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Catch-All Thread

Postby Jaeger » Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:17 am

Table of Contents:
1. Setting Overview
2. GM Style
3. Post Format
4. Group Assets
5. Watch Schedule
6. Map of Significant Locations

Setting Overview

Postby Jaeger » Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:58 am

The World at a Glance:
The year: 1984. An ominous year as foretold by George Orwell in fiction, and one fraught with astounding technological wonders in reality. The first Macintosh rolled off the lines in January after an Orwell-influenced commercial awed Superbowl XVIII viewers. The first Motorola mobile phone found its way to the market, letting consumers talk across long distances without the need to carry a heavy battery. The first megabit chip is made in Bell Labs. William Gibson coins the term "cyberspace" with his book Neuromancer. Our world is changing, but not always for the better.

The decade is just getting started and has already seen its first recession. The crime rate is on the rise and will continue to boil over, set off by frustrated people out of work and scorching summer heatwaves. The AIDS virus is discovered. Drugs are running rampant as word of a new drug, "Crack" Cocaine enters the black market. Communism waits to pounce behind the Iron Curtain with an obscene nuclear armament, ready to wipe out the U.S.A. and the rest of the world with the touch of a red button as the Cold War trudges on and on. Yet despite all this, these are not the biggest threats.

The supernatural has always found ways to slip into our world, from the very ancient times to the modern. But now, with the dawn of computers, global communication, and rising tensions both afar and at home... evil has found new and devious ways to spread its influence across the globe in a bid to gain a tighter purchase on our reality... so they can push their way in completely, enslaving and devouring all of mankind!

Pursuing the Paranormal:
Very little stands between supernatural evil and the destruction of our world. The average person would scoff at the idea of ghosts or demons. Law enforcement and military have their hands full with conventional threats and even if alerted to supernatural dangers, would have no effective weapons or tactics to use against them, even if you could convince a few individuals that they existed. No, only a small handful of private citizens -- freelance paranormal investigators -- who have had their minds mysteriously opened to this strange world, have any real chance to stand before this menace and send it screaming back into the pits of Hell. Armed with flashlights, arcane tomes, powerful minds and a few odds and ends for weapons, these few Heroes will root out the ghastly and demonic beings while searching for the ultimate truth.

Open your mind. Question everything. Your sanity and your survival depends on it.

GM Style

Postby Jaeger » Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:02 am

What I expect from you:
1.) Own and read the BTS-2 rule book. Do not ask me questions that you can easily look up yourself. I am highly annoyed when people use abilities or skills without even reading them for duration, range, cost, context.
2.) The content I post is required reading. It is considered canonical source material for purposes of this game. If you don't know what's going on, how can you possibly solve a case?
3.) I expect good writing from each and every one of you. I expect you to proofread your posts before you hit submit. Spell-check is your friend, but that friend is not 100% reliable. Doing a spell-check is not the same as proofreading your post. If I suspect you are phoning in a post, the formatting sucks, there's multiple misspellings, etc. I'll just ask you to leave. I can't concentrate on a game with horrible writing so I suspect others can't either.
4.) One-liner posts piss me off. If your character doesn't have something to say or do in a given situation...well, shit, that happens sometimes, right? That's when you get into your character's HEAD and express his thoughts instead of his words or actions. The best posts include all three of these things: Action, "Dialogue", Introspection. If you have these in every post, we will all get to know your character well.
5.) It can be unhealthy for your characters if you do NOT post JIC and Perception rolls in every post. Don't say I didn't warn you! If it becomes a habit, I'll just start docking XP because that means you're lazy, sloppy and don't care.
6.) I tend to reward good role-playing more than hacking-and-slashing. That being said, you can rest assured that you will have to fight for your lives throughout this campaign. BTS is more deadly than most Palladium games b/c the PC's are so damn squishy. Use your brains to figure out how to defeat enemies or you WILL end up demon food.
7.) You will get a date/time post at the top of all GM Progression posts (not mini-updates to specific actions/questions):
Jaeger wrote:-Weather
-Possibly a map
-Other conditions

