Orion (Deceased)

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Orion (Deceased)

Postby Orion » Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:02 am

Player Name:Ben
YIM Handle:Siridardragon@yahoo.com

Character Name: Orion
Alias:Hey You
O.C.C.: Space Nomad
Occupation: Pilot
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 4 (Using Turbo-Jockey OCC XP Table)
XP Points: 16,501 Updated 09/07/10 - Sasq
Next Level @ XP: 17,200
Sentiments/Non-Humans:I work for anyone if the job and pay is right
Sentiments/Coalition: who?
Disposition: Easy going loves to pilot ships,vehicles and things that go boom

I.Q.: 22 +8% to skills +4 Perception
M.E.: 22
M.A.: 13
P.S.: 14
P.P.: 27 +6 strike,parry, dodge,
P.E.: 13
P.B.: 6

PPE: 9
ISP: 45+1d6 per level
MDC: 310 +3d6 per level, Eyes 100, Tentacles 58 have 35 mdc each.
Age: 24
Sex: m
Height: 9ft. with tentactles, 4ft. head
Weight: 250lbs
Description: Purple Eyes with a gold looking skin

Racial Abilities
keen 20/20 vision with polarized eyelids, excellent hearing, high sense of touch, climbing 98/98, swimming 88% max depth of 600ft.
Pilot Savant: Pilot 40% base, +20% to skills taken, Tentacles-paried weapons can stretch to 20ft. or shrink to fit under head. Can do up to 4 seperate tasks simultaneous

Machine Ghost 12 Isp 3 min/level
Speed Reading 4 isp 2 min/level

O.C.C. Skills
Zebuloid 98%
Trade 1 +5 98%
Trade 4 +5 98%
Trade 6 +5 83%
Basic Math +5 93%
Advanced Math +5 93%
Astronomy/Navigation +5 73%
Land Navigation +4 71%
Pilot Spacecraft: Small +3 98%
Pilot Space Craft: General +4 98%
Read and Operate Sensory Equipment +5 73%
Computer Operation +5 77%
W.P. Energy Pistol, Rifle
Navigation +5 75%
Space Contacts +2 14%
O.C.C. Related Skills
Optic Systems +5 58%
Radio Scramblers +5 73%
Ship to Ship Combat +5 63% +1 to strike
Pilot Advanced Spacecraft +4 80%
Pilot Tank and APC +4 76%
Computer Hacking +5 48%
Literacy Trade 1 +5 58%
Laser Communications +5 58%
Radio Basic +5 73%
Zero Gravity Movement +4 56%
Pilot Space Fighter +3 87%
Navigation: Space +5 63%
Computer Programming +5 57%
Weapons Systems +5 83%
Salvage +5 45%
Combat Driving
Secondary Skills
Prowl +5 48%
Streetwise +4 40%
Navigation: Interplanetary +5 68%
Art +5 58%
Lore:Galactic/Alien 33% +5% level (1st)
Combat Data
HTH Type:none
Number of Attacks:14
Initiative Bonus:+4
Strike Bonus:+6
Parry Bonus:+11
Dodge Bonus:+10
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Bonus to Disarm:+4
Other: Entangle +6

Combat Data
HTH Type:Starfighter Basic
Number of Attacks:15
Initiative Bonus:+4
Strike Bonus:+7
Dodge Bonus:+13
Dog-Fighting: +1

Weapon Proficiencies
Energy Rifle +4 aimed, +2 burst
Energy Pistol +4 aimed +2 burst
Saving Throw Bonuses
+4 vs Psionics, +5 vs Insanity, Perception +5
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Re: Orion

Postby Orion » Mon Mar 16, 2009 9:28 pm

Equipment: Portable Computer, Language Translator, backpack, 1,008,500 credits, Draygon V.L.P. Dragster, Draygon V.L.R. Dragon's Eye. Paint and canvases, paint brushes

Pilot's Survival Kit
Flashing Beacon Light
Emergency Beacon
Hand-fired signal Flare
Clock Calender
Autorecorder with 24 hours of space
2 12 hour oxygen tanks
1 EVA suit patching kit
1 small flashlight
1 PSE-7000 Portable Scanner with Bio-Scanner
1. Spacers friend multi-tool
3 days worth of rations and water
1 miniature first aid kit

Spacer's Friend Multi-tool

PSE-7000 Portable Scanner
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Re: Orion

Postby Orion » Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:54 pm


Orion grew up and on his 18th birthday he signed up for the spaceforce and began training. He graduated among the top of his class and was chosen to join the Red Moon Squadron where he served with honors and completed a three year term and left for a civilian life so to speak, He loved to fly anything he could get ahold of and to fight if need be but killing all the time and the strict rules of military life wasn't for him. So he left the Empire to explore the galaxy. Orion quickly discovered his talents for flying and navigating was in big demand once they got over his unique look. So he took job after job just to see the galaxy and meet interesting new races and then he heard of the FFW and thier fight against the TGE and how they needed supplies. So he used some contacts through the old spacer bars he knew and some of his ex-captains and got a job as a navigator and pilot on a smuggler ship called the Brick, carrying weapons and supplies for them. Well on one mission things got ugly and they were shotdown well luckily the ship wasn't totally destroyed.

So they had to made a forced landing and hooked up with resistance and while checking out the cargo they found they were carrying some new line of weapons and armor and was managed to convince the local resistance to arm him with a rifle and pistol. Well for a few weeks he worked helping them pilot tanks,APC's, and fighter ships. He worked off his weapons fighting for them and helping around where he could and learning some new skills in exchange for teaching people what he knew. After awhile they finally got The Brick fixed and decided to lift off and head back to home base to fully repair the ship and to restock and see family and friends. So when the returned Orion said goodbye for the time and started looking for a new job to see something new, letting Captain Marshall of The Brick know he can count on him if things get too bad and he's needed.

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