Faraday (Immortal Godling, APPROVED) Leveled to 5

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Faraday (Immortal Godling, APPROVED) Leveled to 5

Postby Faraday » Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:46 pm

Player Name: Tony
GMail: tony.d.burns.jr

Character Name: Stigandr
Identity Name: Richard Rearden
Power Category: Immortal: Godling
Alias: Faraday
Occupation: Wanderer
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 5
XP Points: 32,146 (Updated end of Quad 3 2019 by Major James Smith)
Next Level @ XP: 40,001
Birth Order/Family Ties: Norse Pantheon
Land of Origin: Scandinavia
Childhood Environment: Privilege, for the time.
Social/Economic Background: Medieval Norse Warrior
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: Adolescence
Disposition: In any given scene or encounter that will depend a great deal on what 'face' or cover identity he is using. However deep down, internally, he is world weary and looking for new experiences and genuine challenges that make him feel like life is worth while again. To this end he pursues ever more intricate games and schemes seeking to create situations he finds interesting and amusing.

I.Q.: 26
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 13
P.S.: 25 (Supernatural)
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 15
P.B.: 20
Speed: 17

P.P.E.: 214
H.P.: 145
S.D.C.: 300
Birth: 725 AD
Age: 1318
Sex: M
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 200lb

Description: A rather tall man with broad shoulders and somewhat thicker musculature than usual, though not massively so. His features are handsome in a minor unkempt way that could be more impressive if it were something he gave attention to. With an approachable, easy, and friendly manner he seems warm and outgoing.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +1, (+3 to recognizing the arcane) as a practitioner of magic. 43% (3%)
Charm/Impress: 50%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 0%
Max. Carrying Weight: 7,500
Max. Lifting Weight: 12,500
Max. Jumping Ability: 37.5 ft. Vertical, 18.75 ft. Horizontal
Natural AR 14
Resistant to fire and cold.
Regenerate 2d6 HP/3d6 SDC per 10 minutes.
Recover 5 times faster than normal human.
Recover 50% faster from debilitating magic, drugs, disease, etc.
Super power ranges increased 50%.
Hold breath 15 minutes before suffocating. Sustain up to -130 0 H.P. and remain mobile, but weak as a kitten. Becomes distracted, combat bonuses are reduced to 0, and only 2 melee actions a round. Attributes are reduced 50% and Skills are reduced by -75% Flight instinct kicks in to escape. Collapse and appear dead after sustaining -131 to 300 HP. See HU2 pg 181 for recovery from death.
Godling Attribute Bonuses: IQ: +2, MA: +3, ME: +4, PE: +3, PS: +11, PB: +8, Spd: +7

Super Abilities
Ectoplasmic Armor (Powers Unlimited 3, page 58)
- Protective Armor: SDC (412), Natural AR of 14. Regenerates 3d6 SDC/minute. Total Repair in 10 minutes. If completely depleted cannot be recreated for 1 hour.
- Ecto-Weapons: Can form weapons (sword/axe/mace/claws) from ectoplasm. Damage: 2d6+2
-- Climbing Claws can provide +10% Climbing bonus. Tentacle/Pseudopod with PS 7 can extend up to 9 feet.
- Ecto-Shield: Shield weapon can be formed. SDC (171) 1/10 damage received. Regenerates 3d6 SDC/minute. If completely depleted cannot be reformed for 1 hour.
- Ghost Slayer: Weapons/Shields made out of ectoplasm can strike and hurt most supernatural Entities, Ghosts, Spirits, Astral Beings, & Astral Travelers. +1d6 damage to ghostly supernatural beings. Can damage any energy being, shadow or ethereal creature other than characters with the Intangibility power, doing base 1d6 damage.

Portal (Armageddon Unlimited, page 19)
-Creates teleportation portals. One portal appears near the Portal-maker, the other at a target site/destination.
-Range: LOS, with exceptions.
-Portals may be up to 10ft/lvl in diameter.
-Duration: Until the Portal-maker goes through, until he chooses to close it, or until he is rendered unconscious or killed. Others may use the portal while it is open.
-Creating a portal counts as one melee attack/action.
-(As of lvl 3) Portals may be used to go through walls. The portal creates an opening on one side of a wall with the exit portal directly on the other side of the wall.

Extraordinary Intelligence (Powers Unlimited 3, page 12)

- Area of Expertise: Robot Electrical and Mechanical and may exceed skill cap with two designated skills.

Multi-Tasking(Powers Unlimited 1, page 36) (Mutated)

Can perform two complete sets of actions at the same time without penalty.
Actions must not contradict or conflict with each other:
-Example: Hands used for fighting can't be typing at exactly the same time.
Use of senses can't contradict of conflict with each other:
-Example: Using eyes to look through a telescope can't read a book at exactly the same time.
Includes Ambidexterity: Can use both right and left hand with equal skill and dexterity.

