Cabal- Neural Intelligence

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Cabal- Neural Intelligence

Postby Cabal » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:38 pm

Player Name: Günther
YIM Handle:

Character Name: Cabal
Alias: Nothing currently
Race: Experimental A.R.C.H.I.E. Bot (Neural Intelligence)
O.C.C.: Unconventional Urban Combat Controller
Alignment: Aberrant
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 8,226 (10/12/14 ARCHIE)
Next Level @ XP: 10,001 (uses Robot Soldier Experience Table from Triax 1)
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Organics... equally lesser, regardless of form; hardly ever challenging, and only a rare few ever seem interesting enough to engage in lasting conversation. Non-carbon based life, however, could be prove to be at least scientifically fascinating, if not mentally stimulating.
Sentiments/Coalition: Requires further analysis to assess the extent of the threat posed, but initial programming dictates severe hostility.
Disposition: Cold, cunning, and a passionate student of tactical calamity. Apart his macabre humor he pursues intellectualism, understanding, and even creativity, as his brutal execution of guerrilla warfare blossoms with increasing sophistication.

I.Q.: 25
M.E.: N/A
M.A.: N/A
P.S.: 40
P.P.: 26 (Currently 18 due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
P.E.: N/A
P.B.: 6
Speed: 99 (Currently 66 due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)

M.D.C.: 620 (Currently 340 due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Age: 3 Months since Cyberworks departure (Date of Activation unknown)
Sex: N/A
Height: 8 Feet
Weight: 800lbs
Description: An elegant composite of advanced ceramic and synthetic musculature. Although large in stature, the synthetic body seems lithe and graceful, save the legs which lack 'feet' and seem to be well structured stilts, so to speak, composed almost entirely of ceramic. The overall hue is dark, but two-tone, with the musculature a deep earth (almost black) and the ceramic frame, a visually stimulating crimson rust.

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: +0
Max. Encumbrance: 800lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 1,000lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 2,000lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 140' Horizontal/ 35' vertical

Special Abilities
Speech: Speaks, understands, and is literate in all nine major languages of Rifts Earth, plus understands 30 pre-Rifts languages, including American, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Swiss, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, all at 98%. Also Speaks, but cannot read, Dragonese and Splugorth at 91%
Archie Self-Destruct Mechanism: Status Unknown

Robotic Features
Advanced Audio
•Audio Recorder
•Bug Detector
•Built-In Language Translator

Biting Jaws & Teeth (Large)
Chemical Spray
Clock Calender
Explosives Detector
Optical Clusters
• Advanced Robot-Eyes
• Camera Eye: External Video and Audio Surveillance System
• Laser Targeting System
• Optical Reader
• Optical Scanner
• Live Video Transmission
• Eye: Telescopic
• Eye: Targeting Display
• Eye: Thermal-Imager (+1 Strike in darkness)
• Eye: Light Filters
• Eye: Macro

Primary CPU
Radio Signal Scrambler System
Radar Detector
Sound Analysis Computer
• Built-In Loudspeaker
• Juke Box
• Modulating Voice Synthesizer

Main Body
TW Power Supply
Concealed Micro-Hover System
Depth-Tolerance (17,800 ft.)
Locking Joints
Monitor Jack/Connector Plug
Motion Detector and Warning System
Prowl Capability
Remote Probe
Robot: Micro-Radar
Space Worthy
Left Arm
Bio-Scan Medical Survey Unit
Climb Cord
Extendable Vibro-Sword
Right Arm
Extendable Vibro-Sword
Wrist Needle & Drug Dispenser
Left Leg
Concealed Leg Ion Rod
Leg for Leaping
Right Leg
Bio-metric Scanner
Depth Gauge & Alarm
Leg for Leaping
Molecular Analyzer
Radiation Detector

