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Niall Zeddeus (HOO-RAH!)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:02 am
by Niall
Player Name: Lee
YIM Handle: Leemn
Hangout: Lee.Napier

Character Name: Niall Zeddeus
Call-sign: Crash
Alias: Vanko Borias, Kassan Medic aboard the Eclipse (Grymdin)
Race: Arismal (Aliens Unlimited p.100-101)
Tier & Power Category: Tier 2
Rank: O-3, 1st Lieutenant reference (previous rank reference)
Military Occupational Specialty: Diagnostic Engineer
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 9
XP Points: 79,588 [CC 11Jun2019]
Next Level @ XP: 96,401 (use Alien table)
Disposition: Niall is friendly, with a wild streak, but can be withdrawn and vengeful at times.
Politics: Phoenix party, with sympathies toward Shrike
Insanity: Acute paranoia towards all non-Arismal bordering on xenophobia

I.Q.: 19
M.E.: 11
M.A.: 28
P.S.: 20
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 19
P.B.: 22
Speed: 29 [87' per action] / 124 (372' per action)

P.P.E.: 6
H.P.: 56
S.D.C.: 57
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Description: Niall is tall and rakishly good-looking, but it is obvious he has led a soft life. He has black hair and green eyes, with a face that seems to bear a permanent smirk.

Racial Abilities
Nightvision: 600'
Must wear protective eye wear (sunglasses) or: -4 to Initiative, -8 to strike/parry/dodge
Sensitive Hearing (20 decibels beyond normal human range)

Natural Abilities
Charm/Impress ☞ 60%
Perception ☞ 39% (+3%)
Invoke Trust/Intimidate ☞ 94%
Max. Carrying Weight: 400 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 800 lbs.
Speed: 580 yards per minute/95 mph (2786 yards per minute)
1740 feet per minute/8358 feet per minute
435 feet per melee round/2088 feet per melee round
Max. Jumping Ability: 10' length/5' high see rules here

Super Abilities
Power Touch
Power Touch Points (P.T.P.) = 950
Range: Touch
• Destroy by Touch (inanimate objects)
P.T.P. = object S.D.C.; uses 1 attack
• Restore by Touch (inanimate objects)
3 P.T.P. = 1 S.D.C.
• Combat Touch
20 P.T.P. = 10 extra dam. For punches/kicks; 40 P.T.P. = 20 extra
Points used up even if attack misses, counts as part of melee attack
• Healing
3 P.T.P. = 1 H.P. or 2 S.D.C.; costs double to heal self
• Power Touch (on another character)
100 P.T.P. = +20 H.P. OR +40 S.D.C. OR 3 A.R. (max A.R. 17) OR +20 Spd. (max +100) OR +10’ to leaping distance and height (max +50’); duration 5 minutes/level

Super-Energy Expulsion (Electricity)
• Energy Expulsion
700’ (+20’/level) range, 12d6 (+1d6/level), +3 strike aimed, +1 strike wild
• Super blast 1d6X10+9d6 (+1D6/level), must be 1st attack, uses all but 1 attack that round
• Absorb, Channel, & Fire any type of energy
700’ (+20’/level) range, +3 aimed, +1 wild, Niall takes 2d6/round while using this ability
• Aura effect
10’ range, 1d6+9 (+1/level) damage, 60% chance of inflicting temporary blindness
• Ricochet Blast
Each ricochet is -1 strike and -1d6 damage, ricocheting off a person is -2 Strike
• Impervious to Electricity, half damage from all other forms of energy
• Can cause eyes, hands, or other body parts to glow at up to 60 watts.

Sliding (EP Purchase)
• Frictionless body field ( 1/2 damage from melee attacks)
• Sliding - 95 mph (+ 5mph/level)
• Sliding body tackle 2d6 +4/20 mph; 80% chance of knockdown (lose initiative and 2 attacks)
• Sense of Balance 82% (+2%)
• Cannot be grappled, pinned, placed in a body hold, or thrown

Physical Perfection (EP Purchase)
• Appears to be 1 level higher than he is.

