Razyn Tomestalker (BANNED)

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Razyn Tomestalker (BANNED)

Postby Razyn » Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:53 pm

Player Name:Ron
YIM Handle:guest_ron

Character Name: Razyn Tomestalker
Alias: Raz
Race:Royal Frilled Dragon
O.C.C.: RCC:Royal Frilled Dragon
Occupation: Explorer
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 5
XP Points:20,651 [DL: 06-09-12]
Next Level @ XP:30000
Sentiments/Non-Humans:no prejudice, generally treats them all alike
Disposition: Easygoing & carefree he started, he no longer trusts easily. Roughened by his experiences in the undercity he tries to present a gruff & aloof attitude but can rarely keep it up for long. Is enamored of old gladiator movies & enjoys a good bout of fencing.

Insanity: None

I.Q.: 23
M.E.: 19
M.A.: 28
P.S.: 32(Supernatural)
P.P.: 22
P.E.: 22(Supernatural)
P.B.: 29
Speed:20(run), 110 (flying)

ISP: 141/141

HP: 400 (on SDC worlds)
SDC: 334 (on SDC worlds AR:13)


Age: 6 years old
Sex: Male
Height: 30’ long,
Weight:4 tons
Description: In his natural state he is long, slender and light sky blue with violet frills. As a human he generally likes to keep his hair purple, often just a ‘skunk streak’. As a cat he prefers a deep violet fur (almost black) with bright purple ‘socks’.

Racial Abilities
Nightvision 200 feet (61 m) (constant)
See the invisible (constant)
Shadow Meld at will (as per the spell and for 20 minutes at a time)
Resistant to fire and cold (even M.D. fire and plasma do half damage).
Impervious to all forms of paralysis
Bio-regenerate (1d4x10/min or 1d10/round)

Natural Abilities
Horror factor: 11 (true form) (13 if flaring frills)
Trust/Intimidate: 94%
Charm/Impress: 90%
Recognize magic circles and enchantment: 55 (5%)
Can sense ley lines and nexus points (Range: 20 miles/32 km)
Visual Contact (up to 4000 feet/1219 m away) to recognize a transformed dragon.
Metamorphosis: May transform for four hours per level of experience
Teleport: 53% (2)
Poison Breath: The vapor will paralyze them for 1D4+1 minutes unless they make a successful save versus non-lethal poison (16 or higher). A successful save means no effect and once a character has saved, he is immune to the vapors for the next 24 hours. Range: 60 feet (18 m); affects a 12 foot (3.6 m) area, vapors dissipate within eight seconds. The poison breath may be used as often as once per melee round (15 seconds).

Special Abilities
Understands & can cast Magic.

Se:Mask I.S.P. & Psionics (7) RUE 174
Se:Mask P.P.E. (4) RUE 174
Se:Meditation (0) RUE 174
Se:Machine Ghost (12) RUE 173
Se:Mind Block (4) RUE 174
Se:Object Read (6) RUE 174
Se:Sixth Sense (2) RUE 176
Se:Speed Reading (2)RUE 177
Se:Telepathy (4)RUE 177
Se:Total Recall (2)RUE 177
P:Telekinesis (varies)RUE 177
P:Alter Aura (2) RUE 166
H:Psychic Diagnosis (4) RUE 166
H:See Aura (6) RUE 175
Se:Sense Dimensional Anomaly (4)RUE 176
S:Mind Bond (10) RUE 180
S:Bio Manipulation (10) RUE 177
S:Electrokinesis (4resist/2(1d6sdc)/6-18(1-3d6mdc)/4(manipulate2min/L)/2(Sense Electricity 2min/L)) RUE 178

Spell Knowledge
L1 Sense Magic (4) RUE 199
L1 Sense Evil (2) RUE 199
L1 Globe of Daylight (2) RUE 198
L2 Concealment (6) RUE 200
L2 Cleanse (6) RUE 200
L2 Turn Dead (6) RUE 201
L3 Armor of Ithan ( 10) RUE 202
L3 Impervious to Poison (5) RUE 202
L3 Invisibility: Simple (6) RUE 203
L3 Life Source (2 +Special) RUE 203
L3 Light Healing (6) RUE 203
L4 Carpet of Adhesion (10) BoM 99
L4 Magic Net (7) BoM 101
L4 Seal (7) BoM 102
L4 Cure Minor Disorders (10) BoM 100
L4 Multiple Image (7) BoM 102
L5 Mend the Broken (10+30/1mdc) BoM108
L5 Domination (10) BoM105
L5 House of Glass (12) BoM107

O.C.C. Skills
L1 Math:Basic 79 (5)
L1 Fundamentals of Magic
L1 Language: Dragonese 98%
L1 Literacy: Dragonese 98%
L1 Hand to hand: Dragon (native form only)
R.C.C. Special Interest Skills
L1 Lore:Magic 74% (5)
L3 Research 55% (5)