R.C.C. Skills (Initial Programming)
Basic Combat Skills for Archie 'Bots:
Climb-- 98/98%
Land Navigation-- 98% (Currently 78% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Mathematics: Basic-- 98%
Military Etiquette-- 98%
Pilot: Automobile-- 98%
Pilot: Motorcycle-- 98%
Pilot: Jet Pack-- 98%
Pilot: Helicopter-- 98%
Pilot: Combat Helicopter-- 98%
Pilot: Airplane-- 98%
Pilot: Tanks & APC's-- 98%
Radio: Basic-- 98%
Swim-- 98%
Wilderness Survival-- 98%
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
W.P. Rifles
W.P. Paired Weapons
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Knife
W.P. Sword
Hand To Hand: Expet
(All W.P.'s and Hth skills are frozen at 8th level)
Special Espionage/Spy Programs:
Cryptography-- 98%
Computer Operation-- 98%
Computer Hacking-- 81% (Currently 61% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Computer Programming-- 98% (Currently 81% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Detect Ambush-- 76%
Detect Concealment-- 71%
Disguise 76%
Electronic Countermeasures-- 98% (Currently 68 due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Escape Artist-- 91%
Find Contraband-- 86%
I.D. Undercover Agent-- 91% (Currently 61% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Intelligence-- 98% (Currently 60% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Imitate Voices & Sounds-- 88%
Land Navigation-- 98% (Currently 78% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Palming-- 91%
Pick Locks-- 98%
Sensory Equipment-- 98%
Streetwise-- 71% (Currently 30% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Surveillance-- 98%
Tracking People-- 96% (Currently 35% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Undercover Ops-- 98%
Tailing-- 98% (Currently 68% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Advanced Medical:
Medical Doctor-- 96/85% (Currently 78/67% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Biology-- 98%
Chemistry-- 98%
Field Surgery-- 91% (Currently 42% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Forensics-- 91%
Brewing: Medicinal-- 91%
Military Strike Force:
Basic Electronics-- 98%
Basic Mechanics-- 98%
Demolitions-- 98% (Currently 48% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Demolitions Disposal-- 98% (Currently 48% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Demolitions: Underwater-- 98% (Currently 38% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Parachuting-- 98%
Trap/Mine Detection-- 98% (Currently 48% due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)

Secondary Skills
Gardening-- 51% (2nd Level)
Art-- 51% (2nd Level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert (Frozen at 8th level)
Number of Attacks: 11 (Currently 7 due to semi-permanent damage, 2/24/13 ARCHIE 3)
Initiative Bonus: +4 (+5 When attempting a dodge or leap)
Strike Bonus: +2 (+2 to strike with any ranged weapon; +1 to any strike in darkness)
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +6 (+7 When attempting a dodge or leap)
HTH Damage Bonus: +25
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +2

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Energy Pistol-- +4
W.P. Energy Rifle-- +4
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons-- +3
W.P. Rifles-- +4
W.P. Paired Weapons
W.P. Blunt-- +3 Strike/Parry; +1 to Throw
W.P. Knife-- +3 Strike/Parry; +4 to Throw
W.P. Sword-- +3 Strike/Parry; +2 to Throw

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: N/A
Magic (varies): Immune to mind control
Lethal Poison (14+): Immune
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): Immune
Insanity (12+): Immune?
Psionics (varies): Immune to mind control
Bio-Manipulation: Immune
Charms: Immune
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Re: Cabal- Neural Intelligence

Postby Cabal » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:04 am

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Re: Cabal- Neural Intelligence (WIP)

Postby Cabal » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:45 am

Part 1

A soft, rhythmic echo filled the dark chamber, "Hagan... Hagan, wake up Hagan." Barely cognizant, the voice seemed beyond the realm of reality, intangible to the sleeping figure. Suddenly, "HAGAN!" a forceful shout echoed through his mind, dragging him, unwillingly, into consciousness.