M.O.S. Skills
Analyze and Operate Devices ☞ 102% (+2%)
Electronic Countermeasures ☞ 91% (+5%)
Field Armorer ☞ 96% (+5%)
Electrical Engineer ☞ 96% (+5%)
Mechanical Engineer ☞ 86% (+5%)
Weapons Engineer ☞ 81% (+5%)
Robot Mechanics ☞ 81% (+5%)
Robot Electronics ☞ 86% (+5%)
Read Sensory Instruments ☞ 96% (+5%)
Chemistry ☞ 96% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical ☞ 91% (+5%)
Computer Operation ☞ 106% (+5%)
Computer Programming ☞ 86% (+5%)
Computer Repair ☞ 81% (+5%)
Astrophysics ☞ 86% (+5%)
Intelligence ☞ 80% (+4%)
Research ☞ 116% (+5%)
Mathematics: Advanced ☞ 121% (+5%)

Other Skills
Spacecraft Mechanics: Metallic Hydrogen and Jump drives ☞ 76% (+5%)
Hover Vehicle Mechanics ☞ 71% (+5%)
Lore: Alien ☞ 76% (+5%)
Business and Finance ☞ 81% (+5%)
Laser ☞ 76% (+5%)
Optic Systems ☞ 76% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
W.P. Sword
Depressurization Training
W.P. Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Expert
Navigation: Space ☞ 81% (+5%, 7th Level)
Pilot: Personal Anti-Gravity Transportation ☞ 81% (+5%, 7th Level)
Running (4th Level)
First Aid 71% (+5%, 4th Level)
Literacy: Pilian Tongue (Liloqua) ☞ 76% (+5%, 4th Level, EP)
Paramedic ☞ 61% (+5%, EP)
Fencing (1st Level)
W.P. Knife (1st Level)

Basic Skills
Language: Arismal ☞ 121% (+5%)
Language: Pilian Tongue (Liloqua) ☞ 101% (+5%)
Literacy: Arismal ☞ 96% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic ☞ 101% (+5%)
Military Etiquette ☞ 91% (+5%)
Radio: Basic ☞ 111% (+5%)
Weapon Systems ☞ 26%
☞ Half-trained
☞ No bonuses
☞ Skill will be attained upon a number of successful skill rolls in actual combat equal to 100% divided by your character's I.Q. (0/9 rolls)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +2
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3/+5
Disarm Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +5
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2/+3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Kick attack: Karate style 2d4; Tripping/leg Hook and Backward sweep (knockdown only)
Critical on unmodified 18-20
Paired Weapons
Body throw/flip

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +5 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Sword +4 Strike, +4 Parry, +1d6 Damage
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Knife +1 Thrown, +1 Strike, +1 Parry, +1d6 Damage

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +13%
Toxins (15+): +2
Magic (varies): +2
Lethal Poison (14+): +2
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +2
Insanity (12+): -1
Psionics (varies): -1
Horror Factor: -3
Illusions: -2
Battles of Will: -1
Mind Control: -1
Possession: -1

Re: Niall Zeddeus (Needs Approval)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:06 am
by Niall

A young woman stands by the bay, holding a microphone. Behind her, a sleek hovercar covered in mud dangles from a crane over the grey waters, the sky dim and dark in the distance. She says, “This is Lani Andral, with Serion News. Behind me, you see officials dredging up the hover car of Niall Zeddeus – a hover car he managed to crash in Vedrun Bay while driving at high speeds. He was traveling from a party at the Kalderrian Casino to his family estate just up the road from here, and had passengers. Although rumor has it that he was intoxicated, authorities have yet to confirm. We caught up with Niall as he was released after being treated at the local hospital.”

The broadcast cuts to a shot of the hospital, as a young, dark haired man in a fine suit – caked with dried mud – walks out of the hospital. He holds a hand up in front of his face when he sees the camera. As he continues to walk, the cameras follow.
“Niall! Mr. Zeddeus! Is it true that you were driving intoxicated?”
“No comment.”
“Were your passengers hurt?”
“No, thankfully they were unharmed.”
“We heard there was blood at the scene.”
“I can confirm at this time that I am not a vampire.”
“Do you have any comment on the rumor that your mother is arranging your entry into the ADF?”

The young man stops, a quizzical expression on his face.

“No comment.”

As Niall gets into the hover-limo outside the hospital, the scene cuts back to the reporter at the bay.
“There you have it. I’m Lani Andral.”