Secondary Skills
L1 WP Sword
L1 WP Shield
L2 Read Sensory equipment 49% (5)
L2 Radio Basic 64% (5)
L4 Lore: Faerie & Creatures of Magic 30 (5)
L4 Basic Electronics 35 (5)

Combat Data
HTH Type:Dragon
Number of Attacks:5
Initiative Bonus:+2
Strike Bonus:+7
Parry Bonus:+10
Dodge Bonus:+11
HTH Damage Bonus: +2 MD
Bonus to Roll w/Punch:+5
Bonus to Pull a Punch:+5
Bonus to Disarm:
Other: Bite, Punch, Kick, Claw ,Swipe, Dragon metamorphosis takes half a melee round (7 seconds), Tail Slap, Wing Attack Basic, Crush. Tail Slap Power Strike, Bite & Grip, Tail Sweep, Tail Parry, and standard use of breath weapon (counts as one melee attack). Inflicts 5D6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch. 4D6 M.D on a full strength punch. or 1D4x10 M.D. on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks). (add 3d6 for claw attacks)

Weapon Proficiencies
WP Sword +2 strike, +2 Parry, +0 Thrown
WP Shield +1 strike, +2 parry, +1 thrown

Saving Throw Bonuses
+1 vs curses (14)
+5 vs Psionics (5)
+3 vs Mind Control (modifies)
+2 vs Insanity (10)
+14% vs coma/death
+5 vs Magic (7 spell, 11 ritual)
+5 Vs Poison (lethal) (9)
+5 Vs Poison (non-lethal) (11)
+1 vs Drugs (14)
+1 vs Disease (13)
+6 vs HF
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Re: Razyn Tomestalker

Postby Razyn » Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:20 pm

Worn: Head
Radio Comm (Headset & cig. pack sized unit attached to collar) and a Universal translator (attached to collar) (six trade tongues, Dragonese/Elf, Gobblely, and Faerie Speak)
Psi Augmenting Helmet (non-armored) (on loan to Metri)

Worn: Neck
Talisman of Armor (WB2: P. 154) on a stretchable band
Small pouch behind amulet

Gear: Stored in DSM Armory
Normal backpack (normally left in quarters)
Notebooks containing his notes & thoughts on magic over the years (in pack).

Scroll: L5 Sustain (L5 caster) 50,000
Credstick (480 cr)
Pocket computer (cell-phone sized/shaped)
Multitool (Pen sized)
Expended AoI Amulet (L10, 0/3 uses/day)

In Computer
Digital movies for computer: Gladiator, The first 62 seasons of "Blood Bowl Championship ladder fights!".
Computer databases of skills: (In pocket Computer)
Lore: Demons & Monsters (Hades) 25%
Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic 25%
Lore: Galactic/Alien 25%
Lore: Magic 25%
Lore: Psychics & Psionics 25%
Mythology (3 galaxies) 30%
History: UWW 30%
History: TGE 30%
History: CCW (Consortium) 30%
Research 40%

Razyn's notes on the culture of the Invaders based on what he acquired during the Mind Bond with an invader. (see journal)
Razyn's Journal - an ongoing account of his travels & thoughts.

NE-RV04 Ripper Vibro-Sword (large. one-handed sword): 3D6 M.D.+str Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg). w/scabbard
Shield: 30 MD +2 parry (-6 to parry projectiles & energy weapons) (Aliens Unlimited 179 alternately RGMG 41 for parry/dodge by range penalties)

Stretchable band/collar

In pouch:
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Re: Razyn Tomestalker Backstory

Postby Razyn » Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:22 pm

Raz (as he prefers to go by for now) has a light (sky) blue body and violently purple frills about his head. When full sized (49 days) he will be 30’ long but slender (As per the Chinese style of dragon) and has no wings. His claws however are extremely sharp and when enraged he can spread his frill out to intimidate a foe (+2 HF). Some of the forms he favors are: A dark navy blue cat, an ashen (grey & Black tones) colored Hawk and what he thinks of as a ‘normal’ human… A 5’6” male with purple hair, slightly tan skin, and (at least to start) a forgetfulness regarding clothing (well, not that he has any but)…

19% 1st born, Razn's mother (Leiannasok ) is a fairly young adult dragon who came to Malcore 3 to research something, met Razn's father at Gantreia & fell in love. The pair mated for life and had to leave to find a nesting area for Razn to be born. (Gantreia being & a place of great learning & neutral ground as far as dragon's territory goes [assuming this, feel free to veto/change]) . Leiannasok was (17%) quite thin and of (%48) average height. She had a tendency to (95%) complain a lot and sometimes acts (%82) motherly to 'lesser' races. She prefers to live in the (78%) wilderness, and thinks she was born (12%) here on Malcore 3 many centuries ago. She (27%) loved the idea of the coalition (reroll 52%) but hates the implementation of it. She has grown to (90%) prefer DBs to humans but tries to judge beings on an individual basis. Her reason for adventuring was (68%) self-discovery, though meeting her lifemate has somewhat distracted her from that. She is a Level 17 Adult dragon (1-15 is hatchling, so technically 2nd level adult) and has dabbled in the long lost art of the Diabolist (Level 4) and Ley Line Walker (level 6), her knowledge of runes was quite sought after for consultations and made her fairly popular during her stay at Gantreia. She is considering spending time advancing her study of runes, and adding more circles to her repertoire.

