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Custom Races

Postby Dark Lord » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:11 am

This thread will hold all of the completed custom races designed by previous EU players and approved by yours truly.
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Re: The Aalok (custom AU race)

Postby Dark Lord » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:13 am

Tariq wrote:Alien Appearance & Bonuses
Humanoid species:
Odd hair color (bright yellow to metallic silver)
Ambidextrous (+1 attack/melee, +1 parry, +10% climb, +5% escape artist, pick locks, mechanical/electrical repair skills)
Unusual Eyes (pale blues and golds predominant)
Stocky (twice as broad as normal, +50 pounds to weight, +1d4 PS, +4d4 SDC)

Alien Physiological Modifications due to Unearthly Environments
Twilight World
Height: 4 feet plus 1d4 feet
Weight: 150 lbs (including +50 due to Stocky stature) plus 2d4x10 lbs
Special Bonus: Nightvision 600 feet, Sensitive Hearing (20 decibles beyond human range), +1 initiative
Penalties: Must wear protective goggles/lenses at all times in light beyond 100 watts, otherwise -8 to strike, parry and dodge due to blindness
SDC bonus: add 10 SDC

The Aalok race originate from a remote star system on the far fringes of the Corkscrew Galaxy, very close to the outer galactic rim, which is known to astronomers only as 6744 Beacon. As yet uncharted by any of the major civilizations of the Three Galaxies, the Beacon system is a mystery to all but a select few.

The Beacon system is home to a single F class yellow-white Dwarf star and 12 planetary bodies, the outer 5 of which are gas giants. While otherwise unremarkable, the feature which gave the system its name is the unusually bright output of the star itself, nearly half again as bright as other stars of its class. Astronomers surveying the region were briefly interested in this unusual stellar activity, but due to the system's remoteness it has been listed as a relatively low priority for additional surveying.

The Aalok's homeworld, which they call Ora, is the fifth planet in the Beacon system, and sits at the farthest edge of the star's habitable zone. Due to this, Ora is bathed in perpetual twilight, only experiencing what most races would consider to be true daylight for a maximum of 6 hours a day along the equator of the planet.

Despite being at the far end of Beacon's habitable zone, a unique quirk resulting from the star's intense stellar output coupled with the high degree of volcanic activity on the planet itself results in an atmosphere that can be considered cool to temperate, ranging anywhere from 10 degress Celcius to a high of between the low to mid 20's at the equator. Ora's surface is covered with over 12 continents and innumerable island chains, and while the oceans of Ora are liquid salt water at the equator they give way to frozen glaciers that span the massive distances between continents in the polar circles of the planet thanks to the perpetual gloom.

The Aalok race evolved on Ora and are well adapted to its unique climate. A typical adult Aalok will be powerfully built and physically imposing, standing between 4 and 8 feet in height. Their features are strong, with prominent brows and cheekbones, pale yellow or blue eyes, and hair that ranges from a bright yellow to a pale, metallic silver. Curiously, their skin tones range from light brown to a ruddy red, which might be the result of an evolutionary compensation to help deal with the reduced amount of available vitamin producing sunlight. Their eyes are suited to the low light conditions of their homeworld and they can see particularly well in the dark, but low to normal lighting conditions will render them blind. Their hearing is also particularly accute.

The typical lifespan of an Aalok is approximately 160-180 years.

The Aalok are a race of nomadic hunter/gatherers who naturally possess a keen fascination with the heavens and a ritual reverence for light. Magic and psionics are not unheard of but are still relatively rare, with the majority of these gifted individuals taking on the roles of tribal shamans. The Aalok practice a form of ritual astrology based upon the constellations of their star system, with each constellation representing a particular attribute or being that governs certain aspects of daily life. At the center of this practice is the worship of Avior, an almighty guardian spirit who takes the form of their sun. To the Aalok, the sun is a thing of beauty and wonder, and they cherish its presence and the life it brings to their world.