Niall stormed into the drawing room, his face flushed and livid. “Mother – do you have an explanation for this?” She looked at him with cold detachment. “I do, but I fear you will mislike it. Simply put, Niall, your days of wanton abandon quite over. I have contacted a recruiter at the ADF and arranged everything for your induction, save this.” She gestures to a pen and paper on the table in front of her. “You need to sign that.” He sneered at the induction papers, then at her. “What makes you think I’d ever…” “Simple,” she interrupted. “You have been written completely out of our will. Your trust fund has been shuttered. Your things have been packed and placed in storage. Simply put, you are destitute.” His mouth gaped. Surely, she wouldn’t… She glanced at him, his expression telling her everything she needed to know. “So… you want me to serve a few years in the ADF, and then... what? I’ll earn my way back into the family’s good graces? Let me guess, you’ve arranged an officership for me, in some remote location, and all I need to do is keep my nose clean?” She took a sip of her tea. “Quite to the contrary – if I arrange a commission for you, then you will have learned nothing. The Zeddeus family has a long, long history. And though your brother Donall is our primary beneficiary in the event of our deaths, you… are currently an embarrassment. You shall apply yourself to the fullest. You shall learn a useful trade, something that will enable you to stand on your own feet. You shall ‘keep your nose clean’. And, if you perform to our satisfaction, you will someday be written back into the will. The trust fund, I fear, is history. You shall never again see its like from us.” Niall grasped the situation immediately. He was cut off, and the only hope of achieving some portion of his inheritance lay on the sheet of paper before him. He took the pen and signed.

Niall had never been particularly athletic, so the months of ADF training were difficult for him, more a test of his physical and mental endurance than anything, and ADF training was one place where his name granted him no favors. Due to his Power Touch ability, he was placed into an engineering training program, which could make the most use of his talents, and he excelled. He eventually graduated from training, and was stationed aboard the Dauntless. He was serving on that ship when Arismal was struck from space and destroyed. The enormity of losing absolutely everything awakened in him the knowledge of everything he ever truly loved, and it was not the money or the excess. His parents, his brother, his friends, all dead. It lit a fire in the dark part of his heart, and he lay awake at nights after duty, imagining blowing up Atorian planets. For now, he serves the fleet. But one day, soon, he will help make the Atorians pay for their mistake.

Re: Niall Zeddeus (Needs Approval)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:29 pm
by Niall

Rating Badge:

Worn on Person

Individual Credit Card: 3,875 credits

Niall's A.D.F. Light Strike Anti-Gravity Suit
A.R.: 12
S.D.C. by Location:
--Arms: 50 each
--Legs: 65 each
--Helmet: 100
--Main Body: 100
--Slim-pack: 25
Weight: 12 lbs.
Speed: up to 60 mph
Altitude: from one to 800 feet
Maximum Weight Allowance: 400 pounds
Features: Fully environmental, HUD in helmet visor, encrypted short-range audio/data transceiver, range: 12 miles (19.31 km).

FAS Tier 1
A.R.: 10
S.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 40
• Arms: 40 each
• Legs: 50 each
• Main Body: 80
Modifiers: Can also be worn under other armor, for additional protection; Reflective ceramic coating: Lasers and Energy Expulsion: Light powers only do half damage to the character and the armor.
Weight: 10 lbs.

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
• 12 attachment points
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: Mechanical Engineering kit
• Attachment: "
• Attachment: Electrical Engineering kit
• Attachment: "
• Attachment: Vibro-Sword
• Attachment: Datapad
• Attachment: Welding tool kit
• Attachment: "
• Attachment: Dragonbane Blade
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Damage: 3D6+3 (+P.S. damage bonuses)
Length: 3 feet
Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Dragonbane Blade (Patron Item)
Legendary Enchanted Knife
M.D.C.: 200
Damage: 1d6+7
Weight: 1 lb.
Magic Features
• Dragon Slayer: Does normal damage to all creatures except dragons and sea serpents, to which it inflicts double damage.
• Eternally sharp blade: Weapon never dulls and is +3 to damage.
• Armor Piercing: bypass the A.R. of their targets. If used against targets wearing body armor, the armor will not be harmed by this weapon, as it will automatically seek out gaps and chinks in the armor through which to strike. When used against creatures with a high natural A.R., this weapon simply goes through the natural defenses.
• Super-Sharpness: +4 to damage, but more importantly it lowers the required roll for a critical strike by two points.
Curse: None
History: During the great Elf-Dwarf war, a singularly exceptional Elven alchemist created a number of identical enchanted knives used to add some gravity to the Elves' negotiations with the dragons of their time. From time to time across the ages, these knives have surfaced in the hordes of ancient dragons, and among ruins from that era. They are often associated with the appellation "folly" as those who bear them have frequently overestimated the power of the weapons, and underestimated the might of dragons.