Razn's father Krozelschleff was the first born of twins (a rarity among dragons), and actually met his mother as she stayed around till the hatching was completed for a couple weeks (to make sure the twins didn’t kill each other likely). Kroz and his sister however didn’t have the antipathy adults have to deal with and so didn’t realize how unusual that was. He was (60%) average weight and (45%) height and (35%) a bit of a hothead, shortly after his mother left he stomped off after an argument with his sister through a rift leaving (01%) Malcore 3 behind. He grew up among (90%) a primitive nomadic people who favored elemental magic and used it for defense and hunting. They were a minor MDC race that held his attention for a hundred years or so then he decided to wander for a bit. He never found that dimension again, but when he happened across RIFTS Malcore 3 he saw an opportunity to learn more and possibly go ‘home’ again. He (88%) dislikes and distrusts the Dark Covens, having scouted a number of their outposts and towns before finding out about Gantreia and the Magic training institutions there. He is (76%) conditionally tolerant of D-Bs and humans, having a somewhat superior attitude toward most beings until they prove their worth. He tends toward physical solutions first, though a well thought out & executed revenge plot really excites him. Meeting his lifemate has changed him somewhat. As of the birth of his son he’s decided to take Lei & go visit his ‘old stomping ground’ and establish a good lair and territory. Kroz is somewhat older than his mate and has wandered further. Including some dimensions where time itself is accelerated, a few with as much as 10 years within= 10 days outside, though that place was barren (& boring) and took years to get out of. He is a 21st level Adult dragon and studied summoning a bit in his youth (Level 3 Paladium RPG Summoner) but has recently become enamored of techno wizardry (Level 7 Techno wizard) and is currently practicing that craft.

None of this is directly known by Razn however, though it may influence his needs & desires in the future. His immediate plans include (or will include) learning his own abilities (i.e. he doesn’t know he has super Psionics yet as of age 14 days), learning more spells, and learning the lay of the land. As he develops he is likely to be drawn to Techno Wizardry if his friends are technically inclined, or other caster if a mystic influence is around. Should he learn of his parent’s interest in runes that may become a goal of his to learn, though he will realize it is impractical.

----------------------------------The last thing she said...-----------------------------------------------------
“It’s time dear” the sinuous voice he identified as ‘Mother’ whispered in the white void he’d always known. “Finally.” - rumbled another less commonly heard voice, the first voice had told him it was ‘Father’. “If he’s strong enough we will see him again someday.” the rumble added after a moment, it seemed softer and milder though, as if unaccustomed to expressing himself. The tickle in his mind began, the one that seemed to be people talking that he couldn’t quite hear. The thoughts soothed him back to sleep in his warm white home.

Awakening to the thought that something was missing he worried about it for a bit… It was dark, but that was usual, happening every ‘day’… Then he realized he had a sense, there were none of his ‘kind’ nearby! In panic he lashed out, striking the cooling sun warmed shell, hearing a crack he hadn’t heard before. Tentatively pulling his claw back he realized a piece of the wall that had surrounded him all his life now had a hole in it. Peering out there appeared to be a rock wall inches in front of him, “hmm,” he thought, “if I hit the other side like that…” and proceeded to strike the other side. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” he thought from the pile of crumbled shell, a small cap of it hanging lopsided off his head frill.

Looking around he realized he was in a cave, there was ley line energy flowing nearby and despite the darkness he could see about 200’ out the entrance, although why a ‘foot’ was so much smaller than his own he’d have to think about sometime. The cave was made of compressed dirt and he (19%) recognized that enchantment had been used in its construction. Looking down he noticed his egg was sitting on stone and something had been inscribed beneath the pile of shell. Unable to read the runes and having lost his ‘cap’ when he bent over to examine them (startling himself) he wandered toward the mouth of the cave where a small furred critter stared back at him, seemingly transfixed at the sight. “Hello” he said sending the critter on a panicked dash back toward the trees. Sensing that this was an animal and possibly ‘food’ he coiled himself in the entrance to consider. He knew he was able to ‘fly’ and that would get him to the treetop the squirrel was hiding in (about 50’, an old forest with large branches forming the canopy), so he sprang up and leaped at the tree, crashing into it head first. The squirrel at this point dashed along the branches running as far and as fast as it could, while Raz watched (a little dizzily) and admired the squirrel’s agility & skill.

