Q1 2020 EP Contest: It's Cold Outside

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Fire in the Hole (Fox)
A Mind Aflame (Wi-Fi)
Down, Down, Down Into a Burning Field of Fire(Selenidaria)
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Q1 2020 EP Contest: It's Cold Outside

Postby Augur » Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:44 am

Q1 2020's EP contest is to design an adventure around a map: The Forge of the Fire Hammer

Design an adventure that can (ideally) be completed in one quad via Play-by-Post.
Setting can be any which is currently played on EU.

  • Only one submission is allowed per player.
    Grammar and spelling are important to create a quality submission, so you need to seriously proofread your work!
  • Make sure that any image used is no more than 300 pixels in height.
  • You MUST use the adventure outline template to organize your adventure notes.


Explanatory Notes:
Augur will validate/invalidate each submission at this time based exclusively on the quality of the writing, add a poll to the contest, and the EU community will vote for their favorite submission. (Time to bribe your fellow players!)

The contest ends a week after the third submission is posted, and will be concluded a week after the third submission is posted.

1st Place: Adventure submission will be adopted for use by the GM's Cabal at their discretion. +5 EP
2nd Place: +3 EP
3rd Place: +1 EP
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[b][u]Stage One (Setup) Outline:[/u][/b]
[u][b]Stage Two (Conflict) Outline:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Stage Three (Resolution) Outline:[/b][/u]

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Re: Q1 2020 EP Contest: It's Cold Outside

Postby Fox » Tue May 12, 2020 8:09 am

Fire in the Hole - A Rifts adventure outline set in Colorado

Stage One (Setup) Outline:
  • Adventurers arrive in Silvereno and are approached by someone representing the mines. It seems lava from the nearby Dotsero Volcano has broken into the mine shafts, it appears to be coming into the mine through shaft #8. The company will pay well for someone to seal the shaft.
  • The company miners refuse to enter Shaft #8, it is reputed to be haunted, no one who has gone into the shaft has returned in quite some time (long before the lava flow started).
  • A local with magical or psychic abilities warns the group that the problem does not arise from the volcano, but from an active rift and the creatures that come through it.
Stage Two (Conflict) Outline:
  • Lava Flows - The players must deal with the lava, which does MDC heat damage and is accompanied by dangerous gasses.
  • Cave Creatures - dangerous creatures (Possibly a Lava Serpent, 1d4+1 of Devil Worms, and a Fire Scorpion), have come through the rift and are living in Shaft #8 and in the cavern it breaks out into. All of them find the areas beyond where the lava flows too cold and do not venture outside Shaft #8.
  • Finding the Lair - It is relatively simple to follow the lave flow upstream, but the flow is coming through a shaft that is obviously worked and no wider than the lava flow...unless the characters are capable of wading through the lava upstream they will have to find a way around, and the area is protected by a variety of traps involving stonework. Blocking the flow at this point would temporarily stop the problem, but whatever made the shaft would clearly be able to re-open it.
Stage Three (Resolution) Outline:
  • The cause of the problem is a Deevil Dragon potter/smith who is using the lava and his own magic to forge items out of clay he is bringing in through the open rift from Mount Diamond in the Mines of Dyval. He has discovered, relatively recently, that the clay that the Blue Diamonds are found in can used to forge Chrysteel can be used to create weapons equal to Chrysteel when worked by Earth Elemental magic and tempered in molten lava. The Deevil Dragon is immune to heat/fire and is an Earth Warlock of high level.
  • The Lava actually does come from the volcano, but the Deevil Dragon channeled it to where it could cause mischief after he has used it to temper his weapons.
  • Closing the Rift would force the Deevil Dragon to take his work elsewhere, as he needs access to the clay from the Mines. Killing the Deevil Dragon would allow the characters to block or divert the lava flow. Making a deal with the Deevil Dragon is possible, he could divert the lava elsewhere if he had reason. At the moment he plans to present the weapons to Nickodeamis if he can get that Lord of Dyval to agree that he can be sub-regent of the mines.
  • The weapons are effectively the same as Skorblades from Magefire Weaponry, if they find out someone else has discovered a way of producing them, they would be willing to pay well to remove the competition (or might be willing to hire the Deevil Dragon as a source for the same).
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Re: Q1 2020 EP Contest: It's Cold Outside

Postby Wi-Fi » Tue May 12, 2020 4:48 pm

A Mind Aflame
Stage One (Setup) Outline:
  • A local Native American Fire Fusionist is looking for a group to eliminate a threat at a sacred place near Merctown. The “Forge of Ages” (translated from Navajo) is a place many fusionists regularly visit. As of late, the site has been inhabited by many of the spirit-possessed. The last group that entered was hired to examine the site by a company in Merctown. Among the digteam is a psychic with a focus on Sensitive abilities to ensure the site is legit. The Fire fusionist recovered the following logs:
  • the Logs recovered:
    Day 1 (arrival)
    “Reports indicate this temple houses a weapon or power of great value and one that is likely very old. I can sense it. How a mystic site came to be here is a mystery. I suspected that the eruptions during pre-rifts exposed it. My employers wish me to find any items of power and retrieve them. As long as these mercenaries do their job this should be a breeze.”

