullen (GROUP LEADER)

Postby Jaeger » Mon May 02, 2011 1:02 pm

Pet: Dodo Bird

Size: 1 meter tall, weighs 45 lbs.
Appearance: grayish brown plumage
APM: 2
Damage: 2 points for claw or beak strike
Bonuses: +1 Initiative, +2 to Strike, +3 to Dodge
Natural Abilities: Good sense of direction 75%
Speed: 5 (running) CANNOT FLY
Habitat: warm, temperate coastal regions

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