Occasionally, through what they believe to be their connection with the Spirit of Avior, some Aalok receive what they call 'the Gift of Avior'. These Aalok possess a variety of remarkable powers, the most impressive of which is the ability to transform their physical bodies into beings of pure light! Those with the Gift are viewed as extensions of Avior's will, and invariably become important heroes and leaders to the Aalok people.

Not very long ago (by universal standards), the Aalok were fast on their way to a major societal change. Their studies of the heavens had resulted in a number of technological advances, and for the first time the Aalok were putting aside the old ways and coming together to build permanent settlements, putting aside the nomadic traditions of old as the younger generations took more and more of an interest in what they could build for themselves. Unfortunately, before much could come of this newfound industrious spirit disaster struck.

A reckless mage, experimenting with a new form of magic, accidentally tore open a Rift in space. Several creatures poured through, suprising and quickly overwhelming the young spellcaster and taking him captive. From him they tore the secrets of this new world and reopened the portal, bringing through more and more of their brethren, until finally a hideous, bloated, tentacled form emerged from the Rift.

The Splugorth had come to Ora.

At first, the Splugorth found little of worth on Ora: the planet itself was only moderately rich in mineral wealth, the climate was terrible for agriculture, and the local population, while physically sturdy, were almost useless as typical slave stock due to their vulnerability to bright light. The Splugorth who sponsored the invasion of Ora, Lord Klynncryth, briefly considered the possibility of abandoning the venture until the existence of the Gifted Aalok was brought to his attention. Lord Klynn saw a way to recoup the costs of the invasion and set up several slaving outposts on Ora, tasked with the culling and collection of these 'Gifted Aalok' to resell as slaves at exorbitant prices.

In the intervening years, the Gift of Avior has since come to be viewed as more of a curse to the Aalok, as without it it is entirely possible that the Splugorth minions would have abandoned Ora by now. The ancient traditions are quickly falling by the wayside as a result, and the Aalok now find themselves a people bereft of hope and direction under the brutal heels of the Splugorth.

It should be noted that outside of a few slaves and wanderers who have made their way offworld, the Aalok as a race are a virtual unknown to the majority of the universe save to the Splugorth (specifically minions of Lord Klynn) who will recognize them on sight.

Available OCCs
The Aalok are a naturally inquisitive race, and as such are well suited to life outside of their primitive homeworld and are able to adapt to any number of occupations. No restrictions on available OCCs.

Those Aalok who have never left Ora, however, are restricted to the Nomadic Tribesman OCC (PFRPG book 7, p. 29), any Barbarian OCCs, Wilderness Scouts, Vagabonds, the Mystic OCC, and any Shaman OCC but particularly those with a focus on air or fire/light.

Mutant Aalok characters will always have abilities related to light in some fashion.
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Re: Aru'sana R.C.C.