    days 2-4
    the next 2 days describe the mercenaries and Specialist digging and finding 6 necklaces. Conditions worsen as pay by the company is arriving slowly. Nothing exciting or noteworthy until day 5...

    day 5 (the discovery)
    “We have found 6 necklaces of some power. Each possesses the ability to cast spells. The first we found could only 'cast' lower level spells like (insert level 4 spell here). The amulets we found later were progressively stronger. They will unlock the spirit at the heart of this temple. Or so the spirit here says. Unfortunately, the delay in the dig and pay is bothering the mercenaries. They took the amulets and won't give them back until we could pay them. But something went wrong. They became different somehow. I will call the home office to get pay. Perhaps that will solve this.”
  • the Dig Team:
    the Specialists:
    Major or Master Psychic (Paranormal and Sensitive powers needed)
    Monster Hunter/bodyguard for the Psychic

    The mercenary team: (well-armed and equipped)
    -Human Operator (Team leader)
    -Wilderness Scout, (Teams scout and survivalist)
    -Cyber-doc (team Medic)
    -three Mercenaries
    The villain
    -the Neuron Beast in the Lava
    Supporting Role:
    -The High Shaman or mystic on the alter.

Stage Two (Conflict) Outline:
  • the DigTeam found more than they were able to handle. The site was a center for some cultists or fanatics of a Fire god cult. The Mercenary team was possessed by the amulets and the fate of the Psychic and Bodyguard are not known (up to GM). At the site there is an imprisoned spirit of a powerful native shaman or mystic. He or she is intended to be sacrificed to free the Neuron beast in the lava.
  • Each amulet possesses a level of spells/powers for the imprisoned Shaman. Each spell level above 3 needs an amulet to unlock. The Specialists (if still alive) or shaman can explain this to the players. Should a higher level amulet be placed only that level is unlocked.
  • The heat and lava may cause a threat. if unprepared for heat and lava they will face MDC and heat damage.

Stage Three (Resolution) Outline:
  • The Shaman in center alter can be freed or the Neuron Beast defeated. If the Shaman (or the spirit of) is killed/sacrificed on the alter the Neuron beast is freed. two possible solutions are:
  • resolution one: Place the 6 amulets on the columns around the center flame. Release the Shaman and defeat the mercenaries with its help.
  • resolution two: Should they fail to place all the amulets on the alter and the Shaman dies they face the Neuron Beast and his 1-6 new minions (the possessed mercenaries) must prevent its escape. The loss of the amulet will remove the mercenaries from the Neron Beast's control. It is up to the players if they get the freed mercenaries help or kill them.
  • This Neuron beast is max MDC and has been on earth a long time (max level). Possibly pre-rifts or in the Golden age.
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Re: Q1 2020 EP Contest: It's Cold Outside

Postby Selenidaria » Wed May 13, 2020 7:44 pm

Down, Down, Down Into a Burning Field of Fire

Stage One (Setup) Outline:
  • King Wyatt Halloway has spotted a large column of black smoke rising from the north and sends a group to investigate to make sure there is no danger to his ranches.
  • Fresh lava flows from the Carrizozo Volcanic Fields in the shape of humanoid forms.
  • A mid-level Fire/Earth Warlock is attempting to summon his Elemental Intelligence to Earth by creating a suitable environment.
  • All Fire and Earth spells are cast with double MD/MDC/Duration while Air and Water/Cold spells have these same values halved.
Stage Two (Conflict) Outline:
  • The Fire/Earth Warlock has already managed to summon a Minor Lava Monster (the humanoid shape seen earlier in the fresh lava)
  • The Fire/Earth Warlock is preparing to summon a Major Lava Monster, which will also result in a volcanic eruption that will create an active rift to the Elemental Intelligence's dimension
  • The lava, poisonous gases, and heat are natural hazards.
  • If the Elemental Intelligence managed to enter this dimension, the Carrizozo Volcanic Fields would erupt as if it were a super volcano, destroying the southwest corner of the old USA and the northern portions of Mexico.
Stage Three (Resolution) Outline:
  • A natural underground spring runs past near the newly created temple. If it can be found (off the map in the northeast corner), a successful demolitions check can create a hole to flood the chamber, ruining the Fire/Earth Warlock's ritual
  • Alternatively, causing the chamber to collapse will ruin the ritual space and most likely kill the Warlock.
  • Another option is to somehow cause it to rain above the volcanic fields. While not enough water will filter down into the ritual space to completely ruin it, it will be a setback to the Warlock who will be very upset as it would take months if not years of searching and preparing of a new ritual space.
  • Fire suppression missiles can be used against the lava and Lava Monsters. They would deal damage as a plasma missile of it's size to the lava monster.
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