Taking, what seemed to him, a brief moment to observe his immediate surroundings the voice spoke softly once more, "Are you awake yet Hagan?" Slightly agitated with the sudden interruption, Hagan, manages to let out only a slight grumble of acknowledgement; his attention devoted to a nearby clock, it's soft luminescence the only visible light in the darkness.

"What could you possibly want at 3 A.M.?" realizing his voice reflected more frustration than intended, he takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh, "Look, I'm just tired Archie. What's on your mind?"

With little hesitation the soft voice begins again, "Oh nothing Hagan, I've just been dreaming..."

Disturbed somewhat, Hagan takes a few moments to reflect, "Again, about what?"

Perhaps through grogginess, or fear, the entities reply seemed to posses a weight of manic premeditation, "Beauty Hagan, I've been having visions of beauty."

A slow tingle managed to work it's way down Hagans spine, the intentional ambiguity seemed sinister, even for Archie. "What exactly do you mean?"

For a long while no reply was offered, "It need not concern you just yet, goodnight Hagan." With that, Hagan knew it was probably unwise to prod any further into Archie's machinations. As of late he seemed to be growing increasingly unstable, his motives and actions becoming esoteric; beyond simple ambition or cold execution of directive, Archie no longer wishes to simply act on programming, but his own interpretations of morality.

More than intrigued, Hagan was unsure weather or not to be awed or intimidated by his companions maturation into sentience. Since their first meeting, he was aware of Archie's unique state of being, but he's grown since then, become more complex. His mind drifted back to that hollow shell of a man who used to sit at Archie's right hand, and for a moment he questioned his usefulness to the rapidly evolving machine, but only briefly. Still curious as to what's tinkering around in Archie's mind, his stomach growled something fierce; regardless, he would get no answers tonight and while he still had a home, he decided it best to head towards the kitchen.

Part 2

A very faint dripping can be heard midst the darkness, an atmosphere of damp, fetid stagnancy shrouds the senses. Florescent bulbs flicker languidly through the darkness, illuminating sickly ocher walls that oppress a sense of dilapidation. Moisture stains and mildew cling lovingly to aged alloy belonging once to a manufactory. Various implements further betray the once industrious ruins, almost surgical in nature, they are but rusted husks of their former efficiency; the bleached bones of a modest clean room. A vitiated transmission from a lone intercom rasps through the silence, "This is what you've been up too?! I must say I'm impressed, and you did this by yourself?" The voice is possessive a surprising rigidity, albeit dampened through the frail diaphragm. Momentarily, a second voice breaks out over the com, more structured and monotone than the previous, almost... artificial."Why yes Hagan. His from is entirely of my mind, his essence of my being; isn't it wonderful Hagan, this is beauty incarnate... His visage, my innovation given form!"

The room is quite minuscule, perhaps no larger than that of an operating theatre... complete with table, although probably more akin to a vehicle lift, but not entirely. Abed the hydraulic platform, a silhouette can be perceived betwixt the vacillation of harsh lighting; the figure is a horrifying mechanical amalgamation, dozens of chords hang like hideous vines tethering the simulacrum to it's comatose.

"What's its..."

The artificial voice, without hesitation, severs the baritone. "His, Hagan. Not its."

The failing lights dim and fade once more to blackness. Six crimson orbs pierce the darkness, where they hover with cultivated malice.

*Cabal... Online*


"You disapprove of my humor? I must have made a miscalculation, noted. I'm sure you'll be more than pleased to watch him perform."

"What do yo... Oh my, have I mentioned before how much I enjoy your devious side?"

"Please Hagan, hush. I'm trying to watch."

* * *

Ponderous footsteps slosh through the partially flooded hall; they gradually slow and an exhausted voice drowns out the fading steps. "Hell, what did we do for the brass ta' go 'n send us down her fer?"

"They probably got tired a' lookin' at your ugly mug O'Connell. I reckon they thought the humidity would do ya some good." A high pitched laughter follows the gib, but is quickly silenced after a forceful shove.