Postby Dark Lord » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:14 am

Xylek wrote:Alignment: Mostly Principled or Aberrant but any apply except the super evil.
Attributes: IQ 4d6+6, ME 3d6, MA 4d6+6, (SN)PS 4d6+2d4, PP 4d6+4. (SN) PE 4d6+6, PB 3d6, SPD 3d6x3
Size: 5ft-7ft (1.7 to 2.3 meters)
Weight: Average 220-320 lbs
MDC: 3d4x10 + 1d6x10 +2d4 per level
HP: PE + 1d6 per level of experience
Horror Factor: 11 when seen for the first time outside of armor.
PPE: 3d6 + PE (+1d6 per level of experience)
ISP: ME x3 plus 2d6 per level of experience
Average Lifespan: 300-400yrs
Natural Abilities: Increased perception due to second set of eyes (+2 Perception Bonus, additional +1 at levels 3, 6, 9, 12).
Psionic Powers: Greater Psionic (9+2SS)
2 Super-Psionics:
Mind Bond (10ISP)
    Duration 3-12Hrs (3d4) for full range of skills. After Duration must roll under 15% to recall anything in specific
    Skills and Skill Bonuses are acquired through the duration
Mind Block Auto-Defense
    -14ISP at Character Creation.
    The character has an automated defense at any sort of mind probe or attack and must chose to
    lower his defense for the probe to continue
9 Psionics
Clairvoyance (4ISP)
    Duration 6d6 Melees
    58%+2% per level of experience
Intuitive Combat (10ISP)
    Two Melee per level of experience
    Requires One Melee to activate
    +3 Initiative, +1 strike/parry, +4 Dodge, +4 Pull Punch, +2 Roll with punch, +2 Disarm
    +10% to abilities provided by the Acrobatics and Gymnastic Skills as well as +10% to
    Climb and Swim
Object Read (6ISP)
    Impressions 56%+ 2% Per Level
    Images 48%+2% Per Level
    Present: 38%+2% Per Level
Resist Hunger (2ISP)
    Duration 6 Hours per 2 ISP spent
Resist Thirst (6ISP)
    Duration 6 hours per 6 ISP Spent
Summon Inner Strength (4ISP)
    Duration 10mins per level of experience
    Add 10 MDC
    +2Save Vs Poison
    +2Save vs Coma/Death
    Can function at full ability for duration
Deaden Sense (4ISP)
    -1 to save (DC16)
    -10% Speed on Affected character, -1 on initiative and -5 on skill performance
Presence Sense (4ISP)
See Aura (6ISP)

    Estimate general level of experience
    -Presence of Magic
    -Presence of Psionics
    -High or low PPE
    -The Presence of a Possessing Entity
    -The Presence of an unusual human aberration and/or indicates serious illness or insanity or that the individual is not human, could be mutant or supernatural but does not specify.
Magic Powers: Limited to the OOC, none to start.
Combat and Bonuses: None.
Damage: Punch does 2d6MDC (Supernatural PS), Power Punch is 4d6MDC
Racial Bonuses: None
Vulnerabilities and Penalties: Double damage from falling due to higher weight and density. MD Damage
OOCs: Favors combat oriented occupations but not limited too.
Alliances and Allies: Home planet is unknown to most; as such it has no real alliances. Drifters are the ones who find their world and often forget how to return.
Enemies: Elash Malus, a Predator from their home planet. None throughout Galactic Civilization though they do have those within the Galactic Community they disapprove of. The Intruders and the Splugorth are among their greatest annoyances, the Dominators are hated (and feared) as well.
Weapon and Equipment: They tend to favor Naruni Weaponry (It is unclear but there is a Naruni branch, though small, within their planet-side space center.) They do possess their own formidable technology that has almost never left the planet, though when it does, the owner would sooner destroy it than see it fall into someone else’s hands.
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Re: Aru'sana R.C.C.

Postby Dark Lord » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:14 am

Xylek wrote:Aru’sana History

The Aru’sana is a relatively unknown race. They appear and disappear from galactic civilization randomly and are almost never seen in mass. They are within the Advanced Space Age, though their fleets are nothing compared to the mass of the CCW or TGE.

They evolved on a planet know known as Alveria (Original Designation Centuri 435AE); It is a high gravity planet with less than friendly wildlife and fauna. Evolving where it was kill or be killed, fighting every waking moment of the day has led this race to be combat and warrior lined. The High Gravity and Need to Survive has allowed the development of several psionic capabilities, though they seldom share their skills.

The Aru’sana is a humanoid race with green tougher skin and unusual eyes compared to galactic standard. The green skin-tone changes based on maturity with the lighter skinned being the children and the darker toned being the adults. They have four, elliptical eyes; two on each side granting them greater awareness to their surroundings. They have not yet decided if they wish to join the CCW, who has extended the offer, as they are not ready to be under the galactic lime-light.

They are a patriarchal society focused within the trials of combat and service. Death before Dishonor, every member of their race is expected to do fleet service for several years before advancing into normal society or venturing off the planet. They do not wish for an untested child to leave the planet and possibly anger a greater power.

Most find life within their military to be far better than that of normal society, they are paid, fed and clothed and expected to follow orders. Within the Race, some exhibit very race capabilities even considering their psionic inclinations to focus their abilities into offense. These individuals are often identified and then trained to be a member of the Aru’sana Alshala; the elite vanguard of the planet.