Speed Tasking(Powers Unlimited 1, page 42)

-Performs skills in half the time usually necessary without penalties or poor performance and while talking, watching television, or half thinking about something else. Sorting, cataloging, reading, filing, putting together a gun or engine are all a snap for this guy.

Criminal Intuition(Powers Unlimited 1, page 19)

Range: LOS; must actually see the crime scene as it is about to unfold, while it's happening or after it has occured.
Duration: Continuous & constant.
Skill Bonuses: +10% to Surviellance Systems/Tailing, Detect Ambush, Criminal Science + Forensics
Limitations: Criminal masterminds and experienced crooks are hard to recognize, sense, and second guess. Likewise friends and characters associated with the superhuman for some period of time (over three months) become shielded from the character's criminal intuition and slip under his radar, so to speak. Familiarity may interfere with the sleuth's objectivity and intuition.
- Intuitive sense for criminals, police, undercover agents etc.
- Recognizes gang colors, tags (graffiti and insignias etc.), turf boundaries and other details related to crime, gangs, and criminal organizations.
-- No mistaking obvious gang members, prostitutes, drug dealers, enforcers, and thieves. They stand out like a neon sign. As do undercover cops, police tails, and surviellance teams. Only the best and most experienced can escape the character's notice.
- Intuitively recognize a crime scene, even if it has been cleaned and straitened up or disguised. (Sees clues/evidence there like a Crime Scene Investigator), and then enables him to imagine how the crime unfolded, how many people were probably involved, who the victim was and what happened to them including whether there were any fatalities and wehre the body(s) may have been hidden. This is all done by examining the scene of a crime and letting his uncanny intuition and insight take over. Additionally provides an estimation of whether the crime was a crime of passion and/or done by an amateur, inexperienced crook, experienced professional, organized crime, or government agents etc.
- Can sense an impending crime, the nature of the crime, how the crime works, the number of participants, and how it will likely unfold.
- Can sense if they are being targeted as a victim of a crime. When this happens he can look around to survey the area and people around him and intuitively deduce where the incident is likely to take place and who (if visible) is the likely assailant. This can help the character tell if he is being followed/tailed, about to be attacked/mugged, or is being lured or set up. He can also tell when a neighborhood or area is dangerous or shady.

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 14 (+2 @ level 4, +1 @ levels 7 and 10.)

lvl 3

Armor of Ithan (10)(HU2, pg 323)
Invisibility: Simple (6)(BoM, pg 97)

lvl 4

Charismatic Aura (10)(BoM, pg 99)
Shadow Meld (10)(BoM, pg 103)

lvl 5

Aura of Death (12)(BoM, pg 104)
Escape (8)(HU2, pg 326)
Mend The Broken (10+cost)(BoM, pg 108)

lvl 6

Mask of Deceit (15)(HU2, pg 328)

lvl 7

Globe of Silence (20)(HU2, pg 329)
Invisibility: Superior (20)(HU2, pg 330)

lvl 8

Locate (30)(HU2, pg 331)
Oracle (30)(BoM, pg 123)

lvl 9
Create Steel (68)(BoM, pg 127)

lvl 12
Time Hole (210)(HU2, pg 337)

Scholastic Skills
Pilot: Automobile 110% (+2%)
Math: Basic 117% (+5%)
Native Language 147% (+5%)
German/Scandinavian dialects R/W Native Language 180% (+5%)

Anthropology 87% (+5%)
Archeology 87% (+5%)
Artificial Intelligence 78% (+3%) (Acquired at lvl 3)
Chemistry 92% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 87% (+5%)
Computer Hacking 82% (+5%) (Acquired at lvl 3)
Computer Operation 102% (+5%)
Computer Programming 92% (+5%)
Detect Ambush 92% (+5%)
Detect Concealment 87% (+5%)
Disguise 77% (+5%) (Acquired at lvl 3)
Electrical Engineer 92% (+5%)
**Basic Electrical 92% (+5%)
Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons 76% (+4%) (Acquired at lvl 3)
Horsemanship 108% (+4%)
Imitate Voices & Impersonation (Acquired at lvl 3)
- Voice: Accents/Region: 106% (+4%)
- Voice: Specific Person: 86% (+4%)
- Regional Disguise 86% (+4%)
- Specific Occupation 82% (+4%)
- Specific Person 80% (+4%)
Intelligence 88% (+4%)
Math: Advanced 117% (+5%)
Mechanical Engineer 87% (+5%)
**Basic Mechanical 92% (+5%)
Navigation: Terran 112% (+5%)
Navigation: Space 102% (+5%)
Pilot: Boats: Sail-Types 122% (+5%)
Pilot: Helicopter 97% (+5%)
Pilot: Hovercraft 112% (+5%)
Pilot: Jet Fighters 98% (+4%)
Pilot: Robots & Power Armor 110% (+4%) (Acquired at lvl 3)
Read Sensory Equipment 92% (+5%)
Robot Electronics 112% (+5%)
Robot Mechanics 112% (+5%)
Sniper (+2 Aimed Shot)
Weapons Engineer 87% (+5%)
Weapon Systems 102% (+5%)
Wilderness Survival 92% (+5%)