• This portable computer has a back-lit screen and is capable of of many data processing and sharing functions.
  • Reference Library: Field Armorer ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Electrical Engineer ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Mechanical Engineer ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Weapons Engineer ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Robot Mechanics ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Robot Electronics ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Chemistry: Analytical ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Computer Programming ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Computer Repair ☞ (+5%)
  • Reference Library: Spacecraft Mechanics: Metallic Hydrogen and Jump drives ☞ (+5% each)
  • Reference Library: First Aid ☞ (60%)
  • Reference Library: Pathology ☞ (60%)
  • Reference Library: Wilderness Survival ☞ (60%)
  • Reference Library: Xeno-Biology ☞ (60%)
  • Reference Library: Xeno-Botany ☞ (60%)

Personal Foot Locker aboard the Stiletto
Credit Card: 0 credits
Olive drab technician's jumpsuit
Black boots
Ration card: ?? alcohol rations
Small wooden box with red silk interior, containing one signet ring bearing the Zeddeus cadet insignia
A collection of well-worn repair manuals for various ADF equipment
A digital picture frame containing pictures and videos of his family members
5X technician's jumpsuits
3X suits of nice civilian clothes & shoes
1X dress uniform
1X red shirt
6X "hot rod" magazines detailing Arismal sports hovercars
Notebook computer, loaded with games and music, and a CAD system for drawing schematics

A.D.F. Standard Issue Modular Battle Harness
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Re: Niall Zeddeus (HOO-RAH!)

PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2016 11:38 am
by Niall
Niall's Albatross Locker
Multi-Optics Goggles
☞ Weight: 2 lbs.
☞ S.D.C.: 25
☞ An awkward but highly capable set of goggles equipped to see across the light spectrum. Best when used stationary.
☞ -6 to Perception rolls when worn normally, +3 to Perception rolls under proper use.
☞ X-Ray: 100'
☞ Thermal-Imaging: 250'
☞ Ultraviolet, Infrared: 500'
☞ Macroscopic: 2:1 to 5:1 ratio
☞ Telescopic: to 10x magnification
☞ Passive Light Amplification: So long as any visible light is present, this will make the scene viewable as under normal conditions of visibility.

A.D.F. Anti-Gravity Suit
S.D.C. by Location:
--Arms: 15 each
--Legs: 25 each
--Slim-pack: 25
--Main Body: 30
Speed: up to 90 mph (145 km)
Altitude: from one to 1,200 feet (.3 to 366 m)
Maximum Weight Allowance: 500 pounds (225 kg)
Features: Fully environmental, HUD in helmet visor, encrypted short-range audio/data transceiver, range: 12 miles (19.31 km).

A.D.F. Combat Goggles
A.R.: 15
S.D.C.: 25
Features: automatically filters any harmful bursts of light across the spectrum. A nanite-based internal lens layer automatically polarizes and darkens the lenses whenever exposed to light in excess of 35 watts. Can receive and display visual data on the inside of the light emitting polymer lenses.

A.D.F. Standard Armor
A.R.: 16
S.D.C. by Location:
--Helmet: 100
--Arms: 100 each
--Legs: 150 each
--Main Body: 200
Weight: 14 lbs. (6.35 kg)
Modifiers: -5% to movement & physical skills
• Fully environmental
• HUD in helmet visor
• Encrypted short-range audio/data transceiver, range: 12 miles (19.31 km).