While hunting for another he encountered a cat that hissed & ran up a tree, Raz considered, then followed after all his claws were much better than the cat’s he should have no trouble climbing the tree. Remembering the egg however he took care not to drive his claws into the tree more than necessary. As they neared the top of the tree the cat let out a yowl as it lost its purchase on the thin branches (that were shaking wildly due to Raz’s efforts). Raz’s startled gaze marveled at the cats gyrations that managed to get its feet under it. Then he took the form of a cat (losing his own grip on the tree in the process) he wasn’t as graceful as the cat at it but almost managed to get his feet under himself. ‘Practice, Practice, Practice’ he muttered deciding this form might be better for hunting squirrels in he set off. Shortly thereafter he caught one, and toyed with it awhile observing its leaps, climbing methods, and how it would fall & roll to avoid damage. He spent several days studying both cats & squirrels, eventually deciding he liked squirrel, but not cat (no matter how he cooked it)[he still ‘slipped’ on occasion killing the topic of study accidentally].

Stray memories of humans fighting with swords, and a dream of being one (or masquerading as one, it was hard to tell in the dream) encouraged him to ‘play’ with a stick for a bit, but he decided his claw was much better in the end and practiced on a few of the bigger trees in the area (pulling all his punches as much he could). By the end of the second week even wrestling the local bear started to bore him, though he did learn to fly (and realized that while climbing he’d been using that ability to support some of his weight). He found he could lift some pretty big boulders…

He knew about his (normal) psionics of course having used them exclusively while in the egg to learn and communicate but he realized he ‘knew’ another kind of power… Magic. Six spells, good for cleaning, detection, escape, utility (cooking w/o hands, handy ;) but nothing offensive. Well, not that he needed it anyway, besides the trees had enough punishment, any more they might fall down. More practice and contemplation led to the discovery of his ability to teleport, one moment his prey was running away, then next toward him surprising both of them momentarily. Feeling confident & “ready to take on the world” on the 17th day after hatching he realized that some lights off in the distance that had he hadn’t paid attention to (& couldn’t recall how long they’d been there) went out. Curious, he set out in that direction to investigate…

Flying off in that direction he sensed another of his kind and landed, assuming the form of a cat and casting shadow meld upon himself to investigate. He encountered a young Ice dragon in the shape of an elf just outside a cordon of troops blockading a village (or protecting it? Hard to tell with those beings.) The dragon seemed friendly though and being older than Razyn he wasn’t going to push his luck. She seemed kind, and friendly so he responded in kind. The humans however detected them and sent out a patrol, so Razn and Lynnah relocated, circling around & getting closer to the village. There was a huge crashing noise as a robot arrived at the location they had been and was shot at by the troops on the ground, a single missile flattened the APC that fired on the robot which Razyn could now hear was shouting something over loudspeakers “…not shoot the robot or I WILL return fire you IDIOTS!” Raz & Lyn at this point were beside a barn that bordered the town and for some reason the huge robot was moving in their direction.

Just then a barrier snapped up around the town just beyond the robot reducing the lighting to twilight. Razn checked with his ‘memories’ and realized they had been shifted to the outer astral plane. Not immediately dangerous, but eventually (weeks, months) they might all fade away! While talking it over the robot pilot overheard and offered to help any way he could. Wandering along the border he encountered a strange rune covered obelisk ½ in the barrier. Taking a swipe at it he noted it regenerated quite fast. “Stand Back” from the robot sent Lyn & Raz scrambling (Raz still in cat form, Lyn in elven) a couple bursts from a gun reduced the pillar to rubble, & we noticed the barrier was no longer opaque, we could almost make out the original scenery outside. Raz figured (from the change in the dome) that there were 3 more that would need to be taken care of, if they were equidistant then one would be out in the lake and two would be on land.

Raz & Lyn went one way (lake), the robot the other (inland, around the town)planning to meet at the last obelisk. The regeneration was almost too much for them, but eventually they scratched it down, and proceeded back to shore. A huge ‘BOOM’ echoed across the water just as they reached shore. Apperantly troops in town had fired on the robot & he fired back with small volley of something he called ‘Slammer’ missiles. 3 damaged APCs (one completely destroyed) and no survivors. Once we took out the last obelisk the town returned from the astral, some representatives from the town came out & once they realized we weren’t out to take over the town thanked up for saving them from the dark coven’s troops and the trap.

During discussions of what to do next the party encountered a member of the coven who was a town council member (A lizard mage too), and he convinced the party that the ‘trap’ as they called it was intended to save the town from the other coven’s troops (which was why the units were all mundane and conventionally equipped ‘disposable’ troops). Razyn was impressed by the feat of moving the whole town out of the way of the army, even if the trigger was a little late since the troops were already there? After more discussion Razyn agreed to bring a note to Crannishok’s cohorts so they could set it up again. Entering the rift the Lizard-Mage opened, Razn found himself in a strange city where he couldn’t see the sky.