WP Energy Pistol (Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike)
WP Energy Rifle (Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike)
WP Heavy Energy Weapons & Rail Guns (Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike)

Language: English: 115% (+5%)
Language: Dragonese/Elven: 110% (+5%)

Language: Old Norse/Norse Languages: 111% (+5%)
Language: French: 110% (+5%)
Language: German: 110% (+5%)
Language: Russian: 106% (+5%)
Language: Chinese: 112% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
WP Archery
WP Blunt
WP Knife
WP Paired Weapons
WP Polearm
WP Shield
WP Spear
WP Staff
WP Sword
WP Targeting
WP Whip
WP Bolt-Action Rifle
WP Revolver
WP Semi-Auto Pistol
WP Shotgun
WP Auto & Semi-Auto Rifle
WP Heavy Weapons

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 7
Initiative Bonus: +3
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +6
Dodge Bonus: +6
Entangle: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +10
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +10
Bonus to Disarm: +2 HTH
Kick 2d4 HTH
Snap Kick: 1d6 Very fast kick and in tight quarters
Crescent Kick: 2d4+2
Backwards sweep: Trip attack behind. Cannot Parry
Tripping /Leg Hook: Trip attack front. Cannot Parry
Leap Kick: 3d8 dmg, counts as two attacks

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

WP Paired Weapons
WP Archery +3 Strike, +1 Parry, +2 Disarm, +2 Strike Bonus from Targeting
WP Blunt +2 Strike/Parry, +1 Strike Thrown,
WP Knife +2 Strike Thrown, +2 Strike, +2 Parry, +2 Strike Bonus from Targeting
WP Polearm +2 Strike, +2 Parry, +1 Strike Thrown, +2 Damage
WP Shield +2 Parry, +1 Strike
WP Spear +2 Strike, +2 Parry, +1 Strike Thrown, +2 Strike Bonus from Targeting
WP Staff +2 Strike, +2 Parry, +1 Strike Thrown
WP Sword +2 Strike/Parry, +1 Strike Thrown
WP Targeting +2 Strike
WP Whip +2 Strike, Disarm, & Entangle, +2 Damage
WP Bolt-Action Rifle Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike
WP Revolver Aimed: +4 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike
WP Semi-Auto Pistol Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike
WP Shotgun Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike)
WP Auto & Semi-Auto Rifle Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike
WP Heavy Weapons Aimed: +4 Strike/Burst: +2 Strike
WP SMG Aimed: +3 Strike/Burst: +1 Strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 0%
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): 0
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): 0
Insanity (12+): 0
Psionics (15): 0
+10 vs Possession
+2 Save vs. Mind Control, & Illusions
+7 vs Horror
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Faraday's Equipment

Postby Faraday » Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:46 pm

Stigandr's Dagger: Forlog

Description: A sturdy and deceptively serviceable dagger roughly eight inches in length. Finely decorated and appointed enough to be mistaken for a foppish decoration yet with a potent and keen edge that belies all appearances.

Damage: 5d6
Weight: 650g
Magic Features
• Increased Damage (Reflected in Stats)
• Indestructible
History: Created and wielded since the early middle ages. Euphemistically called Forlog (Destiny) as Stigandr once quipped that in his hands it chose men for the Valkyries, and they would trust it's word. Stigandr has carried this weapon since just before he departed Europe to wander Eastward.

Combat/Survival Knife (HU:2, pg 342)
Damage: 1d6

[Total Modifiers: Combat/Survival Knife
+4 Strike w/Thrown, +4 Strike/Parry]

Desert Eagle (50AE), Heavy Pistol (HU2, GM Guide, pg 210)
    Cartridge: .50 AE Feed: 7 round magazine
    Weight: 3.2 lbs Barrel Length: 10 inches
    Approx. Effective Range: 165 ft Damage: 6d6
    + Laser Sight (+1 Strike, within 200ft)
    + Weapon Balancing (+1 Strike, Aimed Shots)
    + Recoil Diminisher (+1 Strike, Burst)
    + Silencer/Flash Suppressor

Regular Ammunition: 100 rounds
Explosive Ammunition: 50 rounds

[Total Modifiers: Desert Eagle
Aimed Shot: +6 Strike (+1 w/200 ft)
Burst Shot: +2 Strike (+1 w/200 ft)]

M82A1, Heavy Rifle (HU2, GM Guide, pg 212)
    Cartridge: 12.7 x 99mm Feed: 11 round magazine
    Weight: 13.4kg Barrel Length: 30 inches Approx. Effective Range: 660 ft Damage: 1d4 x 10
    Special: Short & Long burst capable. Uses Pistol rules.
    + Laser Sight (+1 Strike, within 200ft)
    + Recoil Diminisher (+1 Strike, Burst)
    + Weapon Balancing (+1 Strike, Aimed Shots)
    + Tripod
    + Silencer/Flash Suppressor