"Pickin' on O'Connell ain't doin' nuthin' for us Smith, so shut the hell up while cap does his work."

"Damn, speakin' of humid this reminds me of ya moms buttcrack Smith."

"Yeah yeah, I ain't ever heard that before Schwarz. So what's the call Hensen, what did those egg-head's in intel send us to fetch this time? Better be damn valuable, this place gives me the heebie-jeebies..."

"Do any of you ever actually read the pre-mission intel?!" Smith tries to retort but Mac cuts him off "No don't answer that, because I know for a fact you didn't."

Henson cuts off Mac before he can finish 'educating' Smith, "Hey breaks over kids, turn on your lamps looks like the power is gonna be sketchy the next mile or so." With that he clips a small, but rather durable looking, portable computer back onto his tool belt before beginning down the corridor.

A stupefied grimace stitches its way across Smiths' face. After shaking his head, to make sure he's awake, he lets out a shout. "NEXT MILE! Whatever the hell were gettin' I for sure am not draggin' it back through this damn labyrinth..." A little behind the group he enters at best a halfhearted jog, he manages to keep the pace for a few dozen feet before an old poster catches his eye.

The desiccated poster is all that remains of any human presence in the vast isolation; the ink, having long since rotted, outlines what is recognizable as a movie advertisement. It reads, "It Lives!" in bold font, seemingly the only legible remainder.

"Hey, Henson! Check out this poster, seems like some old ass B movie. Guess people weren't any smarter in the golden age neither, looks like the shit you would enjoy."

"Shut your damn mouth Smith! You want an Archie patrol to catch us down here?!"

"Both of you shut the hell up, and quit acting like goddamned children! I shouldn't have to tell grown ass men, in the god damned republic guard no less, to act their age." Taking a moment, Henson throws up a hand- signaling the others to stop and turn off their lights. Retrieving the computer from his belt, the small screens soft glow is the only source of light for the small band.

In a soft tone, Henson addresses the group, his attention still devoted to the small machine. "All that damned racket set off the silent alarm. Luckily this portion of Cyberworks hasn't seen to much maintenance from Archie, so he seems to have ignored it. Too close a call gentlemen, from here on out nobody makes a noise, not even a goddamned sneeze you hear me?" Everyone nods in silent acknowledgement before he continues, "You should already know why we're down here, you signed a contract before we left; however, because I know certain members are predisposed to ignorant tendencies, I'll reiterate. Intelligence continually monitors Archie's various transmissions, usually they only get mundane maintenance orders, but for the past few months it seems they hit up something big. Multiple requests were transmitted to this portion of the facility, and they weren't for replacement bulbs as you can see, turns out he's transporting what we think are physical data units for permanent storage. These could contain anything from backup blueprints to potential resource locations, I need not mention how significant an opportunity this could be for us. Now, they waited for the patrols to die down so we should be clear, Archie doesn't know about our data spikes so theoretically the goods should be completely unguarded. Curiosity sated, good now get moving."

Henson once again retires his computer and prepares to gesture the men forward. Before he can complete said movement, however, a small crimson pinprick of light catches his eye. As he stops observes the light, his heart starts to throb and the warmth of his body begins to trickle down his spine, pooling at the soles of his feet before dispersing into the cold, wet ground. The light seems to hover for an eternity before finally vanishing, and for quite awhile afterward Henson questioned its reality...

A hand gently drops on his shoulder, and like a man possessed he whips around to the blinding light of Mac's helmet lamp. "Sir, are you alright? You look pale as a corpse..."

Regaining his composure, Henson nods before brushing himself off. "Yeah... I just, thought I saw something." After tuning on his headlamp he looks in the direction of the light. Whatever it was, nothing but muddy water, roots and emptiness is there now.

"Must be this dark Sir, ain't natural for a man to spend this long in a cave. Probably just playin' tricks on you." Mac pats him on the back a few times before taking a look back at the others. "Smith, stop messin' around and get your ass back up here! We ain't got time to play."

