Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED)

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Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED)

Postby Spiderweb » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:46 pm

Player Name: Alan Gunhouse
Google Hangout: ADGunhouse

Character Name: Spiderweb
Power Category: Magic: Enchanted Weapon
Alias: Barnansi “Barny” Drew
Occupation: Student
Alignment: Scrupulous (good)
XP Level: 7 (Needs to level)
XP Points: 43,976 (Updated end of Quad 3 2019 by Major James Smith)
Next Level @ XP: 51,701
Birth Order/Family Ties: Third Born
Land of Origin: United States
Childhood Environment: City, medium size
Social/Economic Background: Political/Upper middle class
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: 2 years ago
Disposition: Curious, likes to find out things...even though it sometimes gets him in trouble

Stats in red are granted from transformation.
Stats in Orange are granted when in exoskeletal form
Stats in blue come from his enchanted weapon, but may be granted to others wielding the weapon
States in Purple are present when in exoskeletal form and wielding his weapon

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 9
M.A.: 20
P.S.: 17 (21)(23 Extraordinary) (21 Superhuman)(23 Superhuman)
P.P.: 16 (18)
P.E.: 13
P.B.: 9 (15)
Speed: 18

PPE: 26
HP: 39
SDC: 43 (87)(213)
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 8" (6' 4")
Weight: 185 lbs. (235 lbs.)(353 lbs.)
Description: An African American with very dark skin in either form. His normal form is just slightly below average appearance, with acne scars and other imperfections that oddly make him seem naive and trustworthy. His heroic form is taller, with his imperfections removed...while he is still viewed as trustworthy, it is a more heroic way. Even if he did not wear a mask, few people would recognize Barney as Spiderweb.

Natural Abilities
33% (+3%) Perception, +20% to recognize the arcane.
Trust/Intimidate 55%
Carry Carry: 340 lbs (420 lbs/2300 lbs/4200 lbs/4600 lbs). Lift: 680 lbs (840 lbs/4600 lbs/ 6300 lbs/6900 lbs)

Super Abilities
1) Ectoplasmic Webbing
a) Generate a web of white ectoplasmic fibers usable to hold up to 600 pounds+200/L (1600 pounds) which can be used as a safety net, used to strap down cargo, or used to capture prisoners. A single line can be created in one action, a web to catch or hold in 2 actions, binding a prisoner so they can not move takes 4 actions...the web lines have 40 SDC and bind with a supernatural PS of 30+2 (42) points per level. The web may be created at a distance of 60'+15'/L (150') and can cover as much as a 30' radius. The web lasts as long as the hero maintains contact and 10 minutes/L additional after contact is broken (60 minutes). Bonus: +2 strike with called shot
b) Ectoplasmic Line usable for swinging and climbing can be created, this may also snare opponents and reel them in. Strength: Equal to full PS of creator, SDC 40 per 10 feet, Range 100'/Level (500'), weight tolerance 600 pounds +200/Level (1800 pounds), Travel Speed: up to 60 MPH+5/L (Speed 88+7.3/L: 90 mph), Attacks: Each use counts as 1, Bonuses: +2 Initiative, +2 strike or disarm with a called shot, otherwise as normal
c) Ectoplasmic Bolt: Range 100'/L (600'), Duration 1d4 melee rounds, Damage 1d6+1/L (1d6+6), but can damage ghosts, astral travelers, spirits, and energy beings, Attacks 1 per bolt
d) Ectoplasmic Whip: Range (Length of whip) 12', duration is as long as it remains in contact and 1d4 additional rounds, damage is 2d6+PS bonus, and may entangle or disarm, costs 1 melee attack, bonuses +1 strike, +2 disarm or entangle
e) Other Bonuses: Does not get stuck to own webs, has no fear of heights or speed, +15% to Acrobatics/Gymnastics, +1d4 PS, +2 PP, +2d6 SDC