Eventually he learned that he was in the undercity of Center, and he discovered that the ‘note’ he carried was now blank (had been unreadable before). He found he was unable to return home by teleportation though he could still teleport to any place he’d been after arriving, it was only Malcore 3 that was blocked to him. Deciding that his friends must have moved on by now (it took a few weeks to investigate his options) he tried joining a gang. Usually, the gangs were happy to take him in, but the brutality & casual violence kept causing Razn to step in and stop things before they got too far. If it wasn’t for his usefulness against the vampires none of them would have kept him as long as they did.

It took a couple years, but he managed to save up enough to pay the bribes needed to get a valid passport & lift ticket to the ‘civilized levels’ (& a little more, he felt he was doing good for the people down there and was hesitant to walk away from them) and with all his possessions upon his back he departs the lift near the spaceport. Confident that the stories he’s gathered from the workers that live below will guide him, and freshly “Cleanse”’d by magic he looks around for a tourist kiosk where he can get a map.

Taking a free map he notices that the Blood bowl is having something called a 'wildcard match' coming up. Being a huge fan of the Ladder Gladiator games where contestants voluntarily enter to attain prizes he thought this might be something he would like After all, its free unless I place a bet. . Once he arrived however he found out that kidnapped travellers were dumped in the arena and forced to fight at a seeming disadvantage. Zem, a telepathic voice Raz overheard who seemed friendly and seemed to know those kidnapped travelers in the ring, tols him that Zem was on an important mission against the evil splugorth so of course Raz wanted to help. Unfortunately all he managed to do was get a Meztla that was threatening Katia thrown out. Meanwhile in the arena Starchief found himself half swallowed by a T-Rex and in an inspired attack dropped several grenades down its craw, killing it. Attempting to Interfere with the match psionically, Raz found his abilities blocked and had a slight headache, magic would be too obvious, and physically interfering would also be so he concentrated on keeping things under control in the stands. One drunk Kydian looked like he was going to cause trouble but was scared off by Raz with a polite request to leave. After the match (Starchief and Inky won) the group assembled and were informed of an attempt to kidnap Meg that never materialized, possibly because of the preparations the group made, or just because of lack of opportunity. Apparently several more new members were picked up, and all met at Doodle's Discount Destruction Devices (4D) a rather overpriced and understocked out of the way shop that was a passage to their ship's docking area. A teleportation circle inside whisked them to the dock, and on boarding the ship he met Datephus, the ship's AI (or just I, aperantly several crew had been absorbed into the ships magic engine (accidentally) which brought about the being who responds to telepathy, but not machine ghost.

There was an introduction and information meeting for the crew which Razyn attended, and was assigned a room. Once there he had a fun time talking with Datephus and found out from the new group leader Oradro that new members could draw against an equipment fund to insure they had what they needed, quite a wonderful concept in Raz's opinion, especially when Oradro gave him 200k cr to get gear! Among the necessities he needed a radio, a translator (Why don't civilized beings speak dragonese? everyone KNOWS Dragons invented language!), sword & shield, reference databases for his computer, and a Psi Helm (What an amazing invention!). Unfortunately the Phase tech was way too expensive, so he went looking for some emergency scrolls in case the ship was destroyed. He settled for a new model Naruni vibro sword, an inexpensive shield, and a selection of database software to run on his computer.

Razyn's logs:

The first week was fairly uneventful, though Meg agreed to teach me Trade 4 and got a good start on it before we were interrupted by an encounter with the intruders! It was a fierce battle, and just as victory seemed certain despite the heavy damage to the Dime Store Magic and the expenditure of most of its missile stores a second intruder mother-ship showed up. Disaster, catastrophe, or miracle, a Kittani fleet showed up at that moment, and took the DSM on-board. Apparently the intruder energy armors have a self destruct installed (My research did not mention a thing about it!), and the DSM narrowly avoided having one explode aboard. The we also ran into a gaggle of people similarly 'Detained' by the Splugorth headed by one called 'Nick', Razyn is not sure what to make of them, but it would be Oradro's call anyway as my new captain.

It turned out that the gaggle of people wanted to join us, and seemed friendly enough once they stopped pretending to be other than they were. The Kittani made a deal with Oradro to repair our ship in exchange for us sending back intel for them from the planet we were heading for anyway. So our mission is back on course with a little twist. I don't really like doing favors for slavers like these, but we really have no choice at the moment other than abandoning our mission completely for weeks while we attempt our own repairs. Hopefully this Thraxus pays as well as my friends claim, dying in space is not part of my plans for the near future! Perhaps I can convince Meg or Zem to teach me spells that will let me survive vacuum, thought I currently owe Meg a spell or skill of her choice.