What you should expect from me:
:arrow: Due to the nature of BTS, loot and equipment are not nearly as important as skills and abilities. Thus, I will give more XP than I do physical rewards. You can still expect the rare arcane tome or magical item, just not as often.
:arrow: I do not run missions on rails. You will instead be presented with a mish-mash of newspaper clippings, news reports and phone tips. How you pursue these leads is up to you. Some may lead to great danger, and others to odd or humorous interactions. Some may seem unrelated at first but tie together later while others are false leads. I will keep the story moving and introduce intriguing elements, but they will be based on your PC's words and actions.
:arrow: I am making this a more visceral, gritty, and potentially deadlier game than that to which some of you may be accustomed. If you die, do not be upset. Re-roll and learn from the experience
:arrow: I am making this a more mature game than typical. It will remain PG-13 for the most part, but I intend to push those boundaries with the grotesque. Some of your PC's may be driven permanently insane from what they experience.
:arrow: The relationships between your characters and how you interact will be as large a part of this game as the investigations themselves.
:arrow: If you're not having fun I expect you to tell me! Politely, of course, and be helpful by telling me why.
:arrow: I am always cool with being corrected on a rule or detail I missed so long as you're polite.
:arrow: Do not assume an emotion or "tone" behind a written sentence unless you see an emoticon beside that sentence. (This is one of the most important on-line lessons which one can learn.)
:arrow: This is a mystery/investigation game, NOT hack-n-slash, so if you came here for scads of combat, you're in the wrong place. I expect people to ask questions, search each area for clues, talk to witnesses and research the paranormal to learn how best to face it. You WILL fight the supernatural, just not in the traditional sense of attrition warfare. If you don't come to a fight with knowledge of enemy weaknesses... you WILL die or get someone killed.
:arrow: This game is BASED on the 1980's. Crime rate is high so expect danger from more mundane threats like criminals and law enforcement if you venture into a dangerous area or do things that will draw the wrong kind of attention. They are not the primary threats in this game, but you should be wary of them.

Post Format

Postby Jaeger » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:27 am

Post Format
1) I expect folks to "bold" spoken text and use quotation marks.
2) I expect folks to use correct grammar when posting. I understand if you want to throw in come misspelling to convey spoken text to flair up an accent or something. (Example: “That thar ain’t nuttin’ ta worry ‘bout”)
3) Spell check and double check your grammar…please. If I don’t know WTF you are talking about…don’t expect me or anyone else to respond the way you want.
4) I expect you to color skill attempts green or red depending of if you pass or fail respectively. Failure to do this may result in me missing your attempts when tallying XP. (example: Radio Basic 55%, 30, pass, Weapon Systems 85%, 90, fail). Trust me…if everybody follows this, everybody is on the same page, and I do not have to ask myself…"Was that his roll? Or was that his pass/fail percent?" If I have to ask that…you will automatically fail the skill attempt.
5) I only understand English. If you expect me to understand some other real language you decide to post as spoken text…provide the translation in brackets with the language being translated: "No habla Euro!" [Spanish: "I don't speak Euro!"] following it so I know WTF you said. Otherwise, don’t pout when I don’t respond accordingly. Fake languages like Klingon are completely out of the question. Don’t bother.
6) Keep your sig up to date after every use of abilities/ammo. If you don't, I'll have that ability/weapon get messed up.
7) ALWAYS show your math.

Jaeger wrote:Example: If you have a +4 and you roll a 12, I want to see “Strike: 12+4=16”. Not “Strike: 16”.

I don’t ever want to have to ask myself…"is that before or after bonuses?" If I have to ask myself that question, I will assume you didn’t add bonuses, and I will treat it as a straight roll with no bonuses.
8) YIM and PM conversations and talk is not canon. If it isn't posted on EU In-Character threads, it didn't happen in character. That said, I encourage you to collaborate with your teammates to come up with plans and coordinate actions so you are a group and not a bunch of loners. You will find good teamwork rewarded with better XP.

