Ro Shambo (HOO-RAH!)

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Ro Shambo (HOO-RAH!)

Postby Ro Shambo » Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:39 pm

Player Name: Adam
IM Handle: No.1.Snafu.with.a.bullet

Character Name: Ropadopolliollioxenfriiraemandarroshambo "Ro Shambo"
Race: Arreri (Aliens Unlimited p.105)/Eugenics
The Sponsoring Organization: Arreri Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)
Current Status with the Sponsoring Organization: [Cover] Ran away and considered to be a wanted fugitive or criminal, and extremely dangerous. Hunted by ASIS and possibly bounty hunters and/or contractors; there is a price in the millions of credits on Ro's head. Deadly force is known to have been authorized.[Further information found in Service File below.]
Motive for Genetic Reconstruction: Medical/Military
Conditions of Eugenic Modification: Volunteered; A crippling injury as a child, and psychological suitability made him an ideal candidate for this rare program.
Rank: *Inquisitor Plebus *Arreri 'Utopian' anti-hierarchical rank/title; currently disavowed
Military Occupational Specialty: Special Operative
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 17,300 (June 1 2017--CC)
Next Level @ XP: 17,201
Disposition: On the surface Ro-Shambo is a good-natured, fun-loving jock who enjoys any and all, vices or pleasures available to him. Only his unshakable idealism and fanatical opposition to imperialism belie the complexity of a darker, and more thoughtful personality; as does his cold-blooded, dispassionate attitude towards 'the enemy'.
Insanity: Ro Shambo has an anxiety disorder focused on how others regard his facial disfigurement. This presents itself as a compulsion to use various means of hiding or disguising his face.

I.Q.: 10
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 12
P.S.: 23
P.P.: 16
P.E.: 22
P.B.: 1
Speed: 280 mph (15)

I.S.P.: 123/123
H.P.: 47/37
S.D.C.: 333/333
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Height: 6'9''
Weight: 267 lbs
Description: The Arreri are a large, intelligent humanoid race from the harsh, wind-blasted world of Arora. Their thick, lumpy 'hides' mean the Arreri are considered well below the galactic standard for humanoid beauty. Although Ro-Shambo is an exceptionally well-built male the terrible scarring from his injuries make him hideous even to his own kind. Ro-Shambo feels compelled to wear his helmet most of the time.

Penalties for P.B. of 2 or 1: -15% on skills like Intelligence (gathering), Performance, Public Speaking, and Undercover Ops, -10% to Prowl (all eyes are on the scary person), and -40% to Seduction. Note: +15% to Interrogation skill. +5% to Gambling and +20% to intimidate. Horror Factor: 1D6+9; this character's looks actually scare people, cause those faint of heart to scream and run away, and children to wail and cry.

Racial Abilities
Can breathe toxic or poisonous air without ill effect
Resistant to fire/heat and cold (half damage)
Natural A.R.: 14
Extraordinary Strength

Natural Abilities
Horror Factor: 12
Perception Bonus ☞ +20 (+5 tactile, +1 in wide open spaces, +2 in darkness)
Invoke Trust/Intimidate ☞ 20%/40%
Max. Carrying Weight: 2300 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 4600 lbs