The Aru’sana Alshala is what Galactic Society would consider to be Mind Melters. They use psionics to augment their already impressive capabilities turning themselves into a living weapon. They, however, never leave the planet unless specifically deployed for reasons only the Patriarch could answer. They work with squads of eight members normally but have been seen operating in smaller groups and their numbers range in the middle-thousands. The last thing any law-abiding Aru’sana wishes to see is the Alshala entering their home.

Within the Aru’sana, the Patriarchs will is absolute – he is no god, but he has been tested and chosen to lead. There is no royal blood-line, there is a succession and even the most low-living citizen could rise to Patriarch under the right circumstances. Within this civilization, crime is almost unheard of as it is a great disgrace to harm or betray a member of the race without just cause, so crime is punished harshly.

To be without a mate or without a form of service to the Patriarchy is considered weak, and the weak are culled, not cared for. If One Aru’sana has a rough patch through their life, as long as they struggle to maintain, other Aru’sana are obligated to help; but when one gives up, they are dead to the Patriarchy.
The Patriarchy does not have any building over three stories on the planet as the gravity would cause its collapse unless maintained constantly. Instead they build into up to three stories then within the planet itself. There is an interstellar space hanger on the planet that has artificial gravity of 1.1 so visiting races can visit the building comfortably, however if they chose to venture out of the station they suffer the penalties.

Doubling back to the Military, there are twelve space stations in orbit around the planet in clusters of three, forming a cube around the planet. They could lock the planet down with a laser grid using the twelve stations in a moment to stop unauthorized movement however a fleet could breech the defenses.

There is also rumored to be a Council of Avatars that advises the Patriarch, though no outside influence has seen any proof of them and they are not publicized even to their own population, however anonymous reports confirm their existence and their knowledge and prowess make assaulting the Aru’sana foolhardy.
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Re: Aru'sana R.C.C.

Postby Dark Lord » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:14 am

Xylek wrote:Alverian Capitol Predator

Elash Malus

Discovered in the early stages of Aru’sana evolution, thus inadvertently causing the majority of their psionic capabilities. The Elash Malus are comparable to the Great Dragons of Mythological Lore. They are white, crystalline dragons; their skin is comparable to the properties of diamonds, strong and light. They are winged creatures which possess great flight and minor to major psionic capabilities. A group of them consists of One Alpha Elash, two female Beta Elash and the rest are children of the herd. They possess acute awareness and intelligence which almost makes them sentient creatures; if they possess more it is yet undiscovered as most are either killed on sight, or kill on sight.

The range from 20ft in length to 40ft in length, a wingspan equal to the length of their body. They do not, however possess the ability to breathe fire but their immense strength, cunning, intelligence and speed make them not need the extra edge. The name was given to them by the Aru’sana later in their development, translating to “Dread Dragon” in common tongue.

They are Alpha Predators and consider the Aru’sana the only prey worth hunting on the planet, as such there has been many conflicts against this species with no attempts at a diplomatic resolution ever being attempted.

Recent Discovery: Historical gatherers that have been authorized travel on the Aru'sana planet and braved the Elash Malus Territory find many common roots to the Dimensional Dragons, though without the capability to shape-shift or traverse through the dimensions.

