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Character Creation

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:49 pm
by Jaeger
Contact GM Jaeger via YIM or PM if you are interested in joining. Only have a limited amount of spaces. Excellent writing is a MUST.

Initial Investigation Group Formation:
When this setting starts, invites will go out where you will create the name of the character you wish to play. You will then be given access to post in this forum. In the OOC discussion thread you will state your top 3 choices of PCC or OCC in the order you wish to play them. There will be no duplicating classes, i.e. there can only be one Sensitive, one Savant, etc. in this game. Your Occupation is your own affair, but if I see more than two people choosing a specific profession that third person will have to choose something else. I want variety! Once everyone has posted their desired classes, feel free to work out amongst yourselves who gets to play what class. If needed, I will step in and decide but I think you all are adults and can peacefully come to an arrangement. You may create your PC Sheet in the BTS-2 OOC forum when I approve you.

Below you will find the acceptable classes you may play:
BTS-2: any of the 14 PCC's listed in the book (excluding Nega-Psychic)
Rifters: Bard PCC, Cursed Psychic PCC, Priest OCC, Pseudo-Psychic PCC, Arcane Archaeologist OCC, Occultist OCC, Cryptozoologist OCC (some I may need to help convert over to BTS-2)
Dead Reign: Hound Master OCC (I will help you convert it over)

**Because rewards are heavier on XP not so much on loot, PC's will start at Lvl 1 to off-set this, which fits well into the fact you are 'ordinary people with extraordinary abilities' -- at least for now!**

:arrow: You will notice there are no magic classes. Hopefully, Palladium will get off their ass and release "Beyond Arcanum", the magic sourcebook for BTS-2 sometime this century. Until then, the magic you encounter will likely be used against you or available through magical objects and spell books if you can figure out how to use them, that is :)
:arrow: Your starting cash will be converted over to 1984 equivalent... which means I cut it in half. Since cost of living is half, you're not really losing anything here. It's simply for realism.
:arrow: I am going for horror and suspense here, folks. I appreciate humor when the situation dictates it, but I'd like to see some realistic conversation, thoughts and actions based on facing supernatural horrors and the unexplainable. Get in your PC's head and decide how they would deal with discovering their world is NOT normal, and never will be again.

Additional investigators joining the team:

You may choose any of the classes above that have not been taken by an investigator already in play.

PC Sheet

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:18 am
by Jaeger
Player Name:
YIM Handle:

Character Name:
Race: Human
XP Level: 1
XP Points: 0
Next Level @ XP:
Sentiments/Supernatural: Does your PC believe in it or trying to debunk it?
Sentiments/U.S. Government:
Sanity: 100%
Insanity: No one in BTS starts with an insanity. Read section on Insanity below for more information!


ISP: Delete if not applicable
ISP Recovery Rate: Delete if not applicable
Description: Be brief here folks, just a few lines at most

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus, max weight lift/carry go here

Special Abilities
Delete if not applicable

Delete if not applicable

Spell Knowledge
Delete if not applicable

O.C.C. Skills
Skill name--Totaled %

O.C.C. Related Skills
Skill name--Totaled %

Secondary Skills
Skill name--Totaled %

Combat Data
HTH Type:
Number of Attacks:
Initiative Bonus:
Strike Bonus:
Parry Bonus:
Dodge Bonus:
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch:
Bonus to Pull a Punch:
Bonus to Disarm:

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. name--List totaled bonuses from W.P. only

Saving Throw Bonuses

Equipment List

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:30 am
by Jaeger

Wish List

super-duper Vehicle (year/make/model)
super-duper Home (bedrooms/type of dwelling/area of town)
super-duper Weapon (book/page reference)

fine Vehicle (year/make/model)
fine Home (bedrooms/type of dwelling/area of town)
fine Weapon (book/page reference)

crappy Vehicle (year/make/model)
crappy Home (bedrooms/type of dwelling/area of town)
crappy Weapon (book/page reference)

List O' Standard Gear

Worn on Person
literally in your pockets or attached to your clothing such as a holster

Utility Belt
hanging on your belt or in a fanny pack

items kept in a backpack, briefcase or other portable container you take on investigations

items kept at your home

Pay: $xx.xx (be sure to state if it says "annually" or "per quarter" under Occupation description)
Savings: $xx.xx

Background Story

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:32 am
by Jaeger
Background Story

Your best writing, no less than 3 paragraphs. Impress me and get better starting equipment!

Avatars and Signatures

PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:39 am
by Jaeger
Here's your chance to inject some humor and realism :) Okay, everyone's avatar needs to be relevant to the time period. I don't want to see a modern man or woman. I want to see an early 80's guy and gal! Big hair, quiffs, shoulder pads, neon shirts, coke-bottle glasses... whatever! Don't know how to get one? It's easy! Go to, type in these phrases below and click "images" at top. You'll get scads! If your PC is a professional, such as a businessman, police officer or priest, try to find a picture from one of the 1980's soap operas like Dallas, Dynasty, Hill Street Blues or St. Elsewhere :D Older PC's (if you make one middle-aged or elderly) can also be found in those 80's soap operas.
- 1980's hairstyles (gets a TON of profile shots of hairdos)
- 1984 clothes
- 1984 fashion
- 1984 family
- 1984 yearbook
- new romantics
- quiff (for that sleek, Eurythmics look)
- big hair
- Jheri curl
- side ponytail
- hair metal or glam metal
- mullet
- 80's goth
**kids, do not attempt to wear these fashions at home. Injury or even death may result.