Field HQ Tent (20' wide x 30' long x 10' high, 200 lbs.)
5-Man Tent
Sleeping bag
Laser range finder
Collapsible Shovel/Survival Tool
100' Cable (2000 lb. capacity)
Water purification tablets
Portable Laboratory
Chemical Analyzer
1 case of 100 shatter-proof polypropylene specimen containers of various sizes
1 case of 50 shatter proof polypropylene petri dishes
[10 Vanilla] Meal/Protein Bars
[20 Chocolate] Meal/Protein Bars

Gear for Cover Identity
[2 Pair] Police Style Jumpsuit (Dark Blue)
[2 Pair] B.D.U.'s
[1] 2 Piece Suit (Niall Size -- Black, w/White button up collarless shirt and black shoes)
[1] 2 Piece Suit (Niall Size -- Grey, w/White button up collarless shirt and black shoes)
[2 pairs] Cheap Sunglasses
[2 pairs] Polarized Goggles
[1] High Impact Polarized Goggles
[1] Wallets w/ RF-blocking lining

VidComm Watch Deluxe
    (Range: typically around 2 miles, VHF 250mhz, includes satlink)

Biomed Scanner
  • A small device which is attached to a universal adapter. Plug the adapter into any computing device with a screen (mobile telecomm devices & computers are most common) and the device's display can indicate body temperature, blood pressure, respiration, and its general homeostatic condition simply by pressing the scanner against the skin of the target for sixty seconds.

Premier DRO card
High Impact Polarized Goggles (GMG PG 189)
[1] 2 Piece Suit (Black, w/White button up collarless shirt and black shoes)
[1] 2 Piece Suit (Grey, w/White button up collarless shirt and black shoes)[/quote]
VidComm Watch Deluxe (Range: typically around 2 miles, VHF 250mhz, includes satlink)
Light Filtering Contacts - Automatically filters any harmful bursts of light across the spectrum. A nanite-based internal lens layer automatically polarizes and darkens the contacts whenever exposed to light in excess of 35 watts. Last a month or more with proper care.
Light Sensitive Polarized Goggles (GMG PG 189)
[2] Police Style Jumpsuit (Navy Blue) (HU2 pg 348)
[2] B.D.U.'s: Pants (Navy Blue)/Shirts (Navy Blue)/T-shirt (White)/Field Jacket (Navy Blue)(HU2 pg 349)

Re: Niall Zeddeus (HOO-RAH!)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:20 am
by Niall
The Future Arismal

The Arismal people have never been accused of being reckless. We approached our introduction to the galaxy as a space-faring race with typical Arismal caution, taking measured steps and ensuring our footing at each opportunity.

Not for the first time in our history, an overabundance of caution was a mistake. What seemed prudent and smart ensured that, at an unforeseeable moment, too many Arismal were planetside, and are now lost to us.

This was a mere month and a half ago. Since that time, the admiralty’s plan for the survival of our species was a mystery to the fleet, and the lack of a clear mission – beyond not dying – has contributed to a deletorious effect on morale. It was perhaps this Arismal trait of approaching every step with the utmost caution that delayed either the formulation of a plan for the future, or the communication of such plan to the rank and file.

While confident that the new leadership will develop such a plan, and communicate it to the fleet as needed, the members of the 1st SOG have had a number of occasions to view the situation from both internal and external loci, and have made a number of actionable observations which may contribute to overall strategic planning efforts.

The survival of both the fleet and the Arismal race is of first-order priority to this document, and should be approached as a three-pronged strategy: Preservation, curation, and promulgation.

Where possible, Arismal lives should be preserved – although we cannot control when we are confronted by our enemy, we can mitigate losses, as the fleet has already admirably done. However, even in the face of loss of life, steps can (and should) be taken to mitigate that loss, and make the impact less profound. Before the destruction of our planet, I read that in our prehistory, several extinction-level events took place, which devastated the flora and fauna of our planet – though some species developed before such events and survived them. This is the situation we find ourselves in now – an evolutionary bottleneck. Many species do not survive such a bottleneck, and go extinct. Therefore, a significant aim of this plan will be to ensure Arismal genetic diversity going forward.