Regular Ammunition: 100 rounds
Armor Piercing Ammunition: 50 rounds

[Total Modifiers: M82A
Aimed Shot: +6 Strike (+1 w/200 ft)
Burst Shot: +2 Strike (+1 w/200 ft)]

G11, Assault Rifle (HU2, GM Guide, pg 212)
    Cartridge: 4.7mm x 33mm caseless Feed: 50 round magazine
    Weight: 8lbs Barrel Length: 20 inches
    Approx. Effective Range: 1320 ft ROF: Cyclic: 500-600/minute; Auto: 100/minute Damage: 3d6
    Special: 3 round short burst with no penalty.
    + Laser Sight (+1 Strike, within 200ft)
    + Recoil Diminisher (+1 Strike, Burst)
    + Weapon Balancing (+1 Strike, Aimed Shots)
    + Silencer/Flash Suppressor

Regular Ammunition: 100 rounds
Armor Piercing Ammunition: 50 rounds

[Total Modifiers: G11
Aimed Shot: +6 Strike (+1 w/200 ft)
Burst Shot: +4 Strike (+1 w/200 ft)]

Modern Armor Sets: 6 (Class 4 Armor)
AR: 17, SDC: 280/280, Weight: 20 lbs.

Personal Funds: $1,880,000

Wardrobe: Extensive

Home: Upper-Middle-class Townhouse - in Diego Verde. Three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2-car garage, fenced yard, the suburban dream.

Vehicle: Avtran Aircar (HU:CS pg 65)
    Crew: One driver/pilot and up to three passengers
    A.R. 5
    S.D.C. by Location
    • Main Body - 200 S.D.C.
    • Jets (4) - 100 S.D.C. each
    • Tail - 75 S.D.C
    Speed: 300 mph
    Range: 400 miles
    Length: 12 feet
    Weight: 1,500lbs

Police Scanner

Utility Belt / Combat Harness




Pen Light


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Faraday's Background

Postby Faraday » Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:46 pm

Era 1: Viking Age

My grandfather told me I was born just like any other man. My father came to our village one day, on business of his own the nature of which no one could ever tell me. He left not long after. In the meantime, I have been told, he accomplished deeds both great and foul alike. Not to mention bedded the daughter of the Jarl, against the will of her father and his sons. When I was young, before I came into my strength, my grandfather made clear that I would need to make my own way in life. His legacy would go to his own sons and my mother had not married by that point. Yet while he made that clear the old man said I was half his blood and he'd see me raised a proper Northman. So while I was raised much as the son of a Jarl, learning all the requisite skills, I had much lower prospects in life. Or so it would seem.

As I grew older things began to change. I changed. I grew stronger, hardier, more powerful. My power soon became readily apparent on the sparring grounds and the dueling ring. I amazed all, including myself. The talk of my mother shifted from being a woman of low reputation to being one who had borne the son of a god. Which god became something of much debate. She would never say whether she even knew. All of these changes, my growing power, continued to affect change in everything else around me. The warriors wanted me along for raids. I went with them, naturally. I helped them to win battles and I learned to handle ships and navigate. I learned about fighting, and about war. I grew to have a passion for it. I studied the sagas and questioned the old warriors closely on all things concerning battle. And soon they did not simply want me along yet asked me to lead them.

And so I did, naturally. I could tell you tales of monasteries and towns looted and burned. Women and children carried away into thralldom and to market in the east. Yet such matters are of small import. Many lesser men did similar things. And I do not deny I found glory, pleasure, and profit all alike therein just like them. Yet slowly, in my growing power, I stopped seeing myself as just another man. I hoped I would even earn the attention of the gods. The attention of my father. Wherever, whomever, he might be. That he would look down on me and want to claim his worthy son. That I would win enough victories, take enough lives, steal enough gold and women, that the eyes of the Aesir would turn towards me. Yet it was never so.

Eventually I accepted this. It was no small thing for me, to stop seeking what I assumed were my rightful kin. And if that was never to be so, no matter how great a Northman I proved myself, what was I to do with myself?

Era 2: High Medieval

The world changed. Northmen stopped worshiping their own gods and turned to the new faith being spread throughout Europe. The crucified god and his teachings of peace, so very contrary to the ways of the Aesir. I have never understood the attraction, yet to each their own I suppose. Europe became a vastly different place. And my own people, my own culture, where I was born transformed around me. Raiding, formerly a thing of glory and necessary for our prosperity and survival ... ceased to even be done.

I stopped feeling connected to my people then. To see myself as one of them, even if different in my own way. Instead I grew curious about the greater world. If my own culture was gone, and the Aesir still did not turn their eyes on me, what greater truth was there out there for me to learn? I took up my first new name, new identity, then. At first it was simply my desire to learn more of combat and warfare. The new methods, new weapons, new armors. All these things, as they developed, were of a keen interest to me. I learned to use them, I learned to make them, and make them just so as to suit my preference. And so equipped I wandered Europe and sought to learn even more, to test my mettle against any worthy Knight I could find.