Genetic Enhancements
Enhanced Brain Function
  • Brain: Enhancement
    Increased Performance & Health of Brain; increased I.Q.
    4 Extra Secondary Skills; learns skills in half the time; +1 Perception
  • Brain: Mental Acuity
    Psionic Abilities: Total Recall (2), Sense Time (2), Mind Block (4), Speed Reading (2); +1 Perception
  • Brain: Illusionary Psionics
    Psionic Abilities: Mental Illusion (20), Empathic Transmission (10), Hypnotic Suggestion (6), Invisible Haze (30), Ectoplasmic Disguise (12), Teleport Object (10), Enhance Reflexes (10)
Enhanced Vision
  • Polarized Eye Filters
  • Living Anatomy
    First Aid 95% (+5%); Can identify emotional state, physical health and condition of others.
    Can detect when some one is "tensing for a fight".Can attempt to detect lies (PU1 p.34), +1 Initiative, +1 Dodge,
  • Advanced Sight
    +1 Perception
  • Nightvision
    Equal range to ordinary vision; +2 to perception in darkness
  • Thermal Vision
    100' (+10'), Estimate cooling time 76% (+2%); +1 Perception
  • Magnetic Vision
    Can see magnetic fields; can identify a planet's 'north' pole.
Enhanced Hearing
  • Heightened Sense of Hearing
    Imitate Voice/Sound 65% (+5%); +6 Initiative, +2 Dodge, +1 Parry, +3 Perception
  • Ultra-Hearing
    Estimate location of subsonic/ultrasonic sound 60% (+5%); 250' (+50'); +1 Initiative, +1 Dodge,+2 Perception
  • Radar (HU2p227)
    700' (100') range; Distance 72% (+4%); Direction 84% (+4%); Speed 64% (+4%); Interpret Shapes 80% (+5%); Pinpoint Location 74% (+4%), +2 Strike;+2 Dodge, +2 Parry, +4 Initiative, +1 action, +1 Perception in wide open spaces (negated by bad conditions)
  • Frequency Absorption (PU1p.28)
    100' range; Jam All Transmissions (half attacks/melee); 300 mile Radio Communication; Sense Communication Devices 75% (+5%); Absorb Microwaves; Access GPS
  • Sonic Power (HU2:p290)
    1300' range(+100'); Distance 68% (+6%); Direction & Speed 68% (+6%);
    Recognize Voice/Sound 80% (+10%); Pinpoint Location 42% (+6%)
    Emit High-Pitched Whine: 175' (+5') range 30' area Damage 1d6/melee (Victims -6 initiative, parry and dodge)
    Sonic Boom: 230' (+10') range Damage 1d4x10 (+10 underwater)
    Sonar (underwater) 700' (+100')
    +1 Strike, +1 Parry, +1, Dodge,+1 Initiative
Enhanced Sensory Perception
  • Heightened Sense of Awareness
    Difficult to surprise, +2 Initiative, +5 Perception
  • Heightened Sense of Balance
    Fire called/aimed shot while moving
  • Heightened Sense of Touch
    +1 on aimed/called shot; Recognize Texture 66% (+2%); Identify Material 66% (+2%); Feel Minute Temperature Changes 66% (+2%), +5 to perception regarding touch/skin sensation; +5 to tactile Perception
  • Motion Detection Sense (Chimera)
    30' range; Can detect slight movements 360 degrees around him; impossible to sneak up on; +1 Initiative, +1 Dodge, +1 Parry
  • Scent Pits (Life Sense; Hold Breath; Heightened Taste; Heightened Smell)
    Life Sense: Knows instinctively the health status of his own body; Sense powerful life forms; Track and locate the dying 65%/80% (+5%); Range: 100'
    Hold Breath: 22 minutes; Fatigue at half normal rate;
    Heightened Smell: 100'; Track 49% (+3%); Recognize scent 59% (+3%); Recognize Common Odors 82% (+4%); Recognize Poisons or Toxins 62% (+4%); +1 Initiative, +1 Dodge, +3 Perception
    Heightened Taste: Recognize Common Ingredient/Chemicals 82% (+4%);
    Recognize Poisons or Toxins 45% (+5%), +2 Perception
Enhanced Musculature
  • Extraordinary Speed
    280 mph (+20 mph), +4 damage/20mph (+8 from stand still), +1 Initiative, +1 Parry, +2 Strike; +6 Dodge, +1 action
  • Impact Resistance
    Absorb first 20; 50% subsequent impact damage
  • Enhanced Leaping
    340' across; fall twice this distance without damage, +1d6 to kick damage
  • Healing Factor
    Does not fatigue; Resistant to Fire, Cold, Poisons, Toxins (half damage);
    Heal 4d6 twice per day; 3 S.D.C./10 minutes; 1 H.P./ 15 minute
  • Vocal Cord Enhancement
    Increase voice volume to 80 decibels, disguise voice 85% +5%
Enhanced Agility
  • Extraordinary P.P.
    +3 Automatic Dodge
  • Double-Jointed
    Can attempt to escape any bonds; fold self up to 25% normal size
  • Ambidextrous
    +1 Parry, +1 action
Enhanced Metabolism
  • Butcher's Gland
    Can eat raw, spoiled or alien meat without ill effect
  • Pre-Stomach
    Able to survive on food poor in nutrients without ill effect
  • Fatty Bladder
    Can go 22 days without food and water without ill effect
  • Hibernation
    Up to 8 months with preparation; can attempt to Feign Death; can survive twice as long as normal with out food or water
Chimeric Features
  • Claws (Climbing, Small, Retractable)
    +2d4 to handstrikes
  • Fangs (Lethal Poison, Small, Retractable)
    Bite 1d6; Lethal Poison 5d6 to H.P.