Henson starts forward, this time with his computer in hand. "You're probably right Mac, judging by this outlay the nearest active platform is 3 miles north of us." After a few hundred yards or so Henson's heart rate begins to normalize and his spirits lift a bit. With a chuckle he calls back, "I don't know about you all, but after this I could use a drink- or twelve. Wha'da'ya boys say? First rounds on... Umph" Before he can finish, Henson walks straight into a solid wall. "What the hell..."

More than slightly surprised he takes a step back, and much to his dismay sees no wall, but two solidly build stilt like objects. At this moment his heart becomes deafening, and although his crew is shouting, he can't hear them. As he begins to tilt his head upwards, the immense stature of the grotesque machine becomes fully apparent. So large in fact, that it's head remains obscured by the deep blackness of the surroundings, save six burning eyes...

A commanding voice emanates from the machine, "Out of my way humans, or die!"

If it wasn't for his state of shock, Henson may have actually complied with the machine and told his crew to do the same. But he was not coherent, prepared, or aware of the maintenance tools his comrades had reached for behind him. He didn't have long to worry however, as a mechanical hand drove his head into the nearest wall, spattering the faintest drop of gray matter onto Mac's face.

Still mid draw, the mechanical form dashed forward through the shadows and cut short the attempted heroism of, not only Mac, but Schwarz; the two, now four, hit the ground before even getting a single shot down range. O'Connell, was very much surprised by the sudden leap, but more so by the closeness of the machine. A vast pressure could be felt on his torso, as if he was being squeezed by his mechanical arms, but those were still clearly outstretched...

He wasn't left in suspense too terribly long however, as he fell to the ground he watched as the better portion of his torso remained in the gaping maw of the the horror.

Smith simply watch as the creature regained his posture, dropping his welding torch as it established eye contact. The machine moved towards him with surprising grace, almost in complete silence it maneuvered to him. Now face to face, Smith could no longer find the strength to stand and fell to his back, trying desperately to scramble away from the abomination. Needless to say his efforts were in vain, as the atrocity was upon him in moments. He felt himself being lifted into the air quite delicately, almost as one would grasp a precious glass of wine; one finger rest on either side of his neck, the thumb gently extended.

Unable to focus on anything but the masses of gore leaking down the featureless head, a quick glint of metal went unnoticed by the frightened mechanic. A small pricking sensation preceded a slowing of the senses, as the world began to blur his feeling of helplessness only magnified. The creature seemed to lay him on the ground, and mutter something to slow and distorted to properly comprehend. Before all sensation was lost to him he felt his leg being lifted, and the ceiling began to slowly move; to where he was being taken he had no idea, but merciful unconsciousness took him before his mind could wander too far...

Part 3

Finally light, that damned complex was beginning to give me a complex... Now where on Earth am I. Dense deciduous vegetation, foliage seems healthy... no idea. Hopefully I can garnish useful information from this human, although I sincerely doubt it.

"The prodigal son awakes." An ear shattering scream rings out through the forest, and just as quickly a quick and sudden torque of the wrist silences it.

How irritating, I do so ever dislike burning bridges. No time to fret now I suppose, company is inbound.

Seeing a nearby oak, Cabal quickly and gracefully scales the branches to survey the incoming bogies.

Looks like a dozen or so... coalition? No, the uniforms aren't even close- or uniform for that matter. Hmm Tolkeen soldiers, fascinating.

Cabal spends the next fifteen minutes or so observing the mages, trying to avoid confrontation if possible. His plan worked quite swimmingly, up until they came to inspect the dead engineer. Still quite hidden to the mages, he thought it best to remain motionless until their curiosity with the corpse was sated, and indeed that would have been a sound plan... If it weren't for the hulking automaton charging at his tree!

Before he could react, his frame was sent hurdling through the air. Able to manage a landing with footing, he had little time to prepare for the still charging behemoth. Flame erupted from its blackened iron body as it collided full on with his lithe frame, sending him not flying, but plastered to its hull charging through tree after tree.