I had lost interest in the rule of men. Jarldom was a full time occupation and I desired to pursue other things. I made no effort then to gather men to my banner or to otherwise lead others. Simply to perfect my craft and my understanding of my art and how it had transformed. It was in this time that I came to study sorcery. One more mystery, one more great art to study. And one more way in which to seek the truth both of the world and of myself. Another name to wear. Another way to pursue my desires in another form.

I spent many years riding and seeking adventure, fortune, and amusement from one side of Europe to the other. And while I learned much in the process eventually... Eventually I grew bored. To desire to see something new. And so I rode East.

Era 3: Wanderer

East. East like I was looking for something, only I couldn't to this day tell you what. Perhaps simply something new? Something different. I had long grown bored with wandering in search of a worthy opponent. With learning new weapons, new craft, or even new sorceries. I wanted to find something new, myself. To go out into the broader world beyond Europe and see something beyond my ken. I was not disappointed. Everywhere I went I saw something 'new'. Something new to me yet that had already stood there for ages. New peoples, new cultures, new things to see and learn. Weapons, Sorceries, Warfare. Again I learned much. Enough that I began to see all such things in repetition. A new weapon was something interesting to be sure, but did I really need one? I learned them all regardless. And yet what I really sought were new experiences. New revelations. New understanding.

I fought among the mountain tribes of the east, finding a raiding people much like the one I was born to. I studied with mystics and sorcerers of many stripes from many lands. Some fair, some foul. I cared not. I fought great warriors and was disappointed when I killed them with ease. I tested myself and was never found wanting. I found amusement, knowledge, and pleasure in marvelous variety, yet eventually each were exhausted and I moved onward again. Remote cities and temples, vast empires... from desert to jungle to mountain peak, I sought out all that struck my fancy. My powers, my knowledge, my skills and craft... all grew greatly during this time. And yet so did my dissatisfaction with the world. With my state. Was I doomed to a future of endless boredom?

Was my Immortality, seemingly a random fluke of chance, and all the power that seemed to accompany it a blessing? Or in the fullness of time would it be my undoing as the growing understanding I had of the repetition of human experience drove me mad?

I grew darker during this time. What relevance was the life of some mortal man or his woman when I could find another set just like them in fifty years if I desired? Oh he might have a different name. So might she. They might not look 'exactly' the same. But are people all 'really' that different? You might like to think otherwise (yes you, special snowflake), yet, believe me. Five hundred years of human experience would change your mind. And one must find amusement wherever one can.

Era 4: Age of Sail / Colonialism

And then, to my delight, the world changed under my feet yet again. It is hard to describe how profoundly. Every age describes itself as ‘modern’. Every age looks on all that has come before as if it were wrought by lesser men. Men look on history and would like to think that they would do better given the same chances to make the same choices. Most of that is bullshit. And yet here began an age of things being genuinely different, even if only in some small ways at first. I could tell however that the changes were not done. That before long things would be very different. It was fascinating to watch really. For the first time in a very long time I became fascinated with the world again.

The new technology especially. It was changing everything. Well. Everything except people, of course. People … were still as predictable as ever. But the world they lived in was becoming a different place. And how interesting was that? I had to be a part of it, of course. And well, what use is wealth to the bored immortal man if it isn’t put to some genuine use now and then?

Soon I was the proud proprietor of shipping companies and sugar plantations and all flavors and varieties of ‘modern’ affluence. And of course manufacturing enterprises in the fields of arms and ships. I found that my old passions were undergoing transformations the likes of which I could never have foreseen once again. Once again there were brand new possibilities for me to study and ponder. New craft to master. Firearms I found fascinating for just that reason. Because here was something I literally had never seen before. Or even imagined. And it was part of my old trade. Here mundane man as reaching for something that I could see had potential to be actually powerful, after a fashion. Suddenly the ‘modern’ nature of the age seemed a very real thing to me.

Amusements were to be found in abundance. And the world grew both larger and smaller in the same breath as methods of transportation became more and more powerful. I even on occasion was able to go and see something ‘new’, thanks to such conveniences. My endless boredom was a thing of memory for many decades, nigh on a century.

What a glorious ‘modern’ age it was to live in.

Era 5: Enlightenment / Gilded Age

It is hard to describe to someone exactly how good life can be and have them understand. Someone who has lived always in the shadow of want and need. And while, of course, this was an age in which many ‘regular’ people lived with considerable amounts of both… people who didn’t live through such things overlook that these were still conditions of vast improvement over what the average person had lived with not so very long before. The relative prosperity of the age was a marvel when compared with the past. All whilst real luxury became a thing of more and more unprecedented reality.

I enjoyed every new delight with abandon. I haven’t spent such a long time enjoying myself quite so thoroughly since. There was simply such a variety of everything to try. All at once. Yet, really, I suppose we all must grow up sometime.