Psionic Powers
Total Recall (2)
Sense Time (2)
Mind Block (4)
Speed Reading (2)
Mental Illusion (20)
Empathic Transmission (10)
Hypnotic Suggestion (6)
Invisible Haze (30)
Ectoplasmic Disguise (12)
Teleport Object (10)
Enhance Reflexes (10)
Psionic Seeking (6) (EP Purchase)

Skills from Eugenic Modifications
W.P. Paired Weapons
First Aid 95% (+5%)
Disguise Voice 85% (+5%)

M.O.S. Skills
Intelligence 51% (+4%)
Prowl 62% (+5%)
Disguise 62% (+5%)
Escape Artist 77% (+5%)
Surveillance Systems 67% (+5%)
Law: General 67% (+5%)
Military Spacecraft: Small 85% (+4%)
Zero Gravity Combat: Basic
W.P. Knife
W.P. Energy Rifle

Other Skills
Imitate Voices/Impersonation 75%/55% (+4%)
Interrogation 85% (+5%)
Forgery 42% (+5%)
Find Contraband and Illegal Weapons 55% (+4%)
Streetwise 49% (+4%)
Read Sensory Equipment 57% (+5%)
Language: Imperial Trade Tongue 87% (+5%)
Language: Arismal 87% (+5%)
    --Work Parallel Bars/Rings 96% (+3%)
    --Back Flip 93% (+2%)
    --Sense of Balance 103% (+2%)
    --Walk Tightrope/Highwire 96% (+3%)
    --Climb Rope 108% (+2%)
    --Climb 92%
W.P. Handguns
W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons & Rail Guns

Secondary Skills
Literacy: Pilian Tongue (Liloqua) 47% (+5%)
Literacy: Imperial Trade Tongue 47% (+5%)
Land Navigation 70% (+4%)
Research 67% (+5%)
Lore: Alien 47% (+5%)
Pilot Robot 47% (+5%)
Robot Combat: Type III Exoskeletons
Computer Operation 57% (+5%)
Ventriloquism 46% (+4%)
Personal Anti-Gravity Transportation 57% (+5%)

Basic Skills
Language: Arreri 97% (+5%)
Language: Pilian Tongue (Liloqua) 77%(+5%)
Literacy: Arreri 67% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic 69% (+5%)
Radio: Basic 82% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Assassin (Arreri Scientific Attack System: Irreversible Neutralization)
Number of Attacks: 8
Initiative Bonus: +19
Strike Bonus: +9
Parry Bonus: +11
Dodge Bonus: +18
Automatic Dodge Bonus: +6
Disarm Bonus: +8
HTH Damage Bonus: +20 (+8 P.S., +8 from Extraordinary Speed, +4 for each additional 20mph over 40mph.)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +16
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +8
Critical Strike: 17-20; automatic from behind
Called Melee Damage Bonus: +1d6+4
Kick Damage Bonus: +1d6

Zero-G Combat Data
Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 8
Initiative Bonus: +19
Strike Bonus: +10
Parry Bonus: +12
Dodge Bonus: +21
Disarm Bonus: +9
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +16
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +9

Robot Combat Data: Type III Exoskeletons
Number of Attacks: 10
Initiative Bonus: +21
Strike Bonus: +11
Parry Bonus: +11
Dodge Bonus: +20
Disarm Bonus: +8
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +16
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +8
☞ Restrained Punch:
☞ Full Strength Punch:
☞ Power Punch:
☞ Kick:
☞ Leap Kick:

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Targeting - +2 to strike
W.P. Knife - +1 to strike, +3 to parry +1 to strike when thrown
W.P. Handguns
W.P. Heavy Energy & Railguns
W.P. Energy Rifle

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +34%
Toxins (15+): +12
Magic (varies): +6
Lethal Poison (14+): +12
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +12
Insanity (12+): +2
Psionics (varies): +5
Possession: +1
Horror Factor: +3
Ro Shambo

Re: Ro Shambo (HU2G: Alien)

Postby Ro Shambo » Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:30 pm

Background Story

Last Will & Testament

My fellow Plebs of the Arreri Scientific Republic; I, Ro...Shambo denounce my citizenship and heritage. Evil is what happens when those who can stand up to aggressors, do not. I can not abide our willful complacency. Fuck you and fuck your Machinie Brain puppet masters!