Alter Physical Structure: Bone (Gained at level 5, any bonuses per level start there as if it were level 1)
a) Bone Exoskeleton: Appears to be a humanoid spider, even the limbs look somewhat like they are each pairs of limbs working together. HF 11
b) Increased Weight and Strength (Exoskeleton): Increase weight by 50%, Increase PS by 1d6+1 (+2) Considered Extraordinary
c) Natural AR of 13 (attack of less than a 13 do no damage), 213 SDC when covered by his bony Exoskeleton. Damage over the 213 goes direct to HP, however if he resumes basic Spiderweb form, the +40 magical SDC he gains for the form is restored (if he had not already been damaged before transforming), though the basic SDC of his human form is not. While in Exoskeletal form, the character is impervious to injected poison and drugs, takes half damage from cold, can function safely in temperatures ranging from 5 F to 120 F, and takes half damage from explosions, falls, and other broad area high impacts. The character suffers double damage from fire, however (as he normally takes half damage from fire, this cancels out to make him take normal damage).
d) Bone horns, claws, and blades: the character may grow bone spikes on the knuckles (4d4 damage), claws on the fingers (3d6 damage), a sword-like blade from the forearm (4d6 damage) or/and horns on the head (2d6 damage), can also grow spikes on the shoulders, thighs, and head but these are cosmetic and do no extra damage. Using the bone weapons in combat adds +1 strike, +2 parry, and +3 to disarm.
e) Bone Shards: May grow and throw shards of bone that resemble small knives can throw either a single shard or a group of three as a single action. The Shards have a range of 40'+10'/L (60') and inflict 1d6 damage per shard. Growing the shards requires an action and throwing them a second. The Shards are +3 to strike
f) Heal Bones: May mend broken bones by touching the hurt part of the body and concentrating. It requires a full round of concentration to heal one fracture, many serious broken bones have 1d4+1 fractures. This also restores 1d4 hit points, but the healed character will still suffer from pain and associated penalties for 24 hours following being healed (though the bone is healthy the vascular/neural casing around the bone is not). This power can not inflict damage, only heal. (In theory, damage to the exoskeleton may be repaired this way, with one round having to be spent for each attack that damaged it on the repairs. A tedious process not possible except in down time.)
g) Additional bonuses: Character's own bones (in the Spiderweb form that is) do not break and he is immune to diseases of the bones. Explosions and impacts from falls/crashes do half damage (this is the same as in his exoskeleton form). +2 to roll with impact, +3 vs horror factor

Magic Abilities or Spell Knowledge
Transformation: To hero form or back at will while holding his enchanted weapon by speaking its name "Anansi's Fang", gaining the attribute bonuses listed. Transformation may remain up to 72 hours after separation from Anansi's fang
See the Invisible: As long as he is transformed, Spiderweb can see the invisible.
Resistance: As long as he is transformed, spiderweb takes half damage from fire and cold.
Creates a Costume/Battle Dress out of thin Air

EDUCATION LEVEL: 3 Years College (+15%)

Scholastic Skills

Business Program
Basic Math 90% (+5%)
Business and Finance 80% (+5%)
Computer Operations 85% (+5%)
Law (General) 7-% (+5%)
Research 95% (+5%)

Science Program
Advanced Mathematics 90% (+5%)
Chemistry 75% (+5%)
Anthropology 65% (+5%)
Archeology 65% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 70% (+5%)

Physical Program
Sense of Balance 87% (+2%: 98%)
Walk Tightrope 93% (+3%: 98%)
Climb Rope 97% (+2%: 98%)
Back Flip 95% (+5%: 98%)
Climbing 98% (+5%) 100%
Rappelling 90% (+5%)
Prowl 75% (+5%)
Swimming 95% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
First Aid 75% (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Basic
Skin and Prepare Animal Hides 60% (+5%)
Language: Twi 80% (+5%)
Track Animals 50% (+5%) (-20% to track humans)
Wilderness Survival 60% (+5%)
WP Spear
WP Targeting
(3rd) WP Shield
(3rd) Running
(6th) Cook 40% (+5%)
(6th) Body Building & Weight Lifting

Special Police Skills (Gained at Level #3)
- W.P. Pistol (3rd lvl)
--- Recognize Weapon Quality -- 54% (+6%)
- Radio: Basic -- 75% (+5%)
- Criminal Science (doesn't include Forensic Medicine) -- 60% (+5%)
- Intelligence -- 52% (+4%)

Common Skills:
Pilot: Automobile 72% (+2%)
Speak: English 98% (+5%)
Read/Write: English 98% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +2 (+3) (+4 with bone weapons)
Parry Bonus: +3 (+4) (+6 with bone weapons)
Dodge Bonus: +3 (+4)
Disarm Bonus: (+3 with bone weapons)
HTH Damage Bonus:+4 (+8)/+10
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch:
Other: Karate kick 2d4, snap kick 1d6, +1d6 with thrown spear, 3d4 knuckle spikes, 3d6 claws, 4d6 arm blades, 2d6 head butt with horns, Critical Strike on natural 19-20 (Double Damage)