The loss of the planet was a catastrophic loss for the Arismal people, and not just one measured in loss of life. Every aspect of our species that was not represented in our fleet suffered. Arismal food sources, knowledge bases, production facilities, and culture have all been devastated. However, the possibility exists that some elements of Arismal life may have persisted beyond the destruction of the planet. Although a military fleet should primarily focus on military objectives, even during the Great Wars before the Arismal Unification, one of the generals took pains to hide and protect cultural artefacts and art, saying ”None must go”, because he recognized the importance of preserving the culture in the face of the enemy. We should likewise do so, to the maximum extent possible, and this plan has, as a significant facet, the goal of curating such artifacts where they exist.

The Promulgation of a species is achieved when it reaches primacy in its venue, such as its immediate regional environment. The Arismal race promulgated on our home planet, and achieved planet-wide primacy. For our species to again promulgate, we must seek to establish a venue where we can prosper, expand, and reach primacy, before attempting to promulgate on a galactic scale, as our enemies have done. In order for the Arismal species to thrive, and not merely survive, we must take immediate steps to promulgate our people, and this plan will encompass such efforts.

Secondary Objective
The secondary objective of this strategic plan should be the neutralization of the ability of our enemy to affect us. As our enemy vastly outnumbers us, the utter annihilation of our enemy is a logical impossibility. Thus, the options left to us are their neutralization through strategic victories, fomenting unrest within the enemy empire, and cementing diplomatic victories against our enemy. The combination of these efforts may sow enough discord to render the enemy impotent to cause us more harm. It is notable that the destruction of our enemy may have been the Admiralty’s primary objective, but this document seeks to correct that – our enemy should be defeated, but not at the expense of our species’ continued existence.

To use a metaphor, we are an injured Frill-cat, cornered by a feral Boarwulf. If we fight the Boarwulf, we may bite it. We could hope that bite gets infected, and eventually kills the Boarwulf, but we haven’t the strength to kill it outright – it’s much larger and stronger than we are. The Frill-cat is faster, though, and smaller, and cleverer. We can use that bite to distract the Boarhound, attacking its underbelly, and use its pain and confusion to make an escape. If the Frill-cat fights a running battle, we may lead it through the underbrush where it cannot follow, and ensure our own survival.

Like the Frill-cat, we must employ our assets, and eschew our weaknesses. And like the metaphorical Frill-cat, we must survive. Above all, we must survive. Therefore, defeating the Boarwulf is a secondary objective.

The first step of any strategic plan must be the identification of assets, both immediate and recoverable. The Arismal species has, as its primary asset, the ADF fleet, containing a genetically diverse array of highly-trained Arismal soldiers, as well as a number of scientists, technicians, executives, and other experts. These people are our primary asset. The ships, weapons, and equipment of the fleet are a secondary asset.

A nontangible asset of the Arismal people is our leadership. One of the first actions of the admiralty was to declare martial law, an act which will serve to enable efforts to preserve, curate, and promulgate our people. As a direct effect of this declaration, the fleet leadership may be able to use its new legal status to claim any recoverable Arismal assets.

Recoverable assets are Arismal goods, food, livestock, products, funds, or cultural artifacts that may have been exported off-planet before its destruction. As de facto leadership of the Arismal people, the ADF leadership should have legal claim to any Arismal-owned businesses that may have had off-world operations, facilities, or accounts, and may have legal recourse under some alien legal systems to recover exported goods, livestock, food, and artifacts, using endangered or protected species status classifications or other legal mechanisms. These recoverable assets may even be purchased back or recovered by military action if no other options exist.

Another non-tangible asset of the Arismal is our diplomacy. Our enemies have numerous enemies apart from the Arismal, a fact which can be exploited through diplomacy. Even in the failure of diplomacy, this fact may be exploited tactically, through espionage, or even by fleet placement. The plight of our people is dire, and may give us diplomatic leverage with the enemies of our enemies. Further, our enemy has numerous slave and client species whose loyalty to their masters may be subverted with sufficient diplomatic efforts (or military victories).

While listed as an asset, the ADF fleet is also a weakness. While formidable, it is smaller than our enemies’ fleet, yet too large to hide indefinitely, which renders direct assault and flat retreat as both untenable strategies. Further, while the fleet is largely self-sufficient, it cannot proceed indefinitely without a defensible port of call, a place to effect large-scale repairs, build new ships to replace those lost, and reprovision.