Adventure posts:
1) Every post after a GM post as well as when you change locations, you must include a Perception roll (with bonuses), and a JIC roll (one d% and one D20 with no modifiers). I will use these Just In Case rolls to determine stuff I didn’t want you to know about (Did you hear the unknown prowler? Did you see the trap? Did you get sick walking into the infected room?) Example: Per: 15+2=17, JIC: 10, 68%
2) If you provide it on every post, so be it…it doesn’t hurt. Forget to…and you will auto-fail what ever I may spring on you. Better safe than sorry.
3) You will include temporary conditions affecting you under the Perception/JIC rolls (i.e. temporary insanity, blind, etc.)
4) I require at least one post a week from every player. That is the site rule. You will only get one warning.
5) I expect you all to interact with each other. You don’t need GM confirmation on everything.

Combat posts:
1) Only one post per person in between my GM posts during combat. A second post will be completely ignored. You may edit as much as you wish as long as I haven’t posted yet. Once I post, it's written in stone.
2) You are on the honor system with your dice rolls. If you seem to always hit a natural 17-20 with your armor piercing missiles…I will start to look VERY closely at your submissions.
3) Results of combat aren't official until I say they are. You may INTEND to unload an entire magazine into the monster, but I let you know if that ACTUALLY HAPPENED. There will be a Summary section at the end of every post on stat changes. Do NOT make assumptions that ANYTHING you do will turn out in a particular way. Feel free to write things like "If the shopkeeper responds positively, I would like to buy a TX-26 Particle Beam pistol." Or writing "Dodge if attacked" after your actions and provide the number of rolls for dodges you are willing to make.
4) Put your actions in the order you want them in. The only exceptions are defensive moves, where I will re-order in logical places to keep your character alive. That being said, if you do not provide said moves in your combat post, I will not incorporate them when processing the turn.
5) Please provide a roll for all automatic defensive moves for every attack you have. (Auto Parry, Auto Dodge…)
6) In addition to Per and JIC as above, provide Initiative
7) Skill attempts take one action each *usually*.
8 ) Speaking during combat is free, especially for fluff for better role playing, provided the sentence isn’t too long winded for a 15 second window (Example: Kagashi says “Get some” and starts shooting!). Spoken text that takes too long will be counted as an attack. Do yourself a favor and speak the words aloud and see how much time it takes to say them!

Post Format (if something is missing, you failed that roll):
Jaeger wrote:Initiative (if combat post only)
Perception (D20)
JIC (D20 and a %)
APM (if combat post only)
Current Conditions (anything temporarily affecting you, mostly combat post only unless important for RP/skill check)

Action 1:
Action 2: (and so forth...)
Dodges/Parry's if attacked: (up to your number of APM's)

RP here. FORMAT/COLOR: Think. Action. "Talk". Telepathy. Skill Rolls are PASS or FAIL.

Signature here -- include your HP/SDC/MDC, ISP/PPE (if relevant), current Armor MDC, Current Weapon Ammo and any CONSTANT EFFECTS i.e. they are ALWAYS on and require no action on your part. Keep it small and simple though -- no descriptions necessary, just names. If not in sig, then at very bottom of EVERY combat post.

Group Assets

Postby Jaeger » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:59 am

Group Assets

Paranormal Newspaper Tabloid Sponsorship Details

Size: Small Private Company (8 active investigators max.)
85 pts to general pool, +15 pts from investigation awards, +10 pts to library, +10 pts to research. 119 points spent, 1 points remain.

Sponsorship: Self

Outfits: Specialty Clothing
(10 general pts spent)
"Standard armor, protective clothing, pilot outfits, SCUBA gear, plus any other standard outfits are available. In addition, the civilian clothing is fairly classy, equivalent to what's available in expensive clothing stores."

((What this means in game terms is that you can get army flak jackets, kevlar helmets, etc in terms of armor. The rest is self-explanatory I think. If you want to disguise yourself, this is a decent way to do it unless the disguise requires special items.))

Equipment: Cheap Gear, Electronic Supplies & Medical Equipment
(15 general and 2 investigative rewards pts spent)
*$800 per investigator per mission. Replacing lost/damaged gear comes out of the next mission's allotment.
Electronic Supplies
*$2,500 per investigator available for buying electronics. This is replenished annually.
$315 remains in this fund for Jake.
$1,669 remains in this fund for Alistair.
$1,644 remains in this fund for Claire.
$140 remains in this fund for Thomas.
$1,310 remains in this fund for Robert.
$2,500 remains in this fund for Vlad.