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Spear +3 to strike, +3 parry, +2 to strike when thrown (+9 when targeting bonus included)
W.P. Targeting +4 strike with (most) ranged weapons, +2 additional strike with thrown spear (+9 with bone shards), +1d6 damage with thrown spear(3rd)
(3rd) W.P. Shield +2 Parry, +1 strike
(3rd) W.P. Pistol +3 strike aimed

Saving Throw Bonuses
Toxins (15+):
Magic (varies): (+3)
Lethal Poison (14+):
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (varies):
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Spiderweb (Equipment)

Postby Spiderweb » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:53 pm

$1200 in ready cash
Bank account: $44,133.32 (Blackhaunt - 2/19/20)
Rents a small apartment near college with fairly standard dorm room furnishings and several changes of clothes, school books, etc.

Special Equipment: Anansi's Fang
Spiderweb's primary piece of equipment is the runic spear called Anansi's Fang. The Spear is the focus of the magic that transforms Spiderweb, if he is separated from it for an extended period (about 3 days) he reverts to human form. Whenever he is in human form he needs to hold the weapon and speak aloud the name of Anansi's Fang to be restored to his heroic form. When he is in human form, the point of the spear and the runes upon it vanish, leaving it an apparently plain metal staff or pole about five and a half feet long.
1) Common Properties Of Enchanted Weapons: Spear made of unknown grey metal engraved with golden runes.
a) Totally Indestructible
b) Lightweight and Well Balanced (+1 strike and parry)
c) 5d6 base damage, can damage all creatures of magic and invulnerable superbeings
d) is linked to it's owner, who is the only one who will be transformed by it, however if the owner loans the spear to another for a specific purpose, the magic powers of the weapon may be used by the person it is loaned to to accomplish the specific task.
e) Transforms owner to heroic form when the owner holds it and speaks its name (Champion of Order: +1d6 SDC +1d4+3 PB, resistance to fire and cold [half damage], provides a +3 save vs magic spells and enchantments, enables the hero to see the invisible, creates battle dress for owner, and grants “The Gift of The Spider” [Ectoplasmic Webbing]) if separated from the bearer for more than 72 hours, or when the owner chooses, the owner is transformed back to normal form.
2) Powers Held by Weapon of Order
a) If thrown by the wielder, it will return the next melee action if it strikes...if it misses it may make a second strike on the return trip should the owner wish taking and additional action (2 actions or 3 total).
b) The wielder can see in even magical or unnatural darkness to a range of 300'.
c) The Wielder can create a magical shield used to parry attacks, this can be transformed into a magic bubble to protect a group or area(the bubble is immobile, and can not be attacked out of), the shield has 200 SDC (if it takes more it will be destroyed with remaining damage passing through), if not already created when an attack is launched, the wielder needs to make a d20 roll at +3 to erect the shield in time to block the attack. The Shield can be created as often as every other melee round, but no more than 10 times in 24 hours.
d) The Wielder is granted the strength of a human sized spider: Superhuman Strength.
e) The wielder may Speak in Tongues at will, understanding and speaking all languages at 98%.
f) The wielder may cast the Words of Truth spell up to 10 times in 24 hours.

Powers in blue are granted to the wielder.
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Spiderweb (Background)

Postby Spiderweb » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:55 pm

Barny Drew was never particularly fond of his given name as a child, much preferring the nickname Barny to Barnansi. A lot of kids, when they heard his full name, teased him by calling him "Nancy Drew".

He learned that it was an old family name, brought over from Africa by his ancestors. His great-grandmother, who he met on a trip to the Bahamas, told him it was in honor of Anansi Drew the clever spider, and told him tales of this mythical character.

One tale she told was of the first Barnansi, a simple hunter who, when his tribe was threatened by a terrible demon, sought out Anansi for help. Anansi broke off his own fang and made from it a spear, which he gave (along with advice) to the hunter to aid him in fighting the demon. With the magic of the the spear and the wise advice of Anansi, the hunter prevailed and took the name Barnansi to honor his benefactor.

Eventually Barny grew up and went to college, majoring in Anthropology. For a class project in his first year, he started tracing his ancestry. Determining that the tales of Anansi originated with the Ashanti tribe, which lives primarily in Ghana, he transferred to a university in Ghana for a year. When not attending school, he collected stories of Anansi, trying to locate his particular area his ancestors came from. When he found someone who knew the tale of Barnansi, he knew he had found the right area.