Alignment: Considered to be Anarchist or Aberrant though unknown factually
Attributes: (Added to the 3d6 base) All states receive an additional 2d6. PS and PP receive 3d6+10 (SN), Speed and ME is x3.
MDC: 3d6x1000 (GM Discretion, depending upon age)
Horror Factor: 18 for first time seeing it, 12 any time thereafter.
PPE: 150
Natural Abilities: Keen Sense of smell, hearing, taste and sight. Night-vision 300ft. Natural Flight (Fatigue at usual rate – can fly straight for up to eight hours before requiring rest)
Bonuses: +3 Initiative, +6 Strike, +6 Parry. +6 Dodge (ranged – Auto dodge), +10 to Roll w/ impact or fall. +6 to save vs poison and disease. Save Vs Psionic (10+) +5
Damage: Claw Strike 2d6x10 MDC. Tail Whip 6d6x10 MDC. Bite 4d6x10,
Magic: (GM Dependent)
Psionics: (GM Dependent)
Average Lifespan: Unknown
Languages: Considered Intelligent and can understand and telepathically speak all spoken languages.
Monetary Value: Bring the hide of an Elash Malus to the Patriarch Assembly or the Circle of Avatars will result in a reward of 1d6x100,000 for a beta or under, 1d6x1,000,000 for an Alpha.
Habitat: Wherever their prey is.
Enemies: The Aru’sana (Though no diplomatic attempts have been made, it is clear they consider the Aru’sana a threat)
Size: Betas and underlings are roughly 20-30ft in size. The Alpha of any given herd is between 35-40ft.
Weight: Betas and underlings weight roughly 10,000lbs, Alphas can go as high as 50,000lbs.
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Re: The Psychopompene (Custom Race)

Postby Dark Lord » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:14 am

SNAFU wrote:The Psychopompene


200, 000 years ago the human Scientific Colony Ship (Dreadnought Equivalent) the Psychopompus embarked on a voyage across the great expanse of empty void that separated the outer Galaxy from its dense interior. They were never heard from again and eventually forgotten about. The human civilization that originated the expedition eventually collapsed and splintered, its diaspora creating the many variations of humanity that exist throughout the Three Galaxies and its territories incorporated and enveloped in the CCW.

85 years ago the Psychopompus returned. It appeared on the edges of CCW space at the point which historians later confirmed was where it had disappeared in the first place. Its inhabitants had long since changed into another species; they called themselves the Psychopompene.

When Nietzsche said, And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you. He may well have been talking about the Psychopompene. Wherever it is they went they came back weird, or in their own words "Cast in the Crucible of the Cosmic Forge, the Fornax Universum." An entire race of people who are locked in to a permanent 'thousand-yard stare', universally considered odd or even downright creepy, the Psychopompene find it easiest to keep to themselves.

Fornax Universum

The 'Pompene believe they spent that time inside the Cosmic Forge. Some how transformed into pure energy, information or light, their entire civilization went through the Forge and came out on the other side. Their scholars will tell you the Forge put them through an infinite number of simulations, experiencing and re-experiencing the same eons over and over. They believe they have accrued a wealth of hereditary wisdom that can guide generation after generation. True or not it is fact they can talk with the dead.
Not just the people but also their ship was mutated by the Forge into a living machine, it's AI expanded and self-aware. Then one day the Forge spat them out. Or it didn't, many believe even now they are still inside the virtual space of the Forge's interior; along with everyone else in the Three Galaxies.

Day-to-Day Life Aboard the Psychopompus

Despite being involved in magic, Psychpompene are a scientific people. They are at the forefront of scientific achievement for sensitivity, range, micronization and diversity of sensor systems 60% of their population is involved in the research, manufacture and sale of these extraordinary instruments. The rest pursue other fields, or are involved in maintenance and operation of the vessel that is their home. In recent times Psychopomus has become a trade hub on the edge of CCW. 40% of the current Station’s inhabitants or of other species and tend to be of a transient nature.

Food is harvested from the farm-chambers which have become an unexpectedly bountiful and self-sustaining ecosystem. An intense genetic correction has allowed fauna to absorb and convert the ship's high-level of ambient UV radiation.

All Psychopompene have a headjack implanted in their head upon reaching maturity. At this point a citizen has access to all information regarding the governance, infrastructure and diplomatic relations. The ‘Pompenes are a literal, direct democracy where every decision is decided by vote. Once the voter has demonstrated a solid understanding of the issue at hand their vote is added to the tally. Actual operation of official organizations are meritocracies and tend to be authoritative.

All Pompenes practice fencing and martial arts as a sport or hobby, with professional-level matches being popular entertainment for all.