Our next major weakness is psychological. Every living Arismal has suffered catastrophic loss. In the pre-unification days, this was referred to as “soldier’s heart” or "shell-shock” but Arismal physicians have come to know it as post-traumatic stress disorder, and it can manifest in a wide variety of ways. Further, such catastrophic loss may have had a profound impact on each Arismal’s psychological well-being. These and other issues have contributed to a persistent loss of morale. This will, inevitably, affect individual performance, and steps taken to mitigate these issues should be seen as necessary for success.

Limited provisions are also a weakness of the fleet. While steps such as rationing, food development, and the employing of innate Arismal abilities have greatly helped or are positioned to help mitigate this weakness, reprovisioning on a vast scale must occur soon. As they used to say in the old days, “an army marches on its belly.”
They also used to say, “there are known unknowns, and unknown unknowns,” and to this point, intelligence about our enemy (things of which we know we are ignorant as well as things about our enemy of which we currently have no concept) is currently a weakness. Identifying intelligence we need (i.e., the known unknowns) is certainly important, but efforts must be undertaken to find key intelligence of which we are entirely ignorant (i.e., unknown unknowns) as well. The extent to which we can gather such intelligence must be improved. Further, identifying ADF fleet weaknesses of which we are ignorant (also unknown unknowns) must be done, therefore, fleet readiness must be thoroughly and regularly evaluated. Finally, as Maricko Taarwin once wrote: ”It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” Therefore, all intelligence must be red-teamed to both verify it and evaluate its usefulness.

Observations and Proposals
Observation 1
Whereas the ADF fleet morale is suffering, reprovisioning must occur, and a secure port of call must be established.

Proposal 1
To address this, we propose that every effort must be made to immediately secure a colonizeable planet, or alternatively, we need to negotiate to secure base locations (possibly in return for joint defense agreements). Such planet should ideally be placed in an area inaccessible to our enemy (located within a region of space occupied by one of our enemies’ enemies – The FAR or the TMC), or remote from them (a location on the far side of the FAR or the TMC, for example). This will assist with all three prongs of this plan.

Given that there are numerous other humanoid races in the Galaxy with equivalent dietary needs, we should look to reprovision by trading or raiding.

Observation 2
Whereas fleet morale is suffering, fleet resources are limited, and recoverable assets may exist to partially remediate our situation.

Proposal 2
Efforts must be undertaken to identify and secure, through legal, financial, or military means, any recoverable Arismal assets as defined in “Assets”, above, which exist. Focus should be made on Arismal livestock and food (particularly food which may be recultivated, such as tuberous plants, seed-bearing fruit, and the like), accounts with positive capital (in any currency), offworld Arismal-owned production facilities should such exist, and originals OR copies of Arismal-created artwork, books, music, or other Arismal cultural ephemera. Replicas of these last should be displayed/accesible throughout the fleet, as a reminder, not of what is lost, but of what we Arismal are, and are capable of, and are, thus, safeguarding. Some Arismal artefacts or replicas of Arismal artefacts may exist in places of higher learning, scientific installations, or art galleries. Replicas may be more purchaseable. Care should be taken that such efforts not undermine diplomatic efforts.

Further, any surviving Arismal cultural artifacts which exist within the fleet (such as books, music, and knowledge) should be curated in a database accessible to all members of the fleet. This will help work to minimize the losses to Arismal culture if a ship should be lost. Further, Any Arismal who are willing should be allowed to cross-train in other areas, which will keep some Arismal knowledge (including languages) alive.

Observation 3
Whereas the galaxy is a hostile place, and the enemy of the Arismal have other enemies besides, and whereas the fleet, while strong, is insufficient on its own to defeat the enemy.

Proposal 3
Diplomatic or espionage efforts should be undertaken to secure assistance against the enemy. In a galaxy full of conflict, surely the Arismal can engineer some of that conflict to benefit us, with little impact on the fleet. By placing our fleet close to the periphery of the FAR or TMC, we may engineer a conflict between them and the Atorians, with the FAR or TMC potentially unaware of our involvement. Placing ourselves on the distant side of the TMC or FAR separates us from our enemy, and allows us “breathing space” to regroup.