The Splugorth fleet is apparently massing for what they believe to be a suicide assault on a planet we think holds the artifact we are after. Oradro agreed to accepting repairs in exchange for sneaking in first and sending back strategic information. Not that we had much choice really, we were pretty beat up after facing two intruder craft and their fighters. (Zem managed to take out the fighters, he has some pretty amazing abilities being something called a cosmic knight as well as having massive magical and psionic power.) The crew seems tense and somewhat desperate to get out of the mission, openly discussing such things around us even. I went to the lunch room along with Nick, Starchief, Oradro and Katia, not that the food looked that good being laid out steam table style in barely identifiable piles. Some tough guy conservator entered while we were seated and pushed his way to the front of the line, then left with his food smirking like his demonstration was significant. A few min later some Idadhe with guards comes in and accuses us of killing the conservator. Luckily, Wakala had been with us the whole time and berated the desperate Idadhe for his silly (but dangerous to us) notion.

The investigation of the dead conservator revealed it was killed by something 'Tall & Glowing' that fired something like a TW Submachine gun at him, though I thought it looked alot like he got beat up by a gnome. There was an alert that another conservator was attacked & we were enlisted to help, we found the scientist dead and what appeared to be an escaped ppe predator that had fed on a jar of mystic leeches (and a broken zembahk powered staff) While we were discovering this an attack in the DSM came to light, some shadowy assassins attacked the others in the cargo bay. I wonder if this is related to the earlier plot we heard about to capture Meg? I'm probably the only one who could get there in time to help, but the trail we were following might lead us to the ppe predator... Perhaps we can get some pay for this, it is not like we enjoy the company we're forced to keep...

The PPE predator turned out to be a leech of some kind that exploded when it attached to my back and I sliced it, it was pretty slippery and hard to grab. While I was distracted by the slimy thing an 'invader' being complete with solid energy armor attacked Oradro and Wakala, Oradro managed an incredible feat of strength and grappled the power armor barehanded. Needless to say I was rather impressed by my new captain, though I suspect he was concealing some of his ability for Wakala's benefit, no one trusts the minions of the splugorth after all. We managed to defeat the invader and when we got back discovered that Chef Icky had been grievously wounded in the fight to prevent Meg's abduction. She's a nice girl & all, but what they want going to such effort to steal her is beyond me. She's even agreed to continue our language lessons, looking forward to the distraction.

We managed to sneak into the system and Oradro decided we needed to board one of the stations to get the information we came for. We lost Scythax in the fight to take the control room and found a weakness of the stations (that they are 4 separate ships working as one). Poor little guy, had such funny ideas about mixing magic and tech too. Anyway, I managed to incapacitate several of the intruders and one of the lower rankers yielded to my mental probing.

The raising and society of the race was more insectoid than we normally see in civilized worlds, but they do have a unique tech. I recovered this about the worker's background:
Worker's Memories wrote:Of course I immediately recognized that many of its memories and thought patterns are more animalistic than sentient. However, the Beast quite clearly recalls being brought up in servitude and trained in combat and mechanical skills from an early age, all to serve some sort of vague God figure worshiped by the Intruders. He recalls the indoctrination the Beast underwent, the teaching that all other life forms were disgusting parasites to be cleansed from the Megaverse. Any early signs of rebelliousness among it and its cohort were ruthlessly stamped out, and the Beast quickly learned to obey the Mind Creatures placed over it. They would regularly scream orders directly into the Beast’s mind, and it quickly lost any sense or understanding of a spoken language. Or of individuality.

It reached maturity quickly, spending most of its time in technological structures and vehicles similar to the cube on which you find yourselves now. Eventually, it was assigned to a ship, and attached to a massive invasion force gathering amidst unfamiliar stars far above an alien world. It was given a suit of armor, calibrated for it and it alone. From then on, the weight of the solid energy generator was a constant presence in its life.

The journey to the Three Galaxies was long. The Beast was not sophisticated enough to track how long it took, and in any event the creature’s sense of time seems highly foreign compared to anything with which Razyn is familiar. Eventually, the invading force arrived, and thousands of ships broke off from the main force on various assignments. The Beast was not privy to such details, it simply remembers watching the fleets on various view screens, before its ship too was sent off on a mission.

Most of its time was spent on tedious soldiers’ work. Patrolling, maintaining equipment, and serving as a sort of staff officer. It takes Razyn a while to recognize the room in which the group finds itself- the red plume of energy was not in evidence in the Beast’s memories. Based on the Beast’s very limited expertise, the room served as both a bridge and an engine room for the Intruder ship on which the Beast served. Eventually, the Beast’s battle group engaged the enemy. What followed was months of fighting- destroying ships Razyn recognizes as Splugorth, and despoiling countless worlds. The Intruders seemed interested in nothing beyond destruction and death. When the tide began to turn against the invaders, the Beast was oblivious to the larger strategic concerns, but even it began to sense the growing feelings of concern among the upper echelon as the Kittani began to slowly push them back.