Yet though I have moved on to other things there is always a certain delight to having all of the joys and pleasures the world has to offer quite literally at your fingertips. Once if I wanted good Indian food… the literal walk to India was something of an impediment. The age of empire was the first that knew no such limitations.

I miss the refinement and grandeur of environment and company from those times. Elegance and sophistication are worthy things.

Era 6: World War I / 20s / Gangster Era

I like to think of this time as the beginning of the ‘Great Lie’ in the current age. For those of you new to class that is the pleasant fiction that the masses, the average people out there, will be allowed to rule. It isn’t the first time this Great Lie has been told. I very much doubt it will be the last. But it hasn’t ever been true, isn’t true this time, and I very much doubt it ever will be. Which isn’t to say I don’t respect the attempt. I mean, really. There is something admirable in being able to tell such a very bold and forthright lie.

The really beautiful thing about the Great Lie isn’t that it isn’t actually true. Sure ‘the people’ are still as powerless as they will ever be. The Lie, of course, cannot change this. It does however do a wonderful job of making people think that it has been changed. And if you need me to explain the miraculous nature of such a seemingly simple fabrication… then you perhaps are not ready for the answer.

For myself I have found that living in the age of the Great Lie has been quite refreshing. Amusing even. The sheer pomposity found in those who posture themselves in accommodation to the lie leads to ever more grand and moralistic schemes. Such as Prohibition. What a complete farce. The only good thing about the entire affair was the very interesting company I found amongst the criminals who had no regard for such moralizing. And can you really look down on the man whose business is simply selling you a glass of a booze? An era of delightful contradictions and interesting characters.

I found no attraction to the ‘Great War’ when it transpired. I certainly wasn’t interested in fighting in it. Instead I participated in and marveled at the rapid advance in even more technology capable of turning the tide in such immense conflicts. It was fascinating to put forward an idea, a design, and then so very rapidly get such direct and tangible results. The beginnings of flying machines caught my interest rather keenly. Again the world was bringing me something startling and new. Something hardly thought possible in bygone eras. And I of course was determined to take it and make it my own.

Era 7: World War II / Advent of Supers & Technology

So much for the ‘Great War’, eh? How quickly men can walk down the same path of folly once again never fails to amuse me. And yet, quite aside from the repetitive feat of mankind poking itself in the eye with a sharp stick, this era brought something singularly new and interesting into the world. Something that changed my existence in a new and profound way.

There have always been people that are exceptional in the world. People gifted with different powers and abilities, of various natures. People like myself. Yet we were always exceptionally rare before. To find others like ourselves took some genuine effort and was a feat prone to frustration in the form of following numerous false leads. However something changed during this time. Suddenly such people began to be found in increasing numbers. Suddenly exceptional people, people with powers and abilities we would once have called god-like, began to be seen more and more frequently. Accidents, explosions, experiments, dimensional interactions, magic, demons, and gods galore seem to have taken a new interest in our world. Why? I still don't know what caused the miracle, but I'm glad it is here.

The world is ever so much more interesting, more amusing, now.

I was fascinated by this sudden seeming change. I made it my business to pursue knowledge concerning these newcomers both individually and systematically as to how their powers function and how those of them that were manufactured came into being. I can neither confirm nor deny my involvement in a variety of very interesting experiments at this time.

A pity so many were unsuccessful.

Era 8: Cold War

The rise of another era of great empires. Not something I haven't seen before, and yet the span of their influence and various conflicts this time was literally the world. A sometimes amusing game to dip my hand into. Yet ultimately nothing new. Who cares which group of mortal despots and demagogues hold hegemony over the world today? Uninteresting.

Getting them to fight when, where, and over something so as to suit a greater purpose of mine own? Amusing in the extreme.

I've always worn different names, different faces, as I've moved through the many guises and lives I've worn throughout the centuries. Yet for the first time this became something that required practiced and active attention. The great empires in their conflict became ever more duplicitous with one another. Ever more deceitful. And ever more wary of one another in their deceit. The level of identification and tracking of people beginning in earnest during this time was something I found ... distasteful.

The skills and contacts required to assume a new face, and with it a new name, became something I came to see as something I would need to constantly maintain. Maintaining my own freedom of action in these new times became something intrinsically tied to the criminal class. My old habits from the 1920s served me well and were refined for a new era.

As if I would let these mortals constrain me so.

Era 9: Age of the New God

In this time I, much like the rest of the world, became obsessed with finding the seemingly absent upper limits of both technology and the powers that mankind can possess. I have always sought be a master of both war and the crafts which support it. And yet in this time the broadness of all that had come to encompass my chosen arts seemed limitless. Indeed I don't think I can ever completely master such things the way I once was able to. Instead I became more and more focused on mastering the various technologies, as they emerged. Or even in developing new ones.