Still not satisfied you've found what you are looking for? Then describe it to me and I'll find you something good :D

We'll be using a clean, organized signature format. You are welcome to put whatever witty quotes you like in there too, just keep them at the top please and use the 'small' font size so I don't have to read a book every time you post :D

First, put a link to your PC sheet. If you're not sure how to do that:
[url=http: link to Jaeger's PC sheet]Jaeger[/url]
Then the rest of the vitals:
SDC: xx/xx
HP: xx/xx
ISP: xx
PPE: xx(if your abilities use it, if not leave it out)
My weapon here: (ammo here, i.e. 18/20)
Constant Effects: always can see the invisible? extraordinary hearing? put it here!


PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:16 pm
by Jaeger
Death is not the only way your character can be taken out of play. Insanity is just as fatal. I borrowed some ideas from the Call of Cthulhu RPG to write the section below.

This is not Rifts Earth where the horrible day-to-day life has taken its mental toll. This is regular old Earth, with its mundane toils and troubles. Because you are starting at level 1, it's assumed you haven't truly seen anything so horrifying that you have started to lose your mind yet.

All PC's will have a new stat on their PC sheets that looks like this:
Sanity: 100%
Insanities: None.

Your Sanity starts off at 100% and can be reduced at GM discretion every time you fail a HF roll or experience something horrible. When it reaches 0% you are completely insane. Because our "modern world" is a bit more invasive in regards to the private lives of citizens, your sanity is an important thing to keep healthy. If you are reduced to 0% Sanity in the course of the game, your PC can no longer fit into society and will be locked away by the authorities in an asylum.

Here's the Sanity progression:
Sanity: 75%, you will receive your first permanent Insanity. This Insanity will be with you the rest of your life.
Sanity: 50%, you will receive your second permanent Insanity. This Insanity can be cured via the means below.
Sanity: 25%, you will receive your third and final permanent Insanity. This Insanity can be cured via the means below.
Sanity: 0%, you go completely insane and can no longer relate to the world around you. Incurable and locked up in an asylum. Roll up a new PC!

What can reduce your Sanity?
Losing a saving throw vs. Horror Factor might lose a little. Losing a limb or almost losing your life will cost you a lot of Sanity though. It's going to be situational. Witnessing a truly horrifying event such as a grotesque human sacrifice. Facing a truly evil entity like an Alien Intelligence, Old One, Evil God, etc. Being the victim of a powerful curse. Being exposed to dimensions, time and space that human minds cannot comprehend. Forbidden arcane knowledge of evil or trans-dimensional nature. Basically, lots of things will reduce that Sanity.

But Jaeger, how do I raise my Sanity and get rid of these Insanities? I don't want to be thrown in the nut house!
You're in luck my friend! You can indeed help yourself and regain your mental health. Once you receive your first Insanity, you'll have that one the rest of your life. Chalk it up as the price of meddling with the supernatural. But if you get more... there's help!

You can't cure your Insanities with medication, but you can treat the symptoms. It's cheaper, too ($25 a month per insanity). If you pay for the medication and take it regularly, you'll have the Insanity but it will not manifest itself. You can probably deal with many through natural means, but when you get a real nasty one, it's good to know there's a way to neutralize it. Includes: Antipsychotics, Antidepressants, Mood Stabilizers and Anxiolytics. Raises Sanity by 10% each month.

Permanent cures to Insanities, and thus, more expensive. Includes Psychotherapy ($100 a session, requires 1d20 sessions to cure), and even Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for extreme cases (guaranteed one shot deal that will cure your insanity, but carries a cost both in money ($3000) and 3d6x100 lost XP. ECT is known to induce memory loss). Raises Sanity by 10% a Psychotherapy session and 50% for ECT.

Why would you consider ECT when Psychotherapy is so much cheaper? Let's look at an example:
Joe Psych has seen a lot of horrible things. He has 3 Insanities and is sitting at 15% Sanity. He's taking meds but that just cancels out the symptoms, the Insanities are still there. His group wants to take a trip to some Mayan ruins to investigate a possible evil god having taken them over. Joe knows it's highly likely the event will tax his mind to the breaking point. He doesn't have time to go to many Psychotherapy sessions, because the flight is next week. Joe decides to bite the bullet and get Electroconvulsion Therapy. The sessions are a success and he's a new man! Most of his problems are gone, though he still retains an odd phobia to wet noodles. However, he can't seem to remember the last two weeks of his life. It's like... they're just gone! His investigation organizer call him to tell him they're about to go to some Mayan ruins, so Joe grabs his camera and overnight bag excited to penetrate new depths in the eternal search for the truth... Joe Psych now has 1 permanent Insanity and 65% Sanity

Clearly, it's best to treat and medicate Sanity quickly so it doesn't become a problem! But wait, there's more!

Sometimes the supernatural deteriorates the walls of reality and harms the mind. On rare occasions, however, a PC may come across an artifact, benevolent being, or a redeeming circumstance that provides warmth and clarity. This clarity relaxes the mind and heals the harm that has been done, raising your Sanity significantly. This is not something you can plan, but could possibly come in the course of play. Solving a case or rescuing someone could trigger this feeling.

Note: This is GM Jaeger's creation and a combination of two different unrelated RPG's. I believe it is a way to have fun and experience the danger of losing one's mind, and therefore felt including it would increase enjoyment of BTS-2: SoCal 1984.