Eventually, the ship arrived in the system with the red star, along with thousands of its fellows. Days of tedious work followed, calibrating systems on the ship, and shutting down many others. Razyn remembers the feelings of elation and pride that the entire crew felt when the ship was finally halted, and the great red plume of energy emerged from the ship’s core, connecting it and three others like it to form an impenetrable weapons platform.

After that, more tedium. The ship remained stationary, and the Beast primarily concerned itself with assisting its masters. Usually, this took the form of guard duty on the bridge, interspersed with frequent patrols through the ship and boring work on its mechanical and electrical systems. Their station had become the vanguard of the Intruder defenses in this system, all centered around a planet further in. What this planet was, or its significance to the Intruders, the Beast did not know.

The Beast was never allowed access to the computers on board the bridge. They were the sole domain of the Mind Creatures it served, and the Beast knew that any attempt to change this state of affairs would be punishable by its death. It was content to serve its masters and its God; even when its superior received a message, and communicated with one of their strange, hairy adversaries in their guttural alien tongue, it obeyed without question. Shortly after, the Intruders were warned that an enemy scouting vessel might attempt to penetrate their defensive perimeter. The alien scouts were to be slain at all costs. Just after the cube’s sensors detected the vessel, the creature’s memory explodes with the beginning of your attack on the room. Shortly afterwards, it falls to the ground, unable to so much as activate its armor. Once it could, however, the aliens would pay for their treacherous assault.

There were a few skills it had as well, in dire need I may be able to recall something. Unfortunately nothing hat would alllow us ot make this Solid Energy ourselves.
Worker's Skills wrote:Skills gained wrote:
Fifth Level Proficiency
Radio: Basic (+20%)
Pilot: Intruder Ships (+20%)
Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
Weapons Systems (+15%)
Power Armor Combat: Intruder Systems (Elite)
Fighter Combat: Elite
Navigation: Space (+10%)
Literacy: Intruder Native Tongue
Basic Electronics (+5%)
Electrical Engineer (+5%)
Mechanical Engineer (+5%)
Basic Math
Advanced Math
Athletics (General)
Computer Operation
General Repair & Maintenance
Third level proficiency
Robot Mechanics (+5%)
Spaceship Mechanics (+5%)
Body Building & Weightlifting

Once we managed to portal back to the DSM there was a smelly escape pod in the hold with three apparently new members sent by Thraxus to help out. Metri is some kind of psychic, and Kaius seemed to be another of those magi-tech guys. Danziger seems to be a comm tech sent to find a tracer planted on the DSM. So many complications, even as I have taken the time to make these notations and a few basic notes on the intruder's tech we are called to the bridge. I am given an impression of the broken staff again, so I grab it as I head toward the bridge. I leave it with my sword and shield while loaning the little green psychic the helm as I can't carry them on a teleport yet.

Oradro agreed to let me teleport in on my own, but at the same time the others board. Seems fair, I don't want to hog all the glory, and the control room looked big on screen. It was a harrowing approach to the Upov's ship, getting under its shields and boarding the bridge. Luckily I had See Aura up so I could guess which of the figures was the most powerful (thus likely the Upov). I challenged him and goaded him, but got no response. Figures in PA rushed in to "help the Upov!" so I think I got it right. There's no possessing entity so the idea to break for freedom must have been his own (If badly timed). I wish there was some way to help him instead of fighting him, but the Visions I had were dire if we fail to bring the entire fleet to the Intruder world. The firefight on the bridge was intense, I lost 2 AoI and was unable to fool anyone with invisibility. The Upov's shield seems to regenerate almost faster than I can tear it down. Few of my spells and none of my Psionics are useful at the moment, I'm hoping my years of watching gladiatorial combat "Blood Bowl" helps!

The battle was chaotic & fun for the most part. Things don't happen as they did in Blood Bowl, real battles hurt more. We managed to take the Upov down, but the Kittiani refused to back down. I really tried to get them to surrender but they kept attacking and calling reinforcements. when we retreated I covered the rear and got my ass cooked. Oww, just remembering my poor tail a crispy wisp of its usual beautiful self brings a tear to my eye. In fact the rest of me wasn't much better, I was forced to curl up right there on the cargo deck and heal up. I then headed to the bridge in case anyone needed me and resumed meditation, my resources had been running low before the battle with the Upov, and were in critically low levels now. We are supposed to have 2 1/2 more hours before the fleet heads out, then four in travel time back to Garnet. I hope we can get what we came for finally. I really don't like that we keep loosing friends like the gruff TW Squidward, the robot Author B9 doesn't look so good either, but at least he made it back & can be repaired. I still regret the Irony of helping the Kittiani leadership against those striking out for freedom. However, my Vision was pretty definite though, the fleet must fight as one or the Outsiders would win and continue deeper into allied space. From the Mind Bond {Shudder} the 'Outsiders' consider all other intelligent life a disease to be purged from the universe so I doubt there is ever a chance to come to peace with them. I just hope this assault is worth it.
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Postby Razyn » Wed Jun 29, 2011 3:54 am

I saw a topic about making up your home system so I put together one for Razyn. Since the UWW book isn't here yet and he's from an area of UWW space recently explored it could be subject to revision. Though most likely it can be shoe horned in somewhere without a problem. Razyn was born near a border of Centia and was tricked into rifting to phase world (to stop him from meddling in any more of the lizard mage's plots).