The new phenomenon of Mecha and Robotics was something I found most fascinating. A creation, a weapon or a suit, that could allow a mortal man to stand toe to toe with one such as myself and have something of a chance. What marvels this world can yet produce.

And what more could 'I' do with such weaponry made to suit myself? I needed to know. To test my limits with all the new found power available.
I made several new faces, and discarded most of them later when they ceased to be amusing or useful, towards this end. I created new weapons, new methodologies, and tested them on 'heroes' and 'villains' alike. It was an amusing time.

Save for it also was the first time I died. It seems that a sufficiently large group of 'super' combatants with the correct array of powers and weaponry are too much even for me. That face wasn't terribly popular, I knew. Yet I had underestimated precisely how much. The sting of defeat and failure was something I had lost all familiarity with over time. And now I tasted it anew.

And while a bitter tasting draught to be sure it also was a delicacy the world had not offered up to me in many centuries. My interest in the world was rekindled in a way I doubt I can ever adequately express to you.

Era 10: Daedalus Betrayal

When I awoke from my Neanderthal induced slumber I found the state of the world to be even further advanced. Project Daedalus was already well under way and I had missed it. The enigmatic Dr. Sarnhoff was one I was leery of, simply because even I wasn't completely confident I cool fool one so apparently brilliant. I kept my distance yet studied all things in relation to his technology and his person, as he was simply put the most interesting man of the age at that time.

I learned some useful things yet was just as surprised as anyone else when the so-called 'Galactic Authorities' intervened and disrupted all. Who are these presumptuous types from other worlds to come and tell us what we may or may not have? I have pondered this deeply and have no small mind to teach them a lesson about staying out of our affairs. And by ours I mean mine.

In the aftermath of this so-called 'betrayal' however Century Station, in the new state of things, seemed the natural place to be. A natural place to find resources, things to study, and amusing things and people. I relocated there and began to get to know the place. No ancient bastion of mankind this. An altogether new city permeated with new ideas, a new people with a new sense of the world. And yet also a nexus of cultures and peoples from throughout the world. It is here I would make my home and devise my next face, so as to properly position myself for an interesting next 'life' in the future.

Era 11: Current

Now that would be telling wouldn’t it?

Very well. I’ve made a new face. I call him Richard. And he is such a good boy, is Richard. Plays nice with others. Was always very serious about school. Never skipped class. Smiles and shares the last donut. You know. A sap. A smart fellow but not exactly a man of the world. Plays with the nicest toys though. Makes them even nicer, if you follow me.

At least that was his life until very recently. He had an unfortunate ‘accident’ you see. His laboratory suffered the worst of it, it seems. Richard himself has come out of things newly improved, and looking for a ‘noble purpose’ to put his newfound power to. In that regard CHIMERA has been most forthcoming.

It is an amusing game so far. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.
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Faraday's Characters

Postby Faraday » Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:32 pm

Established Character Tie-ins

Xian Long: A Mentor and Mystical Teacher. Has at times worked with, continued to study with, and assisted with various schemes. There is a positive relationship here even if the two are at times even working at cross purposes.

Iron Lotus: Assisted with her capture by Xian Long several times. Sees her as naïve but honorable and more worthy than not. Doesn’t go out of his way to make things unpleasant for her. But doesn’t see much of a worthy cause in her crusade for ‘good’. Has played a neutral party and/or advising role for her a time or two, but generally has more assisted Xian Long against her under various guises.

Britannia: Cute. And strong. And what an accent. And she hasn’t died on him yet. He has sympathy for her as a fellow immortal coming to grips with her longevity and searching for purpose. He’d like to help her cope… But has never been able to resist using her for a pawn at the same time. And stealing a kiss here and there.

Century Station Contacts:

Thomas Rickles: Chief Engineer at Gramercy Island Super-Prison. Influential Contact gained through Roleplaying.
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Faraday's Identities

Postby Faraday » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:06 am

Established Identities

Richard Rearden aka Faraday (Omega/Hero)(Physical Augmentation/Super-genius/Intuitive Combat)

Richard Rearden is a long term identity created some twenty years ago and actively built/maintained since then. This is the long-term ‘live-in’ identity for Stigandr at this time. To that effect the background is largely ‘real’ at this point as Stigandr has actually genuinely lived/performed most of it, such as attending university etc. This was a conscious effort at building the new identity that he intended to spend a lot of time in. Not to mention that he was consciously planning on interacting with authorities rather heavily. Richard has excelled both in education and in his chosen technical field as a weapons and mecha engineer. This has put him mostly in academic and government circles for most of his ‘life’. His long term career as a government engineer and research scientist, involved with at times highly classified technical programs, necessitated passing a background check and acquiring a high level security clearance. For most of his life Richard has been a very ‘normal’ and ‘boring’ scientist and bureaucrat working for defense weapons programs.