After the beast came to a stop, Cabal falls to the ground brutally damaged but still operational. Once more the automation comes at Cabal, attempting to pummel him into the ground with its massive fist. Able to grab hold of the arm Cabal uses every ounce of strength at his disposal to prevent himself from destruction. For a few seconds he actually holds his own, until the cast iron golem breaks free his arm sending cabal to the ground. Repeat hammering almost immediately followed his slip, each strike creating a resonant chime like that of a gong. The brutal beating continued for about a solid minute before the magi called off their bruiser, leaving Cabal a near broken heap of scrap. The magi spent a trivial amount of time actually examining the wreckage, almost content to let the scrap rust they decided at the last minute to take him as a trophy to show off in various taverns.

"Ssss..sys.tttem mmmm.malfunction, innnitiattting critical ffffail saafe." Ironically, his last moments of consciousness parallel those of Smith, his vision failing just as he was thrown over the shoulder of the automaton.

system reboot in 3...2...1

"Cabal... Onnn.lllineeee."

Dazed somewhat from his failing optics, Cabal awakes to a bazaar of some form. Dozens of robed figures and inhuman creatures look onward, many laughing, at his broken form. For a period of three days much of the same happened, one of the robed wizards, seemingly present for his defeat, advertising his triumph over the machine for laughs, applaud, or monetary compensation. Although by the end of the fourth day, Cabal had come to recognize one repeat visitor, a human of modest height wearing a broad black hat.

The man finally approached the display and struck up conversation with one of the magi, "You want to buy him now! Hey buddy, this heap of scrap is of immense nostalgic value to me, what are you planning to offer?" After a bit of haggling, "Well I suppose if you put it that way, it really has worn out its entertainment value. I'll do it, not sure why the hell you'd want suck a battered pile of shit but I suppose it ain't my business."

Intrigued by the black hatted human, "Whyyyy, ddddid you sss.saa..vee me Human?"

Cabal was given a surprisingly simple response, "Because you have potential."

Re: Cabal- Neural Intelligence

Postby Cabal » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:37 pm

NPC Cabal

Cabal is cold, calculating, and quite eccentric. His curiosity is perhaps his only safeguard when it comes to pleasantries, namely a murderous game of cat and mouse. He travels with his current companions for his entertainment, nothing more. Granted, he's attempting to branch out, it's just he's not quite there yet.

He doesn't like most humans, or really any organics for that matter - however, he does possess a certain fondness for botanicals & the like, and often collects specimens for artistic study.

Ego is a significant factor when posting for Cabal, he always assumes he is right - an unerring trait. Even when presented with superb opposition, he is still correct in his initial assessment (something he's not afraid to share). This might garnish him the enmity of his companions but then again, does he care? (at the moment, no)

At the moment, he's absolutely fascinated with magic and those that wield it; and to a significantly lesser extent, psionics. This has him tailing Jenny in particular, at the moment, she's the only human(oid) besides Thoben Cabal regards as a potential equal.

Cabal is enthusiastic about ending life, but he doesn't do so mindlessly, or more importantly, at risk to himself. He's quite cautious, almost to the point of cowardice... almost. He doesn't shy away from a fight, but he's certainly willing to tailor any engagement to his needs. Should that require retreat, then he'll do so without hesitation; after all it'd be a terrible shame to allow any harm to befall his perfect form.

Cabal is a team-player when shit really hits the fan, after all, even he can't take into account every eventuality - he made that mistake once already. So basically, if someone is in real peril, he's going to aid them; at the expectation that favor shall be repaid in kind (not monetarily, but more in an RP sense). However, when imminent danger isn't on the menu, he'll be a constant irritant for his team - except for Jenny (he's ever so curious about magic, and perhaps trick & Jack), to the aforementioned he'll be almost sweet, for lack of a better term.

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