Medical Clinic
*Budget of $18,000 for medical equipment and hospitalization. This is replenished annually. $17,080 remains in this group fund.

Vehicles: Public Transportation, Single Vehicle, and Surplus Garage O' Parts
(13 pts from general pool)
All public transportation is free: subways, buses, taxis, trains, and short domestic flights/ships
Group has a contract with all nearby junkyards to obtain car, plane, boat, motorcycle and other vehicle parts as available. Limited to cheap & small makes and models only. Free airline tickets to all U.S. locations also available for accredited staff. International flights to nearby locations at 20% discount.
1981 white Dodge Ram Van 2WD w/ Fringe Knowledge logo painted on sides/rear
A.R.: 10
SDC: 400
Speed: 120 mph
Range: 455 miles (35 gallon tank at 13 mpg, $1.10 per gallon = $38.50 to fill tank completely)
Cost: $10,000 (brand new from dealer)
Van Features:
1) Receiver for tracking devices
- 3 10Khz channels.
- Plugs into van power or can be operated on two 9-volt transistor radio batteries, can switch between the two for a built in backup.
- signal strength meter
- Speaker and earphone jack
- 60 dB signal attenuation built into gain control provides pinpoint accuracy at long and close ranges
2) Police Band Scanner
- 300 channels
- 100 ch/sec scan speed (max speed)
- Preprogrammed searches on most active bands
- Public Safety Scanner
- AC, DC, and automotive plug adaptors
3) Blank White Magnetic Signs x2 (one for each side) to conceal the company's name when necessary
4) Stored in Van:
141x MRE's
16x gallons of water in 1 gallon jugs
7x 6-packs of diet soda cans

Weapons: Armed Agents
(2 pts from general pool and 3 from investigation rewards spent)
*Free standard ammunition for each PC's weapon. Does not include exotic or military grade ammunition such as rockets, flamethrower fuel, silver bullets etc.
*Each agent is issued 2 weapons of their choice, with a maximum total value of $2,500. As noted above, ammunition is provided.
Weapon allotments:
    Thomas: Taser
    Vlad: Shanxi Type 17 (Mauser C96, .45 caliber Chinese variant built in 1931), Thompson Submachine Gun

Communications: Computerized
(15 pts from general pool)
  • Top of the line full-system telephone network
  • FAX machine hooked up to Thomas' Macintosh
  • Modem connection to Thomas' Macintosh
  • Secure lines (requires purchasing scramblers though)

Offices and Distribution: Large Urban
(5 pts from general pool)
One converted church, now a paranormal newspaper tabloid business. No remote offices.

1001 E. 27th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90011

Upstairs Apartment:
2,621 Square Feet
Model 966
3 Bedroom
2 1/2 Bath
The main rooms have emergency lighting.

Office Downstairs:

Garage for Thomas:

If he wants a layout for it I improvised best I could: ... -loft.html

Special Budget: Small Potatoes
(8 pts spent from general pool)
$15,000 in loans for a group pool. This pool can be used to rent/trade/borrow and in some cases buy equipment (things that get used up like spray paint for example) that the GM approves. Lost/Broken items will need their cost covered by individuals or the group, otherwise the cost of the item will remain subtracted from the whole until replaced. 13,000 remains in this group fund.
Signed out: 4x X-Ray Detectors


High-Powered Jackhammer ($1,100)

William needs a High-Powered Jackhammer to drill a hole in his property to get down to a subterranean tunnel that Thomas has located with his seismic sensors. He only needs it for this job. So he goes to town, rents a jackhammer, takes $1,100 out of the $15,000 pool and has the jackhammer now. The pool now has $13,900 in it. He can return it when he has the opportunity to go back into town (obviously he can't return it if he's say in the middle of the woods, or in underground tunnels and so he'll have to wait). Now he's not stuck with a jackhammer he'll never use again (it was rented), and that money goes back to the pool to be used for something else. If he needs to keep the jackhammer for the next two missions, it stays on his sheet and that pool says -$1,100 until it's returned. I think it's safe to say that the GM will call whether something can be rented/traded out of the pool money based on realistic availability.