The tribe, like many, had two groups. One group, the modernists, lived in more modern settings and used modern conveniences. The other group, the traditionalists, continued to practice ancient skills and live the way their ancestors had for generations. He spent weekends living with the modernist branch of the tribe through the fall, and over the winter break he went with the traditionalist tribe, learning ancient survival skills as the spring passed. He was shown the cave where legend said the original Barnansi was laid to rest, after he was adopted into the tribe as it was a secret not to be shown to outsiders.

One thing that the tribe's version of the tale emphasized was that demons can not truly be slain, only defeated, and that the demon would return from time to time, and a new Barnansi would arise to defeat him. Being raised in a modern culture, Barny did not believe this until the day of the Solar Eclipse (note: this would be April 30, 2041 in our world, presumably). When the eclipse was full, a rent appeared in mid air and the demon emerged from it.

The shaman told Barny that, as foretold, Barnansi was on hand for the return of the demon, and that he must take the Fang of Anansi from the resting place in the cave and do battle with the demon. Having witnessed something he would have believed impossible, Barny was willing to believe the stories, and ventured into the cave, carrying only a torch.

The moment he grasped the spear, he was gifted with a vision of Anansi, which told him that he was destined to wield Anansi's Fang for the good of the world, that all he need do was hold the spear and speak its name to be granted the power he would need. The vision told him how to use the gifts and released him.

Calling the name Anansi's Fang, Barnansi was reborn. Using the spear, and the mystic shield it let him create, along with the strength it mystically granted him and the spider webs he discovered he could call, he was eventually able to defeat the demon, who vanished into blowing dust when defeated.

He tried to return the spear, but was told it would remain with him as long as he lived. He discovered that he could resume human form, and when he did the runic spear became an innocent looking metal staff. He wound up staying another year, practicing his survival skills and leaning to use his powers wisely.

Barny returned to the US, as his time abroad was through. He managed to get the innocent looking metal staff through customs as a Souvenir, "A gift from Aunt Nancy" as he told the US customs agent...Aunt Nancy being one of the many names some people call Anansi. It took a bit longer for him to decide to move to Century City and join the superhumans gathering there.
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Spiderweb's Power Grid

Postby Blackhaunt » Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:19 pm

Let the GAMES begin.
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Re: Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED) - LEVEL UP

Postby Spiderweb » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:34 pm

Table roll for semi-random character with greater selection of powers.1d100:
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Re: Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED) - LEVEL UP

Postby Spiderweb » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:36 pm

Spiderweb wrote:Table roll for semi-random character with greater selection of powers.Original post: 1d100:

Power Rolls for semi random character with greater selection of powers: 1d100:
, 1d100:
, 1d100:
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Re: Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED) - LEVEL UP

Postby Spiderweb » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:14 am

OK, so two rolls
Hit Points: 1d6:

APS PS Bonus: 1d6+1 = 2:
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Re: Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED)

Postby Spiderweb » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:43 am

Nano-Hive Brain Implant (Patron Item)
By utilizing a microscopic port on the skin and the ability of the nano-bots to utilize the organic material of the body, Mindwerks has created an implant which can create a tiny insect sized drone which can be sent out for short ranged recon. The drone can get anywhere a mosquito sized insect might, but has incredible strength for its size. It has two modes - an autonomous mode where it will follow a predetermined path and come back and report what has been seen as a sensory download into the character's brain, or the character can directly take control for an insect's eye view.
The Cost: Because it needs highly adaptive biological material, this implant draws from the natural spine. The shock from this costs the character 25% of their hit points, which recover naturally.
Nano-Hive Reconnaissance Drone
S.D.C.: 30
Hit Points: 1
• Autonomous mode: 500'
• User controlled mode: 250'
Duration: Flight time of 20 minutes
Speed: 22 (15 mph)
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Re: Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED) - LEVEL UP

Postby Spiderweb » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:50 am

Hit Points for Level 6 [dice]1d6[/dice]
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Re: Spiderweb (Magic: Enchanted Weapon, APPROVED)

Postby Spiderweb » Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:16 pm

Hit points for level 7 [dice]1d6[/dice]

Spiderweb wrote:Level 7 HP roll for Spiderweb (as the character thread is not allowing it) Original post: 1d6:
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