The star (sun) of Alfredes system is predictably enough Alfredes. The star system consists of only 6 planets, 2 of which are quite large and occupy the habitable range. The system only recently joined the UWW and does not yet have a pyramid hub to connect it to the rest of the worlds.

Alfredes 1, locally known as Nema after a goddess of the hunt fames for her running speed is closest to the star, and little more than a tidal locked mass of rock racing around the star. It is completely uninhabitable, though possibly rich in minerals should the adventurous survive to arrive at the night side safely and manage to mine it.

Alfredes 2, Called Tercel after the god of storms. It is a gas giant that is far too hot for any known life form, and its depths have not been explored. It does have its share of Ley lines however, and a permanent storm in the atmosphere often throws off smaller storms in the systems network of ley lines.

Alfredes 3, or Mythanel is one of the two habitable planets of the system, named for . There is little water and vast areas of land (the entire equator is a desert, the temperature in the ‘livable’ areas is often over 90 F). The fauna tends to specialize in trapping water and animals evolved in symbiosis with them, for to overpopulate or overgraze would result in the loss of the tribe/herd etc. Other predators and some of the fauna in fact hunts animals to acquire water, making this a popular extreme sport hunting spot. The (believed to be) native intelligent race is called Lyvorrks, and they have developed a special kinship with reptiles of all varieties. Rare snakes and lizards are often available for trade, and though the natives live fairly primitive in their home tribes, they learn fast and have already established a spaceport and thriving economy about it. Schools and access to formal training and learning is creating new options and upheaval in their society. The raptor like aliens also fare well when hired on as mercenaries, and love learning magic. (Native Lyvorrk often study LLW or Shifter type magic) Ley lines cross the world fairly evenly, but the massive size (though appx earth normal gravity) makes them extremely rare on the surface. Recent contact has introduced them to their neighbors on #4 and there has been limited immigration both ways.

Alfredes 4, is home of the system’s dominant humanoid life form, the planet is about 1.25 earth’s diameter though about the same mass. The inhabitants call their planet ‘Malcore 3’ and their Sun Malcore, the names having been given before they knew of Nema. The change of name to Alfredes occurred mostly due to a translation error when the natives were first contacted. Alfredes was the state and capital of those being spoken to… This is believed by galactic scholars to be a seed colony of some kind that was lost, possibly time shifted. The current political situation is of cold war states with the biggest state (Centia) and its allies favoring UWW membership, and smaller states with varying agendas from full on Dark Coven allies to greedy petty tyrants. Until discovered by a UWW vessel they had little interest in space, they had enough problems to keep them busy they thought. The alliance with UWW brought the Centites the influence needed to stabilize the political climate (mostly) though frequent border actions are carried out by ‘disclaimable’ troops. One of the things that startled the UWW crew the most was the variety of ‘people’ and races in Centia. The study of shifting (along with random rift activity) on this world had led to many unusual and usually uncommon races finding a home. Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Kobolds, can be found alongside Aviane, Blucies, Malvoren and Spinne. Sentients are treated pretty much equally, even traditional racial enemies have forgotten their gripes. The variety of magics practiced led to the founding of Gantreia’s world famous Magic University, where pretty much any kind of magic was studied, debated, and decided upon. Like the federation of magic city of Dewomer, the university is ‘directed’ by a godling who calls himself Talus. His participation appears to moderate the study of necromancy (and other unclean arts) to primarily forms of prevention. Bio Wizardry is unknown at this time. There are also a cadre of trained magus (Lord, High and Battle) that help police the city. Training as a Magus typically involves years of service, though a couple million galactic credits donated at the right time might mitigate that, particularly if in the form of gems used by the artificers, crafters and Techno Wizards. Ley lines are comparable to #3, but are utilized more, and control of lines and nexi are key reasons for city placement.

Alfredes 5 is a giant frozen ball of rock far enough outside the habitable zone that its gravity well doesn’t interfere with Alfredes 4, but it certainly sweeps up any space dust or small meteors it encounters. Gravity is about 4x earth norm, and the surface is mapped by satellite, but unexplored. Ley lines are fairly dense on the surface though rift activity is uncommon.

Alfredes 6 is an eccentric wanderer probably captured long ago by the system. Its only unusual property (that is known) is that it is unconnected to the system’s ley line network, yet creates surges along space lines when it passes through them.

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