Administrative Control and the Law: Loose Laws
(6 pts spent from general pool)
Agents have good connections with authorities and can get away with minor violations (traffic offenses, littering), but must avoid committing any serious offenses. You have Freedom of the Press rights.

Internal Security: Tight
(10 pts from general pool)
  • Alert private security guards
  • Electronic alarm system
  • Picture I.D. passes
  • Strict hiring of staff: only 10% chance of infiltrators
  • Small cache of garlic, silver crosses and holy water in armory

Agency Credentials: Known
(5 pts from general pool, 5 points from awards)
The agency is known as a reputable scientific, private publisher. Police and local authorities will help with matters that are in their jurisdiction (i.e. mundane matters, the supernatural still is not understood or believed by them).

Agency Salary: Freelance pay for part-time, Good for full-time
(5 pts spent from general pool)
$250 for a week's worth of work for part-time employees, or about $36 per day spent on an investigation. Only paid when "on the job."
$385 for a week's salary for full-time employees, regardless of whether an investigation is ongoing. Includes benefits. This totals to $20k annually.

Research and Information Gathering: Good Connections
(all 10 pts spent from research)
$5,000 worth of computer equipment, two modems, online with USENET (all on Thomas' sheet)
Clipping Services: 1 staffer doing National and 1 staffer doing International
Contacts at 6 major newspapers: LA Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Orange County Register, San Diego Union Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, El Norte (largest northern Mexican newspaper).

Library: Excellent Library
(all 10 pts from library and 5 points from general pool)
3000 books on the occult and additional reference material dating back to the last 250 years. Reproductions of the most popular rare books. Valued at $113,000.


Watch Schedule

Postby Jaeger » Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:02 am

Watch Schedule
Investigations will often mean spending the night in a "haunted house" so to speak. You can't all stay awake all the time, or you'll experience horrible penalties. This means a watch schedule. Once created, this schedule will be the default until membership changes.

1) Vlad
2) Claire
3) Jake
4) Alistair
5) Thomas

Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby William » Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:44 pm

Links to maps will be kept here. I will update these when we get new info. I will do each map for each "area" of the world we go to.

Los Angles and surrounding area.

Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Jaeger » Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:45 pm


Being at/on a ley line OR one mile from a nexus point doubles the range, duration, and damage of magic spells. The PCC can also draw an additional 5 P.P.E. (Double for LLW & LLR) every 30 seconds. Magic spells and effects (damage, range and duration) are doubled. Plus his own P.P.E. recovers at the increased rate of 5 P.P.E. per 1/2 hour, without meditation.

Being at a ley line nexus point or within 200 feet of a nexus point triples the range, duration, and damage of magic spells. The Mage can draw upon 10 P.P.E. (Double for LLW & LLR) every 15 seconds. The mage gets a +2 to save vs magic and HF. Spell Strength is +1. P.P.E. Recovery Rate is 10 PPE per 1/2 hour without meditation.

Captured P.P.E. Limit: 2x Normal P.P.E. Time Limit: PE in hours+ 1 hour every two levels.

Magic Items & Weapons
Damage and range is doubled when on a ley line or nexus.
Enchanted items with activated powers require a triggering touch.
Enchanted items cannot be worn in conjunction with other enchanted or magic items in the same location.

Psionics and Ley Lines
Range and duration of psionic powers is doubled when at or near a Ley Line or Nexus point.

Psychics can draw on 1D4+level number (of player) I.S.P. every melee round when on a ley line. 1D6+level (number of player) I.S.P. if on a ley line nexus. But must be used during that same melee.

Psionic attacks that do physical damage get a +1D6 damage bonus when on a ley line; +2D6 damage bonus if on a ley line nexus.

Re: BTS-2 GM Notes

Postby Jaeger » Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:42 am


Character Name: Roxanne Bergermeister
Alias: "Four-Eyes"
O.C.C.: Occultist
Occupation: Librarian
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 4
Disposition: Nerdy, socially retarded and clumsy. Easily frustrated when trying to explain things to others. Would like to be more social, but most of the Cadre think she is pathetic and weak. Usually spends time alone, with the Latent or recruits.
Insanity: Panic attacks. Spazzy, freaks out when alone, surprised, scared, in the spotlight.