Observation 4
Whereas intelligence about our enemy/enemies is missing or incomplete, and unrest may be fomented among them, weaknesses exploited, and technologies and processes copied, subverted, or destroyed.

Proposal 4
Espionage should be undertaken within the enemy’s operations. A team of Arismal, disguised as and impersonating the enemy, should undertake to infiltrate strategic enemy locations to gather intelligence, sow discord, and/or engage in strategic demolition of enemy resources.

Observation 5
Whereas the peaceful future of the Arismal people must be secured.

Proposal 5
Efforts must be undertaken to seek diplomatic solutions, to provide the Arismal with an autonomous zone of the galaxy, partially secured by treaties and agreements with alien governments (to such extent that is warranted or possible). Diplomats should be trained in alien governmental types, briefed on alien cultures, negotiation tactics, and priorities, and emplaced to effect such negotiations as are beneficial to the Arismal fleet.

Observation 6
Whereas Arismal life is sacred and should be preserved.

Proposal 6
Steps must be taken in advance of any further loss of Arismal life, in order to effect successful remediation of Arismal genetic diversity if it becomes necessary in the future. Genetic samples should be taken of all living Arismal, and all the recently dead, and those samples should be effectively stored for the duration. Such samples may be used for in vitro fertilization, cloning, and genetic repair efforts when such efforts become necessary and feasible. Further, any recoverable Arismal livestock and plant matter should be similarly curated. When possible, Arismal should be disallowed from contaminating Arismal genetic diversity by breeding with non-Arismal. Genetic samples could be used in these instances to provide Arismal/non-Arismal couples (should such exist) with pure Arismal offspring.

Observation 7
Whereas the peaceful continuance of the Arismal people must be assured.

Proposal 7
Despite the necessary martial law declaration we are under, efforts must be undertaken to restore civilian leadership, when such efforts as establishing a colony in an Arismal Autonomous Zone, mitigating the enemy’s ability to attack us through diplomatic, espionage, and/or military means, and ensuring the preservation, curation, and promulgation of the species are attained. Such a transition would be smoothed by establishing a civilian leadership seat on the leadership body to succeed the admiralty. Such a civilian seat could be established by a majority vote, and would be held by a non-military or retired military survivor, for a limited term of service, with succession determined by vote. Further, it should be enacted as a foundational policy that no position of authority in the fleet be held by a non-Arismal.

The 1st SOG recognizes that the fleet has a wide array of responsibilities, which are in fact more than the fleet was designed to accommodate, and that the fleet has proceeded admirably thus far in surviving the efforts of our enemy to destroy us. It is our hope that this document be received in the spirit in which it is offered: not as a criticism of the fleet’s laudable efforts, but as a voice from the soldiery which freely offers its observations and proposals as a starting point for coming conversations on the future of the Arismal.

May the old gods of Arismal bless us all.

Niall Zeddeus, 2nd LT, 1st SOG
Cairo Xanreys, 3rd LT, 1st SOG
Jerrik Halko, Sgt. 1st SOG
Rosseyn Ridatharen, 2nd LT, 1st SOG
Ryden Hunter, 3rd LT, 1st SOG
Gillina Hassan, 3rd LT, 1st SOG

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by Niall
Niall now knows as much about the Aurovax as is covered in AU p. 132. reference

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:41 am
by Niall
(1 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6), IQ, Niall 1d6:

(1 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6), ME, Niall 1d6:

(1 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6), MA, Niall 1d6:

(1 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6), PS, Niall 1d6:

(1 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6), PP, Niall 1d6:

(1 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6), PB, Niall 1d6:

Following on the results above:
(4 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes 16+, +1D6), IQ, Niall 1d6:

(4 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes 16+, +1D6), MA, Niall 1d6:

(4 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes 16+, +1D6), PS, Niall 1d6:

(4 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes 16+, +1D6), PE, Niall 1d6:

All bonuses added in and accounted for.

Physical Perfection (PU1) - purchased via EP
+1d4+2 = 5:
+1d4+5 = 7:
PB (19 minimum)
+1 PE
+1 PP
5, 2, 1, 1, 3
1, 4
+5% vs. coma/death

Appears to be 1d4:
levels higher than he is.

Bonuses added in.


Lvl 9 HP