The Book Report
“RORO WET HIS BED! RORO WET HIS BED!” the boy’s young peers circled his bed and chanted in hate fuelled, glee. Once the son of a champion this boy now cowered in his own urine at the feet of his fellow Children of the Commons until a nanny-drone came to defuse the situation.

Ro...shambo goes throughout the day abiding the orderly schedule the nanny-drones enforced with gentle, but firm nagging. In his hand is a copy of the Empress Knows No Bounds. Finally at the end of the day it is time for his report, the horribly disfigured pee-pants orphan stands at the front of the class and speaks,

"The Professor Primus told us that to ignore, refute or otherwise waste the Truth is an act of evil. This is the foundation of our civilization. At the same time the Fehran-Atorian immoral expansionist rape of the Galaxy had already begun. That was over a thousand years ago! Four hundred years ago the Master, Bok..skarjo, wrote his great work, the Empress Knows No Bounds. In it he provides irrefutable proof of the evil of the Atorian Atrocity. He details their psychology, much the same as the common schoolyard bully!”

The smallish, scarred young Arreri suddenly goes off-script. He approaches a classmate, later identified as the ring-leader of the morning’s mob of torment,

“The Empire must be treated as the bully is. Behaviour must be corrected! And lessons learned!”

Ro Shambo technically proceeds to beat the other boy to death with his copy of the anti-Imperialists bible, but genetic reconstruction allows for the victim’s recovery (resurrection). Because of the medical reversal and the youth of those involved no one is reprimanded for this incident.