I.Q.: 20
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 14
P.S.: 10
P.P.: 12
P.E.: 9
P.B.: 11
Speed: 12

PPE: 10
HP: 15
SDC: 17
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Description: Pale, skinny, unattractive and awkward. Huge glasses, frumpy clothes, unkempt dirty blond hair. Wears clothes that never seem to fit right, one shirt-tail untucked, one sock up and the other down, etc.

Special Abilities
Understand the Principles of Magic: 46%
Recognize Magical. Psychical, and Paranormal Phenomenon: 45/60%
Deductive Reasoning: 55%

O.C.C. Skills
All Lore skills, Research, Writing, Spanish, Mayan

O.C.C. Related Skills
Appraise Antiques, Art, Excavation, Gemology, History, Masonry, Mining, Prospecting, Archaelogy, Law, Business & Finance

Secondary Skills
Technical Writing, Cryptography, Latin, Carpentry, Spelunking

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus:
Strike Bonus:
Parry Bonus: +2
Dodge Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm:

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Blunt (+2 strike)
W.P. Axe (+1 strike)

Saving Throw Bonuses
+1 vs Magic
+5 vs HF
+1 vs Possession
+1 vs Psionics

Often has a regular old hammer or pick axe around.
Carries random spell books and scrolls at any time. (Roll to determine)

Roxanne was kidnapped while closing the Yucaipa Branch Library one evening by Annabel, who was high on cocaine and pain killers. Annabel doesn't recall the incident at all, but woke up the next morning with the meek librarian tied up in her car. Annabel was ready to fry the girl and leave her to rot in the desert when Roxanne categorically explained all of Annabel's supernatural powers with frightening accuracy and even gave her tips on how to improve her techniques. When Annabel heard this, she decided to bring the geek to Asherah and let him decide what to do with her. Asherah recognized the need for a brilliant (if eccentric) mind like Roxanne's. He offered her a higher paying job working for him, along with her own private library and a huge budget. So long as she procured what he asked, she could use the surplus funds to improve her own growing collection of popular works for the cult members to borrow. After many frustrated attempts to get tardy cult members to return items, she came up with the bright idea to report the violators to Faqueza, who seemed to delight in tracking down and punishing them. The book return rate is now around 99% and vandalism of library materials is practically non-existent! Roxanne has delighted in this new-found power over people, and doesn't realize that the evil dispositions of the Cadre are beginning to rub off on her.

Roxanne is slowly and surprisingly becoming friends with Faqueza, mostly because the two stay out of each other's business and provide the other a service. Roxanne finds the witch's practice disgusting and abhorrent, but she's become desensitized to it over the past few months. Annabel has lost all interest in her and still can't fathom why she kept the woman tied up in her car alive for so long. The Fire Walker occasionally gives her a sideways look, trying to piece together what happened that night. Roxanne will never tell. Enrique mostly ignores her because she's anything but desirable, though they are pleasant to each other. Darrin, on the other hand, developed an immediate crush and has gone to great lengths to impress her. He even brought her a bouquet of Telekinetically-shaped copper roses once. He's entirely too young for her, though and she's done her best to explain it to no avail.

Cult Duties
Librarian (spell books, scrolls)
Researcher (rituals, spells, etc.)
Curator (magic artifacts, spell components)
Legal Consultant
Fiscal Manager

Fringe Knowledge Tendencies:
Alistair: Will find his muscles and commanding attitude a bit too closer to the jocks that made fun of her. Will avoid/ignore him.
Claire: Will probably see a fellow soul in this soft-spoken woman who also dresses conservatively. Much potential for friendship.
Jake: Depending on his performance, she may find him endearing or pathetic. She'll be attracted to his knowledge of the supernatural.
Robert: Like Alistair, probably a bit too strong and forceful for her tastes. She will respect any lore he knows though.
Suzy: She'll likely see her as a younger, dumber Annabel and completely ignore her or be outright rude.
Thomas: She'll probably fall in love at first sight. She'll be devastated to find out about Jenny the Waitress though.
Vlad: His emotional, intellectual look and attitude could really work for him. His Russian accent is probably sexy to her. Her next pick for romance/friendship after Thomas/Claire.

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