Diplomatic Relations

The Psychopompus has settled in the Corkscrew Galaxy in an empty star system, a short distance from Phaseworld. This proximity to the Space Gates benefits their trade but also brings the unwanted attention of rivals like the Kreeghor or Naruni and Oni corporate spies.

This position puts them between the CCW and the TGE. They are currently embroiled in the centuries long application process to join the CCW and have frosty relations with the TGE. The Prometheans are tolerant of these parasitic neighbors because after all they are small on the grand scale of things. In general everyone wants their technology but no one wants them, a little too creepy.

Alignments: Any
Attributes: (Inc. Supernatural) IQ 4d6+6, ME 4d6+6, MA 3d6+6, PS 3d6, PP 4d6+6 , PE 4d6, PB 3d6, SPD 4d6
M.D.C.: 1d6x10+20 (+2d4/lvl)
Disposition: Odd, nihilistic, distant are common personality characteristics.
P.P.E.: +1d6x10
I.S.P.: +1d4x10
Size: 6'-7'
Weight: 140-190 lbs
Average Life Span: 700 years
Physical Appearance: Pale, near snow-white skin, with bright yellow eyes. Hair color is either white or black. Less differentiation between genders than most human-like species. Generally more slender and lithe than the average humanoid build.
Natural Abilities: Ultraviolet Vision, Night Vision 600', Excellent Hearing, Ambidextrous
Available O.C.C.s: Racial RCC
Modifiers: High Radiation (+1d4x10 MDC, Ultraviolet Vision), Twilight World (+10 MDC, Night Vision 600', Excellent Hearing), Ambidextrous (+1 attack)
Psionics: Commune with Spirits (Constant Racial Ability), and 1d4+1 minor psionic powers
Magic: Techno-wizardry, all 'Pompene possess the OCC abilities and construction abilities of the Techno-Wizard
Standard Equipment: The Psychopompene only manufacture scientific, sensory equipment and swords however their warriors are equipped with the best the Three Galaxies has to offer. Currently supplied by Naruni Enterprises and some contractors from the UWW.

Special Skills of Note:
HtH: Psychopompene Close Quarters Sword Mastery
    WP Sword
    WP Quick Draw

R.C.C. Skills:
+10% to Electrical and Mechanical Skills
Native Language 98%
Native Literacy (+15%)
One other language (+10%)
Basic Math (+20%)
12 RCC skills (+10% to Communications, Science and Technical Skills)
6 Secondary


1] City Sized Starship: The Psychopompus
--Diameter: 182 KM
--Max. Pop.: 55 Million
--Last Known Pop: 1,631,652
--MDC: Total: 20,000,000 (40% of Original)
--Outer Hull / 100' area: 1875 Shields: 15,000 Back Up AoI: 3000

2] Purpose: Scientific Colony.
3] Power Source: Experimental (Quantum Singularity Entrapment)
4] Defenses: Magic Defenses, Armored Hull, Shields, Medium Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Point Defense Satellites
5] Sensors: Superior Senors
6] Communications: Advanced Communication 15, Long Range Satellites 6x2, (Total Sats: 10)
7] Maintenance: Low Priority (Station and All Major Functions or at 60%, Looks Derelict)
8] Supplies: Super-Efficient
9] Internal Security Personnel: Undermanned (Automated System Failed)
10] Security Measures: None (Automated System Failed)
11] Medical Facilities: Full Hospital (Automated Facility and Staff)
12] Environmental Systems: Complete Ecosystem (Broken, No Longer Adjustable Currently 114 different types of environment, High Radiation Levels, Twilight Illumination Levels)
13] Business Community: Trading Post
14] Transients: 40% of the Population is Transient

Enemies: Kreeghor, Oni Corporations, those who believe they may have secret knowledge of the Cosmic Forge
Allies: None, and no one lining up for the honor.
Tech Level: Advanced Space Age
Magic Level: Superhuman Magic Using Culture
General Attitude/Culture: Non-Interventionist/Scientific
Designed According the Phase World Rules.
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