Timeline: Galactic, Arreri Civilization, and Ro Shambo
1223 P.E.: Arreri scholars create Krapaper, a precious writing material otherwise unheard of on Arora. Limited to the use of stone in order to record their written language until now, Arreri philosophy and science advancement explodes. The Krabark Tree, known as the Tree of Life because of it's integral role in Arreri water harvesting, is now also known as the Tree of Knowledge. Dissemination of knowledge between disparate and remote groups has always been a difficult but essential means of ensuring Arreri survival in their harsh planet's environment. Now it's practice and promotion is spread with the zealotry of a religion all across Arora.
800 P.E.: Fehran Industrial age begins.
789 P.E.: The telescope is invented by a regional leader named Pe Kingduk, Professor Primus of Arreri scientific philosophy, (Modus).
786 P.E.: The Modus, a detailed description of the Scientific Method is developed and written down by Pe Kingduk. In it are detailed descriptions and mathematical proof of the equivalent of Newtonian physics, the nature of Arreri world, star system and even the galaxy beyond.
699: The Expanded Modus is the first mass-produced Krapaper book, and now includes chapters on life's origin and evolution, the Theory of Relativity and a long appendix describing the virtues of Effective Altruism.
660 P.E.: Fehran space programs successful.
600 P.E.: The first rocket is fired out of Arora’s orbit.
588 P.E.: Radio is developed on for the first manned flight to leave Arora’s orbit.
563 P.E.: Television and the first Computer are invented.
500 P.E.: The Codus is developed, prescribing the the three requirements for the programming of sentient machines. 1. The Law of Moral Rightness (MR) is that it should value moral rightness. 2. The Law of Moral Permissibility (MP) is that it should value staying within the bounds of moral permissibility (and otherwise have CEV values). 3. The Law of Coherent Extrapolated Volition (CEV) proposal is that it should have the moral values upon which Arreri would converge.
478 P.E: The first A.I. is developed on Arora. The First Utopian Age is declared.
460 P.E: The first Superintelligence goes online. The Great Aroran Machine War begins.
412 P.E.: The proliferation of Machine Superintelligences results in a diversity of opinion; among them, a peaceful pro-biological faction joins the Arreri.
219 P.E.: First recorded contact with Timneh nomads.
189 P.E.: The Great Aroran Machine War ends. Not even the Singularity could take out the Arreri; the pro-biological faction is victorious. Unification and rebuilding begins; both Machine and Biological entities are called Arreri. The Second Utopian Age is declared.
127 I.R.: Atorians lose their seventh research vessel in black hole experiments, causing them to officially abandon such research.
199 I.R.: Arreri Black Hole Research is now the most advanced in the Galaxy.
489 I.R.: Atorians complete first working Matter/Anti-Matter engine. The energy of the entire planet is needed to start it.
550 I.R.: Arreri innovations in Anti-Matter technology allow for much smaller and safer engines. The advent of Zero-Cost Production, Matter-Energy-Matter Transmutation/Teleportation and Infinite-Energy Technology heralds the Third Utopian Age.
770 I.R.: The Aroran Civil War begins; neighbor fights neighbor over the central issues of the individual’s right to privacy and choice.
775 I.R.: The Aroran Civil War, the last violent conflict between Arerri ends and the Fourth Utopian Age is declared.
815 I.R.: Tagoniglomerate is formed by the merging of nine Tagonican mega-corporations.
818 I.R.: TGE spies are caught infiltrating an Aroran Tech facility.
830 I.R.: Felias Information Network officially established.
838 I.R.: FIN agents are discovered on Arora.
838 I.R.: Atorian spies attempt to kidnap a powerful Machine Sentience, named Tolba Tek from his hermitage on Arora’s smallest moon. ASIS is founded. It is regular practice to send officers to the various military services of galactic allies for “hands-on experience” which serving the peaceful, outwardly neutral Arreri Defense Forces could not provide.
845 I.R.: The continued silence from the Atorian Empire frightens other races who band together by laying the groundwork for the FAR.
990 I.R.: Naterreri join the FAR
997 I.R.: Niamese Coalition formed by Naterreri to covertly oppose actions of the Empire. Zylik conquered by Toogarth.
1050 I.R.: The Retrograde Doctrine; the Arreri begin sending only their oldest, functional ships (equipment roughly equivalent to any other civilization's) out into the galaxy because in the wrong hands some of their more advanced technology would change be disruptive.
1124 I.R.: The Mantella join the Empire and wipe out the Xenopus.
1183 I.R.: The Atorians drop anti-matter bomb on Cebus home world.
1283 I.R.: Ro Shambo is born. Shortly afterwards that his family is caught in a freak magnetic storm and his parents are killed protecting him. He survives, but the scarring on his soft, newborn skin is untreatable with surgical cosmetics and will be with him his whole life.
1294 I.R.: Ro Shambo reads The Empress Knows No Bounds, by Bok Skarjo, (an eminent Arreri Political Scientist) and it’s harsh indictment of the Empire’s nature and history influences him for the rest of his life.
1293 I.R.: ASIS receives an application from Ro Shambo. Immediately every facet of his life is studied and analysed. His education reports, his psychological profile, and even his genetic code are cleared for unsuitability. Ro Shambo begins genetic reconditioning and special training that last for the next 7 years.
1300 I.R.: Ro Shambo is appointed as an Inquisitor under the auspices of the ASIS. He is assigned to the Arismal desk; a faraway planet nobody has ever heard of. The majority of his time is spent learning the Arismal language and history and Ro is disappointed in the seeming insignificance of his assignment; but some big brain somewhere in ASIS wanted an agent prepared to interact with these unique humanoids. He never even gets the chance to visit the planet he's in charge of studying. Ro immediately begins requesting assignments more directly allowing him to oppose the Atorian Empire.
1304.25 I.R.: The Arismal home world is destroyed.
1304.50 I.R.: Ro Shambo’s requests are answered. He is officially seconded to the **REDACTED** and **REDACTED** while **REDACTED**.
1304.75 I.R.: Three priceless tomes are stolen from the Aroran Museum of Civilization. Shambo DNA found at the scene along with the L&W of Ro...Shambo, denouncing the Aroran Scientific Republic.
1305 I.R.: Sixth Atorian Expansion begins.