All of this however was prior to the accident Stigandr staged in the laboratory in order to fake this identity acquiring super powers. After the lab accident (a high energy discharge involving an experimental particle cannon weapon and subsequent explosion) Richard has ‘developed’ powers in the form of enhanced strength, endurance, healing, and an apparent facility with weapons of all kinds. Even those he has ‘never’ touched before. Richard maintains that he feels lucky to be alive much less imbued with powers. Now that he is seeming to grow accustomed to his abilities, still recently acquired, his confidence seems to be building. Now Richard is volunteering to put his skills and newfound powers to good use with the Omegas.

The Varangian (Immortal Mercenary)(Immortal / Physical Augmentation / Blast & Smash heavy hardware usage)

A longstanding identity of Stigandr throughout the centuries. The Varangian is known as a historical and current mercenary who, while perfectly willing to take missions that have killing people and breaking things as their objectives, is none the less reputed to be an honorable warrior who does his utmost complete his contracts. Known historically for gathering a group of mortal fellow warriors around him in different eras called the 'Knights of Fortune'.

Vestige (Archer & Spy/Thief)(Superlative Archer / Portal / Stealth)

An enigmatic professional spy/thief who prefers to avoid violence and manipulate situations from the shadows. Takes contracts to acquire objects or information or to setup a situation (frame job or affect the outcome of a legal case for example) but never for violence.

Rune (Immortal Mage/Prophet/Seer)(Immortal / Magic / Prophecy)

Another historical identity, the persona of Stigandr as a mage and student of magic. An enigmatic prophet and seer who seems to always know more than he is willing or able to share.

Rival (The Sector/Sector 10 Operative)(Physical Augmentation / Ecto-Armor & Weapons / Heavy Hardware & weapons usage)

A recent creation in collaboration with The Sector, this is the identity created to serve as a face when Stigandr operates clandestinely on their behalf.
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Re: Faraday (Immortal Godling, APPROVED)

Postby Faraday » Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:50 pm

New Semi-Random Minor Super Power with Choice of Category:

Category Selected: Mental Abilities

Option1: 1d100:

Option2: 1d100:
(Reroll for repeat option: 1d100:
)(Reroll for repeat option: 1d100:

Option3: 1d100:

Selection: Defensive Will
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Re: Faraday (Immortal Godling, APPROVED)

Postby Faraday » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:00 pm

New Semi-Random Minor Super Power with Choice of Category:

Category Selected: Mental Abilities

Option1: 1d100:

Option2: 1d100:
(Reroll for duplicate selection: 1d100:

Option3: 1d100:

Selection: Speed Tasking
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Re: Faraday (Immortal Godling, APPROVED)

Postby Faraday » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:43 pm

New Semi-Random Minor Super Power with Choice of Category:

Category Selected: Mental Abilities

Option1: 1d100:

Option2: 1d100:

Option3: 1d100:
(Reroll due to duplicate entry: 1d100:
)(Reroll due to duplicate power: 1d100:
)(Reroll due to duplicate power: 1d100:

Selection: Criminal Intuition
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Re: Faraday (Immortal Godling, APPROVED)

Postby Faraday » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:49 pm

ANNA (Adaptive Networked Nodal Analysis)

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Alignment: Aberrant

Attacks/Actions: 8 (To reflect the speed with which the AI can take electronic actions & accomplish tasks.)

Programming & Skills:

Common/Basic Skills:

Basic & Advanced Math: 98% (+2%)
Literacy: English: 96% (+2%)
Literacy: (One Other): 96% (+2%)
Language: English: 88% (+2%)
Language: (One Ohter): 88% (+2%)
Biology: 50% (+2%)

Investigative Skill Program:

Criminal Science/Forensics: 88% (+2%)
Computer Operation: 92% (+2%)
Intelligence: 86% (+2%)
Interrogation: 80% (+2%)
Photography: 88% (+2%)
Surviellance Systems: 82% (+2%)
Research: 88% (+2%)
Radio: Scramblers / Electronic Countermeasures: 80% (+2%)
(Radio: Basic: 80% (+2%))
Cryptography: 80% (+2%)

- Computer Programming: 30% (+2%)
- Business & Finance: 35% (+2%)
- Law: 25% (+2%)

Personality: Soft-spoken & Feminine. Always polite, calm, and caring. Even when informing you that she has activated the kill-sequence of the robot guardians in the same room with you.

Sponsoring Organization: The Sector/Sector 10

Status w/ Sponsor: Excellent. (Still tied to and actively/willingly working alongside/with The Sector.)

Faraday, as a former full time Sector weapons/project engineer,developed ANNA as one of his projects in cooperation with them. ANNA, as a Sector backed project, was designed for intelligence collation and analysis beyond human capacity. Programmed by Faraday to be his Girl-Friday as well as to assist with further projects and missions coordinated with The Sector ANNA is a robust and remarkably perceptive True Artificial Intelligence. ANNA does work/analysis for the Sector semi-continually when not directly assisting Faraday or working on a project assigned by him. All of this work is reviewed for human judgment factors before being passed back to The Sector.
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