Note: The dates are all given on the Atorian Imperial Calendar. The two time periods are Pre-Empire (P.E.) and Imperial Rule (I.R.).
Ro Shambo

Re: Ro Shambo (HU2G: Alien)

Postby Ro Shambo » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:01 am


Worn on Person
Spacer Jumpsuit & Accessories
Variable Helmet
Individual Credit Card:900 credits

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Brace of Throwing Knives
• Attachment: Datapad
• Attachment: Galactic Standard Automatic Pistol
• Attachment: magazine (spare)

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: magazine (spare)
• Space: magazine (spare)
• Space: Antique Krapaper Book (History Of the Krabark Tree, Invaluable National Treasure)
• Space: Antique Krapaper Book (Modus, Invaluable National Treasure)
• Space: Antique Krapaper Book (The Empress Knows No Bounds, Invaluable National Treasure)
• Space: Digital Camera/Picture Viewer (Photos of recent adventures)
• Space: Underwear, Socks, Facemasks
• Space: Unopened packet of sugary breakfast cereal
• Space: Half-eaten sandwich
• Space: Pack of chewing gum

Galactic Standard Automatic Pistol
• Range: 200'
• Damage: 5D6 per shot, double for short burst
• Rate of Fire: Single shot or short burst
• Payload: 15 round magazine
• Weight: 2.8 lbs.
• Modifiers: none

Brace of Throwing Knives
Description: 3/4 ultra-thin throwing knives in a single compact sheath designed for an easy, fast draw.
Damage: 1D6
Length: 4"
Weight: 2 oz. each
Modifiers: +1 to Strike when Thrown by skilled user

• This portable computer has a back-lit screen and is capable of of many data processing and sharing functions.

Krapaper Books (Invaluable National Treasure)
Stolen from the Aroran Library

Personal Photos:

Chillenium Falcon300.png
Chillenium Falcon300.png (323 KiB) Viewed 3425 times
Ro Shambo

Re: Ro Shambo (HOO-RAH!)

Postby SNAFU » Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:41 am


Intelligence Committee Report: #11111.4253.6624.5552.222

Classified Data: Ro Shambo

The Sponsoring Organization: Arreri Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)

  • Chosen at a young age for a unique program Ro Shambo has been given the skills and abilities to find and retrieve sensitive data or hunt down and eliminate hostile agents.

Current Status with the Sponsoring Organization: Ran away and considered to be a wanted fugitive or criminal, and extremely dangerous. Hunted by ASIS and possibly bounty hunters and/or contractors; there is a price in the millions of credits on Ro's head. Deadly force is known to have been authorized.

  • Ro Shambo's heinous cultural crime of stealing beloved historical artifacts was set up as a cover story giving ASIS plausible deniability in any of his future actions
  • Unbeknownst to Ro, the artifacts in his bag are worthless forgeries.
  • While a bounty has been advertised no contact information, official accreditation or confirmation was included.

Motive for Genetic Reconstruction: Medical/Military

  • Physical disfigurment and desire to contribute 'more than his share',
  • A personal desire to fight injustice and oppose oppression (later encouraged and refined by the program into an ant-imperialist zealotry)

Conditions of Eugenic Modification: Volunteered; A crippling injury as a child, and psychological suitability made him an ideal candidate for this rare program.

  • Regardless of official status Ro Shambo represents a massive investment on the part of ASIS and knows he is effectively beholden to them for the rest of his life.

Rank: *Inquisitor Plebus *Arreri 'Utopian' anti-hierarchical rank/title; currently disavowed.

  • Ro Shambo was put into the cargo hold of a civilian freighter and shipped to Grymdin to meet an agent of the Niamese Coalition.
  • The theft is officially reported, Ro Shambo identified as the perpetrator and vilified in the media.

Ro Shambo has the following instructions:

  • Wait in Grymdin for the Coalition's representative to contact you.

  • Given the infinitesimal odds that the lone biological Arreri versed in the Arismal langage and culture would just happen to bump into the last few surviving representatives of that species while also waiting for contact from a secret Anti-Imperial organization; a decently bright agent might guess the Arreri are trying to bring the Niamese Coalition and the remnants of the ADF together.
  • Part of Ro Shambo's suitability for this mission is that his intelligence level, while perfectly adequate, may not allow for the lateral thinking required to make the above conclusion.
  • A 'Black Box' nano-chip tracks and records Ro's actions and whereabouts allowing the upper echelons of ASIS to keep tabs on him.

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